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  1. I’ve been working on a pair of split La Scala’s for the last couple months. I can finally see the end.
  2. O.E. baby!! Boy, that brings back some memories.
  3. USHIP. They do a good job and probably won’t be much more than any other carrier.
  4. I didn’t start with Klipsch speakers. I’m not an audiophile either. I just like my music to sound like it does live and Klipsch does the best job of that out of all the other brands I have tried. I’ve had quite a few speakers from Klipsch, and I’ve liked all of them.
  5. nickyboy6100


    That is a good deal. Definitely nitpicking, but I’d have to repaint those 402’s.
  6. Actually, just ship the woofer separately.
  7. How did the airline check the strength of the magnet?
  8. As Shakeydeal said. They don’t go low, but something about the bass they produce is just perfect. I’ve been through pretty much every speaker Klipsch has made and keep coming back to La Scala’s.
  9. I’m 43 and been married for 10 years. I have put my wife through hell and she’s always been by my side so I can understand. She is so saintly, I will get into heaven by association. 😁
  10. I still listen to music with friends. Especially my brother. I enjoy listening with friends. We get each other hyped up, but I also do a lot of listening by myself. It really doesn’t matter to me. I just love music.
  11. 10’ spacing is how I like my La Scala’s positioned. I sit about 15’ away. I don’t know how far away your other corner is, but you might lose a little imaging if you spread them too far apart. Probably ideal to be in the corners. I’d just move them around a little and experiment. You can always move them back.
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