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  1. He seems like the kind of guy that would be on Judge Judy. I’m sorry, but from his first few arrogant posts on here, I thought he was a D-bag. Now it’s been confirmed.
  2. Something magical about Pink Floyd on La Scala’s. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the speakers. I really didn’t want to sell them, but couldn’t imagine them going to better folks. Some things just work out as they should.
  3. Don’t worry about the game. Go get those speakers. 😁😆
  4. The information about either speaker with a passive needing space is very accurate. My Chorus II sounded much better with about a foot or more of space behind them and the corner/wall. In my opinion, the Chorus are in a totally different league than the Forte’s. If you listen at higher volumes the differences become more apparent. Chorus has much more presence and power.
  5. Prices on Heritage speakers have been up for a few years now. I highly doubt they will come down.
  6. You won’t find one, but between Chorus II and Forte’s, I would pick the Chorus.
  7. I agree totally. I’m only interested in horn loaded subs to pair with my La Scala’s. Thanks to you and Dave for all the first-hand experience. I just need to quit being lazy and start building. Merry Christmas guys!
  8. Dave, how much do the THTLP’s bring to the table when paired with the La Scala’s? Ive considered pairing a horn loaded sub with mine for years. I’ve just never pulled the trigger. I’ve had larger Klipsch pro speakers in the past and miss the low end they provide.
  9. Whatever those speakers are in the background of your sale ad photo look bad ***!
  10. Those look like Hershey’s.
  11. Seems like a decent deal to me. Be a long time before you run across 4 matched 201’s again.
  12. I’m all over the Spectrum. Usually I listen at around 80db though. Not uncommon to be over 90. Most of the music I listen to sounds better the louder it gets.
  13. Congratulations! I knew they wouldn’t last long.
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