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  1. My La Scala’s were in a similar sized room and sounded excellent.
  2. He was kind enough to pass them along to me.
  3. It would definitely be a compromise going smaller. Definitely the bigger the better when it comes to Klipsch.
  4. nickyboy6100


  5. Bookers was one of my favorites when I used to drink. Well priced for the quality.
  6. If you have the room and can find a pair of Chorus, that would be a nice upgrade from the Kg4. I’ve had a few pair of Kg4 and really liked them. The Chorus is definitely a big level up though.
  7. I agree. Hard to beat a La Scala with anything.
  8. Yeah, I live in southern Indiana. We were under a pretty severe risk of getting those tornados. Thank god we didn’t and pray for all those that were affected.
  9. Those look really nice. I’ve always wanted to hear a pair. Good luck with your sale.
  10. Sunny, 40 degree high. Absolutely beautiful!
  11. Wish you were closer. Good luck with your sale.
  12. There is a restaurant in Evansville called the Cork’ n’ Cleaver that I cooked at when I was younger. The original restaurant was located in Ft. Wayne. Not sure if it’s still open or not. Definitely worth checking out.
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