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  1. Sorry, didn’t see you were looking for tube amp responses.
  2. B&KST-140 amplifier. B&K Pro 10 preamp. My first quality combo. I still have them and many other B&K products. Really like them.
  3. Make sure you listen to the La Scala’s before you make up your mind. I bought a pair about 6 months ago and now that’s all that gets listened to.
  4. Klipsch heritage speakers are worth what you’ll pay for them. Your Hersey pricing seems to be the going rate for 1’s Usually see Forte 2 in good shape going for $800.
  5. I would go with the Forte 2 over the Quartet. I think they just sound better/bigger.
  6. Not much has changed for me. Still working. I live in the country so we can walk for miles without seeing anyone. I would have a hard time if I lived in the city.
  7. Blundstone #500’s at home. Redwing Iron Rangers at work.
  8. Daughter and I watched 28 Days Later last night. Probably not the best choice of movie under the current circumstances, but really made me question how our society would react in a major disease outbreak.
  9. Dave, Believe me, if I could fit Super MWM’s in my house that is the route I would go.
  10. Those are my speakers. I bought them to downsize from Chorus 2 in my living room, but I got used to the La Scala’s sound in my shop. Would love to find a set of LS2 for my house now.
  11. Very nice looking speakers. Seems like most older Cornwalls I see always have cabinet damage.
  12. I’d like to report back since I’ve had a few weeks to listen to the LS1’s now. I really like them. If I used one word to describe them it would be realistic. They are very clear and can play very loud. I love the bass. Sounds totally different than the Chorus. It seems a little cleaner and have yet to hear it get muddy. I would still have a very hard time picking between the two. Both are just great speakers.
  13. His tweeters are in them and they are braced up pretty good. AA crossover with new caps. They are really nice looking speakers.
  14. I listened to the LSI’s all day. They sound fantastic. I got on a Grateful Dead kick and probably listened to five albums. I tried to crank them up, but couldn’t get much past a quarter volume. All the folks that said they could get loud were not joking. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to get these. They are better than what I expected after hearing some of the complaints. I would agree that a good horn loaded sub would really pair well with them, but on their own, they put out good accurate bass. I’m not sure I’ll build one or not.
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