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  1. No, I hear you. I’m more speaking on my own experience. I looked for quite awhile for my first set of La Scala’s and then foolishly sold them. I did find another set and jumped on them right away. Don’t get discouraged. You will find some. Just be ready when you do. Good luck!
  2. If your looking to find original La Scala’s you need to be ready to jump on them quick. It seems to me that more people are finding out about the quality Klipsch heritage speakers provide at a fairly affordable price.
  3. The splits are not very common. I rarely see them for sale.
  4. Sure. I can send you better pics if I can text them to you. I can’t figure out how to send good pics under 2mb on this forum. thanks, Nicholas.
  5. This is a pair of Heresy III A-stock I purchased new last September. They are in excellent condition. A few small marks on the risers. The finish is cherry. I would estimate they have been played between 30-40 hours. I do not have the original boxes. I can send more pics if someone is interested. $1200 Local pickup in Southern Indiana (47638)
  6. If those were closer, I’d already be there.
  7. nickyboy6100

    Fresh start

    Indiana is a great place to live. I’ve been here in the south end for over 40 years. If you ever take a road trip, your welcome to stop by. Music is always going.
  8. I have a pair of Heresy 3 that I still haven’t quite warmed up to yet. You might want to listen to a pair before you buy.
  9. Well, the long wait will only make them that much sweeter! Brand new Klipschorns will be worth it. Congrats!
  10. Yes sir, thanks. Worked out perfect for the both of us! I hate to see them go.
  11. I have a nice set of industrial La Scala’s for sale. I bought these from a forum member less than a year ago. I love them, but don’t have room to keep them. They have Dave A’s smahl tweeter with the de-120 driver. The woofers were also replaced with Eminence Kappa 15c. Rebuilt AA crossovers. The Dog houses are braced and are panted with Duratex. These speakers sound fantastic. I really hate to let them go. I can send better pictures if anyone is interested. $1,500 located close to Evansville, IN.
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