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  1. Really cool room. How do the Klipschorn’s sound in there?
  2. I had a set of Forte III in a 10x16 room and they sounded great. I’d just experiment with the placement until you get it right. Good luck!
  3. Those look nice. How do they affect the sound?
  4. In my opinion, the mahl tweeter is better. You have a very nice set of speakers with the Chorus 2. Once dialed in, they should keep you satisfied for quite a long time.
  5. I found placement to be a little challenging with the chorus 2. I had mine further away from the wall, probably a foot at least. I thought it sounded good at all volume levels, but to really get the most out of them, you have to put some watts though them. The ti diaphragms and new crossover did help with the brightness. Dave A. here on the forum sells a mahl tweeter for them. I wish I would have tried them. I have them in my La Scala and they sound fantastic.
  6. I found the Chorus 2 to be very forward in the bass department. I also found them to be very accurate for a direct radiator speaker. I tried numerous amplifiers with them and thought they sounded best with high powered solid state. Especially my Yamaha M85.
  7. I’m planning on a 10”. Is 18” wide enough?
  8. I’m going to order the flat pack tomorrow. Now my big dilemma is should I go with the 8” or the 10” driver?
  9. Thanks for the responses. I’m sure I could manage with the build. It looks like they offer a flat pack for the table tuba on the BFM website. That would probably be the way I’d go since I don’t have a table saw. I’m going to order some plans and study them for awhile before I make my decision.
  10. I’m thinking about building a table tuba to pair with my La Scala’s, but would like to hear how it sounds before investing the time and money into one. I live in Wadesville, IN which is 3 hours south of Indianapolis. Anyone close that would let me sit in on a demo? Thanks.
  11. nickyboy6100


    Klipsch amp failure seems to be very high on their subwoofers. Why do they continue using poor quality amplifiers if they know this is an issue. I would be very reluctant to buy a powered subwoofer from Klipsch.
  12. Shipping companies are more concerned about their packages making it on time than they are about damaging them. It’s a shame, but that’s how the world works now. Years ago, most packages shipped were of quality and value. Now it’s a bunch of junk that nobody cares about. The majority of people just care that it’s on their doorstep in 3-5 days.
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