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  1. I remember picking those up at your place. I probably should have kept them. Definitely the cleanest bass I’ve ever heard also.
  2. Mike Jackson. If you want better than LSI’s, find a pair of MWM’s. They are better. Just much bigger.
  3. I’ve had a pair of Forte 1,2 and 3. I’ve heard the Forte 4 and have owned many pair of LSI’s. In my opinion, there is no question the LSI’s sound better. Better might not be the right word. I would prefer LSI’s over any of the Forte’s though.
  4. Price drop. It will probably cost about $50.00 to ship these.
  5. This is a full set of OEM aluminum trim for a set of La Scala Industrial one piece speakers. This will not work on splits. Most of the trim is in excellent condition. All is in good condition. This includes the full set of trim, black plastics nose pieces, corners and hardware. It is almost impossible to find a full set of this trim. I looked for about 5 years before I found this set. My intention was to transform a regular set of La Scala’s into industrial, but in the meantime I found a set of splits so the project was abandoned. This is a great set to refurb or just bolt on as is. If you need pointers, I can tell you what I know since I have refurbished two sets now. I would really like these to go to someone who appreciates them, but if no luck here I will try other sell sites. Let me know if you have any questions. I would prefer local pick up because it will be expensive to ship.
  6. Your price is completely fair if not low. good luck finding a pair that nice anywhere else.
  7. Nice amp. I’ve always wanted to try one.
  8. nickyboy6100


    Always welcome to come have a listen. I already have two kids that I can barely take care of. Their financial needs are always getting in the way of me buying more speakers.
  9. nickyboy6100


    Thanks for the comment. I love them too. I’ve been through about every speaker Klipsch has made and the La Scala splits are the ones that have stuck around.
  10. Very nice speakers and couldn’t be nicer seller than Mookie. Very good deal.
  11. I have a set of original OEM metal trim for these speakers if you are interested.
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