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    Greetings - are the t-shirts available for sale? The logo looks mighty fine, I want some! @dtel's wife
  2. RF3II vs RF82II

    I purchased complete new RF3 II crossovers from Bob Crites and am very happy with them. I recommend them highly.
  3. Other brands of speakers...

    Yeah but the whizzer cone is where the real magic is. Maybe a horn loaded whizzer is the next level. @Deang your reply really made me laugh and I must admit partly because I had not thought about that. How many Forte 3 drones would I need? 😁
  4. Other brands of speakers...

    The first set of speakers I owned were Panasonic Thrusters - 6.5" full range with a 6.5" passive radiator - no tweeter just a whizzer cone. Not very nice but apparently I liked the passive idea because my next purchased set were Chorus II's. In between I built several speakers and cooked off many tweeters. Now with Jubilees I am not sure where I would go next???
  5. HD closes KC manufacturing plant

    The Cleveland being the performance engine and the Windsor being the truck engine. With a stronger block design for trucks the Windsor is capable of more power. It is easy to stroke the Windsor to 427 CI today.
  6. HD closes KC manufacturing plant

    I bought one of the tariff buster 699cc bikes from Honda. It had 83hp instead of the 60 hp the 750 version had the year before - it was an 86 model so tariff would have been 1985. Compared to the bike a year before the new 699cc version was far superior in looks, weight, and performance. It had an 11K redline. I am a V8 person but when it comes to bikes I like inline 4's unless we talk about the CBX. Always liked the HD's but the performance and price were a problem for me. I do buy american but broke with that for performance which HD did not have in the 80's. P.S. Got hit by a car a few years ago, got new hip to prove it, so gave up riding until children are out of college.
  7. Finally got the plaque up on the wall in the music room and put the speaker plot below it. Very happy and proud to have a piece of Klipsch history.
  8. My sister had one of those - it did work flawlessly.

    I'm sorry to interrupt but I now have it in for @jimjimbo as KC and the Sunshine Band has been stuck in my head since he posted it! I am a longtime metal fan but must admit I grew up with that - and admit the brass in it sounds good. P.S. If y'all tell on me, for liking that song, I will say my account was hacked.

    Last year was my first pilgrimage and both my wife and I really enjoyed the entire event. Meeting John Shalam was one of the highlights as he was approachable and friendly, an audio nut like me. Christy, Elden, Roy and Rodney (lots of others too) provided the family feel even though the event was fairly large. While my two daughters are not ready to attend I am working on them as it was family friendly. I was surprised by the mix of different people with Klipsch in common along with the easy going conversations. I think it is what you make of it. I have my room booked already

    A motor like that would be my stereo.
  12. Earphone Advice

    After having a chance to use the X11's I really have to agree again - these are the most comfortable I have ever worn. As a bonus they reproduce many different kinds of music with good balanced tone and dynamics, a thumbs up recommendation from me. I wish I had gotten another pair.
  13. CES 2018: Klipsch Blog

    There is a nice blurb about the Klipsch Museum in the Klipsch Heritage Classic Brochure on page 14. This is part if the Press kit.
  14. RIP Jerry Van Dyke

    He could really play the banjo which I enjoy seeing every time I watch McLintock - RIP
  15. Welcome to the forum GSM. While I am not a Heresy owner I do know that parts are available to restore the modified speaker to original configuration. I would have a hard time believing that tweeter would sound better that the original, that said without hearing it. Also better upgrade parts designed for that set of speakers are available as well - try the Bob Crites website as I have bought great replacement parts from him that fit exactly. www.critesspeakers.com - no relation to me other than I am a customer. P.S. Nice find!