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    Solid State:
    McIntosh C31V Preamp
    McIntosh MC2002 Amplifier
    (2) McIntosh MC30's on 402 Horns
    Crown XLS1500 Amplifier
    Xilica XP-4080 Speaker Controller
    Pioneer Elite DVD59i SACD Player
    iFi DAC Plays WAV/FLAC Files
    Klipsch Jubilee Mains
    Klipsch 1502 Subwoofer

    Vacuum Tube:
    McIntosh MX110 Tuner/Preamp
    McIntosh MC240 Amplifier
    McIntosh MPI 4 Maximum Performance Indicator
    Beogram BX2 Turntable (Stereo)
    Sound-Smith SMMC1 Cartridge
    MCS Turntable (Mono)
    Grado ME+ Cartridge
    Klipsch Chorus II

    Home Theater:
    Yamaha Aventage Receiver in 7.2
    Sony Blue Ray Player
    External Digital Over-Air TV Receiver
    Intel Compute Stick for Internet
    Klipsch RF3 II Mains
    Klipsch Synergy Center & Sides
    Klipsch RB 10 Rear
    (2) Klipsch SW 450 Subwoofers

    Bedroom System:
    McIntosh MC240
    iFi DAC with iPhone or computer
    Klipsch Heresy 1 Mains on stands
    Klipsch KSW-15 Subwoofer

    Daughter 1 Bedroom:
    Pioneer VSX Receiver
    Sony DVD Player for CD's
    Bluetooth Adapter
    Klipsch EPIC CF-3 Mains

    Daughter 2 Bedroom:
    Yamaha Receiver with Bluetooth
    iPad Air for streaming
    Klipsch RB51 II Mains

    Gaming Computer
    Tube Cube 7 Amplifier - NOS Mullard Tubes
    Klipsch B2 Bookshelf Speakers

    Computer Speakers:
    Klipsch ProMedia 4.2
    Klipsch ProMedia 2.0
    Klipsch ProMedia GMX 5.1
    Klipsch Promedia DD 5.1 Dream System including Preamp

    Spare Equipment:
    McIntosh MC2002 Amplifier
    Dynaco ST70 Amplifier

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  1. Idontknow, I did enjoy the review and the passion for our hobby, always nice to share. I too have a ST-70 and it is stock, I enjoy playing it. In comparing it to your ST-70 it's easy to see how modified it is including the solid-state rectifier. The important thing is you are enjoying it. I agree with The Dude on doing a vintage-to-vintage comparison and I would suggest the Mc 240, instead of the Mc 275, which is closer to the ST-70s output capability. Disclaimer: I have Mc 240s and Mc 30s and have yet to hear any modified ST-70 that I would prefer. I'm willing to learn. The ST-70 Hafler circuit is pretty amazing but the McIntosh circuits with the Unity Coupled transformers are the ones that make me happy - thanks.
  2. I used a refrigerator dolly to get the 1502 in the house, not as bad as I thought it would be. My house is single story though.
  3. I agree with wuzzzer, changing out a driver/woofer that PWK spec'ed for the Heresy is very problematic. If bass is the problem use a subwoofer. I'm using a Klipsch 15" sub I bought in the 90's and it works well. Also keep an eye out for new Klipsch subs as they are continually developed - thanks.
  4. I'm in. Really looking forward to this read.
  5. My MC30s are my better sounding McIntosh amps and use the 5U4GB. Go figure.
  6. We moved the “listening room” to the side for the shade and are seeing more visitors. I will say the Heresy IV’s sound very good outdoors and have nice and well defined soundstage . We are using a Yamaha R-S202 Receiver and streaming in MQA.
  7. It’s Saturday at the Watermelon Festival and have visited with many of PWKs neighbors and are hearing stories of growing up in Hope with Klipsch. The weather is great so far and we are talking Klipsch to anyone that will listen. Stop by if you are in Hope!
  8. If you play dance music dancing will happen, enjoying the beginning of Friday at Watermelon Festival.
  9. KHMA is rocking at the Watermelon Festival in Hope. We have changed the booth setup to include a listening area and of course the sound is amazing. If you are in Hope stop by the booth for a visit.
  10. I'm using the 396s with 18" subs for a band I work with, they are a huge improvement over the previous speakers and many comment on the improvement. I have not had an issue with frequency response and with a mixing board , if I want more cymbal I just turn them up. I hope in the future we can get music we can mix our selves - 32 channels would be good.
  11. I'm using a 40 watts per channel 6L6 based amp with Heresy 1s and a sub-woofer. Before the 6L6 amp I used a 3.5 watts per channel amp using two 6BQ5 tubes. The increase in power with the 6L6s was pretty noticeable at higher volumes which I almost never use. I agree with @Westcoastdrums I'm living in the first 5 watts. I would have moved back to the smaller amp but the larger amp has better sound quality everywhere it operates.
  12. All tubes are NOS Mullard - I asked the guy I buy tubes from for “the most tube sounding , non-solid state” combo I could get. He recommended the Mullards from the Blackburn plant. This combo really improve the Tubecube 7 well beyond what I expected. Unfortunately the Mullards cost close to what the amp does. Worth it, YES.
  13. My sub is a KSW15 and has low level RCA ins and outs. The RCA outs are filterable at 50 or 80Hz. So nothing below 80Hz going to Tubecube 7 Tidal —> iPhone —> DAC —> Sub —>TC7 —> Heresy
  14. I have a Tubecube 7 that has NOS Mullard EL84s and 12AX7. Playing through a pair of Heresy speakers and a subwoofer it sounds pretty amazing. Has a great 3D sound stage and good cymbal coverage. The sub picks up the lower frequencies as the Tubecube is 3.5 watts per channel. Using a iFi DAC and iPhone for tunes. Have taken this setup on vacation with RB51ii bookshelf speakers, fits in a medium size bin. Really is a nice sounding amp and not a fan of the SINO tubes that come with it, amp really came alive when NOS Mullards installed.
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