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    Main system is a McIntosh MX110z and a pair of MC30's with a Pioneer DV-59AVI and a B&O Beogram RX2 with Chorus II's. All controlled by an APC G5 power center including sequenced startup and shutdown - wife friendly.
    The wife's system is a McIntosh C31V and a pair of MC2002's bridged mono with Epic CF-3's. Using cheap DVD player for CD's and 1/8 to RCA's for iPhone connection.
    The bedroom system is currently a Dynaco ST-70 driven by an FM3 into RB51 II's and a KSW 15.
    The HT System is a Yamaha Aventage AVR with an XBOX One, Samsung 60" LCD, and a Technics BL-200 TT powering a pair of RF3 ii's and two RB10's as sides with two KSP-S6's for the back and two SW-450 subs.
    Computer Systems - ProMedia 4.2, ProMedia DD-5.1 Dream System, ProMedia GMX D-5.1, and Promedia 2.0 Ultra.
  1. Oh one more thing. I started using banana plug adapters so I did not have to screw the wires down to the speakers jacks directly. Easier to change out a banana plug on the wire than on the speaker binding posts.
  2. I had one strip on me and called Klipsch - they sent me two at no charge. They were slightly different but better constructed. Yes, you can replace the binding posts themselves. Just unscrew the terminal cup and you will see how easy this repair is - go for it.
  3. While I have not heard the 280's I have heard the RF7 rev 2 and they are my favorite HT speaker. Others will chime in on the 280's but don't think you can go wrong with either and welcome to the forum.
  4. I'm thinking its a civilian version of the C130? I lived on a lot of Air Force bases with my family.
  5. For $200 the choir mic technique may be the only choice and I have done that with mic's on stands. Unfortunately the issue still remains of the children not projecting well and with the mic's several feet away the problem will still exist. I would agree that this technique will provide some improvement especially for the children that do speak up. P.S. This technique can pick up a lot of unwanted noise as well such as paper shuffling and sounds made by the children moving around.
  6. While not a professional I have done live sound for 30+ years and learned mostly the hard way. Currently I am mixing sound for my church that has children sing and perform plays and skits, mostly around holidays. We have the same issue hearing the children especially the younger ones. The only solution I have found that works is to mic each of them. I do not work for Shure but I do use their wireless SLX mic's for this purpose - cheap mics are feedback producers. Also some eq'ing is needed but since I am using identical mics the parametrics are almost the same for each. *** One must remind the parents to have children dress in clothing that the wireless mic can be attached too, including the transmitter pack. I very much agree with @DrWho as he is explaining my hard lessons with the laws of physics. Lastly I do "ride the mutes" and for that reason also use mute groups as well - anything to raise GBF.
  7. @mctweed welcome to the forum. Your best bet is to call tech support - their information is on the Klipsch website.
  8. Thanks to your advice yesterday I ordered one from Parts Express this morning. Should be here Friday and I will spend some time learning it before the Jubilees get here. I use a Behringer DEQ 2496 to set up PA systems so I get the idea but REW is much more comprehensive - been reading the help file. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it so my questions on the forum might even appear as "intelligent". I am interested to see how my current system analyses as I was all done by ear except for using a test CD and SPL meter to set the mono amps to have some parity in gain structure. Thanks again!
  9. I heard back from another member who suggested REW, sorry my question was not clear - and after doing more reading realized it was talked about on this thread earlier. So also realized a lot of three way stuff is going on and I am looking at the Xilica XP-4080 so it can be expanded beyond 2 way, if needed. I'll read more before I jump into the middle of a conversation sorry about that too. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if REW is not a good choice.
  10. I agree, don't do it.
  11. 150 Watts - is that peak or RMS, at 4 or 8 ohms (maybe 16 ohms ), and all channels driven? The beautiful thing about Klipsch is efficiency - maybe a good thing they don't know to write rules to cover them. There was a day when you could listen to a good sound system in the school library alas those days are gone.
  12. My thanks to @minermark as well - 123V in Memphis this morning. I agree in that I would have rather met minermark, but the new toy is fun! P.S. @dtel did a good job giving them away.
  13. Wow, what a great time my wife and I had hanging out at the pilgrimage. I can hardly begin to thank all of the people that help put this together but I will say that what I heard about Rodney and his place barely scratch the surface - he made us feel like family. The food was incredible as well as the people that prepared it. I am still wondering how Carl made all those martini's and yes he needs the gloves. This being our first pilgrimage we felt very welcome as many people introduced themselves and were easy to talk too. It was nice to meet others so passionate about audio. I will post some thoughts on the speakers we heard after I get some work done here at the office but I would say the only disappointment was not getting to spend much time with Christy. Christy, I hope your are feeling much better! P.S. Talking to Roy and Jim about speakers and history - where else can you do that - awesome time was had!
  14. @jimjimbo - welcome to Memphis and I hope you enjoy your stay here. So much BBQ and so little time. I'm headed out tomorrow as well and will see you there. If you need bail just post.