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    Solid State:
    McIntosh C31V Preamp
    McIntosh MC2002 Amplifier
    (2) McIntosh MC30's on 402 Horns
    Crown XLS1500 Amplifier
    Xilica XP-4080 Speaker Controller
    Pioneer Elite DVD59i SACD Player
    iFi DAC Plays WAV/FLAC Files
    Klipsch Jubilee Mains
    Klipsch 1502 Subwoofer

    Vacuum Tube:
    McIntosh MX110 Tuner/Preamp
    McIntosh MC240 Amplifier
    McIntosh MPI 4 Maximum Performance Indicator
    Beogram BX2 Turntable (Stereo)
    Sound-Smith SMMC1 Cartridge
    MCS Turntable (Mono)
    Grado ME+ Cartridge
    Klipsch Chorus II

    Home Theater:
    Yamaha Aventage Receiver in 7.2
    Sony Blue Ray Player
    External Digital Over-Air TV Receiver
    Intel Compute Stick for Internet
    Klipsch RF3 II Mains
    Klipsch Synergy Center & Sides
    Klipsch RB 10 Rear
    (2) Klipsch SW 450 Subwoofers

    Bedroom System:
    Tube Cube 7 Amplifier - NOS Mullard Tubes
    iFi DAC with iPhone or computer
    Klipsch Heresy 1 Mains on stands
    Klipsch KSW-15 Subwoofer

    Daughter 1 Bedroom:
    Pioneer VSX Receiver
    Sony DVD Player for CD's
    Bluetooth Adapter
    Klipsch EPIC CF-3 Mains

    Daughter 2 Bedroom:
    Yamaha Receiver with Bluetooth
    iPad Air for streaming
    Klipsch RB51 II Mains

    Computer Speakers:
    Klipsch ProMedia 4.2
    Klipsch ProMedia 2.0
    Klipsch ProMedia GMX 5.1
    Klipsch Promedia DD 5.1 Dream System including Preamp

    Spare Equipment:
    McIntosh MC2002 Amplifier
    Dynaco ST70 Amplifier

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  1. From your choices I would go Yamaha and do agree with Bill looking on looking at other amps. For strictly movie watching I use an Aventage. Good power and it has been reliable.
  2. What size room will this go in and how much will you listen to music with this system?
  3. I use an iFi DAC connected to my computer via USB, it has RCA output as well.
  4. A McIntosh MC240 would be a great choice as well. Although a little above your price range, I use my iPad / iPhone with Tidal (MQA) and an iFi DAC to drive it - sound is incredible.
  5. Seems like with all that hardware including processor and amplifiers needed for this solution you could use 2 1802 subwoofers and 2 Macrotech 2400’s and have better sound in a the same or smaller package that requires less power to run.
  6. @babadono - sorry for the late reply. Yes my 1502 is black and looks the same as my jubilees. My wife chose the color and did not want any of it in walnut. I sit and listen with all this stuff aimed at my chair, also listen with the room pretty dark. When you close your eyes the physical soundstage disappears and seems so much deeper and wider. On the question of prototypes and production - I heard the 1502 prototypes and loved the sound especially on bass guitars and stand up bass. I asked @Chief bonehead about getting one for almost two years, glad he did not disown me. My understanding is that a limited run of 10 were made and I have one of those. Got to meet the gentleman that built them at the 2019 Pilgrimage, very cool experience. Also told Roy the Jubilees should come standard with a 1502. A most amazing setup. Believe it or not most of my listening is at lower volumes and the 1502 really shines. Would also admit that I do crank it up sometimes and really feel the bass impacting my chair and body. Clean and clear. I was asked why the 1502 instead of an 1802, simple answer, I did not have to tear out a door frame to get the 1502 into the house - wife did draw the line there.
  7. @Chris A I have been following your MEH adventures on the forum with great interest. I am focused on finishing my McIntosh vacuum tube amp collecting which will be complete by Christmas so have not contacted you about this yet. Also need to find a place to retire in the next couple of years - with a large listening room of course. Also must admit I don’t watch many movies these days as am enjoying stereo again. Since I have done considerable work with PA systems I am interested in the surround aspect of recorded audio - still have my Yamaha DSP-1. Back on subject - anything that can be done to produce a better sounding subwoofer is a good idea. A Heritage version seems like a great idea as well.
  8. This may sound a little crazy but the longer I have had it the less prominent it gets. Plus my wife is fairly tolerant of my audio habit. I am excited to hear more about the diamond jubilees to see what is different - I am no longer searching for a better speakers system - mine is in a 2.1 setup for audio only. I do have a reference series home theater setup for video.
  9. To be fair I do have KSW-15 I purchased in 1998, I believe , and use it with Hersey ones - it works very well and has a line level crossover that keeps lows from the Herseys. I don’t see that feature much anymore.
  10. I have to disagree with the not a home subwoofer comment. The quality of sound and correctness of tone are more than worth the space. Besides I never used the fireplace behind it anyway. And Carl - Vapor never sounded so good. The 1502 just goes beyond all expectations so easily and man when you give it 1500 watts life is really good. I have used the RSW-15 when installing friends home theaters with whatever RF7 version is available and it is very good, just not in the same ballpark as the 1502 - just my opinion. P.S. WAF on 1502 is high in my home.
  11. As an owner of a 1502 subwoofer I will say it does sound amazing and the tone is correct - not muddy like others I have tried. Jubilees and the 1502 are a perfect match and my wife loves the way it sounds as well. Not sure what the “market” wants but that’s okay as I already have one and love it.
  12. Went to their first concert tour in Philly, what a great show for the first album. Those first few albums and concerts are something I will always remember. Also am a huge fan of the Red Rocker and enjoyed them playing together. I was working floor security at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis when Valarie B showed up and I escorted her to the mixing console and watched part of the show with her - she did not like Eddie and Sammy on the rigging playing together, it was swinging around considerably. I did worry about Eddie as in later shows he was smoking and had a cigarette holder on the guitar neck. Always had a cigarette burning.
  13. Go with the MX110z, a great match. I use it with MC30’s and an MC240 with my Chorus 2’s and it sounds pretty awesome.
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