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    Main system is a McIntosh MX110z and a pair of MC30's with a Pioneer DV-59AVI and a B&O Beogram RX2 with Chorus II's and Jubilees. All controlled by an APC G5 power center including sequenced startup and shutdown - wife friendly.
    The wife's system is a McIntosh C31V and a pair of MC2002's bridged mono with Epic CF-3's. Using a DVD player for CD's and 1/8 to RCA's for iPhone connection.
  1. I heard the Forte III's on the pilgrimage and to me they had an amazing sound stage, better than my Chorus II's. A no I brainer to me as I looked into buying them but got side tracked by the Jubilee's. The new Forte's are a bargain at their price point and I am recommending them to my friends. I can only think a Chorus III would make a great option for those a little more bass hungry and hopefully worth their development. So many choices - life is good.
  2. Chris: You couldn't be more right on this one. The last config you sent me is pretty awesome. I played a CD on the Jub's for my wife last night and she commented on hearing the plastic sound of the pick popping on the strings and you could hear the hand clapping moving around the microphone. And my room is not optimal so I know when I do get a better room the sound will improve again, without a soldering iron.
  3. I do intend to try tubes on the 402's to see what that sounds like. Since my Jubilees came with K691's getting a passive was too much of a challenge for me and did not seem like Roy was in favor of passives - I don't want to speak for Roy though. I was surprised how well the SS amps open up the sound stage with the Jubilees, something I had to use tubes for on the Chorus II's. (Same SS amps on Jub's originally purchased for the Chorus II's.) I will follow the threads talking about and reviewing the Hypex nCore to see if that will be my next direction - I have two kids to get through college so I am wondering about their cost and it may be time to start saving for them. I really enjoy learning on this forum but it is starting to lower my WAF.
  4. It is hard to listen to other speakers when you have Jubilees. After I was convinced by forum members to do the active Jubilees instead of passives with tubes I pulled my wife's SS amps for the Xilica and have not looked back. So earlier week I fired up the tubes on the Chorus II's and realized I have two really good systems. Life is good in America.
  5. I am surprised to hear this as the forum members here convinced me to go for the Jub's which I did on faith and then heard them at the pilgrimage this year. While setup is not as straightforward as say my Chorus II's, having Chris A and Coytee help me out made all the difference in the world. I don't do any social media except this site and am tired of the political nightmare going on with "both" sides. Friendly place here and if not careful you will learn something.
  6. I was wondering how many of us had this issue. My wife's china cabinet reminds me of the vibrating football game I think Mattel made in the 60's. Even worse when the home theater gets going with 2 subs. I can walk through the house and hear doors vibrating in their frames which is surly a sign of adequate amplifier power. I have read here that some have as many as four or more subs - is everything glued down - earthquake proof? Sounds like fun!
  7. Glad they found their way home. I was looking for LaScalla's until a bunch of forum members convinced me to go for the Jub's - truly a no lose proposition either way.
  8. On another note I was reading in another forum topic about blowing out a Klipsch speaker with 250 watts with many posting that was way too much power "idiot power" for corner speakers. So I'm coming clean right here - I am using 600 watts per channel on my Jub's so be aware I might be an idiot. Sounds great though.
  9. Just for fun I tried the settings from page 3 on my Jub's and it was lifeless, so much so my wife commented and said change it back.. I reloaded the settings that Chris configured for me and everything opened back up. Truly amazing how different rooms can be. Thanks again Chris! I have read through some of the posts on the number of PEQ's affecting sound. My configuration has more than 8 PEQ's per channel so using both input and outputs for this. It got better every time Chris sent updates so my experience seems to go along with Chris's posts. I will say it is really cool to be able to change so many crossover settings and compare them with others while not needing a soldering iron - really liking the Xilica. Cory was awesome to deal with at Metropolis Lake Outfitters as well.
  10. Several APC G5's that includes sequenced power. It is rack mounted and sequences my tube equipment startup and shutdown so it is easy for wife to use.
  11. Congratulations on 20 years! I celebrated 25 years a couple of months ago in April. You know you have a great wife when part of the celebrating was this years Klipsch Pilgrimage. She is my best friend.
  12. That was a knuckle buster in my Crn Vic - used some Super Comps designed for another car and did a little cutting and welding which is one of the reasons I wrapped them - prettier that way. Good luck and if you don't mind please keep posting your updates - builds are very cool!
  13. I think - hands down that is the best car guy story you can tell.
  14. I can officially say that these amps and the Jubilees are, umm lets say, less than optimal together.
  15. Nice mustang and that will be fun. Let us know how the install goes. I understand the parts issues as there are almost no Crown Victoria performance parts, imagine that. The engine was build by Keith Craft Racing, not to to far from Hope AR, and is a 351 Windsor stroked to 410 with ~ 500 HP and Torque numbers - capable of 250 more on giggle juice. It does suck down about a gallon in a 1/4 mile pass. It runs the original AOD but with Kevlar parts and hardened shafts and outputs to a set of TractionLok'ed 410's. While going down the track is totally fun I really enjoy putting street tires on it to do burnouts. The only questions are how much tire smoke do you want and at what pitch should the tires sing - "drifts" well too. Admittedly it is funny to see peoples reactions - usually laughter after seeing the hood scoop but jaw drops when hearing the somewhat streetable cam. I call it stupid power and as you can see it is a driver not a show car. It does still ride like a Crown Vic - smoooooth. I am loving the other hot rods being shown!!!