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    • That's the second dumbest thing I've read today.

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    • That is an excellent question.They mark county roads there with blue signs with yellow lettering, so a blue sign with a "3" on it.  Here is the google photo:    
    • if it's financial i would think you could easily firesale the scala's for $500 as is touching nothing and $100 on the bookshelves.    may be worth keeping and fixing up if you like the sound and are into good audio. that's one of the better speakers klipsch has made
    • Hey Sam66,   Where do you live?  Changing the caps requires some ability to visualize spatial relationships and very simple soldering.  But if you don't have the gear, maybe someone close does.  Critesspeakers.com will probably do it, too. 
    • I think I will stick with Astell&Kern...
    •   If I read this right, it looks like Roy bumps the bass bin by 4 db's DX-38 settings for LaScala (1 or 2) LF with K402 & K69.pdf
    • That lawsuit proved the Bob didn't have any kind of contractors license in any state.  Kevin was a homeowner currently out of work when the TOH crew hired him. I don't think he had any experience in the TV industry before that.
    • At $400, I *might* buy a Pono, but only if I could buy the music, or copy my CDs and DVD-As to it.  Streaming with iffy connections, or none at all on my bike in West TX?  Monthly fees?  Nope!
    • ^^^^^ Agreed, all those guys have mad skills and N Y Workshop is over the top also. And Dtel like you I like my tools powered also; it allows me to screw up a project much more quickly. 
    • I have quite a few, though I have got a few back and said ... meeeehhh I was naïve to think these were great. But these 2-3 still hurt (maybe getting them back would help me realize that meeehhhhh feeling). 1. Harman kardon HK930 with broken knob shaft that I got for $5 - traded away that same day for a set of RTR series 3 model 4 which I sold a few days later for $100, the day I got a 3 pack of ESS heil's with 1 working woofer between them but all 3 amt's nice and intact for $20. However I never even listened to that HK930. I want that 930 back. 2. A Phillips speaker pair, no idea what model but these had 2 8" and a 2" soft dome mid and 1" soft dome tweeter. Man did it sound like heaven. 3. Yamaha NS25 and NS 344 sets. Didn't even get much $$$ for em. 4. Gave up a Realistic 2080 and got a RE - 2 electrostat's needing foam on the woofers. Yea I got killed on that one.   Cool. Srinath.