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    • Welcome Dhollin!,   As stated previously the designer originally intended the Heresy for fill in between a pair of Klipschorns, that being said, there are many reasons to raise them off of the floor. First, and foremost would be to get a direct, unobstructed line of sight to your ears, in particular, the tweeter and midrange sqwaker. A 12 by 12 room is on the small side, and on a couch or your favorite listening room, the angle upwards to reach your ears is going to be redicuously steep. I further agree with two subs even though your room is smallish, you could have some real null problems as a square room is a real No-No for listening, but it is what you have. For some knowledge and enjoyment, look up both Golden mean Square, and Paul Klipsch Goolden mean Cube. I didn't understand your 2.1 comment, are you still planning on running your Cornwalls in the same room under 2.1 Stereo? If so, realize that while multi-channel stereo is louder, it does not sound as good as 2 speaker Stereo. I run surround sound with 7 mains and if I want to impress someone with intolerable noise, or be able to hear it through the entire house, then I use multi channel stereo, but for critical listening, it is 2 channel over 90 percent of the time. Please be aware though that there are a very few excellent recordings available specifically recorded for surround sound listening, The Eagles final farewell tour is an absolute stand out and must have. Where are you from? I must take this time to point out that every year in either April or May, we have a 3 or 4 day Pilgrimage to both Hope Arkansas and Bodcaw Arkansas to feed the plant workers at Paul Wilbur Klipsch original factory! You would get to see the plant where your Cornwalls and Heresies were originally built, and possibly feed someone that helped build them for you. We also get a demonstration in the Klipsch listening room, this year it was Klipschorns, the brand new Forte' IIIs, and the RF-7IIs, Last year it was Klipschorns, PF-39 Paladiums and RF-7IIs. We get an ABC demonstration by a flip of a switch on the same equipement, in the same room. We also get to tour the lab, and the antiechoic chamber and listen to some big Klipsch Pro line speakers outside there. After the plant tour of speakers being built, the listening room, and the lab experience, and we have also eaten, after the employees, we then go across the street to the Paul Wilbur Klipsch museum for a tour given by Jim Hunter and he then gives a questions and answer period. After all the activies, we go out to Rodney Newtons 610 acre spread. A square mile has exactly 640 acres in it for reference. Rodney has 13 ponds, the biggest of which is 78 acres, stocked with huge catch and release large mouth bass. Rodney also has a large party barn with a small stage and an 80 foot long bar. This year, we had 4 separate bands play for us. Rodney feeds us lunch at the factory, supper at his party building, breakfast Saturday morning, supper Saturday night, and breakfast on Sunday morning included in your registration fee. The county is a dry county, so we bring our own refreshments, also, lunch on Fri, Sat, and Sunday are on our own. All in all, one hell of a lot of fun and friendships to be made!   By the way, you can stay at a local Hotel for about $50 a night, or camping on the 610 acres is available for a small fee. You will notice a poster above me has an orangutan for an avatar, his forum name is DTEL and his reel first name is Eldon and his wifes name is Christy. Christies forum name is Eldons Wife , and she runs the show to setting up and arranging Pilgrimage and making it a great time!   Hope to see you there and hear more from you on the forum...    Roger  
    • Hot Afternoon @ 104   In the Cave for a break, doubling rock storage shelfing. Shade side of the Cave.   Wife did rough count @ aprox 200 per shelf   Oh yeah, @ the farm saw a few of the heard.  
    • I unplug all my equipment.
    • RF-5s for $40?!? Man that's a killer deal. Do NOT tell the seller it was just a connection issue.     I also have RF-5s. They're not going anywhere.
    • So the big river in S. America knocked on the door and I received a package.
      Now I know that a few people on this forum know my real name and have my address so I can narrow it down a bit.
      I have my suspicions but let's just say THANKS. I will have to drop my man card and read instructions!   edit: I just looked at this; there are NO scratches on my KHorns; must be reflections.

    • I'll bet there's a lot of crossover participants.
    • The Moab was just updated in 2017 after 10 years to the Moab 2.  They did update the Reflex that I have a couple of years ago.  I think the pair that I just ordered was updated in 2016.  I actually have my eye on a sweet looking pair of Adidas hikers.   Bill  
    • You are right, it does take an ear and many times some equipment to do it right.  Precisely why I said blended appropriately.   Probably a better word is correctly.  
    • I bought the speakers yesterday....Very nice condition for their age. As the seller said 1 tweeter and 1 woofer not working....Took the tweeter out to have a look and it was not connected....Then took the "non-working " woofer out and it had only 1 connection.  Hooked them both up and they worked...The speakers sound fantastic and even though I only have a 40wpc NAD amp running them I cannot turn it up more than 1/3 of the way because of the neighbors...   All for $40