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    • It's appearent where you should bury that speaker wire?! You are obviously no electrical engineer. Read closely and learn -  Aside from that I see several issues with your theory -  - what's with those wimpy speaker cables? I wouldn't run a lamp with that crapp. Three-quarter inch garden hose dia. minimum. - screws are Way too small. Three inch deck screws at the very least or half inch x 4 inch lag bolts for max current load. - torx head is superior for obvious reasons. Far greater current grabbing/shedding capacity.  - a plastic holding box? Give me a break. Silver plated, .99999999 copper is preferred. This is higher-fi. Money is no object. - go back to school, get your degree, then come see us later. You are light years behind current thinking.  - hi-fi Nazi says -- No Funding for You-Two Years.
    • I'm still trying to figure out what cartridge....to use in my set up.. I have been eyeing the soundsmith  otello , and Carmen mk 11..   but I'm open to suggestions...
    • About 40 seconds and a drywall saw and I could have this finished for you.   You get to clean up though
    • OK, she's nosey like that, but can't say I didn't look. 
    • I don't post on facebook but have an account to check on my kids.  I texted it to her.
    • quality is better but i might wait to change them out later after other upgrades all depends on budget and motivation ☺
    • Yes it has an Ortofon 2M Silver with it, not attached. If I remember correctly my AT440MLb might have better bass response, I will revisit the specs. Plus I like fine line needles better than elliptical. I do know this elliptical Ortofon has been mentioned to have a long break in period of about 100 hours on the www. Might sell it unused I know I love the AT micro line sound and an upgrade would cost me less with them. The 2M Bronze that has micro line is $440, new AT740 mm is $330. Heck I could get an AT moving coil micro line for not much more than the 2M Bronze.
    • is the sub set to ON or standby on the back?  
    • Another sub to consider is the Cinema F20 sub. It is similar to the big Tuba HT spec wise but a bit larger size and easier to build. I have a pair in use with my Quarter Pie bass horns and the transition at 60 HZ  between the two is seamless. Not a hint of being "flabby." I also have a Tuba Table and agree if it sounded flabby something wasn't right, but with a speaker like the Jubes I would go with a bigger sub like the Tuba HT or F20 (or one of the big new Klipsch horn subs).