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Donating In Memoriam For The Klipsch House


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KMAH is negotiating the purchase of a house in downtown Hope for use as a multi-purpose venue. Since a final agreement is not yet signed, I'll post few specifics that would identify the building. Listening areas for setting up gear are abundant, and close proximity to motels make it an ideal spot for Pilgrimage use.  The plan is to have the venue available for next year's Pilgrimage. 


A formal donation campaign may be several weeks away, but I want to initiate donations specifically in memory of Forum members no longer with us. There are too many, and doubtless, some immediately come to mind to each of us. They can be memorialized at this venue; my idea is to have a memorial wall, but there are other ideas, too.

If you want to donate in memory of someone, post in this thread simply, "I'm donating in memory of____________." and send your donation. Seti posted the link. This thread will be a record of memorial names.


I'm donating in memory of Scott Yocum/Pappy III.


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Fellow Forum members, I have had the privilege of seeing this house and it is spectacular and located so as to be highly visible to tourists. The rooms are awesome, Klipsch friendly, and there is a LOT of room. Daddy Dee, Ol'Buckster, BOXX, and so many of our friends who have joined PWK where the music is always on and has 0 distortion would be so honored. For KMAH, there is far more room for exhibits, work areas, potentially even quarters for a docent/caretaker. Beyond that, ample room for gathering of hornheads and partying. No pesky neighbors to piss off, but we can try! While Rodney's is a great venue, and there is no reason not to continue using it, it will not last forever and this will provide a convenient addition for the moment and secure the future for Pilgrimage and Klipsch lovers everywhere. 


You will all be proud when you see this future KMAH. PLEASE support this effort!

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