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    • Cool stuff and I wasn't out to hijack the informative intent of the article.  It seems that many like a PP amp of that nature (thanks for the great pic Mike and others!) and then there is the very present school of SET aficionados, which, I'm sorry to say, often sound more like proselytizers than who have already found the sound they like, and will brook no argument, rather then seekers after the holy grail of magic amplification.   Thanks to Maynard, I've built several SET's of various flavors, and I have a solid collection of 35 to 50 watt Push Pulls, my slightly modified Marantz8b being to me is where true magic resides. In other words, I feel it is my reference amp to paraphrase a line of Klipsch speakers.   Being my busy and tired all the time of the year, I've only been able to do a cursory internet search of schematics for amps that fall into this range and most seem to be cobbled together DIY which is not what I'd be seeking.  Now, the Brook schematic is intriguing, yet Ian (Seti) found it lacking somehow.  I guess I'm seeking some solid suggestion vis-a-vis commercially built and proven designs with schematics and maybe a picture or two of the undersides.  Your suggestions would be welcome for a Fall build. It's been almost 16 months since my last build and it's time for another!
    • Yes, I think he was Russian.  I bought a 103 and 203 from him.
    • Congrats! 5 years is way too long to wait. I got railroaded into a similar pair by another member just like you did. Still have them and still use them. Good Luck!!!
    • @opusk2k9 Can you tell me if the guy you bought from before is a 40 Y.O. Russian? We have some trust issues happening so far. The seller will not share his address. He wants to meet in a parking lot. As an alternative he says he can meet me at a location that is much closer to me, but in a parking lot again. I have no way of knowing this thing actually works well. Just some photos of whatever he sent me. Has all the parts and pieces, just no box.
    • Not the same thing. The article says that pedestrians don't hear silent bikes, not that motorists don't hear stock bikes.   If you stand by a highway and listen, you will realize that the majority of sound coming from cars and trucks is tire noise. From motorcycles it's engine noise.   And the Oakland PD story is just one case of one driver not hearing one motorcycle -- there is no way to know whether she would have heard a loud bike.
    • I frequently set my Onkyo to 3.1 for music-using La Scala AL5 L&R and Zu audio cube center + SW.   Sounds good to me, esp. w jazz....The speakers are o/w part of a 7.1 theater system.
    • https://auto.howstuffworks.com/do-loud-pipes-save-lives.htm
    • I blame age and an enlarged prostate . . .  me, not you.  Or is that enraged?
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