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    • Love this guy!      If you listen to the whole LP you might too!! Apparently he's gotten out of the music biz lately
    • You need non magnetic screw drivers. I don’t think it would be hard to do yourself. I’ll bet YouTube has lessons. If you take a good picture of the before positions you could always go back.    edit: I was mistaken, all the instructions require a lot of equipment. I did AM radios by ear but apparently FM is trickier.
    • Postscript After the miniDSP SHD Power fail, I decided to build a couple of diyAudio ACA amp kits for the Heresy II's, which is largely @Chris A 's fault for thinking so highly of the designer. Using one per channel in parallel mode sounds wonderful - I'm thrilled. You do have to feed them with enough voltage to drive the little amps' to their max (10dB gain), but that proved easy enough by wiring pin-2 and pin-1 of the balanced outs of a DAC2 HGC to the unbalanced amp inputs. The unbalanced RCA outputs of the DAC2 didn't produce enough voltage swing to get the desired volume with some uncompressed recordings.   And then I decided to take a final step into the Dark Side (a.k.a. Class D amplifiers) before calling it quits, and this is largely @ClaudeJ1 's fault for thinking so highly of the Hypex NC400 mono amp kits. A pair of them are due to me Thursday and they'll hit the bench Friday and I'll listen Saturday. Probably. If they don't work out, I'm going to make him swap his K-402's for them! : )   God bless you and your precious family - Langston
    • Some wise guy put limburger in the light fixtures in the shower/bathroom in college.  Nothing got rid of the smell until the fixtures were replaced as the remedy...
    • I went to my friends house once when he was cooking something on an electric griddle outside in his garage. He had a mangy looking dog out there at the same time and I was thinking that dog really smelled bad. So I asked Gerald if the dog had a problem since he smelled so bad. He busted out laughing and said no, it was the grilled Limburger cheese sandwiches he was making that I smelled. He was forbidden to cook them inside.
    • Can't leave the pc for too long now. From Barney with one bullet in his front pocket to Buicks in the loft.  Pigs in the sky, but not the Ponderosa. Vinny without that cool one half a second jump where he knocks that big guy down (Think it was edited it out, haven't seen that since the first five times I saw that movie). & the points roundup for Deathrace 2000, It's happening here lately in this little berg, DBs vs the post office.
    • I've started restoring some Fisher tuners. A few weeks ago @funkyhambone dropped of some HH Scott 330s and now I am restoring those. My plan is to do a low power FM in the music room and use FM to get the signal to other systems the old school way. I also have friends with a  local FM radio show that would be cool to listen to and NPR national peoples radio.    
    • Lots of feet don't smell as good as feta.
    • Does he do it as a business? I can maybe ship.
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