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    • $800 is a good price in good shape. That is what I paid for my last set of Chorus I's in the Nashville area. I never get to buy and never sell for the "average prices" and maybe that is just for my area. Of course these were pristine and from the original owner from a good pet kid smoke free environment so they were not average quality either.I was lucky because this guys wife after all those years of ownership had decided they MUST GO. After having been in their house and seeing all the things she had I would have told her to shove it but that's me and not Mr Henpecked. Poor guy she literally was frantically helping push them into boxes and could not wait to see them leave. It was disgusting. I have never bought a set like this as cheap before and don't expect to do so again. Chorus II's? Last set I remember selling around here were from me and I had to pick them up just outside of Knoxville and they sold for $1,100 and the only work done on them was to recap the crossovers. I paid $800 for those but that was a couple of years ago and prices have gone up since then.  The trip was not free and I bought them only because there were others I was buying from that area too. Real cost is speakers + drive expenses + repairs if needed and generally they all need recapping when this old and I don't expect to see this all in a chart bit it is reality if you are the buyer. The real cost to acquire.
    • Picked up a bottle today.
    • I do not want a soundbar. This will be more for music.
    • I have owned the RP280s.   The RP280s on my system sounded really good with 2 channel music and even better with movies.  I realize they are not the same as his reviewed speakers, but still the in RP series.  From what I have seen the Klipsch engineers do a pretty good job.  Right?     If RP600M speakers sound anything like those then i can echo his sentiments.  RP series certainly deserves it due.         
    • The veneer chip bothers me a lot more than the grille which I thought looked pretty good. I could not see any saw over travel  so the guy took some care in doing this.
    • Same guts but with a rat fur cabinet.  They've been recapped with Audyn Plus, have 5 way binding posts added and an L Pad on the mids.  They sound great.
    • Hmmmm, are you going to listen to them while they are doing this? I could not wait that long to hear them myself. I think you will be very pleased with what you bought.
    • This will be my second set.   I went through my son in laws for him.
    • That's right all the real info is there. Laying out the top piece by these measurements will give you all the angle and lengths of the parts required for sides and braces and the dimensions on the plenum provide all you need for that. The biggest reason I am not in a hurry to make a set of drawings is that they are not really needed to build by. What is missing is the 19.5" tall motorboard which I will post later today. This is pretty simple to build other than the size.    Claude has made recommendations and he is the numbers guy in this. While this is my idea he is the one who tells me right or wrong. You will have to ask him about this and I would say for sure using 12" is a no no without any doubt. If you are considering building this and putting the time and money into it I would at the very least use something designed for it. K-43, K-33 or Crites woofers are all I would consider at this time. There may be a better one out there but I am not looking.