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    • Chris what do you mean by dailed in Jubs?
    • Been listening to Mission bookshelf speakers up till now.  Never owned Klipsch.  These are original Fortes.
    • I didn’t see anything in the search that asked for reviews on companies replacement grill cloth materials. Any feedback is appreciated, the 3 most popular names for new grill fabrics I find are:Bob Crites, dura fabrics, and 123 stitch. Am I overthinking it?   Or is there really a difference other than price that I should be aware of?   i have forte 1s, trying to decide to keep the cloth color original or go with the lamb cloth.    Lastly, any photos of the process of someone replacing their fabric would be awesome!   thanks!
    • I demastered all the Beatles albums that I own because they sounded pretty awful on the dialed-in Jubs.  They sound much better now, in fact some of them sound pretty amazing considering what they were recorded with.  Early Beatles albums generally sound worse than later albums.   Beatles albums in my FLAC library: 1962-1966 (disc 1); 1962-1966 (disc 2): DR Database ratings: 11, 12 1967-1970 (disc 1); 1967-1970 (disc 2): DR Database ratings 11, 11 Past Masters - Volume One;  DR Database rating 12 Past Masters · Volume Two; DR Database rating 10 Revolver [2009 Stereo Remaster]; DR Database rating 10 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; DR Database rating 12 White Album (disc 1); White Album (disc 2) DR Database ratings 12, 12 Abbey Road: DR database rating 10 Generally, the higher the DR Database rating, the better they sound.   Chris
    • Where do you find these 6P3S tubes? And just to be safe, they are definitely a drop in replacement for an EL34? I don't want any fireworks.......😬     BTW, how about these?   https://tubes-store.com/product_info.php?products_id=23&osCsid=qe76u7tu29otjdcssn62ha2rs1    
    • There are a couple of replacements for the RC7 on the bay..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-K-1083-S-Replacement-Woofer-for-RF-3-RF-3-II-RF-5-RC-7/142900739941?hash=item21458c3f65:g:i0IAAOSw53dbbdVe
    • If they still perform, enjoy them.  
    • The NOS Russian 6P3S ones. I have some new production EL-34's and the Gold Lion KT-77's and prefer the 6P3S over them both. Some other members with SET EL-34 amplifier have agreed with me after trying the 6P3S tubes. The 6L6 tubes are said to produce more 2nd harmonics, I have not checked the spectrum analysis to confirm this with the different tubes. I am just going by what I hear. Why not get a set while they are still available since they are so cheap right now and give them a try. I have found any NOS tube sounds better than the modern manufactured ones offered these days. Russian equivalents made for the military to a different standard than commercial ones are what I look for. Russia used tubes for military use long after the USA turned to SS. They are now dumping them on the market. The 6P1P is a great sounding Russian tube that may be in your amplifier.    Again, great looking amplifier.