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    • So what do i still need to buy? Can you give me some links of the objects that i need? Thank you verry much already!
    •   DizRotus, unfortunately I must tell you the same thing: I am sick of leukemia for a year and a half but in the process of recovery. Everything is ok and I lead a normal life with my job, sports, mountain bike, I continue the medical checks and the therapies and I listen as much as possible good music with the Klipsch!
    • "THX Ultra2 is a 7.1-speaker extension of the original Ultra spec. Ultra2 is designed to work well with multi-channel music and movie presentations playing up to reference levels in rooms of 3,000 cubic feet or larger. Each certification requires components to produce high volume levels, to play at a low level of distortion, and to disperse sound in specific ways, as well as to have extremely low noise and behave in a stable and predictable way."
    • I was her age once and I was always able to sneak one or two by the old man
    • You need to be in the right mood  But I grew up watching Frank Sinatra movies so I can slip into a nice mood easily no matter what records are playing 
    • Thanks for sharing, do you enjoy them all. Or could you rank them base on quality of recording and on whether mellow or big band.

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    • @BlueHusky79   I have these 4 records that were handed down to me by a dear friend Needs no introduction and and went by the handle of Ol Blue Eyes and the leader of the Rat Pack    I'm really enjoying playing these records tonight and even had a dance with the wife    The Reprise Years is almost mint condition, but the others are a little worn   Still enjoyable   Artist - Frank Sinatra Title - The Reprise Years       
    • It's helpful to keep in mind that the Loudspeaker Sensitivity rating is what is expressed in most loudspeaker advertising specification sheets and isn't directly the same as the Loudspeaker Efficiency.   Note: The Klipschorn Rating which is given as 105db @ 2.83v/1m but doesn't mention @ 1watt and is also noted as "sensitivity in a typical listening room". Since loudspeakers impedance varies with frequency and are typically powered by amplifiers performing as a voltage source and most loudspeakers that the typical forum members are using are in rooms this seems like a reasonable method to give the consumer some sense of what to expect from the loudspeaker in your home listening room.         Here is a link that will help in understanding Sensitivity versus Efficiency and you can also see how if you hold the applied amplifier voltage (typical @ 2.83v) the same but change the impedance of the loudspeaker from 8ohm to 4ohm you will cause the amplifier to generate 2watts (with the 4ohm loudspeaker load) and the sensitivity rating of the 4ohm loudspeaker will have to be reduced by -3db if both loudspeakers are  to be referenced to a 1watt input at a specific distance (typical @ 1meter) for both loudspeakers.   Loudspeaker Efficiency Versus Sensitivity http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-efficiency.htm   Another good link on the subject: http://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/loudspeaker-sensitivity     miketn    
    • I have the Rocketfish posted above. It worked very well for me. I'm not currently using it but I plan to use it the next time I need a living room surround setup.