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    • I used their 300B's and preferred them to the 1990's WE 300B in Welborne Laurels.
    • That is good advice to replace as a pair.
    • I do have some ideas I'm gonna work out depending on some other projects (HiFi related), will try to right it out tonight or one of these days! Very busy, as I just started my medical apprenticeships, and I have to pull long 60-70h weeks, with masterthesis, studying and other time-consuming responsibilities in the weekend.    Enjoying audio will probably be pushed to the far background, let alone contemplating and building new DIY speaker set ups..
    • We pulled of using just only 1 bassbin on each side, with an 18" below. 2 tophorns for better diffraction. It was by far a good setup, as I was having exams at the time, and wasnt able to be there during stagebuilding. We had to place them inside "towers" which meant suboptimal placement. Volumewise the single bassbin was able to keep up without a problem (we have a limit of 95db max, and the space wasnt too big). We might try again this year, but I'm gonna have even less time this time, so I will not be able to be there, which is a shame if I lend out my very expensive gear..
    • Agreed. Have had mine since November and they're great speakers. 
    • I get that. That's been the slightly disappointing part so far. The bass is there, and even tighter and more musical than I expected considering my receiver (but only since I've fiddled with Audissey and activated DynamicEQ, without it, the bass was really too quiet). But it's not "punchy", not as physical as one could imagine it could be with 2*10" woofers and such a large cabinet. I assume a good power amp would make a lot of difference in that area!   But for now, I'm happy as is, so my next purchase won't be an external amp. Actually, I'm hesitating between a new subwoofer (XTZ 10.17 edge ?) or a new central speaker. My RC35 is still relevant when I'm watching movies (impressive!), but for multichannel audio when the voice goes from a RF7 to the RC35, it's really bizarre... I'll probably change both, but I'm not made of money and I have to decide in which order to do it 😉   Cheers!
    • Precisely why I said I'd love to hear them.  $3200 doesn't sound like something I'd plunk down though.
    • Things are moving fast for those items.  The 15" Peavey's and the three QSC amps are gone.  The ad now says any remaining item $180 or $1200 for everything.   I can't see well enough to even identify the Yamaha amps.  Someone on another site said the three Yamaha P-series were worth some money but I can't read the model numbers.  Maybe P-5000S?   The black Yamaha looks like CP2000 but I can't read the writing on the others.
    • The price is right. I love my Belle's sound and looks.    GLWS
    • from those photos, Jeff's 400lb "beginner" amp would make a CJ Premier I or ARC D150 look like a toy - that was an intense project.  Jeff - how heavy is your current (and evolved) triode amp?   one thing about relatively high output Z amps - I'd guess with such lowpass as the Klipschorn used in later iteration, there would be less "boost" than with regular solid state - or high feedback pp tube amps, so tonal balance could be somewhat different  https://i.imgur.com/wayOdCQ.png