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  1. Gonna leave this here for you George. Hopefully you both feel that way and can work things out amicably.
  2. Musings! Time to ketchup! College football programs looking for a new quarterback won't have to look too hard. According to a new report from ESPN college football recruiting expert Tom VanHaaren, nearly 60 quarterbacks have entered the transfer portal in the past four days. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the NIL and the transfer portal ^^^^^^^^^ Other B1G schools are now coming forward publically over the allegations leveled against blue. This was reported yesterday in Columbus on 10TV the local CBS affiliate. https://www.10tv.com/article/sports/football/ohio-state-football/connor-stalions-ohio-state-football-tickets-purchased-by-ex-michigan-staffer/530-3a7db764-bbfd-498d-bb3e-e40a03ad46c --------------------------------------------------------------- The SEC is looking into some new helmet technology this year. Greg Sankey, the commissioner of the SEC, said on Thursday that the conference is looking into new helmet-communication devices. It comes after Michigan got accused of stealing signs during games. ---------------------------------------------------------------- College football top 25 schedule, scores for Week 14 Friday, Dec. 1 No. 3 Washington vs. No. 5 Oregon (Pac-12 Championship Game in Las Vegas, Nevada) | 8 p.m. | ABC New Mexico State at No. 25 Liberty (CUSA Championship Game) | 7 p.m. | CBSSN Saturday, Dec. 2 No. 1 Georgia vs. No. 8 Alabama (SEC Championship Game in Atlanta) | 4 p.m. | CBS No. 2 Michigan vs. No. 16 Iowa (Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis, Indiana) | 8 p.m. | FOX No. 4 Florida State vs. No. 14 Louisville (ACC Championship Game in Charlotte, North Carolina) | 8 p.m. | ABC No. 7 Texas vs. No. 18 Oklahoma State (Big 12 Championship Game in Arlington, Texas) | 12 p.m. | ABC SMU at No. 22 Tulane (AAC Championship Game) | 4 p.m. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ College Football Playoff Poll Released Nov. 28 RANK SCHOOL RECORD PREVIOUS 1 Georgia 12-0 1 2 Michigan 12-0 3 3 Washington 12-0 4 4 Florida State 12-0 5 5 Oregon 11-1 6 6 Ohio State 11-1 2 7 Texas 11-1 7 8 Alabama 11-1 8 9 Missouri 10-2 9 10 Penn State 10-2 11 11 Ole Miss 10-2 12 12 Oklahoma 10-2 13 13 LSU 9-3 14 14 Louisville 10-2 10 15 Arizona 9-3 15 16 Iowa 10-2 17 17 Notre Dame 9-3 18 18 Oklahoma State 9-3 20 19 NC State 9-3 22 20 Oregon State 8-4 16 21 Tennessee 8-4 21 22 Tulane 11-1 23 23 Clemson 8-4 24 24 Liberty 12-0 25 25 Kansas State 8-4 19
  3. Blah. I'm running PLuna on my LS and they kick butt allllll day long. Back off the gas, give those new LS time to marinate, stop listening and comparing the CW's and CHILL with that new system you put together. Don't even try to piss off the neighbors now cause they won't get it. Stash some cash for the new PWK subs and quit trying to hear things you never heard before. Be gentle! Just let them breathe a bit and break in. They'll blossom in time and you'll hear it all happen. THEN get off the wine and hit the bourbon, step on the gas a bit and watch what happens. Sure you're gonna need some bass but sit back and chill cause that's down the road and another treat for you to look forward to. THEN you and everyone else will appreciate what you have. Slow and easy brother. I love my Prima Luna and threw a set of Gold Lions in it fwiw. I'm nevah goin back to SS. Try counting backwards from 10 for a lil change of pace. It's a challenge for me but I think you'll make it.
  4. BOOM! A box on the porch this morning! All nice and quiet here in the hood so I must have gotten the official okie dokie from all the law enforcement agencies! lol Nice package is all I can say after a lil walk thru. Glad to see the "Dope from Hope" definition early so perhaps these won't get purged as readily as the old style ones did. Since I got an extra copy of this one too for "good ole Duckburg High" I'll be dropping one off tomorrow to the librarian. Hopefully she found some things from long ago she had laying somewhere. Either way, if ONE kid learns something from them both I'll be happy. This piece complements the initial book so wonderfully well. Hats off to EVERYone who made it happen.
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  6. Sittin here waiting on my Dope From Hope books. Read where one of the guys said the return addy was "Dope From Hope" on the box. So I went out of the box over thinking it. New girl on the mail route, my old carrier who knows I'm bat sheet crazy wouldn't think a thing about it but her? Could be another chapter in my "Duckburg" book. "Postal Inspectors, Federal Marshall's, County Sheriff and local law enforcement officials raid home in drug related search." Sound about right? 😂💪😂
  7. Don't ask why I'm up and in here @ 8AM. I'm clueless. City boys just drove up out front w/the vac truck. Maybe they did me a solid but it's doubtful. They've got the guy across the street figured out and just laff when I'm out and they're in the hood. Sittin here waiting on my Dope From Hope books. Read where one of the guys said the return addy was "Dope From Hope" on the box. So I went out of the box over thinking it. New girl on the mail route, my old carrier who knows I'm bat sheet crazy wouldn't think a thing about it but her? Could be another chapter in my "Duckburg" book. "Postal Inspectors, Federal Marshall's, County Sheriff and local law enforcement officials raid home in drug related search." Sound about right? @the real Duke Spinner I took my girls out one winter and started making donuts in a big parking lot. At first they didn't get it then they did and we had a blast. Naturally they told mom and I got chewed out about it. As if... So we went out and made some more the next time it snowed. 😂
  8. 3:30 PM and it's a balmy 23 here. Fired up the electric blankie last nite and went a full six rounds until I game up. It won and I wound up pulling about half of it back up on the bed when I rolled out at 11:15. I have zero clues as to how many times I woke up in a strangle hold. Toss in a couple dreams and my night was complete. Don't even know what those were about anymore. 😂
  9. I don't have a dog in the fight but I haven't seen that much out of Ga or Bama this year but you all see more of the games than I do. Thought it funny that Kirby said they were lucky to beat OSU last year. lol The #knowitalls up here are calling for both Coach Day and Kyle McCord's heads on sticks. WW lost a total of 11 times to blue and I think 4 in a row in there at some point. This years loss is on Coach Day. His first full recruiting class. @Ceptorman the word I've heard a week ago from a friend is that the past two seasons for blue might be scrubbed by the NCAA. Who knows at this point. Perhaps that's why Harbs has been shopping in the NFL Maybe nothing will happen since all NFL teams use in helmet headsets specifically to stop sign stealing. Then enter the lip reders watching the sidelines. lol His brother John, HC @ the Ravens, publically stated he thought sign stealing was just fine. lol
  10. @MicroMara Doesn't seem like that weather had any affect on you prior to tonight. Drinking and driving home? I'm sure you ALL do it over there but here they run ya thru the mill if they even smell any alcohol here in Ohio. 😂 💪💪💪 😂
  11. Let's see what I can come up with since all I did yesterday was stare at the screen. Crazy! #1 Georgia/Ga Tech? #2 Ohio State #3 Michigan? ALWAYS a battle and the most watched game with the added NCAA violations hype this year? HUGE game for both teams. As a Buckeye I'm just like most people. You support your team but as I've said all year we've got a young offensive like and a new QB. THAT you can't overlook, it's fact. No way out of it but even with the late game antics the Buckeyes couldn't pull it off. A good watch none the less imo. Hats off to blue with the win. Another thing to think about is the NCAA investigation of blue. One "tiny" thing to remember when it rolls out since they're now looking at the past 3 seasons. The ramifications to the program remain to be seen. Coach Day isn't going anywhere unless he decides to go somewhere imo. His record is stellar and even though OSU fired John Cooper years ago for not winning the big ones the University would be stupid to even think it. Coach Day never got to play blue when they had Brady Hoke (the Harbaugh boys fishin buddy) and the weaker coaches they had years ago. Yes, Lloyd Carr was one along w/Rodriguez. The other fact that stands out is that WW Hayes LOST to blue 11 times in his career @ OSU. IF the University does anything at all they should give Coach Day a raise just to keep him at OSU imo. Just take a look at the head coaching contracts today. Insanity at it's finest. Now back to the highlights of THE GAME! Now let's look at the apple cart with the #4 Washington/Washington State biggie. Carry on!
  12. Read 'em and weep sports fans! The results are in whether you like it or not! Changes to the Top 4 are coming for sure! College football top 25 schedule, scores for Week 13 Saturday, Nov. 25 No. 1 Georgia 31, Georgia Tech 23 No. 3 Michigan 30, No. 2 Ohio State 24 No. 4 Washington 24, Washington State 21 No. 5 Florida State 24, Florida 15 No. 8 Alabama 27, Auburn 24 Kentucky 38, No. 10 Louisville 31 No. 14 LSU 42, Texas A&M 30 No. 15 Arizona 59, Arizona State 23 No. 18 Notre Dame 56, Stanford 23 Iowa State 42, No. 19 Kansas State 35 No. 20 Oklahoma State 40, BYU 34 No. 21 Tennessee 48, Vanderbilt 24 No. 22 NC State 39, North Carolina 20 No. 24 Clemson 16, South Carolina 7 No. 25 Liberty 42, UTEP 28 Thursday, Nov. 23 No. 12 Ole Miss 17, Mississippi State 7 Friday, Nov. 24 No. 6 Oregon 31, No. 16 Oregon State 7 No. 7 Texas 57, Texas Tech 7 No. 9 Missouri 48, Arkansas 14 No. 11 Penn State 42, Michigan State 0 No. 13 Oklahoma 69, TCU 45 No. 17 Iowa 13, Nebraska 10 No. 23 Tulane 29, UTSA 16
  13. Blah a day of football and a crock pot of bean soup. Temps dropping into the mid to low 20's tonight and a chance of snow coming into the week. Think I'll head up and crash. Yungest called last evening from Phoenix and the lil camera shop she goes to was having a black Friday sale. Couple decent deals on shrink wraps of film and cheap developing cards. I think she fished me. Told me it wouldn't take her Visa cause it was down but WOULD take my Mastercard since it was working ok. Only cost me 200$. 😂 Checked in this morning prior to the OSU game to get her set up w/my old camera gear to use @ the Alumni Club game day only to find out she didn't know if she was going. She'd been out shooting wild broncos she said. lolol Seeing any similarities w/the film/developing cards yet? lol Must be a new kid in town. Her green beret was going to head over to Israel to make some fast cash so she kicked him to the curb. Told me she showed him some of my gear and said he was all impressed. lolol Prolly figured I'd do some nosin on him. Then I saw her doin some Texas two-step w/some big dude in a bar this morning on fb. Who the heck knows? Maybe he had a dog.
  14. High noon Saturday in Ann Arbor. All the talk, hype, sanctions will sort one way or another. Post up your hype video if you want. Here's mine. It's ALWAYS the #1 game of the regular seaso it seems. SOMEone's gonna win it! GO BUCKS!
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