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  1. @Fido That's absolutely correct! Ohio State wanted all 28 years of my negatives. They "asked" nicely but I wasn't even shooting for them. Shooting for the papers they never asked/didn't care what happened to them as long as they got a few nice shots. I never gave the University anything yet a few others did. Yup, theirs went right into the University archives and are now available for purchase with no photo credit. When I saw them starting a marketing department I knew it was coming. Along with all those starting to shoot digital. Miss it but made the right decision I think. Ya don't make squat shooting but you have the best seat in the house while working.
  2. Prolly with a lil county fair "ring/hoop toss" with the lean. Just a finger roll away then. Yea, just stand under the basket and don't move or miss a shot. We'll get you the ball. They can't make every basket playing 5 on 4! 😂 😎
  3. I can think of 8 stations around here and they all fluctuate on an daily basis. Kroger has a station, which accepts their "shopping points" program. Simple, ya shop in the grocery and for every $100 you spend on groceries ya get a dime off a gallon. They also factor in "additional" points on specials, double coupon offers, points for using their credit card, etc. They've got it made because the only other place in town is Wal-Mart. Wait, did I mention what they made last year? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kroger-reports-third-quarter-2020-results-and-raises-full-year-2020-guidance-301185645.html Fuel wise though they all call each other if you can believe that. Yup, they do! Ohio "The Heart of it All." 😂 $2.69.9 here yesterday. hahaha Oh yea, round-up to $2.70
  4. So sorry to hear about all of this. Sad! Just plain sad! We all know you shared everything with him and were a positive force in his life just as he is in yours. Gonna be tough if it happens. Hope things work for the best but everyone here knows you've done all you can. Nuff said.
  5. Dave1291


    @CECAA850 hand 'em a huge slushie and pray?
  6. This is fugly! Sooooo, we make a 2nd half run to get back into the game but can they close it? Haven't the last two games. Iowa's tough!
  7. Trouble and ALWAYS kickin butt!
  8. 1 Moderna down, Next week get the second. Just another day, 😀
  9. Ya can't EVER count Tom Izzo out! Great coach and an even better guy. Buckeyes home w/Iowa @ 4 on CBS I think. Who knows? I looked at the schedule and knew the last games would tell the tale. Now the question is can they grind it out? Won't be long til March Madness hits but w/Covid they say if you're out with it you're done. Gonna throw a wrench into that scheme too! Ugh!
  10. Won't be long and you'll be taking summer vacations back in New Hampshire! Beautiful country up there. Have a LF in Naples w/a beautiful home, pool and everything she needs. Yet EVERY summer is spent in Ohio just to get outta the Florida heat & humidity. With a nick like "beerguy" though I think you just might survive the heat! 😂 Welcome to the Forum!
  11. Long ago I "thought" about pictures with ppl I knew. Then I thought "why" so never got in any. Quality was terrible. Today, I think it's funny w/the new fb crowd and technology. Gotta get a pic yet I've never asked and won't. Today Joe Walsh and many others have expanded on that idea. Yup, for an extra $200-300 per ticket you can get that "meet and great" ticket and you're fb pic. We laffed and laffed one day over that. Like fishin in a stocked pond and ya don't even need bait. Ya get a "How ya doin!" IF she's good lookin. One after another. Calls it everyone's retirement fund. lolol Smile! You high man??? Open your eyes now and smile. 😂 😂
  12. Mid 50's around here this weekend and rain coming thru so it's about over here. Next stage a re-freeze, maybe more snow at some point then we're done til next winter. Winter's aren't what they used to be 15 years ago. Beginning to think I wasted $1100 on that big 2X Cub Cadet snow blower I bought when I quit plowing w/my buddies big Suburban. That thing didn't break a sweat movin that 10" we had. Will be nice when it warms up so I can sit out back w/the system cranked pi$$ing off the neighbors.
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