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  1. Not sure if she signed w/Motown or not. Great song though either way. Now about this grinder of yours... I'm stickin with my Mr. Coffee grinder! 😂 I can buy a LOT of vinyl w/the savings.
  2. @JohnJ Modesty? Me? hahaha As a youngin I learned early on in Detroit to keep your mouth shut and listen. Motown was goin down and the Roostertail Super Club was all black. It didn't stop me at all. Everyone, well most everyone, knows now it's not about color it's about what someone brings to the table. Then w/Stevie Wonder being blind and doing the great stuff he did it all just meshed. It was more than Stevie though, Temps, Tops, Aretha, Supremes, even Ray Charles once or twice. The walls came down going up there and once people had seen you there a couple times then found out you dove 2 hours to come there it was different. Heck Barry Gordy even had Grand Funk under his wing. It DID NOT MATTER to any of us. We did our thing. I just never stopped. My town had about 3 black families and one of my classmates in high school was black. He even rode up with me a few times. Great guy who passed about 25 years ago. Don't know if he ate the brown acid or not but whatever it was totally wrecked him for life. I got a collect call once from him and found out he was in an assisted living home about 40 miles away. He was having a flashback about going with me to the Roostertail and wanted to tell me about how much fun we had. i sat with him for about 2 hours on the phone listening before he hung up. I got a couple more calls years apart then someone saw his obit and put the word out. It was ALWAYS CKLW in Detroit with the mix of Motown and early rock. I went totally outside the box when it came to music. Ran the table back then and knew many. H3ll we were ALL kids gettin our groove. I just kept going and going and going. Doubt I'll ever stop either. Yea, I'm nuts but am I really??? Funny, our 55th class reunion is coming up this fall. Someone said I should bring my rig out and play in this farmer's barn who was in our class. I passed and said "letls just have the 60th at my place. By then the hood would be able to join in w/us. hahaha I ain't movin squat BUT deep down inside? Yea, I'd LOVE TO KICK SOME A$$! Just say no! Now ya'll got another slice of my life. 😂 Time for MicroMara to jump in w/some wild disco/lighting tales. He ain't no rookie nor is he a Saint! Now spill it George! It's family shootin the bull and they gotta be getting bored w/my crap! Paul, you''re in the on-deck circle too. Cause I KNOW you got em! 😂 Since they're from down under it should be a piece of cake for ya! I'm off to jam nite. BBL
  3. RIP... A lil touch for ya!
  4. Nice engineering on that coffee machine! hahaha Perfect every time
  5. Time for some Yes since that's where he finished his life.
  6. With all the garbage going on in the world today and hearing about Alan I just went to that 7 minute mark in my Red Skelton post over in Paul's Art thread. Check him out.... He was so onto everything out there in the world... Spot on, imo.
  7. @JohnJ Dunno about epic. Just a slice of my life back in the day. Today's another tragic day. First it was Chris Squire and now Alan White has passed this afternoon. Don't know the details. He and his wife Gigi were always fun. Just sad. Those guys were a hoot together. Just walked out and nailed it EVERY time. Sad...
  8. Welcome to Ohio - The Heart of it ALL! 😂 😂
  9. Moanin @grasshopper Looks like it's gonna be a hot one in the land of cactus!
  10. Well, to be honest, I do have some things locked in the bank deposit box and a couple other things stashed. Vangelis "Nocturne" is on now. Relaxing a bit since my buddy and his little woman left a bit ago. No blues for him. I centered on her again and gave her a nice jam of rock that she was singing along with. You all in here are much like me. You love music but to what end of the spectrum do you want to go? How deep and how much? Yea, we ALL know the answer to that. The thing is I had a pair and as a kid I was going to follow my dream. No way was I not going to live my life without it. You happy with what you did? I'm totally happy. I could have gone farther and deeper but slowed way down for a reason. The piece I've put together isn't really much. Signed print of the Neal Morse Band from their Innocense and Danger tour. I got, one of Mike Portnoy's signed sticks from last year's Morsefest in Tenn. and one of his "Used and Abused" drum heads. He's one of the best on the planet imo. I had to really thunk on how to display it all. I think I nailed it. If it helps someone else go for it. I'll give you all a heads up now. The Neal Morse Band and Trans Atlantic are going to surprise a lot of people. Neal is a genius and the two of us had a great convo standing 6' apart. I know what he's doing and had to prove it to him. When I did he was ALL ears. 200 people, small venue? Amazing and just like the old days. Last song of the night I got the double heart punch with him pointing directly at me. Of course I returned it 😂 Two things I wanted in my life I never accomplished. 1. No one would go to Woodstock with me cause I was nuts everyone said. 2. I wanted a pair of Gracie's panties for my mirror. People can say what they want about her but those that met and knew her loved her for who she was as a person and the fact she could kick butt on stage.
  11. You could be onto something @TasDom
  12. Wellllllllll welkie, welkie, welkie! Good to see ya @oldtimer! Been a minute!
  13. So they cost 650? Had I or anyone else been bidding against him how much would they have gone for? It only takes one other moron yanno... Then the price always goes up. 😂
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