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  1. Pigs rule! Ask any Floyd fan. Off to the dentist today! Can't wait to open my wallet. A good wallet raping is a good thing for a Monday said no one ever! 😂
  2. Now THAT was funny! ^^^^^^^^ That pair has MEGA drool aaaalllllll over 'em!
  3. Time to tighten up the ship today! Decided to slip the VPI in at the end of the shelf then one move to the table and GO! The joys of RB LS? Somewhere to put things and they don't show dirt! and dust! Big pile to un-zip since I haven't had time to do squat. Decided to chase a few woven dreams tonight with this new release. Sounds amazing IF you liked the old pressing you're gonna love this one! Time to get this show on the road in here!
  4. I've checked the site twice a day since it was announced and gone thru the hoops. That's the coffee table book for those who walk in, sit down and go WOW, "What kind of speakers are those? What do all the others there sound like?" I just wanna point to the book and let THEM research. Makes pulling albums out to play a bit easier. Gives them something to do. 😂 I also, like many others in here, want to support the museum in any way I can. If you're not a member in here already ya should be. For $10 a month there aren't many perks but when ya hang with this bunch the fun alone is worth the $120 a year membership not to mention what you can LEARN from the site. 😂 It'll sort out.
  5. Nice lil gig @ the Troubador November 30th, 2017 with these 3. I mean seriously Tal Wilkenfeld can play w/just anyone. Jackson Browne and Becca Stevens? Oh yea, the Eagles are ready to GO out too right now but take your gold card. About the ONLY superstar she hasn't played with is Bob Dylan
  6. That's crazy. I saw it there priced but sold out. Who knows what's up? Who's on first, what's on second...
  7. They'll let us know what's shaking I'm sure. It's just getting into arms right now. It'll sort. W/o going political kinda maybe.
  8. Scrub the crap outta them. It just adds character imo. I'm more concerned with what they SOUND like. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though.
  9. Just going from what I saw on the Klipsch website and a post on fb today about them being on sale. Dunno maybe there is a stash somewhere that hasn't materialized as of yet. Clueless but we'll have to see what shakes out.
  10. It's been attributed to those platform shoes! 😂
  11. Mentioned around Jan 3rd when it was first announced (hoop #1), then ya signed up w/your email addy to be notified (hoop #2), (hoop #3) when the dealer's respond they have theirs, which they should have. With 75 signed copies offered to the public & on the website as "Klipsch 75 Years/A Pictorial History" Museum Edition Package? Maybe we'll get that brass ring the next time we go around. I won't count on it though. It's all good! 😎" "Klipsch 75 Years | A Pictorial History" – Museum Edition Package
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