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  1. Dave1291


    Activity? Nice car though.
  2. Nice to see you again! Hope you all are safe and well. Same cleaning lady? Asking for a friend. 😂 Don't be a stranger man!
  3. Hahahaha I KNEW all of this was coming. @Emile might just stop in soon again hopefully. Miss that guy! Thinking about planting flowers in them if they don't work. 😂
  4. Yes STOLEN! Mr Cheap wins again! Well kinda maybe. More to come! So I need more bass since I have LS? Gonna check into this just a bit more me thinks. Fun, George makin $$$ and me spendin a lil of mine. Yes, did I say little? You wouldn't believe me if I told ya! Let's just say the high bid when I jumped in was $4. JBL Pro Line SP128S... 😂 If I told ya what I paid for it I'd have to kill ya. Picking it up tomorrow then I'll sort it.
  5. Gonna just leave this right here since it's been gone over and just released by Joel Gallen the Rock Hall of Fame Director of the '94 All-Star performance. What a gaggle up on that stage. Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Tom Petty, Dhani Harrison, Steve Ferrone and featuring the stunning solo of Prince! BTW, where DID that guitar go at the end of the song?
  6. Yuuuuup, you're cookin billybob!
  7. Hmmmmmm... Paul's thinkin outside the box again and since I'm opening up the french doors shortly to let the neighbors know I'm still alive.... What's it gonna be? Hmmmmm... Thinking Hotel Cali will work for the first LP... Yea, they'll love me... Hahahaha! I KNOW they'll hear me
  8. @grasshopper Breaking out a new sarong for the festivities? SOMEone has to show them how to party the right way today Bill. Bonfires... Goldschlager and Monster's topped off w/all the infused pot drinks out there today? Soooo over-rated! 😂 Maybe another change? cables-coffee-cycles-cocktails-chefs & cannons Today's menu since I'm now hungry and even more confused about these left-over home fries... Yesterday threw in some eggs and a few dashes of oldtimer's hot sauce. Today leftover burgers from the grill, more taters and more hot sauce. Oh yea, add cheese to the taters. Thanks for that thought JohnJ! Thinking some machinist in a ball bearing plant like New Departure had too much time on his hands. Heck of a nice toy for the big kid in ya! Think the weather is done up this way so gonna open up the french doors today and let the hood know I'm still alive. What to play? What to play?
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