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  1. KEH is great for used gear. Just picked up another Nikon F4 for the daughter and it's perfect in every way.
  2. @kippy you paid the admission fee. 😂😂😂 Keep us posted on the Mc gear. Sweet to have but... lol Gotta sound amazing.
  3. Good catch @Marvel thanks! See what no coffee is doing to me? lol
  4. I've seen enough snakes in my lifetime. TYVM though.
  5. @sputnik Some great shots right there! Thanks!
  6. All quiet in Duckburg. Low 70's today and turning up the heat to the mid's this week. Just about time to kick back and see how the neighbors enjoy a lil Miles Davis hittin the high notes. Thought about a trip to Cbus today for the spring football game but blah. Fox covered it nationwide, which was the first time ever. 80k in the place, studs all over the field, coaching changes, formers coming back to strut their gold and diamands from the NFL and a couple Super Bowl rings? Don't need me w/my pom poms. 😂 Yea, the games a changin for sure. We'll see what shakes out after the Spring version of the NIL, which opens on the 16th and closes on the 30th. People seem to be over-looking that one lil thing that can change the face of a team. They're not showin 'em anything anyway. Just a scrimmage w/bands and fans. I will go on record with this. You think Marvin Harrison was a great wide receiver? Jerimaih Smith IS the REAL DEAL. This freshman is making unreal catches already and hasn't even hit the weight room. He's gonna be truly amazing IF he can stay healthy. Bloodwork Monday morning. I'm taking my mug and won't leave that place when the vamps are done til it's FULL! Yea, think I'm addicted. Carry on!
  7. Think I said that one night at a Grateful Dead show... My memory is still a bit fogged... 😂
  8. Ya got the partial right! lol
  9. @Tarheel didn't Code move relatively close? Might have been a late nite comment so dunno. Someone did though didn't they? Lunch? Doc pulled me off coffee sooooo I'll attribute any errors to that. lol No coffee, soda, nada just water. Having withdrawals here. lol
  10. Wellllllll, I'm kinda partial too...
  11. Ports don't forget the ports! Add 100k to the resale price.
  12. Atta boy. I always knew you had a good heart. Why don't you pick them up for 50 then we can all pony express them up to ya. We'd be ever so gentle. Guys would be linin up to get them up to you. Ya give em a new pair of Jubes to pony up to ya you'd never see 'em again. There's that!
  13. You guys have zero compassion. If they were 50 ya MIGHT be able to turn them around w/some cash in time. As a kid I would have owned them for the 50. On second thought... Well, nm.
  14. Do I detect a lil bit of male bonding going on btwn you two now that you're neighbors? Asking for a friend. 😂💪
  15. I went print to digit once upon a time. That was enough. 28 years of B&W along w/boxes of Kodachrome 64. Yep, know what I'm doing w/those. Today & digital? I'm LUCKY to get it outta the phone and onto a hard drive. I honestly am clueless. I've got stuff on phones laying here. lol My daughter set the phone to upload to Google then when Google Face Groups hit I was lost again. Stressin on how to do it so I asked her. She turned somethoing on the phone on and said there it's done. I'd spent 3 days trying to figure out how to avoid losing all my photos in google. This crap is nuts for old guys! lolol
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