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  1. T-shirts are always a Rush! Didn't you know that already @Abomb? 😂 Duckburg! Blah! That is all.
  2. More sad garbage hittin home once again. Crazy!
  3. Dave1291

    What I Got Today!

    Look great! Have fun and enjoy!
  4. T minus one and counting... Then some young fem throws 'em against the wall, laffs and says, "We just got rid of another one." Wimmen. NO RESPECT! Poor guy! 😂
  5. Maybe about 5 years ago for this flatlander. Had Pirelli's on my Porsche 928 so that was a different story. lol Loved that car. It ate everything up.
  6. What he said... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. @JohnJ you got those ceiling fans up or still lookin at the boxes? Keep it up and we'll be having a pilgrimage of old guys whining puttin 'em up for you. Hey, they can't throw ya outta that place it's yours now! Yea, @Invidiosulus, @sunburnwilly aka Mario and me? We ain't cheap! I'd take a walk back to the lake and find us a houseboat for a cruise. SOMEbody's gotta have one that's not around. You KNOW how I roll already! Good time for sure! 😂
  8. One big happy family. Keep 'em guessin! Mr fog lights! 😂
  9. @Invidiosulus @JohnJ U2 are SICK! Mountains and fog? Driving? Ummm, nope NOT me! Have at it though.
  10. @JohnJ 12$ huh? I see beans & weiners in your future too! Go ahead and blame me. I can take it! You may as well pony up too! 😂😂😂 Wait, let's just blame @KROCK! Yea, that's it!
  11. Throwin this down next for the hood! Saw a note where it says first press but blah! Prolly is, again blah. It's OLD, how bout that? 😂 Saw him @ The old Cleveland Music Hall. Got to spend a bit of time w/him and found out our birthday's were the same day. He never forgot that crap and why would i? 4 songs on one lp? Get outta here! Fantastic show and one I'll never forget. TOTALLY out of da box! 😀 Todd Rundgren's Utopia is the debut album by the American rock band Utopia, released in October 1974 on Bearsville Records. The band was formed in 1973 by musician, songwriter, and producer Todd Rundgren who decided to expand his musical style by moving from pop-oriented rock towards progressive rock. He assembled a six-piece group that featured three keyboardists and toured as a live act. Most of the album was recorded in the studio except "Utopia", the opening track, which was recorded live in concert April 25th, 1974. The album peaked at number 34 on the Billboard 200 and critical reaction towards it was mixed.
  12. @KROCK & @JohnJ and so it begins... Peat and Repeat! You BOTH know what I'm thinking and that I can't type it in here! So there's that! 😂
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