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  1. @DizRotus how bout you guys sharin a lil 💓 Saturday @ Noon? 😂 😂 😂
  2. Welcome to the forum Steve. Looking forward to hearing your impressions and seeing that rig of yours. Have fun!
  3. Stopped at a garage sale and picked up my vac. Woman passed away and I knew the family. Snagged a new Hoover w/the same thing. Connect this tube to that tube then over to this tube. Took a while to figure it out but the daughter said it was only used aa couple times in her mom's apartment. It really was like new and cost me $10. hahaha You're TV? I'm clueless. Sounds like the garden could take a while. lol Pace yourself!
  4. Do your thang brother! Don't care how it happens either just do it! 😂
  5. Might wanna ask this guy. 2007 Crossroads but I was a fan long before that.
  6. Sooooo riddle me this... Alabama moves up to #3 after beating Tenn? Tenn was leading in the first half but lost so Bama moves up? hahahaha OSU wins 54-7 and stays at #5? Me thinks Nick had better start doing more AFLAC commercials. 😂
  7. They're always better the second time around. You're catchin on though! lol Guitar vault? mmmm ok.
  8. Hahahaha 2 more points in addition to learnin. You're gonna be legendary in here! lol
  9. Well, now it's a justified purchase! hahaha
  10. Don't ya just hate it when that happens? I always throw something on and go wow why didn't I pick up on that long ago?
  11. On any given day... OSU HAS TO WIN OUT and get even better than they look right now IF they want to play for the natty. Penn State has always played tough and they'll play tough next weekend I think. Just glad we've got some great backup for Stroud. Day has implemented his big tight end package and now that's starting to show up. He's building a COMPLETE team now on offense. Penn State WILL show up! Game at a time.
  12. Not I said the rubber duck No hurry here.
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