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    Music, listening to and playing. Photography, electronics design, building audio equipment, violin, viola, cello maker including Spanish and classical guitars. Woodworking, musical instrument design. Taking my breaks too which means a good video game.
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    Sony GX47 ES, Sony CDP-C315 CD Player, Sony HX Pro TC-WR87ES Dual Cassette; Fisher Studio Standard CR-W86; Pioneer SX-550; Pro-Ject Debut III Recordmaster Turntable w Ortofon OM10; Klipsch Heresy's and Klipsch R6i blue-tooth headphones. System #2: Dynaco PAS II, Dynaco MK II pair; Thorens TD165 w/ Stanton L737E/Micro Acoustics MA 530MP, and a whole lot more

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  1. Note to self:"Read everything first" Well now that is joyous news then! yeah I see now what I missed. Where is Leroy Gibbs when I need a head smack!?
  2. @Dave1290A very speedy recovery to you
  3. Started a long run of the Grateful Dead, set to run all day long
  4. All my thoughts and prayers John. PM me if ya want to talk. I hope she is recovering with strength.
  5. Oh the parallels, all I can say is yeahhhhhhh Yes, Zeppelin, Early Pink FLoyd (Loverd Syd), Stones, Wishbone Ash and lots of Alice!
  6. But Did you finish building the ARK?? TNX for the pic and that is a lot of BBQ there in your Frontyard
  7. LOL Wonder how tired I am,, that was to post to RTM coffee!!!!!....
  8. Diana sure did put me to sleep there...WOW Time to step it up a teeny bit
  9. No need to keep Alice in a closet, unless you mount a T.T. in there as well. Son of a Preacher Man, heck of a source for material, and timing was perfect! I can taste the gear setup now, 99% moved finally Takes so much to deal with 66 years in one place, plus my stuff as well for the last 10 years. So it is boxes everywhere!!!!!! Now to deal with the stuff, what can go what has to be saved/stored, then I can go get my gear!! and Vinyl not newly acquired
  10. To be fair I will post in Vinyl "IF" I have it on vinyl. whilst moving and having to resort to the PC files versions for now
  11. With pleasure and Count on them!
  12. Additional Prayers from here as well May I ask your brothers first name to put forth to the Minister to include as well?
  13. Ahh I understand now. YES!! Stability I will have to run a few tests to see what I will have to do when I get the gear set up. Current plan is to get the gear by July 1st out of storage. I will be spinning lot's by then so will be appearing here quite a bit more. I like that table block! It should serve you and your table well.
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