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  1. Seems like a good idea to me
  2. Good to hear I've been considering the upgrade for a while and was wanting to hear some reviews. I will say that I am very leased with upgrades I made to my khorns. Enjoy
  3. Nicely done, thats a very good price. I just paid more than that for a pair thats pretty rough with woofers that didn't match, nasty corroded cross overs and blown tweeters. I'd say you did real well!!
  4. I have a signet on my office TT, gyrodeck, I bought it used. It came with a Signet and I was told they were the premium offering from technics if memory serves me right. The one on my table sounds really nice.
  5. Hey Jim, in short yes I am still enjoying them and hearing a noticeable improvement, no question. That said, I hope I get more time with them this weekend. I,ll post a pic of the cross overs. You can all opine.
  6. I think the tweeter is a beyma cp-25 but I might be mistaken.
  7. Welcome! You're in for a treat. Enjoy the ride!!
  8. I moved the cornwalls into another room but I don't think I'll ever let them go, they still have a special place in my ears
  9. I didn't have to make any mods, the Ct-120's had z brackets. I did have to remove the "home plate" of the top hat to install though. The cross brace makes it too tight to simply just swap out the old and new tweeters.
  10. I installed Bob Crites Ct- 120's and A-55-G's into the Khorns and my first impression is that they are a great improvement. Overall, the sound is tighter, more accurate, more detailed without being sterile or cold. I felt that the K-77 and K-55m weren't delivering everything that the khorn's were capable of. To my ears they just sounded a bit veiled and lacked high end detail, shimmer and sparkle. I would say that the mid range also suffered, they weren't producing the "in the room" quality that I expected when I brought the speakers into my room. I've had these speakers for about four months now. Like I said these are initial impressions as I just completed the install about an hour ago. I guess I would say that I am hearing an improvement of 15-25% overall. I realize that is perhaps a bit vague and perhaps to some not impressive of a upgrade. In my opinion the speakers were pretty impressive to start with to get another 15-25% out of them really makes a pretty significant difference. I can't really imagine where I go from here..... time will tell. A big thanks to Opus2K for setting me up, he has been very cool and a real mench. Excuse the redundancy of starting another thread on this topic, feel free to move if inappropriate cheers
  11. Cornwalls are a great speaker! Enjoy.
  12. where are you located Scott?
  13. Yes we need to get a date on the calendar, been too long! Let me know a date that works Jim