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  1. Pick ONE, and ONLY one, Steely Dan LP

    yeah, this is an impossible task for me....
  2. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    Based on the size of the room I'd go CW's. I own CWII's and Forte I's personally I think the the CWII's have a bit more clarity and better imaging over the forte's. They are in separate rooms.... with the models I own I'd say your more aware of the fortes bass but I'd also say that its bit more bloated than the CW's bass. Bare in mind that I replaced the stock woofers in my CW's with eminence kappa 15s which I noticed a improvement immediately. Both are fantastic speakers but again based on your room size I'd say Cornwalls are the way to go.
  3. SET owner in the Chicago area?

    Jim my amp which you've heard on my cornwalls is a SET. Technically speaking its a SEP single ended pentode. It runs EL34's as the power tubes.
  4. 2017 Pilgrimage Pics

    Man I love those BEANS!!
  5. Speaker Sensitivity and Amplifier Power

    Thanks for sharing good read
  6. which tweeter

    Wow, Stunning! Nice work!!
  7. What is this Amp?

    its a conrad johson amp, probably worth a gamble for a couple hundred bucks I'd imagine.
  8. great looking Cornwalls!
  9. Cornwall return

    I am one of the devoted believers of SE tube amplification with the heritage speakers I've owned. Interesting to hear your opinion on the Pass/MC comparison. Makes sense to me. Thanks for your reply, enjoy the cornwalls. Great speakers!
  10. Cornwall return

    Great system! Curious about the differences you heard from the Mc gear and the pass gear? Also why are you selling the tubes? I love them on the CWs.
  11. Am I insane? Heresy Nearfield

    Seems like a good idea to me
  12. Khorn speakers I just bought - Help Needed

    Good to hear I've been considering the upgrade for a while and was wanting to hear some reviews. I will say that I am very leased with upgrades I made to my khorns. Enjoy
  13. Khorn speakers I just bought - Help Needed

    Nicely done, thats a very good price. I just paid more than that for a pair thats pretty rough with woofers that didn't match, nasty corroded cross overs and blown tweeters. I'd say you did real well!!
  14. Question for all you vinyl guys

    I have a signet on my office TT, gyrodeck, I bought it used. It came with a Signet and I was told they were the premium offering from technics if memory serves me right. The one on my table sounds really nice.