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  1. Hi, just got a or of AMT 1’s . Just set them on top of my 402 MEH’s. Set up as 3 way active crossovers. Set the EQ, time aligned them, crossing over at about 2500hz to start. Sound is different than Celestion running as a 2way. Feel like it is smoother tone wise, adds more ambiance, (I suppose due to the rear facing configuration) find I can EQ treble closer to flat without getting “edgy” sounding highs. So far I’m very happy. Will continue to work on finding the best crossover point. Ted
  2. I have very little understanding of electronics, it seems strange that more power alone extended the frequency range. But I believe you that it did. I’ve always been confused by the huge impedance spikes woofers all seem to have at their lowest frequency. What amps are you using? I have PS audio monoblocs. 700w @ 4ohm. 350w @8ohm
  3. @NBPK402 the one thing I noticed is that you are getting bass down to 25hz. I have essentially the same speakers and they nosedive at 35hz. I do have 8ohm woofers wired in parallel (4ohm combined). no idea if that could make a difference. Ted
  4. I’m not being sarcastic, but can we quantify why some tubes are smooth, bright, dark, harsh, have more “air”, etc?
  5. One serious question. Do tubes produce measurable differences. Say a new 6sn7 and a NOS from the 50’s? Ive really never heard if they do, nobody seems to talk about measurable differences.
  6. I believe in the scientific method to understand the universe. That said, we are learning more about subtle forces every year. Understanding the universe is a ongoing process. Also, psychology is very powerful. If someone believes their system sounds better with a 500$, or 5000$, cable, then does it? My wife thinks our Alexa sounds great, I don’t. Who is right?
  7. Is there any merit to the idea that there are still some properties of electrical signals we cannot yet measure?
  8. Was using Blue jeans cable 12ga copper. Went to Deulund 12ga tin plated stranded copper. had BJC interconnects before Cardas Parsec. Wouldn’t even try to persuade anybody, but it helped me.
  9. Recently made some cable changes in my system that took some “edginess” out of my sound. Installed Cardas Parsec interconnects from my Dac to preamp and Deulund 12ga wire for my HF driver in my 2 way k402 MEH. Sound is smoother, but no less transparent. I have been using First Watt F3 prior, but now put my Pass Xa25 back in. The Ax25 was previously a little “edgy”, but with the new cables the sound is clear, and smoother. A great upgrade for me! YMMV
  10. Any report on these? Look like Grant Fidelity. What do you think of them?
  11. Hi, wondering if anyone has tried any high end digital streamers, or DDC’s and noticed a worthwhile difference. I’m using a Bluesound 2i with Terminator 2 Dac. Very noticeable improvement over laptop and previous Orchid Dac. I love so much about horns, but smoothness doesn’t seem like a chief attribute of horns. Trying to increase smoothness without adding a veiled or muddy sound. I rotate between a Pass XA25 and FW F3, with and Aric Audio 6sn7 pre. Just looking for experiences with high end digital front ends. Ted
  12. I just did. Interesting, that’s what I’m asking about. Wondering if flat is the best for all speakers, all rooms?
  13. Hi, wondering if any users of active networks have found any beneficial settings that purposely decorate from flat. I’m still hearing a little edginess and starting to experiment with lowering frequencies that seem abrasive. I feel like the 2k region can get a little edgy, and I’m rolling off the 6k plus a few dB. anybody find any settings that give more smoothness? thanks, Ted
  14. So you turned yours horizontal? Did you get better soundstage? Or just more cohesive sound?
  15. Question about active crossovers. The more understand about frequency related to music, I am wondering how crossover points between compression drivers and paper cone woofers are determined. It seemed the determining factor was the limitation of the drivers. With a compression driver that can go to 300hz and woofers good to 1000hz+, would it be beneficial run the CD down to 300hz ? I will experiment, just wondering if anybody has ideas on the subject? Ted
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