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  1. VDS

    First Watt

    I’m only using f8 for midrange( >400hz) my guess is that the xa25 would have better punch in the bass. But I’ve never compared…0verall the sound is similar in the mids, but id take the F8 (or f3) as the winner, excluding bass.
  2. Yes, how does the passive compare? I’ve had the NBS, it’s very nice. I don’t think a lot of us have experienced a passive preamp.
  3. I love oils want to recommend Aric Audio. He’s a solo builder in MA, great service, great communicator, will work with you to give you options. I have his Motherload 2, 6sn7 based preamp. Recently I had a Benchmark preamp for comparison. I thought the Benchmark would offer more transparency and quieter. Aric’s preamp is, to my ears, just as transparent, just as quiet. I really thought the Benchmark would give more transparency and perhaps a better rendition of violins, but Aric’s is just as transparent. Aric’s is much more dynamic and gives, what I consider, beautiful tube coloration. Check-out his website, he has pics of all insides to see. I found out about him 2 years ago and think he is a high quality resource for tube amps/preamps ted
  4. I’ve thought this also. With the price of newer Klipsch Cornwall, LaScala, Khorns, and Jubes, I’m wondering if many members have moved to higher priced components and found differences? I love spending less, but am interested in experiences where members have moved up in price and found improved sound. I understand diminishing returns, but wondering if people have spent more and got that magic little bit more that made all the difference.
  5. @charbuggie, @jwc, @Chris A. im a little nervous about DRC, as Chris said, “backing the early reflections” into the mix, maybe good DRC can tell the difference by amplitude and delay, IDK. With Xilica I can make adjustments from listening position, but I have no way to differentiate original sound from reflected sound. Sounds like you’re quite impressed by results. For right or wrong, I am interested the idea of staying digital until the DSP Dac at the end right before amps. Currently I have streamer, Dac, preamp, Xilica, amps. Does the Lynx Hilo with Audiolense require a dedicated laptop always plugged into system, unlike Xilica which store settings in unit? Anybody have info on DEQX as comparison to Lynx?
  6. I should say the amt was about 2-3’ from back wall, don’t no how much a diffence this distance matters for the tone of dipole drivers
  7. @Rudy81 I’ve tried my 402MEH 3 way with a single Amt 1 and felt the tone was very different from the 2 way 402, it was tranpearent(?), but not as clear. I know, words don’t describe sound very well. Wondering you impressions of tone?
  8. Tom, I sent @Chris A a request for help. Currently I'm going in circles checking Group Delay, Spectagram, delay and FR, trying to figure out their relationship to phase. Phase so far is kind of a moving target! Ted
  9. I’ve been working on phase but I’m stuck at about 400 degrees. I don’t have access to FIR filters with my Xilica XP. Phase seems so touchy. @Chris A seems to have done it w/o for, but I can’t quite get it yet.
  10. VDS

    How far back?

    A 3.5 ms delay between drivers was very clear to me, I especially heard it in the frequency sweep. Listening critically to the sweep is a major tool for me to judge my EQ in Xilica. For right or wrong
  11. I would agree, using X console I have found 1500-3000hz to be a little harsh. Removing the harshness would be best, but EQing it down a few DB is helpful.
  12. That makes sense. I’m not calling anybody out, it’s just l that language is a poor metaphor for describing sound. I think I’m like you, my ideas is to stay as clean as possible for as long as possible, maybe using the power amp as a tone, or coloration control. My idea is that once you lose information or transparency in the chain, it’s gone forever. Wether this is a good idea in real sound IdK.
  13. That’s my concern. I wish there was a way to describe “clinical” and “musical” with measurements. Maybe there is, I’d like learn to interpret data better.
  14. Hi, I know several m number are using Benchmark gear. I’m interested in their extremely low distortion numbers coupled with their vey “engineer centric” philosophy. My only concern is wether Benchmark may bring out some harshness that Klipsch can have. Any comparisons to Benchmark vs Class A amps and how your sound changed with Benchmark? thanks I know Roy @Chief bonehead is always repeating “low Distortion “ and he obviously know what’s what.
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