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  1. Hi, wondering what you think about your Muzishare? How do the x5 and x7 compare with each other? I’m thinking about purchasing and trying to get some real feedback. I’m using with Cornwalls thanks so much for any observations, Ted
  2. I’m debating these 2, can you describe both a little? I have no way to audio the LM 216, but they seem to be loved by everybody that owns them. I need something to smooth my Cornwalls, they have a little high- mid harshness with my PS Audio, thanks
  3. Hi, I got a set of Cornwall 1’s recently. I’m running them with a PS Audio stellar 300 and a Felix 6922 tube pre. Sound is strong and solid, but a little harsh in the upper end. Replaced tweeters with Crites 120 which helped. Thinking a tube amp might give a little more smoothness. I’m considering Prima Luna, Bob Latino st70, Line magnetic 216, (maybe even Yaqin ms13, and I hear good and bad about Rouge) Any experience with under 2000$ (used or new) amps? Looking for smooth, but detailed. i know this is a pretty open question, but just looking for peoples experience. thanks, Ted
  4. I saw that u tube review of Musishare, it sounds similar in architecture to many others, it has many of same features. Did you buy through amazon? How long have you had it, any problems? How’s the bass? Very Interested , so many similar amps, like everybody I’m trying to buy without a demo, which is a little nerve raking!
  5. Glad to hear, I’m a little nervous about China Hi Fi, I have nothing against China, just thought I read about counterfeit LM, and it does seem like the amount of similar looking products from China that just look rebranded is confusing.
  6. Hi, I know this is a pretty old thread but I’ll see if anyone is still around. I'm comparing Line Magnetic v Primaluna, the one thing that PL seems to have is much more flexibility with tube selection. LM seems locked into 1 style of tube per amp. Is this correct? Also, is counterfeit LM an issue, is China HiFi a viable resource? Both sound great
  7. Hi, I know this is 7 months old, just wondering if amp is still for sale? Thanks, Ted
  8. Got it, I will bypass dac as an experiment, yes. Emotiva BasX150
  9. I’ve always used usb from laptop to Dac, then EQ, pre amp, lastly Emotiva amp. using Spotify premium, can’t remember the specs, not as good as tidal, but good. Wouldn’t using 3.5mm jack on laptop mean using the worst possible dac, the one in the laptop? I could try as a test, but it’s a bad way to connect. it seems like room acoustics, which I do not understand, standing waves, nulls, etc. I definitely change the bass by moving into corner, out from wall, corners give most bass, which is what I consistently read. Anybody think absorbers or diffusers close to speakers help? Can’t imagine that would increase the bass, I think just change the character of it?
  10. That looks like mine. 75 wpc. It sound more solid and tight than my schiit Aegir, which sounds mushy on the CW’s
  11. So perhaps the next question would be REL or SVS ?
  12. One thing I noticed after downloading a dB meter for my phone is that my usual listening levels are 60-70db . Louder than this the bass certainly becomes very prominent. Are others getting good bass at 65db or is this the problem
  13. No, don’t have test equipment
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