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  1. VDS

    BSM 4592

    Chris, you make a strong case! Maybe I’ll pause and seriously look into a 2 way k402 system.I’m not be sarcastic here at all, but you seem to really advocate for 2 way, active biamping as the best solution for high quality horn systems. I will reread you major post on active biamping and give some real thought to it. Thanks
  2. VDS

    BSM 4592

    Chris, thanks for the response and all the info I’ve seen you post. Just to clarify, would the above info be applicable when using the 4592 mid ( non coaxial), crossing over at 500/5500 in a passive 3 way? I’m getting more convinced of active networks all the time, but if I decide to go that route I would need to do complete planning for that approach. Your active crossover “tutorial” on the forum is a great resource, but just want to clarify that I’m talking 3 way here. I’m not deeply experienced in speaker/crossover design yet, so apologies if I’m not understanding you correctly. thanks, ted
  3. VDS

    BSM 4592

    Yah. I was thinking there probably can’t be much of a difference or they would of made them a different product number to really differentiate them from the already popular 4592
  4. Great points from everybody! Maybe it’s not that some recordings sound bad, but just so much less than the really good ones. Demastering sound so interesting, but I feel a large learning curve is involved. (I’m starting the learning curvre to get to active networks first)
  5. VDS

    BSM 4592

    Any idea how the sound compared to “standard” 4592’s?
  6. VDS

    BSM 4592

    The TAD 4002 would certainly be my ultimate choice! I guess like everybody I would have to be able to justify the large expense. You’re not the first person to say they are clearly better than anything they’ve had before! Thanks
  7. Maybe this is the entire quest in Audio?
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if people have ever had problems with there system being TOO transparent? I’m mainly thinking in terms of a system revealing less then great engineering or mastering from track to track. Anybody find themselves gravitating to music they know is well recorded rather than music they may like, but can’t stand the bad recording? High transparency is hearing everything, warts and all. Has anybody addressed this issue when choosing gear? Example, using a less transparent Dac with a very transparent amp/preamp or vice versa? My question is a little muddled but hopefully you get what I’m bringing up. thanks for any perspective on this, Ted
  9. Hi, Wondering if anybody has heard the HE version of the 4592? Jack at Assitance Audio said it has a shorting ring and comments, “To me it sounds cleaner and more refined. To those that prefer the regular version the HE version sounds thinner, with slightly less content. (The HE has the same original signal, just less of the harmonics.) Any general comments on 4592 experiences, comparisons.? Also any comments on Beryllium diaphragm in a 3 way system ( 6000hz cut off) Radian 950/951? thanks for any input.
  10. VDS

    DAC options

    Yeah, ive heard of los of people upgrading caps and resistors in Pagoda and Orchid for better analogue output stage. Sounds temping
  11. VDS

    DAC options

    How’s the base on Pontus, I’ve had Ares2, wondered if the much bigger power supply on Pontus helped base and overall solid sound?
  12. VDS

    DAC options

    You thought the Pagoda was a little better than Metrum? (Onyx, Pavsne?) I’m interested in MHDT, wondered if the tube in a Dac would do much, I have a tube preamp.
  13. Hi, Wondering if anybody here is using a Terminator Dac. Looking for a Dac that will be smooth and hopefully give increased separation of instruments when the complexity of music increases. Currently using Benchmark dac3. Looking at Denafrips , Holo May, Metrum/Sonnet. Thanks for any perspective.
  14. I’ve been thinking about this driver also. I thought the mid, (non coaxial) version was available in 8 or 16 ohm. Have you heard 16 only?
  15. Looking for a DAC upgrade. I currently have Denafrips Ares2. Wondering if anybody has moved from Ares to Venus/ Terminator? How impactful was the difference? Anybody have experience with Holo Audio or MHDT? looking for a Dac that will give greater separation of instruments in complex music. Feel like Mytek or Benchmark would give separation, but may be too “sharp” for horn speakers. pairing with XA 25 Pass Labs thanks for any observations, Ted
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