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  1. So you turned yours horizontal? Did you get better soundstage? Or just more cohesive sound?
  2. Question about active crossovers. The more understand about frequency related to music, I am wondering how crossover points between compression drivers and paper cone woofers are determined. It seemed the determining factor was the limitation of the drivers. With a compression driver that can go to 300hz and woofers good to 1000hz+, would it be beneficial run the CD down to 300hz ? I will experiment, just wondering if anybody has ideas on the subject? Ted
  3. Im interested in the Gaia to go with my Terminator 2. What are “BNC clock cables”? Do most go single I2S cable from Gaia to Dac? I’m confused about the terminology. thanks, Ted
  4. Would the First Watt F8 fall in this category, Current source?
  5. Grant Fidelity? Any report on sound?
  6. VDS

    First Watt

    Yes I would agree I would take the F3 over the Xa25. Think that since the 402 horns increase separation and are so dynamic themselves, maybe the f8 would take away the last remaining “edginess” I have. Nelson talkes about the high dose of 2nd order harmonics in the f8 and the Xa25 being more 3rd order, not sure where F3 lands.
  7. I have ALK on my Cornwalls with 4592 mids. I set the autoformer to -12. Do you crossovers have the adjustable L Pad(?) I set mine to -7 or -9. Setting these 2 adjustments is huge, keep playing with them till you find the right settings for your ears
  8. Any perspective on the SIT 3 sound? I have 402’s with HF powered by F3, wondering about the sound signature of other First Watts. thanks, Ted
  9. VDS

    What I Got Today!

    What were your impressions of the M2? Have you compared to any other FW? I think you just sold it, but can you give an assessment of it. I have an F3 but looking to try more FW amps. thanks, Ted
  10. Remember to use the proper color cable ties!
  11. Has anybody had problems with Rew connecting to UMIK 1? I just got one to replace my Dayton UMM6. After one successful sweep Rew tells me it doesn’t recoconize the mic. I have to restart my computer and then it’s fine for one sweep, then I need to restart again. Any ideas appreciated, Ted
  12. Not everyone agrees (as I’ve been reminded), but, we’re just joking around here, so...
  13. Don’t forget that once you mod them, never refer to them as Klipsch
  14. @Chris A,I’ve been doing this method, with steep drops and rises where drivers meet. Rereading this thread you are advocating shallow drop offs. When you “trim the ends” do you use PEQ to get both drivers to rise and fall slowly, similar to a 6db/oct ? Mine have been very steep, following the natural driver drop off/rise. Ted
  15. I’ll take it....sent you a Email.
  16. Aric make wonderful pieces. I have a Motherload 6sn7 preamp...it’s fantastic. He does great work! Highly recommend! Ted
  17. I know this is a vague question, but any recommendations for 12ax7’s for the VRD? I have Telefunken, Brinmer, and Mullard 12au7’s, but only 1 pair of ax7’s, rca commander? looking for smooth midrange, don’t care about bass, I have separate amp for below 500hz. Ted
  18. Well, not much response... but. I swapped the VRD in and removed my pass XA25... I’m keeping this VRD! I think I prefer it over the Pass. IDK, but I’m going to keep listening, it does so many things well. I can’t see any reason to sell it now. no longer for sale. thanks, Ted
  19. IDAGIO is FLAC 16b 44.1kHz. Primephonic is FLAC 24b 92kHz, but my Bluesound streamer doesn’t support it. Im strictly 2 ch stereo, no home theater. i could plug Blu-ray player into my DAC, MHDT Orchid, (USB, Toslink) or into preamp inputs, (rca) I have a great DAC, so I feel like bypassing the Blu-ray players Dac would yield better results.
  20. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m currently only steaming from IDAGIO, but having difficulty finding some titles, perhaps I need a blue ray player? Any recommendations from anyone for a player? thanks, Ted
  21. Yes, great for getting set up, but not much after that. It’s surprising how little I can find about using X console from people who use it.
  22. Has anybody found a comprehensive source of info on X console? Other than this forum I cant find much.
  23. Can anyone explain the Xilica input channel controls vs the output controls? I don’t understand the reason for setting PEQ on the input side and then again on the output side. Also, what is GEQ at bottom of screen? thanks, Ted
  24. Glad to hear box volume isn’t a real issue. I’m thinking of reorienting my 402’s from vertical to horizontal. I feel as I move around the room the coverage is not consistent. I feel switching to 90degrees horizontal will improve coverage, and allow them to sit deeper in the corners.
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