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  1. I would agree, using X console I have found 1500-3000hz to be a little harsh. Removing the harshness would be best, but EQing it down a few DB is helpful.
  2. That makes sense. I’m not calling anybody out, it’s just l that language is a poor metaphor for describing sound. I think I’m like you, my ideas is to stay as clean as possible for as long as possible, maybe using the power amp as a tone, or coloration control. My idea is that once you lose information or transparency in the chain, it’s gone forever. Wether this is a good idea in real sound IdK.
  3. That’s my concern. I wish there was a way to describe “clinical” and “musical” with measurements. Maybe there is, I’d like learn to interpret data better.
  4. Hi, I know several m number are using Benchmark gear. I’m interested in their extremely low distortion numbers coupled with their vey “engineer centric” philosophy. My only concern is wether Benchmark may bring out some harshness that Klipsch can have. Any comparisons to Benchmark vs Class A amps and how your sound changed with Benchmark? thanks I know Roy @Chief bonehead is always repeating “low Distortion “ and he obviously know what’s what.
  5. Well, yes, designing a frequency response curve with PEQ and designing the crossover slopes and placement is a near endless hole.
  6. I am also playing a lot with the Xilica active networks. I’m thinking the right EQ curve, ( not flat) may be the solution
  7. Thinking of trying Tannoy…
  8. Not really… sound is still kind of 1 dimensional, all strings, not much body.
  9. New cabinets are smaller volume, basically enough to fit horn/ drivers into. Better bracing and 2 layers with green acoustic goo in between. Bass is much more articulate, but just as deep (30-35hz) as old bigger boxes. much better coverage with 90 degree horizontal dispersion. Soundstage is not that good, but I’ve got to work on room acoustics , so we’ll see if I can improve that.
  10. I’m sure more attention to room treatment would help reduce the buildup of certain frequencies, but Xilica gives the option to reduce the frequencies at the source.
  11. Well, I’ve been working with REW / Xilica lately. Measuring on/off axis at 1m, and at listening position. Axis changes in FQ are not significant, due to k402 design no doubt. Listening position, oh boy! I always thought that my system didn’t sound as good as possible, but when I measured listening position I saw a 10 db hump centered at 1000hz, no wonder. When I made that go away, I got a big increase in clarity. Also, I don’t no why, but I had 1 speaker set 1.5ms delayed, correcting this also noticeable increased clarity. Now I want to get the phase cleaned up as @Chris A has recommended, I got rid of preset xo settings, but still have over 1000 degrees of phase. not sure how to proceed. Anyone with simple steps to help phase?
  12. My thinking is that any sound coming through the cabinet is not a sound I want to add to my listening experience.
  13. Constrained layer Damping is something I’m currently adding to my K402 MEH cabinets. Bracing pushed the frequency of resonance up in Hz, but does not diminish amplitude, (as @ChrisA said). My understanding suggest that higher frequency resonance is easier to reduce with a constrained layer. Im adding a layer of 1/2” particle board over my existing 3/4” mdf, with a layer of Green Glue in between.
  14. Hi, I’m using REW extensively in combination with Xilica. I understand the point of 1meter measurements to try to measure speaker only, with minimal room interactions. I’m starting to also take measurements at listen position, which is a very different frequency response. Has anybody found listening position measurements helpful, either for adjusting EQ or understanding room interaction better? thanks, Ted
  15. I’m in the process of building new cabinets for my 402’s, (going from vertical to horizontal). When back in room my plan is to spend time positioning and listening more off access. Positioning is one thing I haven’t explored much.
  16. Ha, I think bad ears and some bad recordings. I do find classical recordings in general are all over the place. I spend a lot of time on Qobuz sampling different recordings!
  17. Hi, Not Klipsch, but I’m sure there’s some with Altec experience. Anybody have any experiences with the Altec, or current Great Plains Audio, 604 Coaixal? I’ve become interested in the idea of building a set of speakers with these drivers and biamping them with active XO’s. Lots of love for these drivers on Altec forum, but looking for comparisons to Klipsch. thanks
  18. similar to @NBPK402 I built 402 MEH’s vertically and have lived with them for 6mo or so. I’m currently building boxes for them to go horizontal. Vertical had several problems in my room. With 8’ ceilings I measured substantial ceiling/floor reflections. Also at 10’ from speakers the directivity can be an issue. You move from on axis to nothing pretty quickly as you walk around. Im currently listening to them without any box, but horizontal, and reflections under 25 ms are much less, (from 1000hz and up). Without boxes the sound is nowhere as full or robust, but I expected that. I do think the mids and highs are improved due to decreased reflections, but it’s confusing because the bass is so radically different without boxes. With tall ceilings and a listening position >15’ the problems I experienced would probably be minimized.
  19. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to get the tone of violins/cellos out of Klipsch? My modified Cornwalls, and MEH 402’s both do so many things so good, even orchestral works, but I cannot get the tone or articulation needed to reproduce solo strings or string quartets. They all have a somewhat metallic sound, and not much of the body of the violin/cello comes through. It’s not bad, but it’s not exceptional. wondering if this is something not suited to horns/compression drivers? I love the sound of both speakers, the dynamics are so important to me, but looking to really hear the sound of the wood in a violin. I have my equipment listed in profile, I don’t think electronics are the problem, but who knows. move heard some people say Klipsch are not for strings, but maybe they’re using a k77 still, (screech!) just wondering if anybody has achieved this. possibly looking at Harbeth, Tannoy, Magnepan as a second pair for listening to string quartets only. Ted.
  20. VDS

    First Watt

    I’ve only had one SET tube amp, but this really has some similar characteristics.
  21. VDS

    First Watt

    Got a F8 hooked up. OMG! I find it both smoother and clearer than my F3 and Xa25. Somehow it is more transparent than the xa25, but smoother. Clearer and more aggressive than the F3, but just as smooth, or smoother. this is better in all categories for my system. Did just what I wanted, smoother, but more clear and transparent at the same time.
  22. VDS

    What I Got Today!

    How’s the Gaia working out? I have a T2, wondering how adding Gaia would change things. Thanks
  23. I’m trying to digest this. Im trying to listen to the lower frequencies and determine if the slight “muddyness” I hear is the drivers, room acoustics, or something else. I have 6” absorbent bass traps in corners behind speakers, that helped.
  24. I seen a lot of comparisons on the forum between Eminence, Crites, and Klipsch woofers, but extremely little on any other brands. Also lots of discussions on how to get lower frequencies, but not so much about articulation, speed or tone. Thanks
  25. Hi, With more experience with active XO controlling my 402 MEH I’m learning more about Frequecy related to musical instruments. The realization that 1/2 the piano, a lot of the cello, all the bass, etc are within my 600 hz woofer cut off, I’m understanding a great deal of “musicality” is coming from this driver, not just the “thump”. So I’m researching if a woofer upgrade would make a difference in articulation and subtlety. Wondering about Acoustic Elegance and if anybody has tried them and if the extra $ gets you better clarity, articulation, separation? Or if any other brands/models have created an improvement for people. currently using Eminence Kappa 15a powered by PS Audio m700 class D amp. thanks for any experience you can share.
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