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  1. Thanks guys, I have put the link to good use.
  2. Anyone know how to contact Dennis to order an amp?
  3. Any news as to what Klipsch will be bringing to the Capital Audiofest 2022? JUBILEE please!
  4. Correction... LF cabinet / enclosure / thingy
  5. Have build plans for the new Jubilee Base enclosure (ported horn) made it into the wild yet?
  6. Thanks all for the input.... I guess I am getting the cart a bit before the cart on the amps but starting to get excited about the Jubilee's. I do think I'll give my trusty Coincident Frankenstein 300B's on the top before making any rash decisions. My current horns are 112dB and the amps are dead quiet, well helped a bit by a Shunyata Denali of which I was a long time power denier that got proven wrong. We can pick this up in the spring when my room is done and I'm ready to go.
  7. So I continue to think on this topic as I'm ramping up to purchase the Jubilee in the spring (room will be finished 14'x24' w/ vaulted ceiling). I currently use the BD design horns & compact base bins driven on the top end by 300B SET and the base bins by 200w Class-D using a miniDSP to match the volumes and work as the xover. I really love my SETs but don't think they would be able to drive the Jubilee combined mid/hi driver at 16-ohm in my new larger space. Given the above, what would those familiar think about matching the Pass XA-30.8 for the top end to a Pass X-250.8 for the base? Class-A for the sweet top end though not SET with Class-AB for the base for a tight bottom end? Or is this all folly and I should just use a pair of matched amps of significant power? Thanks in advance for your insights.
  8. I'm starting to lean toward the Benchmark AHB2 that has the same form factor as the Cyrus. Anyone tried this combo? Also, would be curious what the factory uses to verify the speakers pre shipment.
  9. Thanks PHT. Curious what aspects of the Cyrus make it a good match? Noise floor? Power? Damping factor? Rated 200W into 6ohm seems like quire a lot of power for the Jubile given the efficiency? Anyone tries low power triodes?
  10. What amplifiers are proving to be a good match with the new Jubilee?
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