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  1. No I don't have curtains on bay window..Verical PVC blinds.
  2. The speakers are PSB image 1B . the tweeters are fried and I was going to replace the tweeters. They are 6 ohm speakers. Perhaps if the tweeter sound can interact, I should only replace tweeter on the top speakers and let only the woofer be active on the lower speaker? Would this also increase the Ohm of lower speaker (if I unplug it) and thus less risk to the amplifier?
  3. I have attaches the pic of the room. It is a 30ft long by 15 ft. Looks like the "eyes" is where the speakers are. The straight line "mouth like" is where the couch is. There is a bay window on left side. Receiver is Yamaha Rx-V485. Energy 10 inch sub is between TV stand and left speaker. The music us mostly from Youtube from telus TV box. The TV stand is between the 2 speakers . I have put Covid mask over the tweeter horn and it seems to have helped a bit and of course I have turned down trebble a bit. Thanks
  4. Can you stack 2 bookshelf speakers..one on top of other ..Thus 2 speakers on left side and 2 on right side to get a more filling sound. Each speaker Has tweeter on top of woofer. I play speakers at low volume so hopefully the receiver won't go into protection mode. How best to wire the speakers (in series or parrallel) if it is a good idea. Thanks.
  5. I was hoping for all possible tweaks rather than spending on new speakers.
  6. How do you tame the metalic sound of klipsch speakers.
  7. When listening to music..does low frequency extention matter or only in movies.. Does content in music go down very low? That is.. when listening to music, does it matter much. In direct mode on yamaha, full signal is sent to speakers and none to sub and I like this mode.
  8. PSB seems to give pretty clear vocals. But I noticed a slight difference in tonal characteristics. I am wondering, If I am losing potentially better imaging . I am wondering if changing to a klipsch will make much difference or be worth it...These questions I know will not have clear answers unless someone has tried both these speakers but maybe someone has tried similar speakers. Can you combine "vailed" and "unvailed" or is this a NO..NO.
  9. Is there any way to tell if PSB C8 would be a good centre channel match for klipsch RP5000F mains. Some speakers are "Vailed" and some "unvailed" and I wonder which category PSB C8 belongs to. Can you match "vailed" with "unvailed" or should not be mixed.
  10. It appears to me that Klipsch RP5000Fb has a better low frequency extension compared to other manufacturers that use similar sized drivers. How does Klipsh achieve this? Is it the materials used, crossovers, horn tweeter or something else? Does it really make any difference when listening to music. Thanks.
  11. Thanks you this I find very interesting. GARYRC ,You are a wealth of good information.
  12. What frequencies cause ear fatigue. I thought the tweeter sounds bright/fatiguing so I decreased the trebble. But I found the Highs to sound a bit softer when I increased 16kHz on the EQ. Does this make any sense or is it a placebo effect.
  13. Speakers are often described as bright,forward or laid back. Is the main difference the amount of treble . Can Bright/forward speakers be described as laid back if treble is turned down...or is there more to it (like sound stage etc.)
  14. Darn..One of the speakers was out of phase... Thought I had checked this.
  15. Yes, I think the yamaha setup has something to do with this..The "direct mode" makes a huge difference. When I don't use direct mode, the tweeks helped. I think the big bay glass window next to the left speaker is also not helping. But in general, they are sounding pretty good..I just am just picky..I want to make them sound the best. Putting softer window covering might be good too.
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