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  1. Do you have the correct band???????🙃
  2. 🦃🦃🦃 Happy Turkey Day 🦃🦃🦃
  3. It's the Turntable build I was interested in.
  4. Just remember, it's the 950 he likes....
  5. Nice, what you can buy for your money; https://staples.prod4.maxanet.auction/Public/Auction/AuctionDetails?AuctionId=nO%2bfQuV%2bBDpy1qRq16wbKQ%3d%3d&pageNumber=pf6Q%2bhJtdeleDd9FfYpy9w%3d%3d&pagesize=O5OaPaZE1XrTjGtTQItkaw%3d%3d&filter=ITUHdU2DoqWvw89vAOs0Dw%3d%3d
  6. Good Luck John!
  7. After weeks, I finally dropped the needle;
  8. Looking @ Scales for VTA. I think this should work.
  9. Really? I didn't know ALL the 1200's series, were Direct Drive.🤣
  10. And AndreG. (Dual 601) & amped's (Thorens)
  11. Dirtbag, oh I mean dirtmudd (Thorens 125) & Me (Thorens) 126 & The mighty Dave (Linn). I can comment, being I have the both of 2 worlds...
  12. Wanna bet? Direct drive to Belt drive. The difference can be heard.
  13. None fore me today either. Had to change the Alternator on the Van today.
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