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  1. Can't fool me, that's a waste pipe.
  2. No SH*T, When I go back there, all I do is drink water from the tap.🤪
  3. Nothing like Brooklyn, N.Y water!!!!
  4. Good morning, a cool 76 deg., going to 90. HHH
  5. Don't think there's enough grinds for the both of us.😆
  6. Good Morning! Thinking of taking a ride and surprising Mike (dirtb+g). We will see.....
  7. So the 500's are 8 1/2, whats the length? Thanks /
  8. Hello Skelt, can you please tell me the measurements of the 500 & the 5800 board?
  9. Good Morning All! 48 deg. @ 6am. Projected going to a sunny 70 deg. today. Ah Spring. It might just be snowing @ Mikes place this morning. On my 2nd cup. Loving this quarantine !
  10. Good Mornin Everyone! 55 on the wake up.Going to 70 today. Not a cloud in the sky.😁
  11. Just make sure you replace all the infested wood, & keep the moisture off your house if possable.
  12. To bad this is OUTLAWED; 1 oz per 50 gal of water.
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