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  1. I have , & also U S Audio mart.👍
  2. Tonight's closing Ballard's; Magic Bus Live.
  3. In this episode of "where'd that riff come from?," we learn that Led Zeppelin were equal opportunity "borrowers," taking not only from the elder blues artists, but from their contemporaries as well. There's no denying that the gentle acoustic guitar riff in 'Taurus' is owed something from 'Stairway To Heaven.' It's no small coincidence then that Led Zep served as opening band for Spirit on the band's 1969 US tour or that Zep used to include a version of Spirit's 'Fresh Garbage' in their early live sets.
  4. I'm sorry, who's Spirit?
  5. I live in Springsteen territory now. Sad😁
  6. Sorry John, just can't take his voice. great song writer though.
  7. Just relax, you'll feel better before you know it. Try to deal with the service as best you can. Get well soon, we need you here. I'm running out of albums.
  8. Welcome home!
  9. Curtis was a crazy cat, man.......
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