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  1. Awaken, is some of their finest work!
  2. It's coming..:
  3. I just had to:
  4. I use The vinyl vac attachment after I ultra sonic my LP's. Will out perform any such black box out there. The best thing is; My kids think I'm nuts.ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ
  5. @Dave1291 send it ova & anything else, you'd think I like.....😁
  6. Hey Mike, when wassa you-a made? Ah. when Pikes peak was a pimple!ðŸĪĢ
  7. R.I.P Alan
  8. LMFAO, not true. I also have my AT 150mlx on my 1200. 👌
  9. If it doesn't work for you, you can always sent it here.😁
  10. You mean, 3009, not 309. Sorry for the correction.
  11. I would have taken (them) if it was a pair, & thanks for that lil bit o history.
  12. What's inside the bag. LP's?
  13. AHHHH, don't go away mad. Just go away.....
  14. Mike calls me every once in awhile, so I can spin for him VIA phone. I just wish I had as many LP's as He does (14 Dauzen) he say's he has....ðŸĪĢ
  15. NOT from ME!!!!!! But let's not go there.
  16. Dave, were you having an outer body experience? 😉
  17. Thanks Dave, better the the original recordings.
  18. Ordered Sat. should be here by tomorrow. Dave, hows the recording quality?
  19. MicroMara, excellent read. Buying into another MC is for the best of my SME 309/9.5gm & the Cadenza/10.7gr.. I felt it was a good match. Now moving iron, being Sound Smith or Grado nothing really came up to positive with my 309. I felt with my speakers & my system I needed to mellow things out a lil. After The 50hr mark I should know if the Black would be a keeper. Already the music I know,& what to listen for, I hear with my 311 horns. The base is now more there (defined) with the Black, & the mid base has already improved over the Hana. The Hana is no slouch & plays bad recording better then the Black. Now mind you, I switched the arms Between my tables, maybe in the future the 1210 arm on my 1200 would be a better match for a moving iron. I have AT 150 mlx on there now & it sings (fine match). Now if anyone says that LaScalas have no base, send them here!
  20. Anyway. I purchased a Cadenza Black w/15hrs. on it last weekend. Since then I put another 20 hrs. on it. Hate going thru these changes, but I'm sure the pain will pay off, hopefully in about 15 more hrs.. From what a read, some say 50hrs. & some said 80 to 100 hrs.. 'CHEESE N RICE' My Hana ML just came to life after 200hrs. I hope the Black doesn't take that long. Hope the Hamster can hold out that long. 😁
  21. He calls me & listens to my system.ðŸĪŠ
  22. If you only knew what Mike is talking about, you would shit.😁
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