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  1. T-Mobile may have some internet relief for some without hard wire runs. Am sure there is small print, but headlines are enticing. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/04/t-mobile-5g-home-internet-60-a-month-100mbps-speeds-and-no-data-cap/ Tried to find a thread to put this in, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Not sure, but seems less hardware than Starlink.
  2. Would still like to see an internal DAC called out in the specs for the speakers. The USB and optical may just be used for accepting 2 channel PCM, meaning the conversion is done at the player (computer / TV). If this is in fact the case, the OP would need a DAC between the Digione and the speakers.
  3. Looking through the manual I see no reference to DAC capability included in the speakers. Looks like you will need a DAC. The Digione is a transport only. The signal needs to be converted prior to the speakers. A DAC will most likely have RCA out, so use the RCA input on the speakers and switch them to "line". My $0.02 worth.
  4. I have been running a pair of AW650s for a good ten years now. I initially used an old yamaha ca800 I had until it went feet up. Since then, I have just used chip amps. First a Hlly and then a couple of the Dayton amps from Parts Express. I think the one I have now is the 100, (maybe 80). I don't know for sure. I have it tucked away with a raspberry pi in a headless setup that powers/feed the speakers. It gets plenty loud as I have a postage stamp patio in a row house in DC. Never touch the potential of the speakers.
  5. Thanks, Joe. I have not run into this before. But, as you, sent him my phone number if he would like to call or text. Will see how it plays out.
  6. Good day, Travesty -- went ahead and sent a PM to see if it would take. If not, let me know here how to reach you. (anybody know if there a restriction on PM until a certain number of posts?) Thanks, Kevin.
  7. Thanks. I ordered one a couple of days ago for re-doing my headphone setup. Trying to envision how many power slots I need.
  8. A late addition to this thread, but am looking in to one of these for a smaller system. Scott -- I am curious which method you are using to power the Modius. USB only, (for both source and power) or do you use a different input with the wall wart? Thanks.
  9. I bought a balanced cable for my Senn HD600 from this guy -- https://www.audiophileninja.com/ For the price I am happy.
  10. the raspberry is stock (?) The case came with heat sinks and fan. No HAT or other additions. I have loaded a lot of different OS on it. Ubuntu Mate, Volumino, MoOde, and back to raspbian. With raspbian you can add xrdp to remote into it, and Raspotify to use it as an endpoint for Spotify. That is what I was doing. Main system computer running Spotify account directed to this which fed a DAC and headphone amp at my desk.
  11. I have an assortment of things that I pulled together over the holidays. Nothing major, but small items that someone may find some value or a particular use. Amazing what you find when you go through all your drawers and shelves. Nothing for you main system, but maybe a secondary use. I have, or can take other photos in needed- ran over limit. Glow Audio DAC 1.3 Used it once to check it out. Original packaging and cables. $25 High Resolution Technologies (HRT) Music Streamer II+ $25 Original box. Used it for my raspberry headphone system. Bravo Audio V2 headphone amp $25 Class A tube headphone amplifier. Two tubes included. I swapped out a JJ ECC82 for the original 12AU7. OPPO DV 980H $75 A couple of individuals in queue here, working through it --thanks All original packaging and accessories. (remote, manual, power cord, bag) It does have scratch on the top. I can’t remember if it came with an HDMI cable, but let me know if you want one and I will throw it in. Other odds and ends, let me know if you are interested. Two Ubiquiti UAP AC-Pro access points. These things provide rock solid wireless availability. 802.11 AC and POE. Power injector, mounting ring, original packaging. $65 each. Raspberry Pi 3B v1.2 64 Gb micro SD card. Nice acrylic Smraza case with heat sinks and fan. Comes with push button power cord. $40 shipped. Believe I have most of the original component boxes stuffed somewhere if you like. Prices are FOB from 20002. I have original packaging for everything (won't disassembly the Pi) and an extra outside box for everything but the OPPO. Drop a note or message if interested.
  12. I guess the drive-by member had a fleeting interest. I had pulled it out over the New Year's weekend and it sounded really nice. If a regular forum member is really interested, send a PM and I bet we could work something out.
  13. Picture is about 10 years old. Don't have the kg1s anymore, or the Belles. The RB-75s are now my mains, RB-5 are my rears.
  14. Remember playing my sister's Guess Who "Share the Land" and CCR "Cosmo's Factory" on our mom's Magnavox console, but one of the first ones I bought, maybe '72 - '74, was this:
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