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  1. Anyone running the NE corridor down towards DC?
  2. I used a couple boxes of this when I built mine. Paper, cotton, etc. https://www.acoustimac.com/acoustic-insulation-materials/acoustic-insulation/eco-core-acoustic-insulation
  3. oldua -- Thanks for the interest, but to hold to the fine print, not at this time. Curious what site scraped this.
  4. Dude -- Not helping. No ding on that corner. Faceplate is actually in pretty remarkable shape for its age. Bought if from a member located in Syracuse, NY. (2011 I believe) to satisfy all the curiosity.
  5. Dude -- I do remember the member, the work receipt is actually in his name.
  6. I had the house to myself xmas to new years and it gave an opportunity for an extended listen to items I keep on the shelf and don’t use much during the year. I have been waffling on passing these along the past couple of years but never brought myself to do it. I hope I can force someone to take these off my hands and remove my indecision. The H/K is is great shape. Cosmetics are great and sound if wonderful. I had never heard one so bought this just over a year ago and now see the allure. Firm bass and great separation. Was curious about the providence and was able to determine it is this one: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/175970-for-sale%E2%80%A6-harman-kardon-hk930/#comment-2264844 I did not receive the paperwork mentioned in that post from the forum individual I purchased it form as it was not mentioned. The Scott I purchased ten years ago from another forum individual not long after he had a full workup done by Craig Ostby. I have the work receipt, biasing instructions and the like. I use it a couple weeks a year, but not enough to warrant keeping it around. Tubes are nothing special but are pretty low hours. Have a couple of extras but no full complement. I really enjoy these but with new neighbors now on both sides I am unable to use the volume I used to with more neighborly neighbors. I also just have too much stuff. The fine print. You will need to stop by and see and listen to them in person. I want you to know what you are getting and have no buyers remorse. I would like to filter out drive by members by asking for 50 post or 6 months of membership. If interested drop a PM and we can exchange phone numbers and take it from there. Am a few blocks east of the capitol building at C and 11th NE. $250 per piece, firm.
  7. One last addendum. Going through my playlists there is a single that Mark did with Sonny Landreth, let's say circa 2005 (after Katrina) call "Blue Tarp Blues". A commentary on the aftermath. It grooves. Unaware of the album (if any, probably something about the hurricane).
  8. Interesting. Yes, they are most impressive. Wife and I saw them at Wolf Trap back in 2014. (geez, that long?) Amazing what they can do. They really have incorporated each others style into a whole extremely well. I believe she came from Flamenco and he had metal roots. I want to say they spent early career in Ireland?
  9. Some old ones I recall enjoying Long Gone Mr Baseball Pastime Talent for the Game American Flyers Unnecessary Roughness You're correct -- Major League IS a classic. Fits with BASEketball
  10. One of his earliest collaborations I can recall was circa 1988. "Notting Hillbillies". Bought the cassette back then.
  11. should do the trick: https://crites-speakers.myshopify.com/products/cd76tim https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html
  12. Is that where some optional feature may have gone? Chimney/flue?
  13. That was half of my HVAC system for this untreated basement room. The panel heater is its complement. I somehow came in possession of it (used) in 1982. Has traveled with me to east, gulf, and west coast and many places in between. Many an apartment, rental house, and BOQ over the years. Served me well, still works, but have placed it in reserve. Two smaller ones now replace it.
  14. I started my first absorption panels in 2014. Over time came back and added some grids on some for reflection / diffusion via a simplified hacking of the RPG BAD panels. I have used 12 of the 2" cotton panels from AcouticMac mentioned above. It has really helped my small room which has a variety of walls : plaster and lather, wallboard on cinder block, and wallboard studded to brick. Still at it, replacing the painted masonite panels with stained plywood for a different look.
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