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  1. Please amend title to indicate all sold. Thanks.
  2. If getting rid of this turns out to be more difficult or involved than planned, this is a route that comes into play. I originally got this particular center to mate with another and use as L/R mains. Always a fallback I guess. It would also match my bookshelf speakers closer (without the black dust cover).
  3. Never put all my trust in a Klipsch box. Intended for bulk pallet shipping. Often, lots of void space allowing for movement, particularly this box. I stiffen the corners and sides with additional cardboard panels and fill in some void. But, this has potential to could come in contact with the woofers. Also, with reduced mass inside may lessen the corner ding potential of a drop. Have personally experienced a sheared horn on a reference speaker shipped with the driver attached. Doesn’t take that much of an impact. Always felt it a good idea to ship drivers separate when possible. That is the way I would want it shipped to me. Overly cautious and more expensive? Sure. But, given your successful sample size of one, I should probably reconsider all this.
  4. Yes, still have this on the shelf. At this point, I have pulled all the drivers. I am looking for a better boxing solution to pack all three drives in a single package. This would result in two boxes for shipping. I have had some inquiries as to shipping, but it has been a bit steep for some. I am hoping by going to two packages vice three (original with cabinet, one for the woofers, and one for the HF driver) I can bring the cost down a bit. Still a work in progress. For those calculating, this would come from 20002.
  5. Fifteen years ago when I still had them, and didn't know any better, I threw a SAE 2600 at them (400w/ch). Quite overkill. Now my most powerful amp is 45w/ch.
  6. I have an extra RC-7. Functionally fine, but has one driver which got touched and does not look great. Grill is 100%, but I suspect that is limited consolation. Original box. On the bottom, you can tell where I cleaned off glue from a lot of door bumper pads that had been used. Not bad, but you could tell. $200. I can ship, but it would cost because I would take the drivers out of the body and send those separate. Would love for you to pick it up in Washington, DC. 20002. I have seen a replacement driver floating around in the garage sale. Drop a note and we can discuss or set up a call.
  7. I purchased this back in June because I needed a few more watts for my bookshelf speakers. Hooked it up the first weekend I had it, sounded great then put it away until the fall. My non-A/C treated basement listening room relegates the tube amp usage roughly late Sep through early May. Since then, situation and discussions at work have led to the expectation I will probably be working from the house at least through next spring. And bets are off that it may even be longer. With that in mind, I am looking to beefing up / improving my desk headphone situation. So, this is on the chopping block to begin the cash generation for headphone set up. I have several photos, front and rear if interested. Let me know and I can send PM or email. Joe had it before me and does a better review than I can. Anyway, $1000 and split shipping in the 48.
  8. Not me. From April. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/190688-klipsch-sw-308/
  9. Refreshed/re-capped in the last five years? The tuner is nice.
  10. I know occasionally someone here is looking for one of these. This is one with DSP. Size may allow shipping. Oh, not affiliated. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/alexandria-parks-puffin-phono-pre-amp/7129815311.html
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