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  1. Ryan -- Thanks for the pictures, sequence. Will be curious if you notice any improvement with the titanium, chick is what I suspect you are putting in.
  2. I would be interested in any process or tips on this, also.
  3. Wouldn't see this being any different than running an ambient led strip off my TV. 36-42 inches of leds with short USB lead.
  4. In SE Arkansas, these were "horse apples" . Many old fence lines had "bo dark" fence posts.
  5. @ThomasD. When I got these a little over ten years ago I had an SAE A201 that I was using. 100 wpc. They sounded real nice with that amp. Not sure I have the power now. I had Belles at the time so the kgs got put on the shelf. The have been there since, getting a week or two every other year.
  6. The heresy(s) are on the way to North Carolina with a forum member. He actually left a cherry RC-7 as a departing gift. What a country.
  7. PM sent. Can the edge veneer be re-glued / re-ironed?
  8. There is currently a good documentary on Netflix, The 24 Hour War. Covers everything well. How Shelby won as driver back in the '50s, to the AC cobra, to the Daytona models he made to run the endurance races. (seebring, daytona, la mans) Finally getting to setup the GT40s. Good viewing. Lots of historical clips.
  9. Claude -- come on down. Will be out of town 4-8 December. Other than that, will be around.
  10. I suspect a 2.5 month bump is not being too obnoxious. Anyway, still looking to move some things. If speakers alone are not catching anyone's interest for purchase or trade, maybe a close to turnkey system. Just add digital files/streaming source. How about the set of heresey, a 5 wpc tube amp, and a DAC? $600 pick up. Have a Glow Audio One and their associated DAC. I got this back when I still had sensitive speakers, and it is real nice. Very low hours. Quiet, firm bass, and smooth highs. I really enjoyed the solid sweet spot it can generate. It is a single ended pentode running EL-84s. I have some general Sovtek in right now. It is ver. 1.3 so it has two inputs. Glad to audition. Boxes for everything. Have an itch to try some different items, plus could stand to send one amp out for preventive maintenance.
  11. Wife came home and mentioned this. Surprising because she is mainly a background music type of person. Who knew? Looks to be not quite ready to ship as there is something about kickstarter. https://phonocut.com/
  12. Angus -- Just don't think I could fit them in. My listening area is a basement room roughly 12' x 14'. The kicker is the ceiling is 7'. Since 2014 I have been "downsizing" to provide a better balance between equipment size and ability to move around the room. Got rid of Belles and moved to RB-75s which fill the room pretty well. Built a console because I had had a hodgepodge of racks and stands. My latest wild hair is to try and see if I can get a pair of RC-7 and have Dean adjust to the networks to use as front mains. Just to see the difference between them and the 75s. I have one RC-7 now as my center.
  13. For those asking about shipping, not sure the cost would be worth it. A quick estimate on FedEx. 26" x 20" x 18" at 50# from 20002 to 90713 is $110. To 32407 is $70 There would be two of these and the kg box would be slightly smaller. In my opinion, kinda defeats the purpose.
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