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  1. Why do I think these are a good deal? https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/ele/d/severna-park-klipsch-tangent-t50/7096850870.html
  2. Not me, of course. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/lanexa-klipsch-cornwalls/7098343052.html
  3. Back in college, Swanson's little chicken pot pies were like 20 or 25 cents apiece.
  4. Looked through the Parasound products, both phono and regular pre-amps. Couldn't identify one with an USB output. A little hint or help, perhaps?
  5. Greg -- I like XP alot also. Got your PM. Send another one with address. Give a couple of days to find large enough envelope.
  6. Before these go to the curb or trash, I have three copies of Windows XP Pro. All have their own key and COA on the box flap I kept for each one. The come with service pack 2 integrated. They are not very much good without service pack 3, so you would need to track a copy of that down. Let me know if you could use one. I can put one in a large envelope.
  7. Russ - Any specifics or possible build thread on the center? The form looks to incorporate nicely.
  8. Ryan -- Thanks for the pictures, sequence. Will be curious if you notice any improvement with the titanium, chick is what I suspect you are putting in.
  9. I would be interested in any process or tips on this, also.
  10. Wouldn't see this being any different than running an ambient led strip off my TV. 36-42 inches of leds with short USB lead.
  11. In SE Arkansas, these were "horse apples" . Many old fence lines had "bo dark" fence posts.
  12. @ThomasD. When I got these a little over ten years ago I had an SAE A201 that I was using. 100 wpc. They sounded real nice with that amp. Not sure I have the power now. I had Belles at the time so the kgs got put on the shelf. The have been there since, getting a week or two every other year.
  13. The heresy(s) are on the way to North Carolina with a forum member. He actually left a cherry RC-7 as a departing gift. What a country.
  14. PM sent. Can the edge veneer be re-glued / re-ironed?
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