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  1. Bought a used Velodyne Mini Vee (8 inch) five or six years ago. It has been plenty for my room (15 x 12 x 7) at my listening volumes. Barely move the volume off of the low peg. (10-15 percent?). It has done what I needed it to do with both Heresy 1 and RB-75s. I like the size for placement. Here is a new recent product from Velodyne. 6.5 inch with passives. It is a bit pricey. https://www.velodyneacousticssubwoofer.com/en/products/microvee-x/
  2. First edition Bifrost Multibit. No upgrades. $325 shipped. I use optical and coax inputs so never bothered upgrading the USB.
  3. Hope this is not viewed as high jacking or thread crapping, but I came to a point here recently that I wanted an interim small system as I devise a plan to deal with some of my other amps. The raspberry I was using with larger components so it stayed in place. It has a Allo Digione feeding a Khadas ToneBoard I just got, which I have been curious about, and an Aiyima A07, which runs off the TPA3255 chip. I put the roku remote for scale. This sounds really good on a set of RB-75s
  4. Images are large. Just ripped a 2 x4 Postage stamp patio, row home in DC. Set them facing back in towards the back wall. Good sound when facing them, good sound coming off the wall to you when sitting under them. Woofers outside, HF inside.
  5. Put these up about thirteen years ago. Had to angle to bracket because the screw handles were too wide to fit up between the rafters/deck joists. But this could work akin to a rail mounting. Use a long piece and you could adjust the spacing. Or, use some "L" metal straps to mount to a horizontal eave and the speaker could hang down.
  6. You are correct, spoke with Steve earlier and he has eyes out in his region.
  7. flatgrass


    @jimjimbo PM
  8. Thought I got lucky in the backyard. $450 Just got off the phone with this guy, sold of course. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/annandale-marantz-2230-amp/7343524750.html
  9. quick PM with Limberpine. Option open for future possibilities.
  10. That IS a nice price. He wasn't really enamored with the concept of shipping. Which is probably good, really looking for a first generation. Thanks for the eyes, Limerpine / Emile
  11. Emile -- yea, I sold my 2230 when I got a 1060. Still have the 1060 (fully refurbed in 2015, every board and more). But, would like to get a 2230 again. I may put an antenna in the attic. Or, on the roof. Have old satellite coax run from the roof dormant. Amazing the prices, 2x-3x what I sold mine for. Funny as you mention, my first true stereo was a CR-420 (around 1974) with the classic Advents, Pioneer PD-12 (II maybe), and an Advent 201 cassette deck. But, still would like to see if an 2230 surfaces the the future.
  12. BroilMaster Heavy duty (cast) aluminum body. Friend gave me one 15 years ago when they were going pellet. Been outside ever since. Body won't rust. When we redid kitchen had them stub out natural gas through the wall. Company sells jet replacements to change from propane to natural gas. Never worry about tanks again. Finally replaced the burner two years ago. Lots of replacement parts.
  13. @HiFi Heaven Thanks. That looks really clean. Reached out, but likely he may think I am scamming.
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