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  1. It is all context and perception. I have been running a pair of AW-650 for ten years. The entire time has been with little T amps. First was a HLLY (20 watts). About five / six years back got a Dayton audio (can't be sure, but the 60 or 80 watt model) This is plenty for me, but I don't treat the neighborhood. I actually run both the 650 on the patio and a set of CDT-5650 in the kitchen ceiling off the same amp. Run the leads to two impedance matching volume controls then on to the two sets of speakers. But, this is a row house in DC. The patio is a postage stamp. Over the years have gone from mini computer, to ITX, and now a raspberry pi. Just remote desktop in from laptop or phone with RDP app and go to it. Browser for Pandora, Clementine to my NAS for stored tunes. The computer and amp are in the basement, up a little chase to the attic, back down to kitchen ceiling and wall to volume controls, then to ceiling for kitchen and straight out for patio.
  2. Am cleaning out old copies of National Geographic, seems a subscription every year or two is a simple xmas present from my sister. Anyway, there was a quick blurb in May 2017 about non-sanctioned music and one way of distribution in the old soviet union early in the cold war years. Pretty unique images. BoneRecords.pdf Can anyone see the scanned article? I get a message that it is not available.
  3. Curious about this. Was it process oriented? Have a 222C also with the test points and adjustment screws above the chassis that Craig put in. (bias balance and bias voltage) I go by his process instructions cheat sheet.
  4. Read this and just wondered if you could set up a small orchestra here. Don't know if Wakeman could do an acoustic Journey to the Center of the Earth. https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/11/cave-acoustics-can-help-sculpt-more-realistic-sounds-in-digital-space/
  5. Before you go buying things, check the attributes of the Line Out, if it has one. Often they have an optical integrated into that. Use a TOSLINK that has a mini connector on that end with a regular optical on the other. I have two computers like this.
  6. It was my understanding that the KV series of centers were the match for Kg speakers.
  7. Sounds good. First approach will be the terminal cup then and see what that entails. Zen -- send a PM if you may be interested in reducing your unused xovers.
  8. I am thinking about having my networks refreshed and before I start out I was wondering if anyone has removed the crossover from a RB-75. I was curious if everything can be done from the terminal cup, or if it is similar to a RF-7 where you need to remove the low frequency driver to facilitate disconnecting leads. Thanks--
  9. I pulled this amplifier out of the shelves over the holidays because I pull it out about once a year just to remember how it sounds. I got this in 2013 when I still had a pair of Belles because I wanted to experience a low power amp. I got rid of the Belles about a year later and really didn't use it much after that. In fact when I had it it was part of a three amplifier rotation so didn't get all that much use even then. It is really a nice sounding amp but now running Reference bookshelves as my mains I like to use my other two amplifiers with more power. So, rather than taking up shelf space and using it once a year I thought I would see if anyone is interested in a trade. Off the top of my head a nice set of headphones or a good class D amp would be considered. I have never heard Grados so something along the lines of 325s would be interesting. Maybe even something like HiFi Man 400s. Don't know much about class D so open for discussion. Have more pictures if you need. It is a GLow Audio Amp One. A 5w/ch EL84 single ended pentode. It has two line level inputs, headphone output, and switches for both. It is a bit funky as the tube sockets have blue LEDs. The volume know has LED lighting also but I always kept that turned off. I will sell but figure it would be easier to get a trade out of it. Let me know if any interest. Thanks. Located in Capitol Hill in DC if any locals want to audition.
  10. Read this earlier this week. Bear with it and it has some very interesting things to ponder about regaining control of personal information through use of block chain. Link Have been slowly trying to work my way out. Mozilla for the past five years. DuckDuckGo for the past couple of years. New email account at Proton.
  11. I know, I know. Cables are cables. But I usually give ARS the benefit of the doubt. For your enjoyment and discussion. Link
  12. Saw this thread the other day and finally got around to taking some pictures. I needed some risers for my Heresy(s), and being a tightwad, just used some plywood I had. Nothing out of the ordinary, threw some black paint on them, stick on gasket seal on the main and rear piece where the speakers touch. Am sure you could dress these up if you wanted to. Could work for you for the time being.
  13. I had a 2230 a few years back. Ran mostly Belle, Heresy, and various RBs. As all above indicate, plenty for any of them. That unit is one you should consider for the long term. I mistakenly got rid of mine, but eventually got ahold of a 1060.
  14. Agree with Wardsweb. Go minimal. I have a couple of older version of these small Foxconn. Add ram and enough SSD to hold an O/S. Get out pretty cheap. One for my main rig, and one for the kitchen and patio speakers. Set up for wake on lan and remote desktop. Wife can start up and control the kitchen/patio from her laptop at her counter station while I run mine from the laptop at my couch in the basement. Both can either pull from the net (Pandora, Spotify) or from the ripped stuff on the NAS.
  15. Stumbled on to this article. A nice read with your coffee. Anybody in the area know of this place?
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