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  1. i haven't ever tried to remove those on a klipsch speaker. on every speaker i've had, i've used a small jewelers screwdriver. they're small enough and the tips are sharp enough that i've been able to easily pry them out. https://www.amazon.com/Precision-Screwdriver-Electronics-Computer-Repair/dp/B07PV5D3VV/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=jewelers+screwdriver+set&qid=1652881478&sr=8-5
  2. that certainly could be true -- i've only used them in non-critical situations. i can say that build quality is great. i typically use the furman pl-8c (particularly for rack mounting situations) because they're basically bulletproof and audioquest niagara 1200 for more critical listening situations. the great thing about the zero surge is the non-sacrificial filter technology, so if you don't need rack mount it seems like a good choice. both the pl-8c and the zero surge 8r15w are about $300 (this item in on sale on the zero surge site).
  3. for a more economical choice, i'd also second the tripp-lite isobar products: https://www.tripplite.com/isobar-8-outlet-surge-protector-12-ft-cord-3840-joules~ISOBAR8ULTRA i'd go with the zero surge if you can, though.
  4. i second zero surge -- great build quality, non-sacrificial, not very expensive: https://zerosurge-com.3dcartstores.com/8R15W_p_15.html
  5. SOLD !! Thank you @Outrider 6! It was a pleasure to meet you in person. Save travels.
  6. and youtube from a cable box is even worse . . . you have to listen to a high quality source and a high quality amp to see how your speakers sound. sounds like you need to switch out each of your components and see which one is the culprit.
  7. @Tanner. -- speakers look like they're in good condition and the drivers appear original (i'm sure some of the forum experts can confirm whether the woofers are original or replacements). the grills are definitely NOT original and certainly the speakers don't look like heresys with them on. needless to say, the pegs aren't original either. i'd guess they were made in the early 80s.
  8. yes! but i actually came down the hi-fi affliction many years ago when i was 10 years old -- the klipsch variant is new! 🙂
  9. I think you've got people confused -- Claude is the innovator who's been researching and reporting on the opportunities for enhancing Heresys through the threads below. Claude, along with many others, love the 3012ho speakers. Above, Claude said "These are the very best woofers to convert 40+ year old Heresys into Super Heresys." I'm selling the speakers because I enjoy learning and experimenting -- Klipsch Heritage speakers are a great platform for that. So things come and go. My specific decision is to reallocate these funds towards some Cornwall Is (when I find the right pair).
  10. sorry, that wouldn't help me much. i need to sell both.
  11. Get these hard to find speakers quickly! Only played 2 hours and are in essentially new condition. Would have returned them to Parts Express, but I did install them so there are a few tiny marks on the gasket next to four screw holes (so I can't return them . . . ). Since they're so new, of course I have all of the original packaging! They're $420/pr from Parts Express (when they're in stock). Price is $350 for the pair. Cash, please. Hoping to find a buyer in New England so can arrange a direct drop-off. Prefer not to ship, but PM me if you want to discuss! FYI -- I'm also jcn3 on Head-Fi and Audiogon if you want to check out my feedback. Thanks!
  12. @thebes - tv-14 is the rating of the film. Looks like it can the rented on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.
  13. ok, after my connection mishap (and subsequent disassembly), i took the opportunity to clean up some poor solder joints on the crossover and reconfirm layout (e.g. make sure the tweeter on 4 and mid-horn on 3 on the t2a) . speakers reassembled and are now official super heresy 2.0! only a few minutes to listen, but the bass seems fabulous. in fact, the whole speaker seems faster and more dynamic. of course, that could be that i'm testing them on a parasound jc-5! the kappalite 3012ho seems a bit more detailed/nuanced than the dayton pa-310s -- having said that, the pa-310s are quite good for half the price (and you don't have to change the crossover). anyway, looking forward to dialing the position in and see what they can do. thanks for the recipe, @ClaudeJ1!
  14. stupid move of the day (actually yesterday) . . . finally received the eminence kappalite 3012ho speakers (to replace the pa-310s). took the crossover apart to fix spacing issues, rebuilt crossover including changing the mid-range capacitor to 4uf, and reassembled everything. hooked up the heresys and . . . it sounded like absolute s**t! i was completely floored and was so disappointed. took everything apart today, including removing and inspecting the crossover . . . turns out i had the new woofers hooked up with the wrong polarity! no wonder it sounded so bad! have to try again when i have a chance to reassemble. 😬
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