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  1. @DLStryker - did you apply the second coat of tung oil and give 24 hrs for each coat to dry as in the directions? The tung oil definitely lasts longer.
  2. Personally, I love the k22 alnico sound - get the Heresys on the floor and up against the wall (as PWK intended) and you'll get some rather good bass.
  3. I'd also consider Watco Tung Oil - it's more of a finish than a cleaner/restorer. It's more expensive but I think it's a great choice. Here are my old 75 Heresys (Walnut) with tung oil.
  4. You only need 0000 steel wool and then oil them. The veneer isn't that thick so the sand paper is too abrasive.
  5. Those are not k-24 woofers, they are k-22 as shown in your picture. As 001 said, the woofers have alnico magnets - they're wonderful sounding woofers. Your speakers are missing their labels from the back, but since the backs and motorboards are not painted black, they're most likely made from birch plywood (someone stained them at some point as they would have left the factory raw). The question is whether they are Decorator models or not. Some better pics of the tops and the front corner edges would help confirm.
  6. What year are the Khorns and what are the other drivers? Maybe some pics?
  7. yep -- there is a big difference in price. feel free to give the rejuvenating oil a go and see what you think. tung oil is more of a "finish" while the rejuvenating oil is more for "restoring".
  8. I've used Watco Tung Oil on Heresys, Chorus, and Cornwalls -- always with outstanding results. Use some 0000 steel wool over the entire cabinet and then clean off. Put on two coats of the Tung Oil. Tung Oil is clear and after two coats will look a bit glossy. If you don't like that, you can get them back to satin with a light rubbing with the steel wool.
  9. there's no doubt the a-s1200/2200/3200 series amplifiers have been a successful match with klipsch speakers for many people. i agree with henry that if you want to step it up a notch, the pass int-25 would be a good choice.
  10. congratulations! beautiful amps! can't wait to hear more of your impressions.
  11. Call Klipsch parts or here: https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k55v-heresey-i-mid-127161-diaphragm/
  12. the second "5" in your serial number is most likely an "S" -- the "S" indicates 1978 (as 001 mentioned)
  13. the k77m tweeter has better specs, i.e. better high frequency extension. for me personally, i think the alnico k-77 with the round magnet sounds better -- there's something about alnico magnets that i like.
  14. amps don't blow speakers -- people blow speakers by turning it up too much. the power rating is the maximum output -- you don't have to use it all (no one does on most amps).
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