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    Rig 2: Simaudio Moon Mind 2 > Chord Qutest > Luxman SQ-N150 > '75 Klipsch Heresys

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  1. this doesn't answer your question, but there's some good general info in the following:
  2. @RickD -- @Shakeydeal is right. You've got a good DAC in the RME, so the integrated does not need digital inputs unless you're selling the RME.
  3. that woofer looks original to me -- there were alnico woofers that had a square back, but with rounded edges -- here is a clearer example. of course, a better pic would help. my '75 heresys had alnico woofer but with a smaller magnet cover like this:
  4. Please post pics so we can help you assess. Have you removed the backs to look at the drivers?
  5. They are lacquered oak speakers built in 1989.
  6. just curious -- how loud are you listening? too many watts will fry a driver, but so will distortion.
  7. here's the latest config -- added luxman pre/amp back in the fall. sorry, no sexy guts shots.
  8. I was gonna say they were made in 1984 but I agree the serial number is faint but looks to be 1985.
  9. @Stel1963 - just to be clear, I experienced poor bass with the Orchestra Black with Cornwall IVs. This was in comparison to a Parasound JC5. No EQ or DSP used. I wanted to love the Orchestra Black - it is simply a gorgeous piece of equipment.
  10. harvery specter's office from the tv series suits: pic 1: klipsch speakers (rp-14m?) pic 2: tube amp (???) and turntable (???) (from earlier seasons) pic 3: tube amp (primaluna) and turntable (vpi) (i haven't seen this season)
  11. no -- you shouldn't be concerned. that small amount will not inhibit the movement of the woofer. go listen and forget about it.
  12. you really did a great job on those speakers -- congrats!
  13. hmmm . . . how well are your windows made? if they're relatively modern rattling seems unlikely.
  14. and they were made in 1985 (first two digits of serial number).
  15. looks like the tweeter is not working -- i doubt the tweeter went bad. my guess is either the tweeter was not reconnected or there is a cold solder joint from the recap. as @wuzzzer said, you'll have to take things apart and dig in. start by removing the passive radiator in the back and taking a look at the crossover.
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