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  1. my '84 heresy e-2 crossovers looked exactly like in your picture. it does appear that the previous owner(s) did a variety of things to try and make the two speakers be "the same."
  2. That cap is across the woofer and is what makes it an E-2 (along with the inductor change). Don't know why the crossover is mismarked.
  3. can you post pics of the speakers? the info you posted isn't enough for someone to help. are these by any chance black and look like they might be in a nightclub?
  4. Thanks so much for that -- very interesting!
  5. as was mentioned, the tweeter in your '75 is almost certainly a replacement to match the tweeter in the other heresy. in '75 they were using the round alnico k-77 tweeter. the midrange and the woofer look original.
  6. the transition from the alnico k-77 (round) to the ceramic k77 (square) happened around 1981. my '75 heresys and '76 cornwalls both have the alnico k-77 (round).
  7. just picked up some '76 (P) cornwalls with these badges, too. my '75 heresys have the pie-shaped badge.
  8. what year are the cornwalls? i've got some experience with cornwall ivs and just got some cornwall is. the load seems to be like a 4 ohm load -- i've had the best luck on those taps. so i'd make sure the SET you're thinking of can handle that.
  9. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful pair of '76 Cornwall 1s -- walnut finish with very few scratches/dings given the age. The insides are absolutely pristine -- look like they've never been opened before. Drives are alnico K-77 (round), K-55-V, and K33-E with a B crossover. Caps are the oil can type. In reading about the B vs B-2, it seems the reason for the change to the B-2 was associated with the change from the K-77 to the K-77-M tweeter. @Deang -- I've seen comments where you prefer the B-2 crossover and recommend going to that whenever possible. Is the B-2 appropriate with the alnico K-77 tweeter?
  10. my '84 heresys have the same badge.
  11. @billybob -- they're asking $1k. these days, not a bad price, but still seems high for oak. @winglet -- i'm certainly mixed on oak -- definitely prefer walnut. i'm sure with some sanding and tung oil the oak would look much better. re the chorus -- i actually sold them which in retrospect was a big mistake.
  12. the owner of the fortes shown in the pics is located in connecticut. says they spent some years in a home, but now provide background music in a training center.
  13. you mean in the bottom left of the speaker on the right? i noticed that.
  14. the seller says that they have been untouched. they're oak (the finish needs some sanding and re-oiling -- no big deal). grilles are in good shape; the passive radiators are in good shape.
  15. There are some Fortes 1s for sale in my area. Walnut finish but the tags are missing from the back. As shown below, the tops on one to seems to be from 3 pieces of veneer, the other 2 pieces. The grain doesn't match either. I'm doubting they were consecutive serial numbers. Outside of this issue and the passive radiator dust caps pushed in, they look pretty good. They're asking $1k which seems a bit steep. Thoughts?
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