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  1. It'll be fine. Connect and enjoy.
  2. chris -- as an example, when i was looking at cw iv, i tried them with a jadis orchestra black. the treble and mids were magic, but the bass was completely anemic. then plugged in a pl evo 400 -- the treble and mids were good, but the bass was much better. my jc-5 took the bass to another level and the treble/mids were as good as the evo 400, just not the magic of the orchestra black treble/mids . . . i'm with you fully that room set-up is key -- i've transformed how my system sounds by better placement, absorbing first reflections and putting in a bit of bass trapping. even inexpensive speakers can sound really good under the proper conditions! ultimately synergy with room and system is required for best sound, room alone won't do it.
  3. i think one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the accompanying electronics. while the heritage speakers (thinking specifically the cw iv) are efficient, the impedance does drop to low enough levels in the bass region that it can strain certain amps. this makes them sound like they don't have any bass. as we know, it's not about how many watts, it's about the ability to provide the amount of peak amps required at a particular moment.
  4. here's how to interpret the serial numbers:
  5. @charbuggie -- if you're using one of the later versions of jriver, you can also access and operate jriver from a web page (jriver calls it "panel") on a tablet or whatever device you like. haven't used it since i haven't used jriver in a while so don't know how it compares to jremote.
  6. @Fido the op's kefs are actually the lsx, not the ls50w ii. those are definitely intended for nearfield/desktop applications -- can't imagine you'd get much oomph from them in that application. @rplace the ls50w ii would be a much better choice. the lsx would definitely need a sub of some sort for what you're trying to do.
  7. looks like the chain is right over the key pieces of info . . .
  8. here's how to read serial numbers:
  9. that's a nice family room that has almost no wall space (hence the concept of "open floor plans") -- outside of the heavy pad mentioned by godataloss -- there's not much you can do. i'd just enjoy it as is.
  10. I also use the Minwax stain markers shown above. I have found that you really can't make the scratch invisible, but you can make it look like it's part of the "patina".
  11. also a big fan of butcherblock acoustics racks -- highly recommended.
  12. Check out a Parasound HINT6 - does exactly what you want.
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