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  1. I like a French cleat due to being able to secure the wall bracket to two studs.
  2. Epson 5040UB vs ???

    I have an AE8000. There is still a joystick present, to get the picture close, then you can use the onboard calibrations.
  3. Try AVS Forum. The sub forum is $3000 and up Projectors and look for the Panasonic AE8000 pages. You will need to state how far back the projector is, the screen type. Does the room have ambient light or is it a bat cave? There is a low power output setting on the projector you may also want to check. It extends bulb life, but affects brightness. If I remember correctly, the bulb life on the projector is about 4000 hrs, so you're leaning toward the end. Using the high power setting may help. If you decide on a new bulb, go with the Panasonic replacement. I've had bad luck with previous projector bulbs from other suppliers. I can't remember how many hours I have on my AE8000, but I'm sure it's not over 2000 hrs. Love the projector.
  4. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    Watched The Great Wall. I can see where the critics who disliked this movie were coming from, but having watched a lot of Singapore Cinema it was pretty much what I expected. The visuals were great as are most in this genre. This is not a movie great in story telling, but it does provide a good entertaining experience IMO.
  5. Rav4 paint chip repair help needed

    It really comes down to how much you value the finish. If $10 seems high, then the alternative by dirtmudd and what I did may seem extreme. I've used Dr. Color Chip brand. My Mercedes had over 200k on it at the time so I had a lot (probably 50-60) of chips. It worked very well on my black paint. What I liked was that you didn't have to be exact with the placement. Just dab it, squeegee it, let sit a few minutes and rub off. Pretty much like the video dirtmudd provided. Blended beautifully. The Dr. CC cost me about $60 for the kit. It ain't cheap, but it did the job.
  6. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    I ordered The Kingsman from Netflix as the promos for the second installment look interesting. The movie has a lot of action, but just wasn't satisfying. Some of the scenes within the "bad guy's" liar reminded me of 70s Bond or Our Man Flint movies. I did like the quote, "This is not that type of movie.". Other than that, meh. As I watched in order to prepare for Kingsman II, I guess I'll watch it once it's out on video. It's not a movie I'll pay theater prices to see.
  7. How do I build an Acoustically Transparent Screen?

    MetropolisLakeOutfitters pretty much covered everything. I recommend going over to AVS Forum and check out the DIY Screens sub forum. Probably the best source for DIY screens info available. If you want to buy commercial screen material and mount it, there is still a lot of info on frame construction. If you want to go more DIY there is a lot of info on stretching and treating other materials. Mississippi Man gives the best advice as far as I'm concerned. He gives good, honest info if you ask for help.
  8. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    Maybe it's my provider, but many streams come up short on the audio. Amazon did give me a refund on Suicide Squad which failed to deliver 5.1. I'll wait for Netflix discs for most movies from now on.
  9. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    Deleted and reposted.
  10. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    Actually felt quite the same. I liked the cast, but the movie in general just came up short. The theme for too many movies these days is the destruction of the world, universe, multiverse. Buyers remorse on this one.
  11. Klipsch Belle Atlanta GA Salvation Army eprey

    Mine are in my HT. Lights are generally out. I'd like to restore, but I'd have to shut the theater down while I did it.
  12. La Scalia's for a Home Theatre?

    LaScalas for HT? Why yes! Space being a factor, I have LR LaScalas and a custom short LaScala as my center. Surrounds are 4 Academys.
  13. Appropriate Volume for HT

    I don't use a meter and I don't want to harm my hearing. I like clean conversations and loud enough during actions sequences appropriate to the on scene. I like action sequences to be at a volume that immerses me into the scene. My speakers have never been pushed to distortion, but imagine that short bursts at 110dB may be as hard as they're pushed. It all comes down to what you're comfortable with.
  14. If you ever owned a British car...

    Owned both a 61 MGA and, I believe a 67, MGB. They had their challenges but I really loved them. Not really practical. Cornering was exceptional and both fun to drive. Very hard to start in the winter and yes I did live on a hill which often served me well. I used to get them tuned regularly and had the exhaust manifold gaskets replaced. The sound with new gaskets was exceptional. I didn't have the electrical problems most have talked about. Biggest issue was the cold weather starts.
  15. Rough LS in SLC

    http://www.ksl.com/?nid=218&ad=42065835&cat=&lpid=&search=klipsch&ad_cid=9 At $1600, I'd say .... nope.