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    An old Bronco that I've owned for 200,000 miles that needs some rust removal.
    Wood working, but not enough of it to make it a job.
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  1. Mine are in my HT. Lights are generally out. I'd like to restore, but I'd have to shut the theater down while I did it.
  2. LaScalas for HT? Why yes! Space being a factor, I have LR LaScalas and a custom short LaScala as my center. Surrounds are 4 Academys.
  3. I don't use a meter and I don't want to harm my hearing. I like clean conversations and loud enough during actions sequences appropriate to the on scene. I like action sequences to be at a volume that immerses me into the scene. My speakers have never been pushed to distortion, but imagine that short bursts at 110dB may be as hard as they're pushed. It all comes down to what you're comfortable with.
  4. Owned both a 61 MGA and, I believe a 67, MGB. They had their challenges but I really loved them. Not really practical. Cornering was exceptional and both fun to drive. Very hard to start in the winter and yes I did live on a hill which often served me well. I used to get them tuned regularly and had the exhaust manifold gaskets replaced. The sound with new gaskets was exceptional. I didn't have the electrical problems most have talked about. Biggest issue was the cold weather starts.
  5. At $1600, I'd say .... nope.
  6. I was curious as to how stones was used as a measure of weight. Pretty accurate, give or take a bag full of gravel.
  7. I tried several Monoprice splitters when I finally decided that I wanted to play 3D BD on my projector. I couldn't get them to work. There were handshaking issues from the receiver to the Sony player I had that prevented splitting the signal. Handshaking only allowed one protocol at a time. I lieu of buying a new receiver, I bought a Panasonic BD player that had dual outputs that accommodate this issue. I know it doesn't solve your problem. I did see other more expensive splitters advertised that I didn't try, but the Panasonic BD player solved my issue at a price point I liked. Do a search on HD Splitters or 2.2 HDMI splitters. It will have to be one that can handshake with multiple HDMI protocols. Good luck.
  8. If 1080p is a monster jump over 1080i, then I'd be truly amazed. Watching F1 and football I'm totally satisfied. I watched the Singapore F1 race under the lights and it was very sharp. I can see individual grass blades on the football field. I really don't see any noticeable difference between a 1080p movie and the HD cable channels. YMMV, but it's all good to me.
  9. Trackball for a laptop since the computer usually is on my....wait for it.... lap.
  10. Sorry to hear twk. When I lived in the downtown area of SLC I had a well. It was artesian from the main aquifer under the valley. I loved the water right out of the well, but any storage period brought out a sulfur smell and occasionally iron stains on the clothes from the washing machine. The second owner after I sold the house added city water. He wasn't much of a do-it-yourselfer which is required to maintain the pumps and filters. Fact is, his lawn looks like sh*t now and his effort at xeriscaping are pitiful. I hate to go by the property any more due to how run down it looks compared to when I owned it. Then again, it ain't my property any more, I just hate that the neighborhood where I still have friends is suffering. Anyway, wells can be a blessing and a curse. Francis, up here in the mountains, now has well trouble that is restricting our water use. We consistently had what was judged as the best water in the state. Now, who knows.
  11. Just dropped to $1000 today. I want to do this deal, just can't swing it right now.
  12. As I said, " It's just the reality of today's technology." If you still want to go component wiring, that would be a choice I wouldn't make, Today most Bluray players are HDMI. Your experience may vary.
  13. This reminded me of the time I helped a friend down the street with a sprinkler valve. It was buried six feet underground and he was hand digging down to get the plumber access to replace the valve. I thought, why do 90% of the work and pay a guy a couple of hundred to replace a $15 part? So he let me help him with the valve. When I loosened and pulled the connection apart I got a pretty good tingle standing in a foot of water and realized I had current running through my body. I calmly asked him to please go and throw the main breaker. The power company came out and fixed the issue. Seems the previous owner, an electrician, had reversed a ground and the power lead at the circuit breaker. Why? Who knows. Maybe it circumvents the meter some how. Kinda shows that even people with a little knowledge can really screw things up. As I only got a tingle and didn't end up in the morgue it's sorta humorous now.
  14. Unless there are other factors, go with the narrow wall. You didn't mention how "good" of movie experience you're after, but I would not go with an amp that I intended to watch movies on without HDMI. It's just the reality of today's technology. Also with a room that size, what is your intended size with a screen? Big sound on a small screen will not be satisfying. I'd look for a closeout on a better 5.1 AVR that you can select to use the center channel when listening to music and many come with a phono input.
  15. The 8000 is active and the amount of 3D offset is adjustable so you can play with how much standout from the screen you want. I have the two set of glasses that came with the projector and 4 more Sony PS sets that I picked up off of Ebay for very little. That gives me a room full worth, but the kids only get up to these parts occasionally. Like I said earlier, it's a novelty for me.