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  1. Don't want texture? Paint your own.
  2. The OP didn't mention picture size. There are a lot of huge TVs coming out right now that would fit the bill up to 80" and be cost competitive with a decent projector. I have a 117" screen and I'm very happy with my projector, but if I was short on wall space I would look closely at one of the new tvs. The other consideration is ambient light, which a large screen tv would be an advantage if you can't do a bat cave.
  3. I pretty much just make sure that my connections are secure. Where I've used banana plugs, I don't hear anything that says that it is far and away a superior connection. I'm not a proponent of high cost wire and I get performance that satisfies me with 12 gauge. I feel your pain on running wire where it is exposed. I make an effort to hide it as much as possible and I'm successful in most cases. If you have carpet, it's pretty easy to tuck it under the edge. Making a detour around a hearth is not a big deal if you have carpet around the edge. If you have solid flooring, get it tight to the edge. Neatness will count with regard to the aesthetics . I had this issue, but this year when we put in a tile floor, I ran flat wire under the tile before it was set. Works great in my den, but I just have quintets in that room. I'm pretty sure there will be a wide variety of opinions on wire and connectors coming down. This is, after all, just my opinion. Good listening. Oh, yeah. Good choice on not mounting the TV above the fireplace. IMO, the worst place.
  4. One of my team mates is 90. Still carries a 160-170 average. Excruciating slow on the approach, no power, but a degree of accuracy.
  5. I earned a couple of Gold Medals at the Huntsman Senior Games and then decided that the games were pretty much a non-event for bowling. Organizers didn't have a clue.
  6. I'm a 200 avg bowler, but as WIllybob says, the conditions of todays game make many of us about 20 to 30 pins a game better than in the day.
  7. Being a "House Shot Hero" I appreciate your feelings on the difference between those who bowl and bowlers. I took 17 years off from bowling and when I cam back in the 2000 era I was very surprised at the "improvements" in equipment and lane conditions. I can say that the 300 ring I have was earned when the conditions were controlled and measured after an award game was thrown. Even with the easier conditions, bowling as a sport is dying. Golf is not innocent either in it's tweaking with balls and clubs to improve scores.
  8. With digital downloading and ripping of DVDs and Blurays, changers have pretty much become obsolete. A quick check on Amazon shows several. They are Sony, Onkyo and Panny, so I'll assume they aren't on par with the Oppo. Not having experienced an Oppo, I don't know how much the experience is improved over the others. I was surprised that there are still 400 disc changers. They are mostly listed used and they are really low in price. For those prices, you could hook both up and have an Oppo for movie night and the changer for party night.
  9. You can buy a Kia that meets your point A to point B needs, but I wouldn't post that on a Porsche site.
  10. Removed the rust from the wheel wells, hood and tailgate of my 206,000 mile 95 Bronco a couple of years ago. Still runs great, but is mostly in it's stall (heated garage) due to the cost of gas and my lengthy commute. I've gone through it and replaced the PSOM, lamp/temp/compass module, rewired the tailgate while I was rebuilding it and replaced the front seat cushion upholstery. It'll never be new again and has some of the common issues for Ford Trucks of that era, but it's a nice ride if I keep it under 70mph.
  11. I've found that Mr. Coffee makers wear out at about a year. Designed to be replaced. Surprisingly, we found a Black and Decker that has lasted going on 3 years. We buy the beans at Costco and grind our own. Can't drink any of the common brands such as Folgers and Maxwell House. Horrible in my opinion. The Keurig's per cup are not cheap, but again Costco can keep the price down a bit. My biggest issue with Keurig is the size of their large selection, but when I'm into a single cup in the late afternoon, it works.
  12. Good bbq does not require sauce.
  13. Not a priority and lack of disposable income. Phones, computers come first. Raising a family that requires time for sports, band and other activities puts sound systems pretty far down list of where funds are spent. I've had a younger audience at my house on occasion and they have appreciated the experience in my theater. Appreciation and the willingness to spend money on good equipment are two different things. Perhaps when they reach an age with more disposable income, they'll think back on how nice it was to experience a nice system.
  14. Also a billybobg and a bobdog. Just get an Avatar that is distinctive to you and we'll be fine.
  15. Not that I know definitively, but I've heard that there is a lot of trolling on RT and due to their lax policy of accepting new reviews then the possibility of trolls bringing down scores is a real issue. There is some credence that SW junkies are looking for some level or story arc that isn't appearing and thus they also pull down the rating. I've seen several movies that I'm not sure that it meets all criteria for a "great" movie, but I'm entertained and for me that's good enough. YMMV.
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