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  1. Speakers have been sold locally. Only the SubMersive remains.
  2. Thanks! Hope you're doing well too. Most likely a 9.4.6 setup consisting of the JBL 708i speakers all around and probably four JBL SSW-2 subwoofers.
  3. UPDATE: Everything sold. First of all, I am located in Dubai, UAE and do not have the original packaging. However, if you are seriously interested, we could probably work something out in terms of packaging and shipping (I'll contact my local Klipsch dealer to help with those if they are able). Other than that, I am the first owner of the speakers and subwoofer. Speakers were bought new in 2002ish and the SubMersive was bought new in 2009. All are in excellent working condition with some slight blemishes. The Vinyl is slightly peeling off the RS-7s at some spots but other than that they are excellent. A few of the pegs on the grills of the RF-7s are broken too. I'll post some more detailed/close-up pictures soon. Also note that one of the woofers on the RC-7 was replaced as it went bad. The new woofer, while original, has a slight color difference compared to the old one. The pictures posted here are before the replacement so they look the same. As for the SubMersive, it is the original 1000 watt model in black oak finish (pictures to come). It has a slight blemish that occurred during shipment. It is not really visible as it is located on the amplifier side and can only be seen if you know it's there. Asking prices: $1,450 for the complete Klipsch set and $1,450 for the SubMersive.
  4. Klipsch overstates the sensitivity of its speakers. For example, the RP-280FA is rated at 98 dB but was measured to be 93 dB. You can read about that here: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/89-speakers/2980840-klipsch-rf-7-iii-speakers-review-3.html#post56552642 The RF-7 III is rated at 100 dB. If we subtract 5 dB from that spec, the continuous SPL with the 250 watt continuous rating is about 119 dB. With the 1000 watt peak rating, we get 125 dB. This is at 1 meter.
  5. I am referring to the rated SPL capabilities from 1 meter (how most speakers are measured/spec'd out). Also, I am talking about one RF-7 III, not the combined output of two or more along with subwoofers.
  6. What is the max continuous SPL and the max peak SPL of the RF-7 III?
  7. What's everyone's opinion on the picture quality of the better projectors vs. the better/best TVs today? Do you feel you give up some level of picture quality by getting a projector for the sake of a larger image vs. a TV? Or do you feel the better projectors can match the picture quality of the best TVs?
  8. Too close? If I am not mistaken, the ports are only used for the low frequencies. If I crossover the RF-7 IIIs at 80 Hz will there be any issue if they are only about 3" from the front wall?
  9. @Youthman, What happened to your two videos comparing the RF-7 III to the RF-7 II with Deang mods?
  10. Or are they only sold at MSRP because they are new? Referring to buying from a Klipsch dealer and not online.
  11. Thanks for the offer but I'm still planning things out at this stage and not really ready to buy anything just yet.
  12. I have a small room that is roughly 12 ft long x 11 ft wide x 9.5 ft high. The front wall will be completely taken up by the front speakers and the large TV (and the AV cabinet under the TV). One side wall has a large glass sliding door that leads to a small balcony and the other side wall has a large built-in closet. I cannot block or put anything along the two side walls. That leaves only the rear wall. I am thinking of putting two subwoofers near the two rear corners with the seating about 3-4 ft in front of the rear wall. Will this give me good bass coverage or am I doomed in this room?
  13. If I have the KI-396-SMA-II for front left and right along with the KI-398-RGL for the center, what Klipsch Pro speakers should I use for the side and back surrounds? For the ceiling speakers (for Atmos/DTS:X) I'm thinking of the KPT-801 as it comes with the C-bracket for mounting to a concrete ceiling. If you were to ask me, I'd probably get the KI-102-SMA-II for the side and back surrounds over the KI-262-SMA-II and KI-272-SMA-II because it has a 90 degree horizontal and vertical coverage. The KI-262-SMA-II and KI-272-SMA-II have a much tighter 40 degree horizontal and 60 degree vertical coverage which might not preferable for surround speakers. Any comments/opinions will be appreciated.
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