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  1. 12” vs 15”

    I started with the Velodyne CT-100, then F1500, then HGS15, then a pair of HGS-15’s. I enjoyed them very much until I Purchased a Klipsch RSW-15 and discovered a single RSW-15 performed as well as a pair of HGs15’s So I sold them and purchased 3 more RSW-15’s lol
  2. 12” vs 15”

    I'll PM you my paypal address. The Klipsch community has been a HUGE help to me over the years as well.
  3. 12” vs 15”

    Man I love helping people spend their money. LOL. Congrats. I don't think you will regret at all going with a 15". I went from a 10" to a 15" and every since then, I have always owned 15" subs. Heard a Velodyne DD12 and wasn't impressed as much as my Velodyne HGS15
  4. 12” vs 15”

    The bigger the sub and the more you have, the less they have to work which yields a cleaner sound.
  5. 12” vs 15”

    My room is 13’ x 19’ and I only have eleven 15’s in my room. LOL. Ok they aren’t all subs but I do have eleven 15’s in the room.
  6. 12” vs 15”

    15” Sub for sure with RF-7’s
  7. My wife's aunt purchased I believe from Dillards many years ago. It came in a large 3' x 3' x 1' box that I use to store the pieces in each year. I'm wanting to say she paid around $100 - $200 for it? Not for sure though.
  8. WTB: IPhone 6

    I thought it was photos (4650) and video (262) but it doesn't appear to be taking up that much space. Guess it's apps. Garage Band is the largest at almost 2GB and I've never used it. Delete....LOL
  9. Sounds like you should be having this conversation with Bob.
  10. WTB: IPhone 6

    I currently have used 26GB out of 256GB of storage on my iPhone 8.
  11. WTB: IPhone 6

    Just an FYI, 16Gb gets filled up pretty quickly
  12. Good center channel match for La Scalas

    Yeah, I could easily see how the Academy would struggle between a pair of LaScalas.
  13. I think you assessment is exactly what I experienced on my end, except I didn't have the supernatural wide imaging from the Forte III. That could be due to placement or room acoustics (which isn't that great in my living room).
  14. Sorry to hear you are sick. Can't do anything about that. The bored part we can help you with. Hope you get to feeling better soon.