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  1. Thanks @Dave1290 and @Westcoastdrums. Life has taken a new turn but it's been exciting. Looking forward to what's ahead.
  2. Thanks K5SS. I bought used gear for many, many years. So much gear, many here referred to them as Youthman Deals. If it's something you want to do, go for it! I has been a blast, I've met soooo many people, had many people over for demos. Even had one guy come over to buy a friend's Klipsch surrounds, ended up demoing my RF7 III and before he left my home, we were on the phone with a Klipsch dealer ordering them. LOL.
  3. Good to see you guys are still around. Legendary members.
  4. Just got to thinking about this great community (in particular the Home Theater thread) and thought I would stop in and say hi as this community has always been a HUGE blessing to me in my home theater journey over the past 13 years. The last 2 years has been quite the whirlwind. I used to be in the Klipsch forums every evening after work, sharing, answering questions, writing articles / reviews of my Klipsch experiences here in the forums and sharing literally thousands of photos of Klipsch photos that I have taken over the years. I began making more videos on Youtube and found it allowed me to use my creativity in a way I could not in written text. I would have never guessed in 2 years the channel would grow from 90 subscribers to currently 39,000 subscribers. I still have a passion for Klipsch and is evident by the fact that out of the 5.6 Million views on my channel, 2.9 Million of those views are from the 71 Klipsch videos I have made over the past 2 years. I do not say that to brag, but to provide some explanation as to the reason for my absence from this community. Each video takes me between 5-8hrs from start to finish. I still have a full-time job, a home business in website development and a family of 6 so my life right now is ridiculously busy. All is well though. I'm still rocking my 1980 LaScala Trio, (4) RS62II and (4) CDT-5800-C-II for Atmos in my theater room and the RF7 III for my 2ch setup in the living room. Hope everyone here is doing well. I'll try to stop by on ocassion when I can. Michael
  5. It should work fine. The RF7 III will have a smoother top end and less bright so it’s not a perfect match sonically. Not sure how obvious panning sound would be across the mismatched LCR. I would think it would be fine.
  6. @WakeJunkie and I have been best friends for the past 17 years. Last weekend we took a family vacation and while I was there, I decided to make a Home Theater Tour of his room. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
  7. That is...if they are available still. Very generous offer of you.
  8. Thx @Blackbird. I don't need them. You are about 6hrs from me but I will be in Panama City on business on July 28, 29 and 30 if anyone in Central or South Florida that would like for me to Pony Express.
  9. I made a career change in jan from a Youth Pastor to a Communications Specialist at a non-profit Christian organization where we serve hungry children, foster children, trafficked children, single moms and hurting families. I do website development, graphic design, page layout, branding, video editing etc for our company along with 4 others on our communications team. Also I have been pouring a ton of hours into my Youtube Channel which has grown from 900 subscribers to over 30,000 in just over a year. My schedule just doesn’t lend enough time to frequent the forum like I used to. I’m also active in a few Klipsch and Home Theater Facebook groups too.
  10. But I am grateful you sold me a center AND delivered it to me from the Carolinas to Florida. 😀
  11. I don’t think you are a moron at all. I love my RF7 III and they are incredible speakers. Nothing wrong with you preferring the original RF7 over the LaScalas. We all have different ears and preferences.
  12. I think that would be a KILLER system. I should be getting some JTR speakers in for review in the next month or so. Looking forward to hearing them for the first time
  13. Hmmmm...mine don't look cheap. I would contact Klipsch support.
  14. Definitely a nice Youthman deal indeed. Hate that you have to sell them.
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