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  1. There were several Demo Rooms outside the expo hall (Danley, QSC, Yamaha etc) and they all had the Pro offerings you are referring to. Klipsch had a booth. Here is a high res photo Klipsch Professional posted
  2. They had one Ki speaker, several pendant speakers, in ceiling, sound bars and landscape speakers. No bit Pro speakers at all
  3. Gotcha. Unfortunately they had a KI speaker on display but I didn't hear them play it. Strangely they only had one of each speaker on display.
  4. Thanks dtel. By pro subs....what are you referring to?
  5. Just finished putting together a highlight video from InfoComm. Danley Demo room was awesome. Wish klipsch had consumer products at their booth but InfoComm is for the Professional market.
  6. Keep in mind the rating on your speaker is Nominal meaning average. My simple understanding is the ohm load fluctuates depending on what frequency is being played through the speakers and possibly other factors. For example, my RF-7's are 8ohm speakers but dip down to around 2ohm. So no worries on mixing 6 and 8ohm speakers.
  7. Youthman tips his hat to you sir. Would absolutely love RB-75's for my office setup but I don't have the room for anything larger than Promedias.
  8. Show em the pick of the desk bro. There is never such a thing as overkill when it comes to Klipsch owners. Best wishes with the sale.
  9. Beat ya to it. LOL I was wondering the same thing. I'll let him explain. They look awesome! You won't believe what he's using as computer speakers. I'm completely jealous.
  10. Oh I totally get that. I'm not as up on heritage prices. I just figured if three sellers are asking over $1000, then $900 seemed like a good deal to me.
  11. $900 is pretty low compared to these three other ads in the same area $1750 - Link $1999 - Link $1095 - Link
  12. Thx Billybob. I really wish I had more time to make videos but between youth ministry, family and my web development business, my time is pretty limited.
  13. Seems like a great price for these - Link
  14. I just noticed I reached a small milestone on Youtube. Not quite a Youtube Celebrity but I thought this was pretty cool nonetheless. Looking back, I WISH I would have thought about making videos all along my Klipsch journey instead of just taking photos as I have owned a TON of Klipsch speakers, I LOVE talking about Klipsch and it would have been incredibly fun to do videos for all of these speakers that I have owned. Oh well...hindsight is 20/20.
  15. Dude, you just had to rub it in didn't you. LOL. I could not believe I got so wrapped up and was so rushed that I failed to locate the Klipsch booth which was the main reason I wanted to go. Unfortunately, they won't have any of the Reference or Heritage speakers for demo as this Expo is geared towards the professional market. Still looking forward to it.