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  1. Very cool. I haven't heard the new R115's yet. They have received great reviews though.
  2. Very nice. I might have missed it but what sub are you using?
  3. Whatcha getting to replace them?
  4. Oh I'm totally down for selling my RSW15's for 4 IB subs...just need someone to come build it
  5. I haven't move forward with it. I was contacted about a guy in Canada that was desperately looking for a pair of RS62ii asking if I would be interested in selling mine. Buyer offered $900 plus shipping. I haven't heard back so I have not pursued the KPT's. They are 2 hours away from me so I have not actually heard them myself. It doesn't seem like they would really be an upgrade to what I have now. I guess I just had the "what if" syndrome creep in lol. I'm totally satisfied with the performance of the RS62ii. Just always open to opportunities to improve my setup, especially when there would be no out of pocket to do so.
  6. Best thing to do is to start a build thread here and / or in the AVS Forum. Lots of guys willing to help you out regarding your Home Theater. Here is a helpful resource I use -
  7. Yeah, to most people, this is what they think of when you say you have a home theater.
  8. Big Screen + Big Sound = BIG Smile!
  9. Congrats! Your room looks fantastic.
  10. Exactly.
  11. My room is 13' x 19' with 10' ceilings. See my signature for what's in my home theater. Heritage Wall up front is an awesome soundstage. I believe every HT and 2ch setup benefits greatly from a quality sub/subs. Multiple subs will help smooth out the bass response throughout the room so that you don't have holes (little to no bass) in areas of your room. For Home Theater, LFE isn't nearly as impactful without a sub, no matter how capable your mains are.
  12. I'm not sure what the current price of the RF-7ii is or what the RF-7iii will be but I don't think you can go wrong with the RF-7ii. They are fantastic speakers. Whatever you decide,it would be great if you could do some A/B comparison between the RP280's and the RF-7ii or RF-7iii when you get them.
  13. I hope you don't mind but I edited your list of equipment to make it easier to read.
  14. Would love to hear the DTS10. Heard great things about it. Looks like the formatting is a bit off (no paragraph breaks). Best wishes with your sale.
  15. That was @WakeJunkie idea to have the screen lift up.