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  1. I would think the quartet would be an upgrade from the Academy.
  2. Only sometimes?
  3. It's happening!
  4. Thanks for the offer Carl but that looks like a pretty high end setup that is well above my budget (I don't even have a budget LOL). I sold the RT-12d.
  5. These are great for streaming music from your iPhone or iPad through your surround. I use one in my home theater. Best wishes with the sale.
  6. Thanks billybob.
  7. Glad to hear you love them. I enjoyed that system for many years myself. Looking forward to your thread.
  8. Yea that "hit" would be massive for me since I only have $363.00 in my pair of RF7 II. So I think it's safe to say I'll be keeping my RF7 II for quite a while.
  9. This might be a sweet deal for someone wanting to add this as a center or even just as back up parts for a pair that you already have.
  10. My son is still rocking his RF-7 with RC-64 II Demo of RF-7 with RC-64ii in bedroom.
  11. I purchased a pair of K77 tweeters and a pair of AA Crossovers from Marcus for wakejunkie's LaScalas. SUPER nice guy. Can't wait for him to share the projects he's been working on with the forum.. They are beautiful!
  12. Not sure....just realize they were not designed for that application.
  13. Gotcha. I've just never seen that done but doesn't mean there is anything wrong with doing it. Pretty slick. Is the speaker aimed at your ears where it is mounted?
  14. Welcome to the forums. Klipsch has a ton of great speakers that will certainly take your system to an entirely new level than what you were used to with the acoustimass system. I have a few questions about your setup... I'm curious why you mounted the center upside down? Typically the best option is to angle the center towards your listening position so in your case, you will likely need to raise the rear of the center so that the tweeter is firing at your ears instead of over your head. I did this with my first setup and it made a HUGE difference in my setup. I'm also curious why you aimed your sub into the corner of your wall. Subs are often placed in corners to provide "corner loading" but I've never heard of someone pointing it into the corner. I remember being placed in the corner in elementary school. Has your sub been a bad boy? Can you post photos of your room and setup? It makes it easier to visualize what you are working with.