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  1. Amps

    Killer amp! And $250 is a no brainer. Go get it!
  2. No need to panic, a single Klipschorn is worth $1000 by itself. Just think of it as getting the clone for free.
  3. RF 83 system

    Definitely the RC-64 center...the surrounds could be the RS-7 with RS-62? See if he can send you a photo of the rear tags of the speakers. That way you will know exactly what he has.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I'm all for negotiating but IMO, when you decided to take bass bins home, at that point, you have agreed to the $1000 asking price. If you try and negotiate after you have part of the product in hand, that could be considered a ransom. Regardless, best wishes on your acquisition and possible sale of them.
  5. RF 83 system

    I owned the RF-83 system for several years and used them in my dedicated theater room. They are fantastic speakers, have a ton of bottom end and can crank to extreme levels without any ear fatiguelike their predecessor, the original RF-7. They have a very smooth, laid back sound. I can't say anything negative about them. I sold the RF-83 for $1000 and the RC-64 for $500 but this was a few years ago. I had an RT-12d, believe I sold it for around $650.
  6. Parasound Halo A52+ Amplifier (Lots of Photos)

    Thanks for the warning. I have Dave Matthews Live at Radio City. Is that 5.1 music or are you referring to something else?
  7. Here's a look at the New Parasound Halo A52+ (180 x 5) Amplifier.
  8. Thank you kindly. I was really impressed at how it sounded.
  9. Pairing RC-64iii with RF-7ii

    That is pretty funny. I actually have considered doing that with my LaScalas instead of angling them downward
  10. Pairing RC-64iii with RF-7ii

    The LaScalas actually would sound better than Khorns in my setup since the horn on the Khorns would be entirely too high and cannot be angled downward like I have done with the LaScalas.
  11. @RLink, it was truly a pleasure to have you over this evening. I have met soooo many incredible guys from this forum over the years. It's pretty cool to think that even though we have never met in person, there is a "brotherhood" of sorts, even before we shake hands for the first time. I hope you enjoyed the demos and your visit.
  12. Pairing RC-64iii with RF-7ii

    I'm definitely not an audiophile either but my spidey senses tell me the R25C isn't going to perform very well in my setup.
  13. Pairing RC-64iii with RF-7ii

    Really? Entirely different crossover, drivers and tweeter and it sounds fantastic? I can't wait to hear your thoughts if you ever jump to the RC-64 II. To each his own. Most important thing is if it sounds good to your ears. I can't imagine enjoying that combination myself. It's not even a matter of which can go louder....
  14. Thanks Bill. I want to continue to improve at anything I do. Thanks Kman. His setup was really cool, especially for a smallish room. It was only my second time hearing Atmos and my first hearing Auro-3D. I literally jumped when the bass kicked in on Dunkirk.