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  1. Let me know. I still need to hook them up sometime to see how they sound lol
  2. No worries. Can you mark above what is sold? Thanks
  3. I would be interested in Norah Jones if it’s not already spoken for. I have never tried SACD.
  4. I don't think Steve thought wanting a house with good corners was rare....being willing to sell your home just so that you can have a home that fit the speakers you just bought is rare indeed. I love Klipsch and Klipschorns. I don't have corners in my living room but I certainly would not sell my home to buy one that did. I think it's awesome that she did though.
  5. Check our this cool story of Jill Escol, Sr. Director of Communications at Klipsch.
  6. Thanks Bill and Carl. I have Dual PB16’s so this one isn’t needed. Was mainly curious to hear how it sounds. Very impressive output for a 12” but I personally have always preferred 15’s 😀
  7. Selling my KW-120 THX Ultra2 sub with matching KA-1000 (500 x 2) amp for $400 + shipping with insurance. This system provides a ton of slam in a small footprint. Unit sounds great and has some cosmetic scratches. One of the back corners of the sub cabinet has a dent in it. The amp has an issue when you turn on the power, the lights come on but often no sound is heard. I usually have to turn it on/off 10 - 15 times before sound is heard. I'm not sure if the power switch is going bad or something internally in the amp. The amp sounds great when it works. Would very much prefer a local sale but am open to shipping.
  8. I meant to say “with the bling bling knobs”. 😀
  9. As dtr20 mentioned, I have my LaScala Trio in my theater which I mostly use for movies. When listening to music, I prefer 2ch instead of using a "surround sound" which utilizes all 11 of my speakers.
  10. Is this for music or movies? If movies, absolutely. Love my LaScala Trio. I prefer not to have a center playing for 2ch
  11. I prefer the RF7 II. The top end is a bit smoother. The original RF7 get a bit harsh at high volume. But both speakers sound awesome.
  12. Oh wow @jjptkd, I never would have known that. Thanks for the head's up. Let's just hope he can repair it.
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