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  1. That seems right in line with what I heard, just a lot more technical. One day I need to learn how to use the UMIK-1 mic I purchased. LOL Thanks for sharing your findings Cory.
  2. Youthman

    Parasound Halo A52+ Amplifier (Lots of Photos)

    Sorry, I forgot to post a link to the video
  3. Youthman

    What I Got Today!

    The B&K 200.7 was my second multi-channel amp. It was fantastic. Only sold it when I upgraded to the Sherbourn 7/2100 (200x7) amp.
  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I'm a bit slow but I've never been an early adopter of any format. It wasn't until recently that I heard a really incredible Atmos System that I began my "Journey to Atmos". I still have a lot to learn but the (4) Klipsch CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling Speakers have been installed. Here is a video of the install
  5. Youthman

    Aragon Amps vs. Emotiva XPA

    It's still going strong several years later! Love this amp.
  6. Youthman

    Finally Upgrading to Dolby Atmos!

    Thanks for the tips guys. $7 too! I like that. I do remember the white liner during the unboxing but honestly, I'm not sure I would have thought to remove that. Dumb question but do I put it back in after it dries or is it just for shipping purposes?
  7. Youthman

    WTB 8 channel multi room amp

    Parasound is out then. It’s $1500
  8. Youthman

    WTB 8 channel multi room amp

    The Parasound ZoneMaster 2350 is an 8ch amp.
  9. Youthman

    Finally Upgrading to Dolby Atmos!

    Thanks Gary. The 5800's have arrived! Just ordered another 100' of speaker wire. Will be installing them next week while @WakeJunkie is visiting. I'm hoping Atmos will be as significant of an upgrade as everyone says it is. I have heard two Atmos theaters and they sound fantastic. I am wondering if I will be ok with my side surrounds and back surrounds mounted where they are as Dolby recommends mounting them close to ear level (which mine are not due to room limitations).
  10. Youthman

    What would you do???

    Congrats on the room! It's looking great and you are putting together a first class home theater. I like the others LOVE the sound of the RB-75's. They are indeed difficult to find. Even if you upgrade to the RF-7's, see if you can find a use for them somewhere else in your home. As far as screen height, typically as long as your eyes are in the lower 1/3 of the screen, you are fine.
  11. Youthman

    keep RF83 for HT or buy rf7ii for HT

    I had the RF-83 for many years and always liked how they sounded. The RF-7 II will have a bit more detail and will be brighter (in a good way). Check with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters to see how much he can get the RF-7 II for. He might be able to save you some money to make it an even easier decision.
  12. Youthman

    Doubling front channels

    I agree, I don't see any benefit at all at doubling up your front speakers. Use them as surrounds, use in a bedroom or 2ch setup or sell them.
  13. Youthman

    RS-62 ll vs KS-525 THX

    They may do perfectly fine, I'm just thinking I've owned the RS-62 II for many years and have never felt I was missing anything. My guess is the THX Ultra 2 are a bit more expensive too.
  14. Youthman

    RS-62 ll vs KS-525 THX

    Typically, the THX Ultra 2 series has a flatter sound so I'm not sure how well it will pair with the brighter Reference Series but I may be wrong. The RS-62 II are perfect for the RF-7 III.
  15. Youthman

    What I Got Today!

    OH YEAH!!! Now that's what I'm talking about! Congrats! That's an incredible find.