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  1. Link - https://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/ele/6353960772.html
  2. Now I wish I could buy another pair for my home office but even though my desk is huge, I don't have the depth to accommodate them.
  3. Yes, I used to own RB-61 but at the time, didn't have a place for them so I sold them. Found them in Tennessee on Craigslist and contacted the seller about shipping. I'm sure a sub would be a nice addition but I'm in a church office so I don't have much opportunity to turn it up. The RB-61 II have a very good amount of bottom end on their own.
  4. Klipsch RB-81's as nearfield?

    No I found an HK3380 locally for $50 and had an old Sony Receiver that was given to me that I sold for $40. They sound REALLY nice together!
  5. Well the RB-61 II came in today and I could not be any more pleased! Absolutely LOVE these speakers. Crystal clear with a solid bottom end. It took awhile to find the right pair but in the end, it was COMPLETELY worth it. I know I made the right decision by going with them.
  6. Klipsch RB-81's as nearfield?

    My RB-61 II arrived today. Could not be more happier for computer speakers being powered by a Harman Kardon receiver. They work awesome as near field monitors in my setup, especially being front ported. Super clear, with a solid bottom end for a bookshelf.
  7. How to Post a YouTube Video to Start at a Specific Time

    This is how I've always done it. Good info.
  8. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Yeah, it was apparent she knew her "area" of hospital but was not informed about the working of the "other side" of the hospital.
  9. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Yup...that was today. LOL. Feeling good right now. About a month ago, I had major pain from 5am on Saturday morning until 5am on Sunday morning. Went to ER because I knew that wasn't normal to have pain for that amount of time. Usually it subsided within 2-3 hours at most. They gave me Toradol and within 5 min, I had zero pain. The ER doctor called my Urologist and he told the ER doctor to have me call him on Monday and we would schedule the procedure. The ER Dr came back to my room and said, "You know we can do that here". Spent the night in hospital only to find out on Monday they didn't have the doctor nor the equipment to perform the procedure. Ended up writing a letter to the President of the Hospital and they waived the $1500 balance for the 1 night stay. I didn't mind paying for the $250 ER visit but admitting me was an error on their part.
  10. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Thx for the advice jwc. I'm feeling good right now. It just comes and goes.
  11. Kidney Stone Free....again

    I bought a 500 count bottle about 4 months ago. It's almost empty. Crazy how much I've taken during for this Kidney Stone.
  12. Kidney Stone Free....again

    I just took 800MG of Ibuprofren.
  13. Kidney Stone Free....again

    I had a really good day yesterday. Today was pretty good up until about 3 o’clock in then I started having considerable pain in my kidney. Even with pain meds and anti-spasm meds I’m starting. I’ve probably had 4 hot baths today. Doesn’t seem to be going away. I called the urologist today to see if I can schedule for the stent to be removed they said they would call me. I’m going to call them again tomorrow morning because I would love to get it out as soon as possible. The stent by far is a whole lot better than the first step and it’s a lot smaller but it’s still painful when you go to the bathroom
  14. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Plus being a pastor, I don't think it would go over well with the church if I had a beer a day.
  15. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Oh, I'm not offended at all. I watched alcohol control members of my family for most of their lives.