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  1. Youthman

    Best speaker for my space

    No matter what speaker you have, it's pretty much impossible to obtain good sound when you aren't somewhat in front of the speaker. Midrange and High Frequencies are very directional whereas bass is omnidirectional. That's why a truck that drives by with a killer sound system, the bass sounds awesome as they drive by but the mids and highs sound like poo even though they might sound amazing where the driver is sitting. I think @dwilawyer offers a good solution with in-ceiling speakers if you are looking to add additional sound in another room.
  2. Youthman


    Welcome to the forums. Building a home theater is a lot of fun. Feel free to check out the links in my signature to maybe get some ideas. my room is 13’ x 19’ with 10’ ceiling. I decided to go with a 150” Acoustic Transparent Screen and feel it’s completely immersive experience. Michael
  3. Youthman

    RSW 15 original sub speaker/driver.

    @Fish, sorry, I wasn't trying to derail your thread, I just wanted to clarify for those that might be considering replacing theirs so they don't buy the wrong speaker.
  4. Youthman

    RSW 15 original sub speaker/driver.

    I removed one of my front passive as the subwoofer wasn't working and wanted to see if maybe a cable had become unhooked inside. Front is definitely passive.
  5. Youthman

    RSW 15 original sub speaker/driver.

    Fish, just for clarification for those that might be interested....the front facing speaker is actually the passive driver (without the magnet). Best wishes with your sale sir.
  6. Youthman

    Pair of 75' Khorns for sale for 1500.00

    Moved it to the Alerts section.
  7. Youthman

    Pair of 75' Khorns for sale for 1500.00

    Hi @Tony T, nothing wrong with you sharing this info...it just belongs in the Alerts Section of the Garage Sale Forum. The Garage Sale is for items that you are selling personally. I'm having trouble moving the thread...maybe another mod is already doing so.
  8. Youthman

    CF-3 in tampa for $250

    Surprised they lasted that long
  9. Youthman

    CF-3 in tampa for $250

    Good deal for someone - https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/ele/d/klipsch-epic-cf-3-floor/6697797964.html
  10. Yes I have the RB61 II in my office and they work very well for my application. Powering them with a Harman Lardon Receiver.
  11. Youthman

    La Scala near Richmond, VA $1,100 asking

    Yes sir, these were quite nasty -
  12. Youthman

    McIntosh Trade Up Program

    Purpose of the ads are to make money for the company so I’m pretty sure the trade ins will make money for the company.
  13. Youthman

    McIntosh Trade Up Program

    Isn't that the marketing of just about every company? Their job is to create ads that make you desire to upgrade from what you have. I don't see anything wrong with that. It's like a Pawn Shop....you can sell it quick for less, or you can spend the time and energy selling it yourself and patiently wait to get more. If I had a McIntosh...I likely would not be trading up either. LOL
  14. Youthman

    McIntosh Trade Up Program

    You may have a very good point there fellas. I've never owned any McIntosh gear so I'm not aware of the value of vintage vs current models.
  15. Youthman

    McIntosh Trade Up Program

    Haha heck no