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  1. It should work fine. The RF7 III will have a smoother top end and less bright so it’s not a perfect match sonically. Not sure how obvious panning sound would be across the mismatched LCR. I would think it would be fine.
  2. @WakeJunkie and I have been best friends for the past 17 years. Last weekend we took a family vacation and while I was there, I decided to make a Home Theater Tour of his room. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
  3. That is...if they are available still. Very generous offer of you.
  4. Thx @Blackbird. I don't need them. You are about 6hrs from me but I will be in Panama City on business on July 28, 29 and 30 if anyone in Central or South Florida that would like for me to Pony Express.
  5. I made a career change in jan from a Youth Pastor to a Communications Specialist at a non-profit Christian organization where we serve hungry children, foster children, trafficked children, single moms and hurting families. I do website development, graphic design, page layout, branding, video editing etc for our company along with 4 others on our communications team. Also I have been pouring a ton of hours into my Youtube Channel which has grown from 900 subscribers to over 30,000 in just over a year. My schedule just doesn’t lend enough time to frequent the forum like I used to. I’m also active in a few Klipsch and Home Theater Facebook groups too.
  6. But I am grateful you sold me a center AND delivered it to me from the Carolinas to Florida. 😀
  7. I don’t think you are a moron at all. I love my RF7 III and they are incredible speakers. Nothing wrong with you preferring the original RF7 over the LaScalas. We all have different ears and preferences.
  8. I think that would be a KILLER system. I should be getting some JTR speakers in for review in the next month or so. Looking forward to hearing them for the first time
  9. Hmmmm...mine don't look cheap. I would contact Klipsch support.
  10. Definitely a nice Youthman deal indeed. Hate that you have to sell them.
  11. Sorry for the delay guys. I probably need to change the email address as I currently have 6440 unread email messages. I literally cannot keep up With them. As soon as an email comes then it gets buried in the pile. just getting home from seeing End Game again. 😀 location is Plant City, Fl ill shoot you both a PM
  12. Still available.
  13. Yeah shipping floor standing soeakers isn’t fun without original packaging
  14. Hi @Bryan, I could ship the RC3. PM me your address and I’ll check out shipping cost
  15. Listing for a friend. Location: Plant City, Fl RF5 - $500 RC3 II - $100
  16. Let me know. I still need to hook them up sometime to see how they sound lol
  17. No worries. Can you mark above what is sold? Thanks
  18. I would be interested in Norah Jones if it’s not already spoken for. I have never tried SACD.
  19. I don't think Steve thought wanting a house with good corners was rare....being willing to sell your home just so that you can have a home that fit the speakers you just bought is rare indeed. I love Klipsch and Klipschorns. I don't have corners in my living room but I certainly would not sell my home to buy one that did. I think it's awesome that she did though.
  20. Check our this cool story of Jill Escol, Sr. Director of Communications at Klipsch.
  21. Thanks Bill and Carl. I have Dual PB16’s so this one isn’t needed. Was mainly curious to hear how it sounds. Very impressive output for a 12” but I personally have always preferred 15’s 😀
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