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  1. I’m going for the kits, I believe he does both.
  2. Thank you dwilawyer and JEM performance for posting, excellent info. I really want to keep the Belle’s close to stock. I have used the Sonic caps in one pair of my Heresy’s but it did brighten them up a bit too much. I will give the JEM kits a try.
  3. seems like a new service, hope someone has used them.
  4. wondering if anyone has used the Klipsch Authorized repair company JEM performance and what Capacitors they use in their recap kits? I was leaning with the Crites Sonic caps but am curious what JEM is using. thanks for any input.
  5. Makes for some good reading, thanks for posting the links.
  6. Thanks for all the recommendations. TheDude, I have read your build for the TH Spuds. I’m leaning in that direction, but plans are hard to find. Mookie, I like your approach, if I go your route I can veneer the subs to try and match the Belle’s, wonder how that would look? DizRotus, I’m on the Alabama Gulf Coast, not a lot of Klipsch owners down here. I’m looking into the Flat packs from DIY, no luck yet. I have some drivers I hope may be useable for a build, not sure what design they would work in. Focal 6.5 woofer Audiom 6MW. scan speak 6.5 woofer 18w/8434g00. a Friend has some Tang Bangs he may let go of if I give him my speakerlab3’s. Im hoping Mrs. Clause brings me a new Trac Saw for the Cabinet builds, my table saw is not the best and my skills make it perform worse.
  7. Looking for recommendations on a good tapped horn build to augment the bottom end of the Belle’s. I have been reading a lot of forums looking for some builds others have tried. I am leaning towards the LittleMike's Anarchy design that I can tuck behind or to the sides of the belle, Would like to see if anyone has built one with a 10” or is the 6 1/2 the better way to go? Any one have a good set of plans they have used personally? My space is 25x30 with flat ceiling, no treatments and am using the short wall. Currently the are 18” off the wall and 3 feet from the corners.I'm running the Belle’s with my pioneer SX 1050, I only use it for music and never above 5-6 on the volume. I have some Huge Kadair EV loaded corner horns for the loud stuff. Also wondering on a good active crossover to run them with, adding subwoofers is a new thing for me. Thanks for any advice and help. Regards. Vince.
  8. Looking to sell some speakers I’m not using. These are some very nice Infinity Monitor IIa’s. (1975). All drivers are original, all function great, the Walsh tweeter has new top foam. The cabinets look good, there are a few areas of missing veneer, I now have some to match to them so that may be handled soon. All 4 grills are present some the rears have some snags from PO cat. Previous owner was a audio guy too and refoamed the woofers and wiped one down with solvent After some glue spilled, it has no effect on the sound. they are too big for my sons apartment so I will accept trade considerations for some Heresy’s, even if they are less than perfect bit function good. Otherwise I would like to get $450 or best offer. im in mobile Alabama but will travel from here to New Orleans, Pensacola or north to Montgomery to meet and demo or deliver them.
  9. Found this on Facebook marketplace, they are still available https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/165626151925775/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  10. Thank you, now I’m oiling them up, they are so dry but looking much better new. One before oil.
  11. We found some good matches on the veneer. Did not want to over sand it to fix the scratch. Looks pretty good and is not noticeable from a few feet.
  12. yes, its the edge banding. I will look into that, did not know it was iron on. did you use Watco rejuvenating oil or Watco clear Danish oil? going to pick some up this week just looking for the best to use. was just speaking to another speaker nut and he has a bunch of walnut veneer bits from many Klipsch, dynaco and other speakers he has redone over the years. he is going to bring me a sample of them to match. hoping to avoid a large repair to such nice speakers. thanks for all the advice. i will post a few pictures of the process and outcome.
  13. Thanks Mookie. Thats a very reasonable approach, no need to shotgun the works. when you have a moment i would like to see your list of upgrades. I'm going to get my cap order in with Bob. I have used Dayton Audio 1% caps with good results in many other recaps and in my Kadair corner horns. anyone give the DA caps a go in Klipsch's? Also thanks to WMcD for the Ad.
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