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    everything is too damm far.....
  2. MY hopes of getting some Klipschorn's have been dashed for now, but I have some loose change for a pair of La Scala or maybe some Cornwall's. They don't need to be perfect, actually i like them ugly and chewed on for a veneer project. I'm willing to drive along the Gulf Coast for a pair of Ugly Betty's. Send me some nasty pictures of what you have. Happy New Year......
  3. The side panels were to protect the fabric from damage and cats,
  4. Price drop to 3K. he is hoping to move them out around the first of the year.
  5. Thanks Billybob, I am going to speak with him today about them.
  6. What would be a reasonable price for these? The owner wants to sell but would like to get a fair price for them. Thanks for your help.
  7. decided to down size some gear, this is a Fisher that I did a full recap on, all can capacitors replaced. Individual Bias Balance Adjustment board installed. this allows you to adjust the Bias for each power tube and to balance the pairs. Soft start was added, Screen resistor mod and a bunch more recommended mods for the 800c. the chassis is very clean, no rust, the walnut cabinet is original and I have the grill not pictured. all the functions are clean and quiet. FM pulls strong. i need to replace the lights. I used LED but its too bright. there is one mark on the faceplate but all the lettering is clean and sharp. Its a great example of the 800c. All the tubes are Fisher, New capacitor cans are from Hayseed Hamfest they are the best. I will be glad to demo this to anyone, looking for a local sale in Mobile Alabama but can meet from Penscacola to New Orleans. Asking $1300 or best offer.
  8. Well, after much Nagging by my wife against the Klipschorns, I am keeping the Belle's. Women? (see my other listing for the Klipschorns, Helping him out)
  9. A good friend is helping an elderly Gentelman liquidate his audio gear. In the collection is a nice pair of 1975 oiled Walnut Klipschorns, I am unable to buy them right now so I want to pass on a good deal to you guys. These are one owner, he purchased them in 1976 and they have been in the same corner since. In the pictures you can see he taped a plywood panel to protect the bottom corners from damage. There is one chip of trim missing in one picture, all the corners are sharp. These could be cleaned, chip repaired In The trim and re-oiled to new. Asking $4000 I can pass on the contact info to anyone who messages me, these are not listed anywhere else. I can send larger pictures to those interested. im not sure how to flip these.
  10. in alot of 70's-80's sansui there as 2SA726/725 Transistors that make odd pops and hissing as they age. I have a list of 20 remove on sight Transistors because of break down issues and noises. this also goes for most vintage audio from that era. clean the switches and Potentiometers first, you have ruled out capacitors.
  11. Thank you, My only reason for selling them is to afford a pair of 1976 Klipschorns in Lacquered Walnut that have come up locally, and needing the space to put them.
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