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  1. Trying to help my son out in restoring a pair of Pioneer HPM-100's he picked up to go with the SX1050 I gave him. Midrange drivers are toast im putting out the call for anyone to check their stash for some. would also like some tweeters, his paper dust caps are torn but useable. Flea Pray is a tough fight to get some at a reasonable price, especially for a pair. I know HPM 900 parts would work also. thanks for any leads.
  2. Same here, schematic would be great to have.
  3. I have trouble paying $1500 for anything.
  4. Nice, looks like Walnut too me. No Affiliation. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5376324082439220?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A7eeea03d-1359-483c-afce-46e907eb902b
  5. All the Goodwills here put the good stuff on their auction site, never any good deals.
  6. if they are marked WO then the banding will be walnut as well, i repaired chips in my banding with scraps from a pair of walnut heresys, perfect match.
  7. sent the cabinets to the dump, i really don't like that they were made of MDF. nothing was going to make them look good.
  8. thanks, I will pick up a few different ones to test out.
  9. i have built new bottoms, removed the front and rear panels to rebrace the cabinet walls, I salvaged the veneer off the bottoms to use a repair pieces for some chips in the cabinets. anyone know what paint Klipsch used on the klf"s? Lacquer or oil based?
  10. . I have been going over the cabinets and seeing what can be done, most of the damage is at the edges. I'm going to take one to our cabinet guy and see what he thinks, maybe new bottoms and fix the edges. he cut all my wood for the Lil Mike subs at a fair price. the front motor board and rear board are undamaged.
  11. Majority of the damage is swelling at the bottom and edges opening up a bit. Inside the cabinets are dry and the joints are solid. The bottom panel has to be replaced. i rechecked the woofer readings with my other multi meter, they are all 5.8 ohms. The mids are 11.8. Tweeters still dead. Sad thing is, down here we have a lot of humidity, storing anything with MDF is a death sentence.
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