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  1. ON my way....................
  2. Anyone know if he still has these? I’m close to Baton Rouge.
  3. Thanks AuralTone, it’s a 14x14 room on the other side of my shop. Good place to run up the stuff I fix and to hid when needed.
  4. Found one, if anyone has another I would be in your debt...
  5. think the BLO would bring out some of the Amber color? I have alot of veneer chips to fix and the guy I got them from smashed the lower rear corners on both so that's being fixed now. at least the cabinets are solid and the drivers are original. I will test the BLO on the bottom and see how that looks. +1 on burning the rags.
  6. Well I spent a little time stripping one cabinet to the raw birch, there is some repairs I was able to do to the veneer that was missing. Now I’m just deciding what to do as far as a finish. There is still some areas with slivers of dark stain in the wood doubt I can sand those out. May just hit them with oil but have given some though to amber shellac. You can see where I was experimenting with getting rid of the stain in the grill, my mother in law gave me a good recipe for a gentle cleaner that works great. Much more to do before they are clean. Any finish Ideas for these? Was hoping to get them close to where they originally were.
  7. the seller says he found out they are worth $2000-$3500 so he backed out. Belongs to his father so who knows.
  8. I have run my Forte 1’s with a lot of receivers and amps. currently my shop pioneer sx1050, original non rebuilt is my favorite. Close second is ( dont laugh ) a minty little Sansui 2000a. It’s warm and tight bottom end, smooth mids and firm perky highs tickle the right spots. Runner up to that is a nice little Sansui G3000. Also tried a kenwood eleven III but that was too heavy on the low end. My Sansui AU717 is in the process of a rebuild so It will be a few months before I finish it and give it a try. Good luck in the hunt.
  9. He is completely excited to get them, He was texting me to jump on them but i was out with the Grandkids and missed the text. (Dam Kids, Lol) I hope it works out. we do alot of trading and speaker talk, He has the Klipsch Bug now.
  10. A good friend of mine in Biloxi is going to pick these up Saturday, The owner says they are cornwalls. If that is true he got a hell of a deal. I will ask for pictures when he gets them.
  11. Went back down to the shop to check, Yup solder lugs. Wonder why the were both replaced by the factory? So as far as the crossovers go, just a straight forward recap or upgrade to B2? Opinions seem to be all over the place on that question. There are a few areas I can take veneer from inside the cabinet from the lower ledge board to repair the outside veneer. Worst case I can reveneer them with some nice white or red figured Birch or something more exotic. Tomorrow will be stripping some small areas on the bottoms to see how much stain I can get out of the veneer. If the came in Raw Birch they should not be that dark I’m assuming. Played them for another 30 min and I am Impressed with the sound quality. I have a set of K55v drivers that are spring loaded connectors, is the sound that much different from the solder lug 55v’s? I was picking up parts to do a few builds and am curious now. now a question on the Cane grills. What’s a good method to clean them? You can see in one picture that the grill material got wet near the top and looks cleaner than the rest. Will this cane shrink or fall apart? There are some frayed areas I’m going to fix. Also the cane where it’s attached to the grill boards at the back is unglued, any ideas of adhesives used to attach the cane? overall I’m pretty satisfied with the deal, traded a receiver I restored for the speakers and a few vintage pioneers that need a little attention. Thanks for all your input and help.
  12. Hi Dave, I believe they are solder lug, I did not grab a picture before I closed them up. Anyone know what the "R" stamp indicates on the mid?
  13. Thank you Billybob, I'm going to spend a few hours time listening to them tomorrow. I have some good caps on hand If I decide to recap them. I am going to mess with the finish on the bottoms tomorrow to see if I can remove some of the stain put on before repairing the veneer chips. Somewhere in my shop is a small collection of Klipsch Birch from old cabinets that were salvaged so maybe I can make some work to improve the looks. also have some Mid driver Gaskets to put in. Also picked up a few old Pioneer receivers in the deal so more stuff to play with.
  14. Ok, Here are some Nudies, insides look like new. I don’t think they have ever been opened and both sides are identical. I may use pieces of the inside veneer to repair the outsides and decide on fixing the finish. Tags say raw birch but they looked stained. Cain grill fabric is coming loose from the mounting board, and there are a few areas to fix. Any good advice on cleaning them. One was attempted at one point.
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