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  1. Because you can, sometimes you shouldn't.
  2. NA https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1934558543386523/?ref=product_details&referral_code=undefined
  3. I’ve had these Roesdales in the sunroom, for a long time they do sound quite good And has a Unique classic look to them. I purchased mine 7 years ago at an estate sale, the woman had 2 pair and a old Dynaco amp. I was able to get these. On tweeter was dead. I need to replace a paper dust cap on one woofer. They show up from time to time mostly from ex-military guys.
  4. priced WAYYY too high, they sound great, very nice Bass out of the 15", the tweeters are the weak spot, mids is mellow.
  5. my Rosedales have sand in the rear panel. they are some great speakers.
  6. I have plenty of Baltic birch. I started to lay out the frames for the grills. I'm trying to decide on fabric. I would like to go with something other than black, any ideas out there? Started the finish work on the first cabinet. I will post some pictures tomorrow of the progress, I had to work on some chips here and there, this veneer is so brittle. But its looking so much better than it did, I guess that's not too hard to accomplish given they were water damaged and knocked around.
  7. thanks for the link, your Belle clones are amazing, top notch work. I envy your skills. I will look into you finish recommendations. My edge trimmer messed up a few of my front edges so I need to fix those tomorrow. Im learning alot about full veneer jobs thats for sure. Not as easy as it looks.
  8. To be honest, this is my first full re veneer job, I have done alot of repairs. this Sapele is brittle to work with it likes to crack really easy. Been having to do alot of edge repairs. Thanks for the comment. second cabinet done, now for the small trim on the fronts and repaint the rear edges. I cut a bunch of bracing so that will go in tomorrow.
  9. Top, Bottom and sides done on one cab, starting on the second today.
  10. Awhile back I was going to part these out due to water damage to the bottoms of the Cabinets. last week I scored some large sheets of Sapele Veneer from a local guy who had a pair of KLF-30's in his shop. Deciding I needed a New project I started repairing the KLF cabinets. New bottoms, removed the loose MDF on the lower parts of the cabs. I used some 2 part wood filler to repair all the chips, edges and corners. heavy sanding with 80 grit and I started gluing the veneer. one thing I will need is to build some grills, if anyone has some pictures of the frames for me to work off. work so far.
  11. I can say the Belle’s do sound better in the low end than the La Scala’s I have tried, my friend brought over his La Scalas for some veneer work, we do paired them and he even thinks the low end is better in the Belle. But again, sound is subjective to the listener.
  12. sent you a PM. thanks
  13. Trying to help my son out in restoring a pair of Pioneer HPM-100's he picked up to go with the SX1050 I gave him. Midrange drivers are toast im putting out the call for anyone to check their stash for some. would also like some tweeters, his paper dust caps are torn but useable. Flea Pray is a tough fight to get some at a reasonable price, especially for a pair. I know HPM 900 parts would work also. thanks for any leads.
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