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  1. Looking to sell these asap, what price will that take? Make me an offer please Thanks!
  2. SSIA ship or pickup 33713 St Petersburg FL 175 obo plus shipping ****2 available***** pictures are of one, but the other is just like it
  3. Located in St Petersburg Florida can ship have boxes Looking to sell 450 for the pair Very Good condition Ready to go Thanks images-2021-03-04T15 32 58.zip
  4. beerguy


    The Funky Biscuit is an outdoor music venue that I have been wanting to go to for years. Samantha Fish is playing there on the 3rd and the 4th I believe so I was wondering if that was why you were headed over there. Otiel Burbridge has been known to show up at shows around there too as he lives there from what I understand.
  5. Not to hijack this thread at all, but figure this is related enough. Any feedback on this piece? I run all digital sources and have always liked NAD's sound. I am looking for more punch on my RF-7's in a similar way as the OP is. NAD C 390DD Stereo Integrated Amplifier
  6. beerguy


    RSW15 is sold to @Sancho Panza
  7. beerguy


    Wasn't planning on it, are you going to the Biscuit?
  8. I moved to St Petersburg Florida from New Hampshire in August. Pandemic aside, the most lovely winter I have ever had. It is starting to hit low 80's right now. Ruined forever, I'll take the heat over the cold.
  9. beerguy


    For pickup in St Petersburg Florida 33713 2 subs for sale in 33713 This older lineup of subs are outstanding, super powerful, and as a result very musical. These are from around 2001. All in good shape and working correctly. I will be keeping the one that does not sell. BLACK RSW-10 250.00 (have box could ship) BLACK RSW-12 400.00 Please email me for pictures, prices are negotiable.
  10. Bill, man you are close by. Let me get it out of the box and test it, then you should own it. Also, surrounds went up on ebay today, but I would rather sell them here. My price is flexible.
  11. Jeeper,,there have been no bids yet, so there is that. Just checking to see if anyone is looking for any of these pieces. that's all.
  12. Thank You, I think we all kind of can figure out the value of the pieces through ebay or something. Part of my logic is that I want to move them, and convenience and reasonable price should get it done! Looking to make some deals fast. Cheers!
  13. Hello, I have for sale a fair amount of items. I will list them with model numbers, no prices. I am looking for offers on them. All are black unless noted. All are in good, not perfect condition unless noted. Send me a pm for pictures please. Thanks! RS-7 (3) 2 in original boxes RC-7 no box, good condition RC-35 (2) in new old stock type condition, in boxes, been opened, and boxes show age RSW-15 Cherry, still need to test, but assumed to be working, has original box and could be shipped. 95# RSW-12 needs a volume control, is on order, otherwise great shape RSW-10 couple nicks and dings, works great, I like it. I am in St. Petersburg Florida 33713 local purchases would be amazing! Please just drop me a message with any interest in these items. It would be easier to send photos through text in my opinion. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Single-Klipsch-RS-7-in-good-working-order/114662249063?hash=item1ab2671267:g:p1MAAOSwNb9gGHHi you can find my listings here, but I would rather sell them to members locally if at all possible, my ebay prices are flexible if sold outside of ebay
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