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  1. Thank You. Any Good on their own, or best as rears/surrounds?
  2. Anyone peg this model number, I am familiar with the line, but cant figure this one out, its a FB ad and along drive I want to take to go get them. TIA Being sold with RF-7 and RC-7
  3. @dom I still have my resistor and confirmed it was a 680 ohm. But it is a ceramic large style. So this board was a later generation thank yours i would assume. It was from an dE-112SW. Hope this helps
  4. What is the situation here. is OP OK? Does anyone know?
  5. still battling with my R-112sw plate. a couple questions if anyone has the time. Where is the PWM IC? I am getting power, nothing has blown up, but I have no sound. Maybe this is the final step? I did replace the transistor, if that happens to be what this part is BTW? I see in Nexgens parts list, there are 18 caps in the list. The large 1000uf, large obvious caps are not on this list btw. I have 19 in my board, and that is how many I took out. I have one extra 22uf and I believe this correlates to location C3? I cannot find it on the board, does anyone know where it is? My Bipolars, I believe I have pout in correctly, but I did notice that when I ordered, I ordered 35 volt instead of 50 volt. My mistake, is that a hazardous or fatal (operation wise) mistake? Also the resistor I took out of my board was 680ohm, and I reordered 680 and installed it. I see the list says 820, but that is not what I had. Any help would be appreciated. This recapp started as skill challenge and a leaning experience, it now has escalated to a battle, that I want to win.
  6. why is it that these woofers are always banged up?
  7. Hello, is anyone working on these at this time? I have one that was working and then suddenly blew a 15 A fuse when I plugged it in at home.Any common failures on these?
  8. Hello, I was hoping someone maybe able to help. I did a fill recap of my board, it turn on, and nothing bad happens, but it will not make noise Can someone explain to me where this item is located and what it does? Thank You! PWM IC
  9. Not sure if anyone is around, been working on a couple subs. Two of them are SW-112. One blows the fuse. Is anyone working on these right now? The replacement palate amps are out of stock. The other works, but does not power down after turning on from signal sense. Any thoughts on the one that will not turn off after power up, and component in particular that may help me fix this one up? Thanks!
  10. Where is location C3 on the board? Is this thread completely dead, or is it me?
  11. Bump.... I still have the above questions as well, but have reordered the bipolars and installed them, hopefully, that was correct. Dying to plug this thing in and see if I got everything right. Thanks!
  12. Hello, would anyone be interested in trying to help me with a question about the r-12SW board repair that I am working on? I have removed all parts, cleaned up the boars and starting to reinstall. I questioned one of my notes an went to take a review of ngen33r live repair, which is a 115, not a 112. I see that on his the parts list some of the caps ar listed as BP, which i assume means bi polar. I did not notice that when ordering my parts, I take it this mean that I need to reorder these in bipolar? After checking the parts I have removed, these is indeed no stripe in the corresponding parts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -marc
  13. Went ahead on borrowed the fuse from the working one. Blew the fuse and popped my breaker too. That was no connections except for power, and it did that with the switch in the OFF position Ahh, the things I get myself into. I know these had been through some revisions and people like this sub, or hate them. It did let out a chirp which I recorded if it would help anyone diagnose the issue, i can post it on another site. Otherwise, and repair thoughts? Maybe a substitute plate from parts express or something, Again, thanks for the help!
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