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  1. I am still doing repairs, but life has decided to take up most of my time. I hope to be getting back into it more after I do some much needed maintenance.
  2. I am but due to the government going after PayPal, I can no longer do this as a hobby so I am restructuring as a business.
  3. Does rail voltage increase with the volume knob? You should be able to see it rise as the gain is increased.
  4. Hot resistors mean bash control board needs repair.
  5. Looks like the bias pots need adjustment. or the feedback to the opamps from the speaker terminals has a broken trace.
  6. The glue becomes conductive and causes shorts on any leads it touches.
  7. With a full time job, a wife and life in general, my waiting list is hellish long right now. If you are willing to wait a long time then yes I can do it LOL.
  8. This KSW-12 has been fully repaired and recapped. It is ready to replace a defective amp or aging. I am offering a trade-in on this. $85+Shipping with 1 year warranty. Buyer agrees to send defective plate core after purchasing. (This allows me to repair it for someone else)
  9. The switches cannot be swapped or repaired unfortunately. If you must have working switches, you will either need a repair or wait until a replacement is available.
  10. Hello, I am doing a little house cleaning and trying to clean up my to-do shelf. Some ofyou have seen my forum posts and videos, but to those that are new, I repair audio equipment as a hobby and have been doing so for over 15 years. I have 2 plates ready to go and I am offering a 1 year warranty on the repair through my LLC Supreme Innovations (www.supinv.com). I am offering all my current and future repairs to forum members first before listing on other sites. I am not currently accepting defective plates, but I will pay the shipping on your purchase if you send the bad one back to me. This keeps them out of the landfill and eventually in someoe's living room. My Repair Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOMzk5nU67lbGj1hLzUkmwQ #1: $115- Sub-10 #2: $115- Sub-10 Shipping NOT included I accept PayPal CashApp Venmo Zelle
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