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    65" Vizio 4K , Br player, 3 Forte ll's across the front and one for a rear center, 2 original fortes for rear L&R. DIY Spud for a sub. Yamaha RX V-730

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  1. That's some good looking grain, reminds me of some of the older Khorns with really nice grain patterns, very nice.
  2. It's hard to tell, don't really know you yet, could be? But if were talking about your computer speakers looks good to me, why not as long as the desk can handle it. Used some in the back of a jeep for a good while, sounded good just took up to much space.
  3. I have noticed that, some of the azaleas and other flowers are hard to get right. There is a certain azalea in the yard I can not get an accurate pic of, it's like it's glowing.
  4. Most stoves these days do not come with a cord. I usually just direct wire. Most stoves have the back bottom 6-10 inches open at the bottom so if there is a receptacle it is under the back of the stove as it slides all the way back. But with your luck you will get the ONE stove that requires a "special" connection.
  5. I don't think so, anyway I might steal it in the middle of the night. Unless you leave the wife, apparently the wife don't read here, or your really brave.
  6. He might, he is in better shape than me but when really desperate I can run fast.
  7. You always good, not pretty but good. So good I'm going to have a small surprise for you, not what we talked about something different. maby the other also
  8. That would work also, but I am not NOT volunteering to install them. unless absolutely necessary.
  9. But you will still get a free massage. I told Roy this weekend, two would be plenty, he looked at me strange and said but I want 4, it's never been done with this setup. Inside the clubhouse there will be jubes with the brand new 1502 sub, same design but with correct size cabinet for the 15. We were talking and the jubes will also be ran without the sub so everyone can hear what they can do, this will be what people will DJ on. Also heard a rumor there will be Forte lll's in the listening room at the plant.
  10. No, were just going to wait and see, kind of a surprise for them.
  11. Not if you sit far enough back. But one of the things Klipsch (strangely enough) sent with the banners are earplugs and we will have plenty of these if needed, so if anyone wants some they will be there. I couldn't figure out what they were for but now I have an idea since Chief Bonehead has been let out the box.
  12. That exactly what both Kevin and I both said.
  13. Is that the ones that bite ? I hate those there fast.
  14. I believe he put Nanker Phelge on it. Was joking with travis last night and he said he thought you were the only person who caught on to that. Travis is a nut, in a good way.
  15. Very cool, will have to finish watching later, Thanks