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    MWM 402/K69, Br player, Cd's, DVD's and internet streaming into a Emotiva XDA-1 DAC, then into a EV DX-38 into 2 Crown D-75's and out to the speakers.


    65" Vizio 4K , Br player, 3 Forte ll's across the front and one for a rear center, 2 original fortes for rear L&R. DIY Spud for a sub. Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS

    Cornwall 3's with HK 930 and a Cd player

    Yard MWM singles with DIY split laScala tops

    Heresy's in the yard tiki bar

    Other speakers, in ceilings, Rb 75's, Heresy 1 and 2 versions

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  1. That is one good looking yard, very nice.
  2. I hope you gave them an address, if not there just going to follow you around. Sorry to hear about your friend. You will be missed, it's all I'm going to say.
  3. Looks great Luther, it looks like you have spent to much time in the plant, professionally done. That is some wild looking veneer, it looks 3D in the picture, they will be one of a kind.
  4. Our Klipsch we actually use were made in the USA. MWM/402 horn, 4 Forte ll's. 2 original Forte's, 2 Cornwalls lll's, Heresy's two pair 1 and 2,....some we don't use, RB-75's probably china but will be gone soon, some in ceilings never used probably china. For HT, AVR is Pioneer, probably china, my last was Yamaha and it said made in Malaysia. BR player samsung china I guess TV Vizio probably china For 2 CH DAC china Ev DX-38 made in Germany Crown D-75 amps x 2 made in the USA, it says so on the back, I was a little surprised.
  5. A third said it never happened when he got wired speakers. Sorry it's just me, i'm not crazy about "gadgets", everyone is not surprised when there wifi blinks off and on occasionally. But were surprised when it happens to other things. stuff happens, work it out somehow.............and yes I am a moderator and we have as much control over stuff like this as you do, none, it's why I want wires. Sorry but it's the truth, technology is great but up to full speed, not always, I wish I had an answer. Of course I don't speak for Klipsch, I just moderate, on occasion.
  6. Even though I don't like the idea of autonomous cars I voted for them, can't be much worse than a texting driver. sad
  7. If I ever get back to Indy I will look a few of you up, that would be fun.
  8. That's funny. I have to tell you a story. We went to Tennessee once and Michael was with us, it was over a Christmas Holiday. It snowed alot while we were there and everything was frozen, we were frozen in and couldn't leave the cabin on the top of a mountain for 3 days because the steep roads were iced over. Michael had parked his car at the bottom and well all road up in a couple other cars. When they finally cleared the road we went to town to get more supplies. Michael wanted to move his car and opened the trunk and pulled out this thing and started scraping the ice off the windshield. He looked at me and said, "I live in Indy, this is what people use to remove the ice, I know you probably never seen one before but it's an ice scraper as he held it up laughing", at me. He and his girlfriend come down here to go on cruises with us since we are an hour from the port. This usually happens in the winter, they pull up and it's say 40 degrees here and I am wearing a jacket and they get out in T shirts saying how nice it is and making fun at me for being cold. It happened more than once.
  9. I have only seen the videos of all the super bowl events all around the city that year, it's about as close to the city as I have seen. Makes no difference I will never live in Indy, I hear a rumor it get's really cold there, off and on all winter, actually ice and snow falling from the sky and staying on the ground. Scary to think about, I don't even own the right clothes, or enough of clothes period to live in a place like that, good god I would have to buy long pants ! Do y'all have eskimos in indy ? Sorry couldn't help it.
  10. Thanks George, I never thought to look up the workstations, I was stuck on the connections, glad you could help Thanks.
  11. I have never been, only been to Indiana once. I was there for a week but only went to a few audio stores, Klipsch HQ plus Michael Colter and Roger Chase house, I never even seen the city or the track. It was funny, driving along the interstate and all of a sudden the cornfields end and there you are indy, straight from farms to town.
  12. Many things "post-beer" could be questionable, your right, including volumes. So to me I would rather have my ears say stop, then the speaker releasing the magic smoke because of clipping, post beers of course.
  13. You are starting to look a little sick, maybe you should let them know you're feeling bad, and quit smiling about it.
  14. Oh yea, the neighbors are going to love you and the doorbell will be ringing AGAIN. You need to move to the country, as in far enough out so no one can complain.
  15. Is this what your calling " quarter inch to spade fork cable " If this is what it is I can't find an adaptor, just not sure if 1/4" is NL4 , (NL4 is the bottom pic) sorry, maby a place that sells stuff for musicians where this plug is used more ? I have heard of people changing out these connectors on the back of pro speakers to other connections but you really can't change out that on a workstation, I guess The top pic would just be a double banana connector, two singles would work if you can convert to the other end connection. The bottom pic is what they call NL4 1/4"