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  1. Depends, some get caught up in the advertisements, they make you think you need the latest phone, car and everything else. Trying to chase all of it can make you unhappy since it changes so often. Seems like the older you get the more you appreciate little things, I'd say I am having more fun then when I was younger . Must be strange to look back at the houses, pictures like that sometimes do not match what we remember. The three houses I lived in all my life are gone, the first two were demolished after being damaged and the last burned a couple of years after we left.
  2. I don't bother wiring like that but go for it if you want. Well that wouldn't be me, I like you and all but I don't want to know you that well. But I have to say I love VU meters, I think there should be a law to put them on every amp. (I'm easily entertained) COOL meters Sam but bi wire or not, that's alot of power, very nice.
  3. Oh, that makes sense, isn't that the kind of camera people would take dirty pic's with in the old days ? No developing, might want to hang on to it.
  4. If anyone familiar with pro speakers could you give an opinion in this thread . I really don't know about this model or prices and the size room he's thinking about. Thank You
  5. But if you did have that hardware we would never hear from you, you would always be busy.
  6. Almost, old D80, bought it new along time ago. Years ago on a cruise it acted funny, it would sound like a picture was taken but it only worked every other click. We got home and Christy told me go look at your papers we bought the 5 year warranty , it had one week left on the warranty, they fixed it and adjusted everything even the autofocus was off. I have not had another problem but it seems to not be as clear as it once was. But it has been drug all over the place and around alot of saltwater, kind of surprised it's still working really. I need to try one of the other lenses, or it could easily be my eyes !
  7. Very nice, I said that because looking at it I thought it was your work, attention to detail, you have it !
  8. Now that is clean looking, very nice, did you do that ?
  9. No it's pretty bad, it's going to rain here but really bright diffused light, kind of washes out anything with sky in it. The only reason I took it was because if it storms many flowers will fall off, I tend to say "I need a pic of that" but put if off being lazy. I tried with a Ipad, they all seem to suck, I don't know why, a phone can take some good pic's ? I really need a new camera, I have been having this one for a very long time and it seems there is nothing I can do to get a really sharp pic, but way too many things going on to spend the money on it, one day.
  10. Never thought of that, was it that bad ? Yours got a little better, we could see it was a little girl, a couple of your early pictures looked like abstract art, or I was on something. Could have been both
  11. Guess it's summer already, Crepe Myrtles are starting to bloom. Not a good pic terrible light. The red's seem to be first, the purples are just starting.
  12. When any solder drips off it will not land well, you might have to help.
  13. Welcome I think I'm confused, is this the KPT 535 T your talking about ? (pic) Looking for home theater, or you just have the opportunity to buy them and it's 3 speakers ? If so , think the room is big enough? If your getting them for that price, I think that's a great deal on those speakers IMO but I really don't know prices, I would skip the JBL's, can't imagine them being better. If it were me I would probably not use all of that in the room, maby make it a 2 way, I would have to think about all of that. I don't know what they cost new, hopefully someone could give you a better idea. And some advice.
  14. You didn't say price so, and you did say medium or small room. The 396 would be my first choice easily. my second choice. Now do consider I can't remember models of any others I heard (I think it was a couple more) but surely don't remember the numbers. But the 396 is very surprising, and the HIP's and a sub would work.
  15. Just seen this in the news, John Wick villain dies at 56. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/27/arts/michael-nyqvist-dead-actor.html