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  1. That has got to be the coolest pic of the eclipse.
  2. Got to cut grass, watch 1/2 an eclipse, then rain, sun and more rain, now reading here.
  3. Nice pictures, whoever took the first picture did a better job.
  4. Same here.
  5. I know I do after working outside a while, then you cool off and your shirt dries and it's then positively smells like sasquatch.
  6. Looks like about 40% here now, might be about all we get ? Dark welding shields work well.
  7. Going no place special, but if I were you I would take the LF to the beach, overcast or not, you even look much better when you're with her, you can't lose.
  8. But I don't want anymore hair, as much coffee and as strong as you drink it it's a wonder you don't look like sasquatch by now.
  9. Not that I know about, but the price of walking sticks for the blind will probably go up tomorrow, they plan on taking advantage of the stupid people.
  10. X4 You're just not right sometimes, now my eyes hurt from staring at it.
  11. Probably cutting grass in the back yard, I wish it would stay halfway covering the sun until the end of September, had enough of the summer heat already.
  12. It's been crazy, things breaking, going to Hope, helping daughter remodel her house, it has not stopped. I hate to say this but I have not been in a hammock in weeks, I think it's a record but not a good one. We will meet in Hope one day, no worries.
  13. 91 he did well, now they will probably play some of his movies on tv for a while, I hope so. RIP
  14. Glad to hear your feeling better, one month and I will be 60, well I never made it yet but plan on it. I like flavored coffee much more myself, I usually use flavored creamers.
  15. Not for me, it's the taste. When we go out of town for a week sometimes I never drink coffee, and it had me curious why I didn't have a problem going to 0 caffeine. So I tried decaffeinated coffee and had no problem, until one daughter stayed for a week and asked what was wrong with the coffee, she drank twice as much as usual and was missing the caffeine.