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    MWM 402/K69, Br player, Cd's, DVD's, internet streaming and satellite, into a Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS out the pre-outs into a EV DX-38 into 2 Emotiva A-100's and out to the speakers. Klipsch 1502 sub and Crown XTI 1002 amp bridged.


    65" Vizio 4K , Sony 4K Blu Ray player, 2 Forte lll's front L&R, and Forte ll for center and 3 Forte ll's across the rear. Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS, 1502 sub with Crown XTI 1002 bridged, thank you Cory.

    Cornwall 3's with HK 930 and a Cd player

    Yard MWM singles with DIY split laScala tops

    Heresy's in the yard tiki bar

    Other speakers, in ceilings, Rb 75's, Heresy 1 and 2 versions

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  1. Now that's redneck right there. No it was dry yesterday, they did not finish until 7 pm, it was a little cool and they had to let it set some to work it, the rain started off and on around 10 this morning. Same view different day I picked that spot because it's about 40' from the driveway and not to far from the house, maby 80'. Didn't want to go to far i will need to get wifi out there for shop music, that was high on the list, have the speakers waiting. Probably not, just marketing
  2. What I got today, no what I got yesterday but it ended at 7pm so pic is from today. Raining now so it's perfect for new concrete, I will keep it wet for a few days, should be longer but the area will need to dry out a little, next week assembly begins.
  3. No such thing, you have to pace yourself, a little all day.
  4. Cold here for us, 28 a couple nights ago, our first frost but highs in the high 50's and 60 today, only lit the heater once so far this winter. Rain tomorrow and almost 70 and lows in the high 30's starting this weekend. I love my electric blanket, my wife gave it to me a a Christmas present years ago. It has dual controls because I get colder than her, if it's really cold I leave it on low because we close the door so heat from the woodstove don't warm the bedroom. We like the room cold but not he bed. I only put it on about an hour before I go to sleep and turn it off when I get in the bed. It is used to just warm the bed so it's not cold to get in.
  5. Webber makes one like that, they are highly rated but not for the most part set and walk away like a pellet fed smoker. Myself I built my smoker, I didn't want pellet fed, like with a charcoal grill if I didn't stock up on pellets I might not have them if I decide to smoke. I use wood, caveman style. We have a wood burning stove for heat here so I always have plenty of wood, I just cut it in smaller pieces for the smoker. Oak and Hickory. My choice would be offset smoker to burn wood, and yes if I open the air dampers it can get to 600+ degrees but I smoke at 225. This is the second smoker I built, the first was way to big so i sold it and made a smaller one, it uses much less wood and works great.
  6. Hope you don't mind, I moved this to 2 ch, I know the Historian is very busy and you may get an answer faster like this.
  7. Only experience was with a Trager, it was a friends, we could never get it to stay even close to the set temperature. We set it on 225 degrees, i put 2 maverick wireless thermometers in it a little over the grill in different places and it would swing between 150-350 degrees no matter what we did when set to 225. Could he have gotten a defected model who knows but it definitely was terrible, he sold it. I would never get a Trager after dealing with than one. But now there are many other brands so pick carefully and read reviews, the idea is good and very convenient if it works correctly. .
  8. We live an hour North of you, good luck if I hear of anything I will let you know.
  9. all of them ! That's scary coming from a chef, but looking at your food, I wouldn't hesitate.
  10. Your doing better than me, I never have a clue so I have to guess. We don't get presents for each other but Christmas is also her birthday so I try sometimes.
  11. How would they soupe up a Prius put solar panel on the roof ?
  12. Ever hear of a beaver moon, I had not, well now you did..............no pictures Dirtmudd "(Gray News) – November’s full moon sneaks in before the end of the month, putting a wrap on the long Thanksgiving weekend. The beaver moon rises early Monday, reaching its peak at 4:30 a.m. ET, NASA says. The November full moon was traditionally called the beaver moon by both colonial and Native Americans. “This is the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having laid up sufficient stores of food for the long winter ahead,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. “During the time of the fur trade in North America, it was also the season to trap beavers for their thick, winter-ready pelts.” Viewing conditions for the full moon will depend on the weather and skies in your area. The moon will look full a day before and after its peak."
  13. I have to agree, I used a 15 year old HT receiver for years, got away from the old HT receiver and the difference was easy to hear. True, but I did run across a different HT amp that has a really good sounding preamp section so I use it now, it is at least as good as the DAC and made connecting things easier, only the preamp part is used. This was very surprising, but overall HT receivers are nowhere close to almost any other solution,. they just sound dull and flat for 2 ch. imo And another vote for the Cornwall, and even the sub would not work as hard with a Cornwall compared to a Hersey. .
  14. dtel


    The only reason we went bowling was they sold pictures of beer, also the reason my first game was always the best.
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