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    65" Vizio 4K , Sony 4K Blu Ray player, 2 Forte lll's front L&R, and Forte ll for center and 3 Forte ll's across the rear. Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS, 1502 sub with Crown XTI 1002 bridged, thank you Cory.

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  1. That's probably as much to do with it as anything else, your right. Only thing I can remember was a real problem for some was when they bought a cheap unit from a box store and could never get it to stop leaking air and had no control of temperatures.
  2. The Caribbean...... 🏝️ just kidding, almost, if I am in AR any more I will need a PO box there, I already think my accent is changing. na 7 hours for us So that adds up to 42 hours driving just in the last 2.5 weeks by the time this coming week ends, just to AR. I'm done for a while after this, I hope.
  3. . I thought that was some granite or something similar, very nice. Many people do like them, mostly because they work well, have you seen the prices of the new ones, they were cheap at one time. People look for them put out by the trash and take just the dome tops. They fit perfect on the top of an ugly drum smoker to give more height on the top rack, I think it might be like 22.5" across. If you order one from Weber it cost more than half the price of the whole unit.
  4. Orchid time again, I remember you had some nice ones. I don't have any more but one of the things I liked was how long the flowers last, it seems longer than any other plant.
  5. I have read good reviews about them, a friend has a Trager, it's very inconsistent with temps which seems to be about right with them it seems. There are some parts you can change out like the feeder and controls but that's crazy to need to do it after you buy a new one. After seeing how his pellet smoker did I was completely against them, but it turned out to be more of that brand or model than the design, but they are very convenient when working well.
  6. That's one thing I was worried about breakage, I like that table stand you have, perfect for that kind of setup. Well if wood can be added that would help alot, once adjusted it should hold a pretty steady temp and looking at the thickness of the walls should be pretty well insulated from cold air temps. I bet they are used much more in the North for people who want something to use year round, those who use the type closer to what I use have insulating blankets to help, we don't have that problem down here. Never tried fruit wood on chicken, the only wood I didn't care much for was mesquite, hickory and oak are my favorite. Cool looking property, love the space.
  7. 15 hours is about as long as I have ever had the patience for, and that was with pork butts, if it takes longer I finish them in the oven, 12 seems to be an average for me with those. Can a few chunks of wood be added to the coals to add more smoke? When I tried lump charcoal I liked it better than regular but it did not have as much smoke flavor as I used to. I know many people who use a UDS, ugly drum smoker with lump but also add chunks of wood around the coals to give it more smoke. I looked at them a good while back they sure are proud of them looking at prices. I was just curious and wanted to see how they were built, they look to be over an inch thick and really need a good stand counter as you have.
  8. From what I read they are great for cooking when it's really cold, I guess the design and how it's made helps, but read mixed reviews for real slow smoking ?
  9. That looks nice, I like how tall it is. The first one I built was way too big, this was it before painting, I kept it about a year and sold it to build a smaller one. The firebox was 2' by 2' alone and the main cooking are was designed with what they call tuning plates which are just plates with smaller openings between them closer to the firebox and widening the further away it gets from the fire to keep the far end roughly the same temp. It held temperatures very well just used a good bit of wood. Then I almost went to small, but I have another tank to make a small to medium size one, just never did it yet. The smaller one has a firebox behind and from the back with a plate to defuse the heat on the inside, works great. I originally put gas jets thinking if I wanted to cook something fast I could just use the gas but found I rarely do. In one pic I was cooking some stir-fry, I got this idea from the smokering site, it's called it a Discada, it's a tractor disc with the center hole welded closed. This one is 22" and works great for things like this. I bought a new disc from a tractor store and customized and cleaned, seasoned it like you would cast iron. http://thesmokering.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=54&sid=656f67bfca6afeb9f2bd821a8d098055
  10. Too subtle, I just like all the little jokes in between the intended jokes and how they made fun of history. I couldn't remember if it was part one or two so I looked it up and posted 1.
  11. One of my favorites is "History of the world part 1"
  12. Well, there is always the Cheech and Chong marathon on HDNMV, ran across it while searching channels.
  13. My neighbor has one, except for the legs and a little more length it looks like our dog a minpin, part Dachshund, German Pinscher and Greyhound.
  14. There's no hope for you, you really need to meet her.b I would rather meet her than listen to her if I had to do either. Riding in the truck with Jim Hunter the other day going to lunch I reminded him of the hand gesture he gave you years ago, he remembered doing it, he laughed.
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