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    MWM 402/K69, Br player, Cd's, DVD's, internet streaming and satellite, into a Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS out the pre-outs into a EV DX-38 into 2 Emotiva A-100's and out to the speakers. Klipsch 1502 sub and Crown XTI 1002 amp bridged.


    65" Vizio 4K , Sony 4K Blu Ray player, 2 Forte lll's front L&R, and Forte ll for center and 3 Forte ll's across the rear. Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS, 1502 sub with Crown XTI 1002 bridged, thank you Cory.

    Cornwall 3's with HK 930 and a Cd player

    Yard MWM singles with DIY split laScala tops

    Heresy's in the yard tiki bar

    Other speakers, in ceilings, Rb 75's, Heresy 1 and 2 versions

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  1. Didn't know there were any pictures, had no idea it was even posted somewhere. Guess I should look around more, I miss way more than I read . Hope we looked busy
  2. At least one....... here 🙋‍♂️ But I have to admit hundreds of years ago when I did LP's there was no better sound, the only thing close to that was a recording from a record to a RTR. I had all my records on RTR because I got tired of replacing worn out records. They still have a really good sound but i promised my wife a very long time ago I am not going back, plus it awfully convenient to have 10 warehouses of music in something that I can carry and it's under 10 pounds. I will give up a little quality for convenience and almost unlimited choices.
  3. Welcome. Those amps will do fine, I use 2 of them to run a bi amped 2 ch setup. I got them after having problems with different amps thinking it will be a cheap way to go until I run across something else at a good price. Still using them, I like the way they sound, clean and easily puts out the power they are rated at with no hiss or other problems you might expect at that price, there a really good deal and built very solid. When I say no hiss, I would know it, there connected to speakers that are rated over 110db with one watt with huge horns, you would hear any hiss and there is nothing, none even with my head inside the horn.
  4. The last couple days was enough for a long time. H Someone asked is this how you used to do it when you did landscaping, I looked at him crazy and said we would have never done this kind of job. I asked if we could dynamite or a flame thrower, both were refused.
  5. It was like giant CD's but the difference was they could wear out. But they did come with a extra effects of an ocasional pop or click just for aesthetics, but they could add this to CD's for old times if the wanted.
  6. I would positively sell the tickets, for one thing you can see what is really going on in the game much better on TV. Plus you could just about add on a new room with a new TV for the cost of flying, hotels parking and game tickets and other expenses. It would be an experience to see but not for me at that cost anyway.
  7. No vinyl anymore but do love Van Morrison.
  8. What is his forum name or where was it posted ? Been out of town
  9. Going to Hope be back in a few days, maby Monday night.
  10. Campground or comune, or a cross between the two ?
  11. dtel

    Valentines Day Deal

    That's a pretty steep price to pay for a free stay for 18 years. Besides that sounds ok.
  12. Being a bookshelf speaker consider at some point a small sub to go with it, it would make the bookshelf sound like a much larger speaker. Might want to get a price from Cory here on the forum, he is a authorized dealer and can help you. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters And Welcome
  13. Sounds like not your normal campground. Can see it now, dancers in fishnets, dudes in sarongs and one girl walking around with a big snake, sounds fine. Something to see that's for sure.
  14. dtel

    DIY THSPUD clone

    For the amount of voltage and only being a few feet #14 is plenty big enough even if you use 1000 wpc amp.
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