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    MWM 402/K69, Br player, Cd's, DVD's, internet streaming and satellite, into a Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS out the pre-outs into a EV DX-38 into 2 Emotiva A-100's and out to the speakers. Klipsch 1502 sub and Crown XTI 1002 amp bridged.


    65" Vizio 4K , Sony 4K Blu Ray player, 2 Forte lll's front L&R, and Forte ll for center and 3 Forte ll's across the rear. Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS, 1502 sub with Crown XTI 1002 bridged, thank you Cory.

    Cornwall 3's with HK 930 and a Cd player

    Shop and yard, MWM singles with DIY split laScala tops

    Heresy's in the yard tiki bar

    Other speakers, in ceilings, Rb 75's, Heresy 1 and 2 versions

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  1. Second half, fat side down.
  2. That's what I heard so I let it rest, with any meat. Doing another pork loin now, one half is done and the other is at 130, it will not be long. first half
  3. Only because I can eat it also, I never got this size by eating right. But you can do both at the same time.
  4. Looking good, same here 225, but I always pull it at 135, but then just leave it cool and it's slightly pink and very juicy. Been doing it like that for years and never had a problem, it has the texture of steak not dry at all. Accidently once let it go to about 145 before pulling and it was totally different, white dry and much tougher so I am careful to watch it at the end. I guess just leaving it cool unwrapped is still somewhat going to have a temp rise before it cools ? One reason I do pork loin so often is our local store has it when on sale for $149-$179 a pound, cheaper than chicken of even ground beef and to me it's much better. We even get it sliced into pork chops and freeze it like that, normal pork chops with the bone cost over twice as much which is crazy. I am cheap, but love to cook/eat. Will be doing another loin in a couple of days after the leftovers are gone which reminds me I need to defrost it and start marinating it.
  5. Looks good, one of my favorite things to smoke, I do one every other week. We get some every time in goes on sale, on sale it's cheaper then even ground beef of chicken and much better to me. I like the way you cooked it, some people overcook it and it gets dry and tough, yours looks good.
  6. dtel

    What I Got Today!

    Link was removed if it also looks like spam on any next post they will go to spam. There were other post which did not look like spam so he will be watched, they are slick sometimes and try to not look outright like spam.. Thanks, if he post again and it is spam or looks like it let us know.
  7. I told Roy it would be cool if they could come up with names that PWK would think of, but who knows really.
  8. Well the 1802 and 1502 are also patented and when tuned can go as deep, but you have to realize that even the 1502 is roughly the size of 2 of the largest of the new subs. So your right the previous designs take up MUCH more space which rule them out for most people/rooms so these designs are special with the performance VS size differences. 1502 here and performance yes but at a steep tradeoff of double the size compared to what will come out, so this will be a big deal, anyone can fit one of these 4 new subs. But room size is no problem so I really love my sub, I but could easily see where many would consider the new designs with a size for any room and still keep the performance. They will be a big hit and go down as a true Heritage product in years to come.
  9. Yes it is, I press buttons knowing others worked out the hard parts, and the music plays and I am happy. It's what I depend on.
  10. I can't say not hearing a AL-5. But as far as being clean and extremely low distortion as part of the "airy" I would say these are a good match with no loss in quality. A good match for any Heritage which are known for many really good quality's. IMO I did not want to say much with so many here more qualified to speak about what they heard. I only did because I was very impressed. Technically anyone who heard them can explain better than me, I leave the how to those who know, I prefer to press some buttons and hear great music.
  11. Honestly with these designs driver size is not noticeable at all in output or sound, unlike any other subs I have heard. It is all about the cabinet design, Roy talked about how different drivers in size and design made little difference. The vented horn design was what was causing the tuning more than any other sub. All 4 have different drivers and different ports amounts and placement of the ports. Sounded like it was like designing 4 different subs from the way he explained, same principle with changes for each.
  12. Please follow this link, it's the latest reports of people listening to these subs.
  13. Exactly and after all these years of people asking for a Heritage sub to see some designed and sounding so good is a great thing, this will match the quality of the best of heritage speakers with no lack of sound quality which is a feat in itself.
  14. I have no idea, but I will say either the 2 and 3 or 4 size (no names yet) would be enough for about any Heritage speaker unless you normally play at insane levels trying to go deaf but these will help with that also. Very much so, this was one thing I did not really understand, but it was explained with many other things, explained where it could be understood which was great. I usually do not care about the how things work technically as long as they do so I trust people like Roy and others when I have questions, but this weekend taught me many things about why in a way that's easy to understand in the overall picture. I use a very capable sub and was VERY impressed with all of these subs, no BS. One thing I have never noticed before was at one point Roy had the volume so low you could not tell what was even playing as he was talking. But the sub was still loading the room and you could slightly hear the bass but could feel it to the point that If I had known the song I would have known what it was just from the deepest bass notes. I was in the back row but it was the whole room as I was not the only one who noticed it. Made me want to come home and try these test tracts because it was impressive, you normally expect to have a little volume at least to load a room like that. Hearing the new Heritage Jubes was also a shock for me set up in a proper listening environment. I did not expect that much of an improvement from the originals but it is an amazing improvement and have I have heard the originals for many hours. Very impressive and also NO need for a sub, again in the teens, real full range speakers. Both the 4 new subs and the new Jubes were way more than I expected, VERY clean and effortless sounding. I told Roy when these subs get out to customers and people start talking about them after hearing at home it is really going to take off in a hurry. This is NOT your normal direct radiator sub sound in any way, when you hear music with steady mid sounds in the teens and there are no odd sounds just clean smooth reproductions it stands out quickly. IMO OK that's enough, I had not planned on saying anything much with all the people who could explain much better then me but I was impressed to the point where I had to say something. Truly impressed, you will hear much more as people get these at home, people wanted good Heritage subs for a long time and it is now going to happen with ease and style. Good Job Roy impressive
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