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  1. So what has the wife upset?
  2. I could see that, your right, from what they say even after he worked a normal day he still worked some of the night. It was all about quality control and testing. .
  3. YES, exactly, friends and family is all you really have. At the same time, tomorrow is not guaranteed, not even considering the current situation. No one ever laid on there death bed wishing they had worked more. .
  4. I don't remember where I seen it, it's been there a long time, it seemed to fit since I never exactly took care of myself. The other was from someone here who let be use it, he is no longer with us physically. Thank you .
  5. 56 Right now going to 76 today, they say 83 by the end of the week. This is much better than the high 80's over the last 1.5 weeks, since summer is coming. .
  6. Great to hear, hopefully the rest of the people sick can get home soon.
  7. Uh no, nothing that involves anything resembling musical talent, well not counting pushing a button or turning something on. But to be there alone with it quiet outside and even morose inside it was strange, it just gives you a kind of uncomfortable feeling. So after a while I got up and went walking through the plant, this did not help, this felt strange also, only a few lights by each station, I ended up going back to the lab until the meeting was over.
  8. dtel

    Shipping Charges

    But for that hard to find part, well most of them. When I was building the MWM's I was looking for the kind of hurricane clips Klipsch used and went to a shop in town. The old guy who owns it said he did not have them but looked through his McMaster Carr catalog and could not find them. He said Klipsch probably special ordered them and a vendor made them to order, he guessed ? What it was was a hurricane clip that had two ears on them so they can be screwed down so they could not fall out in places not accessible after construction. I never did find them and had to go a different way.
  9. Glad you were OK, along with others.
  10. You got lucky, at least you were out of the store, inside you would have had no idea if were heading that way or not. She told me when you called you could hear sirens on the phone as you were talking. It is amazing they say no one was hurt, you can see more pictures in the news story. https://heavy.com/news/2020/03/jonesboro-tornado-arkansas-damage-video-photos/
  11. dtel

    Shipping Charges

    I had no idea they were online, Thank You, went and bookmarked it just now.
  12. Sounds fine, nothing wrong with that, it's your kids.
  13. So there is an official name for it, i was doing well and had no idea.
  14. If you want to laugh watch this guy, he is funny and has many videos on Youtube.
  15. You old dog you, probably got Tarheel's attention with that, Ya know how he is.
  16. dtel

    Shipping Charges

    Plus they have "almost" anything and the catalog is about 5" thick. .
  17. Only seen him once, maby 20 years ago, I'm getting old if he's 75. It was a really good show, one thing that was different from most of the concerts we have gone to was he came out and said hello. Midway through said they will be back in a minute and said thank you at the end, no other words except when he sang.
  18. dtel

    More on.Corona Virus

    And in some cases just plain mass sterilization, or selective. It seems there are many more crazy people, not normal crazy but full tilt all out crazy.
  19. No Think Positive.....Outstanding in your field.
  20. No problem I just forget about that difference. BUT I just learned something, I checked here than signed in, guess what page it jumped back to after I signed in, 2498. Guess it's something built in? I was thinking it went back further, guess I need to pay attention more........na.
  21. OK your right, I was not thinking about that happening, signed out and it says 2497. Dude it's like seeing into the future...............Ok never mind I forget about that, anyway something is wrong between my computer and this site, every time I am in this thread and go to sign in, once I sign in it goes to a page about 30 pages back, but it only in does it in this thread? I got use to it now it's been going on so long Well Tartheel what I meant to say was Congratulations on your thread almost being 2500 pages long.
  22. dtel


    That made me laugh thinking about a post in the joke section, it was this picture. Funny
  23. Sounds very fishy, the cow must have died of old age. Chili with pasta, I would have done the same as you. I love pasta, when we make spaghetti sauce I always eat some pasta with just some butter or olive oil with maby some parmesan mixed in.
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