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  1. Klipschorn, others can give better explanation of style. But definitely not LaScala.
  2. dtel

    Food Porn

    Sorry have not been reading much at all, it was beef, some kind of roast the wife got ?
  3. I don't know how old it is, someone may have given it to PWK.
  4. It was not my lamp, it was in PWK's livingroom, I just took the pic. But I do like it.
  5. No she loves them, just not real loud and heavy metal will not cut it, I can't complain much but still do at times. K43 was the original, it was for Pro and could take a little more power than the K33. Don't know about gospel but 43 was original, Claude did test the 33 and 43 and the 33 did go a very slight bit lower. I have the K43 in the set in the shop and k33 in the 4 singles inside. I used K33's inside because the K43 cost more and are at times hard to find.
  6. I had rebuilt some old tools after I built the shop, that was just one, the after pic. I have never heard 2 double bins should be good, Those top drivers should keep up pretty well. This is 6 acres, I don't do it much but I have put thm outside and it sounds really good. LaScalas sound good outside also, just less bass. If they were singles it would be easy. When I got mine they just happen to be singles, I got them to copy in Red Oak for the living room, 4 singles 2 on each side. The folded horn to me just sounds better, more realistic. And I just like the MWM design and sound, it just sounds big and being a horn clean sounding. Same here, I sould definitely would not have the sound I have without advice and the people here, not even close. Glad you got to try these, they are good, also a simple design that works well.
  7. I know how that sounds and I really like it. What your using is very close to what I use in the shop. But you will end up with a whole other bass bin, twice the bass. I am using Two single bins, diy split LaScala tops (same parts) with AA crossovers, a receiver connected to a laptop. I used an I-Pad untill it got outdated and would not work. Switched to an older laptop with a HDMI connection and the sound was much better. I really like the sound and listen to this alot, I can also roll it facing the door or pick it up with the tractor and put it out in the yard. It sounds great outside, just like LaScalas but more bass. Glad you tried this. Ignore the grinder.
  8. All new members first post require moderation to stop spam. Just stating facts Another fact...........That thread you posted on was ongoing 14 year ago, so those people may not respond. .
  9. I would say it's safe, but maby others can answer.
  10. I hope everyone has good Christmas and safe holidays.
  11. You mean similar maby, to a khorn.
  12. I was made a moderator while I was on vacation for 10 days, I had no idea untill I came back. I did it only to help because I like it here, but much of this has changed I almost hate looking here, just tired of it. Look at my post, 99% are non audio related and very much off and on. I get tired of it and do not post, come back and just general BS a little and I stop reading for a while and leave again. I do not talk with Travis, or any other moderator, I asked months ago maby a year for them to add moderators, never was done. YES I do appericate everyone thanking me for working with the museum, it meant alot to me and thank you. I also got burned out on doing this with all the BS sometimes involved BUT I realized what I liked about it was who I got to work with when we go to work on the building, the people I spend time with. I have to be honest Craig, Roy, Jim, and the two ladies who help out are the only reason I still do it. I enjoy being around them, they make it fun, if it is not fun why bother. I have become 100% burned out on administration part of the museum, I honestly do not know why my wife still does it anymore, if I were her I would have quit long ago. I would send Chad a message and quit but he may not even get it so I don't know what I will do, or just not do anything. Just tired of it all
  13. Not true at all. We do not even talk, there was Amy and she got my wife to be a moderator so there was 2. later others were added, and quit or did nothing. Marshall who quit and asked to be removed and they told him just do not post but was not going to remove him, he asked again. When they did not delete his account as asked he forced them by deleting a large section of the forum permantly, back them moderators could do much more. Well that got him removed and caused much work by the adminstrator to try and recover it which did not work. Ever have a problem searching for things, well that's why, it's gone. My wife rarely does anything here also kind of burned out with the BS. Weeks ago her PM's stopped working, she asked for it to be fixed but it is still is broken. It all just get's old.
  14. No there is not as far as I know, they have nothing to do with each other, I don't know who donates to the museum. As far as a secret section on the forum, if there is I don't know why. I only come here signed in so that is all I see. I know at one time years ago there was because you could not talk about jubilees without starting trouble so there was a thread about them so they could be discussed. Like the old BS section moderators are not who decides who sees it, I didn't realize they were a section like that anymore, I don't see a reason.
  15. My post pinned to the top of that page is ONLY because I got tired of the silly bullshit by some that I had to deal with. I get tired of all of this, it has taken all of the fun out of being here so I wonder why do I spend time here. The not doing much part was a joke. Ever notice at times I post very little, I sign in to approve new post if they are not spam or offensive but rarely read or perticipate. I sign in 5 to 10 times a day to approve new members so they don't sit where no one can see them waiting, it's not fair to them.
  16. If I were all of you I would protest and get a petition going to have me canceled, even if I never had anything to do with whatever happened.
  17. I guess I did also ? True it's all in the big plan. But I really don't want to..............do much of anything really.
  18. Love the stuff, I just eat it if there is leftovers. Haven't posted much lately just been busy, my old small shop space is being changed into more space for wifes workspace she needs it badly.
  19. Not a vinyl person but I like it, well made and cheap. How do they make it for that price, In know it's small but $8 ?
  20. Very true, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a good day
  21. I slightly brown it with seasoning, a local place does the pizza crust can't tell the difference, it just looked different from the bottom. thaought we were being BS'd. But your right some things just cannot replace others without it being obvious.
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