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  1. Oh I didn't realize that, OK I get it now. Only problem is it would cost about like the improved versions or more with exotic woods. Which some are illegal now. If I remember correctly somewhere in the plant I seen a freestanding rack than had many different pieces of wood in many species, looked like samples you could look at to decide back then. I think JBL tried that in the last few years with the L100 ?
  2. That's pretty much what I found reading earlier today but didn't have time to read but a couple sites.
  3. I think the speakers on your list have been revived as you said and much improved, some in the last year or much less. Heresy Klipschorn Forte Cornwall La Scala
  4. True, but still many trees here for that size boards just not many are cut, just enough since they can get more of a more popular size from the same board feet. Most in this area are grown on tree farms owned or leased by paper companies. Paper should be going up also since those companies are now selling for lumber instead of to paper mills. But it is also all the other things you said causing the price to go up. Even a 2x4 stud length is close to $7.00, they were around $2.00 6-8 months ago. From what I read online supply and demand can cause price increases, and building is going crazy because of low interest rates. But some are changing there minds when it adds such a large expense for a new house. Our middle daughter and her husband has a new house almost complete, the contractor said he could never do it at that price again, it's changing that fast..
  5. Especially when your on the working end.
  6. His problem is not that the speakers are to big, but the room is to small.
  7. Just get them to sign the speakers, then invite them next time so they can take care of the visits. Maby not, they are not happy when they have to go to the same house more than once. But it's been a while for you, it's a sign you need to move to the country.
  8. Just in case you were thinking about building something from wood, prices are very high. A 2" x 12" x 16' at Home Depot is $77.98. I know that's a big piece of wood but all wood is up. Why I don't know, but a week ago I paid $52 a sheet for a couple of 3/4" sanded plywood and $6.98 for a 2 x 4 studs. Wouldn't want to build a house right now.
  9. Kids these days, what can you do, not like it's the first time.
  10. Wonder if I could get a good deal on that car, already have the door.
  11. I like to set the receiver in 2 channel and aim the mains so they sound best like that, as if it were only stereo. It seems crossing right in front of me works best, It seems like that is best (for me anyway), then the other speakers just blend in as they should but the mains are in the best position. I don't know if this is right or not but I know the mains are where they sound best. ? .
  12. Never seen numbers like that here. ever Any day is a good day to go fishing
  13. Glad it's doing good, it does not take much power to get loud, just keep it clean and your good.
  14. Good luck, hope you get a great offer.
  15. Welcome. The answer is NO to the max of the amp. I do not know about that amp but others may be able to help. All amps when even somewhat close to the WPC rating start to distort, this is what kills speakers. A amp with higher WPC will put out more clean watts than a lower power amp. BUT this is not as big a deal with Klipsch speakers since they are so efficient. Being more efficient means they will put out more DB's/volume with less watts. Think like the old car radios, you can turn up the volume and it gets louder,. but at some point all it does is add distortion/static and not volume, this is distortion. Distortion is what kills more speakers than volume. You can turn it up but do not get into any distortion or parts will be fried. Also please do not go deaf, it kind if defeats buying speakers. .
  16. dtel

    What I Got Today!

    Nice, had one very similar to that many years ago, easy to pull. I loved when the weather was right to sleep with all the sides down just leaving the screens, like sleeping outside but without the dampness and bugs. One thing I did that worked great. I popped it up and used some Thompsons water seal in a pump up bug sprayer and coated/soaked all of the canvas. If you do this plan to leave it popped up for a week or two to dry well and air out. It really worked great, water would just bead up and roll off, probably extended the life also. If I had one again I would do it again it worked so well. .
  17. Always liked dates, my family always had them around holidays. They slice them almost in half and stuff with a half a pecan and a small piece if marshmallow then dusted with powdered sugar. I could do without the marshmallow and sugar but it's how they made them.
  18. I always need good food, but I eat almost everything so to me if it taste good I'm happy. I never got this size for no reason, part of my problem. Okra it' ok, breaded and fried is good also but it can get slimy when cooked a long time in something. I used a box seasoning/breading on the fish, Zatarans, it's seasoned pretty good.
  19. Yep happy Easter Went a different direction, fried a pile of catfish, mashed potatoes/b gravy, and corn. No reason really.
  20. It is. Well it was 6 F ll's but now it's 4 with the mains being F lll's, need a center F lll to match now. Sounds great with a sub bigger than the 6 Forte's combined, you feel the movie.
  21. But that's just sticker, I'm sure they haggled them down some, no one pays sticker price. You have better eyes than me
  22. Nice looking color and paint job, well done.
  23. dtel

    Well it's happened

    I only put something because I looked and no one else did which was a surprise. The owner, Mr John said he likes how Klipsch was built, he said because how PWK built the company from nothing over many years and through hard times, it reminded him of what he did and wanted to keep pretty much everything the same. But in the end when it comes to business, business is business and sometimes things change. But this was a joke, good thing.
  24. Many years ago my wife had a bunch of house plants in her office, at the time she drank regular coke and when the drink got warm she would pour them in the plants. They grew like crazy and always looked great. We didn't know if was the sugar or the caffeine, but they always looked amazing.
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