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  1. I would guess those are much newer than mine.
  2. In know they look rough they stay covered on the side covered patio. This is factory connections for singles anyway.
  3. That's funny, I can just imagine.
  4. A very awkward moment at least.
  5. Amazing cars and drivers. WRC Rally in Finland.
  6. It's just the rough edges that seem that way. At the end of the video i was not sure if all three of them were going to start kissing, or just towards the dog it was hard to tell.
  7. First thing I thought also. I have heard the same thing, even tried it, to me it's hard to tell if it helps. Either way they seem to take forever to cook, but worth it. Tried in the oven and with an air fryer but nothing beats when they are fried.
  8. Just say no, at our age the odd's of finally getting it really right without knowing what should be done or a good way of testing is pretty slim. Try a proven design and spend the rest of the time listening, it's easier.
  9. The last thing I need to worry about is max SPL, it might not be a good thing to hear ?
  10. Maby but that Stereopile's video of his new house could use a few more things in it, or something, just don't kiss the dog on the mouth like that ART guy just about did at the end of the video, it's just kind of strange.
  11. Your going to love the difference from LaScala bass bin compared to MWM. Even though I do love the LaScala bass, it's just sounds bigger and more of it but still a horn, which is easily my favorite kind of bass bin.
  12. Welcome, not familiar with that model but what about hurricane or T nuts from the inside ?
  13. I thought they looked fine. The outside bins have k 43 also, inside there is 4 K33's, well the cast frame Bob sell's which was modeled after the K33. .
  14. Mine are rough again, black exterior house paint will fix that since there for outside, or if I ever build a new workshop. Yours does look good, if you ever wanted to get fancy just cut 2 new front doors from some nice wood and stain it.
  15. Yes diy split LaScala tops K400 and Bob's tweeter with an AA crossover, one bin for each top. But depending on how it's wired double bins could probably be used, might want to check? That sounds good, it's a good bit more bass than the LaScala bin on the bottom, especially outside. One side, pic from years ago. Fiberglass screen was put on the horns to keep out wasp which almost clogged it up once before, and hardware cloth in the back of the MWM where the center horn aims toward the back before turning, just to keep out animals.
  16. Normally I wouldn't suggest it but hiring a contractor can be great.
  17. Not sure what you mean by diffuser. But I can say about one problem we had with the one I built for a nephew, as fat dripped off whatever meat was being cooked it wet the un burned coals and eventually it would die. One of the large cheap pizza trays above the coals a ways would work to catch the juice and grease and maby burn it off so it does not drown the coals. Besides that it works great and they are nice, even with people who have very nice smokers use them since you can set it and leave it without all the checking.
  18. That's exactly why I built singles, I didn't want to put handles on the ones inside, they are still tough to move. But I haven't moved them in over 10 years, and I am 10 YO older now. I helped Kevin move the set of doubles he got from M Colter and it was not fun even with handles. What is the plan for the top half ?
  19. Did not go for long, a slight haze with the bright moon made it not very good, maby a couple faint streaks but just to much light.
  20. Seems to work fine from the I-pad but not the desktop.
  21. Not really and it was not made for the 904 speaker. But it can be used a few different ways, MWM here. Check out the link, just click on the small print in the link once opened.
  22. I have to say I love the way they sound, glad to hear this.
  23. I have no idea, but I would bet it was like giving away kids, he was attached to them. I did get a rough pair of Heresy's from him many years ago for the shop, there in the tiki bar now painted black and behind a net, and they sound good out there. Was that where you got a pair of industrial LaScalas? If so I know where they might have come from if it were the same pair. I picked up a pair for him from Pontchuila la, they were from a retired collage music teacher. We held them here for a few months listening to them until he could get them.
  24. Well we also had 3 kids and it was hard to get away, and it sounded better at home anyway, without the crowds, now with phones I would imagine it's worse? It does look good. I know, watched it again later as a rerun on sat, not so good. Some of the older movies back then are my favorites even if they are cheesy, like Trading Places.
  25. About the in ceilings, she knows, she could care less about what it takes to run it all or why, but if she does not like the sound she has an opinion. She picked out our best speakers which are the biggest, she heard them and said that's what we want, I thought she was kidding.
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