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  1. dtel

    tenth aniversary

    Congratulations, makes no difference where your at if your together. Be happy
  2. Yes, guns on the street are plentiful and cheap and usually only used for one thing. It's the complete opposite of enthusiast, we get legal guns for way more than 10 times the cost of a illegal gun. But we can not go to jail for just having it, big difference to me, NO gun is worth going to jail over for just owning it. If they want gun control, actually put people away for having a illegal gun instead of confiscation them and slap them on the hand. The will just buy another one cheap there all over. It's really crazy, I would love to know the honest number of people in a major city who have an illegal gun, it would be shocking. In Chicago alone by June they had 1500 shooting in 2020, there expecting 3000 by the end of the year. Quite a few guns on the streets. Don't punish the people who follow the law...well unless they break the law in some way.
  3. Yes it's normal unless they have a pair built already. They don't have a stock but I think they make orders and a couple extras. It is slow but there is alot that goes into a pair of those, and there in no rush to get it right. The woodworking on those alone are enough to make me feel sick thinking about it, I have seen them in different stages of being built and wouldn't want to have anything to do with it. I built my own MWM bass bins but that is NOTHING compared to a pair of Khorns, pretty amazing design really that has help up over time. I think it's the oldest speaker still in production today. Congratulations nice choice, even if your 15 years old now they will outlast you, quality design and build. .
  4. Looks like a nice layout, just to much white for a farm, add some wooden walls or something, it doesn't look country at all. imo And switch out the picture of the Eiffel tower for a goat picture or something. .
  5. Yes on veneer the outside layer is not real thick, be especially careful around corners.
  6. Good for you, probably do it one day also. No rush don't need one to CC in this state, but probably get one anyway.
  7. dtel


    The last bunch of jokes have sucked.
  8. Might as well have a 10 year warranty, they will outlive you even if you buy them as a teen.
  9. Not a big deal, a little shock therapy could do some good for most people, it wakes you up and makes you feel alive.
  10. True, put the GFI in the first receptacle in the circuit and the others are covered, no reason to have more. Never tried more than one on a circuit, it may cause a problem ? .
  11. dtel

    USPS slow

    We haven't either. Yes, I ordered some front tractor tires because the local place couldn't get them and they were delivered Sunday, yesterday.
  12. dtel

    Happy Birthday Amy

    Just got back home last night and I forgot, you got me this year. Well Happy Birthday Amy, finely made 29, it took long enough, hope you have a good day. Always with the earlobe thing, we know how you are.
  13. Just got back home, glad to be back.
  14. Go for the month, see what's going on and decide from there, if the money is really good work it for a while and save. If you decide to stay you will know much better whats going on in the area by then.
  15. I knew they were not cheap but I had no idea they were priced like that. I would guess made much better than the older bikes but man that's expensive.
  16. I like that, in the first pictures I thought you added some fancy looking trim but that is better, it's trim and absorbs sounds in the corner. Good idea also with the fake window, look good.
  17. Nice, I really like the look with the wood and colors.
  18. Should sound great in an open area like that. I hope he had help getting that sucker up that ladder.
  19. I hope by the time you get out there it does not look like this pic of me burning branches. The guy your going to work for his sales might be down a little right now? It would be a hard sell right now. Yes ma'am can I interest you in a fire pit or outdoor kitchen, as soon as the fire in the neighborhood stops we can start ?
  20. Great, like said it's the right thing to do, we owe these people. Ok, I have no idea what that is, but it might be fireproof ? But might not be so great in an earthquake or mudslide ?
  21. Were fine, it was going right over us at first and was stronger but now it moved toward the Alabama bay and slowed down a little, 85mph. Your right your going to get lot of rain before it's over, hopefully no bad winds, good luck.
  22. dtel

    Hurricane Sally

    Almost a repeat so far, like you said at least it's not a 3. Wind have slowed down to 85, that's a very good thing and it's a small storm so far. Be careful .
  23. No I don't ride but that is some good looking bikes.
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