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  1. I doubt than poster will answer, it's been a while. But welcome
  2. Just now, fiber optic I think they call it. It's fast. Now my computer is the slowest part. Now if I knew how to copy a page better than this. SHARE Result ID 15868120198 DOWNLOAD Mbps 861.20 UPLOAD Mbps 945.92 Ping ms 4 8 90 Connections Multi CoastConnect LLC Poplarville, MS Change Server CoastConnect H
  3. Try switching the speakers.
  4. Welcome, and YES you can. One of the best home theaters I have ever heard uses 3 LaScalas across the front. As with any HT you will need a sub that can keep up. IMO
  5. Energy Veritas V6.3 versus Klipsch RF-7 II Same company just different flavors, built in different places also, and now also Pioneer.
  6. I do not hear anything from the passive radiators on my F11,s or F111,s.
  7. Same here, without the elevation change, snow and large rocks. Ok just lack of close neighbors is as close as we get to that pic.
  8. That's kind of what I pictured, or at the least looking out for arrows if he is shooting, a bow is scary, you will not hear it. Keep a lookout
  9. Easy enough to cover his house and surrounding 5-10 acres in that valley your above. Almost spit coffee on my counter when I read that.
  10. True, I liked Tommyboy. He was in the military and a young guy but could have gone through many changes/interest hope he is still around. As far as many others, time passes and many here are not young so it's a normal progression like it or not we all get a turn. RIP to those gone.
  11. Nice looking color, looks good. We got 3.5 inches here but no flooding that I know of. The wind was kind of crazy from different directions. The are saying 15-18 degrees at night here next week, that will easily be the coldest we got this year so far.
  12. The connections I had a problem with looked perfectly clean and were hard to disconnect but somehow were not making contact. I lightly sanded them and it worked. I think is was a midrange driver and tweeter, I was happy to get a fix that easy. I was surprised that's all it was and the problem never returned, the speakers did sit a long while before I bought them, good luck and hope you get lucky with an easy fix.
  13. Welcome, I like that model, you did good. If it were me I would start with cleaning all the connections first, inside and out, I had the same problem with a speaker I got years ago. It's free and could possibly fix the problem ? If that don't fix it go from there to find the problem.
  14. For everyone North and East of us get ready, were sending some pretty strong winds and alot of rain.
  15. Welcome I had somewhat of the same problem. An amp on auto mode would go to sleep at times because of a lack of signal. I had to just put it to ON when using and stop using auto on. I would think it just has an ON option? Try using ON instead of auto, you just need to remember to turn it to on when you want to use it, that would be better than leaving it on all of the time. Others will comment.
  16. Ndmiller1 Nice way to start off, if that's how you are going to act, no thanks.
  17. dtel


    Or almost anything else. I tell people I went to public school, in Louisiana, what do you expect?
  18. Welcome They may not reply since it was 2019 when it was posted.
  19. I like Roy and trust Roy, BUT if he builds a submarine, I highly doubt I would want a ride anywhere past the surface.
  20. I don't know, just never seen a reason to not approve the new post. Maby he is a nice guy and just normally 9 pages and a few weeks behind with everything ? But your idea is more probable, but a really polite spammer either way with a little crazy mixed in. Remember a nut called Beaker. So what's the deal, Roy working on submarines now, must have corners.
  21. WOW Bruce that's an old picture, I had to look it up and it's from 2009. But it still looks the same with more dust depending on how lazy I have been. Edit: I don't seem like it but in March it will be 15 years we have those.
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