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  1. New thermometer, it seems to work great. Better than the old plastic round kind that hangs on a wall outside, it was so far off a good guess would have been closer. https://www.amazon.com/ThermoPro-TP65-Thermometer-Temperature-Touchscreen/dp/B075QBRR6S/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?hvadid=78546401889196&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=thermpro&qid=1560708607&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&smid=A39VTLCPMNRL3Z
  2. Only played a couple times with a friend I worked with he was really into it. I did amazing, until I got on the green, then it went bad quickly. But it was never on a course that looked as nice as that, local only.
  3. Yes, I think so, were fine thanks. Yes it is good, was a little worried.
  4. Looks like a fun dog, but you better be ready for a BIG dog.
  5. I'm pretty sure it was Bushmills. Don't let the label fool you, to me, it's not smooth or mellow. Only tried it once, but I am not an Irish whiskey person. They say it's the worlds oldest licensed whiskey distillery, 1608.
  6. You were not supposed to say anything, the Urologist was not happy about it either.
  7. That's true, since the museum is not part of Klipsch anymore "technically" and is a Non-Profit organization we just put them on ebay.
  8. Yes, sorry I have just seen this, I did make them and a Musuem menber put them on Ebay, they are real. Since we make them, we also ship from here, but it's all part of the Musuem and for the Musuem.
  9. You should be happy you still have hair, excluding nose and ears anyway. Before you move the Phillippines be sure to buy plenty of sunscreen to take with you.
  10. Who is that, you never introduced us to her, I forgot that's not correct today, it.
  11. Short old people don't have that problem.
  12. If you prefer the sound of a direct radiator over a folded horn.
  13. dtel

    Pocket Knife Info

    Probably a heart attack, while smiling. But it would be great 2 minutes. I would do the same, wouldn't want to see it either. The one in the blue would be fine.
  14. It does, either lower on a nice beach or on a mountain.
  15. Now I'm starting to feel attitude envy at a whopping 35'.
  16. dtel

    Pocket Knife Info

    Looking at the responses it appears you have the market cornered on collecting knives. I have a few of those from my dad, but just a few in a box and nothing really odd like some of yours.
  17. When you forget about this thread and it is almost to the bottom of the page, your old.
  18. Welcome I think there just may be some misconceptions confusing things. More people here don't use Crown amps than do, you don't know the brand and worry if they are hi-fi, sounds like an audiophile statement. What does it takes to meet your hi-fi standard, sounds like you're not sure except for your knowledge or it's cost, not a good way to judge equipment. Very limiting You obviously have not read much here, that's not even close to correct. I like that you are not afraid to ask questions, and question what you got from reading here, some new people never really ask questions like you have. Once you get to know the general attitude toward equipment around here you will see it is way different than your initial ideas might have led you to think. As far as the word audiophile, it sometimes is taken in two different ways and one not so good which is why that word rubs some the wrong way. imo The good way is someone who's hobby is sound reproduction, movies or music and trying to get the best quality they can achieve with their budget. Always knowing there is room for improvement, but love what they put together and the quality of sound they have considering how much has been spent. The bad way is someone who judges everything on brand name, reputation and cost. Sound quality must be good if it's xyz 's top of the line, not always true and being snobby about it does not make it sound better. The kind of person who like to impress others with the invoice.
  19. Or bigger, my sub is 50% bigger than my refrigerator, but sounds better. But really WillyBob it wouldn't have to be that big just for music, 1-2 cubic feet would work, unless you want to play it for the whole neighborhood. Check on the Monoprice site, they make all kinds of cables with different ends, as adapters and they're cheap. If you tell the wife of your plans, there might not be a room in the plans for you, out to the doghouse you go.
  20. The old HK twin powered receivers sound great, I love that sound, we use one for Cornwalls. You need to build yourself a nice little sub one day, it does not need to be crazy just to add a little bottom end to the Lascalas especially at low volume. You could connect it into that HK with rca connectors.
  21. Yes, I work from home, I make things people order through the wife, wood signs and glass etchings mostly. It's something to do besides whatever it takes around here, which is alot sometimes. Just finished 14 small signs 6" x 17.5" people wanted for fathers day, plus some glasses with different things etched on them, some get picked up some get shipped. Except for making the signs and painting them and the actual etching the rest is all done inside listening to music, the stuff inside takes about 80% of the time. Half on the computer designing things and laying them out to be cut, and half on the kitchen table weeding designs and applying them to whatever is going to be painted or etched. Supposedly retired, but can be very busy at times, sometimes nothing. But I do like it all, it's fun, well except when you're doing many of the same things over and over, then it's work.
  22. I know, I guess it was easy for her, she was probably under 25 and I look like a dinosaur to her.
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