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    New phone suggestions?

    Mine, works great, if you want to hit someone, don't need another.
  2. I would say feed it, but use a weed and feed like this link, Scott's turf builder. I say this because this turf builder is made for St Augustine and should not be used on Bermuda, it kills it. Might not kill it totally but it surely try's, and if nothing else will not make it grow like this will make St Augustine grow. Scott's is a good brand, this is expensive but that bag covers 10,000 SF, might need a smaller bag ? But any brand designed to be used in St Augustine will do the same thing. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Scotts-Turf-Builder-Bonus-S-35-06-lb-10-000-sq-ft-Southern-Weed-and-Feed-Phosphorus-Free-Lawn-Fertilizer-33020/203811862 .
  3. Well it did look nice, I noticed because it's something I would not have the patience to bother with or have thought of. So you kill her plants, water them and make her happy, she would probably be shocked.
  4. But look how the cups were put in it, someone placed them so it made a red white and blue pattern, awe, I would think whoever thought to put flowers in the vase's and on the tables with the white table cloths. I suspect it was Mrs. Coytee, if there is such a person ?
  5. Sorry to her this, but no pain for her is a good thing, she can rest now. That was very nice in the driveway, it's different but a cool idea, have never seen anything like that before. She will be watching you, talk to her.
  6. You mean like pizzagate crazy or just the regular old fashion one global government.
  7. What I am known most for, OK never mind. But I did use discretion when I said that, what I thought was not at all the same as what I posted.
  8. That's funny, and how could you possibly know that,......................unless your one of them.
  9. That's true. But I wouldn't get to taste it all. Since that pic I found another pork butt in it all so added that one. Before this pic it was a bunch of boneless thighs, there done and I added the last of it a piece of rib and some deer sausage. The Sausage is done and now just the pork butts and ribs. I will finish the butts in the oven so I sill not be out there late. pic when the last things went on. then of the finished pork loins, with an end missing.
  10. She said when cooked they could cut it up and refreeze it and use it first. I don't care but you know being the cook it is my job to taste some of each to make sure it's good.
  11. Jim is a really funny guy and silly at times. I have to tell you a story, we were moving some of those glass display cases around and deciding which ones we could keep. Well there was only one we had to get rid of so we loaded it on the back of his trailer, we asked if he wanted to move it more to the front and he said no it's OK it's really heavy, so i said well I brought some rope it's right inside the door I'll go get it, he said no it won't move. I was normal height and about 4' long So we head off to the dump, his truck and he was driving so I said OK. were on some back road going about 50 mph and he looks in the mirror and says wow that 18 wheeler just swerved all the way into the other lane, next he says Oh crap the cabinet is gone. We turned around and found it or where it happened, all that was left was millions of tiny pieces of glass most of it off the road. It had fell off the back shattered and went to the side off into the weeds. It was kind of funny since no one got hurt, you should have seen Jim's face, we told him thanks we always wanted to see one of those thrown off a truck at 50 mph, he said your welcome and laughed. Since then every time we have to move something we give him a hard time and remind him of the cabinet.
  12. Smoking some meat today. Oldest daughter called last night upset, somehow someone left the door on an upright freezer open slightly and stuff toward the front started to defrost, still half frozen. So she asked if I could cook some of it, so they brought it last night. This is about half of what she sent, 2 pork butts and 2 pork loins, I started with the biggest parts first.
  13. Not sure about your taste in music but I know you have good taste in speakers. But if you didn't mention Marie so much people might not suspect, remember what Jim did, I reminded him of that a few weeks ago and he laughed.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised, I believe these stories, if it were ours or from somewhere else who knows. For one what the military does and has only comes out 20 years later, probably when there is something to replace it. Also it would be pretty arrogant of us to think were the smartest and most advanced thing in the universe. Also that would be really sad. All of the sighting over the last 100 years can't all be mistakes. A friend loves these kinds of stories and watches all the videos, he is really hoping to see something one day. I always tell him it's all fun and games until the probing starts ! .
  15. There just nudist, they may still have good taste in music so the Marie might not go over so well ?
  16. Well she is going to love both eyes better, plus she can keep a better watch on you. Might want to trim your beard and look a little better when she comes back next time.
  17. Mr politically incorrect, one of my favorite parts about him. RIP
  18. There is a TV show. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2101137/episodes?season=1
  19. My favorite was Oxygen, and acetylene or just as good Propane. Plenty of noise in a small package. Tell her good luck, ask her to try to get a patch this time, no patch took all the fun out of it for us. So can she see better out of that one eye ?
  20. What could go wrong, rednecks and rocket engines.
  21. Scared me for a second. Don't feel bad we live about 5 miles from Steins Space center, not once have they called me, I have some good ideas about what they can shoot up in space or blow up, either way I got it covered.
  22. Not a bad idea at all, plenty space, no problem having a big parking area, the wedding idea would be MUCH easier than dealing with a restaurant, that's a full time job. A wedding place with a big pavilion in case of rain, off to the side and a separate building where a catering unit could be set up since they make as much or more then the wedding space. What the heck if nudist want to have a wedding, for the right price i'm sure you could deal with it. $$$ The extra cost for that wedding would at least include pressure washing the chairs after people left.
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