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  1. The smell was not that bad, but if you left and came back in from the back door where the air return was for the heater it was stronger. It usually dries fast and says it's OK to apply down to 40 degrees, it was above 40 but it really slowed it down, took all night to get where you could walk on it. Before 6 hours no re sanding is needed but after 6 hours you are supposed to sand before a second coat. Were hoping since it took all night to get to that point it's going to be OK, probably will. It's going to be a nice place to display PWK's collection of things, and to have listening rooms for different periods of time through the different Klipsch designs. The original Museum will still be in place by the plant, there are enough artifacts to fill both buildings, it will be nice.
  2. I had no idea that was even used back then or later, it was someone's guess as we were pulling it out. Good for you, normal padding does compress and even worse starts to fall apart and is a real mess, smart especially on stairs.
  3. No it was oil based, we were quite surprised the smell was not worse than it was, I think the heater running was drawing the fumes to the back of the house. Still probably lost few brain cells which is OK even though were running low. I was painting poly on the wood trim around the fireplace so he could work right up to it doing the floor. The watering can was 2.5 gallons, you can kind of see it.
  4. Glad your feeling better and hope they get the medicine worked out so you don't have to go through that again, good luck.
  5. I like Craftsman style also, but glad this is not mine it's 3 story and over 4000 Sf, I think 4200 and in Hope. Plus a separate 2 story carriage house behind it. I wish I had those floors also, can not afford those for sure. But 100 years ago that was a standard floor and other stuff went on top. These floors were carpeted from day one with carpet, the padding looked like horse hair or some type of straw and thick. .
  6. Depends on the crowd. But there is always at least one speck of dust. And possibly one in this crowd that wears Depends ? Moose or gel does not have anything on poly, but you better fix it like you like, it's going to last a long time.
  7. Probably more than one spec, it was swept, swiffered, vacuumed and we picked up pieces as we seen them, but yes I am sure we missed some. Minwax Polyurethane satin. About 3.5-4 gallons for the first coat. It never dried In time for the second coat so Craig and Jim went back Sunday morning to put the second coat, and we left to come home. I would think it took a good bit less for the second coat. We used a watering can like you would water plants with to put down a little line and spread it with a tool that is made for that, it's like a t bar and you slide a foam piece on it, it did all the floors without falling apart. It's like a tough foam connected to a PVC pipe that slides over the bar, it works perfect, just what we needed and easy it is 18" wide.
  8. Home again, floor looks really good. This is pictures of it wet, it is not gloss but satin when it dries. 100 year old oak, the first time it has been sealed.
  9. dtel

    NFL 2021

    Yep, it sux, but you can not expect to win when you turn the ball over 4 times, expect or deserve to win. Green Bay is going to be rough for anyone to play at.
  10. Ok, will be gone for a few days, will be back next week, going to seal some 100 year old Oak floors.
  11. I had asked if they would let the employees sign the backs, the girl in the office said no, they took those instead and had each employee sign a certificate and what part they did, very nice of them. Now they let them sign the backs on occasion. It's not far from that now, the only difference is it is now cut with a CNC machine and sprayed differently. Yes it was huge fans that pulled the air out of the room, that black wall to the left is a giant vent, there are giant fans sucking air out, it was so strong I am not sure how they are able to spray in there. It's different now but the same fans, the fans are so strong they are also used for dust collection for the plant. On the roof and behind the building are huge ducts, for the dust collection part it ends up in a dumpster in front of the building. Part of it. I have no idea how it works but you can hear and feel the air being sucked out of the building.
  12. In 2006 at a Pilgrimage in Hope they had 2 drawings for prizes, the first one Daddy Dees name was picked, he won a pair of RF 7's. His daughter was just married, Dee gave the RF 7's to his new son in law so they would have nice speakers. My name was picked in the second drawing and I won a pair of Cornwall lll's, they gave me a disc of pictures with the employees who built them. http://www.cyclonecj.com/dtel/Dtelcorns-small/
  13. Very nice Roy, a true full range speaker in a size that could fit almost anywhere. And it's 100% horn loaded. Your making PWK smile, and continuing his dream. You should be proud of that if nothing else, PWK deserved it and you made it happen. He's watching you and is happy.
  14. Yes a dance for you two, and I don't dance for just anyone, ya caught me in a good mood.
  15. He really was a cool guy, and as nice of a guy as you could meet.
  16. There is a 100% chance I am not going to work tomorrow, but I also don't have even a very small percent of the lotto money.
  17. That's what Daddy Dee used to say, "another trip around the sun", he was a nice guy.
  18. Nope, I no longer have any boats but I like the idea. I will tell the wife what you said so I need a boat, but that will not work. The back door is facing south, the wind always is from the south in the summer or about 9 months out of the year, thought it might help keep it a little cooler. It's the same size as the front door, 9'H and 10'w so it would make an easy drive through.
  19. Happy Birthday MicroMara, seems to be a popular date, have a good day today. .
  20. A little off topic, I watched a bunch of videos yesterday of people being driven around a course by a professional racer, all different kinds of cars but it's really funny. People have no idea of what it's like in a race car. Many different types of cars. This is just one of them
  21. Now he tells us , I know, he needs to say something, if not how can we tease him about being old ?
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