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  1. Sure did have one, everyone knew the ones with the rubber band and propeller were the best.
  2. dtel

    Moai Finished

    Thank you, I will be watching. I would like to try that one day, I could really use one and and if I get brave or a little experience maby some other Tiki designs. The Tiki designs look kind of simple, but when you try to reproduce them it does not take much to make them look silly, but your looks great. I love projects like this, especially if it is to make something I I could not pay what they want normally, if you can even find them. South Mississippi is not even close to Tiki central by far, the only thing i found was about a 36" tall Tiki and it was from a place in Florida,
  3. Ok guess I need to get back to work since I spend half of the day reading and drinking coffee, but the music is playing and the coffee was good, could be worse. Posted because it's was close to 24 hours since the last post here we have some standards even if there low.
  4. dtel

    Ten Fingers Crossed!

    Hopefully he is at the hospital and everything went great, probably busy in a good way.
  5. dtel

    Moai Finished

    Ok I'm jealous, it looks great. We have a Tiki bar in the yard and I want to make things like that but have no talent drawing for designs or know how to make something like that. The real Tiki stuff sold is way more expensive than I care to spend so I try to make things but it's quite intimidating from scratch. I wish you had a tutorial and pictures so we could copy your build. Very nice, wish it was in my bar.
  6. Well have a good roast beef or ham day. And good luck with the baby and daughter.
  7. I would bet some day there will be a shortage of boudains, since so many of those parts have been removed. Depending on the college campus or city we could get in trouble for even putting a label on either, Boudain dysphoria. .
  8. Your right, I meant boudain balls, had to go back and add the balls word...that looks good wish I had some now. Also found out it was spell check that changed it to boudin and I didn't catch it. I have not any I didn't like but this guy has some good stuff. http://www.billysboudin.com/ .
  9. The food at the wedding was great, all locally made by a friend of the groom, plus an open bar, there were a few casualties by the end of the night. The place is called Acadian Village, 32 acres of cabins from the 1800's. http://acadianvillage.org/ The little church in the village, the wedding party about to go in. The next pic is a little ways down the path the place for the reception, it was cool which was good because inside was crowded and the tables outside were full also. Very nice wedding.
  10. Your probably right, I'm from Louisiana, spelling is not high on my list of important things.
  11. What are you referring too..? Boudin balls is a coonazz sausage not in a casing but in a ball shape about 2" across, usually with something in the center, pepper cheese or some type of cheese, then fried. They are good, the the rest is just sausage but well seasoned in many different flavors but all good. Some of it has rice with the meat in it similar to jambalaya, or the red which has no or very little rice and blood from the pig, sometimes called blood sausage. But there all good, they cooked gumbo yesterday while we watched football, plus they grilled some boneless chicken breast stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon, very good. .
  12. dtel

    Ten Fingers Crossed!

    Congratulations, hope everything goes perfectly. Have fun.
  13. Going to a friend's son's wedding this weekend in Lafayette LA, will be looking forward to some good sausage and boudin balls while down there. I couldn't live down there it has grown up so much and the traffic is rough, but they do know good food anywhere around that area. Since there was talk about cars, this weekend is Cruisin the Coast, thousands of old cars. It has grown alot over the 25 years to the point where it now takes almost 30 miles of the coast. https://cruisinthecoast.com/about-cruisin/
  14. 85 and 65% humidity and raining for now, we need the rain.
  15. It's ok, it's perfectly normal to have a little lag at that age, just do the best you can. Love watching the Playing for change videos, when they first started they did not sell copies but I have noticed they do now. I would love to have a DVD with a bunch of them on it, I need to go look again it's been a while.
  16. No wonder I can hear bass so well, if there was only a way to get my high freq hearing back.
  17. Same here, thinking it's the second version, either way I have had no problems with them.
  18. Well with that you should know you have nothing to worry about, maby improve the beating a dead horse skills and trying to change minds that could never change.
  19. Not bourbon but scotch and very strange. Like Tide pods for adults https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/07/business/glenlivet-whisky-scotch-pods.html Glenlivet, one of the venerable names in Scotch whisky, experimented with something new this month: a tiny whisky cocktail that comes in a clear, edible packet instead of a glass. It even came with a hashtag for social media: #noglassrequired. But Twitter users seemed unimpressed, and a little freaked out. In a video released last week, Glenlivet described the walnut-size pouches as “edible cocktail capsules made from seaweed, meaning no need for a glass, ice or a cocktail stirrer.” “To enjoy them, pop the capsule in your mouth and take a bite to release the delicious cocktail ingredients,” said the video, which as of Monday had been viewed more than 8.5 million times on Twitter. Three cocktails are available in the pouches, and the recipes were developed by Tayer + Elementary, a bar in London.
  20. We tend to like one of his original recipes, Hawaiian Firecraker, only about half a bottle left the wife pointed out the other day. I switch between a few, one being Sriracha and a few from down here with more of a vinegar taste like Crystal or Louisiana brand and a little Tabasco Chipotle. Someone gave me a pack of 6 different or unusual hot sauces as a present and I try them also. We go for the normal type not the extra hot stuff. Went on a Tabasco Chipotle kick for about a years once, my sister gave ma a gallon and I ran out in about 7 months and bought another, kind of got away from it a little after that bottle ran out. It was much cheaper by the gallon.
  21. They can't help it it's just the way they are, just be glad it never worked around to be your fault somehow. But they are worth it. I have never tried to cook them but want to. I feel that way about anything I have to fry, it just feel like it's all over you.
  22. Love the finish on that cabinet. The topless pic of the house looks like alot of work, and I don't just say that about anything. I thought the same thing, not me, I'm not scared of heights just scared of falling, well the stop anyway.
  23. 81 now they say 85 for the high, coolest we had yet. humidity 64% and no rain.
  24. My dad had a heart transplant many years ago, he had to go on a strict diet before and after and he said the same thing, even a piece of bread was so salty he could not it at all, he said everything was very salty.
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