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  1. Well go plug-in and recharge, you will be better in no time. Leaving in a little while, so until next week be good. .
  2. Just seen a video of him the other day, it was all timing with him.
  3. That's popular now, I like that rust oleum primer color, thought about priming my old truck and then clear.
  4. I have no idea if there is any differences in the paints, but at that price it is good. Most paint is not cheap anymore, I was shocked last time I needed house paint, even interior. Yes I have about a quart left of the grey and will probably get another gallon since it would be cheaper than more quarts since I don't know how much I will need. YES it was a throw away brush, everyday I would put it in a zip lock bag to keep it from drying, kind of worked. All the metal was cleaned with a wire wheel on a grinder so they were pretty clean, eye and ear protection was needed, can't afford to lose any more hearing. Found some safety goggle's online cheap, 10 for $4.50, at that price when they get a little messed up just throw it away. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086G1J72M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Plus I needed a bunch of cutting wheels and grinding disc, but it was still cheaper than buying Oxygen and Propane for the torch. I do remember a car primer that looked the same. .
  5. Probably, a very short elephant, but he could be fat. Yes I got the metal probably 10-15 years ago to build a sawmill and changed my mind. The metal is from my wifes stepfather in N Louisiana. He was in the business of scraping commercial buildings, mostly in wood manufacturing plants. He would bid on taking them down and then scrap the materials. He had acres of metal he was holding or didn't have time to bring to sell. He told me take what I wanted the price was as cheap as dirt at the time so I loaded up a trailer. Edit; I have been working on this everyday for a couple weeks, mostly cleaning off where there was other things welded on the beams then priming. This was no fun but considering the price I could not complain, I could not have afforded to buy this metal, and wood is also high now and not nearly as strong. Plus I got alot of exercise, it kicked my butt at times. Yes very close, it's slightly different but what they had at the local HD. This stuff is amazing, it sticks very well and is hard to scratch off, even welding on the other side barely messed up the paint, just a little. Good stuff for $32 a gallon, will use the top coat that matches this, probably gray ?
  6. Leaving to go back to Hope Wed but got caught up on my project today. It is free standing, not connected to the building and anchored with 10 1/2" anchors. Finished the frame and it is primed and waiting to be painted, then 5 sheets of plywood on top and rearange the lights. Then I can finally get my shop back to normal, but this really needed to be done for storage to keep the floor un-cluttered with stuff, plus give me a wood rack on the shorter sides. Yes it's heavy enough to hold anything that may go up there and solid, no shaking at all in any direction.
  7. Well they think they got the alligator. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office told WVUE Monday that officials caught a 12-foot alligator, weighing just over 500 pounds, in the same area the man was last seen. Human remains were found in the gator’s stomach. The coroner will determine if they belong to Satterlee.
  8. Yes wish her good luck, just being in the running is a good thing.
  9. It will last a while, a slight bit of rain heading your way.
  10. I feel better, thought I was the only oddball who cooked them with chips for the grandkids. Added peanut once to try to make them taste like the peanut butter cups, it did not work at all, I even added about half a jar of peanut butter and they had very little peanut butter flavor so I tell them to just add it on top if they want it. They tend to like the crushed banana's or the blueberry the most.
  11. John J; Seen that this morning, it was great. True, I agree. True but there is a time and place to fight, where it does not matter, it makes no difference. .
  12. Farmers Almanac has an 80% record of being correct, better than most forcast and this is what they are saying.
  13. A sad day, the victims were just people going to work. Never forget, this made some people happy, just because it's a way of life they don't agree with. Please do not get this locked, everyone has oponions we can't say here.
  14. I have thousands I don't know where they came from, might be you and Steve's ? I don't remember posting that much. Well of course they were, I remember that one where you , oh never mind.
  15. I would think that's what happened, and loss of blood, he probably lost consiciousness before the alligator came back. I would imgine his wife is some messed up. .
  16. Make a solar powered oven on your patio, almost any black closed in box might work. ' When I smoke in the summer i only need to raise the temp about 125 degrees and much less if I move it into the sun.
  17. They usually hunt above the water, then go under and slowly swim up underwater to right where they want to attack, or they just swim right up on top and go after whatever they want. I would rather see a alligator than a spider, a spider has to do nothing and I may have heart failure.
  18. Take the top off, there are usually a couple fuses inside, it's free to check. If not many people bought from this place refurbished but in some casses a longer warranty. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/avreceiver/home-audio/receivers-amps/home-theater-receivers/1.html
  19. It was wild, we heard the story and then a few days later they released the name and we realized who it was.
  20. That was yesterday, I hate to hear about this but knowing him and all the crazy that happened years ago with all of us I did laugh a little, he would have done the same. He was a nice guy, and funny, we all got seperated with jobs, familys, kids and never got to see everyone as time past. I guess the good part was he had passed out when on the stairs, maby dead, so he was not awake when it came back and drug him off. That's better than being attacked by an alligator twice and knowing about it twice. They have been, no way to know which one it was and they may find something eventually ? It was kind of crazy to walk around in the water in that neighborhood with all the waterfront houses people tend to feed the alligators, so with high water they could be anywhere.
  21. I had heard this story but just today they released his name and it was a friend of ours we had not seen in years. I worked with him for many years and he and my wife's sister almost got married years ago. We would fish together and go camping and horseback riding, we had a group that did things together. My wife was reading the news and said oh shxx it was Tim Satterlee that was killed by the alligator, it was a suprise. And to think all the crazy stuff we did together, it was always a party, it's a wonder we got this far along. And then to be killed by an alligator, I know it's not right but I did have to laugh a little, he would have laughed if were me I guarantee. The alligator attacked him and his wife pulled him up on the steps out of the water to go get help and the alligator came back and drug him off, they have not found anything left, yet. https://www.wlox.com/2021/08/31/71-year-old-presumed-dead-after-post-hurricane-gator-attack/ SLIDELL, La. (WVUE) - A 71-year-old man was apparently killed by an alligator in floodwaters following Hurricane Ida, according to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. According to officials, the man and his wife were walking in floodwaters in Avery Estates off Highway 90 in Slidell around midday Monday, Aug. 30. The victim’s wife says she was inside the home when she heard a commotion and went outside to see a large alligator attacking her husband. Deputies say she immediately ran to her husband’s aid to stop the attack. Once the attack was over, she reportedly pulled her husband out of the floodwaters and went back inside to get first aid supplies. When she returned and realized the severity of his injuries, deputies say she immediately got into her pirogue and went to higher ground a mile away to get help. When she returned, her husband was no longer lying on the steps. Deputies attempted to locate the man but were unsuccessful. .
  22. Never seen hat before, looks like it works.
  23. Yes, if they eat them 2 lumps. Tree rats, they eat my wires along the lights out in the bar about 1/3 of the hanging lights on the ceiling don't work, I need to fix or replace them. I have the power lines and speaker wires in metal tubes, they even chewed halfway through the back of one Heresy. That squirrel living behind the speaker has passed on, he got the Remington plan.
  24. True, I need to get some alka seltzer.
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