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    Klipsch: Heresy II, KG-1.2, KLF-C7, KSW-12, KV-1, Quintet Gen II, RB-3CH, RB-25, RC-35, RC-52 II, RF-25, RS-42 II, RSW-10, RSX-4, RSX-5
    Jamo: Cornet 175, E 6 CEN, SURR 150
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    Polk: DSW-PRO440, DSW-PRO660, TSi-100
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Community Answers

  1. I did a side-by-side with the RSW-15 in case anyone else was having the same question. The 1600SW may have me putting Klipsch back on the shortlist if I ever have issues with mine.
  2. Another bump. Make an offer. It needs a new home.
  3. The 2.2's I'd run as Speaker A. 2.1's to Speaker B. For the passive sub, you'll run the Speaker A (or B ) from the receiver to the sub input. Then from the sub output, you'll run it to the speakers. Don't double up on the receiver, that isn't how its designed to work.
  4. I held onto these forever, because they're such an awesome speaker, but an offer to upgrade presented itself. Thus, it's time to part ways. These speakers held their own against many other contenders over the years. They've been moved around from computer systems to finally resting in a bedroom. I'm the second owner, but while they've been in my care they've been well cared for. Their only flaw right now is dust! I'm in the process of cleaning the grilles on them, so those are not in the picture below. Drivers are nice and clear, stands are in good shape, binding posts are clean. These speakers are ready to rock someone's world. The satellite speaker that doesn't know it's a satellite speaker is up for $100 + shipping. These don't come around super often anymore (the 5's at least).
  5. The "minimum input" figure is something I've never understood - especially with Klipsch speakers. The mainstay of Klipsch speakers (or one of them anyway) has always been their power efficiency. Plenty of us power systems with as little as 1 watt. Let alone 120.
  6. The matching floor speakers are the RF-25's. You could run 15's (less preferable) or 35's (more preferable) as well. Other systems that use 6" drivers and 1" horns would work, but the timbre matching and voice matching is the RF-x5 series, and those speakers were specifically designed with the RF-25's in mind.
  7. A 16"? 👀 I wonder how it'd stack up against the RSW-15's.
  8. The RF-3's would be an upgrade over the R-28F, however if you have the option between the CF-2's and the RF-3, the CF-2's would probably perform better in most scenarios save possibly for Home Theater. As a reminder, Reference pre-2016 are the lineage that "Reference Premier" draws itself from. The progression from past to present in Reference is RF-3, RF-3 II, RF-35, RF-82, RF-82 II, RP-820F, RP-802F. The analog comparison is the R-28F to the SF-3 versus the RP-802F to the RF-3 II.
  9. Price updated. It's taking up space.
  10. Then you have an older ProMedia 2.1 system. There's no real need to turn them off, however.
  11. Not necessary. Read a few posts up and you will see that pushing the volume knob will turn the system off. I also have one of these systems on a flight sim configuration and that is indeed the standby method.
  12. The bus that is used on the PS1, PS2, and PS3's are all the same interconnects. What is different is this is one of the unique situations where the cabling matters. Another thing you need to remember is that the PS1 was not built for any kind of digital output. It used its own onboard DAC for everything. The 1001 had the benefit of being able to accept cabling that was larger than the 22GA RCA interconnects that were typically used as well. Sony saw a marketing opportunity and took it by using the unified bus A/V cabling. The only thing the PS1 had going against it was the disc tray which was notorious for chewing up discs (the 2nd and 3rd generation PS2's also did this, it's why I got rid of my slim). Fortunately by the time they came out with the slim PS3's they used a soft-tip spindle instead.
  13. I totally forgot to come around to this again, so here's some of the straight up photos. Photo #2 shows the screen being weird. It does have the remote though! Which seems like it's an odd thing to still have. It was working on the last test that I ran.
  14. Based on how your speakers are configured at the front, I don't imagine your room is that large and takes much to fill with sound. That AVR is a monster. You aren't going to gain anything going to a power amp over a capable receiver such as that in your space. Spend money on treatments or additional extensions (i.e. another sub). A power amp is wasted in that environment.
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