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    Berseria System (7.2.1)
    Pre HT: Rotel RSP-1582
    Amp L/R: Parasound 2250v2
    Amp High: Parasound 2125v2
    Amp OB: Parasound 5125
    BDP: Oppo UDP-203
    CDDA: Cambridge Audio CXC
    Pre/DAC 2CH: Parasound 200 Pre
    Tuner: Rotel RDG-1520
    Media: Sony PS3 and PS4
    Dell XPS 8930
    NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super
    Elgato HD60 Pro
    NSCIT-822 Digital Media Controller
    Dell Inspiron-15 7579, Docked
    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-3 II w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-7
    High L/R: Klipsch RB-5MA
    Side L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Rear L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Sub: Klipsch RSW-15
    Power Bank A: APC G5
    Power Bank B: APC G5

    Symphonia System (5.1)
    AVR: Integra DTR-40.3
    BluRay: Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD
    TV: Vizio E40-C2
    Main L/R: Klipsch 1981 Heresy OO I w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-3 II
    Sub: Klipsch KSW-15

    Xillia System (B Zone from Symphonia System) (2.0)
    Main L/R: Klipsch KG-2WO

    Huxian System (2.0)
    SR: Yamaha R-N500
    SA/CD: Yamaha CD-N500
    Turntable: Technics SL-1500
    Main L/R: Klipsch 1988 Forte OO

    Zestiria System (2.0)
    Amp: IIIP 40x2 Tube Amp
    Tuner: Parasound vTuner
    Main L/R: Klipsch RSX-5

    Garage System (2.0)
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V2500
    L/R: Klipsch KP-101BR/KOMA

    Deck System (C Zone from Symphonia System) (2.0)
    Main L/R: Klipsch AW-650

    Misc Gear/Systems:
    Headphones: Klipsch Status
    Work Headphones: Klipsch Status
    Portable Headphones: Klipsch R6h
    Portable: Klipsch Groove

    Amplifier Emeritus
    Aiwa: CX-NAJ20, CX-NAJ305, CX-NDS50
    Denon: AVR-1513, AVR-X4200
    Emotiva: Fusion 8100, MC-700, UPA-1, UPA-2, UPA-5, UPA-500, XPA-2 I, XPA-3 I
    Harman: AVR-354
    Integra: DRX-3.1, DTM-40.4
    Kenwood: VR-305, VR- 414
    Marantz: NR1501, SR5004
    Nakamichi: AV-500
    Pioneer: SA-420
    Yamaha: RX-V390, RX-V530, RX-V663, RX-V730

    Speaker Emeritus
    Aiwa: SX-C610, SX-NAJ22, SX-NAJ302, SX-NAJ502, SX-R145, SX-R290
    Emotiva: UOM-6.2
    Kenwood: KS-303HT; SW-22HT
    Klipsch: Heresy II, KG-1.2, KLF-C7, KSW-12, KV-1, Quintet Gen II, RB-3CH, RB-25, RC-35, RC-52 II, RF-25, RS-42 II, RSW-10, RSX-4
    Jamo: Cornet 175, E 6 CEN, SURR 150
    JBL: N 38
    MTX: AAL 540
    Pioneer: CS-G53
    Polk: DSW-PRO440, DSW-PRO660, TSi-100
    Sony: SS-MB100H
    Yamaha: NSA 636, YST-160, YST-SW012
    Zenith: Allegro 2000

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  1. That's not really how that works. You don't lose power with age. That being said, your AVR isn't capable of 1000 W total, at max it will only produce 165-180W for one channel. Assuming it's a 5-channel unit, that means it's under 30 WPC. That is per your units operating manual. The typical 2-channel output is likely around 50. That is also not true. The 540 is rated for 310W maximum output, so around 60 WPC. Entry level units will likely spec lower than the PSU's will allow as well. What is your budget?
  2. I...certainly wasn't expecting this to take that kind of a turn...
  3. Bumping this again. The RSP came back again, this time with an identifiable problem. It is still under warranty, so Rotel is replacing the XLR board on the unit. I will be relisting this on AudioGon after it's repaired, but I'm gonna go ahead and also give people here first dibs if they do want a newly refreshed RSP with the HDMI 2.0a board. Price here will still be $1,200 + PayPal and Shipping. AudioGon will be $1,400 again.
  4. Few AVR's will put out 95-110 RMS all channels driven. Most of those ratings are for 2 channels or 1 channel driven. The cleanliness of the power is much more important than the wattage numbers. There are plenty of people here that have single-watt configurations that would blow you away.
  5. It wasn't bait, it was just observation and fact. A lot of people weren't alive or able to comprehend what was happening. I certainly don't recall everything from being 5 years old. It's what happens. As for the "people forgot line", have you looked at a social media timeline today? None of that was bait - it was simple fact. It's sad, but it's world we live in today. They ran a sad news story locally about how there are already plenty of students that shrug it off. Maybe it's just my history background, maybe it's something else, no idea...but that irks me a bit. The magnitude of "so-what's" I've seen this year is really sad.
  6. It's simple: People (lied) forgot - or people weren't alive/comprehending for it. This is the harrowing face of reality.
  7. Looks like I forgot a 0. Should work in a sec.
  8. Something about marketing a 12 channel amplifier with 3000 Watts of power at 300 WPC for $249 NIB and 16 lbs doesn't really make me feel like I'm handling quality, regardless of the company's past.
  9. Pyle is one of those brands I will go on record and say is a garbage brand with garbage products. Do not buy a product from them, none of their products will do much other than damage your speakers. I don't know the basics necessary to build an HT AVR - which it sounds like what you're going for rather than a straight amplifier. If you want something basic, I'd stay with the 663 for now until you can afford something a bit better.
  10. That won't be easy based on your following post: You're talking 9 channels, with Atmos. $275 isn't a lot to go on there. You might be able to get something in the 5.2.1 configuration, but I don't believe there's much, if anything, out there in the 7.2.1 under $400 or $500. At least, nothing worth it's weight.
  11. Mismatched timbre. No. The center designed to go with those was the RC-62. As mentioned elsewhere though, the RC-3, RC-35, or other similar center channels would also work. You could also do another RB-61.
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