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    Blue Room System (9.1)
    AVR: Emotiva Fusion 8100
    Cooled by ACInfinity T-8
    Amp L/R: Emotiva UPA-2
    Amp C: Emotiva UPA-1
    DAC: Emotiva XDA-2 Gen 1
    SA/CD: Emotiva ERC-1
    BDP: Oppo BDP-103
    Media: Sony PS2, PS3 and PS4
    Asus VivoMini VM42
    TV: LG 49UH6100
    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-3 II w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-7
    High L/R: Klipsch RB-5MA
    Side L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Rear L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Sub: Klipsch RSW-10

    Red Room/Office System (2/2.0)
    AVR: Yamaha R-N500
    A L/R: Klipsch RSX-4
    B L/R: Klipsch RSX-5

    Green Room System (2.0)
    AVR: Marantz NR-1501
    SA/CD: Emotiva ERC-1
    Media: Roku Stick 2
    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-3 II

    Gold Room System (coming soon)
    AVR: Integra DTM-40.4
    SA/CD: Integra DPS-10.5
    Turntable: Music Hall USB-1
    Main L/R: Klipsch 2017 Heresy CH III

    Living Room System (5/2.1)
    AVR: Emotiva Fusion 8100
    Media: Google Chromecast Gen 2
    Turntable: Pioneer PL-990
    TV: Vizio E40-C2
    Main L/R: Klipsch 1981 Heresy OO I w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-3 II
    Zone L/R: Klipsch KG-2WO
    Rear L/R: Klipsch RS-3
    Sub: Klipsch KSW-15

    Garage System (Zone 2 from Living Room) (4.0)
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V730
    A L/R: Klipsch KP-101BR/KOMA
    C L/R: Klipsch KG-1.2

    Deck System (B Zone from Garage) (2.)
    B L/R: Emotiva UOM-6.2

    Misc Gear/Systems:
    Headphones: Klipsch Status
    Earphones: Klipsch R6
    Portable: Klipsch Groove

    Amplifier Emeritus
    Aiwa: CX-NAJ20, CX-NAJ305, CX-NDS50
    Denon: AVR-1513
    Harman: AVR-354
    Kenwood: VR-305, VR- 414
    Marantz: SR5004
    Nakamichi: AV-500
    Pioneer: SA-420
    Yamaha: RX-V390, RX-V530, RX-V2500

    Speaker Emeritus
    Aiwa: SX-C610, SX-NAJ22, SX-NAJ302, SX-NAJ502, SX-R145, SX-R290
    Kenwood: KS-303HT; SW-22HT
    Klipsch: KSW-12, Quintet Gen II, RB-3CH, RB-25, RC-35, RC-52 II, RF-25, RS-42 II
    Jamo: Cornet 175, E 6 CEN, SURR 150
    JBL: N 38
    MTX: AAL 540
    Pioneer: CS-G53
    Polk: DSW-PRO440, DSW-PRO660, TSi-100
    Sony: SS-MB100H
    Yamaha: NSA 636, YST-160, YST-SW012
    Zenith: Allegro 2000

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  1. Good options for audio, I hadn't considered the Blackbirds. This would definitely be your best bet audio wise, and you can bypass video to your TV/monitor or just not use it if you only want the audio.
  2. For video, you need a good digital to analog converter that will split the A/V signal. Signal degradation is massive from HDMI to RCA though, and most converters do a poor job. Audio is the same, you'd need a DAC with HDMI. They exist, but generally are not cheap. The best option is to upgrade the AVR.
  3. From what I understand, the baffle will not allow for that. I believe the RF II baffles and horn throat are integrated.
  4. There are options, but I'd like to remind you, putting a cheaper receiver on a pair of $1000-$3000 speakers is never the best idea. Here are a few options at $100 more that would be a pretty decent and worthwhile consideration: These two are in your range, but the others would be better: The RF-7's perform best - from what I've heard with beefy amplifications, which will not come from an AVR. You need dedicated separates for that. Emotiva has options for this in the $800 range. However, that being said, they will still sound magical with as little as 1 watt. They are super sensitive, so even 1 watt will give you close to 100 dB of SPL.
  5. I'd do the 64 instead. I've heard a few people put the 62 above the 450 as well.
  6. The horn throat is what is different between the II and the RP line. I am not sure you will hear that difference though. I have a friend who has RP-280SA towers and an RC-64. I could not discern any difference across the sound stage in movies. The 62 is still raved about on here, with good reason. I think you owe it some serious consideration. Oh, and if you think that kink is bad...just wait. Upgrade bugs will find you. I started on this forum in 2014 with quintets, two RF-3's and a jamo setup...32 Klipsch speakers later...(and other gear)...
  7. Here are a few RC-62's out there now: And here are the spec's: Bigger and better than the RP-250C. You'd be much happier with it. Driver material will be the same, and the driver size will be the same.
  8. They're both titanium tweeters. You are confusing the Reference II/Reference line with the Icon/Reference line at Best Buy. They are not interchangeable. The RC-62 II runs in the same vein as the RC-3 and 35. The RC-62 or RC-64 would both be phenomenal additions, though the 64 would probably be out of your budget.
  9. Generally you want to go with one with the lowest level of distortion/cleanest power. What does "reasonably affordable" mean to you? Are you using a 2-CH setup, or surround? Music? Movies? What's the size of your room?
  10. Any particular reason? The RC-62 would spank the 250C and would be timbre matched. You could always do the RP-160M's with stands, I'd probably do that instead.
  11. Incorrect. I'm not sure of the details on some of the speakers labels, but the RC-3 is rated at 100 Watts...maybe 150. The RC-7 is rated at 200.
  12. I'd try and work in the RP-260F's if at all possible. The 6's seem to be the real sweet spot, good space saver with a good punch. I can't comment on the 250C, but I know I really did not like my RC-52 II which is the grandpappy of the RP-250C. See if you can track down an RC-62 II to go with those, and you'll have a really killer 3.0 setup.
  13. Usually that's an issue with the wire itself. Run a fresh speaker wire lead and ensure everything is fastened good.
  14. Surely you don't mean a man's truck. Maybe like a Tonka truck......or more likely a Hot Wheels truck...
  15. ...are....are you being for real? Wasn't there a Civ C-132 at one point?