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    Legendia System (9.1)
    Pre/Pro: Emotiva MC-700
    Amp S/R: Emotiva UPA-500
    Amp L/R: Emotiva UPA-2
    Amp C: Emotiva UPA-1
    DAC: Emotiva XDA-2 Gen 1
    SA/CD: Emotiva ERC-1
    BDP: Oppo BDP-103
    Turntable: Technics SL-1500
    Phono Stage: Schiit Mani
    Media: Sony PS2, PS3 and PS4
    Dell Inspiron 3668
    TV: LG 49UH6100
    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-3 II w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-7
    High L/R: Klipsch RB-5MA
    Side L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Rear L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Sub: Klipsch RSW-15

    Symphonia System (3/2.1)
    AVR: Emotiva Fusion 8100 (In Service)
    SA/CD: Emotiva ERC-1
    Media: Google Chromecast Gen 2
    TV: Vizio E40-C2
    Main L/R: Klipsch 1981 Heresy OO I w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-3 II
    Sub: Klipsch KSW-15

    Xillia System (2.0)
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V2500
    Main L/R: Klipsch KG-2WO

    Phantasia System (Console 2.0)
    AVR: Integra DTM-40.4
    SA/CD: Integra DPS-10.5
    Turntable: Pioneer PL-990
    Main L/R: Klipsch RSX-5

    Zestiria System (2.0)
    AVR: Yamaha R-N500
    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-3 II

    Garage System (Zone 2 from Living Room) (4.0)
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V730
    A L/R: Klipsch KP-101BR/KOMA
    C L/R: Klipsch KG-1.2

    Deck System (B Zone from Garage) (2.0)
    B L/R: Emotiva UOM-6.2

    Misc Gear/Systems:
    Headphones: Klipsch Status
    Work Headphones: Klipsch R6h
    Earphones: Klipsch R6e
    Portable: Klipsch Groove

    Reserve Speakers:
    Klipsch: RSX-4

    Amplifier Emeritus
    Aiwa: CX-NAJ20, CX-NAJ305, CX-NDS50
    Denon: AVR-1513
    Harman: AVR-354
    Kenwood: VR-305, VR- 414
    Marantz: NR1501, SR5004
    Nakamichi: AV-500
    Pioneer: SA-420
    Yamaha: RX-V390, RX-V530, RXV-663BL, RX-V2500

    Speaker Emeritus
    Aiwa: SX-C610, SX-NAJ22, SX-NAJ302, SX-NAJ502, SX-R145, SX-R290
    Kenwood: KS-303HT; SW-22HT
    Klipsch: KLF-C7, KSW-12, KV-1, Quintet Gen II, RB-3CH, RB-25, RC-35, RC-52 II, RF-25, RS-42 II
    Jamo: Cornet 175, E 6 CEN, SURR 150
    JBL: N 38
    MTX: AAL 540
    Pioneer: CS-G53
    Polk: DSW-PRO440, DSW-PRO660, TSi-100
    Sony: SS-MB100H
    Yamaha: NSA 636, YST-160, YST-SW012
    Zenith: Allegro 2000

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  1. Klipsch vs. Axiom Audio, Fact or Fiction

    That's honestly part of the problem I think most people who drop tens of thousands of dollars on speaker wire have. You don't trust your ears - your very sensory input that tells you what you hear - to tell you what you hear. Ignoring what your own tastes are is not a wise decision in this field.
  2. Klipsch vs. Axiom Audio, Fact or Fiction

    Your best bet is to listen to them yourself and determine that. No harm, no foul if they're free.
  3. Klipsch official price vs Amazon price

    Absolutely no difference. Same product. Same quality. Same warranty. Some vendors might be overstocked, some might have good relationships with Klipsch. But that is a legit authorized seller - go for it.
  4. The powered speakers Peachtree has look pretty darn nice for $300. Would give R-14M's and the Stadium a run for their money.
  5. Enough receiver for now?

    Sound Quality, generally. Also you have to understand that most pre-pro's are just non-amped versions of the flagship model, they don't make a pre-pro version of the SR-5012 for example, no point in that. They're built around the SR-8012. Power amps aren't really subject to power declination either - so if you're doing 5.2.2 or something, I'd just do it that way anyway.
  6. Enough receiver for now?

    AV systems are pres only, not AVRs. SR and NR are AVRs.
  7. Enough receiver for now?

    Not at all true.
  8. Enough receiver for now?

    I didn't say, and don't say it's ethical or correct. I'm just telling you what they mean and what they'd say, and how the industry probably defends it.
  9. Enough receiver for now?

    Per channel, as in each channel is capable. Each channel on its own is capable of 175 RMS. Now if you add another...and another...and another... The issue is when you see specs stated as "95 x 7" which some do, because it is probably not that. Even then though one might argue it is 95, but after distortion, processing and signal path, it's lower.
  10. Enough receiver for now?

    Both AVRs from Cambridge Audio produce 120 and 200 WPC ACD respectively at the price of $1200 and $2500. Rotel also offers a 100+ AVR at $2000. They're out there, you just need to stop buying the Olive Garden brand.
  11. Enough receiver for now?

    They're honestly not doing anything wrong as long as the factual specs are posted. It's the consumers responsibility to do the research and make an educated purchase - a company is not responsible for the fact that the customer bought into an annotated specification that could be disproven and corrected by just reading the manual or reading the specs online. "This town-car is capable of travelling 160 MPH." Q: Do you need it to do that? Does it do that? Does it matter if it doesn't do that? How easily can that be disproven? What about how that was determined? A: Shouldn't. Probably Not. Maybe. Engine Specs. Probably when the car was going downhill with the wind after it had peaked speed. And you find all that with simple research.
  12. Enough receiver for now?

    Not necessary. Do the math. How many channels are you running? Every channel you add reduces the amount of power going to those speakers. Factor in distortion, and factor in what kind of power you're dealing with. 500/7 = 71, factor in your distortion, class of power, and the processing, and that number is probably lower. I've said it before - I'll say it again - anymore, you will not get an AVR that puts out 100 WPC or more for under $2k that includes all of your Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, HDMI 2.2 stuff. At least not the mainstream name brands.
  13. Enough receiver for now?

    Probably close to the same, 50. Maybe 60.
  14. I've been where you are - and the advantageous purchase is to go used or refurbished. I'd recommend buying The Sixes though, especially if cost and space are an issue and you're demanding of a new product.
  15. Installing my R15-M to my vinyl player

    If you don't have a system with a phono-stage amp - then you're not going to be able to use the turntable. If you don't have a system at all, you're not going to be able to use the R-15M speakers. Klipsch does make the R-14PM which are powered monitors (maybe a 15?). They have a phono stage in them, but otherwise you don't have all the parts for a system yet.