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    Berseria System (7.2.1)
    Pre HT: Rotel RSP-1582
    Amp L/R: Parasound 2250v2
    Amp High: Parasound 2125v2
    Amp OB: Parasound 5125
    BDP: Oppo UDP-203
    CDDA: Cambridge Audio CXC
    Pre/DAC 2CH: Parasound 200 Pre
    Tuner: Rotel RDG-1520
    Media: Sony PS3 and PS4
    Dell XPS 8930
    NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super
    Elgato HD60 Pro
    NSCIT-822 Digital Media Controller
    Dell Inspiron-15 7579, Docked
    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-3 II w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-7
    High L/R: Klipsch RB-5MA
    Side L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Rear L/R: Klipsch RS-3 II
    Sub: Klipsch RSW-15
    Power Bank A: APC G5
    Power Bank B: APC G5

    Symphonia System (5.1)
    AVR: Integra DTR-40.3
    BluRay: Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD
    TV: Vizio E40-C2
    Main L/R: Klipsch 1981 Heresy OO I w/ Crites XO
    Main C: Klipsch RC-3 II
    Sub: Klipsch KSW-15

    Xillia System (B Zone from Symphonia System) (2.0)
    Main L/R: Klipsch KG-2WO

    Huxian System (2.0)
    SR: Yamaha R-N500
    SA/CD: Yamaha CD-N500
    Turntable: Technics SL-1500
    Main L/R: Klipsch 1988 Forte OO

    Zestiria System (2.0)
    Amp: IIIP 40x2 Tube Amp
    Tuner: Parasound vTuner
    Main L/R: Klipsch RSX-5

    Garage System (2.0)
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V2500
    L/R: Klipsch KP-101BR/KOMA

    Deck System (C Zone from Symphonia System) (2.0)
    Main L/R: Klipsch AW-650

    Misc Gear/Systems:
    Headphones: Klipsch Status
    Work Headphones: Klipsch Status
    Portable Headphones: Klipsch R6h
    Portable: Klipsch Groove

    Amplifier Emeritus
    Aiwa: CX-NAJ20, CX-NAJ305, CX-NDS50
    Denon: AVR-1513, AVR-X4200
    Emotiva: Fusion 8100, MC-700, UPA-1, UPA-2, UPA-5, UPA-500, XPA-2 I, XPA-3 I
    Harman: AVR-354
    Integra: DRX-3.1, DTM-40.4
    Kenwood: VR-305, VR- 414
    Marantz: NR1501, SR5004
    Nakamichi: AV-500
    Pioneer: SA-420
    Yamaha: RX-V390, RX-V530, RX-V663, RX-V730

    Speaker Emeritus
    Aiwa: SX-C610, SX-NAJ22, SX-NAJ302, SX-NAJ502, SX-R145, SX-R290
    Emotiva: UOM-6.2
    Kenwood: KS-303HT; SW-22HT
    Klipsch: Heresy II, KG-1.2, KLF-C7, KSW-12, KV-1, Quintet Gen II, RB-3CH, RB-25, RC-35, RC-52 II, RF-25, RS-42 II, RSW-10, RSX-4
    Jamo: Cornet 175, E 6 CEN, SURR 150
    JBL: N 38
    MTX: AAL 540
    Pioneer: CS-G53
    Polk: DSW-PRO440, DSW-PRO660, TSi-100
    Sony: SS-MB100H
    Yamaha: NSA 636, YST-160, YST-SW012
    Zenith: Allegro 2000

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  1. Shipping with anything other than freight is a mistake on these. The logistics of getting them on freight isn't something I think most people would want to get involved with.
  2. Maaaaaaan...if I was willing to eat shipping costs on those I'd buy at least one. Daisy chain my current 15 and just have a pair in the corner. How are these even still available?
  3. Just to clarify, that is false. The RB-5, RB-5 II, RB-35, RB-81, and RB-81 II all used 8" woofers - and that's just the Reference lines.
  4. New Year, so I need to clear out some extra stuff. Replacements have also left me with some extra stuff, so I need to offload some of it. I'll get pictures on these later tonight/tomorrow. First of all, these are still available: The RSP-1582 is currently in Chicago getting serviced. Apparently the part they had on order arrived dead, so they're waiting still for another replacement board. I can have the unit shipped direct from the service center to a buyer. Also available is a pair for Klipsch RS-3 II's in black. Vinyl is acting like it's going on them, but it hasn't come off yet and some glue will resolve it by and large. Asking $125 + ship. - Sale pending. That's all for the audio gear, the rest is computer stuffs I know there are a couple of computer guys here so these are listed just in case. Dell Inspiron 3668 (No HDD or RAM) : $150 + ship - I can acquire parts needed if you cover the expense. Intel i5-7400 Processor, built-in WiFi & Bluetooth, 360W PSU. Wireless key/mouse combo (microsoft). Dell XPS 8940 : $500 + ship Intel i7-11700 Processor, built-in WiFi & Bluetooth, 460W PSU, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, 512GB M.2 SSD Boot Drive. Win10 Pro. Wireless key/mouse combo (logitech). Dell Inspiron Laptop 15-3000: $100 + ship Intel i5-7200U Processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 500 GB HDD, 15.6" display. Win10 Home. Note: PC prices are negotiable. I know PC parts are way freaky in pricing right now. Computer pics can be provided on request. I'll get the speakers posted though as I mentioned sometime soon.
  5. There should be a fair amount of stands that work with the RS-3's. I've seen a fair share of them out there, but I couldn't tell you what they are. I've always had mine on the walls. You should be able to use just about any stand that doesn't use guides or screws (using padded feet and grips) that can be used for surrounds.
  6. Secondary bump. I have spoken with the repair guys - they are just waiting on the new board for the unit. Apparently the last one was DOA. Not good considering the shortage of supply in chips right now. I'm probably going to try and sell these as a pair at this point. $1,400 to forum members plus shipping for the pair. I'll update perspective interest as I get updates from the repair shop (no final commitments until I have both units to ship, I'd just like to have this unit shipped from the distro to the new owner). My goal is to have these units sold ahead of an anticipated extended leave for work. I anticipate sale would be around or just after the holidays.
  7. I think at my peak, I had 30 or thereabout. I've since drawn down to 22, which could possibly make it back up to 27 at some point.
  8. I don't know about the RF-7 II, my RF-3 II's are around 8" off the wall, which is very close by most accounts. The RC-7 is closer at 3". I think in your particular application the 7's close to the wall would perform as well or better than your alternatives.
  9. I have heard many things on the 6000-LCR's. Mostly that if you're just doing movies and nothing else, they sound really good - but that's about it. If you ever intend to have music in that room, they'll sound like a watered down mess. If I'm remembering right too, they're older than the 7 II and 64 II, and were never replaced. So you need to think; if Klipsch didn't replace them and kept on with the 7 and 64's, then that's probably where I'd place my bets. The only thing I'd swap out in there is the 64 for another 7, but that may not be practical - and if you were to do this, the 6000-LCR would have no leg to stand on to begin with.
  10. Oh, they certainly are. The only in-wall or in-ceiling anything I'd ever entertain would be the Atmos pieces. Would never run in-wall for anything I need to constantly sound good and rich.
  11. They're listed on Klipsch's Online Authorized Dealers: Authorized USA Online Dealers | Klipsch
  12. Unfortunately I'm not a very good reference for tubes since I'm mostly solid state myself. The monoprice was affordable and the footprint was right for the space I was handling and the speakers I was powering. The only other brand I'm aware of at a price that I'd call reasonable is Schiit.
  13. This is absolute bunk, and I'm disappointed there's someone in the team that's making up numbers like this. These speakers aren't "rated" for room sizes - no speaker is, and if it is, it shouldn't be.
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