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  1. They will not be. They would be a downgrade. As established above, they're Reference, not Reference Premier. The R-800F is the big box store line. The RP is the Reference Premier line, better quality all hands down from what you'd see elsewhere.
  2. To clarify, are they updating their naming convention again for Reference to be....actually Reference? If not (and I don't see any replacement for the regular Reference line) my assumption is these are *not* the natural upgrade for @Dr Morbius's RP-8000F that are mentioned - as those are Reference Premier, no?
  3. Then you have them improperly set up, improperly EQ'd, or have something defective on the XO's. They absolutely do not need a subwoofer. I run mine with a Parasound 200 Pre and a 2125, and they can very easily punch way into the territory of floorstanders.
  4. That's because the RB-5's, when EQ'd properly (even with just flat tone controls), have absolutely no problems acting bigger than they really are - especially when they have power.
  5. Bump, tuner's still for sale. I know someone could use a digital tuner.
  6. Here's another vote for the Yamaha CX-A's. I run a 5100 and couldn't be happier with it.
  7. Casual bump. Tis tax season... y'know what'd look good in place of your tax return? lol I'm open to offers for Klipsch forum members too at this point. We're at the "it's taking up space" part of the sale. haha
  8. Preamps generally will have some sort of EQ or Tone Control that can modify how the sound is presented to you. If I'm not mistaken, most integrated pre-amp systems that do not have either of these will generally run flat. For people like me that run flat anyway, that isn't a big deal, but for others it is a huge deal. Looking just at a glance at the preamp you mentioned though, aside from the balance control and input switching, you are not likely to hear a difference unless the Perreaux is sonically much different from the Cambridge. Generally, I've been pretty satisfied with how Cambridge gear sounds, so if you aren't a super critical listener, you won't notice a difference in this case. In many other cases though, that may not be the same.
  9. Really? No biters on this? I am a bit surprised I still have the RSP to be honest.
  10. RSP has been freshly serviced and is ready to ship. Has a brand new XLR and input board from Rotel. Soooooo...bump.
  11. My main question is this: what has you looking to replace the 35's? They're decent surrounds with a reputable history and rating. Regular upgraditis?
  12. The only reference to the specified publication is a Facebook page that last posted in 2008 and a website URL to a domain that Facebook flagged as in violation of community standards. The URL itself redirects to a site called "NNI." So, I think it's relatively easy to put two pieces of the puzzle together here. Further down in their history section, they just copied the info right off Costco's Wikipedia page: Costco - Wikipedia
  13. I've been waiting for Spotify's HiFi service to come out, but sadly that didn't happen last year. I still use it though and generally like the service though. Seems to have the largest catalogue all around for music. Tidal was a second choice, but it's missing quite a bit, and the pain from having to move my already existing playlists is enough to irk me a bit. Plus it's not Sync friendly. haha
  14. All of his stuff is priced way out there - although I'm sure that's the point of the thread here. $880 for 22 games and an N64 - I could go to a resale store and get one with warranty, and those same 22 games for $200. Don't me started on his "Sony system with 2 towers" for $1,500.
  15. Sadly, speakers tend to depreciate over time. Very few if any will fetch the MSRP ever again after purchase.
  16. Definitely not a *player* the way you're thinking of it. If anything, that appears more to be a studio editor (i.e., FL Studio, Audacity, etc.) of some variety, but I know of nothing that looks remotely close to that. Wouldn't be what I'd use to play music back casually. Probably closer to what wuzzer said - it simply doesn't exist outside of the ad.
  17. I've heard them read out about 100 different ways. I usually just say "torx", but at least three hardware stores around me will just look at you goofy if you say it that way. lol Cool. Nothing to do with my intention, but cool...
  18. I must not be very good in looking for screws on the internet. I've been wanting to replace some of the Tor-X screws on my older reference line with the copper ones that they're using on the new Reference line. Apparently even finding the old black ones isn't being kind to me. The nomenclature parts gave me was: 1065784 - M3.5 X 20 CAP SCREW COPPER (THREAD FORMING, STEEL,) Has anyone had any luck finding these around somewhere? (Klipsch support was very adamant they weren't going to sell me any. lol)
  19. Shipping with anything other than freight is a mistake on these. The logistics of getting them on freight isn't something I think most people would want to get involved with.
  20. Maaaaaaan...if I was willing to eat shipping costs on those I'd buy at least one. Daisy chain my current 15 and just have a pair in the corner. How are these even still available?
  21. Just to clarify, that is false. The RB-5, RB-5 II, RB-35, RB-81, and RB-81 II all used 8" woofers - and that's just the Reference lines.
  22. There should be a fair amount of stands that work with the RS-3's. I've seen a fair share of them out there, but I couldn't tell you what they are. I've always had mine on the walls. You should be able to use just about any stand that doesn't use guides or screws (using padded feet and grips) that can be used for surrounds.
  23. Secondary bump. I have spoken with the repair guys - they are just waiting on the new board for the unit. Apparently the last one was DOA. Not good considering the shortage of supply in chips right now. I'm probably going to try and sell these as a pair at this point. $1,400 to forum members plus shipping for the pair. I'll update perspective interest as I get updates from the repair shop (no final commitments until I have both units to ship, I'd just like to have this unit shipped from the distro to the new owner). My goal is to have these units sold ahead of an anticipated extended leave for work. I anticipate sale would be around or just after the holidays.
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