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  1. I'll just be that guy...you could always build your own or have someone build you one. The two I've built thus far have far outperformed any prebuilt units I've had in the past hands down and for much less.
  2. Looks like a no go for the 569, will try the 599's. While a minor detail, for the sake of storage and reducing the risk of damage, the attached cable was kind of a downer for me. Live and learn I suppose. haha
  3. I've currently put an order in on a pair of HD 569 S's, just to see if I like the general sound of the Senny's. I'm familiar enough with the brand, just kind of out of it on how they translate to the Klipsch. If not, Focal might be where I go. I can't bring myself to buy used on headphones for a variety of reasons. If I don't like the 569's I'll just use them at work since I need new ones there too. Meanwhile, I think what I enjoyed about the Status was the powerful sound they put out, but I'm not opposed to trading off a bit of that power for clarity. These headphones will always be running off of the Parasound preamp, which did wonders for virtually every headphone I've been able to get my hands on. Will keep all of these suggestions and others in mind as I unravel all this.
  4. Sadly it seems my Klipsch Status headphones are on their way out the door. They've served me well over the years, but I can't justify repairing them with the wear on the ear cups and the slight irritation they had brought with wearing them. These days, Klipsch doesn't seem to make headphones anymore. What I had liked about the Status and Reference One's was their ability to cover the spectrum pretty well. What are some good headphones under $500 right now that fit that bill? Wired preferred. The only other brand I've considered for any kind of critical listening is Sennheiser, but I've been so out of headphones late I don't know if they've changed their quality too. Ideas, Klipsch fam?
  5. Not a 30 or 40 series BIOS. Or did you miss that part of my comment?
  6. No it's not. It hasn't been since the 30-series. Dell's BIOS hasn't allowed for any overclocking or board modifications since at least then.
  7. You'd be one of the few since there's thousands of reviews out there (myself included) on the poor build quality and bad air flow regulation on the 8930's and 8940's. 8940's were shipping out right and left with bad hardware that wasn't compatible with itself and disabled hyperthreading on processors where it was advertised. Just bad overall architecture and parts that weren't built to last longer than you could throw them. Dell has had a terrible track record in the consumer market for many *many* years. Worse so for individuals who needed customer support. The days when they built them "like tanks" hasn't been around since the days that Dimension Desktops were a thing. And if that's what you're getting at, then I'd agree, they were built well and were tanks. Hasn't been that way since that line was discontinued though. The only reason industry is using those machines (Dells) today is because they're cheap - cheap enough that when they break (and they do and will) it's easy enough to just replace them than pay for support to sustain them.
  8. IMO the worst part about that rig is that it's a Dell. At least the older ones tend to not be laced with the problems their models from 2018 and onward do. Would not spend a single penny on a Dell anymore if I could help it and definitely wouldn't ever buy one new. For your uses, that machine should be fine for $90 though. I'd say you did fine.
  9. It really sounds like the pre-section of your AVR is busted. I had the XLR pre-out section of my old pre go bad, so it does happen.
  10. Sub Pre-Outs on the AVR's are all the same across the brand. You will be hard pressed to find an AVR with *any* audio out that defines them other than Pre-outs now. Just make sure you're using Sub 1, not Sub 2. The pre-out section may be bad if you are having volume issues and the volume on your dedicated amps is set properly.
  11. Dunno how invested you want to get, but you should be able to use some wood (stained or painted however you want) to angle the surrounds at whatever direction you want. I recall some here using a few boards and a few planks to accomplish the goal.
  12. I second Tas's recommendation above. I do not have availability to mount low in my space either. Angling them should work. Test it out. If you like what you hear it's a solved problem, even from an Atmos POV.
  13. That is not an RS-3. RS-3's have a single woofer and two tweeters. Is this what you meant? The RS-3's will have better sound dispersion than in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. I would suggest moving the RS-3's to ear level and see if you enjoy the experience before doing anything more with in-wall or in-ceiling.
  14. They will not be. They would be a downgrade. As established above, they're Reference, not Reference Premier. The R-800F is the big box store line. The RP is the Reference Premier line, better quality all hands down from what you'd see elsewhere.
  15. To clarify, are they updating their naming convention again for Reference to be....actually Reference? If not (and I don't see any replacement for the regular Reference line) my assumption is these are *not* the natural upgrade for @Dr Morbius's RP-8000F that are mentioned - as those are Reference Premier, no?
  16. Then you have them improperly set up, improperly EQ'd, or have something defective on the XO's. They absolutely do not need a subwoofer. I run mine with a Parasound 200 Pre and a 2125, and they can very easily punch way into the territory of floorstanders.
  17. That's because the RB-5's, when EQ'd properly (even with just flat tone controls), have absolutely no problems acting bigger than they really are - especially when they have power.
  18. Bump, tuner's still for sale. I know someone could use a digital tuner.
  19. Here's another vote for the Yamaha CX-A's. I run a 5100 and couldn't be happier with it.
  20. Casual bump. Tis tax season... y'know what'd look good in place of your tax return? lol I'm open to offers for Klipsch forum members too at this point. We're at the "it's taking up space" part of the sale. haha
  21. Preamps generally will have some sort of EQ or Tone Control that can modify how the sound is presented to you. If I'm not mistaken, most integrated pre-amp systems that do not have either of these will generally run flat. For people like me that run flat anyway, that isn't a big deal, but for others it is a huge deal. Looking just at a glance at the preamp you mentioned though, aside from the balance control and input switching, you are not likely to hear a difference unless the Perreaux is sonically much different from the Cambridge. Generally, I've been pretty satisfied with how Cambridge gear sounds, so if you aren't a super critical listener, you won't notice a difference in this case. In many other cases though, that may not be the same.
  22. Really? No biters on this? I am a bit surprised I still have the RSP to be honest.
  23. RSP has been freshly serviced and is ready to ship. Has a brand new XLR and input board from Rotel. Soooooo...bump.
  24. My main question is this: what has you looking to replace the 35's? They're decent surrounds with a reputable history and rating. Regular upgraditis?
  25. The only reference to the specified publication is a Facebook page that last posted in 2008 and a website URL to a domain that Facebook flagged as in violation of community standards. The URL itself redirects to a site called "NNI." So, I think it's relatively easy to put two pieces of the puzzle together here. Further down in their history section, they just copied the info right off Costco's Wikipedia page: Costco - Wikipedia
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