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  1. Sounds like I'm going to use a substitute plate amp for the time being, while getting the original repaired. Edwards Electronics seems to be the most reputable I found, but they aren't accepting repairs right now. So I'll hold onto the damaged unit until repairs can be made. I just can't bring myself to part with the RSW-15.
  2. Based on everything I'm reading it doesn't seem quite as simple as sealing the port, installing a terminal, and adding an amp. Seems like it may be a bit more involved. So it looks like my best two options are to repair or replace.
  3. I wouldn't say that I can't live without it. My thing is mostly tied to having the space torn up - I guess it's a sorta OCD thing. I'll have to reach out and see what repair costs would be. Right now, it looks like the RP-1600SW is running $1,169 on sale - which really isn't bad, but the problem is the footprint is so much bigger - that might be what ultimately has me spending more than what I normally would on a repair versus replacement. I think part of me is worried about performing work on a 23-year-old plate amp in a subwoofer - and how dependable it'd be beyond. Kinda like a car. Is this the start of an ongoing series of repairs that I'd avoid just by getting a new sub, or is it something that's worth converting into something else? Questions you weigh and the whatnot. Is there a thread on converting these to passive, speaking of which?
  4. Thank you both, I'll weigh my options. It looks like the turnaround on these might be a bit spicy - any feedback on that?
  5. I picked it up second hand from a seller I think either my second or third year of my job - so about 6 years ago. It sadly went through one-too-many power outages. Despite being on a surge protector it no longer receives power. Actually, it's a bit of a scratcher. It sometimes won't power at all, but other times the green light will come on dimly. Before I chalk this up as a need to go to the RP-1600SW (which looks mighty good on sale) and part out the 15, does anyone know of a simple troubleshoot? I have no place around me to service this, and I'm not sure I'd be good troubleshooting innards myself.
  6. Surprised this is still here, these units tend to sell for $120 with no remote or an after market. This one comes with the original and is in great shape.
  7. I'll check at all my jobs and see if the offices need an order.
  8. I was wondering if they were actually 8000FA (future reference, they are if they have atmos). This is a common mistake - don't feel bad.
  9. What does the wiring behind the AVR look like, and what does the wiring behind the speaker look like? Photos?
  10. I remember when I was just starting out, the V1 was the cream of the crop for what I could find at the time for AVRs. Sadly, it was also at a price point out of range for a 12 year old. lol I think I wound up with a 530 instead. But kept looking at Yamaha's since that time for the most part. It's a beast, and only really the Z series AVR's could give them a proper run for their money, sans maybe a few of the 3000 series V's from later on. GLWS
  11. It's a very sturdy material, similar to plastic. It will be fine - I've used many product over the years to clean, mostly I just use a very lightly damp cloth.
  12. Correct, it is the OEM remote that came with the original unit.
  13. Added. And pinging as I said I would, @nmorris43
  14. Will post an update tomorrow. I got back in late. Will ping you here when I have them up.
  15. Up for sale is a gently used Integra DTR-40.3 with OEM remote. I think I have the manual and mic still - possibly even the box, but until I find it, I'll state that I don't - pricing it as such too. Recently upgraded the living room system and no longer need the Integra. The unit's in great shape - will get pictures up later. I tend to post these threads before the pictures to motivate me to get the photos taken. Shipping is okay from Iowa as long as you pay for shipping and PayPal fees. The one million dollar answer to the one million dollar question is asking price at $125. Stay tuned for photos.
  16. As wuzzzer stated, the RP line is the actual successor to the original Reference series. The current Reference (R) series is the successor to the Icon/Synergy. The RP is therefore the better line. As for your RP-8000F vs. RP-280F comparison, the RP-8000F is the newer of the two, and will likely incorporate whatever new technology is the latest with the line.
  17. Saying that Toyota Priuses are garbage and expensive lunchboxes does not mean that Toyota can sue me for slander, no.
  18. I'm not an Atmos expert, but with my limited understanding of Atmos, you could in theory A: use them as object height speakers at the front or rear (this is how I use my RB-5's), B: if you have vaulted ceilings you can aim them upwards since the stands and pedestals are adjustable, or C : Ceiling mount angled downward from above as object heights. The plates are very sturdy and should support ceiling mount. See below for the mount configuration.
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