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  1. On the K28-E woofer. I thought this is a replacement for the newer H3's & H4's? My impression was the crites woofer was the way to go if you were replacing a K24 which is the rarer woofer. Something with the ohms. Isn't the newer H3's done different with the crossover. Regarding the topic of band pass crossover? So Trey says it isn't required. But then I ask why would crites sell this. Before I make a decision and drop more money. I have to ask what does this band pass crossover do if you switch to Ti diaphrams. There was a nice write up on these drivers and the range the crossovers/drivers are running between old H2's and the newer H3's& H4's. I'm guessing it has something to do with this. I don't want to have issues in future or mess something else up. Reminder my crossover is a KP-20A @ Trey, Can you send me info on the TI diaphram. I only received the PH diaphram info. Any insight on using the Ti's in K53. Should I be looking at the whole driver assembly. I would like some clarification as using the Ti's wasn't your first choice. Not the info fellas, thanks for the reply's
  2. Klipsch says to switch the diaphrams to the TI's a K53-Ti. Anybody out there made this switch? I'm waiting on a price for the parts. Anybody offer any insight on where al the Ti's are used? I am assuming in the new Hersey 3's and maybe IV's
  3. Looking for a replacement diaphragm or driver for a squawker for a set of Klipsch KP201's with Type KP-20A crossovers. From the trouble shooting side when I turn the volume up I loose sound. Lower the volume and horn turns back on. I think the connection is interrupted inside the diaphragm itself when vibration increases. I hooked up the squawker to a working speaker to rule out a crossover issue. I cannot find a replacement diaphragm anywhere, not much info on a K53-K, there is one K53-K driver on ebay and the guy won't ship, pickup only. Looking for some help on replacing the driver, driver and 701 horn in these. Anybody got any parts or recommendations of something I can go to. I am replacing the woofers with Crites speakers. (thanks Micahel). Appreciate the help.
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