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  1. Before I go changing the SW to "plus", help me understand why it sounds awesome when watching a 5.1 movie from Netflix or a TV show that's in 5.1 but then it doesn't even turn on during a DVD? We rented "Man of Steel" the other night from Brighthouse "Movies on Demand" meaning...it came from the cable box not from a DVD and it sounded great! On the other hand, we put in "The Croods" DVD last night and I even put my SW in the "ON" position (took it off auto) and I got nothing thru the sub. Everything else is identical to what I had with my Onkyo system which worked great (when it wasn't broken). I play DVD's/Blu-Ray's thru my PS3 which in turn is plugged into my receiver thru HDMI.
  2. You guys are just fast! My Chorus II's up front are set as large and all others are set at small. I use the PS3 as my DVD player. Gotta run right now but will try your other suggestions soon.
  3. Sorry...I've tried using the "search" function to dig up older info on my problem but the Klipsch team tells me accessing older threads (pre-new website) is still troublesome and that they're still working on that. In the mean time, I continue to toy with setting up my Pioneer Elite SC-72 and I have a question for any ELITE owners. Soundwise, I am very impressed with the unit and am almost dialed in however....setup-wise, it's not intuitive and leaves me scratching my head quite often. I think all that's left for me to figure out is the subwoofer output. For some reason, my sub12 (which is setup to automatically turn on with the proper signal) will only come on if I'm watching a TV channel with 5.1 surround (works with cable TV, Netflix, etc). If I put in a DVD, it never turns on! What am I missing?
  4. Thanks for looking into this Chad. There is a massive amount of information within this site so I use the search function a lot! It has saved me countless hours of aggravation and "trial and error" time while setting up my system or fixing nagging technical issues so it's frustrating when the search function is not as "intuitive" as it was before.
  5. Not sure what's wrong but I'm following your written instructions exactly and this either randomly works or not depending on what I'm searching for. I just did a search within this topic for the word "upper" since I knew it was in here and yes...it found it. I then did a search for the word "mean" since I knew it was in Amy's reply a few posts up and it found nothing. More often than not, it finds nothing. What am I doing wrong? I've searched for "rf-82", "RF", "SC" and a few other common ones like this and the search comes up empty. Can you help me out? Thanks!
  6. I'll preface this with the fact that I've not spent more than 1 hour setting up my system and I have to go back and tweak but.... When I ran the auto setup, and let it play after that, there seemed to be no low end. My 12" sub could barely be heard and it sounded like my Chorus II's lost all their bottom end. I have a HUGE front stage between my Chorus's and my KLF-C7 now and it should be crankin good but it wasn't! I don't doubt it's something I'm doing, I just have to figure it out. Hopefully between my son's baseball and taking down a tree in the backyard, I'll have time this weekend to play!
  7. Sorry...things have been waaaaay busy at my end and I haven't checked the forum for updates. Here's the scoop! I've got the SC-72 up and running and have performed the MCACC but I have not had 1 second more to tweak and play. I got it running (and the TV pass-pass thru for my wife and kids) I've had it a week and a half now and have yet to put a movie in. I have Avengers Blu-Ray sitting right next to me on the counter and hope to get to play this weekend. I will let you know when I get it done. I will say...it's got quite the learning curve which is a little frustrating but I'm bent on getting it figured out! As for the Amazon thing...You are correct. Pioneer Elite has NO authorized internet dealers at all. Because of this, (and I didn't have enough confidence in the Square Trade aftermarket warranty), I went to Best Buy and showed them where Amazon.com was selling the unit for $899 and they matched it. I now have the full 2 year warranty from Pioneer. Keep in mind that I think Amazon itself has to be selling the unit and not a secondary dealer thru Amazon although I think it's up to Best Buys discretion to match or not match if it's not Amazon directly. I'm just amazed though. Best Buy sells it for $1399 and the came down $400 which means....someone's pocketing $400 profit if you were to buy it direct from Best Buy. Wow!
  8. So...how DO I change my title? I need to get rid of the "almost" part. I'm fully immersed now!
  9. You guys are awesome!!! I think I found the same thing late last night on page 62 of the manual (as I was nodding off) but by then, the wife was well involved in her show (and wouldn't take kindly to me bringing up an on-screen menu so I've got to try it tonight). Thanks! I've got a few other quirks that I've got to figure out so I'll keep chipping away at it.
  10. Keep in mind...I got the SC-72 from Best Buy (full factory Pioneer 2 year warranty) with Best Buys additional 4 year warranty for around $1,250 out the door. They matched Amazon's price of $894 for the unit. The rest was warranty and 6% Florida sales tax. As for watching TV with the system on....I want my 4 year old to be able to turn the TV on by herself (a little independence is good here and there). Asking her to turn on the TV and the Pioneer on and then asking her NOT to turn it up too loud is not in her skill set just yet. Besides....my wife prefers just the TV anyway unless we're watching a movie. ...and despite who wears the pants in the family....she wins.... When I put my Pioneer in standby mode and turn the TV on, nothing happens(meaning I don't get a picture or sound thru the TV). I can't find it anywhere in the manuals. Is there another name for it other than "TV pass-thru"?
  11. Picked up my SC-72 today and have only had an hour or so to play with it and I need a LOT more time than that. Can you guys help me with a quick question off hand...I thought the SC-72 had TV pass-thru that allowed you to watch TV without turning the system on? i.e. I don't need Dora the Explorer in surround! I can't seem to find that feature (that my wife really wants). If I could get an answer to that right away, I think it would make peace with the rest of the family so I can buy time to learn the rest of the capabilities.
  12. Called Best Buy today to see if they would honor Amazon's price on a Pioneer Elite SC-72. FYI..."Elite" products do not carry a manufacturer warranty on ANY online dealer even if they sell the product. Bottom line is that Best Buy said they would match Amazon's price so I made the purchase. Too bad they are currently out of stock but I should be getting the unit by next weekend. With the purchase thru Best Buy, I get a 30 day return policy if I don't like it and as I stated above, I now get a Pioneer 2 year warranty. All I have paid is 6% sales tax for those nice options. Against my normal process, I went ahead and purchased the 4 year extended warranty thru Best Buy ($119 extra) since it covers power surges and lightning strikes (which is why I'm in the situation in the first place). Anyhoo...it's been a long time coming but I can't wait to get my hands on it next weekend!
  13. Sooooold to a great guy from the Big Easy. Nola came by, we had a nice chat, auditioned some speak's, loaded him up and sent him on his way. It's always a pleasure to deal with quality folks.
  14. I don't have a dedicated home theater room. it's a family room/movie room so acoustics are "what they are". Having said that, do I really care if I don't get THX Select 2 (which is not offered in the SC-72)? I don't mind spending the extra $100 for the SC-65 to get the THX cert but if I'm not going to miss the extra features, I'll save the $100. I'm running 5.1 and my wife will make sure I don't spend any more money on a 7.2 system!
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