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  1. I had put the sale of these on the back burner for a bit.. but will start listing everywhere in the next day or two. Msg me if interested.
  2. The Reference towers are approx 1.5 years old. Perfect shape. Ebony finish. No boxes for these, so local cash pickup only (Auburn, WA). $500 firm. Actual pics available on request. The Quintet set is in great shape also. Bought used locally a couple years ago, but we moved shortly after I picked them up and the little system they were meant for never came to be. 4 sats and center only on these.. no sub. $150 firm. These are in their original packaging, so could ship them. And, although not my main focus to sell, I also have a pair of earlier SVS Ultra Cylinder subs (passive) with separate 1,000W Samson amp that I will part with. The room I'm in now will not accommodate these things. $700 for the pair with amp. Local only on these as well. Thanks for looking. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  3. I'm here. Whad I miss? (pm replied)
  4. I have a little Paradigm CC V3 I'll let you have for 20 bucks plus shipping..
  5. Klipsch is coming through! They're going to cover the shipping back for the replacement. w00t!
  6. 1) Yes. 2) Of course. 3) No, I haven't measured at the terminals. I have a multimeter burried in the garage somewhere I think... Yes, but that would have been a waste of a perfectly good envelope.
  7. *Update* - I called, and I guess it's been escalated to a supervisor in their support dept to see if they can authorize a return label for me. So that's a positive I guess. We'll see what happens. Thanks all for hearing me out and giving suggestions and whatnot.
  8. The first time I contacted them online I believe it was 30 days from purchase exactly. Then I couldn't find the ticket number from that communication which you need to check status... so I submitted a second one, which was about a week later. I'll call this morning (if I have time. Tomorrow for sure).. see what they say. I've owned lots of Klipsch products over the years. Hopefully these won't be my last.
  9. Just got this response back to confirm: "Our Warranty Policy does state that the customer is responsible for shipping the product back to us. We do cover the shipping to get the new product to you."
  10. Yes, same length wires and they stayed in place when I swapped L & R channels. It's an Onkyo TX-NR809 powering them. Rated @ 135wpc, 2 channels driven. I even moved them to our family room and ran them off a Denon AVR 951 there... same issue (of course). This is on the Return Authorization they sent to me: "Return shipping for exchanges/repairs is the sole responsibility of the original retail purchaser." I thought that was a little bogus myself..
  11. Right at 30 days in to my RP-260 purchase direct from Klipsch, I finally got around to calibrating my system an noticed one of the towers was 3-4 dB quieter. I know it's the speaker itself by moving it's position to the other side and the problem followed it. Klipsch is willing to swap it out under warranty, but... I think *I* have to pay to ship the thing back... which isn't cheap. I don't see why I'm responsible for more out of pocket with a defective product, but whatever. It is what it is I guess. I can level adjust with my receiver, and the test tones sound pretty close to each other by doing this... but I don't want to hang on to a speaker that might have bigger issues later. There's something obviously not quite right with it... but is it enough of a deal to shell out for shipping it back and being without one of my speakers for who knows how long? What would you do? Thanks.
  12. I don't mean to thread crap, but why would I buy your dots when I can get these in 3D locally for a good price?
  13. Bumpers.. Oh, also.. turns out I still have the box for the 51's. So I guess those are ship'able.
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