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  1. opusk2k9

    SOLD: PrimaLuna Dialogue 1 Tube Integrated Amp

    Often, if they are willing to ship, they are willing to do PayPal, which gives you purchase protection (no protection with friends and family payment).
  2. opusk2k9

    Interesting Gear In Chicago

    He has good stuff, I normally filter out his posts, he currently has 61 CL ads: https://chicago.craigslist.org/search/sss?userid=113849768
  3. opusk2k9

    CL: Klipsch Quartets - $700 (Kingsley PA) a bit high

    Hard to find quartets in walnut. Quartets do sound very good. That is Forte pricing though, the forte go much lower in bass.
  4. opusk2k9

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

  5. Down from $1000. No affiliation.
  6. opusk2k9

    Good Deal on Manely Tube Amps & Pre

    How much was it?
  7. opusk2k9

    table tuba subwoofer - $50 - DFW

  8. opusk2k9

    Klipsch EPIC Package

    Given the dimensions, they should be CF-2.
  9. Maybe I could do a 9-ch La Scala HT? However, my wife would likely kick me out of the house. Jimjimbo is a great person to deal with, GLWS.
  10. opusk2k9

    Thoughts on these Heresy?

    1978 with laser badges. Nice find.
  11. opusk2k9

    KG3 Floorstanding Speakers Wanted Near Ohio

  12. opusk2k9

    WTB: Academy center speaker (Found)

  13. opusk2k9

    1975 Belles BKWO

    Beautiful walnut belles. They should have AA crossovers. GLWS.
  14. https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/for/6752469512.html No affiliation. I know people have been looking for these in cherry.