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  1. opusk2k9

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Good to know, that explains the lack of LS II on the used market as well). Shame, I love my La Scala and have heard that the LS II are a good improvement, but haven't heard them yet.
  2. opusk2k9

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Since they are selling as singles, you could get someone buying a front (3), so there may be some orphans in the back room.
  3. From ad: System includes (2) RF-7 Floorstanding Speakers, (1) RC-7 Center Channel Speaker and (1) RSW-15 Powered Sub Woofer. Speaker are in excellent working condition. https://dubuque.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-rf-7-speaker-system/6602666706.html No affiliation. Look nice in cherry.
  4. opusk2k9

    Cambridge CX: PULLED!

    There has been interest (and insufficient funds). For now, enjoy them.
  5. opusk2k9

    Velodyne DD15 Black Gloss Excellent Condition Condition

    If the price is fair, who cares about how much he paid for the gear? I didn't do any research into pricing/specs for this sub, but I really like my Velodyne F-1500's.
  6. opusk2k9

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    I think it is the 15 from the label. This should be after they changed components, the above sound correct. The original components were: Stevens truvoice 103LX (15" woofer, 12" was an option) University 4401 University SA-HF Here is the 1957 price list, they were not cheap for the day:
  7. opusk2k9

    Cambridge CX: PULLED!

    I like them too...
  8. opusk2k9

    Cambridge CX: PULLED!

    I like penguins and the "composition/artwork" definition of opus.
  9. opusk2k9

    Cambridge CX: PULLED!

    I might have missed it, location?
  10. opusk2k9

    Klipsch Epic CF4 Version 2* - $1200 (Dousman, WI)

    @Woofers and Tweeters Did they get these from you?
  11. From ad: Selling the famed CF4's as I have a lot of audio gear and not sure . It pains me to do this, my father and I drove down to Kentucky to get these. Condition wise, there's a small snag in one of the grills from transport, that's it. *They are version 2, but I have one set of long ports I would be willing to swap in for the right price if your are willing to find another set. All internal cabling is confirmed to be the larger gauge Monster. They can be demo'd for serious buyers only. Please feel free to ask any questions via email or phone (leave voicemail if not available). I also have a KV4 center channel, which could be bundled in for the right price. Thanks for looking 2-six-2, six-eight-9, 5-four-7-zero https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-epic-cf4-version-2/6615483281.html No affiliation. Look pretty.
  12. opusk2k9

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Down to $2799ea. https://www.adorama.com/kplascala2aw.html?emailprice=t&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=rflaid62905
  13. opusk2k9

    Upgraded Klipsch Quartets *Rare*

    I think you are right and "W/O" is work order. Your quartet labels look different than most I have seen (including mine). My Chorus II have a "W/O" line on them too. Great speakers, good luck with the sale.
  14. opusk2k9

    Upgraded Klipsch Quartets *Rare*

    Good luck with your sale.