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  1. Here is an ad with a pair of RS-62ii for $500: https://bn.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-rf-ii-in-cherry/6237018865.html
  2. But the extra critters were free...
  3. Custom finish I think, looks more cherry than walnut (not as dark of a stain). The crossovers are AA and the alnico tweeters put them at around 1978.
  4. I did have someone rip me off in person, actually their accomplice mugged me after I bought a computer. Your prices are excellent, sometimes that draws skepticism. I prefer not to ship and meet people in person. At these prices, I wouldn't want to deal with shipping either. If you were closer, they would already be in my home. Good luck with your sale.
  5. I'm surprised that the 8 Forte II were sold for an average of $450. Prices probably need error bars for condition and location, but interesting. I paid $420 for my rough walnut Forte II, but that was more than any 2 pair of Forte that I have bought. However, I don't consider the deals I have gotten as normal prices.
  6. I sold a pair of black quartets in great condition for $500 a few months ago. IMO, I would pick the quartets over the Heresy. The Quartet are spec'd at 38Hz and the Heresy 50Hz+. Maybe a little less punch in the quartet bass, but the better lower end. Mine came with the matching oak SW-10ii subwoofer. Quartets are closest to the Heresy cabinet footprint. I haven't found that Forte II are cheaper. There are likely just less sale prices for Forte II in your list. I see 2-3 times more Forte than Forte II for sale. Patience and luck are always the key to good prices. However, if you want something and a fair price is available, why not buy it and enjoy them now...
  7. Great deal on great speakers. GLWS.
  8. Bump for a new week.
  9. I believe they sold a very small number of the Model T. I have a single 1958 Model S shorthorn in prima vera finish. The 15" woofer version (k-ortho-15) was $300 in 1958 dollars.
  10. The coffers are empty and the basement is full...
  11. I would pick up an Oppo BDP-103 or ideally a 105. You can connect an AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, etc. as an external source via HDMI or a Hard drive for local files. The Oppo can also be used to down mix any multi channel audio to stereo or 2.1, if you want to add a sub. The Oppo has analog outputs to send in the AUX input on the Pioneer. The other advantage is that the Oppo remote can be used to control the volume which is great for an analog receiver, especially with the variation of recording levels.
  12. AA crossovers too, it makes it easier to recap or swap in ALK universals, etc.
  13. (Oh and KSB 3.1, RB-5. RB-75, KP-201, KP-250, KP-301, single 1958 shorthorn, and THX Ultra2 7.2, KEF LS50, and a pair of Devialet silver phantoms)
  14. The KLF series only came in medium oak, clear oak, black, or my favorite mahogany.
  15. If you stop by, I have Quartet, Forte, Forte II, Chorus II, Heresy, Cornwall, La Scala, Belle, and KLF-30.