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  1. If you were closer, I would snag the RSW15 and probably the Belle. GLWS.
  2. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/d/willowbrook-oppo-103/6872441885.html I think I have bought from this guy before. It was an easy transaction.
  3. Thanks. I still haven't heard back.
  4. I emailed him, but haven't heard back. If he isn't willing to ship, is anyone local to him that is willing to help ship them? Thank you.
  5. OK, traditionally we don't comment on the pricing in the garage sale posts (except for the alerts section). If you want to question pricing, it is polite to do that in a PM. People can ask whatever they want. If you are interested, try to work something out. If you aren't interested, move along and don't detract from a potential sale. Do mods add value? It depends on who is buying. Again, a great comment for a PM. I would post them on Craigslist as well. You may get lowball offers, but who cares. It only take one buyer. Good luck with your sale.
  6. Labels say light oak, but they don't look like oak or Mahogany.
  7. Which is funnier, since the finish is "Oak."
  8. It is tax season time, he might sell them for his asking price. However, I would post them on CL to increase your chances. I once tried to give a seller some advice on pricing when I thought the person was asking too much. They sold them locally in 2 hours for the asking price. The buyer said, "I have been looking for a pair" and both walked away from the deal happy. Good luck with your sale.
  9. opusk2k9

    What I Got Today!

    Jolida JD502BRC
  10. Also, in the (4) Belle club (for now).
  11. You beat me to the punch. Generous offer. Congratulations.
  12. @TimM Prices and location? What veneer for the speaker? Good luck with your sale.
  13. opusk2k9


    Here are some discount tickets (no affiliation): https://www.goldstar.com/events/schaumburg-il/axpona-audio-expo-north-america-tickets
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