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  1. opusk2k9

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    I hope they are legit. Good luck.
  2. opusk2k9

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    Nearly all of the ads that are under priced and list in the description contact me at _________At Gmail dot com have been SPAM. The ones asking you directly to the gmail account and not through CL mail server (which will mail your gmail account). If someone responds to my CL ad, it goes to my gmail. Feel free to contact them and let me know how it goes. I am willing to admit when I am wrong. I am married, so I am used to being wrong.
  3. opusk2k9

    FS: Meadowlark Nighthawk Speakers

    Location for potential local buyers?
  4. Welcome to the forum. We have already been discussing these speakers (they were posted in the alerts section). Good luck with your sale.
  5. opusk2k9

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    email is gmail account. That is normally a red flag of a scam.
  6. opusk2k9

    Sansui AU-919 -Ohio $600

    Price? I really like my Sansui AU-719.
  7. opusk2k9

    Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Sold

    Congratulation to the buyer and seller!
  8. opusk2k9

    Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Sold

    That is very surprising.
  9. opusk2k9

    Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Sold

    Very nice amp! Tempting... Tempting...
  10. opusk2k9

    WTB (1) Klipsch K-1022-KN woofer (for CF-3 v1)

    Thanks. Hopefully, I will get these working properly soon. Did he redo the voice coil?
  11. opusk2k9

    KV-4 $200, Milwaukee

    Good deal, if I didn't already have a KV-4 for my new CF-3 pair, I would pick it up.
  12. opusk2k9

    Did you see what I saw?

    The Fluke meter says 0.4 Ohm across the woofer terminals. No break or overlap in the exposed wires, so either under the cap or the voice coils.
  13. Anyone have a klipsch K-1022-KN woofer for a CF-3 v1? I picked up a pari today, one of the woofers is shorted out. Is there a good place to get the woofer repaired? Thank you.