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  1. I picked it up. I got a poor audition on it (single speaker). I wiped my hands down with Clorox wipes when I got back to the car. I got it home wiped it down and gave it a quick test with cheap speakers and it appears to work fine. I will have to play a bit more later. @Woofers and Tweeters thanks for the alert. Mark, let me know if you want to borrow it to play.
  2. No remote. I spoke with him on Sat and am supposed to pick it up today. However, @ZEUS121996 let me know, I don't want two of us fighting over it. I don't NEED it, so let me know.
  3. Specs for sub: http://jtrspeakers.com/captivator-4000ulf.html
  4. The museum tours are on hold for the most part now. Buy with confidence! GLWS!
  5. Sorry you have to sell. Some great gear there at reasonable prices. GLWS!
  6. The wood looks a little like my lacewood 60th anniversary k-horns...
  7. I have a pair of Crites Cornscala (the very similar Style A). Nice speakers. GLWS. Pictures will help.
  8. Down to $1200, headed in the right direction.
  9. Nice looking amp. I’m glad I’m not closer, I would be tempted. GLWS
  10. Yes, he was very nice about it and thanked me for the info. He updated the description and changed it to quartets.
  11. Originally posted as Chorus II for $1500. I let him know they were quartet and worth less.
  12. I love my mahogany KLF-30s. Great deal!
  13. Awesome deal. Get in the car now
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