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  1. I would be in the car, if it wasn't 25 hours each way... GLWS!
  2. Nice sounding speakers. GLWS!
  3. opusk2k9

    Quartets in Chicago

  4. Beautiful amps. The 300B is very tempting, I've always wanted one. I am supposed to have a bonus check coming in Jan...
  5. Great speakers and seller. I am also a big fan of the Yamaha MX-600 power amps.
  6. Ad now listed as: "Please contact me to discuss pricing."
  7. Very sorry for your loss. Definitely a great person and trusted seller. What upgrades does it have? GLWS!
  8. Buy with confidence. Mark is a good guy to deal with. GLWS!
  9. The RF-83 are excellent and I like the RB-5 as well. Good prices too.
  10. 7.2? Klipsch THX ultra2
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