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    KLF-30 mains (mahogany), Forte surrounds (Walnut), KV-3 center (space constraints), and Velodyne F-1500 sub

    Office: 60th anniversary Klipschorn, Sansui AU-717, Olive One media center

    KP-201, KP-250, KP-301, RB-5 (mah), RB-75, RS-7, KSB 3.1, KV-4, La Scala splits, Devialet Phantom Silver, Velodyne FSR-15
    KLF-30 (mah), KLF-C7 (black, mah), Quartet (oak), Forte II (walnut), Chorus II (walnut)
    1957 shorthorn, Heresy (walnut), Cornwall (walnut), La Scala (LS-BR), La Scala (LS-BSL), Belle (walnut), Belle (walnut)
    Yamaha MX-800, Yamaha MX-1000, Sansui AU-717, 8080db, 990db, AU-X1, Marantz 2325
    HH Scott 299A, Cary CAD-808 (Rocket-88), Amps&Sound Little Ben, McIntosh C32, (3) MC30, MPI-4

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  1. opusk2k9

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    Nope, I think this guy bought them to up the value of the package deal: https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-forte-ii-nikko-crest/6660581257.html
  2. Sold Klipsch Epic CF-4 big speakers Plus Marantz Rotel giveaway - $400 (Bettendorf) Pair of big and heavy Klipsch CF-4 speakers. Very good condition except some wear on the grills and small scratches. Works like new. Sound quality is nothing short of stunning. Google it for reviews and specs. Approximate sizes: 44 x 20 x 16 inches. Each weights around 110 lbs Together with it, I am giving away quality audio equipment Marantz AV-9000 audio processor, Rotel RX 550 receiver, JVC S201 receiver, Realistic STA 730 receiver. All of them are in good working condition
  3. opusk2k9

    SOLD Tubes; any interest?

    Sorry, I guess that doesn't work on an iPad.
  4. opusk2k9

    SOLD Tubes; any interest?

    When pasting, right click and select "paste and match style"
  5. opusk2k9

    SOLD Tubes; any interest?

    here: Invoice Number 4820 Invoice Date Dec 21, 2017 Due Date Dec 21, 2017 KT-88 - Genalex reissue matched tube quads (close to each other) 2 x $224.50 $449.00 CV4024/12AT7 - Mullard military NOS low noise matched/balanced tube pair 1 x $79.50 $79.50 ECC803S/12AX7 - Tung-Sol gold pin matched/balanced/low noise tube pairs 4 x $59.50 $238.00 Subtotal Shipping $766.50 $22.50 Total $789.00
  6. opusk2k9

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    And gone.
  7. opusk2k9

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    I saw those, great deal for someone.
  8. opusk2k9

    WTB. SET 45 stereo or monos, Anyone ?

  9. opusk2k9

    Kansas City Klipschhorn

    I don't think any of the ads are of the actual speakers. Ad says walnut, but the photo above looks to have laser badges and is probably rosewood. If you are considering buying them, ask for actual photos.
  10. opusk2k9

    FS: Complete Ultra2 System (Sold)

    That was quick. GLWS.
  11. opusk2k9


    I think the posting is for just the speakers: "I have already helped him sell his MC-2KW Amplifiers - which is what drove them. " The MC2KW monoblocks are the bottom 3 units on either side.
  12. I think the KV-4 uses a different woofer the K-1035-KN, the KLF-C7 uses a K-1062-KV and are easier to find. Here are some CF-2: https://appleton.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-epic-cf-2-speakers/6636017709.html
  13. opusk2k9

    Looks like a good deal in Bellingham Wa

    Good deal: KG 5.5, KV-4, SW-10 or SW-12 sub.
  14. opusk2k9

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Not dishonest strictly, opportunistic maybe. I think he is asking way too much, IMO. There is a guy in WI that must have picked up some Forte III, when they went on sale for $1800/pr. He started at $3200, now down to $2500. Supply/demand, but they often find out the demand isn't always close to their asking price. I rarely buy with a plan to flip, it does happen occasionally, but normally I will sell when I need to fund the next purchase or recoup some funds. If I make a profit, great if I will lose money, I just keep them. Making a profit doesn't make you a scammer. I don't lowball people, I pay their asking price and occasionally more. I do my research and offer items at a fair price. I often find that asking a fair price will have you sitting on the item for a while.
  15. opusk2k9

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    If you were worried about sequential serial numbers, you could buy from this guy: https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-ii-70th/6650450713.html But you probably won't...