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  1. From ad: First please read this entire post. MC240 Amplifier is in good excellent un-restored condition. It has the original McIntosh branded 6L6GC, and Telefunken 12AX7 / 12AU7 Tubes. I'm not sure if the 12BH7 tubes are original or not. I did replace one small electrolytic capacitor that was physically leaking a little. Everything else is untouched. The lettering on the amp is intact except near the adjustments and speaker connections. The chrome is all good and I can't find any pitting. I was planning on re-capping it and have all the electrolytic for it but I no longer have time for an audio hobby. MX110Z Preamp / Tuner is also in good excellent un-restored condition. It has the original tubes mostly Telefunken. I didn't remove any of the tube shields from the covered tubes so I'm not positive what brand they are. I also have new electrolytic caps for this. The MX110Z is the more desirable of the MX110 preamps, the "Z" is in the serial number. $3200 for both, I don't want to separate. There is an enormous amount of information about both of these online. I tested both together using a variac (variable transformer) raising the voltage very slowly over 8 hours and found no problems, both channels were quiet, no hum. I didn't have an antenna for the tuner and I live in a rural area so all I got was static. I would assume that it will need to be adjusted / aligned for good FM reception. I also strongly recommend that the Electrolytic capacitors and the germanium diode in the amp be replaced as these parts deteriorate with age. They work OK now but it's just a matter of time before they fail. I assume that if you are looking at these items you know that they are highly regarded and sought after and that any equipment of this type and age should be restored before any serious use even if they currently work good. I originally planned to recap the preamp but it would have altered the appearance since the larger caps are on top so I decided it was better not to and leave it up to the next owner to decide what to do. If you are interested please respond to the email with an actual question about the amp and preamp. Any email referring to them as "It" or "Items" or "still got it?" I won't reply to assuming they are spam / scam. I will email you my phone number then. I really don't want to waste time talking to scammers, lowballers, and people who want to "help me sell it" CASH ONLY no checks of any kind will be accepted. I'm not going to ship these they are too heavy and not giving them to anybody without cash payment first, so pick up only. Lowballers please don't waste my time. https://jxn.craigslist.org/ele/d/mcintosh-mc240-amp-and-mx110z/6308361226.html No affiliation. The preamp can go for $3000+ in good working condition.
  2. Excellent speakers. Worth the drive and he has the matching RC-64 center.
  3. Excellent deal! I have purchased from Ed, buy with confidence.
  4. Epic CF-4's in Detroit Area

    Maybe he is driving to Detroit...
  5. Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 set - Plainfield, IL 60585

    Messages responded to, currently still available.
  6. *Sold* Chorus 2

    Location and additional photos will help your sale.
  7. Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 set - Plainfield, IL 60585

    I still have the system. Where are you located?
  8. Sold: Oppo BDP-103

    Yes, sorry Oppo keeps the remotes in stock for ~$15.
  9. Sold: Oppo BDP-103

    Emotiva Oppo has replacement remotes at reasonable prices. Rivernuggets is a great guy to do business with, buy with confidence.
  10. Klipsch RC-7 - $425 (Hobart, IN)

    Looks like the towers sold, but the RC-7 may still be available. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/ele/d/klipschrc7/6292088236.html
  11. Professional DJ Speaker & Equipment2 - EVE T252+2 Klipsch KP30021 Denon DNX800 Mixer1 Denon DN 4000 CDJ Player1 BBE 482 EqualizerAll Speaker(on) Cables https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/6291500057.html
  12. Single Belle with Volti upgrades

    NIce. You should see if the person that bought USNRET'd k-horns and belle would like a second upgraded belle.
  13. Klipsch RC-7 - $425 (Hobart, IN)

    Looks like the RF-7s sold. The RC-7 might still be available: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/ele/d/klipschrc7/6292088236.html From ad: Klipsch 2-RF7 and RC7. Fantastic condition! 1 peg broke on each tower cover. Towers do not have feet. Round felt were used under the towers to protect wooden floors. https://offerup.com/item/detail/336420693/?ref=Search No affiliation.
  14. CF3's

    Nice CF-3. GLWS.
  15. Missed this deal. Did anyone here get it? Klipsch 8 speaker surround sound system. RF-7 |. RC-7 RS-7. Slightly used but in great condition. These are top of the line speakers but an older model. Brand new set is close to 3,000. Selling these for $800 obo. No trades or low ball. Be close to asking price or i wont respond. https://offerup.com/item/detail/337206506/?ref=Search Smoking deal for someone. I hope it was someone from here.