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  1. One pair in PA used: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649523536-jtr-215rts/ There was a triplet of 215RT that I missed, priced about the price for the pair. He paints the Noesis 210RT. If you were interested in them, he will likely paint them for you.
  2. I quickly contacted him yesterday asking about the SN. He contacted me this morning saying 4 other people were interested. I guess he wants more $ now...
  3. These are awesome: http://jtrspeakers.com/noesis-215rt.html I heard a 7-ch home theater setup of these at AXPONA. Great bass extension, they didn't bring use a sub. The Noesis 210RT also sounded great.
  4. For my wife, I would panel the room to match the veneer. She isn't very observant, so I could get away with it until I played them.
  5. Maybe they were modded. If they sound good, don't sweat the details.
  6. My CF3 are 222495625 and are version 1, so somewhere between 222 and and 234, they switched versions.
  7. Epics history can be found in this tread: Although this post is about the CF-3, it should apply to the CF-4 (except with different woofers and the replacement for the CF-4 was the KLF-30): "OK - Everything you ever wanted to know about EPIC but were afraid to ask. Production began in Spring of 1994. That would be Rev.1. Those CF-3's would have had K-1022-KN woofers, 5" long port tubes and grey colored horns. The networks on those original versions were wired with an OFC type wire that looks kind of like original monster cable - you know the clear jacket look. In the Fall of 1994, the Rev.2 change was made. That was a change in a couple of component values in the network and shorter 2.5" long port tubes to raise the box tuning. The last change was Rev.3 and was made in the Summer of 1995. This change included new woofers with lighter cones (K-1030-KN on CF-3), another network change including a change in wire (Rev.3 dropped the OFC and instead used colored 16ga. like what is in the KLF's) and a new horn material (20% glass) that was painted black. In 1996, the EPIC series died off and the Legend series began. The Legend woofers are basically the EPIC woofers with traditional BFM's instead of the Neo motors and the speakers are (in the case of 20/30) a three way design vs. a two way. The midrange horn on KLF-20/30, the only horn on KLF-10 and the horn on your CF-3's are all the same. Now to answer your questions about your pair of CF-3's. According to the serial numbers, your CF-3's were built on the 219th day (Aug. 7th?) of 1995. They are number 063 and 064 sequentially. Given their birth date, they are most likely Rev.3's but there is a decent chance of them being Rev.2's also. In order to find out for sure, look and see if the horns are black or grey (Black means Rev.3 while grey means Rev.2) or pull a woofer and see if its a 1022 (Rev.2) or a 1030 (Rev.3) or pull the network/input cup and see if the wire is colored (Rev.3) or clear (Rev.2). Supposedly, we also put a "-2" or some kind of indicator or something somewhere on the serial number tags either behind the model number or serial number. You can check for that but I would defer to the above ways to check as the final authority. Whew! I hope that helps you out! As for their value, CF-3's were $2000/pr when new. The 1999 Orion Blue Book (most current one I have) shows them worth about $635/pr. Keep in mind that the Orion figures are primarily for a retailer to establish a market value on used items and may not necessarily reflect any collector or unusual market values that would raise their costs. Also, a pair of speakers is worth what someone is willing to pay. I also look at what the comparable amount of cash gets you in new products. The replacement for CF-3 is KLF-20 at $1500/pr so $635 may not buy you the performance you get with CF-3's. So, how much did you pay? Nosy BB-ers would like to know! Jim BTW - rowoo I just saw your post as I was posting this. 299th day of 1995 would mean yours are Rev.3. You can verify yours the same way."
  8. Updated link: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/springfield-klipsch-cornscala-typed/6951334846.html
  9. Price dropped from $2200 down to $1900.
  10. I checked once, I think the split bass bins will fit down my stairs to the basement (the double bass bins won't)...
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