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  1. Bruce: very sorry to learn of the loss that you and your wife and the whole family share. Prayers your way.
  2. yes, then position the Quartet's so the centre of the mid horn is at the same height as your ears when you are seated and that ought to be a bingo moment.
  3. why don't you raise your Quartet so that the centre of the mid horn is at your seated ear level (usually around 38-41 inches up off the floor depending on your furniture) play with positioning and see what you think about them before you off them out the door? You might be in for a surprise. If yo like the quartets then install new Bob Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms and crossovers. there won't be any contest between the two speaker systems. Lots of other upgrade tweaks you can do to you quartet if you want to go even farther with them.
  4. the three most important things in an audio system are the source the source and the source.
  5. both and then play them as long and as loud as is possible (so long as they are happy). What you are asking is much like asking if you should wash the inside or the outside of the window. If you can only wash one side wash the side with the most dirt. Cap replacement will clean things up and make things more correct, then when you make the switch up the ti diaphragms will let you hear more effectively what the caps have already brought to the table. If you want a better speaker find a pair of KLF10 (about the same size) but brace the cabinet and damp the back side of the tweeter horn because the horn walls are thin and they resonate but it is a better more recent horn design. You can take things farther if you are into modifying the drivers later or not depending on you. Both are good speakers both use the same tweeter diaphragm and a better tweeter will yield greater performance later. Bob Crites has a two way Cornscala type "D" which I expect you will like, with a vastly better horn and driver much reduced distortion and with a fifteen inch woofer for much greater dynamics. Just a fast track suggestion if you want to save time and get on with musical enjoyment. I forgot to extend to you a welcome aboard greeting, sorry. A good amp (check out the Benchmark AHB2, the lowest noise amp in the world by an astounding margin it is a super hot rod version of the world famous Quad 405 but now with all switching supplies and done right, Peter Walker would be proud of it) and find a sota front end (I have analog and digital and will say imo you can get more for much less with good old CD's with some help) (entry level Sony DVD players can with modification sound amazing as a transport and the Metrum NOS Octave is simply stunning to listen to even stock) then find the best sounding cables and power cords you can and buy a lot of disks and be happy for a while. As they say ymmv. Wishing you good luck in your search. Don't let anyone tell you a two way does not sound as good as a three way til you hear a really good two way they can make a lot of magic but the wide bandwidth requires top quality driver to make it happen stock options would be a used JBL L200B, if the tweeters do not bring tears to your eyes on a good system then they need fresh diaphragms. Radian has exception replacements for less than what JBL will want to rebuild them for you. Do take care and decide for yourself, to the question of what to buy there are three key things to do listen listen and listen. You will know when you know.
  6. you are going to more a lot more air and as you noted go a little lower so more impact and a little more grunt. Given your situation you might want to stick with what you have. If you have not recapped and installed the Bob Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms, that would be money better spent. If you want later you can buy a couple of small subs. You might also raise up your KG4.2 so that the centre of the tweeter is at your seated ear level. This will improve response stage and image.
  7. you should place Chorus ll KLF30 and CF4 on your short list to consider all sound great and will give you way more than a RF7lll and they all can be upgraded for even more enjoyment.
  8. lots of good info at this site. Good luck with your project. Last but not least welcome to the forum. http://www.inlowsound.com/
  9. Yes I understood that nor was I attempting to suggest that you were or that you should try to turn your KLF30 into a pair of Khorns. I only wanted to point out to readers of the thread that the KLF30 was a serious design by Klipsch intended to attain a high level of performance and that's all I was attempting to convey. The paths to a destination are as varied and as fascinating as the travelers themselves. I hope that you enjoy your project.
  10. I agree that in most cases a good big amp will sound better than a good small amp but smaller amps can get the job done, problem is there are not a lot of them and they tend to be expensive. Vertical bi amping especially with dual mono stereo blocks (each channel has its own supply) are the least expensive way to power a multi way speaker system and get the result you would expect from a large mono block. I would rather use a 100 watt per channel stereo block per speaker than a similar quality two hundred watt mono block per speaker. That's simply my take on it as they say YMMV. I will leave this thread now.
  11. eric2A3: I do not know why you are responding in such a defensive manner? You are misunderstanding me. I said that I had read that the KLF30 loudspeaker design had been an attempt by Klipsch to build a smaller lighter less expensive loudspeaker which could compete with the Khorn in terms of overall performance. I was not referring to your system when I was making that statement. So far as amplifiers I was speaking generically and for the levels that many people would like most 9 watt per channel amps are not going to get the job done running a KLF20. I agree that there are some very good tube amps which can get the job done, I have heard a few, one a SET 2A3 one of the finest amps I have ever heard but none of the ones that did deliver the goods were inexpensive. I am sorry that we seem to be at crossed purposes and I am not looking for an argument. Best of luck with your project.
  12. I would love to hear Bob's CornScala "D" as I expect they are very good. I have a pair of JBL L200B at home now with a set of JBL 2226 woofers replacing the stock L200B woofers (these are two way speakers) and they sound excellent. I would expect bob's speakers to equal or better these given the parts being used and I cannot imagine most folks not being impressed with them. The switch from a small format compression driver to large format ones results in about a 50% reduction in across the band distortion regardless of playback level. So this is an upgrade which will be much appreciated by folks who love low level listening as well as by those who like to crank it out. Good luck in your search. You might ask if there are members near to you who wold have you over to listen to their rigs. The more different kinds of gear you listen to the more you will be able to decide what you will like for yourself. Give a shout out if you plan to visit Calgary/Banff any time for a holiday and you can drop in and hear whatever I am running at the time.
  13. You are most welcome and thank you for your response. I more or less figured you had come up with something you thought would work for you. Lots of people read these threads looking for ideas and info and I did not want someone with a set of LaScala to think a KLF20 or 30 was going to replace them 100% in all aspects of performance especially if they were using small set amps. Everybody has different likes and dislikes so each system has to be designed to meet the needs of the individual. I have not owned the KLF30 but I have had three sets of KLF20 and I find them to be a tad more efficient than both the Forte and the Forte ll so that would put the KLF20 at around 96 db efficient. The KLF30 will be more efficient than the 20's are so a pair of 50 watt per channel stereo blocks set up to drive the speakers in a vertical biamp arrangement can run them that way well enough for most folks. If higher levers are a must then larger amps would get that done.
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