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  1. wow would love to hear a pair of those. thanks for posting.
  2. Fremont wow you are almost close enough to visit.I could walk across the boarder (from Calgary) and claim asylum then come visit you and hear your newly re capped CF networks.
  3. you are not important but you are taking up space and resources, you are a huge liability and that's a good enough reason. gotta cull the herd.
  4. push pull EL34 will supply between 30 - 35 watts no problem.
  5. The symbol for a PPTC (AKA Resettable Fuse) is: This poly switch is there to protect the tweeter from heavy hands on the volume control by partially deaf people. The parallel resistor insures that there is always 100 ohms in series with the tweeter (I think, for those who design xovers feel free to correct me, thanks).
  6. well we are going to have to disagree on this one and I don't just base my findings on my own experience. I also find there can be a wide range of difference with brands and types of caps. I disagreed with Bob also regarding this, rest his soul. Lots of folks don't hear or notice lots of things, happens all the time.
  7. I cannot recall if the C7 used the one inch ti tweeter diaphragm if it does then yes I would change it to titanium. The only way you will know if you will like this is to try and listen for yourself as only your decision matters to you.
  8. phenolic diaphragms are warm rich/smooth and creamy sounding, titanium diaphragms are more detailed smoother in overall response a little more extended in the top end they are more dynamic resolution is better. you should really listen to both and make your own decision, though few are disappointed all the new Klipsch use ti diaphragms. No one can tell you what you will like. If you like any new Klipsch then you will like the ti tweeters and mids in your KLF30 especially the ti mid diaphragms available only from Simply speakers these are original factory parts. Hope this helps.
  9. can't find it the RB5 will be very similar. There are only three caps in this crossover the bass section uses a 20 uF cap the tweeter uses two small Mylar caps should not be hard to read the values if you have the unit to look at.See RB-5 below. nothing to write home about parts wise but decent.
  10. just curious to know if you tried the speakers with the tweeter horns to the inside as opposed to the outside position and if so what did you notice? You are very close to the side walls and first bounce will have an impact. moving the CD rack forward toward the loudspeaker will let it provide some first bounce diffraction.
  11. I like your home made cylindrical poly fusers. Did you notice much a difference in sound stage and spatial image after you installed them?
  12. you could grind those tweeter mounts off of the mid horns for a nicer visual and I am sure improved performance. Just a thought, carry on and enjoy them maybe closer to the front wall to pick up some extra room gain after all your Q-pies were corner mounted.
  13. good luck with your sale, they look very nice indeed.
  14. I would suggest you purchase a matching set of four new woofers from Klipsch when available and sell off your existing woofers then. This is the only way you can insure matching drivers all around.Your old woofers will sell fast and match with those out in the market place which need replacements.
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