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  1. well there is no accounting for love!
  2. vented LaScala are said to reach down into the upper 30 Hz range using the riser mod. I agree that a sub would be a very good option if the op expects to cross over to a reasonably sized mid horn at say 400Hz. Even the LaScala has a very hard go at 350hZ. much less 400Hz.. The Beck and the University designs posted are the very few which can both play low and reach up to 400 Hz. before they roll off. The LaScala and the Peavey FH1 can reach up but not down.
  3. if you look into this you will find that you have to build a lot larger to obtain useful extended bass. The Beck models I provided drawings for are about as good as it gets for their size another similar option would be either the University Classic or Dean models roughly the same bulk as the California. The designs mentioned here are the best of the best for performance Vs size.
  4. As a player they are very good as a transport even better, modified they can dance circles around many older transports from companies such as Theta and Moon that sold in the 2 - 3K plus range. You can buy and try for the cost of a meal/beer and tip.
  5. if you want to gift on forward your gear you have you should have lots of audio visitors in to hear your gear now while you can so they can learn to understand the value of your efforts. Wonderful sentiment.
  6. I can highly recommend the Sony DVPSR510H. Stock this an absolutely exceptional value with modern DAC and receiver chip set. I modify these for my use. I recently picked up my first of several 510's and found that stock they out performed my (modified) previous Sony DVP model the DVPSR200. I have been modifying Sony DVP units for about the last 13 years and they just keep getting better and better and they are the absolute bargain for entry into a very fine CD player. Do not be fooled by the low price they are exception value quality sound.
  7. when I was a kid a friends dad bought a small hobby ranch just outside of Ottawa Ontario his plan was to retire there as a gentleman rancher. They had a number of animals there including some goats and the big Billy was a very nasty piece of work to whom you never dare show your back. One day he approached me and I stood my ground telling him where to go, he stood there with a grin on his face I could not figure out what he was up to then he pee'd straight between his front legs and onto my feet. I never liked that goat. I think that I was about 12 at the time. I still don't trust goats to this day.
  8. you know that you can achieve some very interesting spatial sound qualities with a second tweeter used to generate long bounce reflections off of side walls back walls and ceilings. I am using a EVDH1506 fitted with the extender cups (1" - 2") from my EV DH1A drivers. It replaces the K79 tweeter on the H3. Sitting horn up in the outside corners it generates a sound stage not unlike a dipole speaker. You need to play with the positioning but when it is correct sound stage snaps into place and the centre fill is excellent and stable. I damp it down a little with a small quantity of well carded (teased out) long fiber wool. Depth image and width of image are greatly enhanced.
  9. Here is a dual 12" cabinet by Ernst Georg Beck the second single is a newer version you could double that up as well. Beck has a single 15" which is impressive and compact for what it can do called the California. Welcome to the forum Will.
  10. Very sorry for your loss mr clean. may your memories of tom be found ones in happy times.
  11. if you still have the woofer that died you have nothing to loose by re flowing the solder joints of the tinsel leads to the terminal tab. That might correct the problem as cold joints do happen. If it still does not work you can lift the dust cap to see if you can access the other end of the tinsel leads to the actual voice coil wire and re flow those as well then if it still does not work it is time for a recone job. The Kappa was no doubt a good replacement choice. Enjoy your speakers.
  12. it costs less to build a good three way than it does to build a good two way as driver requirements in a three way are greatly reduced.
  13. Ha LaScala is not a bass bin it starts to roll off at about 140 Hz. and should be crossed over to a bass horn at 80 or 90 Hz. for best results at the bottom end and 350 - 400Hz. at most on the top end. It was not designed as a bass horn below 80 Hz. it acts just like a leaky box. This should not in any way be taken as an indictment of the LaScala it is simply telling the op what a LaScala was designed to do. At 60Hz. the LaScala has the same response as a Heresy but it will play a lot louder.
  14. check out Skylan Stands. http://www.skylanstands.com/
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