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  1. the opening of the gasket should match the diameter of the opening at the throat of the horn which should also match the opening of the mouth of the compression driver. Trim the gasket to fit if necessary, when installing do not over compress the gasket as this will result in it bulging which will reduce the diameter of the pathway. Better to have a gasket with a too small hole which you can open up resulting in a smooth fit rather than a gasket with too large a hole which will result in a small cavity between the driver and the horn.
  2. as a three way your KLF30 have a more modern designed mid horn (which is also a wide band horn which is used as a tweeter in some pro Klipsch. This wider bandwidth proves this is a superior horn design which could be used in a two way design. This additional bandwidth has no impact when used as a mid horn in a three way design but the horn depth of the KLF20&30 mid horn has a distinct advantage over the mid horn used in a Quartet Forte 2 and Chorus 2 in that it is much shorter and so aligns better with the woofers which by the way will push much more air than a single fifteen inch woofer can. In my opinion it all boils down to whether you like the sound of a fifteen inch woofer or a twelve inch woofer best. The KLf dual woofers can benefit from an acoustic filter used on the bottom woofer an 1/8" layer of F11 acoustical felt works very well If you want to build a new front baffle you can place the mid horn at the top of the cabinet with the tweeter horn between the top woofer and the mid horn as this will buy you some free time alignment between the tweeter and the mid horns as well as placing the mid horn closer to your seated ear level for improved stage and image.
  3. yes I agree with your suggestion with respect to a modified RF5 if a single stand alone loudspeaker is what is desired, if however a single or dual sub system is the desired goal then the RC7 on a speaker stand would be a visually smaller option, that said a pair of RF5 up on stands to place the horn at your seated ear level would be best all around option especially when combined with sub(s).
  4. as a three driver two way the RF5 has to give way to the RC7 which is a 2 1/2 way design. Even with identical driver components this improved crossover has the advantage over a basic multi driver two way.
  5. https://critesspeakers.com/cornwall_plans.html
  6. it is unfortunate that scams like this do happen that's why I do my best to deal within forums I have been a member of for a long time. This sort of thing happens the most to folks who unknowingly post for a WTB situation. The lazy mans way to wasted time or worse. So to other readers who have not suffered such situations don't be lazy and set yourself up, there are better ways to find out if someone has what you are looking for. Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. God bless you all and god bless America home of the brave land of the free. May the light of truth shine on you all.
  7. good luck with your sale, the top bookshelf two way Klipsch monitor excellent loudspeaker.
  8. I have a set based upon the same design principals on my JBL L200B though these used flat plates rather than curved ones. They do work to disperse as stated however I find that they mess with the stage and the image of the horn and as such I do not use them. I think had they been a success that you would have seen more in production and for a longer period of time. I might add that similar but more complex versions of this concept were used by Beveridge electrostatic loudspeakers to provide a flat panel with wide dispersion characteristics. for those who might be interested. https://patents.google.com/patent/US3668335?oq=Beveridge+electrostatic+loudspeakers Here is some JBL information on what they produced https://jblpro.com/en-US/site_elements/2301-2390-2391-2392-2395-information
  9. the op might consider a pair of RF7 series two way towers since they will integrate better over a shorter distance than a three way loudspeaker. Not to mention that they can push more air than a pair of Forte 3 can and with less cone break up and have much greater power handling, in addition they place the horn closer to your seated ear height for improved response stage and image.
  10. but on the 28th of November I am going to be busy watching Mike Tyson knocking the head off of Roy Jones Jr.. Best of luck to all those who bid, what a great prize.
  11. the Heritage models are more efficient and as such more dynamic to listen to. This is something that you need to experience to understand and numbers will not help you, I can tell you that efficiency and dynamics are what make people accept the size of horn loaded loudspeakers it is a very addictive thing. That is why with horns larger is better.
  12. I generally find with an equilateral triangle set up that the speakers end up pointing somewhere between my shoulders and my head. If your driver baffle layout is not symmetrical you can also experiment with tweeters to the inside or to the outside. I also set up my stems with the centre of the did driver centred on my seated ear height (this usually is around 38" - 41" up off the floor). I hope this helps.
  13. for the great majority speaker off axis response is terrible. If you saw the off axis response of your loudspeaker and was told that this was how the speaker sounded you would not be interested in buying the speaker yet this is how most choose to set up their loudspeakers. Beats me. I choose to use an equilateral triangle set up and achieve very good results.
  14. the dog house is larger than ideal, the foam does two things, it eats up some internal volume and it prevents the cavity from resonating.
  15. I was under the impression Bob Crites was the guy who coined the name Cornscala for his creation? Bob am I wrong? Would be good to know? Bob...
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