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  1. the Benchmark AHB2 is a remarkable amplifier peerless and the single most quiet amplifier in the world NOTHING else even comes remotely close. I have gone head to head with a 65lbs 200 watt/channel Spectral and was rocked by the power that the Benchmark delivered. The last amplifier you will need to purchase. There are three AHB2 now in my immediate family.
  2. I used the word live in term of flex. The LS35A is designed to have panels which resonate at lowish frequencies to augment the bass weight of the speaker. MDF has far higher internal loss compared to BB ply hence my reference as BB being live compared to MDF which is dead in comparison.
  3. LS35A has to have live panels to help with bass response mdf panels would be far less active. The materials are just different both can be used to good effect if used properly that said sometimes you need what you need to get the job done it is not difficult.
  4. I guess that you and Bob will enjoy listening to brand new drivers together. Some also think burn in of caps is foolishness also. Each to their own.
  5. if you were to take any two identical cabinet designs one in MDF the other in Baltic Birch and give them the knuckle wrap test and you or anyone standing within ear shot can hear the difference between the two materials. For that matter wrap in a scrap piece of each material you will hear the same difference. Yet people wonder if they will sound different. If you don't want to believe your ears then you won't hear a difference I guess or you will convince yourself that it does not exist. Only you can determine if you prefer one to the other or what the differences are to you. These materials are physically different and if you want similar performance then you will need to build accordingly at which point differences will me minimized. Your ear will always be the judge. However if you cannot tell the difference then that just makes life easier for you.
  6. Thanks for the great music and the memories Bill.
  7. The tweeters in your Forte operate only above 6KHz that means all they reproduce is harmonics and no fundamentals. What you describe is not a fault of the tweeter at all. You are describing excessive mid and that is likely because your woofers are not functioning properly. Best to start your investigation with the woofers and or xovers. It may be as simple as one of your woofers being wired out of phase. As to titanium tweeters it is true some (but not a lot) people are sensitive to their fundamental break up mode. If you have listened to any of the Klipsch Reference series and you liked them then for sure you are not one of the few who are sensitive to titanium diaphragms as almost all of the Reference series have ti diaphragms. Good luck. Remember that room placement has a great impact on how your speakers will sound. Your Forte were not designed to be out into the room they were designed to be close to the front wall and this will greatly enhance base output.
  8. I made the same mistake myself some years back, this is an incorrect statement Forte uses a K701 mid horn Chorus uses a K601 mid horn they are not the same horn.
  9. could it be panty sniffin is so dangerous? better check on Iris DeMent also. Get well soon John! https://nutritionfacts.org/video/pandemics-history-prevention/?utm_source=NutritionFacts.org&utm_campaign=602d431cbe-RSS_VIDEO_WEEKLY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_40f9e497d1-602d431cbe-23950737&mc_cid=602d431cbe&mc_eid=ce3261bd8b
  10. just saw this, Rudy please get well soon and may your family be healthy at home waiting for your return from hospital. Prayers and smoke sent your way.
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