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  1. La Scala Pittsburgh CL $300

    worth a visit and a listen, at that price but I would not wait long to go. Make a great winter project.
  2. WTB 500 cps crossover or equivilent.

    the centre channel will best match the front left and right loudspeakers if it is using the same mid horn and driver. differences in crossover will impact the sound as well. if the centre channel is to use a pair of smaller mid/woofers of say 8" diameter then a crossover point of 800 - 1000Hz would be fine since the mid/woofer will have no problem playing at those frequencies.
  3. WTB 500 cps crossover or equivilent.

    as good as the ALK ES 500 sounded in your centre channel there is no way that you have a horn with a low enough cut off to justify a 500 Hz crossover point (that would require a horn the size of a K402 and that pushes the rule). This is not to say a K601 or even a K500 could not be used because they could but that those horns are not designed to be played that low as they cannot hold their polar patterns anywhere near that low. Yes speaker companies cheat in this respect all the time but if you are going to diy why not diy well? For either of the Klipsch horns mentioned a far better crossover would be at least 800 Hz or higher. Consider that in a good design you will be using a horn crossed over at an octave above its cutoff frequency to take advantage of best possible performance. So for a K601 as used in the Cornwall that would be around 1200 Hz. and for a K500 that would be around 1KHz.. The problem which most often arises is one of top end response and dispersion characteristics of the woofer. Keep in mind also that foe ideal surround sound the response and dispersion characteristics of the front three loudspeakers are best matched. Just some food for thought. Have fun.
  4. KLF20 cabinet damping

    Bob's crossover is the factory crossover same design and xo points only better parts/layout. You can stuff the top of the box with acousta-stuf and if you want you can line the bottom, side walls and back section with felt to catch top response of the woofers but the cavity between the woofers and the vents must stay open and free of any damping. That air must be able to resonate freely for the woofer to drive the vents into resonance. Time to experiment with re positioning your speakers.
  5. 250 V or 630 V woofer capacitor?

    I really think that you were dealing with crappy caps, a six volt cap on a 5 volt rail is just fine. Cheap little speakers usually have 35 volt caps to save money you can run them on any size amp with no problems what so ever. that's not to say you could not blow them up but the drivers would likely fry before the caps blew up and you would know you were doing wrong long before that even from another room or the basement. Never the less your amplifiers rail voltage is all you speakers will ever see unless of course it dies and go DC.
  6. 250 V or 630 V woofer capacitor?

    in a passive crossover the caps at maximum only ever look at the rail voltage and most smaller amps are 50 - 60 volts with large amp running 90 volts, a few might run as much as 120V but you don't see those often and it would not make a difference. Remember that even the cheapest cap is good for at least double its rated voltage. 250 volts is lots.
  7. Do I Need a Power Amp?

    you want to dress the signal cables as far away as possible from line voltage. If you must have signal crossing the line do so at rt. angles for minimum interaction. shielded power cords will also help matters.
  8. Head to head... Or toe to toe?

    bad idea. if you are set on doing so toe to toe will insure maximum inter driver interaction and head to head will provide the least possible driver interaction. heads to head would result in woofer mid tweeter tweeter mid woofer from floor to ceiling.
  9. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    yes for a year now no problems sounds flawless, have used some nice passives with top tier Vishay foil resistors nothing I used comes close to this. combined with the Benchmark AHB2 it is simply stunning. This is a real standard for all else to compare to.
  10. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    https://www.tortugaaudio.com/products/passive-preamps/ldr3-v2-passive-preamp/ http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/tortuga-ldr3v2k-passive-preamplifier/?page=2
  11. My music is my constant

    your friends may go away but they never leave you. just think how special you must be to have been so close.
  12. RIP Hugh Hefner

    No CNN is not in my opinion a reliable source of news. I did a Google based web search and I told you what came up. You seem to be suggesting that I am somehow at fault for this. I told you what I found and I still think it is best to check. I believe the op believed what he read, me too. I still don't know for sure and I don't plan to delve any further as it is not of enough personal to me to do so.
  13. RIP Hugh Hefner

    well I did just that and could not find any convincing articles saying he had passed. What I did find were articles saying that he was still alive but there were numerous articles of death rumors on the weekend. So I will try not to get too upset if he is alive or dead it is not clear. My point is that I did check (and just looked again) but it shows you how unreliable the internet is. I have no idea if he is or if he is not. I does not make much difference to me and I don't want to play the argue game. If you feel I am at fault some how you need to rethink your position. Far better to err and accept that someone is alive until their death is confirmed by a hospital publicist or family, don't you agree?
  14. RIP Hugh Hefner

    No He is not dead! Got to check first before re posting rumors. Too easy on line to pick up bad info. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4021362/Hugh-Hefner-responds-internet-rumours-dead-apt-movie-selection.html
  15. La Scalas KC

    They look very rough, suspect possible water damage, all depends upon the price would have to be discounted deep for me to take them on as a project.