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  1. Well there are many who love the warm smooth velvety sound of phenolic diaphragms. If you like the Forte ll you will find the Chorus ll even more exciting to listen to, then there is the Epic Series Cf3 and CF4. Jumping to the Heritage line say a LaScala if you can find a room large enough to let them integrate to sing for you and you will find live dynamics the others simply do no possess so be careful it is very very difficult to go back down in efficiency once you have been exposed to it. Trust your ears as you have so far and you will not be disappointed. I would suggest that you raise up your Forte so that the centre of the mid horn is at your seated ear level for the smoothest response and the best possible stage and image. I have included a photo of a pair of Forte lll on some four post Skylan Stands. Note that the stock riser has been removed. These look a little low to me but I do not know what the seating is like. Typical seated ear level is typically around 38 - 42 inches up off the floor.
  2. did a fast search thinking they were gone. Found this. Welborne Labs is no more RMSVOLT.COM (never heard of them before) has acquired the rights to the Welborne Labs designs: »welbornelabs.com
  3. congratulations on your new to you Forte ll. I am curious about your choice between the Forte ll and the Forte lll and what made you decide to choose the older design? What were the key qualities which made you choose the Forte ll over the Forte lll?
  4. I see Jupiter but where is Thunder and his son Vulcan? How many hours of play on those caps? Are you a very happy camper now?
  5. you should be able to find on line user/owner groups for most brand name knives where yu can establish an estimated value for some of your knives. Even at groups such as the Spyderco forum you can find much information from members who collect all sorts of different brands. Wishing you good luck. Keep your favorites or the ones with the most sentimental value to yourself. One knife is never enough and three is way to few. You know how that goes and down the rabbit hole you go. Stay sharp and find a knife with a cork screw!
  6. sure looks like a compression driver to me. If you want high tech for cheap look at a Peavey 22R they beat Altec to the punch with that one in the early 1970's it has a deep drawn aluminum one piece former diaphragm and a half round Mylar suspension (long travel high damping). Want a higher quality version of that driver look at the EV DH1506 which is a serious driver by today's standards. Either driver mentioned make the Klipsch model seen here look like a toy.
  7. are you referring to this design? https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1238398-reed-exodus-anarchy-25hz-tapped-horn.html
  8. You need a psychic medium for that sort of thing. The speakers might get delivered straight to your do with zero fees or they may have a duty fee attached, you never know. you can call customs and ask but you won't really know till you get the box. That's how it has always been for me. Spend the extra cash and have them sent by air as they will spend far less time in the transit system and be handled way less so a much smaller risk of damage. If you ask the sender to declare a lower value then you can save some money on customs but you will lower the amount that you can insure them for. Your call on that tact.
  9. some member should be jumping on these!
  10. not having any luck with that. Can you cut and paste the diagram along with the description here? that way if the link ever fails the drawing/graphic and info will always be here and not a dead link?
  11. A Canadian can ship you what ever they want and they can assign it a declared vale and insure it and after that duty and such will be made by the American Customs at the point of entry and you will be responsible for that. Most all the major shippers will pack and ship for an extra cost they will even pick up and pack and ship but again at additional cost. I have done this with goods in America coming into Canada it is not terrible but it's not cheap so it will depend on the deal and how badly you want the goods. Hope this helps.
  12. " How does more distortion make the music louder? " Many people associate high level with distortion (because that is what they are used to it is their norm). You can play them a clean loud passage but they won't consider it to be loud because it is not distorting. So it's not that the distortion makes it louder simply it can trigger a "louder response" in the listener.
  13. Tractrix horn only on the Chorus ll. I too prefer the Chorus footprint and I also agree the Chorus is a very floppy cabinet. I have read accounts of some who with level can get the Chorus rear baffle to slap the back side of the mid driver. That's a big nasty indictment of the non existing brace work in a Chorus cabinet. Fortunately it is not too difficult to address. Here is a link to show you just how impressive driver alignment really is. Both Cornwall and Chorus have essentially the same bass extension one way or the other only the requirement for power differs. http://www.nutshellhifi.com/MLS/MLS3.html
  14. do you have a link to a specific page this one opens up a general page with numerous other links.
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