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  1. Bob Crites sells a Conscala D which is a two way design. That would be my go to model.
  2. larger horns will hold their polar response to a lower frequency. a good way to determine the quality of a horn design is to look at its frequency response to see how high it goes, a wider response is a good thing. in a three way you can use a limited band device. also worth considering is the difference between small format drivers and large format drivers. large format drivers have much lower distortion figures.
  3. moray james


    Kegel exercise keeps couple together!
  4. moray james


    that's how I like my martini's "shaken not stirred". must be a fifty caliber stir stick.
  5. happy 4th of July everybody. God bless America.
  6. So far as my experiences have gone I have never had this happen. Have you had this happen yourself? Modern day stripping solutions may be different from those in the past which may no longer be legal to use. I have always used a stripper made with Methylene Choride but it must only be used out doors or with very good ventilation such as a paint booth. PS: you can always test on the bottom of the cabinet same goes for choosing stain colors.
  7. interesting so does that impact the factory warranty?
  8. the reference in the room is always to be the listener. The wall in front of the listener is then the front wall. A video screen is placed in front of the viewer on the "front wall". If someone told you that they had placed their video screen on the "rear wall" we would all wonder why.
  9. looks to me that the paint finish was simply and carefully sanded off. Personally I would use a stripper to remove most all the satin paint off the wood veneer then sand the surface to clean up any marks. nice job.
  10. moray james


    That's a nice Parisienne, my dad bought a 64 4 door in maroon with a black interior. Was a very nice car.
  11. a top quality four post stand of a height so the speaker is raised enough to place the centre of the mid horn at your seated ear level. The ones below are designed and manufactured by Noel Nolan of Skylan Stands in Calgary Alberta Canada.
  12. are you kidding??? I know where you can get a real pair for only $1500.00 if you hurry.
  13. try a cheater plug (lifts ground) on either the pre or on the amp (or which ever unit has a three prong plug) that may deal with your hiss problem.
  14. Quote: "I see. I just wanted to make sure i didn't need non-polarized or something. Thanks again for the help". The only non polarized cap that would fit your budget would be an electrolytic which at this price point you don't want to go near. There are good sounding electrolytic caps but they won't be cheap. A poly cap with vapor deposited aluminum on plastic film is exactly what fits your price point. If you are not competent with a soldering iron find a buddy who is to solder them in for you and leave a half inch between the body of the cap and the connection point, this will insure you do not overheat the cap and damage it. Dayton sell decent sounding caps for crossovers but I think they may be similar in price to Bob's caps check them out and see. Check around locally to see if you can find some good caps and save on the postage if you can. Postage might cost you near as much as the parts so if you can find a good source that is local you could afford to buy a better quality part without spending any more overall.
  15. me too, I had a pair of A7-800 in my bedroom as a teen they lasted less than a year til my mum explained that they had to go out of her home. Those were my first and last horns for a long time til I got some Tannoy's and then later some Klipsch and now back to Tannoys with the Revolution Series XT Mini which are simply amazing. I also have a pair of the larger XT6 but they do not integrate nor image as well as the Mini do with their smaller woofer cone and tweeter comp driver. These really must be heard in a top flight system to be appreciated.
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