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  1. Fair price for Cornwall Pro Series?

    so do they use a K33 or a K48?
  2. My KLF 30 rebuild with pictures.

    Shovelnose: I want to congratulate you on a nice rebuild job. I also wanted to make an observation and don't want it taken as a criticism rather as a possible small enhancement for future builds or for others wishing to follow in your footsteps. The braces used on your front baffle are mounted sideways and not as stiff that way as they could be had they been mounted on edge rather than on the flat as you have done. The design ratio for the most stiffness is 1:2.5 so the narrow edge would be one and the long dimension would be 2.5. This results in the best compromise. Making the brace wider only adds minimal stiffness and just eats up more internal volume for little return. So to recap if the thickness of your brace material is one inch then the width would be 2 1/2 inches mount the brace on the narrow one inch (in this example) edge. Regards moray james.
  3. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    do you know who does? I will modify my statement then to replace "Roy" with Klipsch. I believe it is a easily better loudspeaker or they would not release it. Would like to know who does the RF series design work. Thanks for this correction.
  4. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    I agree does anybody really think that Roy would not make a Mk3 version that was not a whole lot better than the Mk2?
  5. DIY La Scala Idea

    This is all I could find on line you can contact the member at Lansing Heritage site He may have more info.
  6. DIY La Scala Idea

    Bruce that's true re digital compensation however the adjustment will only work in the sweet spot. You have to physically adjust the components for the effect to be realized around the room.
  7. best shape for Belle clone mouth braces >

    I like the curve too.
  8. Fair price for Cornwall Pro Series?

    No. It's a first for me. I've got a couple pairs of Pro Heresey's with birch veneer and won't part with them. Do you know which woofer your pro Cornwall has installed? If it has the K48 then it is essentially a Chorus and not a Cornwall. The Cornwall uses the K33 woofer. Thanks for posting.
  9. I have some new schiit coming.

    I guess Schitt wants to be thought of as "cost effective" and not "cheap"? Could cause product image problems.
  10. Fair price for Cornwall Pro Series?

    seems like a lot (LOT) of coin and I don't see what you get for your money. Chorus ll can be had for 500 - 800 USD used cheap especially if you can pick up.
  11. I was under the impression that the 140Hz hump was a mouth resonance issue and that the braces or the double side wall thickness dealt with that?
  12. Fair price for Cornwall Pro Series?

    why not get a set of Chorus ll they have the K48 woofer (pro) have a larger better sounding mid horn look better cost less? Just a thought.
  13. forte III lambswool grill fabric

    For those who want to put whatever they want on their loudspeakers great do what you want I totally understand. For those who want the best possible sound stay away from any natural fibers and use synthetic fabrics made with mono fibers which are smooth and round and the fabric sheer as they will result in the best possible sound. Natural fibers like wool are the worst possible choice for sound quality. Not looking to get into an argument here pick what you like for the reasons which are important to you and be happy. I simply wanted to make this point clear for those who are chasing perfection and most of those guys don't use a grill at all. Regards moray james.
  14. why don't you test on the bottom of one of the cabinets?
  15. http://www.audioheritage.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?11909-Paragon-XXL