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  1. moray james

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    the height was no mistake it was intentional and was set so as to come in just below the standard widow sill height in house builds of the day same for the Belle height since it was also sold in singles as a stereo centre fill for wide spread Khorns.
  2. moray james

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    Yes that is a fact! If you want more, the same researcher (PWK) also discovered that the largest single cabinet that could be built from a single 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood was the Cornwall. That's real practical American logic at work for you. Thanks to Paul for having a sharp mind.
  3. moray james

    early La Scala with vertical tweeters factory??

    The vertical orientation is in fact the correct orientation for this diffraction tweeter though they measure close enough when rotated 90 degrees and that saved space in a vertical stack. I much prefer the look of the ones you found to a standard vertical stack. You have a piece of history to love and enjoy. Congratulations on your very special find.
  4. moray james

    KLF-30s in Houston?

    Some hushmat or dynamat on the pole piece of the mid and tweeter comp drivers along with some properly applied F-11 Acoustical Felt (100%pure wool) both under the diaphragm will do wonders for those drives for improving detail resolution and clarity taking them to a whole new level of reproduction.
  5. moray james

    KLF-30s in Houston?

    There are a lot of people who are sensitive to the resonant mode of ti diaphragms. When they were first introduced by JBL decades ago many pro's flat out refused to use them. Fortunately I am not one of those people. If you have listened to any of the RF series (almost all are ti horn drivers) and you liked them then you can safely cross yourself off of the list of ti diaphragms being a problem. All the new Klipsch use ti skins and all the pro units are ti. The ti diaphragms will take your speakers way beyond what the old stock phenolic are capable of. Most of all the mid is where the magic is. You may want to adjust mid output levels a little but so what? If you are not willing to do that then you need to accept the level of performance available from the stock units. There's nothing wrong with staying with the phenolic diaphragms if you want to. There are mods that can make stock drives sound better but why not make the jump into the 21 century? Remember that there are lots of people out there offering you advice who cannot hear their way out of a wet paper bag with their Pioneer or Denon AV receivers and garbage sources. This is really old crap people are discussing when some of the best engineers in the business worked all this stuff out decades back and new people with no clue start it all back up and never bother to read up on any of this. The Engineering staff at Klipsch have figured out how to mostly mitigate ti issues as have all the other big boys in the pool but like I said if you have very sensitive hearing in the 8.5 KHz. range then ti drive diaphragms may not be your best choice and you will want to switch to Aluminum or synthetic/plastic or coated diaphragm options or just stick with the stock diaphragms.
  6. the fifteen inch woofer in a Khorn starts to get into the soup starting at about 325 Hz and that is the very reason that the Jubilee was designed to have a wider available bandwidth so you could cross to a more domestic size mid horn. There are other horn designs which will get you where you are going like the University and one by Ernst Georg Beck called the California are two good examples.
  7. moray james

    RIP Krauthammer

    I was concerned about Charles and very saddened to hear of his passing, a serious loss to us all no matter your stripe. A fine American has left us. May he rest in peace.
  8. moray james

    KLF-30s in Houston?

    you can re tune your Chorus and if you use a power amp with some real poop you will near sounds you never knew a Chorus could make. I would rather have a Chorus (especially a Chorus ll) than a KLF30 though a KLF30 will push more air than a single 15 can but the Chorus when fed power can really impress. Think 200 watts and up per channel and the Chorus can really sing. Either way both very good loudspeaker but I believe that the single fifteen of the Chorus is more fun more life like to listen to (in my estimation, as always YMMV). PS: you can rent a 250 - 500 watt per channel pro power amp from a PA shop for a day or a weekend for cheap and see exactly what some raw power can achieve so that you can understand what I am talking about. You will probably be in for a big surprise.
  9. moray james

    Choices Choices, R-28F, RP-280F, R-25C, R-15M; Help!

    wait are you suggestion that aluminum tweeters are harsh sounding and titanium tweeters are not? I have not listened to these R-28F diaphragms myself but a friend of mine who has very good ears and very good gear and who has spent much time and money on SOTA crossover components has recently replaced his very modified Forte which have all ti horn diaphragms with a set of modified R-28F and he is delighted with them. So given that I think that the harsh sound that you are hearing is due to components in the crossover section of the R-28F and not. the aluminum diaphragms. We went through years of complaints from pro's who would not use a ti diaphragm when they came out. It was established that ti diaphragms resonance bothered some folks who were sensitive to it and I think it has been well established that aluminum is in fact a superior diaphragm material as its resonant mode is much higher than titanium. I just want to see the true cause of the harshness attributed to its real cause and that is most likely the components in the high frequency section of the R-28F crossover. JBL engineers did much research to get to the bottom of this at the time and I would hate to see it forgotten and lost and a new generation then wast time and money to re invent the wheel.
  10. moray james

    K-77 diaphragms

    you are thinking of the ti tweeter replacement for the K76 tweeter. Bob can sell you an improved phenolic tweeter which is a direct drop in for the K77 the CT125 or other better units to fit your budget. The CT125 are very good I used them in my Heresy and liked them a lot very smooth. good luck
  11. moray james


    RIP Dennis you are missed. Here is some additional info from a friend of his, Dennis Kleitsch dead at 63. Audio was Dennis' hobby, besides conspiracy theory, politics, and money. When young, he loved music, started selling speakers and stuff. (With 165 IQ and photographic memory, school was a bore and college was worse). His dad was super smart and held over 20 patents. Eventually was curious why some stuff sounded better than others. Learned electronics, then ran the repair center here. It was the largest jbl and klipsch distributer in the midwest at the time. Dennis worked at Rockwell-Collins for 20 years as a technician Not a lot to know about this very talented man thankfully he touched a lot of people.
  12. moray james

    Chorus I Information

    I would simply repair this cut with some white wood glue (remember this is a paper cone) and a single layer of coffee filter paper over the tear (have the paper overlap the tear 3/8" all the way around) on the inside of the cone so you wont see it, use a minimal amount of adhesive enough to wet the paper patch. You will not hear any difference your speakers will match perfectly and you will save a lot of money and angst. If you work at a normal rate of speed by the time you have your speaker reassembled and set up it will be ready to play as the adhesive will be strong enough to go in 30 minutes.
  13. moray james

    KG 5.2. $200

    no not a 3.2. http://www.klipsch.ca/products/kg-5-2
  14. moray james

    Share your road trips!

    Have a great weekend and I hope that your Klipsch Road Trip is all you hoped it would be. Looking forward to your story and photos. Ha I just looked down as I was punching SEND to see this thread was already on page four! Will go back now and read about the saga. Never the less the journey never ends so have a great trip this weekend.