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  1. You bet but don't you start now I have snakes and all sorts of nasty things that bite at my disposal and can crawl under the door. And I have 300 years experience with sort of thing so don't push your luck I have been very nice so far.
  2. lets not make this get ugly now or I will send my snakes after you!
  3. my guess is that the thread is most likely a standard 1/4"-20 find a bolt that size and see if it fits Ramset have case hardened spikes designed to shoot through a 1/4" plate steel with a 1/4"-20 thread find a thin locking nut they are in my mind the best spike for the job. Have not owned a pair of CF2 but sounds like maybe it is time for fresh caps bass is not one of their weak points. (pardon the pun)
  4. I had a very late pair of Heresy built weeks prior to the H2 so as current as the H ever got and I had two sets of H3 I modified all the Heresy versions that I had, the H3 ate up the H. I have upgraded Quartet, Forte , Forte2, KLF20 all to ti mids and tweeters the change takes them to where they cannot go with phenolic diaphragms. I would have been even happier had they made the change to aluminum but ti does not work harden and if you over drive and slap the phase plug ti pretty much is un phased and just carries on while aluminum either cracks right away or over time either way it cracks. Heirloom are just that and they want to preserve the quality and character as much and as closely as possible they are not an attempt at a sota razors edge product. The hype is not hype it is true I am sure of it I have hot hears an H4 but I would not bet a nickle it is not better than an H3! Believe what you will. If you can get the chance do some listening around and you will see what I am saying is so. That's not to say you won't find a man who would not trade his H or even an older H700 or what ever but the progression of product quality has been commendable, after all Roy has been here a long time and Roy was very close to PWK. Here is another true-ism "bigger is better" I would very much like to hear a CW4, even more than that I would like to hear a Chorus 3 as a two way with a large format compression driver. If you really want to get the content that you are looking for delve into the archives it's in there.
  5. Ok I made an edit but it does feel like 300!
  6. is there still a 5K members club do I get a discount?
  7. the problem is I should think specific to the caps. Contact the company directly.
  8. drivers and caps both take time. The louder and longer you can play them the less time you will have to wait. There are ways to mitigate the long loud play. You can place the speakers face to face cover them with shipping blankets and drive them with a stereo receiver tuned to interstation noise, wire one speaker in the opposite phase to the other turn up the level to as loud as you can stand and come back in a week or so.
  9. are you saying that you prefer the phenolic to the new titanium tweeters and mids? If you do you may be one of those people who simply has issues with ti it is a relatively small percentage of people but it is a real problem for them as they are sensitive to where ti diaphragms normally resonate. so far as brand new speakers and capacitors go over more than thirty years of buying building and breaking in speakers have always noticed significant differences in performance before and after burn in of course YMMV as they say.
  10. Sony make exceptional products which perform well beyond their price point. I have been running Sony DVD as well as Blue Ray now very satisfied with them never had so much as a glitch.
  11. it may be a sealant intended to stay viscous and used seal the cap from air and moisture entering which would damage the cap. Best check with Solen.
  12. how may hours running on these speakers? I don't think Roy has down graded the tweeter performance.
  13. by using the highest available tap you insure the amplifier has lots of resistance to push against and that will make your amp happy and more stable than a lower impedance, it also means that the full secondary of the transformer is loaded again your amplifier will be much happier with this arrangement. Multi tap output transformers are a consumer driven convenience "I want it all but I don't want to pay for it all kind of thing, they are not available because they make good design sense.
  14. Klipsch Chorus are nominal 8 ohm loudspeakers. chorus and k-48 data.pdf
  15. depending upon how much actual play time you give caps will vary on forming time so report back in 6 - 8 weeks and tell us what you think then.
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