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  1. I haven't yet updated the crossovers but the caps I was going to purchase were the Arizona Blue Cactus 2.2uF. They looked to be the perfect match. But as expected PartsConexion sold them to me, only to tell me that they were not in-stock based on what I have heard here and other places I decided to cancel the order. But now in the meantime I found some Heresy III's on the used market and I am hoping my parents are willing to pick them up for me on their summer drive. Hopefully I will see them by next weekend ! ! ! ! Fingers crossed. I really love the Heresy sound. I am still dreaming of owning a pair of Zu Speakers but I currently cannot afford/justify the shipping from the USA into Canada. These new Klipsch Heresy III speakers might do the trick for now. I am looking forward to the cleaner aesthetic and the magnetic grills.
  2. UPDATE: I purchased a Musical Paradise MP-301 Tube Integrated Amplifier and they are making the Klipsch Heresy speakers sing. I really love this amplifier and highly recommend it. I am currently using NOS RCA 6S7N black metal tubes with new Tung-Sol 7581A tubes. Stunning. I haven't yet updated the crossovers but the caps I was going to purchase were the Arizona Blue Cactus 2.2uF. They looked to be the perfect match. I recently found some Heresy III's on the used market and I am hoping my parents are willing to pick them up for me on their summer drive. Hopefully I will see them by next weekend ! ! ! ! Fingers crossed. I really love the Heresy sound. I am still dreaming of owning a pair of Zu Speakers but I currently cannot afford/justify the shipping from the USA into Canada. These new Klipsch Heresy III speakers might do the trick for now. I am looking forward to the cleaner aesthetic and the magnetic grills.
  3. I pulled my mini review from the Canuck Audio Mart Forums to post here. I really enjoy this amp with my Klipsch Heresy 1's. Two weeks ago I received my Musical Paradise MP-301 Integrated Amplifier and I am very happy with my purchase. I just wanted to write a quick post about my impressions and leave some room for others who recently bought this same amplifier to leave some thoughts. The MP-301 seems to be a Modern Classic and is well loved here on Canuck Audio Mart I think due to it being designed in Canada and having a bit of a following that way. I live here in Edmonton and that seems to be even more true as Gary the owner of Musical Paradise lives here and is a member of the local HiFi club. The MP-301 has been out for a while now but these impressions are from the Current Version: MP-301 MKIII 2018 Deluxe Version. First of all this amplifier arrived quickly from China after it left the factory, but that was weeks after I paid for it and about a month before I decided to purchase the amplifier, let me explain. On April 5th, I emailed Garry to ask if he had a sign up or an automated email notification setup for when the new version of the amplifier became available as the MP-301 was currently sold out in all forms as it was being revamped and the factory was not currently producing the MP-301. The email response was short and abrupt telling me to check back at the website closer to the end of the month. I looked on April 17th, to see that the MP-301 was listed for sale in it latest and updated form. I purchased the amplifier only to receive an email that stated again briefly and without any ceremony that I should not expect the amplifier to ship until the end of the month as the amplifier was currently not being produced. I accepted this. I thought of cancelling my order since I was a bit put off by the communication style that Musical Paradise used to talk to me with but I also am assuming that this is a pet project of an already busy man with a day job who is making inexpensive and widely lauded tube amplifiers and other Hi-Fi devices, who is hopefully better at designing circuits that interacting with his customers. The amplifier shipped from China on April 30th and arrived on May 2nd, exactly as Gary said it would... so what can I say? He delivered and I can excuse Musical Paradise for what I perceived as being curt, for being efficient as he delivered on the schedule that he promised on April 5th. So kudos, thanks for keeping your promise. The amplifier arrived in good condition, double boxed, clearly marked "Fragile", and with plastic corner pieces. This package could have easily survived a trip around the world and I suppose that was what was intended. The amplifier is sturdy, has clean lines and a great fit and finish. This was one of the things I was worried about but I shouldn't have. This amplifier is well assembled and well finished. It looks great. I have no complains on fit and finish. Now to sound. I have a pair of Klipsch 1977 Heresy Speakers that I bought this amplifier to pair up with and it is certainly a better fit for these speaker than the Rega Brio (2017) that I was previously using. The Klipsch Heresy Speakers came to life. Some highlights: - wide soundstage - brought forth as much bass as to be expected from the Heresy Speakers - oodles of detail in comparison to my Rega Brio (2017) - no audible hum from even these very efficient horn speakers - excellent tone and extension - it made some of my music sound new again, and I heard detail in a way that I hadn't before on the Heresy Speakers in particular - what jumped out at me initially and stuck with me was the way this amplifier sounds so natural, especially with the vocals I also connected the MP-301 to my Focal 705V bookshelf speakers that I have. These speakers gave off a lot more enjoyable sound with the MP-301 as opposed to the Rega Brio, I especially noticed more natural sounding mids, deeper detail retrieval and more firm and quick control of the base (which I did not expect) (and again needless to say these are bookshelf speakers so the quantity of the base was restricted by this fact as well). The next thing I did was take some advice from the forums and bought some Tung-Sol 7581A, this really changed things for me. I had read that these tubes paired with the MP-301 are detailed, neutral and can make quiet listening/near-field listening much more enjoyable. This all happened and transformed this amplifier to something that took my breath away with its convincing realism, tone and detail retrieval. I am speechless and I am looking forward to many enjoyable musical experiences with this amplifier. Who knew you could get so much excellent sound for so little money... and I thought that the Rega Brio was a great deal... Another thing I did the other day was some headphone listening. I used my Mr. Speakers Aeon Closed Backed headphones and I was blown away by how they sounded with the MP-301. The headphones were driven with authority and sounded the best that I have heard them. I typically use my Chord Mojo with these headphones, and during the testing I compared them side-by -side using the Chord Mojo as a DAC into the MP-301 to try and only test the MP-301 as best that I could. The MP-301 clearly did a better job and I got a better grip on the base, more detail and extended highs from the MP-301 versus only using the Chord Mojo. I am currently listening to this amplifier and enjoying it greatly. The amplifier is running the Tung-Sol 7581A's that I previously mentioned along with NOS RCA Black Metal 6SJ7 that shipped from Musical Paradise with the amplifier. The first tubes which I deemed to potentially be lacking were the EL34s that are an option on the Musical Paradise website (EL34-B 'Electron Tube' MADE IN CHINA), only a $5 upcharge but probably not worth it now that I hear the Tung-Sols... but I digress. If you are thinking about buying this amplifier I would say go for it, so long as you understand its limitations being a tube amplifier with only ~6.5 Watts depending on tubes. This amplifier in my mind represents excellent value for money. Thank you Musical Paradise ! ! ! ! !
  4. Hey Everyone, I had such a great response from the forum last time I posted here that I decided instead of again suffering too much trying to figure out the answer myself I would again ask here (see below for my previous post). There is such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience here that I would be foolish to not ask for your insight and ideas. I want to do a refresh on my Klipsch Heresy I speakers crossovers, they haven't been touched since they were produced in 1977. I have decided that I want to do the following: - replace the Capacitors (100%) - replace the wire (maybe not but I kinda do) - understand what those strange things are look like metal frames holding a wound up paper with wires going into it (there are two of them, and they are the only other thing than the capacitors in the crossover, can these fail? should they be replaced?) - any success with replacing the terminals on the back of the speakers? Is this necessary? I feel like to be sure it would be good to replace them, but I hate the idea of changing the speakers too much, especially externally. So from what I understand is that many consider the Sonicaps too bright and therefore I have leaned towards two options: - Mundorf Silver in Oil - Jensen NOS Paper in Oil (if I can secure them) So the questions that I have currently are: - Have you tried the Mundorf or the Jensen? What caps have you had success with? - I need a parts list with specific measurements required and I can't decipher a electronic schematic, thank god I have a good and honest tech here locally so I can get the work done, soldering, ect. - any suggestions for wire that I should use internally for these speakers? I understand that it is better to have a bit of a smaller gauge especially when using a tube amplifier and highly efficient speakers. Should I keep the original? These speakers are in surprisingly good condition for their age... I'll ping the stand up guys that helped me the first time. Thanks guys! @JohnA @jimjimbo @CECAA850 @MC39693
  5. They sound a LOT better now that I tightened up all the connections... I am kinda blown away. I guess the one thing I would be concerned about is one of the oil caps pissing oil all over my beautiful speakers... but honestly I am sure it would miss the woofer... Holy shit these things sound good. Lots of attack (PRaT) and clear as a bell. They don't sound veiled or muddled. I like "bright" so I am not too sensitive to this but they sound pretty forward and clear. I might just wait on the crossovers... Any harm in waiting to replace the capacitors?
  6. Thank you so much @CECAA850 !!!!! Tightening the connections made everything function. I am so glad that I won't have to replace the tweeters or the diaphragm as that is an added cost and I'd imagine that it further drives the price down as they are no longer all original (not that I am looking to sell them, although I think I would love to buy a new pair of Heresy III's if I continue loving these as much as I do... @MC39693 Everything is original including the oil can capacitors... so I will need to decide what to do. I like the idea of getting Bob Crites to do the work since he has such vast experience with these speakers, although shipping a crossover back and forth from Canada to the USA will likely be expensive not to mention that I would be without these speakers for at least two weeks, I'd expect... So I guess the next best thing would be to buy a whole new crossover from him so I can ensure that the crossover measures how it is supposed to. I have a tech here in Edmonton who is really good but doesn't have experience with this particular speaker and I have no idea how I would ensure that the correct measurements were achieved... So everything works and now all I need to do is to replace the parts on the crossovers and buy the risers.
  7. thanks! It sure is tiny... I am in Edmonton. Haha. Thanks! I appreciate it. I will be moving to Calgary this summer. My girlfriend has her practicum at the Hospital there. I hope to have the speakers up and running before that though... I just tightened the barrier strip / terminals and I am going to try and test it out. Some of them did seem a bit loose so this might be the ticket. I am planning on making a purchase from Crites and I wanted to simply order once rather than multiple times. If it is just the crossover than there is that, if I need new diaphrams maybe I would just buy new drivers.... trying to sort it out. I have a tech here that I go to, I was just hoping to be able to do this myself.
  8. Hey Klipsch Fans! I have scoured the forums looking for the information that I am asking now. I am sure that it is there but I have both looked hard and I have been looking casually for an answer for a couple weeks now so... here it goes... I picked up my first pair of Klipsch Heresy I in Oiled Walnut. The speakers seem to be in great shape and have all the original components as you'd hope. One speaker I am sure has an issue with the K-77 Round Magnet Tweeter. I went out and bought myself a little multi-meter and took measurements from the offending tweeter. It measures well. Right around 6ohms and and stable continuity. What I have experienced with the tweeter is that it simply doesn't put anything out. I tried a 20 hz - 20khz YouTube video and tested both speakers and I am sure that this speaker worked up to the point of the tweeter, where it full stop didn't work (no buzzing, no hizz, no crackle, just silent). The other speaker performed flawlessly. So now my question is this: Could the tweeter be blown and the driver still measure correctly? Do you think this could simply be that the crossover is 40+ years old? Do you think the crossover could completely stop an incoming signal? What could I check? I am worried that by checking I could then damage a perfectly good diaphragm and waste time and money. Thank you everyone for your time. I am by no means an expert but do I ever love the sound of these Heresy Speakers!
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