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  1. got to travel about 200 miles to see ,not sure which 1 to chase.both look like they are in nice condition.I got forte 11 and like the sound ,never heard the cf3.
  2. Before I buy I would like to get your opinions,good idea to put corner bass traps behind your passives like forte,quartet and chorus ii or not.thanks
  3. I run my chorus 1 and forte 11 with a Yamaha m-40 amp.the specs are good and I look at new amps and to get the same specs for the money is crazy.So what am I missing?I respect this forum and I know iam a newbie. the specs are 120 watts at 8 ohms 20 20 hz at .003% thd...snr is a whopping 127. damping factor is ok at 130.I love running the forte and chorus 1 together they seem to fill in the missing pieces of the total balance of music the way I like to hear it.my question is can I improve the sound with a different amp?
  4. i have taken the advice offered here plus i started reading other post.i got my seating with the 38% rule,my fortes and chorus are now on 4x4 wood post with a 1/2 plywood top.I swear some of the boominess from the bass has dissapeared the over all sound is much better.i also had someone move the speakers while i listened to them and they have been re positioned.I cant believe how all of this added to the quality of the sound.i do not know the technical stuff like you guys .all i know is the sound is so much better.thanks for the help i appreciate it
  5. dtr20:what was your volume turned up to when you were doing your test on the different set of klipsch speakers?I was told that my m40 amp was up to specs when i bought it.I run mine at around 12 and it takes it to about 84db.
  6. have just the yamaha m 40 playing the forte and chorus,sometimes they sound great together,sometimes the forte by themselves sound better,sometimes the forte and quartet sound really good,but i do not get the added bass from the chorus.mostly just play cd,streaming music ,it just seems like you are missing so much.I thought everything sounded good untill i went out and saw a live band.Every instrument was so detailed and crisp that is what iam after that sound..I will take all the advice location of speakers,diferent amp i have no preamp.I apreciate you guys taking the time..thank you.does anyone out there pair up a la scala and a chorus11?to me and what i have heard might be a awesome combo.
  7. yamaha m 40 have pairs of all the ones listed,chorus,quartet,forte1 and 11,I hear so much about the cornscala and was wondering if i got another pair of klipsch speakers,like maybe the la scala i could get a better sound by pairing them.I am unable to get around so i can't go out all the time to look at other speakers,so i thought you all could help me.out
  8. Yeah i have been thinking about that.Lately i do not see a whole lot of klipsch for sale on craigs,got the chorus 1 for 500.00 and the forte 11 for 480.00 but I would love to hear a pair of chorus 11..Ebay shipping will kill you.it took a year to get what i got.But i think my next will be the chorus 11..I grew up listening with a pair of 15 inch altecs..and now it seems something is missing without a 15 woofer I got snell c/v paired up with polk ls 70 and a lot of people who come over here thinks thats is my best combination.I like them but i gravitate towards the forte 11 and chorus 1
  9. I love the forte 11 but when I want to hear the kick pedal on the drums and for 3 member band like cream or other heavy rockers the chorus adds so much more uumph along with the forte 11.but on some of nils lofgren stuff I just love to hear the forte 11 sing.when the music has piano rythm guitar,lead guitar,sax and gets complicated the forte 11 does better on its own.Iwas wondering how any of my speakers would pair up with chorus 11 or la scala.
  10. iam new to this and I have a few klipsch speakers,i have forte,quartet, forte 11,chorus 1 and a forte 1 with crites diaphragm.I just got the chorus ,sometimes i play them together with the forte 11.sometimes the forte 11 sounds better by themselves.my question is how many of you have paired up different speakers with the klipsh and what were the results.my room is 16x33..
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