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  1. Like the title says.I want to make a center channel.Thanks
  2. Hey dont know if you know but Clarie woofers are made in italy and they are direct bolt ins for the klf 30.Look up Clarie
  3. I have an RC 3 i will sell? What do you think is reasonable price these days? its in good shape to. I am in Jacksonville Fl. Let me know
  4. Thanks well packed my friend great doing business with you.
  5. It all depends on what you want or need? It ask when you put in for a quote when you want it picked up? It dose not cost anything to get quotes at least not the last time i used them.
  6. ill take these....what are we looking at for shipping 32218
  7. I think some here makes adapters to use for them.They sell them on Ebay.
  8. How did you disassemble the plastic on the front and the rear wood on your CF3s? Thanks in advanced.I was thinking of getting the Black off mine.I redid an old pair of Quartets that had walnut under them.These seem to have cherry or walnut.the grain looks smooth like walnut or cherry.
  9. Hey Can i get a hold on these until i get shipping quote from Uship?
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