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  1. awsome...... thank you
  2. I think some here makes adapters to use for them.They sell them on Ebay.
  3. How did you disassemble the plastic on the front and the rear wood on your CF3s? Thanks in advanced.I was thinking of getting the Black off mine.I redid an old pair of Quartets that had walnut under them.These seem to have cherry or walnut.the grain looks smooth like walnut or cherry.
  4. Hey Can i get a hold on these until i get shipping quote from Uship?
  5. Hey Sorry .....My water softner craped out and have the service guy coming next week.I dont know what its gonna cost so have to repaired.If you live in Florida you know how hard the water can be,Always happens at the wrong time.Gonna have to pass.
  6. if you are willing to ship ship them ill take them....32218 for shipping....can get it to you tomorrow.
  7. mustangerfourlife


    Here's your chance Floriida https://jacksonville.craigslist.org/ele/d/palm-coast-klipsch-epic-cf4-speakers-in/6907835335.html
  8. I will try and move them and get better pictures.i can tell you there are the scrathes on top that are in the pics and the bottom base trim has some wood pulled off from i guess sliding across the rug nothin major.ill get pica of it.anything specific you want pics of?
  9. OK really haven't been trying too hard to sell these but, I will be on vacation June 10th-16th and have nothing planned.If someone is willing to buy these i will consider delivering them if we can work out the details....maybe splitting rental van and gas.I will do like a 10 hr or so drive from Jacksonville Fl 32218.Let me know. Greg
  10. Jacksonville fl is where i am located.
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