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  1. I’ll take it. David Ness will be shipped to ZIP 33762 contact me to work out details. (941) 914-4041
  2. That's tempting. I'm in St. Petersburg....
  3. I have a pair of these in Cherry too, and I told myself years ago I'd never let them go for under $1000. They are awesome. I was using them as rear surrounds to my RF-7s, but now I find myself in an apartment, and they are now my front, primary speakers. They are beautiful. Obviously, I think you offering quite the deal for somebody. I have mine on a pair of matching Cherry stands.
  4. No. Bubble-wrap and foam-peanuts, mostly, but not 'virgin'. Not the same (crappy & very random) packing material I had laying around when I sent it. An upgrade, but not by much, but no shredded paper and no debris in the amp to clean out.
  5. I got my repaired RSW-12 subwoofer amp back today. I posted my experience in a new, separate thread for anybody to post their experiences with Edwards Electronics. The new thread is here.
  6. 8/15/2016: Klipsch RSW-12 Subwoofer Repair by Edwards Electronics (via eBay) Executive summary: 30-day total turnaround (including cross-country shipping), $184.00 total cost, completely fixed. Communication could have been better. Details: I wanted to start this as a new thread so anyone could easily find this thread during forum searches. I have a Klipsch RSW-12 subwoofer that went dead almost two years ago. No lights, no response of any kind. I did all the normal first-line troubleshooting; checked the fuse, wall outlet for power, etc. I gave it a light smack. No success. At that time, I came to this forum and was unable to find any information on troubleshooting, parts availability, nor repairs (I'm not certain how hard I looked), but I darn well wasn't going to throw away an RSW-12 simply because it no longer worked! So I hung onto it hoping one day I could get it repaired. One day I was randomly searching eBay, probably for the keyword "Klipsch" and came across the eBay "Buy-It-Now" repair service specifically listing Klipsch RSW subwoofer repair! Yes! I understand that the seller, eBay handle "edwards-electronics", has eBay listings for all kinds of subwoofers, not just Klipsch, but they (he?) certainly seem to specialize in subwoofer repair. They have an EXCELLENT eBay feedback rating, and even though the price was what I would consider a little pricey ($165 +$19s/h = $184.00), I did appreciate the 'flat-rate' fee (no surprises). I also appreciated that they wanted me to send in JUST the back-panel & the amp assembly, not the entire subwoofer (and we all know who badly shipping a subwoofer speaker can go). Most of all, I was grateful simply to find a repair service for this amp. So, per instructions from Edwards Electronics, I removed the rear speaker and front 'speaker' (passive radiator), removed the rear electrical panel, and the amp assembly from inside the subwoofer (all was easy), and took lots of photos while doing it so I wouldn't have any questions when it came to putting it back together. The entire process only take a single tool; Torx T20 screwdriver. Nothing else. I wrapped the panel, amp, and connecting wires in bubble wrap, and shipped it all via UPS to Mesa, Arizona (residential address, btw). It cost me $24.04 via UPS ground with $300 insurance from Florida. I shipped it on Friday 7/15/2016, and UPS tracking showed it arrived on Thursday 7/21/2016 - 6 days. Other than the UPS tracking, I received no notification from Edwards Electronics. I gave it several days, and sent an eBay message to them on Aug-05 (about 15 days with no word from them) just to verify that they received the amp. I received a response two days later letting me know the amp was probably done. In researching this, I noticed that I did NOT follow the directions he provided to TEXT him if I needed to contact him. In that response, he indicated his 'technician' was out for a couple of days sick. I received an email from PayPal on Aug-10 that the sub was on it's way back to me. Tracking shows USPS accepted the package on Aug-12, and it was sent via USPS Priority Mail 2-Day shipping. I received the subwoofer amplifier back today, August 15th. I looked everything over very carefully (without disassembling anything) and I could not see a single solder repair. But. like I said, there where places I certainly couldn't see, and perhaps the repair involved replacing a complete board or subassembly. I have no idea what was wrong, or what was repaired. there was nothing in the box upon it's return. The original ad indicated that in addition to being repair, it would be updated: "We Will Repair Amp - Upgrade To Latest Specifications - Fix Sound Input / Output Issues - Install Much Better Parts" I have no idea if any of this was done or not. I notice that another eBay repair service also makes mention of replacing some troublesome resistors present in Klipsch subwoofers. I reassembled the subwoofer, hooked it up, crossed my fingers, and turned it on... Total success. The light comes on, and the subwoofer works! I can't speak to any tonal characteristics, as I now live in an apartment, and can't even use this subwoofer at this time (but I fully expect to in the future), but it certainly seems to be working fine, as it did originally. So given that's the bottom line, I'm very happy. I do wish that I had received some sort of notification when they received it so I didn't have to worry, and it would have been nice to have some sort of 'technician repair notes' in the box upon it's return, especially with regard to replacing/updating and troublesome components.
  7. Hey! I have some extra RS7's that I'd sell. Give me a couple of days to take stock of what I have. I'm in the Tampa, FL area. PS: my new profile says newbie, but I used to spend a lot of time here a few years back, but somewhere my old profile appears to be gone.
  8. Yes, this Edwards Electronics isn't proactive with communication. I was only able to get a response using the eBay messaging system. But I did hear back from them to say my amp was repaired and on its way back to me. (AZ -> FL). Once I actually get it, and verify the repair, I'll be certain to post all my details: turnaround time, etc. Their eBay feedback is excellent (99.7%), and I'm not in a hurry (I'm not actually even using the RSW-12, as I have the 10 & 15 also), so I'm just being patient and letting them do their thing.
  9. I just sent my amp off a few days ago. I'll be certain to post the results. I'm allowing a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed. There certainly is a need for an experienced RSW10,12,15 amp repair service.By the way, here is the eBay link. If it's expired, just search eBay as he re-lists the service as needed. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Repair-Service-Klipsch-RSW-10-12-15-Send-Us-Your-Amp-Front-Control-Panel-Cab-/282103153045?
  10. I just removed the amp from my RSW-12 and sent it to this guy. I haven't gotten it back yet, but I sure was glad to find this service: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Repair-Service-Klipsch-RSW-10-12-15-Send-Us-Your-Amp-Front-Control-Panel-Cab-/282103153045?
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