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  1. SOLD Decided to sell my Bose noise canceling, bluetooth headphones. Bose QC35II, current models. I purchased these new myself from Best Buy in 2018 for $350 plus tax. They come with everything just as I bought them, original box, case, cables, etc. Very little use and excellent condition. I think you'll be very pleased with the sound of these and the noise canceling. The head pad and leather ear cups show no wear, as new. The only flaw I can find is a small flea bite, as can be seen in the last picture. $225 shipped.SOLD
  2. SOLD It is with reluctance that I’m posting my NBS preamp for sale. Made by Craig at NOSValves. The sound quality of these is wonderful! Mine is in excellent condition and comes with a beautiful custom wood case. It has a built in MM phono stage using two 12AT7’s and one 12AX7. The line stage uses a 6H30 tube and a 5AR4 rectifier. All the tubes are original to the unit as it came from Craig in 2013. It is in excellent condition. The wood case is flawless. The ONLY reason I’m listing this for sale is stir up some cash. $2000 + shipping. If using PayPal, please figure the 3% fee or use the “friends” option. SOLD
  3. JM are great sounding preamps. I’ve owned a few over the years.
  4. Thank you. These headphones are crystal clear, transparent and vivid. They do this without the added glare of some of the newer Grados. I also owned the newer versions, the RS-1i. I sold them because I preferred the more musical sound of these older ones.
  5. I've decided to sell my Grado RS-1's. These are the older models with the wood buttons in the center. These are in excellent condition throughout. New replacement ear pads from Grado Labs. Sound on these is wonderful. Very smooth and pleasing to listen to, hours on end. I don't have the original box, but they will be packed well for a safe journey to their new home. SOLD
  6. Lots of interest so far, but no one has committed to come see/hear these Khorns. They are still available.
  7. No desire to ship really. I already have one member who has spoken for them, should shipping become an option.
  8. Yes they are still available. I will send you a message
  9. Thanks Carlthess40. I am at work right now and don't have time to resize them today.
  10. All my pics are greater size than the 2MB limit, making it difficult to upload here. Feel free to message me with your email and I'll send you some pictures. Thnx.
  11. SOLD I have decided to sell my Klipschorns. They are walnut finish, excellent condition. Consecutive serial numbers, made in 1989. Sound is wonderful with the crossovers, tweeters and midrange drivers upgraded to Crites components (Type AA/A crossovers, A-55-G midrange drivers and DE 120 tweeters). Located about 20 miles outside Gainesville, north central FL. $3500 buys them. Message me if interested and I can email detailed pictures. The speakers are beautiful and will not disappoint. SOLD
  12. If you are interested, send me an offer. I won't bite.
  13. I'd also be interested in possible trades, specifically one of the NOS Valves VRD Stereo amplifiers. I have an NBS just longing to be paired with one of Craig's amps.
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