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  1. Breakdown7

    FS: McIntosh MC30 pair (consecutives) SOLD

    I’ve been out of hifi for a bit while my daughter was born last year. Sold my VRD’s and NBS both to fellow forum members here. But I’m easing back in. McIntosh MC30’s are amps that I’ve never heard before but always wanted to. I love the beautiful condition of these and the fact they were fully rebuilt by Craig...and owned by a very knowledgeable forum member. I’m gonna finalize the details for possible delivery of these in April.
  2. Breakdown7

    SOLD: Audioquest Nighthawk headphones

  3. I’m selling my Audioquest Nighthawk headphones. They have very little use. Comes with everything just as new, including the original box from AudioAdvisor. Two factory cables, manual, polishing cloth, etc. Excellent condition. $235 shipped SOLD
  4. Breakdown7

    What I Got Today!

    Beautiful preamp. I’ve always wanted to hear how a Shindo compares to my Joule Electra. Congrats and enjoy.
  5. Breakdown7

    Inspire LP-27a - Sold

  6. Breakdown7

    My name is Newman...

    Condolences for your loss... you'll never forget the love and joy this dog brought to your life. Very nice tribute you put together for her. Seems like this pup had a great home and family that loved her dearly. I still remember my two German Shepards (sisters from the same litter) I grew up with as a child MANY years ago. Spent everyday with them from around the age of 6 to 18. Now all these years later, I still feel the loss as I type this. Your pup had beautiful blue eyes and seemed like such a happy spirited doggie in the photos. Best wishes to you guys.
  7. Breakdown7

    Inspire LP-27a - Sold

    Any interest in this on the forum before it’s off to Audiogon or ebay? I'm happy to send detailed pictures to anyone interested.
  8. Breakdown7

    Inspire LP-27a - Sold

  9. Breakdown7

    SOLD: Grado headphone rig up for sale

  10. Breakdown7

    SOLD: Grado headphone rig up for sale

    Doing well, thanks 🙂 ...newborn is 4 months old now. Growing fast. Life is busy and great with a young family. How are those beautiful Magnequest VRD’s doing? I miss em’.
  11. Breakdown7

    SOLD: Grado headphone rig up for sale

    Any offers here before I list them on eBay?
  12. Breakdown7


    I think Chuck Norris has a pair of these. Beautiful finish. Very rare.
  13. Breakdown7

    SOLD: Grado headphone rig up for sale

    If anyone is interested in my GS1000 headphones, I can do $600 shipped.
  14. Breakdown7

    SOLD: Grado headphone rig up for sale

    The RA-1 amp is SOLD. The GS1000 headphones still available.