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  1. Beautiful VRD's and price is great! Someone should grab these.
  2. Looking forward to hearing these amps, thanks Rodney.
  3. I'll take the Sylvanias
  4. Wow, I would love to hear these!
  5. Anyone interested in a potential trade or offer?
  6. It's really a great sounding amp, especially after the rebuild. It wasn't having any problems before, but I knew the internal components were well up in age. Figured it was time to replace everything and Jon Soderberg was recommended to me directly from Nelson Pass. Of course, Jon did a wonderful job. I'm sure whoever hears the amp will buy it, but not everyone is local and can come by for an audition.
  7. I may be interested in trades as well...ready to try something different.
  8. I have a fully restored Threshold 400a for sale here on the forum.
  9. I'm in the Gainesville, FL area.
  10. SOLD I have decided to sell my Threshold 400a amplifier. The most interesting thing with this amp is that it was completed restored/upgraded by Jon Solderberg. I had this done recently, about six months ago. So needless to say, the amp preforms flawlessly. It's one of the late model 400a designs, with the removeable power cord. It sounds just wonderful and is quite the value to get into a Class A amplifier. It is 100 watts into 8 ohms and 200 watts into 4 ohms. Should last another 30+ years. I'm only considering the sale of it to save up for some home projects my wife wants to do this year. I had thought this amp would be with me for many more years to come, but alas, life goes on. I need to downsize. I purchased the amp for $1300 and then spent another $1300 in the upgrade/restoration/shipping with Jon Soderberg. I am into the amp for $2600, but am willing to take a loss on it to move it on to the next home. I have the receipt detailing the work Jon did on the amp. It will be included of course. I would be willing to sell for $2000 + shipping. Here are a few pics attached...if you are interested and would like more pictures, just let me know.
  11. Yes, prices would be great.
  12. No I bought the one off Audiogon, directly from Mark Deneen. These are great preamps. I especially like the option of Hi/Lo impedance selection, standby feature and home theater bypass.