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  1. No desire to ship really. I already have one member who has spoken for them, should shipping become an option.
  2. Yes they are still available. I will send you a message
  3. Thanks Carlthess40. I am at work right now and don't have time to resize them today.
  4. All my pics are greater size than the 2MB limit, making it difficult to upload here. Feel free to message me with your email and I'll send you some pictures. Thnx.
  5. I have decided to sell my Klipschorns. They are walnut finish, excellent condition. Consecutive serial numbers, made in the 80's. Sound is wonderful with the crossovers, tweeters and midrange drivers upgraded to Crites components (Type AA/A crossovers, A-55-G midrange drivers and DE 120 tweeters). Located about 20 miles outside Gainesville, north central FL. $3500 buys them. Message me if interested and I can email detailed pictures. The speakers are beautiful and will not disappoint.
  6. If you are interested, send me an offer. I won't bite.
  7. I'd also be interested in possible trades, specifically one of the NOS Valves VRD Stereo amplifiers. I have an NBS just longing to be paired with one of Craig's amps.
  8. I have decided to part ways with my Genesis Advanced Technologies speakers. Maple cabinets with Rosewood front panels. These are dipole, having an adjustable tweeter in the rear, which really increases the depth of the sound. They have been used for years and do show several marks from moving them around the house in different systems over the years. Although there are several imperfections, they present very well. The grills are in excellent condition with no issues. The main thing to note is the slight crinkle in one the the woofers. This is strictly an aesthetic issue that was caused years ago by a friend's son knocking a book down onto the woofer when the grills were off. Strictly a cosmetic issue, and it never bothered me enough to replace it. Due to this and the slight cabinet surface marks, I'll price these at $1350. These were purchased from my local Genesis dealer and retailed at $4350. Original manual is included. Local pickup and audition in the North Florida area is preferred, but I'm willing to pack these and ship these if need be.
  9. If you come to FL with it, I’d love to buy it. I’m in North FL. But I assume this is not in the cards. Hopefully someone local buys it to save you the hassle. Just wanted to offer.
  10. Very nice! This is tempting. I'm guessing these won't last long. 👍
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