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  1. Breakdown7


    Still available...I can go $950 for the MR78 and sell the wood case separately if anyone is interested.
  2. Breakdown7


    If anyone is interested, feel free to message me with an offer. I’d love to sell this to a forum member.
  3. Breakdown7


    Decided to offer my MR78 tuner for sale. This was McIntosh's flagship tuner and for good reason. It really must be seen and heard to appreciate. The wood case and tuner itself are in beautiful condition, as can be seen in the photos. All functions work perfectly, including all the lamps. I bought this from the original owner here locally. This has never been serviced since it was purchased new, yet still functions perfectly and used on a weekly basis throughout it's lifetime. 100% original. The wood case was purchased new with the tuner. Original factory McIntosh box included with all the original packing material. Factory issued owners manual, service manual and other paperwork included. Probably one of the cleanest MR78's you will run across. SOLD
  4. Synergistic Research "Resolution Reference" speaker cables. 5ft in length. The amplifier end is factory terminated with WBT locking bananas. The speaker end is factory terminated with large spades. These are thick, beefy cables and sound great. Excellent condition with the exception of one of the plastic Euro safety prongs gone from below one of the bananas (see last pic). This makes no difference in function and should not worry you. Just wanted to mention in full disclosure. These were well over $1000 new. $285 shipped
  5. Synergistic Research Resolution Reference MKII XLR balanced IC cables. They are 1.5m (5ft) length. Serial number 329. Excellent condition throughout. $325 shipped
  6. Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope Phase II (formerly Mark V) XLR balanced IC cables. They are 1.5m (5ft) length. Serial number 329. Excellent condition throughout. $225 shipped
  7. Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler power cable. 5ft length in very nice condition. Factory terminated with IEC connector & 15a plug. Serial number 3579. Great sounding power cable. $165 shipped
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