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  1. Juicy Music Peach

    I didn't notice a hiss with my Peach II. It was a later model with the SS rectification, all the latest mods, and used a 6H30 tube. I personally think a lot of the noise rumors have to do with the 6922 family of tubes. I LOVE the sound of these tubes, but finding quiet ones is not an easy task. And when you do find them, they are expensive. I have a Super Merlin right now. It is tube rectified, uses a 6H30 and still nearly as quiet as my SS Audio Research preamp. I think for $925 shipped, this is a great deal for someone. For anyone in doubt, these preamps sound great. Very musical. Frankly, I'm surprised it is still here.
  2. FREE Stand Design Audio Rack/Stand FREE

    This is a nice rack. I would also be interested if Shipping were an option
  3. Juicy Music Peach

    Oh yea, great match with VRD’s! 👍😀
  4. Juicy Music Peach

    I owned a later model Peach II a while back, and I don’t remember it using a tube rectifier. . Best I remember, Mark went over to SS rectification in the later years of Juicy Music.
  5. VRD amps - SOLD

    Music is medicine, right? I would recommend it for hypertension anyway, lol. The only side effect is potential acute decrease in wallet size.
  6. Pair NOS Mullard CV4003/ECC82/12AU7 Sold

    Yep, exactly what I use in mine. I would jump on these if I hadn't recently bought a fresh pair a few months back.
  7. VRD amps - SOLD

    Lol, I hear ya man. We have another baby on the way due in January. So yea....that's where I'm at and the reason for selling.
  8. VRD amps - SOLD

    These are back for sale...I'm having a hard time justifying two pair of VRD's. Surely some of the best amps you will hear at this price point.
  9. WTB: Speaker cables

    I am selling my DH Labs Q-10 signature speaker cables in bi-wire configuration if interested. 8ft length. BFA bananas on speaker ends and spades on speaker end. Let me know if interested.
  10. McIntosh C32 preamp SOLD

    Any interest in the C32? It's a nice full-function preamp, especially for $900 bucks. It's very warm/rich sounding and would be a great match for those who have Klipsch Heritage speakers. The EQ is a nice feature to have at your disposal, along with the variable loudness control. I know some purists hate the thought of a loudness control, but it is very handy late at night when playing music softly. It really fills in the music at low volumes and makes the tunes sound more rich and punchy. No issues with the preamp. It's a nice piece.
  11. VRD amps - SOLD

  12. VRD amps - SOLD

    Yea, I'm also confused. I may just be better to pull them off the market at this point and consider keeping these. These not selling has me scratching my head, but such is life. I guess a lot of folks have no idea what kind of sound quality is represented here for the price.
  13. VRD amps - SOLD

  14. VRD amps - SOLD

    No one in need of VRD's with Auricaps? Bad time of year maybe?
  15. Cool It Component Fans

    Thanks, here is the link: http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649366220-the-coolit-component-cooler-from-active-thermal-management/images/1589158/