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  1. In my house Klipsch speakers must stand on their own 2 feet ! I have been a member here for 12 years and still don't know what a PEQ is.
  2. I have had the 904's for several years. They came with 510 horns and BEC DE75 drivers. They were too hot for what I liked so a forum friend of mine made me some jumpers to tone them down and it worked well. Later I went to the 402 horns with pAudio BM-750 drivers and have enjoyed them with no issues.
  3. I have one it came off a 2238. Plastic inside of knob is black.
  4. I may have one what are the dimensions ?
  5. Thanks for the replies ! I have 4 KPT-200's in my garage and was just curious if I was missing something.
  6. I am curious what you mean by defeating THX limits .
  7. Actually this is a Khorn. When I first bought I posted a lot trying to get some history on it but didn't have any luck. I even tried Jim Hunter but he didn't know either. All componets are original and it still sounds great !
  8. I did not realize the cables from Monoprice were so reasonable in price. That's the way I am going to go.
  9. Thanks a lot for the offer but I do not feel comfortable making my own cables .
  10. No those were in the trailer when he came and picked up 2 pair of Chorus ll's from me. I have seen that rug many times. He has an ad on little rock craigslist right now for a single Belle
  11. I am going to go ahead and say Maumelle, AR. with no hesitation !
  12. I would like to buy some 1 meter used interconnect cables but nothing expensive.
  13. I took a look inside the preamp today and it uses 2 Amperex 6QJ/ECC88. Preamp does comes with a remote.
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