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  1. 1977 Belles ONLY $6500

    These are not 1977 they are actually 1976 .
  2. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Actually after 5 years of looking I found a set of Chorus II's in walnut oil about 2 months ago here local. Its amazing how hard it is to find them in walnut oil.
  3. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    I only buy Chorus II's !
  4. 78 B Style Khorns - South Arkansas "SOLD"

    When you get ready to take them to the next level find a pair of 402 horns for them and you will be very happy !
  5. 78 B Style Khorns - South Arkansas "SOLD"

    So are the 904's now taking over the spot where the Khorn's used to set ?
  6. 1983 oiled walnut khorns reduce 2500.00

    These Khorns were in my home theater for a few years until I got my 68 WL Khorns and I sold these to Jim. I bought these from the original owner and they were in perfect condition. At the new price of $2,500 I don't think they will last long !
  7. Forte II - Academy 5.1. SOLD

    PM sent
  8. KI-115 subs

    I'm not sure if it is the same pair but my brother in law has had a pair on craigslist for awhile for $350 .
  9. Modified K-horn in Detroit

    I have never seen 78 Khorns with crossover inside the woofer section or AK networks . Maybe that is the mod !
  10. WTB. High End Tube Gear & Speakers

    I have Juicy Music pCats I am looking to sell .
  11. Crazy khorns in Texas

    Who covers the side grills with wood ??
  12. WANTED: Cherry RC-7

    what is your location ?
  13. Cornwall 2 Boston area

    The grills can't come off of the front on vertical cornwall's .
  14. Cornwall 2 Boston area

    Vertical Cornwall,s
  15. WTB McIntosh Amp

    What are you looking for ?