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  1. I puchased this sub from David and he turned out to be an awesome seller ! The sub was immaculate . He had it delievered to my front door and everything went off without a hitch. I highly recommend David and i will definately buy from him again !
  2. The ones I am looking at are CF-2 how do you find out what series they are ?
  3. Which Epic CF series are the most desirable ?
  4. I have interest just not at that price
  5. I have absolutely the most mint 2238 you will ever see. I bought this 12 years ago and it was so nice I boxed it back up and stored it every since .If you look inside every screw still has the blue drop of paint on it that tells you if it has been removed and none had been removed. Wood case is perfect as well as the face actually when you buy them they come with a plastic cover on the face. The plastic is still there and in perfect condition. It wont be cheap but you get what you pay for. I am no longer wanting to be a collector.
  6. These are for a special pair of Heresy's !
  7. They are original cane and badges. They came on a pair of Oak heresy II's so I removed the grills and replaced them with black grills and sold the oak heresy's. I put them away in the top of my closet 10 years ago and they have been there every since.
  8. Heresy II cane grills in excellent condition $125 plus shipping. They are packed and ready to go.
  9. All he had to do is screw it into the wood that was already there !
  10. davis419b

    La Scalas (DFW)

    The price will definitely keep them from getting any responses .
  11. For $6,000 he would have to drive them all the way to Russia !
  12. davis419b

    RF 7's

    Also if you do not have a craigslist account you used to not be able to delete the ad .
  13. davis419b

    RF 7's

    Nope the ad is still up after 5 hours .
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