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  1. davis419b

    Chorus I's and more

    There is a lot of nice stuff in there for sale at what looks to be great prices ! https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/klipsch-speakers-fire-sale/6634044398.html
  2. davis419b

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    Corners just left to a nice guy ! ( Windashine )
  3. davis419b

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    Its what we call giving back !
  4. davis419b

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    Sorry but I want them out of my garage asap ! That's why I am giving them away.
  5. davis419b

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    I have had 2 people that wanted these today but I haven't been able to get a call from either person. At this point they are still available.
  6. davis419b

    WTB Crites ct125 (FOUND)

    I have 2 CT-125 but I have no clue what they are worth. Send me a pm with an offer.
  7. davis419b

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    You have a PM !
  8. davis419b

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    I have a very nice set of Walnut false corners for Khorns that I am willing to give away. I live in the DFW area all you have to do is come get them !
  9. davis419b

    WTB - Heresy I grills

    What do you think about these. They are in mint condition and have been wrapped up in the top of my closet for quite awhile.
  10. davis419b

    $2000 set of Forte on the bay

    These are not Forte II's.
  11. davis419b

    1954 Klipschorn K-357 Serial 762 - SOLD

    WeeBeastie you have a PM !
  12. davis419b

    Klipsch Klipschorn Corner Horn Speakers

    They are not a little on the high side they are a lot on the high side !
  13. davis419b

    Cornwalls in Dallas

    I sold them in less than 12 hours !
  14. davis419b

    1977 Belles ONLY $6500

    These are not 1977 they are actually 1976 .
  15. davis419b

    Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Actually after 5 years of looking I found a set of Chorus II's in walnut oil about 2 months ago here local. Its amazing how hard it is to find them in walnut oil.