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  1. This is what mine looks like and its all original. Everything works as it should .
  2. Wow I have one just like it that I would easily take half that much for it. I really never thought I would see another one.
  3. I assure you these never need oiling !
  4. These are walnut raw which never need oiling. This is the only pair I have ever seen.
  5. 1965 Klipschorns W-B-WR - electronics - by owner - sale - craigslist , These look to be quite rare and in very nice condition .
  6. There are no speaker grill pegs broke on any of the speakers !
  7. If someone is willing to make me a fair offer you could own this system ! This is an all Klipsch System with a Denon HDMI receiver that sounds fantastic ! For this price it cannot be beat . If the ad is up it is available . Price is reduced to $600. OBO 2-RF-35 2-RS35 1-RC-35 1-SWV-8 Denon AVR-710 W HDMI
  8. how many years did they have them ?
  9. What year did klipsch come out with the laser badges ?
  10. davis419b

    Chorus in VA

    I am still laughing !!!
  11. Next thing you know they will be $9,500
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