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  1. That explains why they are so dark but I dont care what the tag says that grain is oak not fur .
  2. They look like they started out oak and somebody put walnut stain on them and ruined them. That is just my opinion.
  3. Are these the vertical cornwalls in your signature and are they consecutive serial numbers ?
  4. When I look it up on my phone this is what it says "About this item". Something is not right I sent the seller a message wanting dimensions but havent heard back.
  5. The tag says chorus II but the item specifics say quartet . The listing just calls them klipsch speakers and we all know $899 is cheap for chorus II . Be Ware !
  6. I am thinking very seriously about selling it but it will have to be all 5 pieces.
  7. Yes it is there now it has been updated to a best offer sale.
  8. It is probably not real as there is no post on craigslist !
  9. Sometimes in a smaller room you have to toe them out to get them to image correctly. To do this you must enclose the backs .
  10. I have seen too many horror stories from trying to ship these . Driving is not something I like to do .
  11. Sorry I do not have a sub amp for sale. I do have both rsw-15's and if you buy both the price gets better.
  12. I think they were taken down due to all of the responses and will reappear at a higher price !
  13. Sorry if I decide to sell it would be the complete set .
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