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  1. Budman

    F/S K-55V's - K-77 round mags

    AA's are SOLD
  2. Budman

    F/S K-55V's - K-77 round mags

    still available Lee how are you my friend. i have noticed you are logged in here a lot lately.
  3. Budman

    Repair beat up LSI cabinets

    no help on the repair but i do have 4 K-77's and 4 K-55V's out of my k-horns since i upgraded to all crites if you need parts
  4. Budman

    La Scala pair Gilroy

  5. Budman

    F/S K-55V's - K-77 round mags

    K-55V's new price $120 shipped K-77's new price $100 shipped
  6. in awe of what ? can you post your system. 2 channel 5 or 7 channel what speakers are you using
  7. Budman

    Klipschorn not working please help.

    K=Klipschorn B=Spacer or riser between the base bin and top hat. they made B-C-D models Fin BLK= Black #17=Black grill cloth the year could be 03 i don't keep up with those goofy numbers
  8. Budman

    Jim... is this label correct?

    i believe he wanted 12 G's at one time or maybe 10
  9. Budman

    Jim... is this label correct?

    their real and their spectaular forum member khornukopia has like 3 sets of these in Brazilion Rosewood
  10. Budman

    Jim... is this label correct?

    these have been on here before and Andy @ HDBRbuilder said it does match and it is Brazilion Rosewood and the G stands for ( i forget ) Gloss maybe and L for lacquer
  11. Budman

    Klipschorn not working please help.

    ebay AK-3's https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipschorn-AK-3-Crossovers/223185784631?hash=item33f6e8cf37:g:xkcAAOSwF2Fbv7sm:rk:3:pf:0
  12. Budman

    Advice on fix for my KSW 15

    get a hold of forum member MetropolisLakeOutfitters Cory will help you out https://www.paducahhometheater.com/ bought both of my R-115's from him. best prices around period
  13. i have a pair of Dean's AA's for sale
  14. Budman

    RSW-15 South OC

    here https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-reference-rsw-15/6720948641.html