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  1. does anyone know what components came on the inside of these 83 cornwalls
  2. RTR - i said it was 1974 3 hours ago
  3. they didn't make removable grills until 1975 M = 1974
  4. 5 channel amp running 6 speakers hmm
  5. the other nice thing about this amp is its 17" wide while all the other Sunfire's are 19" wide i have this same amp ( 19" ) and the theater Grand or i would own this
  6. yea baby $300 upgrade on a set of speakers that i've owned for like 10 years and have about an hour listening time thanks Richieb 😄 or covid i almost sold them
  7. i know O about crossovers. these were made for Cornwalls but hey Dean's the man cornwall has the 600 horn
  8. Dean built these for my Cornwalls that i'm not using anymore ALK design and the tweeter Att's get Dean to comment on them if they will work
  9. one speaker or a pair i have a single A-55G ( cost $175 new ) sitting here that i was using in my center channel if your looking for 1 save you some money
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