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    485th the stamp says 085 i'm guessing you mean the 85th pair ???
  2. Klipsch K-33-J woofer - Jensen made???

    your correct J stands for Jensen i believe Colter ( Michael ) had these in his early 63 Cornwalls
  3. Epson 5040UB vs ???

    my kid is having serious problems with the 5040UB bought it 2 weeks before christmas and it lasted 2 weeks #2 arrived and it lasted 2 weeks. #3 arrived today and its a refurb unit and they said they were going to send a brand new unit but didn't. original purchase was from Dell but Epson keeps sending replacements AVS forum says Epson is having power supply issues. it won't turn on
  4. serial number help

    the Y does stand for 1983 which would make them series 1's the 2's didn't come out until late 1985 they did make two series 2's
  5. Klipschorn- label

    welcome to the forum KB-WL stands for Klipschorn - walnut lacquer 17 U 453 the U stands for 1980
  6. Tube Sound VS Solid State Blind Test

    B was at least 2db louder on my rat shack meter
  7. Klipsch Belles--West Virginia

    i'm sorry but those are not laser badges
  8. http://www.thomaspenrose.com/diy_stains01.htm
  9. 1974 Khorns AA crossover

    welcome to the forum Al @ ALK Engineering has an exchange program for AA networks for $99 plus shipping http://www.alkeng.com/
  10. seems to me the seller and buyer are happy congrats newtune
  11. i would not accept i bought 4 cornwall 3's in cherry all 4 consecutive serial numbers at over 7 grand and i went over them with a fine tooth comb.
  12. NCAAF

    please don't fire the coach