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  1. does the rear label say MR on it for Mahogany Raw i used to own a set of ( K ) 1972 Mahogany Raw verticals that i used boiled linseed oil on them. they were in perfect condition except for a little scrum on the side of one of them
  2. his name is Cory and i just PM'd him thru the forum i also sent you a PM
  3. i had cornwall 1's and heresy 1's in the same room for comparison. they sound the same at low to medium volume but when you turn them up the cornwalls rock
  4. ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Pair-Belle-Klipsch-Speakers-Walnut-Cabinets-Sound-Amazing/392510561648?hash=item5b6373dd70:g:RFwAAOSwvJVduxhM
  5. the M stands for 1974 the AB-2 crossover came out in late 1983 should be AA
  6. from the k-horn time line papers Sept 1967 transition to the K-33 M no sure the origin of this driver but believed to be an Eminence driver with alnico magnet
  7. welcome to the forum LSBLS stands for LaScala Birch Lacquer Stained the W stands for 1981
  8. welcome to the forum the P in the serial number stands for 1976 as far as the veneer it looks like it could be walnut
  9. just tell us the letter in the serial number and we will tell you what year they are P=76 R=77 S=78 T=79 U=80 W=81 X=82 Y=83
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