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  1. Budman

    Klipsch Heresy Help

    welcome to the forum H-WO stands for Heresy Walnut Oil the R in the serial number means they were built in 1977
  2. Budman

    Klipsch laser badges on e b a y $30.

    those are not laser badges laser - 2nd one down made 3 years only 76-77-78
  3. 1975 Cornwalls in walnut in stunning condition YUMMMMMY
  4. Budman

    Heresy I Lacquered Zebrawood 90713 SOLD

    so the word Zebrawood brings you out of hiding 😎
  5. Budman

    Heresy I Lacquered Zebrawood 90713 SOLD

    i don't need a picture, i would just like to know the letter it looks like an S for 1978
  6. Budman

    Heresy I Lacquered Zebrawood 90713 SOLD

    the serial number with a letter should be stamped into the wood at the top on the rear panel thru 1983 the letter will tell what year they were built
  7. Budman

    WTB- Volti Audio K-Horn upgrade

    tell us more about the k-horns looks like ramblin rose veneer
  8. comgrats i still think that the letter G stands for 69 and H is 70 J=71 K=72 L=73 M=74 N=75 P=76 R=77 S=78
  9. Budman

    Klipschorn listening distance

    forgot the most important part. i have Dean's crossovers in all most all of them
  10. Budman

    Klipschorn listening distance

    on my 2.2 channel k-horns they are in a 20' wide room and i sit back 17' on my 5.2 channel k-horns they are in a 19' wide room and i sit back 14' in my recliner and 20' back at the bar set my rat shack meter @ 100db on both yee ha
  11. Budman

    Klipschorns in the house

    congrats, they look awesome
  12. Budman

    New Member Intro.

    Heresy 1's built in 1984 HBR = Heresy Birch Raw
  13. Budman

    New Member Intro.

    welcome to the forum. congrats and thanks i do know in late 85 they switched over to the Heresy 11's. which ones do you have.
  14. Budman

    help with date code on my new find

    welcome to the forum CBR stands for Cornwall Birch Raw X = 1982
  15. Budman

    Goodwill Find

    welcome to the forum HWO stands for Heresy Walnut Oil The S in the serial number stands for 1978 Congrats