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  1. welcome to the forum John. klipsch used the letters A thru Y and Y was 1983 C-BR = Cornwall Birch Raw Y = 1983 the 35 could stand for the 35th week, i don't really know or really cared about the week, just the year
  2. maybe he will throw in that motorcycle thats attached to the left one looks like a set of heresy decorators up top
  3. you could tell him its gonna cost $1500 to buy a matching clear pie slice logo 😄
  4. Charles, i not sure what your saying. the tailboards come from the factory cut out for baseboards. are you saying that they are completely cut off 12" from the floor. i can measure a set here anytime for you.
  5. i'm in the same boat as baron, i want to get a Soundsmith cart as well but then i need to get a MC phono and have no funds for both if i get the zephyr mimc what preamp to pair with it
  6. i'm not sure what Schu means either they come as you know from bob inside separate boxes then packed inside a USPS box. should be fine
  7. welcome to the forum if you look at the top of the rear panel the serial numbers should be stamped into the wood up to and including 1983 there will be a letter that should tell us what year they are
  8. not exactly what your looking for but here's what i have K-400 - A-55G = 23 1/2"
  9. tempting but i have a 3 and 1 yr old grand daughters we watch. nothing could take the place of them. you can PM me your location. did he send my info to you
  10. i think we have a pony express set up
  11. have decided to keep them
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