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  1. these were built in the 60's and as late as 1970 because 1971 was the first year for the AA crossover https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Klipschorn-K55V-K77V/392307737652?hash=item5b575d0434:g:c9MAAOSwlWRc9MJW
  2. the T in the serial number stands for 1979 C-BR stands for Cornwall Birch Raw the E stands for Export or Europe
  3. my lastest is dire straits, once upon a time in the west. regular and live version and thanks to Shiva, i will be getting the above cd or vinyl
  4. the k-horn tops ( tweeter/midrange/crossovers ) come off in one piece with 2 wing nuts the belles do not congrats, pictures or it didn't happen 😁
  5. the tops don't come off like the klipschorn. no reason to try and reduce the weight they will fit in a tahoe no problem
  6. i always say the pie slice first, laser second i'm not fond of the 79 logo which is why i buy all speakers up to 78 the laser rules 😀 side note my 78 heresys were built by crazy Doug for plant employee Larry with lasers
  7. RUN as fast as you can. one owner-near mint- no shipping damage should have the laser badges
  8. so there is a chance a previous owner changed them out i needed or wanted a set of lasers so bad i bought a set of 78 Heresys and removed the badges and put on a brand new set from 1979 and sold them
  9. K-horns - $2500 and up in Walnut veneer - near mint - 70's time frame Lascala 1's - $1200 - 1500 in BR Belles - $2000 - $2500 and up in Walnut veneer - near mint - 70's time frame and most of all it depends on location
  10. if you go on the map parts xpress is i-75 and 73 springboro
  11. the best i ever heard. Deang's Ultimate AA's
  12. Dean lives off the Moraine area off 75 about 20 mins from me here in Monroe/Middletown area. my power went out for an hour no damage here. hardest hit was I-75 and I -70 trotwood area 75 and 35 got hit hard
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