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  1. does your audio system ( avr ) have the ability to set the max volume to say 90-100 db on the spl meter ? i have all mine set to start up at 50db and max out at 100db
  2. Budman

    Dang. These DC area Cornwalls are Pretty.

    verticals were made up to 1974 i bet these have the letter M in the serial number
  3. what year were they built
  4. Budman

    Klipschorns Need some info please

    congrats i hope nothing goes wrong between now and the time you take possession of them. i never tell anyone what i bought until they are in my living room.
  5. Budman

    Klipschorns Need some info please

    2500 is a steal if they are in your area. look to be in great shape just drove 6 hrs and paid 2800
  6. Budman

    Maybe my wife is right

    TFR1 forum member Cory is @ Metroplis lake outfitters ebay seller from Russia https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Cornwall-aluminum-logo-badges-pair/143020713191?hash=item214cb2e4e7:g:D8EAAOSwsupb8-Eq:rk:9:pf:0
  7. Budman

    Khorns in Ohio

    i'll be listing these for sale here ( 1981 WL ) on the forum soon i just couldn't pass them up being so close to me. just like my other 2 sets better for matching my other speakers. if interested you can PM me
  8. Budman

    College football 2018

    i thought i saw jimbo at the 2.48 mark of the game
  9. Budman

    Need mattress choice help

    in my town its real easy. The Original Mattress Factory you can stand in the show room and watch em being built.
  10. Budman

    I really want to like B better...but

    i remember making these in black and the wendell cane for my verticals
  11. Budman

    I really want to like B better...but

    did you get blank boards or did they come with the cloth it was either you or Colter ( Michael ) i can't remember Cane is my vote
  12. Budman

    How to remove risers on Heresy III s?

    welcome to the forum should be a phillips screwdriver
  13. Budman

    Khorns in Ohio

    paid $2800 for them
  14. Budman

    Khorns in Ohio

    Lee, yea she told me you were going to try and get somebody from Ohio to pick these up for you