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  1. Help me find my Heresey model????????

    previous reply is wrong P = 76 R = 77 S = 78 T = 79 U = 80 W = 81 X = 82 Y = 83
  2. Klipsch RSW-15 vs SVS SB-16

    me three
  3. Help me find my Heresey model????????

    HDR stands for Heresy Decorator Raw W stands for 1981 D & K are the first letters of the names of the people who built your speakers USA is a no brainer
  4. bandit, you did get the holy grail of speakers. CONGRATS and hold on to those first set of persian nut i've seen on a heresy. another forum member has it on his cornwalls and another forum member has it on his k-horns
  5. Andy, this is the second set of labels i've seen recently that has the letter G in it. PNGL what does the G stand for. thanks, Russ
  6. How to change equipment list

    i click on my name account settings signature
  7. 1969 Klipschorns

    his sig says Jacksonville, FL
  8. Free 1975 klipshorns

    N I C E Congrats
  9. Free 1975 klipshorns

    i'm still waiting for pictures of these so called free things
  10. Heresy build year

    welcome to the forum and congrats HBR stands for Heresy Birch Raw and were built in 1984
  11. K-horn Serial Number Question

    if the grain pattern matches the other top exactly then i would say its a typo as one ex employee said after lunch who knows what happens at the plant
  12. ID HERESY's please.

    W = 1981 and the 2 series didn't come out until late 1985
  13. How to pack Heresy & How NOT to . . .

    i know the weight is between 45 and 50 lbs. packed
  14. Klipschorns Wisconsin - Saturday sale

    that pie slice logo was last used from the factory in 1975 C style k-horns
  15. Something for me ...

    my 78 k-horns need a set of AA's from Dean so let me know what you have or i will need a new set from him