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  1. Cory sold 4-5 sets of B-stock for $4500 with free shipping
  2. looks like they have the risers on, their black now
  3. 2nd picture down is a 42
  4. bought mine off amazon for my epson
  5. these are worth the asking price everyday of the week. 1 owner in your state stunning walnut veneer 78's with laser logo's ALK crossovers
  6. top right hand corner of the page should show your forum name. click on it and scroll down to account settings scroll down to display name
  7. congrats on your speakers another regret of mine, this one from 76 is stunning next to a 73 vertical i would say the previous owner of your set sanded them down because after all these years the wood turns yellow. yours look more white
  8. welcome to the forum John. klipsch used the letters A thru Y and Y was 1983 C-BR = Cornwall Birch Raw Y = 1983 the 35 could stand for the 35th week, i don't really know or really cared about the week, just the year
  9. maybe he will throw in that motorcycle thats attached to the left one looks like a set of heresy decorators up top
  10. you could tell him its gonna cost $1500 to buy a matching clear pie slice logo 😄
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