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  1. OK appreciate the information as I'm not shy about overpacking and shipping things but obviously mis-remembered which was problematic in transit without extra prep!
  2. Little bump with a $50 price discount. Any input? Its dead in here!
  3. I've had this wonderful speaker for about 3 years now, since I've migrated to the Legend Series KLF-20s I decided to get a C7 center which definitely matches much better. Its in good/very good condition, finish is still intact and one of the drivers has a slight crease however doesn't seem to impact sound at all. One peg was broken however has a screw inserted there and holds great to the speaker and no rattling. Would prefer meetup somewhat local as I understand shipping these guys generally requires a bit of prep regarding the horn and tweeter? I'm Inland Empire, CA but do travel to Southern OC every Friday afternoon to pickup my kids so can arrange meeting but of course can't throw some Watts at it to test in that case. Asking $500 $400, if price seems off please let me know guys, seems that is the going rate for C7s!!! EDIT - SOLD locally $375
  4. Hamilton


    Not in the market but have been searching for other speakers to pair with my setup and this is a very good price from what I can tell. GLWS.
  5. Haha ya that seems like the ultimate center channel alright!
  6. I like the idea of doing so but I have a 144" screen which is the entire wall and the cause of my poor placement currently. There is a guy on the east coast that disassembled a KLF-20 speaker and built a custom horizontal cabinet for it actually pretty cool stuff.
  7. I've had this RC7 for maybe 2 years or so and I think it really is highlighting how bad it is. I had an RC3 for a long time before and set the cutoff at 80hz so those deeper voices weren't getting so much data. The tweaking continues!
  8. This may be a serious dumbass moment for myself... I've always run my theater with a projector so the center is just square on the floor. Over the years I have upgraded and changed almost every single speaker but with the RC7 it has fuller frequency range so male voices were the main issue. I'm now going to experiment with angling the center towards the listener and possibly make a small platform to even elevate it. Honestly never thought this was a problem but with the wider range of these KLF-20's it was noticeable. Anyways, going to move stuff around a bit see how it goes for improvement.
  9. Well it sounds just fine playing actual movies/media however when doing the receiver test tones there is a pretty big difference. I have SS1s for atmos speakers and they have the dullest tone then the RC7. My KG 5.5 and KLF20s sound almost identical they both have crites tweeters so figured that was the major factor. Wondering what could be wrong with the RC7 then it doesn't crackle or anything like that.
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