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  1. Pretty sure this should have been put in the Alerts section
  2. The 743 and 753 were the most problematic at the time and a lot of it was video switching but some were amplifier sections. It wasn't all of them for sure; a lot made it through with no issues and are still working today. I would still buy NAD today, if I needed more new things, as I still know the National Sales Manager for NAD. Still a great line.
  3. That series wasn't one of NAD's best efforts. I was the rep for NAD & PSB when those were out. Great sounding receivers for sure but typically worked better in 2-channel mode than surround. As great as the company was, they were always a couple years behind everyone else as far as HDMI switching, surround modes, etc., than the Jap companies. The T773 was a beast though,...when working.
  4. I used wood screws BUT they were on the inside as I made 3/4" glue blocks all around the inside of the back so I could glue & screw the back panel on from the inside. I think I have pictures somewhere and I'll post if I can find them. I did the same mounting on the back panels of the KLF-30's I had that suffered the same issues. Edit...found the pics. The original glue job inside on mine was awful. It looked like it was done on Margarita Friday at 4:45pm. Original glue job... Redone...
  5. I took the backs of mine completely apart and reattached them and also did some extra bracing. Made them much more solid. I've sold them since but they are great speakers.
  6. Thanks. It served its purpose for a couple years in our last house. I built it based on what equipment I was using at the time so everything fit really well. But, went to some new things so it wouldn't work with new goodies so I donated it to a church sale thing. But all of that was easy to work with.
  7. A few years back, I built an entertainment center out of 1/2" MDF that I "veneered" with 1/4" oak (or birch) that you could get at Lowes or Home Depot that came in 4x8 sheets. It made for a 3/4" piece of wood, basically. Turned out quite good as I cut sections out to make it look like planks and then used solid oak on edges and routered a nice edge. Those sheets were very reasonable and stained really good. Thing is, they may not have that now at those stores as I would imagine it came from China. I went to Lowes over the weekend to get a piece of their "cabinet grade" 1/2" birch for some garage cabinets we built and they were out of it but had some 3/4"...but not much. Went to the local lumbar yard and they had some. Edit...found a pic of entertainment center.
  8. Maybe put a different kind of "table top" on it that can hide those screw holes if you're so inclined. Give it an overhang edge like a coffee table might have possibly. Looks great!
  9. @M_Klipsch So what did the actual dimensions of your cabinet end up being? You used the Dayton 10", right? What amp will you end up using? @jason str Are there any car audio woofers that work just as well that you've used or tested? I guess it would be just making sure it falls within the Fs, Qts, and Vas and make sure the depth works as Bill listed. I have access to various brands of car audio woofers I can buy for cost and possibly find one in a dual 8-ohm version so I can run a stereo amp on it. That is if I go with the Rockford RF2000 home amp I have. Otherwise, it may be one of the Dayton "plate amps" with DSP.
  10. One of these days when time allows and I'm caught up on building "stuff" for the new (1 year old) house, I'm going to build one of these since I bought the plans already. Looking good!
  11. Would be hard pressed to pass those up for $20 myself. What does the bass bin look like closer up? What's the shape of the horn?
  12. Good stuff. That's what my Belle clones are made out of. No one in my town sells it but there was a place in Little Rock that does I believe.
  13. Did I miss which Shure carts you had? I have a Shure V15 Type 4 with a Jico SAS on it and it sounds awesome.
  14. Brookes Beast 18's most all the time. Best tennis shoes I've ever used and were recommended by people in Medical that I know. Used to always be New Balance but not anymore.
  15. From what many say, the PL-518 is a very sturdy turntable and I have to agree. The worst part about it are the feet that disintegrate and the "meh" looking silver base. I'm either going to veneer mine or have my buddy paint it if I decide to stay with it. Honestly, I'm just tired of projects sitting around doing nothing when I could just sell them off for whatever amount for someone that's more inclined to finish them and I take those proceeds and buy something new that works out of the box. I could care less about spending big bucks in a T/T when it's not top priority to me. But a 518 do look good when dolled up and tuned. There was once a guy on e b a y selling completely rebuilt units that were veneered, new feet, and dust cover for $470. Those were nice. I've got to buy new feet for sure for mine as they are blown out.
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