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  1. He's been trying to sell these things for about 5 years now with minimal luck. I messaged him a few years back and he's quite the character in his replies and I would say it shows in his rather lengthy description. Come on....which one of you guys is this.... Fess up!
  2. I believe I have a basic 2 channel receiver I could hook up to them in the garage to verify.
  3. I have 2 pairs of CF-3’s now and one must go since I only use one main system upstairs now. These are obviously Black Satin finish and their serial numbers are 212596787 & 88. They have the black horns, K-1030 woofers, and have the clear jacket wire and not the colored. I would believe these were either the early iteration of version 3’s or last models of version 2’s based on what I see. These haven’t been altered or modified in any way and the cabinets are in impeccable shape, as are the grills, which have their emblems. You won’t find many pairs in this shape anymore, no matter what version they are, and they will only increase in price. This is one of the best sounding series of speakers that ever came out of their factory and you can read all about them online. If you have the floor space for a pair of Heresy's, then you have the floor space for a pair of these! Asking $1,000 for the pair Cash only with local pickup at the Searcy Police Department (72143) as we have a safe and secure location outside specifically for online meetings for buyers/sellers….and no shipping. Sold AS IS with no warranties either expressed or implied do to their age. Please let me know if any questions.
  4. Pull the woofer and make sure the mid driver is tight on the horn; if those work that way. I have no experience with those but I've seen loose mids on many others.
  5. avguytx

    Slow Forum

    It's still dragging.
  6. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts about a pair of the Aegir amps running those speakers. (are they CW IV?) I have thought about a pair of those, or the Vidar's, but leaned more towards the Vidar as I don't want room heaters. haha The CF-3's would probably enjoy the 400 watts each more when I'm inclined to jam a little.
  7. Maybe they'll reply by mid October about that.
  8. Probably about the best bet as I emailed Klipsch over 2 weeks ago about some emblems and I get an email every 5 days or so saying how busy they are. Really? Sheesh....
  9. After ripping all my CD's as FLAC files to a Synology NAS 4.5 years ago, I've not removed any of the 1200+ CD's from the packing boxes to play since that point. I've bought CD's at Goodwill, thrift stores, etc., on rare occasions that immediately get ripped to the NAS and then are accessed using JRiver. I even bought an Onkyo Reference C-7000R CD player last year that I've maybe played 5 on....and not even in their entirety. It's a 25 pound beast that was $1500 list but I'll be selling it soon as I just don't need it for decoration purposes. I still have around 800 LP's, too, but it's been literally a year since I've spun one and neither turntable got hooked back up when I moved the gear around. Anymore, it's about 90% streaming Amazon Music HD or Spotify and the remainder JRiver.
  10. You might post that in Garage Sale area and not here. Was that the pair on e b a y that just sold a little while ago, though?
  11. Yes, I know they aren't Klipsch but that's ok. Selling a very nice pair of JBL L50 speakers that have been refurbished and updated. They do include the original “Rust” color wavy grills but a couple of the grill pegs will need to be replaced (available on auction site). The original capacitors were changed out with new Solen caps and the “twist lock” speaker connectors were changed out to new binding posts which allow for larger speaker wire, spade lugs, or banana plugs. Far better flexibility than the originals, but, that was the 70’s. The surrounds have also been replaced and it would appear that this was probably their 3rd round in the last 43 years since they were made. The cabinets are in very good shape for their age and one was “lovingly adorned” with the seemingly usual “round plant ring” that I have tried to remove as best as possible without damage to the veneer. Pretty much the only upkeep on the cabinets needed will be some Watco Walnut Danish Oil every now and then to keep them looking good. There is no physical damage to the cabinets. Also, there is lots of information on the internet about these and you can also download the manual, read many reviews, etc., for them. These are not sequential serial numbers thus the reason the grain and color of the veneer is a little different. Gotta love sales people of the 70's. Asking $400 for the pair and can be picked up locally at the Searcy Police Dept (central AR) during normal business hours at the safe location that’s monitored by cameras. Cash only on pickup and no shipping. Obviously, these are sold AS IS with no warranties either expressed or implied do to their age.
  12. Yeah, most likely room issue, which seems to be the norm. The treble control on the preamp is at 20kHz and I'm not sure of the Q on that. Dropping it a notch does decrease a little of the harshness but it is probably shelved down where it's not dropping a lot. I could probably get by with a Schiit Loki as it has HF controls at 2kHz and 8kHz which is about the only areas that I'm worried about. Matter of fact, there's one in Garage Sale.
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