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  1. Dayum.... I think I'll just stick with YouTube videos for those prices. Definitely an increase in pricing since my first concert in early 1979. That was Rush & April Wine. Then, saw Van Halen in June and September that same year on the VH II tour. Good times...
  2. Days? Two days? lol Maybe no one knew or they were busy.
  3. As mentioned. Pictures of the area might help. Is it the ones in your avatar pic? Are you talking about the black paint in the back that's not seen when they are pushed into corners?
  4. There's a pair of CF-3 v1's and v2's on e b a y currently. Might work something out with them.
  5. Yeah, those are not far from me. More than I'd personally pay for a set anymore with all the crazy prices. There was another set listed yesterday about 30 minutes from me for $2k but they didn't make it a day. I figure one of the local flippers got them.
  6. Yeah, some do it that way. I think in my 20+ years of selling on e b a y, their shipping labels seemed to be cheaper but that might have changed in the last few years. Of course, now, they charge their fees on the complete sale including product, tax, and shipping. Didn't mean to thread crap. I can delete comments if preferred.
  7. Why is shipping showing up so high on ebay? Like $100 for shipping those crossovers when I went to look just now. Interesting as I'm just down the road from you in Searcy. (I'm not in on buying...just noticed when I looked) Just curious.... GLWS! Great crossovers from Dean
  8. I've been using my ST-70 pretty religiously for the last 4 or 5 months on my modified Speakerlab SK's. It's all those speakers really need as far as power goes. But, coming into summertime, I'm not really needing a tube amp to help heat my upstairs room so I've been looking for/at smaller SS amplifiers to run them. Only other power amps I have are a 250wpc Rockford Fosgate RF2000 and a 460wpc Carver M-1.0t MkII Opt 002. But they do sound good on them, too.
  9. Yeah, I'd have to remove that decorative trim, too. Raw birch won't really stain that well, either. If it's flat and a good substrate, you could just veneer over it and other areas and call it good. Or, paint them satin black. Many options.
  10. I've always been a fan of Bob and he was always a blast to talk to. I guess I've known him for about 35 years now and still email on occasion. I have an M-1.0t amp signed by him (in avatar pic) and a picture of him with it somewhere in my files. The rep firm I worked for from 2001 till 2009 represented Sunfire and Elan (home control) and we had an event called, "A Night With Bob Carver". It was a great time and dealers came from all around with various pieces for him to sign.
  11. Not mine, no affiliation. They are in my hometown so quite close. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/328247976960528/ For posterity.
  12. Not mine, no affiliation, no interest.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3576880255894633/ For posterity...
  13. The WA4000 tweeters that came in the SK's I picked up last September had ferrofluid in them along with the Atlas mids. I removed it from both; they sounded better. Not to mention it was 40 years old. But I'm not using those tweeters in my rebuild.
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