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  1. avguytx

    Unboxing 70th's...

    Hmm. Not seeing the pics on my phone...just the url that can't be clicked.
  2. avguytx

    Crites A-55G

    I would imagine you couldn't just call up Klipsch parts and order a new replacement if a person needed one. There is most likely some "proprietary reason" they couldn't/wouldn't sell them thru parts department. Not without showing serial numbers of speakers, etc., most likely.
  3. avguytx

    Kansas Chorus II'S

    Maybe post a price.
  4. avguytx

    Heresy industrial slant monitors So Cal

    I'm pretty sure he asked because the AA isn't the norm in the Heresy; it's used for the La Scala, Belle and Klipschorn.
  5. avguytx

    Crites A-55G

    I typically search on Google for something and tag it with the Klipsch "community" to help with results for finding things here....like a thread I started that I can't locate. Other formats on some forums give you the option to see "My Content" which makes it easy to find what you posted plus you can find threads you actually started. It's lackluster at best for the search function.
  6. avguytx

    Crites A-55G

    I put a brand new pair of A-55's in the Belle's that I built and I thought they sounded awesome for the short time I actually got to listen to them. If I remember right, I never even listened to the K-55's before putting them in so I really can't give a comparison, per se, of the two so maybe my opinion doesn't carry as much validity. But the midrange and vocal quality was crazy good and very detailed to my ears. I wanted these to have all new drivers since they were all new speakers, in a respect. I'm using new K-33's, A-55's and CT120's for drivers and built a new set of AA crossovers.
  7. avguytx

    Finally listing Klipsch Cornwall 1's

    It depends on how you were trying to attach them, really. Are they on a phone or computer? With phone pics, they would probably have to be resized as there is a 2MB limit total per thread for pictures....which is really a small amount. But, if someone wanted more detailed pictures, you could always email them to a person as email will give around a 20MB capacity for sending pictures. Any of us would be glad to help you get this pictures posted on here.
  8. avguytx

    Finally listing Klipsch Cornwall 1's

    FYI... All of the pictures except for one are tiny. GLWS
  9. @firo What part of the midwest are you in? I've got a pair of LSI-B''s.
  10. avguytx

    Klipsch laser badges on e b a y $30.

    My bad. Not versed too well on the badges.
  11. avguytx

    La scala cable replacement

    You asked for it....you got it.
  12. I'll try to take a closer look in that area later today. I don't think any of the pics I have show that area too well. Maybe it's underneath that removable panel that accesses where the crossover and mid/tweeters are at.
  13. avguytx

    Tyler Taylo Reference Monitors for sale,Cherry finish

    You might want to list a price.
  14. Seems reasonable for the original laser badges if someone is so inclined. No affiliation https://www.ebay.com/itm/132706336145?ul_noapp=true