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  1. Ok, the topic is about LS II's. Seems like you had older ones so they aren't in the same era as the II's. And that car anology you gave awhile back about the difference between 10 and 30 years being not that much different is rather dumb. It's a speaker discussion...not cars. Now if the LS II's looked like turds, that's another story of course. But if they are equal in their looks, the newer will be worth more but I doubt many 30+ year old speakers look "perfect" anymore. As far as not getting what you wanted... "Desperate times lead to desperate measures..." Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Move on In my opinion
  2. So far it's doing an awesome job although I don't really use much more than JRiver/flac files and Spotify and a couple of other streams. The PS3 is tied into it for when someone happens to rent a DVD (I don't do surround) or we want a game played louder (lol) It might be overkill for what I'm using it for but I'm glad to have a new 2-channel preamp that does the things I wanted/needed it to do and sound great doing it. I played around with a lot of vintage gear for about 15 years and had a lot of fun with it and made some money back on it along the way. I'm more interested in just listening to music these days although, if something vintage came along for the right price, I'd get it. I thought I might start on the Belle clones soon but it's been so freaking hot in the garage, I haven't been too worried about it. Plus, after finishing up on moms house remodeling after 4 months of weekends, there's other things around my own house I need to get done. Not to mention the last of the goods that came from her house (mostly mine) are in one half of the garage and I can't get to the table saw. :-/ Soon, though. Hell, I'd buy a pair of Belle's if a pair came up nearby but they don't too often. I've got "mad money" stashed back for my "hobby" that is separate from the joint funds. Then I'd just sell off the parts I have and call it good.
  3. As always....too far away from me. I'd buy those if they were closer. Just because...
  4. Unboxed... This thing is a beast! Right at 24 pounds and, thankfully, fits where the Carved did. Running through a few FLAC files on via the USB connection on some familiar tracks. Man, it sounds good. Bass seems more defined with lower tones, vocals are crisp and clear, and the staging is phenomenal. I'd say this was a very good purchase for sure. Built like a tank with solid RCA connections on the back and even adjustable bi-amp preouts so if you have amps without separate gains, you can balance them out. Sweet.
  5. It's too bad the website software can't compress them down automatically to a smaller size.
  6. 2 and a half days since the new preamp arrived, it's still sitting in its box in the garage. We worked on my moms house this weekend which finished up a 4 month long trek of weekends renovating the house to get sold. So, that was a priority over anything considering I already have a buyer for it. It'll be nice not having two mortgages over the last 5 months, though.... Same goes with building my Belle clones; I have all of the parts in house and ready to go but there hasn't been any time. She got sick, then terminally ill, which put all of that on hold, too. Once I can maneuver my way around the garage again and put all my tools back up from renovating, maybe I can get rolling. May do the preamp tonight....or maybe tomorrow at lunch.
  7. My daughters iPhone 6 has the same battery problem and it's a tad over a year old. Same thing happened with her 5. I think it stems back more to her erratic charging habits more so than the phone. My wife had a 6s that started having a battery issue around a year old but I got her a 7 last October and it's been fine. Never have had any battery issues with my Note 4 or the S7. Knock on wood...
  8. Do they seriously leave those 4 corner bulges on the grills and ship them out like that? For the money those and the F3's cost, I'd want the "no 4 corner nipple option" on mine spending that kind of money. Just saying.... Beautiful speakers, though.
  9. I haven't even had time to take it out of the box that's still sitting in the garage. :-/ Finishing up work at my mom's house that's hopefully sold next week. Ready to not have to pay 2 mortgages. Ha
  10. Oops. Forgot to come back and say it's been sold. Sorry.
  11. Russian PIO caps came today...quicker than I thought form Bulgaria. Hopefully can start on speakers soon. Have all parts now. Just need time.
  12. New preamp made it in today. Just too tired to mess with it tonight. Got a lot of finishing work to do at my mom's house this weekend before getting it appraised and inspected next week for the buyers. Thankfully that's almost behind us...after 4 months worth of every weekend worth of work. Close to being able to start on my Belles now. Finally. Maybe I can get it hooked up tomorrow night. I've got an older Toshiba SD-6980 DVD player that I got when we rep'd Toshiba at our warehouse in Dallas. It plays DVD audio and SACD so I may even hook that up too. Got some discs I haven't heard in a long time. Also, my Russian NOS PIO capacitors came in today, too. That didn't take too long.
  13. What about just selling off the one you have and buying a pair that's complete? Would save you a lot of time and effort. ...of course, that coming from someone who has all the parts to build a pair of Belies. But, Heresies are more plentiful the Belles. Ha. Or just build a pair of cabinets so they match. Just a thought.
  14. Tracking shows it's in the area. Hopefully it will be in before I leave the office at 4:30 today. Sweet...
  15. I've hardly ever used the sonic holography through the years...just some occasional recordings it worked well with. Tone controls I mostly leave flat anyway.