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  1. avguytx

    Klipsch PRO (Free) Soddy-Daisy, TN

    Link is dead when I click on it.
  2. avguytx

    The MicroZOTL MZ3 is a one-watt Speaker Amp!

    For $8,500 a pair, I'm going to need/want something with a little more "girth" to it than a single driver with a whizzer cone. That or they're going to have to do a reach around and give me a little kiss once in awhile.
  3. But no chance of selling parts? Also, so sorry to hear of you troubles over the last year. Life definitely has a way of throwing us curve balls.
  4. avguytx

    Deal of the century

    I have emailed him different times. I just keep flagging the ads because it's so ridiculous. Yeah....a little tung oil will fix all that's ailing them.
  5. avguytx

    Heresy III-No sound

    @NieceeAR So did you ever get it figured out? There's many simple steps to try if not. Switch speaker wires from one to the other will show if it's the speakers or amp, trying another amp will show if it's the new (old) amp or not, etc. Also, no clue what a Mcintosh HRT100 is. Google shows nothing.
  6. avguytx

    The Joy of physical media ( CD’s and such )

    Unless you have tinnitus and then you just take the good days and bad days.
  7. avguytx

    The "Klipsch Forum Member Map"

    Its only added if the member wants theirs shown. How many out of 35,000 are actual contributors on any sort of basis? Maybe a couple hundred? Heck, maybe it doesnt actually work with the forum software. Maybe someone figured it out to make it work. Klipsch has a dealer map...it has to work on the same principle I would think.
  8. avguytx

    The "Klipsch Forum Member Map"

    Well, seems like it would be handy plus it only works if the person says they want it. The Invision software allows for it. Not sure of the logistics, though. It shows members around the globe. You zoom into it.
  9. avguytx

    T18 Subwoofer Project

    @zobsky Thanks for that info. I definitely like the size of those cabinets.
  10. avguytx

    Type A Rebuild Input Needed

    @Drugolf There's definitely tons of capacitor choices but will be hard for many to comment on the comparison of them as they don't really get swapped out much "just to see". On the "from scratch" build I did on the Type AA's I built for my Belle clones, using new K-33 woofers, Crites A-55-G mids and CT-120 tweeters, I used Audyn Plus caps from Parts Express with good results. In the past, I've probably used mostly Solen and Dayton caps in the last 30 years (esp Solen). Sure there are better caps depending on what a person is good with spending, but, my ears will hear minimal difference as I have tinnitus and a not much hearing past 11-kHz or so. @Deang uses lots of great high end capacitors and has probably tinkered with more caps than most in the Type A and AA crossovers. So you're going to use the older autoformers and coils on the new crossovers, I take it? The Erse Super Q coils are highly recommended (from Parts Express) and is what I used on the low pass.
  11. avguytx

    Epic CF-4 Bi-amp Crossover Project

    It's been said that the efficiency stated for the Epic CF series is really not as high as shown on the paperwork; something to the tune of 7 to 8db difference maybe. The best sound I had out of the CF-3's I owned was with a highly modified Carver M-1.0t amplifier, upgraded to what's called an MkII Opt 002, that takes it from 200wpc to over 400wpc. Those speakers love power but will also work reasonably well with lower power. I also ran them some with a Tubes4HiFi Dynaco VTA ST-70 with 6550 tubes which sounded quite good and also a Mcintosh MC250 that also did a great job. The Carver did the best by far. I'd thought about bi-amping with the Mac on low end and the ST-70 on high side but sold the speakers before it got to that point. (Built a pair of Belle clones)
  12. avguytx

    The "Klipsch Forum Member Map"

    Did this ever get added to the Forum? The Carver forum uses the same Invision software and they have mapping. Just curious. Maybe I missed it somewhere? @Chad @dtel @dwilawyer Not sure who else to tag. lol
  13. avguytx

    T18 Subwoofer Project

    I did leave that rather open, didn't I? lol T18 was what I was curious of but I appreciate the information on the other as well. So the T18 uses just an 8" woofer, huh? Interesting. The nice part is in keeping the cabinet sizes fairly small plus I have a good corner on the end of the room I'm keeping the 2-channel gear in. Maybe it's the THT and THTLP that had the range of woofers.
  14. avguytx

    T18 Subwoofer Project

    Hmmm... Well, I like bass as much as the next person but definitely don't want to be knocking crap off the walls downstairs, or upstairs, in doing so. Sounds like I'll start with one sub and go from there. lol. Do you have a list of which woofers are recommended for this cabinet? Is it only the Dayton woofer? I know I've seen some of the horn loaded subs that use car audio woofers and, if so, I can get most any brand at cost.
  15. avguytx

    A pair of Forte's between here and there . . .

    People price things high on CL to leave room to barter; doesn't most everyone work that way? You have to leave room for the tire kickers but should know what price point you're willing to go to. At least that's how I do it. But I don't over-inflate pricing like the Little Rock flippers.