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  1. Adorama Heresy III pair for $1099 and free shipping

    Sounds like they are trying to make room in the barn. I remember that well from my manufacturers rep days.
  2. And there you have it....all 36 pieces cut out for a pair of Belles. Still have the angles on the ramps to do plus dog house angles, woofer holes to cut out, etc, etc. But I got a lot done in 5 hours including breaks. Ha. Damn hot outside here.
  3. Ok...maybe one picture.
  4. 2 out of 3 sheets of Baltic Birch are cut out and starting on the last sheet now. I'll take a picture and post later of the cut pieces after I clean up the sawdust and stack them a little. ha
  5. JUB Clones on Ebay

    He does build some good looking cabinets. There's no doubt about that.
  6. Do the pictures not show up in my first post? Let me try it like this.
  7. Horn, Drivers, Woofers, tuners, DSP etc

    Dang....I wish you had a Carver C-2 preamp; that's all I need to finish out my small stack of Carver (have TX-2 & M200t) GLWSales!
  8. I'm pretty sure the Belle clones I'm building can never be considered a Klipsch speaker since the cabinets will be built by me and not original. Although, they will follow the plans pretty dang close. Even if I'm using a brand new pair of K-33 woofers, K-55 mids/K-500 horns, Type AA crossovers but Crites CT-120 tweeters, they still aren't Klipsch. I have 2 different sets of emblems, the new plastic pair and the older laser etched, but even deliberate on using those as I feel it sacrilegious in using them. They will be built in honor of Klipsch Belle's that I cannot seem to come across around here for a reasonable amount.
  9. Single Klipsch La Scala

    Because the top section is taller than what a pair of split LS's would be and because of how the drivers are bolted in with screws showing from the front for starters. They never used t-nuts on the outside of the cabinets either. Plus, the top section is deeper than the lower section and the wood grain goes completely different directions. Just compare the looks of that to any La Scala ever made and you can plainly see the differences.
  10. Contemplating a McIntosh amp. Maybe 2505 or 250

    I had also seen an MC250 that was being sold for parts because it buzzed when powered on. I wondered what the likelihood was that it would take something major to correct it i.e. autoformer, transformer, etc., or if a recap/restore could do it.
  11. Contemplating a McIntosh amp. Maybe 2505 or 250

    It seems that most all of the iterations of the MC250 are similar in price and even around the range of the MC2100. I still kick myself for not buying an MC2100 about 9 years back for $150 that was at a pawn shop in Denton, TX where I lived. Oh well. It's not that often that Mac gear comes up around here and it kind of scares me that the guy on CL has had these listed for months now and they're still there. Makes me wonder if others have gone to look at it and then said....uh, pass. I do like those pretty blue meters, though. ha
  12. Just send a pm to his name there....allsmith.
  13. Jubilee Clones -

    Buy a bigger house or one with a separate shop to do with as you wish.
  14. Single Klipsch La Scala

    You might edit your title and put "WTB: Single Klipsch La Scala in South CA". Might help on replies.