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  1. Still for sale. I've had some people in various places express interest but nothing concrete. Come and get 'em!
  2. I agree with this 100%
  3. Hey, I just noticed they use those Russian paper in oil sealed capacitors like what I used on the first set of Type AA crossovers I did.
  4. A fool and his money are soon parted....
  5. What or why? If you mean why, I just don't use them...they sit. And I'm just not wanting things to sit around anymore for decoration when they are such good speakers. I built a pair of Klipsch Belle inspired clone speakers and those are t he main thing I listen to.
  6. Could Medwin use those?
  7. Typically, you're supposed to list an asking price for them. GLWS.
  8. And did I mention that these have just as small of a foot print as a pair of Heresy's and can go close to the wall, too? Plus, the highs are already close to ear level without stands or tilting.
  9. I agree. That's why I always refer to mine as "Klipsch Belle inspired clones" as mine are still different in ways and are not original. I edited my original title to reflect what the CL seller called them....DIY. Clones was a little too much of a stretch.
  10. Looks to be a K-600 horn which has 2 top, bottom, and side screw down points where the K-700 has 3 on the top and bottom. Definitely not K-500 horns as they have sharper corners where the K-600 (and Crites C600 horns) are more rounded corners. Who knows...
  11. No, these aren't mine but they are interesting. Looks like Heresy horns (K-700) or maybe Cornwall K-600's and not K-500's. No affiliation. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/little-rock-klipsch-belle-diy/7141992488.html DIY klipsch belle speakers.all drivers are original klipsch speakers and crossovers.
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