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  1. Since I do the majority of the cooking, I know which parts I'm doing. Either smoked or rotisserie turkey, smoked ham, mashed taters, giblet gravy, my grandmothers recipe for dressing, and maybe green bean casserole. After that, they can figure out the rest or bring it. I don't make desserts so that ball is in the inlaws corner and she usually makes pies, which are quite good. I do have to have my "can cranberry sauce" as I'm not a fan of the real stuff. My wife takes care of the rolls and other snacks. I'm pretty darn sure that Thanksgiving, and Christmas, is at our house this year since we're in the new house and were in the "half way house (rental) last year at this time. At least we have good space for it.
  2. Haha. Why, yes...yes you did. I'm going to also try it tied in from the desktop app on the pc tied into one my my setups and see how it compares just out of curiosity's sake.
  3. Overall, this pretty much sums it up so that's the route I went. I did want to see if others might have done something basic in another room for my comparison purposes. But at the end of the day, I kept it simple. I already had an older Yamaha surround receiver that I used to use in the garage in our other house so I tucked that in the lower cabinet and used a BTMagic device I had bought on an Amazon deal awhile back that has Optic input and output. So, it works like a champ and sounds great on a pair of a/d/s L300C bookshelf speakers. WE had two older Samsung Tab 8 tablets so I delegated one of those to use for connection to the BT receiver and set the volume on the receiver to a certain "limit" and the tablet controls the main volume. Easy peasy. One day, I might still get a smaller amp versus a larger full size receiver but, for now, there will be tunes in the living room. Now to figure out why my Dish Hopper 3's BT output isn't connecting to it so TV output can work. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  4. Metal roofs and siding, along with metal backed flashing like what's under my shingles, definitely block signal. But, most any kind of LTE modem with antennas, unlike what's built into a cell phone, will most always pick up better. My wife's iPhone and my sons Galaxy S10 (both on AT&T) get 2 to 3 bars of signal outside and their download speeds are usually no more than 25mb. With this AT&T modem, or the other I first bought, I range from 25mb on a bad day (rare) up to 90mb download.
  5. Tinkering around with a Netgear MR1100 (AT&T) just to see if any differences in the original setup. Speeds have been consistently faster than the original which amazes me with not having outside antennas and 2 miles from tower. It seems to lock onto band 30 the most so when time allows, I'm going to try locking it in on bands 2, 12, and 30 and see what speeds do then. Have used about 140gb for this period with 3 days left and no throttling. Not bad for 20 bucks a month. @rockhound How far are you from towers? Speed from 2pm this afternoon via a remote connection from work to home. Before it settled where it did, it hit around 98mb for a bit.
  6. Great speakers...definitely a model I would contemplate buying again if they got close enough to me. There are definitely things the CF-3's do better than the Belles do as @hogwylde09 can attest to I'm sure.
  7. There's the first problem. Even with APTx, you still miss out on a lot. I was streaming BT to a device then optical to my Onkyo preamp and it was "ok" but in comparison to it being direct, the BT sound is almost unbearable now. BT will always be more for convenience than SQ. But if you don't hear enough difference, you saved 7 bucks a month. I did a comparison of streaming from my Galaxy S9 over BT against streaming Amazon Music HD over WiFI usinc a ChromeCast Audio and it was major different since WiFi has more bandwidth to work with.
  8. I got rid of Spotify Premium after 3 years or so and went to Amazon Music HD which sounded better to my ears...and that says a lot (having tinnitus). Spotify has best UI but Amazon sounded better...that won out.
  9. Dang....those were rough. But fixable.
  10. Keep those pictures here and we'll see if anyone we know got them. Man, what a deal for those that would be interested.
  11. Like Klipsch only or everything?
  12. Someone better buy them before Phil the Flipper (in Little Rock) does and they're re-listed for $5,000. He makes those kinds of trips.
  13. I've looked at them but for what this is, it's kind of overkill. I'm being a cheapskate in the living room as it's not near important....just for occasional tunes as the TV sounds like crud playing music as to the phones.
  14. @Mike12345 @Craigwsnyder They don't tend to check these forums for stuff like this. You guys would want to put in a service ticket or call to get response.
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