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  1. I checked with him about making a "Belle" emblem with the same font as Klipschorn and La Scalas. He sent a preliminary picture that looks really good. May get a pair of those if he does indeed make them
  2. Is that wrinkly grill cloth on new speakers??
  3. I'd personally veneer them with something else. Walnut, mahogany, cherry, etc.
  4. Plus it will be a lot more visible as to what you are working with.
  5. Might be best to start your own thread in regards to your newly acquired turntable versus clouding up the OP's .
  6. No.....they use a LOW pass filter most every time; not a HIGH pass filter. Using a high pass filter limits the low frequency is allowed to a driver whereas using a low pass filter limits the amount of highs a driver sees.
  7. Still for sale. Make me an offer.....you never know till you ask. Fully gone through and fixed/updated what needed to be done by one of the best Mac techs in the south. It's ready to plug and play.
  8. And one of the pictures also shows the real specs as you have stated. Looks like the 8's were flip-flopped.
  9. 70, overcast, flood warnings, and looking like rain again. Same ol' shi-caca. Most of AR is 11" above average or the year so far and this crap is still keeping us from getting the septic system installed so we could actually live in our new house. Been waiting 5 months to get it done. About the time it's going to dry up some where we might be able to start, it rains again.
  10. Good plan there, for sure. For moving purposes, you could always take the passives out for the move and pack them face to face in a box. Or, take one out and trace the pattern onto a piece of 1/4" (or so) luan or other plywood and make a cover for them for the time being.
  11. I need to see if the guy could make a "new version" in that style for Belles. That would look cool and be different.
  12. Great amplifiers and rock solid. I built my VTA ST-70 a couple years back and it uses 6550 output tubes. Been a great amplifier and I'm really looking forward to getting it hooked back up to my Belle inspired clones. GLWS
  13. So where are you located? List them here too!
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