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  1. Sounds like a different room is in order.
  2. If I remember correctly from corresponding with Roy, the CF horns are crossed over higher being a 2-way design so you may have some frequency issues down at a lower crossover point.
  3. That's why I keep "mad money" which is my hobby/audio money that comes from me buying/selling stuff. But if I want something and it's within the budget, I just get it. Hell, it's not like my wife doesn't waste money on some stupid crap. And the money she spends on things is typically stuff that gets wasted and can never be resold, anyway. I'm always on the better end. ha
  4. Got any AB-2 crossovers floating around there anywhere? You gots lots of pahts for sale! ha
  5. It kills me that Belle's are always for sale so far away and hardly ever near central Arkansas. I guess everyone around here keeps theirs. Unless the "state Klipsch flipper" gets to them first.
  6. I've used Solen caps in most everything home audio and car audio related (crossovers) for the last 25+ years with no problems. They are typically my go to on cap replacement as I've used higher end and don't hear enough justifiable difference in spending more. There's just a point of diminishing return and my ears don't want to pay for any more. Just my $.02
  7. I might could work with that but would still be pushed out more than I'd like. I am not thrilled with this living room nor a fan of the house (wife already had it when we got married). By later this year or early next, we're either building a new one or buying something else. I won't care as much about the living room then as it WILL have a dedicated audio room in it away from the main parts of the house whether that be above the garage, etc., but a good sized room. Then I can bring my 1300+ LP's from my best friends house back to mine. Thanks for the honest opinion, Jim.
  8. Without reading through all 28 pages, what's going to be the recommended distance from the wall for a pair of these? I'd entertain the idea of buying a pair of Forte 3's but I don't want them pulled out a foot or more into the room when I'm already about 12 feet away from the fronts of the CF-3's. I'd hate to spend that kind of money on speakers just to have them not perform like others have. Case in point...keeping my CF-3's and selling the Cornwalls. I don't want to step backwards in low end after spending that kind of money (it won't be at retail/MSRP, mind you....) but I also do want them standing that far out into the room. The CF-3's are almost up against the wall and they work great like that. Just curious.
  9. I'd pay 1500 for a pair in walnut. Market value will vary depending on location and what they'll pay.
  10. Upgrade to something different?
  11. Well, you could have just changed the original thread title from "Ordered my RF-7's..." to "Just got my RF-7's" and it could have just continued on in one thread. You can change the title any time. Was just a thought.
  12. Can these two threads be merged and re-titled?
  13. He's in the Netherlands if I remember correctly from the other threat that he was about to order them.
  14. That posting is already deleted. Didn't last too long.
  15. Holy cow....that's a lot of stuff. http://www.ebay.com/itm/McIntosh-Marantz-JBL-Altec-Jensen-Western-Electric-Fisher-Scott-EV-Equipment-/382065474809?hash=item58f4e07cf9:g:SzwAAOSwq7JT9OCP