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  1. Still for sale. Could possibly bring them to Hope, although I can't be there for the weekend, I could come down with speakers if that would help. My daughter's prom is Saturday, so..
  2. So they can't be publicly priced? Is it a secret bidding game?
  3. LaScala

    I wondering they ever got these done. Or did I miss something?
  4. I'd be all over that!
  5. Funny how they post this stuff and don't come back with adding prices. Maybe it's all going via PM's.
  6. Well, after a couple of months with them, Cornwall's don't work as well in my living room as the CF-3's. So, up for sale they go. They are Cornwall WO's sequential s/n's 18S238 & 239. Grills are stock and missing emblems (how I bought them) and I have used steel wool on cabinets and oiled them. They present very well. I had put Crites CT-120 tweeters in them but they will be sold with all of their stock parts (K33, K55, & K77). I'm keeping the CT-120's for the Belle clones. Only modifications done was converting the Type B crossovers to Type B-2 with Solen caps and Janzen coils. I will include the original leaking caps if you want them. They do work and sound great but my ears lean more towards the CF-3's. I will get more pictures of them as soon as I can but these were the ones taken when I got them. Asking $1000 and local pickup. I'm in Searcy, AR (NE of Little Rock) and might be able to meet within a reasonable distance.
  7. How about this single La Scala in South Carolina for $390? Take the parts out of it, sell the K-400's and find some K-600's or another variation, and call it good. Hella deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/322485391987?ul_noapp=true
  8. Why not build one or talk to Bob Crites about the parts to build one. Or look online for the parts as they come up all the time it seems like. Cabinets are about as simple as they get being a big rectangle box.
  9. Dang....that's a beauty! That may be my next step; investing in one of their tube preamps to go along with my VTA ST-70. ANd that one really strikes me the most as it's got remote volume control! I'm leary of replacing my Carver C-1 that's been completely rebuilt with the BillD mod but may take that leap of faith. Gorgeous preamp
  10. Apparently he decided after numerous emails that he was too low on price or actually researched and saw what others were "listed" for.
  11. You get what you pay for.
  12. Why is it when you put something in italics, you can't read it on the dark background? That's kinda dumb. I've often wondered why some posts would show up like that and now I know. Someone should offer him $1600 to end the auction as he's going to lose 10% in ebay fees plus PayPal fees. I would if they were close to me.
  13. If you read the reviews, they really have nothing to do with Belle's but more Klipsch in general. Look at the first two reviews saying, "Bass is remarkable for the size and likely overkill for my kitchen. Wifi was pretty annoying to set up but Spotify and Tidal sound great on it. Haven't listened to anything but the wifi and have no complaints about fidelity. One small issue I have is the levels of volume in between adjustments. The intervals are far too great. I'd hope a firmware update corrects something like this as I believe it is a digital setting" and "These are some serious speakers. They have a fantastic sound, especially paired with a powered subwoofer. I have a open ground floor, kitchen, dining, and living room. The sound fills that entire space at a comfortable volume. I can entertain, and have music going, without it drowning out my guest's conversations. I spent $110, with shipping, and while definitely not cheap, new Klipsch speakers in the same class will cost much more. The speakers are bigger than you'd think, so double check the dimensions, and their weight. I would not mount these to a wall with only drywall anchors, you'll probably want to find a wall beam or stud." Pretty sure we're not talking about Belle's being too big for a kitchen or being $110 with shipping. Sounds like small generic Klipsch speakers.
  14. Not a bad price at all if you're in California. Walnut maybe? http://www.ebay.com/itm/252858694957?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  15. My stuff is always hardwired unless it's just impossible. Wired is ALWAYS better than wireless in connection. It kills me that at the school where I'm a Network Admin, we have so much wrapped up in wireless devices between laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, Samsung tablets, TI calculators, etc. But it's the 1100+ desktops that give the least amount of trouble; especially come testing time. (which is always) I've got direct connections I wired from my modem/router/switch to any devices in any room I can. There's only one bedroom that isn't just because it's a PIA to get a cable down an outside wall with the insulation in it. My 9 year old can just use wireless for his stuff in there. ha