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  1. avguytx


    More than that, typically. If you're close, you might leave now to get them if that's something you're interested in.
  2. Just use irfanview and size them down. It's not that hard to do.
  3. avguytx

    New VTA ST-70

    @jvs1670 Did you ever get this figured out? I would believe that if the Cornwall's sounded good with the ST-70, then the Klipschorns should definitely have bass. Did you hook the amp just to the bass bins only and check phasing? Hook it up and if it sound thin in bass, swap one speakers' + and - and see what happens. Klipschorns aren't known for having anemic bass unless a room is totally awful, woofers out of phase, or just mediocre equipment (maybe). But I've heard Klipschorns hooked up to an iPod output for testing and they had bass with that little of voltage. I'm just curious...
  4. avguytx

    Polk RTA-15TL

    I owned a pair of the SDA SRS 2's that I had updated the 4 tweeters to the RD0-198 (or 194) and also 8 new mid/woofers. I only had new mid woofers because mine had the original MW6509 model in them and Polk Service wanted to evaluate them for a couple of months and compare them to the replacement models. After a couple months went by, I received two my woofers back in one box and, in a second box, they had sent me 8 of the brand new drivers all impedance matched for my "troubles". Those speakers sounded great and they moved with me from TX back to AR and were in the living room running off of a Carver TFM-55 or a Carver M-1.0t (both rebuilt). I still sometimes regret selling those but the CF-3's went into rotation and the Polk's didn't go back in. I just didn't have the space in that last house to keep extra things. So, a guy from Michigan drove down to where we met in midsouth Missouri in a really small car and we somehow shoe horned them in. Man, they rocked and sounded great. I'd also take a pair of 15TL's if they came along. Replacement parts are readily available for most older Polk SDA, Monitor, and RTA series speakers direct from Polk.
  5. I agree. Most likely meaning Dayton were the replacement caps but one never really knows what others mean. And sometimes they don't either.
  6. avguytx

    Forte III

    I personally think you need to stay with the speakers you own or, next time, go physically listen to them somewhere before buying. That's just my almost 30 years past experience of working in the A/V industry. But to each their own.
  7. avguytx

    SOLD 1965 walnut Klipschorns in Illinois

    Or change them out to Crites CT120's versus the K-77 which should work much better. Just a thought....
  8. avguytx

    Forte III

    Did you go somewhere and listen to these before buying them or was it just blind faith? Just curious....that's all.
  9. Maybe not so much on Klipsch but other brands I have. Plus electronics. Better safe than sorry.
  10. avguytx

    WTB: Klipsch K510 Horn

    And it appears to be a single K-510 with K-69 driver and not a pair.
  11. avguytx

    New VTA ST-70

    Hook the ST-70 up to the bass cabinets direct by themselves and no crossovers in line if you haven't already. Has anyone been inside the bass bins? Something internal could potentially be out of phase. It sounds like you can rule out the amp having an issue since it seemed to sound fine on the Cornwalls. Always check polarity when hooking up to older cabinet...then check it again. But if you hook the amp up to the bass bins by themselves, with correct polarity, and the bass is still thin, reverse one side and see what happens. In 41 years, someone could have been inside one of those bins and swapped something out. Who knows.
  12. Are you just wanting to update parts like caps and resistors? Since those may have changed around "some" like the CF-3 and 4's, my recommendation would be to pull a crossover out and write down what parts are in them. Sometimes what's on a data sheet isn't what's actually in the cabinets. Most days it depended on what was "in the barn" and on the shelves.
  13. Still undecided. We've got so much going on with the early stage of the new house build and having just finished with daughters graduation that I haven't had time to look into them more. I wonder how those T350's would sound in my Belle's...if they would fit. Otherwise, I'd be buying all of this and then just selling them off if they used the SRO/15 woofers as those are "Sound Reinforcement" woofers and don't have quite the low end. If they were 15W's, I could rebuild cabinets and make them look good but would most likely need new crossovers as those tar filled crossovers they use are quite old now.
  14. I feel your pain on tinnitus and that constant high pitch noise. Some music is harder to listen to than others depending on what the tone is but most is ok. I enjoy when everyone is gone and I can play it louder to overcome the tinnitus....even if for a little while. You'll love those CF-3's. I owned a pair for a few years and there's been times that I miss them. But, I built a pair of Belle's and space didn't allow to keep too many around the house at that time as we were selling to move into a small rent house while our new house is being built. They are great sounding speakers.
  15. avguytx

    CF3 quit working, preliminary questions

    Funny... the picture of the pair you did look exactly like mine. And also the wires are in identical spots, your granite counters look the same, and managed to have the same glare in the bottom left corner as my counters, and the same opposite color coils. At least compared to the last picture in my thread.