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  1. The OP. When copied from another site, it takes the format with it. I've done that before myself.
  2. When you do a copy/paste from another forum, you should paste it as plain text so it doesn't copy the format. It may only show up on those using the dark themed version, though.
  3. And it's only taken close to 4 years.
  4. I bet @thebes could shoehorn those into his living room, right? ;)
  5. I can "date" how long he's been wood working and he'll hate me for this as I'v mentioned it to him before. I got my first car, a 1981 AMC Spirit (one step above a pacer) when my grandfather made a deal with me that if I would sell my motorcycle, he'd buy me a car. Bad part is, I should have found out what car that was going to be first. ha. But it was mid October 1982 and I was 16 years old and had a car with no stereo....and I loved stereo things already. I went and bought a Concord AM/FM cassette and an ads Power Plate amplifier that I bought brand new from the local store (Softmart in Searcy, AR I believe it was). A friend at my church knew that Ken built speakers and got me in touch with him and he made me a set of 2-way cabinet speakers using a 6.5" woofer and dome tweeters (Can't remember the brand) but this little system jammed in my hatchback and set my direction into a 25 year future of home A/V and car audio employment. @longdrive03 aka Ken, is a great guy and does outstanding work.
  6. I have a Revox A77 Mk IV with the cover and the NAB hubs (need o-rings) that I am going to sell as it is. Like most all of them, they will need gone through. But to my understanding, this was quite a well regarded machine back in its day. My daughter goes to the U of A and will be in this weekend and could bring it back potentially if any interest. There's a place in TN that specializes in these units. https://www.jmtecharts.com/
  7. I have a Scott 299-d that was redone by Terry Dewick maybe 15 years ago but it's missing tubes and needs to be gone through before being used. The guy that I would normally use in Little Rock to go through it isn't taking in any work until the pandemonium calms down more. I guess I need to get on the list with Craig potentially. So I guess I'll have to get back with you. lol
  8. I appreciate all the information on the GZ34 tubes. I know these have the ability to get pretty pricy pretty quick especially for the NOS models and even used. I guess I need to decide something soon and might spring for one of the better GZ34's as soon as I get a pair of JBL L50's sold off which will free up some "toy money".
  9. This is a great McIntosh MA5100 solid state amplifier that was made from 1966 to 1972. It's rated at 45 watts per channel into 4 or 8-ohm loads and will sound phenomenal on most any speakers you put on it. This amp was just gone recently through by Durham Electronics in Little Rock by a technician with 40 years under his belt. It had the power supply rebuilt and updated, all controls cleaned, chrome cleaned, the main filter caps and all can caps were tested out (all were fine) and checked for safe use and I will supply the receipt for the repairs. Hook it up to some higher efficiency speakers and you will have a great match for years to come. Heck, hook it up to lesser efficient speakers and it will still sound great. It does have a bubble in the glass on the left side but these can be replaced, or, lived with. Personal choice. It’s really hard to find a 50 year old McIntosh that doesn’t have a bubble in the glass; but is possible. Also, there is no wood case included which is how I originally got it. I installed some basic rubber feet on the bottom in the location where they attached the temporary shipping feet from the factory. Asking SOLD cash only with local pickup in Searcy, AR at the Police Department during normal daylight hours. I really don't want to have to ship this but I can...just count on it being kind of pricy since rates have gone up some plus finding/purchasing good packaging material for a SAFE delivery. I would be glad to drive a "reasonable" distance if someone is interested. Not many of these pop up around here! Thanks for looking and let me know if any questions.
  10. I had sold my VTA ST-70 because I rarely ever used it and what happens? I come across a group of things that I couldn't pass up including a basically new, and mostly finished, Dynakit ST-70 with the upgraded transformers, etc. All that it needs is the power transformer wiring finished and a full set of tubes and it should be off to the races. Kevin, at Dynakit, recommended using some KT77's in it and I believe I have a pair of Stromberg Carlson labeled 7199's to go in, too. On the VTA ST-70 I had, the original GZ34 failed after a few months and I replaced it with a Genelex Gold Lion and also bought a JJ Tesla for backup. Is there any advantage to using a Solid State rectifier in place of the tube besides cost? Does it put more stress on the output tubes? I've also got a Scot 299-d integrated tube amp that I'll have to get 11 tubes for that was serviced by Terry Dewick maybe 15 years ago. But that's another story...
  11. Maybe it's got something to do with how they were saved. But for 4 months, I put it through its paces and the two parts that I hated were the not being able to control the desktop app from the phone app (like Spotify connect) and saving, then finding, the artist list like Spotify does. There's trade offs for both, or any of them, but at the end of the day, I took Spotify for the ease of control. I might try it again and see at some point because it definitely sounded good. I also enjoy the Spotify playlists as I have no time or desire to sit and make them.
  12. Are you wanting an RtR? I have a Revox A77 Mk IV that I am selling that I'll never use. Needs to be updated of course.
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