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  1. avguytx

    CL: Speakers Klipsch Epic CF3 - $400 (Cumming, GA)

    Maybe version 2's? Wouldn't be too hard of a job to tackle if the cabinets are solid. Heck, if one could tolerate them as is, they'd be in business. That front panels vinyl cover coming up might be a challenge to get to sit flat but maybe some Landau top adhesive might fix it. Or just rebuild front baffles.
  2. I offered $500 for the whole she-bang but he didn't bite. That stuff is in a sad state of being.
  3. Thank you, sir. We're proud of it so far. They'll bring in the fill dirt and top soil where it won't be quite as high on the front porch for the steps coming off. They'll be done out of brick, cinder blocks, and concrete. But yeah, it's a pretty good haul as it sits right now.
  4. avguytx

    What's on your Black Friday list for 2018?

    That's a darn good price and definitely less than what I gave. There are times I do wish I had gotten the WiFi model just for the sake of being able to monitor the pellets and meat temp remotely and adjust as needed....but I didn't. One thing that I bought that has been great for smoking in the winter is the blanket for it. That's definitely helped in keeping those 185 to 225 degree temps during the cold. I also added two thermometers....one on top and one down low so I could see the deviation in temp.
  5. avguytx

    What's on your Black Friday list for 2018?

    I have a GB Daniel Boone and love it. I've had it for about a year and a half now and I also bought a Jim Bowie model for my best friend and his wife for all the help they gave us in renovating my mother's house last year before we sold it. They've both been great grills and do an awesome job of either smoking or grilling. I've smoked beef brisket, pulled pork, pork shoulder & butts, chickens, turkey's, salmon, and plenty of ribs. You won't really ever find those on a major sale. I got a little better deal because I bought two of them but maybe you can find a local dealer that'll work with you. I don't do Black Friday. There's nothing that I care to wait around in line for at weird hours of the morning in hopes of some deal. I've worked Black Friday's (as a rep) and have actually bought at a few in the past; I don't miss that.
  6. avguytx

    I really want to like B better...but

    I kept wondering that, too.
  7. It doesn't go all the way around with the metal part of the roof. Porch goes maybe 6 feet and the metal roof maybe 20 feet. Front porch is about 46 feet across and back is 44 feet, I think. My wife has already said she'd be hanging out front in a rocking chair a lot. lol I'm hoping we will be but honestly doubt. Thanks! Walls are painted, all cabinets are in, and most all lights and fixtures are in. Getting ready to start the floor tiling for the rooms that get it and also start laying the LVP floors, too. Still need granite counter tops done and we're going to try and get the front door stained, back french doors painted, and other two exterior doors painted so we can put the handles and locks on everything for appliances to be delivered in next couple of weeks. We're hoping the electricity will be hooked up by this weekend. Getting colder inside and hard to see to do anything...even with LED work lights. We have no neighbors beside us on either side and there's 43 acres behind me that will never be built on (most likely). My closest neighbor is about 400 feet away on another street. I can see them but they aren't "right there". Nice people, though. But it's definitely nice not having neighbors too close to us and if we do have a next door neighbor or across the street, they are more than 10 feet away since we're on 1+ acre lots.
  8. avguytx

    How you cooking your bird for Thanksgiving

    Last year I smoked two 14 pound turkey's on my Green Mountain Pellet Grill and they turned out great. The 7 or 8 years before, they were deep fried at my best friends house and were great. This year, my mother in law is baking one in the oven. I'm not a big fan of her cooking so this should be interesting. This year, we aren't cooking in out tiny rent house and are going out there since our new house won't be ready till Christmas, hopefully. Next year, I'll smoke a couple doing the Spatchcock method (butterfly, basically). My best friend is doing his that way this year as a trial run.
  9. avguytx

    Bevel cuts with a Cabinet saw

    Just build a jig for the table saw that will allow you to cut those 4 doghouse angles one piece at a time sequentially and standing up so they are all the same; after you test out and get the angle you want. Do the same thing for the ramps in the back, too. Matter of fact, do it in one larger piece then cut them down to strips. That would make less angled single passes through the saw. I had made a quick and easy jig from Baltic Birch and MDF that would allow me to clamp the pieces down and it rode down the channel of the saw. Push them slow and let the blade do the work and not get bound down. And have a good Diablo blade on there.
  10. avguytx

    Epic CF2 rebuild

    I use the Photo Resizer app on my Android phone to reduce the size. Doesnt take that long to do. If you're on Windows PC, you can use Irfanview or something similar. Yes, it's a pain but it's fairly easy.
  11. Haha. Yep...organic. It's cypress. We were able to get rough sawn cypress for 80 bucks each where another place quoted $260 per post for cedar. Sooo....
  12. It's been quite awhile since I updated this post and its come quite a ways now. Here's the front of house after we set six 8 x 8 x 9 foot posts today. 4 go on back porch but it was all we could do to get these up at 200lbs+ each and leveled. Haha. But looks hella better than the 2x4's that had been there temporarily.
  13. avguytx

    Help buying new TV, old one died (TV bought!)

    Are those surround speakers sitting on top of your main speakers doing surround duty or are they for Atmos? That would drive me nuts. And how far away do you sit from the TV? The "unwritten rule" and recommendation years ago was twice the distance of the diagonal size of the TV would visually look best to what our minds perceive in video without having the "I'm sitting on the first row of a movie theater watching the movie" syndrome. So, a 75" diagonal TV would have optimum viewing at 150" back....about 12.5 feet. I'm seriously glad I don't rep A/V stuff anymore or care about surround. A good 1080p TV with an OTA antenna is all I need anymore since I despise paying for a bunch of channels no one in the house watches anyway.
  14. avguytx


    Yes. We went with the Floorte Pantheon HD Plus 794. Man, that's a long model name. haha
  15. avguytx

    Hi my 2 channel home audio

    A familiar sight from the 70's..... I think that was just the standard curve everyone thought EQ's were supposed to have which carried over to car audio from the late 70's to 2000. Good ol' "boom hiss" systems.