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  1. Oh, my finished out bonus room above the garage via the staircase inside, is about 21 feet x 15-1/2 feet so a decent size I guess. It'll be good for the Belles and a sub; maybe a little small for Jubilee's or Klipschorns, though. Who knows. With the slight angle on the ceiling in that room, I'm afraid it would be too close to the 402 horns if I ever decided to build a pair...plus the sitting distance from them. But the height of Klipschorns would work on the 21 foot wall. lol. Dang, wish I could've kept that immaculate pair of '78 Klipschorns I had to sell in 2009 before moving back to Arkansas to go back to college. Oh well...
  2. I've been part of two other houses during the building stage. One was in Tulsa where it was at frame stage and my ex wife and I picked everything out but the plan was already picked in that neighborhood. We divorced in 2002 and I sold that house in 2003 after an "offer war" on it (higher amounts) and I moved to Denton, TX. That house was at about the same stage and I picked everything out. This one will be us picking everything from ground up. I have to get a perk test done soon and the house design/plans approved by the neighborhood "council". Once the perk test is done and filed, we'll put this house on the market and wait for it to sell and, once sold, will live either with her parents for awhile or with my best friend and his wife during the build. The hardest part is we have 3 cats and 2 dogs to move around with us. 3 of the animals are closing in on being 15 years on so it will be an interesting year since 2 of those 3 are showing their age. But it's very exciting. Having dealt with builders in the past when I was a manufacturers rep for home A/V companies and a trainer/programmer for home automation companies including Elan, Crestron, and AMX, I have an understanding of the order and process of building. My wife, on the other hand, has no idea and is nervous but excited about it all. Lol
  3. Austin - La Scalas

  4. Velodyne Optimum 10 Subwoofer - $525

  5. FS - A bunch of Aerovox can caps

    Dang, Jim....how many crossovers are you stock piling and building up there???
  6. And they accepted! We are stoked! We'll be going from the typical neighborhood plat of .25 to .3 acres to close to an acre where we'll be building a new house hopefully this year (have to sell this one we're in). The back side backs up to about 50 acres that most likely ever won't be built on so close neighbors will be at a minimim. And yes... I'll have my dedicated audio room where I can keep all my toys...and new Belles. The house we're building will be around 2700 square feet with a much better layout than the current. I mentioned that I'll have my own room for stuff, right? If you pray, add us in your prayers for all that's about to conspire. We are excited and looking forward to building our own home from the ground up.
  7. Ordered all new parts today to build a Type AA crossover just to have something all new. It may not be what everyone would work with for parts but it will work for me and my tinkering. I now know what an original parts Type AA from older Belle's sounds like with adding Russian MGBO NOS paper in oil caps and they sound good but seem a little laid back. With my tinnitus and non-extended HF hearing these days, I need something that runs a little hotter in the upper register. So instead of just replacing caps in what I have, I decided to "go new". I have a pair of 3636 autoformers from Bob coming, then Audyn Plus caps for the tweeters and Q4 for the squawker, Jantzen coils for the tweeter and Erse for the woofer, and barrier strips from Parts Express. I also ordered the parts @Deang recommended in the Type AA build thread from Mouser. Maybe they'll be here by the end of the week and I can find some time to build them. Saturday, I'm installing an add-on remote start in my best friends' wife's Ford Edge Sport (his birthday present to her...my install). He and I have been best friends for over 41 years now and her for over 30 years.
  8. Well, let's see. My wife and I are making an offer on a piece of land tomorrow morning and will start building a new house once ours is sold. It will have a "bonus room" for me above the garage for all my goodies; all 2-channel stuff....I don't do home theater anymore. No one in the house watches it or cares about it...including me. So, I guess that and the new house will be my/our purchase for the year. Equipment wise, I have nothing planned until we are moved in to the new house.
  9. Cornwall iii WDC

    Unless it's gray market goods. I wouldn't think Klipsch, as a home audio company, would have to deal with that like I did as a Manufacturers Rep for car audio lines back in the earlier 2000's when I lived in the DFW area. It wasn't uncommon for a car audio manufacturer to call me and tell me they needed me to get a $250k to $500k order so "they" could "hit their number for the quarter/year". Those typically went to Harry Hines Blvd in Dallas or Harwin in Houston. Then, it just distributed out like a big fog. I hated having to do that but sure liked the bonus that came from it. Ticked off a bunch of dealers, though. But, again; I wouldn't think Klipsch does that. But who knows... I had emailed that guy last year at one point and it seemed pretty legit. You show up with the money or meet somewhere and that was the deal. Just take a cop friend. Maybe the are b-stock goods which are sold cheaper to certain dealers for online sales. Regular dealers can't get B-stock stuff, typically, from what I understand. At least the one close to me can't.
  10. You see them come up occasionally on here and on the auction site but I doubt people have them stockpiled up somewhere. Unless they just forgot they had them. ha
  11. Empty Chorus Cabinets - Portland, OR

    And if you can't find 'em, build 'em!
  12. Hey Joe! Yes, those plans were an enormous help and I don't really have any changes anywhere. I couldn't be any happier with how they turned out but do know I'd do some things a little different if I ever built another pair. I had to make my own alterations as I was using Baltic Birch, which was metric cut, and I believe was right at 11/16" thickness. There were some walls I had to adjust here and there but nothing major. I'm thrilled to be 95% done. ha. I just have bass bin grills to make once the weather cooperates with me here again for garage work. Thanks again!
  13. WTB possibly: AB-2, AL-3 or AK-3 crossover

    Doesn't seem to be a lot of love for the AB-2, huh?
  14. I wouldn't be using the zener diodes as I don't have K-77 tweeters and I do see now that is a notch filter on the AB-2 network for the K-77 and not a zobel (which is resistor/cap). Even with Bob's drivers on the top end, I would think a tad sharper slope would be good for them. I do tend to jam on occasion...just not like I used to.
  15. These are what I used and just made the adjustments based on the wood thickness. Both of these have been out there for awhile now, too. I also used a program called MaxCut v2 that laid out all the cuts for the 3 sheets of Baltic Birch I used. Belle_LATEST (1).pdf Belle K510.pdf