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  1. Didn't take long to sell those woofers, for sure. I've got spare parts for my CF-3 v1's....(2) K-63-KN and a single woofer (although the woofer I have is a K-1030 for a v3 and not the v1...but it works and looks the same if needed, I guess) That's the bad part about having speakers with drivers that are as rare as a toothbrush for hens teeth.
  2. A picture would be nice as it's hard to know what you mean by that or the severity of it. Sometimes they can be repaired from the backside with some sort of adhesive but who knows. That's the bad part about OEM drivers that are unobtainable and these are definitely that.
  3. Try surrounding the perimeter with moth balls of some sort. Cats hate the smell of those and stay away from them. I had a cat years ago that decided to use my shower rug as its litter box for urinating. I'd read about putting some scented mothball crystals around areas to keep them out and low-and-behold, it worked. I also used to put mothballs under the mulch in my "flower beds" to keep neighborhood cats from crapping in them. That worked, too. It's cheap and worth a try.
  4. Thank you, Jim. I appreciate the accolades!
  5. SOLD Years ago, I had lots of laptops but now, not so much except for occasionally. I do have one that is pretty nice that I could set up with some options if interested. It's an HP EliteBook 8440p with an Intel Core-i7 620M CPU and has 4gb of RAM (expandable to 8gb). As it sits, it has Windows 7 Pro on it with a regular 500gb Hard drive and does not have MS Office or any other installed programs. It does come with a charger and a decent battery and the screen has no marks or dead spots. It might be able to be updated to Windows 10 and I can do that for you if you prefer. General info on it with link. Anymore, I really don't care to take PayPal but I will take a USPS Money Order mailed to me and then it will hit the road. I've been on this site for years and many here can vouch for me with sales, etc. I really would rather not have the IRS be involved with my PayPal account anymore. SOLD https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-elitebook-8440p-notebook-pc/4095872/model/4095879/document/c02030599
  6. Interesting. No affiliation or interest. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/warren-klipsch-la-scalas/7470652973.html For posterity.
  7. Good thing you didn't listen to those who said they'd pass on them.
  8. That's not MDF on those speakers...but definitely beat to crap. For about a third of that price it would be doable to either build new cabinets, and keep the backs. Those cabinets definitely aren't rocket science to build. But would have to be the right price.
  9. Pictures are definitely good as that will show if there's something burnt on them or not soldered in right. Personally, I wouldn't go crazy on the crossovers unless there's something visually wrong with them. Now, if there are electrolytics in the circuit, those would maybe merit a change. Resistors can make a little bit of difference but it's all about how much you want to spend on them to chase that last bit of %. If they aren't sounding like you want them to sound, find speakers that do. I personally haven't heard the 1's or 2's since they were first made but barely listened to them as the "stars of the show" were the 3's and 4's. I've owned 3 pairs of 3's so far and have version 1's now.
  10. I did do capacitor and resistor changes on the CF-3 v3's I had a few years back and noticed some differences. Not major, though. Now I have a set of CF-3 v1's and they're going to stay mostly stock. The only caps that have been changed are the caps in the woofer circuit as they are electrolytics and had drifted over time plus a resistor that was charred. They were replaced with polyester caps with the same values and were tested. Like @Chief bonehead (Roy) has said plenty of times... "It’s about the WHOLE network and voltage transfer curves" I'm good with that.
  11. @Marquez If it's a free offer, wouldn't that be a personal choice thing for anyone interested? Why question free? (excluding shipping, I believe) You've been a member here since 6/2019 and that's quite the interesting first post to me, I guess.
  12. Jeez....another set??? Great speakers for sure. I know for a fact my CF-3 v1's won't ever leave now. Even if I came across a set of CF-4 v1's for reasonable, I feel like I need to keep the 3's, too. But like everything, that's subject to change with minimal to no notice. Congrats!
  13. I would imagine all those yellow polyester caps are still in spec and I bet the blue ones that look like what came out of Heresy II's are as well. I left those in my CF-3 v1's versus changing them out, this time.
  14. Seems like I've read where someone in this forum was an income tax person but I may be wrong. I have what might be a simple question about a 1099-NEC and how much it changes our taxes by adding it in, which I do know to do, of course. Ok, the basic of it is me wondering how this makes sense. My wife and I file Married filing jointly. I do some side work for the Dr she works for and got a 1099-NEC. We end up doing the standard deduction because itemizing is lower deduction and, in doing so, show to get back $984 between state and federal. Now, when I add in the 1099-NEC, I realize there will be taxes on those earnings but I guess what threw me off is it goes to us owing $1,023 which is a swing of $2,007. The 1099 is for $5,520 so that equates me to paying a tad over 36% in taxes on that amount? Maybe that's right and how they stick it to us.
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