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  1. avguytx

    Water Damaged HII- Worth it?

    I know what you mean. I've had maybe 6 pairs around over the last 10 years and all of them had some rust on the screw heads. Cabinets were fine but those screws. Even other older speakers I've had/have were like that and all were bought in either OK, AR or TX. Some I just replaced the screws on, others just repainted. Odd. Southern humidity I guess.
  2. avguytx

    Water Damaged HII- Worth it?

    The rust on the screws would deter me, too. But, if I could lowball them down even more, I'd get them for the parts. Anytime I have to go get anything in Little Rock, it's an hour drive....which is about happy average for me if I find anything around here.
  3. avguytx

    Water Damaged HII- Worth it?

    "IF" you could hear them play, and "IF" everything made sound, the sum of the parts are definitely worth more than the whole (asking price). HII cabinets come up for sale on occasion and they are also about the easiest cabinets ever to build if you are so inclined. Crites has new motorboards for $80 a pair on his website and that would take off a ton of work with having to use the router to flush mount. Just a simple cabinet after that. "IF" you don't mind a project. It's showing $150 on the ad....did he price lower to you? He did make mention that everything works. Hell, if they were close to me, I'd buy them and resell the parts to recoup if I didn't need a pair.
  4. avguytx

    Anyone use induction cooktop? Thoughts?

    Ours do. Cats get on anything up high and one of the two dogs like to crap and pee on the floors sometimes. Guess which one's I'd personally rather have around in the house.
  5. avguytx

    Anyone use induction cooktop? Thoughts?

    Thanks for the reply. I guess I should have come back and updated this to say that I decided on a gas slide in stove as I had it and the fireplace piped for connection.
  6. Look nice. No interest or affiliation. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-speakers-cornwall/6707006761.html We have a pair of Klipsch speakers speakers both 100 watts in Cherry Wood. They sound great and are a amazing buy! They normally run for $2500 per speaker, but you can get the pair for just $2500!! There is some scratching on one of the speakers that can be seen in the photos.
  7. avguytx

    Belle Klipsch Pair in MA $999

    Kind of looks like the basement flooded at some point.
  8. avguytx

    Huge sound and lighting auction in Orlando...

    You guys starting a band or something?
  9. avguytx

    CL greenville H1's? $75.00 posted 13 hr as of this post

    They do look a little rough but a decent price at $75 if all stock and working. Cabinets could be redone or painted. A little bartering and they could be had for less. The sum of the parts would be worth more than the whole in this case; even the badges by themselves. For posterity.
  10. avguytx

    Belle: an unrequited love...

    I can't really speak to what they sound like stock as my Belle clones have all new drivers and crossovers in them. Speaking of, I'm really looking forward to hearing them again when I can finally move them into my dedicated upstairs room. But, I feel your pain with how they sound in an open concept house. In our last house, they were about 6 feet apart and there really wasn't a way to do much more with them but I knew it was temporary. Even though, they still sounded darn good and I din't notice any 7k peaks when using an RTA on them. Maybe that has something to do with the all new drivers and crossover parts. Maybe not. But, cap changes are the first thing I'd do which is very easy. Bob's caps are fine and there are also the Dayton 1% tolerance caps, Audyn caps (in my Belle's), Solen caps, and on and on.
  11. avguytx

    New CF3 Owner Advice

    And might also have to pull a woofer and look at the wire type/color.
  12. avguytx

    Belle Klipsch front grills (and more?)

    So "lenses" is actually the K500 horns?
  13. avguytx

    New CF3 Owner Advice

    Found the s/n on the auction
  14. avguytx

    New CF3 Owner Advice

    Just out of curiosity, what's the serial numbers on them? Did you get version 1, 2, or 3? Great speakers! Give them some real power if you can. I ran mine with a LLatino Dynaco VTA ST-70 tube at @ 35wpc, a Mcintosh MC250 @ 50wpc and a highly modified Carver M-1.0t MkII amp @ 450wpc. The Carver really did the best by far. It's not that you "need" the power, but it sure does wonders for headroom and bringing them to life. I'm not certain an A/V receiver will do tthem their best...but get them started, maybe.