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  1. Mark as sold in the title so everyone knows.
  2. @chassell I have one K-401 if you come up with another spare.
  3. I'm sure because you mentioned the word Crites, no one responded. Typical.
  4. I'm going to check shipping and mull things over. Have wanted to try one but wanting to weigh things out.
  5. Ok, so you got pics from the website but what about your actual preamp. Also, how long have you owned it? Are you original owner? Been pondering this one, or the unit that replaced these, and just how much of a difference it would be over my fully rebuilt Carver C-1 preamp with added remote. Bad side is I'd have to add a phono preamp.
  6. You seemed to be the know all/end all as usual...
  7. Title, content, etc... lol But I agree!
  8. I'd personally get something different
  9. @jorjen I think you need to check your listings and content.
  10. I have a single K-401 if you can find a 2nd.
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