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  1. avguytx


    He sent me a message yesterday 11 minutes after I posted it about my WTB for a tablet. Same BS as what others here have said. I knew it was shady from the beginning. Should have reported it I guess but I was busy at work.
  2. I'm glad I'm not in the market to buy new anymore. I'm also thankful I'm out of the consumer electronics industry. I'd hate being a Manufacturers rep right now trying to explain this stuff. Sometimes when these price increases happen, when business declines, etc., they would cut out the reps and try to do it direct. It's an ever changing industry for sure. You can count on prices not going down.
  3. So the Belles sound better than the CF-3's? I haven't listened to mine much in the last 6 or 8 months since I got the ads L1230's. Still deliberating on a pair of version 1 CF-3's about 20 minutes from me.
  4. I'm honestly not sure what they mean by "University approved" but she mentioned that to me when I told her which ones I was looking at. But if she's happy, that works for me. ha.
  5. Yep, been looking on FB Marketplace, etc., for the Surface Pro 6 and 7 mainly. I'm chatting from someone at MS about the battery issue and they said it's not been a problem in the 6 and 7's. That price seems to be about the going range for a used one which would be fine.
  6. As little as possible. lol. This tablet will ONLY be used to take to classes for taking notes on powerpoints mainly. She also has a laptop and desktop at home to use when she's there. She uses Office 365 which the U of A gives them for free and the Surface is one of the main "approved" devices for their campus.
  7. Yeah, she will definitely need the keyboard and pen. The pen more than anything for taking notes.
  8. Oh great. Always something it seems. Any other reasonably good Windows 10 "2 in 1" tablet out there with a pen? lol I think everything has issues anymore
  9. Thank you sir. I appreciate the info. Normally I have no issue with buying used laptops or desktops as I can work on the majority of those things till they fail. But, a tablet is different. ha. The main versions I'm looking for are the 6 and 7; something more recent.
  10. My daughter will be starting her senior year at the University of Arkansas (pre-med) and already has a larger laptop but would like something like the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 where she can write notes on power points, etc. It won't be used for heavy computing as I already have her taken care of there.....just need something for notes. The Surface Pro's are "approved" by the U of A in their network and work pretty seamlessly. Just curious if anyone has one sitting idle. Thanks!
  11. Wait....what? Mallete? Seriously? Good grief....I so hate to hear this. R.I.P. Dave. Godspeed.
  12. I have nothing to add to that assessment of their service. You speak the truth.
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