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  1. Haha. Nope. Haven't seen that commercial before...that was funny. It's about time they start coming up with some good commercials like they used to. Well, it's Friday, I'm bored at work changing SAN backup schedules, deleting old backups, etc.,...kind of a quiet Friday after a hectic week. Sitting here pondering what I need to get done on the speakers this weekend plus the other things that have to be done. We've got to take the gazebo down this weekend if it doesn't rain to much tomorrow plus I need to mow the yard one last time; mainly because our roof is being replaced Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and they recommended it so they could get all the nails up. (right...) But really need to get the bases built, veneered, and attached....get the bottoms painted black, woofers mounted and wired, and gasket on doghouse cover panel and screw them on. Maybe a final "going over" with some sanding before they come in the house and decide on what to finish them in. And maybe, just maybe, if time allows, get the crossovers put together so I could possibly hear them by Sunday night with the top grill section sitting on top of the bins. Hoping to get top sections done the following weekend. Well, that's the plan, anyway , but we all know how that goes. Another thought I've had is that I believe I'm going to sell off the K-55's I have and order some A55-G's to go in these. Might as well since it's new K-33 woofers, new CT120's and (kind of) new Type AA crossovers going into "new" cabinets. Might as well have new mids, too.
  2. Paint works fine for me if I'm posting from a PC and I use a Photo Resizer app on my Galaxy S7 if posting from it...which I do more times than desktop. Too much of a pain to move photos from phone to PC, resize them, and post them.
  3. haha... I don't ever think I've heard that before but I'm going to take it as a compliment!
  4. I agree with the above. If you could post photos of overhead shots of the crossovers, and other angles, we can definitely help you. The AA is a simple put together network to work with.
  5. Oh, I've been there for sure. I've got $100 or so in new caps and other parts for a Sony STR-6060F receiver (their first S/S receiver) that I'm going to redo after I'm done with the Belle's and Macintosh MC250 fix. The Sony works....but the caps are original 1967 caps so.... I've got a Carver M-1.0t that's been "upgraded" to the MkII Opt 002 and is a great sounding beast now. That's my Spring and Summer amp since it doesn't heat up the room like the VTA ST-70 can. Also have a completely rebuilt Carver M-200t that I replaced all the caps on, main filter caps included, plus new terminals, etc. I hardly use it at all but I have a TX2 tuner and am trying to find a reasonably priced Carver C2 to match them to go in the garage to replace a newer Yamama surround receiver for 2-channel duty.
  6. I've got my Mac amp ready to fire up but I guess I'm leery on powering it up without using either my DBT or variac. Only problem with variac is that it doesn't have an ammeter to monitor current so I've usually used the DBT...especially on old 70's recovers in the past to check foe shorts before actually running them. I guess I'm more leery on the MC250 after putting two new 22,000mfd caps on it and also the new multi caps. Is this the best bet? I've got 60w and 100w incandescent bulbs to work with. I'm open to opinions and recommendations as I obviously don't want a major catastrophic event to happen.
  7. Yeah, I can imagine that. Even for the years I sold Adcom, I was never impressed with their gear.
  8. So you have a 41 year old receiver running original caps, etc., and expecting it to sound like it did in 1976? Have you ever adjusted the bias or had it checked out? What about tuner alignment, if you listen to radio. Rotel isn't any different than any other receiver or amp that's 40+ year old. They all are using basic technology and parts that were "on the shelf" from the lowest cost supplier. Caps have come a long way in 40+ years. Just my $.02.
  9. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    I figure for the money, it's worth a try. I wasn't out a lot of expense for them and I can always sell them off if they don't work right. I can't really hear much beyond 12 or 13k because of tinnitus and certain frequencies kind of aggravate it more. These might help with that some; then again, they may not. If not, I'll go back to my tried and true Solen caps or something similar. But it's worth a shot.
  10. That's funny. So do you have 40 year old receivers running stock caps too?
  11. Yeah, I've had good luck with Nevrdull before on older console tube amp chassis' and was thinking about trying it on these. Couldn't hurt, I guess. Only thing is, it leaves a slight film on the metal and I do remember I eventually had to go over the chassis again. But worth a shot. Painting gloss black might not be too bad, either. You can hardly ready the writing on them as it is; I could just write values on the bottom side of the board.
  12. Anyone ever paint the metal parts on those inductors and autoformers or shine them up in any way?
  13. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    I ordered some of the Russian NOS MBGO paper in oil caps from a Ukranian ebay seller that are going in my Type AA crossovers for my Belle clone project as soon as they're at that stage. Hoping they sound good.
  14. Thank you. Next step is gussying up these AA crossovers. All the parts are off the board and holes are filled in so I can repaint them and then reposition the parts back on once cleaned up. Should I sand the autoformer and inductors and try to make them shiny or take them off and paint them black?