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  1. I may have to see if I can make it down to at least meet and hang out with everyone on Saturday since I'm about 3 hours from Hope. I'm typically on call 24/7 with the city so I would have to make sure the department head will be in town. I wouldn't really be able to bring anything, though, so it would just be my ugly mug there.
  2. I have a question about a 1098 for I received from my bank. Without going into detail, if anyone here is a tax accountant, or somewhat of a "pro", you can send me a direct message so you don't proclaim to all that you are one and giving free advice. lol. I figure it's an easy questions for someone in taxes. Thanks!
  3. If I were to go to that much trouble, I believe I'd just build new cabinets altogether and get the mid/tweeter up higher like the Forte and Tangents. I wouldn't have some odd ball add on cabinet in the back. Also, he is using some model of M&K woofers in there that might even be from a sub cabinet? Who knows...
  4. At $100, I'd be all in but at triple that, I have no need for them. lol
  5. Nope. Price increased to $350 now.
  6. Or a dedicated room away from her decor where it doesn't matter.
  7. And sold apparently. Hella deal.
  8. Not sure how I missed that but I sent a message to inquire.
  9. I wouldn't overthink the process, then. Don't try to reinvent the wheel....just make some upgrades/updates here and there and call them your own.
  10. Make them look more like La Scala II's with removable tops that aren't physically attached to the bass bins as THAT would be an improvement (I did that with my Belle clones) You could also make the bin outer walls 1" thick like the LS II's, too. But, yeah, there are lots of things you can do and then there's a point of diminishing returns; just all depends on what you're after. Mine Belle clones are pretty much like the originals but with separate tops. The only OEM parts are the top grills and K-500 horns...everything else is new including K-33-K woofers, Crites A-55G mids, and CT-120 tweeters. I wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel. Oh, and no foam inside the bass bin. Just make sure the bin is sealed air tight and you're golden.
  11. I'm thinning out some of the smaller speakers that I'm just not using anymore. These were used for a short time at our house that we sold but were then just stored away at my best friends house till we moved. They work as they should, the cabinets are in reasonably good shape with a few nicks here and there, and the grills could stand to be recovered although I'm not sure how easy/hard that is. One grill is missing an emblem, also. Asking $120 for the pair and really would rather be local pickup in Searcy, AR or I might can drive a small distance to meet up. Might could ship but, the way things have been lately, it might take me a bit to get to that. I also have a pair of Dynaco A25's and Genesis G10's for sale. If any interest, I'll start another post for those. Let me know if any questions. Thanks!
  12. avguytx

    Klipsch Parts

    @314carpenter. Had forgotten to post it.
  13. There are tons of brands of sound deadening materials out there. No, it doesn't have to be Dynamat...there are others equally good or better for the same and less money.
  14. avguytx

    Klipsch Parts

    I messaged him yesterday and he sent me a pic of the part numbers. When I get home, I'll post it.
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