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  1. Photoresizer app. And many others
  2. I would be all over that Baby Silver Seven amp if I were close...that DPA-20 (or maybe the 30) is a good amplifier to work with. But, I'm no pro on tube amps, of course. Pretty good deal on all the stuff.
  3. Yeah, I agree with the stand up and flipping thru them and that's definitely the easiest access. But like someone mentioned on that site, I have either too many albums or not enough space. Lol. I have honestly forgotten how many I have and I may have overshot in saying 1200...it might be more around half that. It's been 10 years since they've been in my immediate possession. Sad, I know.
  4. I'm glad all my stuff is upstairs now in my bonus room which she doesn't vacuum....I do that. So it would be on me. She hardly ever goes upstairs which is fine with me.
  5. You just missed it by a couple of days.
  6. Those are pretty cool but I could see how it would be tough to see/access the upper sections. Although, the max height I could build to would be a tad under 60" as that's where the wall starts sloping towards the ceiling which I could see them fairly well. I could definitely build something like that but it's more a time thing than any other reason. I don't mind looking at the ends of the records as I keep them in alphabetical order anyway. Thank for those pics and the idea.
  7. It may have been asked before but I'm going to cloud the waters again if so. What do you guys (and gals) use for record storage? I've got about 1200 albums, maybe more, and previously used an IKEA Expedit to hold them. I've kept it at my best friends house who has stored them upstairs in the rack, along with his, for the last 10 years after I moved back from TX. Now it's time to bring them to our new house and I'm not going to take that rack apart and move it again; I'm leaving it with him for his collection. I want to stay with something similar as I don't really have time right now to build something so I've looked at the cube organizers at Wal Mart and Target. I can brace them up a little more and it will be anchored to the wall, of course. We used the Target cube organizers in the closets of the new house and I customized them with real wood tops to "gussy" them up. We have a 10' x 14' closet and didn't go with a dresser in the bedroom to leave more space so the cubes worked well with the baskets (per my wife). I'm looking for something simple and effective and not costly, like the WM and Target cubes, as we don't have an IKEA that close to us and I hate to drive 2 hours to get to one. Thanks for any input. Post pictures if you have them.
  8. Wait.....they all don't? I have been severely misled... 😎 When I built my Belle clones back in late 2017, I used the original Type AA crossovers and updated the caps on the originals. Then decided to build a new pair of AA's with all new parts (caps, coils, autoformers, etc) but had emailed back and forth with Roy D about the AB-3 crossovers and their steeper slope designs. He said he and PWK were experimenting with those more in the later years and I believe they were used in the very last run of the Belles. There's a boat load of parts in them and I'd pondered building a set but....I'd probably go active before doing that. Who knows. Great looking fireplace, by the way.
  9. I know what you mean. Belles dont actually "need" lots of power but sometimes there's a good synergy with them. My Belle clones sound great on my 10wpc and 35wpc tube amps but are quite surprising with a 460wpc Carver M-1.0t highly modified amp. The meters never even move using it and it's as quiet as a mouse. They also sounded great on the 50wpc McIntosh MC250 I had for awhile.
  10. Yep. Soooo many selfies posted that look NOTHING like the actual people do (mainly women) because they are using apps that defy the aging process. I see pics that they post that make them look 25+ years younger and I think, bull-butter, I just saw them at Wally World a week ago and that is NOT what they look like. Sheesh...
  11. For that little of money for an "entry fee", it wouldn't be much of an expense at all to get some new veneer on them if they are that bad. Unless a sanding and re-oiling is all they need then it's a real cheap admission. Congrats on the find!
  12. avguytx

    Amazon Prime Day

    It's amazing how disposable TV's are now. At that price, just use it till it quits; although WM service plans are pretty cheap at that price. I'd get that for my upstairs room if they had those at my WM. Dang... Just need something to display JRiver stuff and watch a very occasional movie or concert DVD.
  13. avguytx

    Amazon Prime Day

    That's pretty much how all big sales go at most places. My wife and daughter fall for it all the time. They're like, "how do you know"? Uh...I spent 25+ years in the consumer electronics industry at retail and manufacturer level....pretty sure I have a grasp of how it works. There might be some "loss leaders", but...
  14. My sentiments exactly. When I first joined FB back in 2007, it was a way to see things about my dad, brother, old friends, etc. Anymore it's those stupid "Hallmark" stories about something happening to someone that, mostly, I never believe to be true. Just some crap written to forward on. And I agree with you on how some people have to post group pics when everything is perfectly set and in place. I don't miss FB. Many people that I know have gotten tired of it and moved on. Marketplace is about all I will look at on occasion. That's funny about the terlit bomb. Too bad you don't have an account.
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