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  1. And you're darn sure it's not just the center dust cap, right? I had one that did that and I could press down while playing and it stopped. All it took was some MEK to remove the dust cap and black rubber cement and I was back in business.
  2. That's what always keeps me from buying new, or almost new, gear that's in warranty is that there's basically no transferrable warranty. Even if you have the original purchasers receipt, a lot of companies don't care. Very few do transferrable warranty, though, so you have to kind of buck the system some if warranty is needed.
  3. Another question. I've looked over various pics of CF-3's in Cherry and it appears the veneer is quarter cut and not flat cut possibly. The new Cornwall IV's also appear to be quarter cut. Would that be a correct assumption in that quarter cut was primarily used?
  4. Thank you sir. Yeah, flat cut cherry does look good. It was mainly that or the mahogany I was deliberating on. Kind of like @DirtyErnie mentioned.
  5. I wonder if @Chief bonehead would throw his opinion in on these veneer choices. You know...IF a certain person were going to go through the effort.
  6. Yeah, that's true. There's a flat cut Bubinga that's not so bad and more like most grains. Then there's my old faithful ribbon mahogany (bottom pics) which would at least match the Pioneer PL-518 turntable I rebuilt and covered in veneer. My Pioneer PL-518
  7. There's a person south of me asking $8k for 1987 Klipschorns. It's insane lately. Kind of like the housing market and used/new vehicles. Looks like we'll be stuck with this new mentality for awhile.
  8. Not sure just how you're attempting to attach jpg photos but it's not that hard to do. There was no .jpg extension on the file somehow. Klipsch Speakers (1)
  9. Recently, I just happened to luck out and found/bought a set of the Epic/KLF series grill emblems that are unobtanium anymore. Nothing is broken on them and they have the two "posts" on the back to sit into the grill. I've had to redo some emblems before with the 2 step paint method but curious if anyone else out there has ever done so. When these emblems are in their normal pristine condition, were they made with black plastic then the copper/gold color added? I'm not out to get them 100% perfect...just will be happy to have some emblems on them once I replace the original grill cloth that has a dark purple-ish hue to it. I'm also going to strip off the awful looking black satin paint finish that looks like it was done on Margarita Monday (literally) and owners tried to color in spots with a black Sharpie over their years. I have to true up the edges just a tad and a slightly bunged up corner which is no problem. I'm pondering 3 different veneers....flat cut African Mahogany (1st pic), flat cut Cherry (2nd pic), or quarter cut Bubinga (3rd pic). I am no fan of oak so that's out and I've also considered walnut, although pricier. Haven't decided just yet but I know I don't like the flashier veneer. A nice thing about veneering these is that you only have to do the sides and tops but you do need a 4' x 10' sheet as that is 99 inches in length.
  10. I always wanted one of those AudioSource EQ-One's like what was used in the Ferris Buellers Day Off movie....just to have. I'd almost be leery if the controls would work well anymore and also the out of date caps. But definitely cool.
  11. I run a highly updated Carver M-1.0t on mine and has been my daily driver for a decade now. 460 watts per channel on tap.
  12. I currently own v1 CF-3's and have owned v3's and v2's. I can tell you from personal experience that there's not some hugacious difference between them all like some seem to make out. Truth be told, I believe the v2's sounded every bit as good, if not better, than the v1's. The first set I owned were the v3's and really regretted it when I sold them. Go buy a cheap DMM somewhere and check resistance on them or do like you said and switch woofers around. It's only 4 screws each and a little time.
  13. If you're an AK subscriber, you'll be able to see this ad. If not, well, sorry. I also messaged him to list them here as well so if he does, I'll delete this post. No affiliation. His listing there.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Selling a pair of Klipsch Forte I and Klipsch Epic CF-3 V1 speakers. The Fortes in pretty decent shape cosmetically. They have some scuffs on the top and sides (pictured), a blotch on top, as well as some scuffing on the edges of the speakers. Also some scuffing on bottom. The speakers sound great and pack a punch. They work well, and all components, including the front and passive woofers are intact. They have been unused for several years now, but I just hooked them up to test them and they still sound great. These were purchased by my father @gagelle around a decade ago. Unfortunately he's recently fallen ill, so I'm helping him to sell some of his audio equipment in preparation for moving. These speakers also have the upgraded Crites titanium tweeters which were installed by myself awhile back. The grills are in okay shape. My stupid cat (whom I love dearly) decided to use them as scratching posts over the years. But they still look good, just a little bit roughed up. Both have badges. The CF-3s are also in pretty good cosmetic shape. Mostly small scratches, as well as a few larger ones on the sides (pictured) and a more noticeable one along with 2-3 visible scuffs on the back of one (also pictured). The other one has a lighter scratch like that on the back. Grills are in good shape. I wasn't entirely sure what version these were, but I measured the ports and got about 5.5", which should mean V1. Under the grills they look great as well. No modifications have been made to these. Though I do recall briefly removing the crossovers to fix the terminals awhile back, as they had trouble tightening. But they seem okay now, though a little loose on the negative terminal on one speaker (but it still gets rather tight). These speakers have been also tested and equally pack a punch. The CF-3s have been in my family since I was a baby. They were purchasd new by my father. So its tough getting rid of them, but I'm confident they'll go to a good home. Looking for $600 OBO for the Fortes and $750 OBO for the CF-3s. Feel free to message me for questions, more photos, or feel free to shoot an offer. (Excuse the current mess. Also that's just cat fur on the CF-3 grills) Forte pics: https://imgur.com/a/uTEXKk6 CF-3 pics: https://imgur.com/a/iz5aQMB Local pickup only in Central California. Thank you!
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