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  1. Thank you, Jim. It's only been a rare occasion that I'd seen this style of "Heresy knockoff" and the last time I personally did was in Denton, TX maybe 15 years ago. I do recall the crossovers being different and they had a pair of what may have been attenuation switches on the back.
  2. No. It was these speakers from years ago and a person on AK found a pair recently. I had also seen a pair in a pawn shop in Denton, TX maybe in 2007.
  3. I know I've seen them somewhere in the past but wasn't there a Texas based company who PWK gave the OK to make a Heresy style speaker with a slot port in the front? These also used a pair of toggle switches in the back and had the K-700 horn and T-35 tweeters. Even used the older style speaker connections, too. Maybe there were a couple of models? I don't think it was JW Davis but someone else...
  4. Best deal ever right there. Support local craftsmanship and learning all in one!
  5. Use this program to help you with the cuts and to minimize waste and also put in the thickness of the wood. You can always make the initial cuts on certain panels a little longer and cut down....but you can't do that in reverse. Get the dog house right and then everything else will come together. https://www.maxcutsoftware.com/ Matter of fact, here is the actual cut sheet I made using the above program and is set for 11/16" wood. Download the program I linked and install it, and you should be able to just open this right up and print it out. The only part I did not build was the grills as I had bought those from someone along with the K-500 horns. Do you have the horns already or are you doing something different for the HF? If I were do ever build a set again, I would make them a 2-way and NOT a 3-way, personally. Belle Cut List 9.15.17.mc3
  6. Don't overthink the build too much. If the size is a tad off on the bass bins, you're not really going to miss any bass that they already don't really have.
  7. The plans are more of a guideline than anything. When I built my Belle clones about 4.5 years ago using Baltic birch, I went off of the plans and added a little in spots. It's mainly the bass bins you have to watch. If you get the height right, and cut all of those panels at the same time, you run into less issues. I had no problems.
  8. avguytx


    Pending local from a fellow forum member,
  9. In my past career as a manufacturers rep, our 2 warehouses stocked a lot of the Tripplite line and it sold, and worked, very well. I still use an HT7300PC, although I don't know if it's still made anymore. Been a great unit and is still going strong. I also have one of these Tripplite 1200W line conditioners but it hasn't been in use in awhile. I was using this at our last house as the voltage fluctuated big time. I may hook this one back up just for my amp only.
  10. I do run a Sunfire HRS-12 subwoofer with either the CF-3's or the ads L1230's. I just gots to have that extra low end. Lol
  11. @jjptkd I do remember your thread on those from a couple years back. I would definitely have to make new cabinets as these are in the "trapezoid" style and rear ported which won't work for my room. Building a set of cabinets is not a problem but is definitely a more added expense for wood in the times we are in. lol.
  12. I'm just doing some pondering as I do way too often these days. Say a person got ahold of some KP-362's with "challenged" cabinets and this person might potentially build some Cornwall/Chorus II-ish style cabinets for them. Do these more industrial type speakers, with their K-48-KP woofers, have the ability to dig any lower than their rated Frequency Response of (3 Meters, 1/2 space Anechoic) 45 to 20,000 Hz +/- 3dB (-10dB @ 36Hz) would have you believe? Yes, I know they are designed for a whole 'nother style of space than home but I'm wondering how they might pan out. Would there be any reason to think they could do anything better than my pair of CF-3 v1's? In past comparison, I kept a pair of CF-3 v3's over a set of KLF-30's and '78 Cornwall's with new caps & tweeters all compared in the same room at the same time with the same sources and same music. But, these are also seemingly more like a cross of Cornwall II's and Cornwall IV's in that they have a larger mid horn combo (KP792 Tractrix w/K-66-E) and the K-792-KP tweeter.
  13. @billybob @RichardChiefRitz There was nothing on their site that I saw. These woofers are pretty much unobtanium for the CF-3 and 4 unless a person just happens to luck out on e b a y or something. I'm glad I have a spare woofer and 2 spare K-64's (or K-63?) just in case. The CF-3 woofers are neo magnet woofers and the others are regular magnets. Not sure how well they would work but worth a try. That's the worst part about the CF-3 and CF-4 is there are no parts available and why I sometimes debate on buying some new speakers of some sort. lol https://www.simplyspeakers.com/search.html?k=klipsch+cf
  14. I have a 460wpc Carver amp on a pair of Epic CF-3's with nary and issue and it sees the meters bounce quite high on occasion. I even ran that amp on my Belle clones at one time. Probably sounded the best of any amp I'd ran on them. Probably the reason why it's the only amp I've kept.
  15. Didn't take long to sell those woofers, for sure. I've got spare parts for my CF-3 v1's....(2) K-63-KN and a single woofer (although the woofer I have is a K-1030 for a v3 and not the v1...but it works and looks the same if needed, I guess) That's the bad part about having speakers with drivers that are as rare as a toothbrush for hens teeth.
  16. A picture would be nice as it's hard to know what you mean by that or the severity of it. Sometimes they can be repaired from the backside with some sort of adhesive but who knows. That's the bad part about OEM drivers that are unobtainable and these are definitely that.
  17. Try surrounding the perimeter with moth balls of some sort. Cats hate the smell of those and stay away from them. I had a cat years ago that decided to use my shower rug as its litter box for urinating. I'd read about putting some scented mothball crystals around areas to keep them out and low-and-behold, it worked. I also used to put mothballs under the mulch in my "flower beds" to keep neighborhood cats from crapping in them. That worked, too. It's cheap and worth a try.
  18. Thank you, Jim. I appreciate the accolades!
  19. SOLD Years ago, I had lots of laptops but now, not so much except for occasionally. I do have one that is pretty nice that I could set up with some options if interested. It's an HP EliteBook 8440p with an Intel Core-i7 620M CPU and has 4gb of RAM (expandable to 8gb). As it sits, it has Windows 7 Pro on it with a regular 500gb Hard drive and does not have MS Office or any other installed programs. It does come with a charger and a decent battery and the screen has no marks or dead spots. It might be able to be updated to Windows 10 and I can do that for you if you prefer. General info on it with link. Anymore, I really don't care to take PayPal but I will take a USPS Money Order mailed to me and then it will hit the road. I've been on this site for years and many here can vouch for me with sales, etc. I really would rather not have the IRS be involved with my PayPal account anymore. SOLD https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-elitebook-8440p-notebook-pc/4095872/model/4095879/document/c02030599
  20. Interesting. No affiliation or interest. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/warren-klipsch-la-scalas/7470652973.html For posterity.
  21. Good thing you didn't listen to those who said they'd pass on them.
  22. That's not MDF on those speakers...but definitely beat to crap. For about a third of that price it would be doable to either build new cabinets, and keep the backs. Those cabinets definitely aren't rocket science to build. But would have to be the right price.
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