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  1. I sold these speakers back in the late 80's when they were new along with the JBL L Series of the era (L20t, L60t, L80t, L100t, & 250ti). We sold a surprising amount of the 4.2, 6.2 and 10.2 speakers and I really thought those 10.2's did a really good job for what they are. Oddly enough, a friend of mine that bought a pair from me back in 1988 still has them and has only had to have them re-foamed. They still love them. But that's why there are speakers for everyone out there. GLWS. They are definitely in great shape.
  2. Pretty impressive. What gets me though is their oddball power ratings. What is this amp rated for from 20 to 20k at reasonable distortion at 8 and 4 ohm? Not that I'm ready to give up my 460wpc Carver M-1.0t just yet. lol
  3. I was looking at that Parasound P6, too, for awhile as it does do many things and maybe more that I need. I sold my Onkyo Reference gear and am back to using my tried and true, fully rebuilt Carver C-1 preamp, with added volume and mute controls along with my modified Carver M-1.0t amp. The combo sounds great on the CF-3's and I just got a Topping D10S USB DAC which made a huge difference in sound....along with dropping Amazon Music HD and going with Qobuz. Lol. I just decided I didn't need all the inputs since I mainly stream anymore. We occasionally watch a movie using the Firestick tied to the TV and I have optical out going to a basic Fiio DAC for that which works good....same goes for my PS3 and another Fiio DAC. Not that you cared to read all of that.
  4. To me, this reads like the speakers sounded fine before in the "location" they were in and, now that they are in a new "location", with the same gear, they have lost their bass response. Right? Sounds to me like a "location" issue and not some of this other crazy recommended stuff. Do you own another pair of speakers to try out that are known to have bass in their "location"? Can you take the speakers and an amp to any other room besides the basement and just hook a phone up and see how it sounds? Did you try putting the speakers on a different wall in the room or more into the corners? I went from mine being on the long wall and having more bass to going to the short wall and having less bass. Just took a little finagling to get them to sound right and moving chair and speakers around some. Location, location, location.
  5. It's pretty hard to beat a pair of CF-3's as they sit, for sure. I have no desire to change out the K-63 drivers to anything else as I don't hear any oddball anomalies that apparently some do. Plus, I have a pair of replacement K-63's and a K-1030 woofer (which I believe is for the version 3's) My crossovers are good as they sit and had minor work and testing done to them so they are golden.
  6. Dust cap fixed and back in bi'ness. Now it's just other stuff on the wall rattling....
  7. @Maxwell_E So I guess from the expired postings, they are both sold? If so, might edit that in the header line.
  8. Just to update. The crossovers are back in place and sound outstanding now. The electrolytics in the woofer circuit were replaced along with the faulty resistor. The remaining capacitors stayed in place as they all tested fine. I know they are good to go now. I did, however, have a rattling dust cap and thankfully that's all it was. I removed it last night and cleaned up the old glue this morning with the "new" MEK. which works like a champ on removing contact cements and various glues without damaging cones. At lunch, I'll re-glue it back in place with some M-3035 black rubber cement and it will be good for another 27+ years.
  9. There are no CF-4's in Garage Sale for Jinx listed. They only have the one post and that was from yesterday.
  10. You might post some pictures and give location. That's always big deciding factors on value....location and condition. The photos would have to be sized down as there is a 2MB limit on here. Where are you located?
  11. I would imagine this is a good deal on FB Marketplace. I'd personally buy them for my garage if I were closer. I could easily redo those cabinets. No affiliation. Premier Plus Pawn 813 W Moore Ave Ste A Terrell Texas 75160 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/216874590577001/
  12. So you bought a Node or a C700? That's what I'm most curious about is with the Node and its "control" via the app with Amazon Music HD since AMHD's desktop app/experience for Windows 10 is awful.
  13. They are definitely cool amps/devices and have many good things built in to them. I guess I'm one where the negatives for me would be (a), not enough power at 80x2 for how I like to occasionally play the CF-3's and, (b), do I want something where everything is in one box versus being separated. I've seriously thought about buying the C658 preamp because of the Dirac and BluOS being built in. Not to mention, I've known the Lenbrook Nat'l Sales Manager for 20 years now as I was once a rep for NAD/PSB in my previous life as a Manufacturers Rep amongst other lines. That is a neat little piece, though. I wish the C658 screen was like that versus its plain screen. I also worry about mistakenly turning the volume WFO on the preamp using the app, like I've read happen.
  14. avguytx


    I hate to take this off topic but just a quick question. Which Hypex amps are you working with again? You can DM versus it being here.
  15. I'm sure ours will, too. Not to mention the value of our house apparently went up $50k over the last year and I'm doe darn sure they won't decrease anything.
  16. avguytx

    Miracle whip

    Duke's Mayonnaise is my go to. I have not ever been a fan of Miracle Whip nor would I want to use it as a "dressing". lol
  17. The only reason I've been contemplating this is because I'd had an offer from someone to buy my Onkyo Reference M-5000R amplifier and Onkyo P-3000R preamp, which already has dual 32-bit (really, 24 or so) Burr Brown PCM1795 DAC's. Maybe I should just keep the preamp and sell the amp as it sure does simplify things. It's a pretty solid preamp with its bi-amp capability and analog outputs. Plus the solid mount RCA's versus the basic ones on a plastic board behind the back panel. It was a $1,600 preamp when new. Not to mention, those same TI PCM1795 chips are used in this current model 110th Anniversary Denon PMA-110 integrated amplifier at $4,000. I guess they aren't all that bad.
  18. Turn them into a 2-way using a K-510 or that clone K-510 horn on e b a y or ma. You'll stand a better chance of playing pick up sticks with your butt cheeks than to find a pair of K500's. (to quote John Candy. )
  19. Heck, the Schitt Modius gets quite good ratings from the ASR website. Too bad it's 6 to 8 weeks out or I'd really consider it more. I guess I'll be wasting money on the ones with Balanced inputs and outputs as my Carver gear is unbalanced RCA's. I might not be able to hear those intricate differences anyway. @jjptkd Which Topping was it you bought?
  20. Now that you mention it, I need to check that and see. But, my TV only has 2 HDMI inputs and I have an HDMI switcher (2 in/1 out) because I have 3 HDMI's; from my PC (DP to HDMI adapter direct to TV), the PS3, and a Firestick. Maybe I can reconfigure that to need only one optical. Obviously I don't need audio from the PC as it goes through the USB which leaves the PS3 and Firestick. If both go through the HDMI switcher, that may alleviate the one optical. Surely that little switcher passes audio.
  21. I look a those a lot but the main negative is that I need 2 optical inputs, preferably, for the PS3 and TV. I'd prefer not to have to switch the optical cable if I didn't have to.
  22. Oh yeah....I've looked on there. I've read from various forums that place is a hit or miss as Amir, and that website, mainly look at measurements and that's it. But definitely a site to use for comparison.
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