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  1. I may have to break down and snag the parts and build one of these. It would be handy for my main system to send the FLAC files from my NAS to the Onkyo stack but I don''t really need a DAC since the Onkyo pre has a Burr Brown DAC per channel for the digital inputs. I've used a SFF Dell i5 PC for the last few years and used the USB out to an outboard USB DAC but dropped that once I got the Onkyo pre. I'll probably keep the PC on that side as it's nice for browsing when I'm upstairs. But for the other side, the 3 or 4 might be a worthy contender. I'll have to brush up on my Linux as I haven't used it since college 9 years ago but I believe I still have some books and guides.
  2. I bought some Cisco paddle antennas to replace the originals which were a little bit of a step up. I know exactly which tower I am hitting and am going to test doing a band lock on bands 2 and 12, which have been strong, and also 2 and 30. Eventually, I may put a pair of antennas outside set up for MIMO pointed towards the tower that's 2 miles away. If I end up hitting download speeds right below 100mb, I will probably change to a router that supports 10/100/1000 where the one I have now is 10/100. Might also go to a Cat 12 modem which will give me 3x Carrier Aggregation and can further increase speeds. Very happy with the setup for the initial cost in parts and the $20/mo + tax price for tablet plan on AT&T. Upload speeds are usually higher, too. This was taken this morning at 7:30am.
  3. I've been using JRiver 23 for however long that's been and started with Version 20. I doubt I do any more upgrades unless I'm forced to do them and it would have to be cheap. It does what I need for it to do and I can use the Gizmo app on my phone or tablet to control it which I like a lot. I have that on a SFF Dell 890 PC with Windows 10 x64 with a 120gb SSD and 8gb RAM and it does all I need it to do. I need to add something to my main rig to be able to access JRiver at some point but have mainly been streaming Amazon Music HD from my phone to a ChromeCast audio fed to my Onkyo P-3000R preamp and that sounds great.
  4. My condolences to you and your family, Joe. I lost my mom back in January 2017 and not a day goes by that I don't miss her.
  5. I think the last concerts I paid to go see was the Eagles in Dallas on the Reunion Tour in '96 and also KISS on their reunion tour the same year at the Pyramid in Memphis (before they quit using it). I remember the Eagles being around $150 but forget what KISS price was. I went to concerts all the time from about 1976 till 1996 but haven't "paid" to go see anyone since. My dad owned 6 or 8 radio stations scattered about and an advertising company in Ft Collins, CO for years, before dad and step-mother divorced, and would get free tickets to shows in various areas. I also won some tickets from radio stations through the years. I just have no desire to pay that much to see anyone these days...just not worth it to me to pad their wallets in retirement. I'll buy the CD or DVD.
  6. I'm assuming you're using a phone or tablet and that volume on that device is turned up?
  7. The KLF-30's I had at the same time as the CF-3's sounded worse in my last house in comparison. They just never could load up right like the Epics could....most likely due to the rear ports versus front.
  8. That's what I like best about winter in Arkansas, and the south,.....it's still easy to smoke/grill stuff.
  9. They have this wonderful invention called a tape measure that allows you to find out dimensions of a given area. Find out where the mid isn't, and where there is a safe spot, or two, on the backside of the front baffle, attach the 2x4('s) to the back panel, put a little glue on the ends of the 2x4('s) and drop into place. Obviously with the front baffle facing down so gravity helps with the glue. Screw the back baffle in place and that should lock in the glued sides of 2x4('s) if measurements were done right.
  10. I've got a pair of those they closed out earlier this year for $15 each that normally retailed for $35. No HDMI...just optical or analog.
  11. Could be location. Could be price. Could be color. Could be anything.
  12. Maybe another AP on the other end of the house to cover that side. Are you using 2.4ghz or 5ghz? 5 will have better throughput but loses distance through walls. 2.4 travels through walls better and covers more area but loses some throughput. I'm going to have to use 2 AP's to make sure we have good coverage. 3 if I set them for 5ghz. Hey, I'm just happy to have ANY speed out where we are so this is great! I'll increase it with better antennas as I just have it sitting on a turntable right now.
  13. Well, about a week later and 127gb used with no throttling and still getting pretty consistent speeds with the most basic antenna. I am going to try this setup at my best friends house and also my inlaws house this weekend and see how it does. Neither have internet service to speak of and my inlaws use Satellite which sucks rotten eggs. If it works well out at their places, I may sell them my setup and go up a notch on the modem I use and see what that does...plus better antennas. But still very pleased versus having nothing and paying $20/mo.
  14. The M-1.5t is a decent amp overall. Was it completely serviced with all the major parts replaced being that it's about 30 years old? If not, it's not going to perform optimally. I do like Carver and I own a highly modified Carver M-1.0t that was redone by the highly skilled people on The Carver Site to what's called an M-1.0t MkII Opt 002. It's rated at 460 wpc and is leaps and bounds above the 1.5t amp @ 350 wpc and the TFM-55 @ 380 wpc. It's a beast of an amp and one that I've personally owned for about 8 years now. It even sounds great on my Belle clones without a hint of hiss like so many S/S amps will have....especially older untouched stock amps that are just itching to fail. lol
  15. I really like it but it would be TONS better IF it would save the Artists you "follow" and you could see them in a list, pick one, look through albums, then choose something. One other thing is when you DO get to an Artist, all of the albums are arranged by "Popularity" and there's no way to switch it to date, alphabetical, etc. You're stuck with what THEY think is popular or what's played most. Some quirks here and there still...
  16. Thank you, sir. I just need to somehow come up with the time to build a new rack for that side, and potentially the other side, and move the Barzillay cabinet to our bedroom I guess. It's served its purpose well through the years. Yes, I've had them for maybe 10 years now. They are some great sounding small speakers and I had thought I'd use them in the living room with some basic setup. But, not sure if it's going to happen or not, really. I built the upstairs room to house all my gear so none would be in the living room, which was my preference; my wife was good either way. But with the way our living room is done, it could only be bookshelf speakers that sat on the shelves and I think she's more interested in those shelves being for decor and not sound. lol. So, I will probably just do a sound bar at some point as the TV sound sucks at best. If I do decide to part with them, I will let you know. 👍
  17. Saturday night I got to spend some time upstairs and also on Sunday night I invited my wife upstairs to listen for awhile. lol I was streaming the trial run of Amazon Music HD, or whatever they call it, and I was very pleased with how the Onkyo stack sounded; preamp and amp, anyway. Meters were showing anywhere from 0.5 to 1 watt RMS with 10 to 20 watt peaks so it had some good volume which even my wife tolerated. (I was also playing music she enjoyed hearing, too, so that helped) I am very pleased with the combo and there will be some gear I will be selling off as I don't care to have extra stuff around for decoration and not being used. I don't really care to be switching amps, preamps, CD's, etc...maybe just the occasional pair of speakers. Definitely glad I made the purchase. Not sure how much play time the CD player will get...but it's there.
  18. I believe those are the same ones we used in the sound system in our 1924 built Rialto theater in town that's being restored. There's 3 across the front underneath the LCR's behind the screen. Those puppies move some air in that theater.
  19. Although the Type AA crossover was/is used in the Belle, La Scala and Klipschorn without any changes of parts.
  20. Since I finally got my internet figured out for the most part, I finally hooked up both of the CCA's I bought in the two upstairs systems. I wish I'd bought more of them as it would have been great for the garage and living room, too. Anyone have any they decided not to use? @jimjimbo How do you like yours? Did you get them working?
  21. Yes, you have to sign up for the Amazon HD music trial for everything to show up. I'm an Amazon prime customer and it wasn't there till I signed up. I will say that in listening to Amazon HD music last night for a couple of hours, it was very enjoyable in the audible experience. The only caveat I do have with it, versus Spotify, is that when you "Follow" an artist, you can't go to an Artists list and find everyone, pick one of them, explore their albums, etc. You have to search for it every single time you want to listen to one. That part is kind of frustrating versus Spotify where they have that part down well. What Spotify has gotten worse with is their algorithm for the Daily Playlists and the songs that repeat over and over and the lists not updating that great; it became more stagnant and boring. So, I've got to decide which is more important. More than anything, it's about the music and the sound. But, at my age, convenience of being able to see a complete list of artists, albums, etc., is rather handy. If Spotify would just to better SQ music, all would be well.
  22. Nope. That part won't work...which is about the only thing I dont like about it. But, I'm casting from my phone to Chromecast Audio and it sounds damn good. I can tolerate casting and losing the control to desktop for how good this sounds. HD and Ultra HD both sound really, really good. Not to mention the Onkyo stack sounds phenomenal on the Belle clones. I'll be dropping Spotify for this. So much better than Tidal and Deezer. To me anyway.
  23. Just glancing through some of the artists I listen to over a range of genres, most everything is in "HD" and lots of good ones in "Ultra HD". I look forward to getting home later and seeing if I can quickly rig this up on the new Onkyo "rack" and test out. By far looks better than Tidal and the other I tried. Looks like I may be leaving Spotify and gladly paying a few dollars more a month.
  24. I may have to give this a "trial run trial" and see how it sounds. I already have Amazon Prime so might as well. I've used Spotify for a few years now but after listening to some of the "Sleep" music for about a 6 week period at night, my Daily Mixes are all kinds of jacked up and they haven't changed. Seems like their algorithm is getting stagnant, too.
  25. So, basically, you have Belle cabinets.....not actual Belles anymore. I can say that (jokingly) because I built a pair of Belle "clones" and the only thing real "Belle" are the top grills, K-500 horns, and a new pair of K-33 woofers.
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