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  1. It's always hard to tell from just one photo, but at this angle the numbers look to me like they have been wiped away with a cleaner or solvent rather than faded by the sun. Again, it could just be a quirk of this photo. There are a lot of earlier Heritage pieces that have fading on the inked part of the label, but fortunately many of those have duplicate serial numbers stamped into the cabinets.
  2. Jim, Thanks so much for the prompt and detailed reply--very helpful! triceratops
  3. Absolutely beautiful! Great score, Labalish!
  4. Thanks, Tony! I think 1962 is a fair approximation based on the letter code, and that's what I suggested on the Alerts post regarding this pair. But I'm hoping Jim will weigh in with the actual production date. That's because this is a transition period between code formats and date code documents on the Forum led the owner to state they are 1955. If I was in his place, I'd want a definitive answer so that's what I'm asking for.
  5. Hi Jim Hunter! As the title says, I'm looking for birthday information for these two single Klipschorns #1610 and #1545 The two speakers have identical drivers--I'm guessing they were manufactured within about 6 months of each other? Mono no more--they are going steady now as a stereo pair and are making beautiful music together! Thanks for any info you can provide!
  6. Hi Jim Hunter! Like the title says, can you please provide the log info for Klipschorns 1A827 and 1A828? This pair is currently advertised for sale on Craigs List in Portland, Oregon, but they have been incorrectly identified as 1955 due to misinformation in the Forum Serial Number Document which you pointed out earlier this month. I hope you can shed some light on the actual date for this pair. Thanks! \
  7. My earlier post was written before reading that hanksjim1 had already identified incorrect date code info on the forum and brought it to the attention of Klipsch Historian, Jim Hunter. Please see "Early Klipschorn Serial Number Confusion" in the "Ask the Historian" section In short, the serial number changeover from 4 digit numbers to letter codes happened in 1963 not 1955, and the "A" code was not used from 1955 to 1963 Hopefully someone can unlock the serial number document and fix these errors. I'll ask Jim Hunter what the correct date is for this specific pair of vintage Klipschorns listed on CL in Portland And shout-out to hanksjim1 for being way ahead of me on this--sorry for my redundancy everyone!
  8. An Oregon shout-out to Mungkiman for posting this quote from the 2-Channel Archives. His post called this revised document to my attention. I haven't been on the board much lately, so I don't know if some of these changes have been made in recent years. I also don't know if what I'm about to say has already been beaten to death in the Forum--if so, I apologize. There are a number of reasons why I think the information cited by this quote is in error. Maybe some other late 50's-early 60's vintage Klipschorn owners can pipe in. First off, using the "A" code for years from '55 to '63 doesn't make any sense from a record-keeping perspective, and other parts of the archives directly contradict this. It's possible that "A" could have been used for a while or intermittently, but there is just no way that 4-digit serial numbers could have stopped in 1955, which is part of the premise. According to other company records the Electro-Voice T-35 tweeter (designated K-77 by Klipsch) was first installed in Klipschorn #1445 on October 15, 1959. I recently sold single Klipschorn #1610 to a Forum member in Portland, so naturally it had the early version of that tweeter. I believe that #1610 speaker was either late 1960 or early 1961, because it also had the K-33 Electro-Voice woofer EV 15WK ("K" designation made specifically for Klipsch). According to company records, the last of these EV woofers was used in March 1961, when the company changed to Jensen. But the cited letter code timeline would suggest that the #1610 Klipschorn was built before 1955 because of the 4 digit code, and I don't believe that. I am aware that drivers can be changed, but this particular Klipschorn is one of many examples available to support what I am saying about the 4-digit numbers. I suspect this consecutive serial number pair of Klipschorn speakers in this ad is from 1962, because of the "A" code. That's probably why they have K-33 Jensen woofers and K-77 Electro-Voice T-35 tweeters. This is not to take anything away from what is clearly a beautiful and historic pair of speakers and the CL poster's description was based on what should be reliable information from the Forum.
  9. I think the Luxman R-117 is a truly great receiver and it sounds excellent with Klipsch. One potential problem to be on the lookout for: there is a relay inside that is part of the signal path. Over time the relay contacts can get contaminated and this makes the signal break-up intermittently. It's just a bad connection but it can actually sound like distortion, similar to what sometimes happens with a dirty pot. The fix is supposedly pretty straightforward, although I personally have not done it. The cover is taken off the relay and then a sheet of paper wetted with a solvent is pulled back and forth between the contacts. Or some folks use a very fine abrasive paper, and then a solvent on regular paper. If all this fails, the next step would be to replace the relay itself. I hope you get it worked out!
  10. Thanks for the encouragement, River! The 2.5's are compact and seem like they could be useful for various applications from sides or rears for home theater to mains for a small stereo rig. They also have threaded inserts on the bottom to allow them to be mounted on a wall in the Batcave, etc.
  11. Since the buyer is a one feedback eBayer, it makes you wonder if that might be a shill bid that was intended to increase the sales price. It will be interesting to see if they get reposted by the seller.
  12. On another note, isn't the finish on the baffle some kind of heat-shrink plastic? Has anyone seen the fronts done in white before like they are on this pair? It really makes the horn, woofers, and ports stand out--looks very cool!
  13. Sometimes large speakers get separated from other things in an estate--often family members can't deal with an item like that. So it could be the seller/broker/eBay-lister/whatever doesn't have any other equipment to demonstrate the speakers with. I would simply ask if you can bring your own equipment to test them to make sure they are operating properly, and if everything checks out you are the buyer.
  14. During the last week in October I drove to McMinnville, Oregon to check out this system. It was fun hanging out and listening with Ali and he had already been given some helpful info about these speakers by forum member billybob. My interest was only in the Epic CF-4's, as I'm strictly a 2-channel listener. I first heard this model (and was very impressed) when I attended the pilgrimage to Hope in 2006. However, Ali needed to sell his entire home theater system as he was moving to much smaller quarters--so it was an all-or-nothing deal. But CF-4's don't come up often, so I did the deed. Over the years I have owned multiple pairs of the Heritage Klipsch models in many different vintages. I have also owned a few non-Heritage models like Chorus, Forte, RF-7, KG-4, etc. The Epic CF-4 is yet another flavor (these are series 3). I'm looking forward to spending some extended time listening, as soon as I explain to my SO that there are a few other pieces of gear in the house. A wise person once said it's always better to ask forgiveness than ask permission. Once I get them set up, I'll start a thread in the Epic Owners group with photos. I'll also need to start selling off the extra stuff I bought to get the CF-4's and hopefully that will help reduce my cash outlay. I haven't been on the forum much in recent years, but you folks have always helped me in innumerable ways over time, and scoring my first pair of Epics wouldn't have happened without so many Klipschophiles singing their praises. Thanks to all of you! triceratops I know the CF-4 is a 2-way speaker, but I'm still keeping my screen name!
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