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  1. Dear Snorkel, As Iteachstem said, the term "squawker" describes a midrange device. Since it fills in the audio spectrum between the "woofer" and the "tweeter", Paul W. Klipsch thought "squawker" was a better word to use with those whimsical terms. Although I never had the privilege to meet PWK, it seems clear that his sense of humor was right up there with his technical brilliance.
  2. The Craigslist ad is now deleted. I hope someone on here got them!
  3. Hey Bobcat, Congratulations! Those 1st generation RF-7's are really great speakers. I had a set a while back, then my son used them for a while, then they eventually got sold to a family friend--so I get to visit them regularly, and still love them. The bolt-on plastic outriggers for the spikes are fragile, so threat them gently. The other weak spot is the grille attachment pins, so be careful not to stress the grilles when moving them. Best to have a friend help if you ever need to move the speakers from room to room. I think the threaded receptacles on the outriggers you identified are 1/4 x 20 thread, but check to be sure. I personally don't like spikes (we have hardwood floors) so I put screw-in appliance feet on mine from the local True Value hardware store. Then I put stick-on felt pads on the appliance feet to allow sliding them around for fine tuning the position. A lot of folks prefer spikes, and forum member Woofers and Tweeters has identified some really nice and relatively inexpensive spikes that are available from Parts Express. They come with a little metal floor protector to use if you have hardwood floors. I don't have the link right now, but if you browse the Parts Express website you'll find them. I had the same concern as you about the "free-range" acoustic foam floating around inside the cabinet, and received the same reassurances not to worry about it! Just look at it as another thing, like speaker position, that you can play with to get them dialed in to your tastes! Have fun! triceratops
  4. The ad was taken down from Facebook Marketplace yesterday, so I suspect they are already sold.
  5. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...
  6. If we're talking reasonably-priced, vintage tube integrated amps that play well with Klipsch, there are lots of Scott enthusiasts on here. The Eico HF-81 integrated also has its fans. Search the 2-channel forum for more information.
  7. Mighty McIntosh, I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer to the question about the K52K driver. However, I want to remind you that the graph you posted is an impedance graph relative to frequency, not a dB graph relative to frequency. So this does not represent a spike in 2K volume. It's true that impedance variation does present a more difficult load for the amp, but it is quite common for impedance graphs to be erratic like the AA example you posted. An Al K. crossover is a significant expense, which I do not think you should undertake until you first hear the speakers in their original design. Please, please, please have the drivers tested before you spend money that you may not need to spend. One should always go slowly and methodically with updates and upgrades. It helps to look at this as an opportunity to not only diagnose the problem, but also to get a seat-of-the-pants education while you are doing it. Please be patient. I'll bet that Crites can test those drivers and get them back to you quickly. He is a great resource and has helped many of us over the years. Good luck, triceratops
  8. Yes, if Roger shows her cane as an option, he'd better have a source. If he has a source, I'd love to know!
  9. I agree with Tom's observations 100%. I'm not a tech, engineer, or golden ear, but I'll give my 2 cents anyway. Look at the rust on the caps, coils, squawker magnets, etc. If the outside looks like that, what about corrosion inside the voice coils of the squawkers and tweeters? I would ask Crites test those 4 drivers before chasing room treatments. Secondly, I agree with Coytee regarding the McIntosh MC-240. It takes less power to get a painful sound out of Klipschorns than Heresy's, so you're listening to a fraction of the first watt coming out of the MC-240 with the Klipschorns, and it has to be squeaky clean. You're listening with a bigger lens that magnifies every imperfection in the signal. So even though the amp sounded fine with the Heresy's, it still could be contributing to the problems with the Klipschorns. Maybe a helpful forum member lives nearby and they could bring over a substitute amp to find out if that improves the sound.
  10. Here's the link: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/187633-jubilee-k-31-e/&tab=comments#comment-2444078 The part number is #1067961
  11. This thread has gotten pretty confusing because three different people have asked for help dating their Epics. The second one was Epic-Heritage: Although Dave knows more about Epic speakers than I ever will, I think he missed the part in your post where you stated that you had red and black colored wire visible through the ports. So my understanding is that your first guess of version 3 was correct. I'm certainly no expert, so if there is another reason Dave @wvu80 thinks it is not V 3 hopefully he will help me out and clarify. Also nobody bothered to respond to a third request for Epic info, this one from newbie derbygoose, probably because it seemed this thread was finally concluded. Derby, it looks like your serial number is from early 1996, so I think that definitively means Version 3, if I'm reading the Epic dating guide correctly. If I'm wrong, hopefully someone will post a more accurate assessment. I'm apparently trying for the title of OCD posterboy today.
  12. I know there are more than a few fans of great female vocalists reading this thread. My favorite new artist in this category is Madison Cunningham, who is not just an amazing vocalist, but also an outstanding guitarist and songwriter. She is only 22, and her first "real" album "Who Are You Now" just dropped a few months back. She did record some earlier amateur material when she was younger, but that was before her talents as a songwriter and guitarist had fully emerged. Her voice is one of those that cuts right through you, and her guitar playing (though understated) always serves the song. It's as though Joni Mitchell and Richard Thompson had a love child. Her song writing is, like her voice, beautiful, personal and unique. I agonized over which of the many stellar clips I should post of her frequent performances on "Live From Here" over the last three years (some going back to when it was still called "Prairie Home Companion" ). Here's an original song from late 2018 that gives a quick snapshot of her talents called "Plain Letters". For those that aren't familiar, her oddball wingman in this clip is Chris Thile, probably the greatest mandolin player in recorded history, who occasionally channels Pee-wee Herman when he is performing. If after viewing this you want more Madison, below is the link to her full set at the Palace Theater in St Paul, Minnesota where she opened for Andrew Bird just two months ago on Valentine's Day (before the virus abbreviated her ongoing tour) . It's a complete, live performance--mistakes, happy accidents, and no overdubs. To me, that's what live music is all about. If you want to pull up individual songs from the show, here's the set list and time stamps: 0:10 Beauty Into Clichés 4:46 Dry As Sand 9:20 Trouble Found Me 13:23 Pin It Down 18:34 Higher Ground 24:29 I Close My Eyes 29:40 L.A. 35:00 Something To Believe In 40:32 All At Once Thanks to Full Range for starting this thread! triceratops
  13. Asking $8K (plus shipping) for a pair of Altec Valencias is comical (and I'm an Altec fan). This has vanity project written all over it. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa27ij-altec-valencia-864a-vintage-horn-speakers-a-true-survivor-pair-full-range
  14. Thanks for the follow-up, Ike. No dispute about the value of the Jensen P15LL speaker. I've owned a number of vintage Klipsch pieces with these and they are wonderful drivers.
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