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  1. Local pickup only depresses bidding, too.
  2. You know there was a reserve, right?
  3. If he's right, Shiva's got better vision than me. The CF-4's that were posted previously did not have the faded numbers that these do. In any case, the one number shown does not match the Craig's List speakers and does not appear to be 1994. The ones on Craig's List were 1994. This auction closes in 5 minutes!
  4. Looking good! Nice score, SOJ!
  5. It looks like that left grill has some kind staining where the badge once was. Sometimes grilles get stashed in a less-pristine environment, when speakers are being run without them. But the speakers themselves were obviously well cared for--I wish I could snag these.
  6. Beautiful--thanks, Oicu812! Now the thread will live on after the ad is gone!
  7. Yeah, it was my failed attempt at converting a hi-fi amp into a guitar rig. Conrad Sundholm (Sunn amplifiers) did it successfully with Dynaco tube gear, but by using a Southwest Technical Products solid-state power amp kit, I bet on the wrong pony.
  8. I don't know if it's the case with this 1968 pair, but on some of these earlier Cornwalls the grille is not on a separate board held on with velcro. Instead the material is wrapped around the motorboard, so you can't easily pop it off for a photo. You can see the outlines of the vertical horns if you enlarge the photos. Of course, you'll see a lot more by taking off the backs.
  9. If I remember correctly, Klipsch originally had a policy of replacing tweeters under warranty for customers that torched them. But that changed in the 1970's with the availability of Phase (Flame) Linear and other high-powered solid-state amps with destructive tendencies. I personally melted the voice coil of an Electro-Voice SRO 12" musical instrument speaker (the predecessor of the EVM) in the early 70's, not because of the volume level, but because the amp I was using actually burst into flames. The amp (from SWTPC) was dumpster food after that, but I sent the SRO back to E-V and they rebuilt and returned it to me at no charge with no questions asked. I loved the sound of those speakers, but if you hauled your own gear they were ball-busters.
  10. Can someone do a capture and post of the photos in case the ad goes away? I'm a luddite.
  11. Yes, the "collector" referred to them as 2's in the CL ad, but they are really II's--as in a representation of the horns being vertical
  12. @ShelbyGT350 Shelby, This is a top dollar price and a big distance away, but it looks like a set of the original series CF-4 in cherry. Also another forum member DCaIrvine in the area has offered their help if you decide to go for it.
  13. I love the look of "ribbon" mahogany! I think someone (T.M.?) has a pair of 1960 Khorns with that veneer. Nice to see a more recent example from Klipsch. Stunning!
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