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  1. I'm already in LA for vacation... to listen to a pair of Jubilees and to go to Disneyland.
  2. Schu

    Forum member auditions my Jubilees

    I think Eric would acknowledge that he has some work to do. He's a very very busy man outside of listening and time is a luxury for him that us in short supply. In stock form with VERY LITTLE tuning and system massage, one can CLEALY hear the potential for these speaker's. Kick drum transients are really insane, and the set up begins to shine as db's begin to increase. There were a lot of hard surfaces and reflections, but if Eric turned up the system to over 95db+ the speakers maintained GREAT clarity and control... as a matter of fact, the more he turned the system up, the better it sounded. The fact that it's a pro set set comes shining thru and the jubilee is really not for the faint of heart in a Home scenario. I have no doubt that when room treatment, and placement are addressed that the system will exceed all expectations.
  3. Schu

    Forum member auditions my Jubilees

    Eric is running the system with a pair of tad 4002's, I would have loved to have heard the system with 691's.
  4. I'll be visiting a certified dealer here in California... It's the closet dealer I can find to Las Vegas. I hope they have an ak6.
  5. Schu

    Forum member auditions my Jubilees

    Great times... Eric has a superb collection of speakers well beyond the Jubilees.
  6. Schu

    UDP 203 4K

  7. Schu

    Anthem MRX 720 SOLD

    Darn... that's a nice piece.
  8. I guess we could all start our own forum and run it the way we want...
  9. I think there is often a misconception about modification... many times modifications are NOT to improve a unit... but to change it. Tailor the sound, customize the response, tune to your own personal preference... these things are not really improvements, but changes.
  10. They are considerably more capable and you should not hesitate to step up the Heritage lone if you have any interest at all.
  11. ^this for sure... ^Absolutely this...
  12. Schu

    Car 'fix-it' question...(Camry)

    Also This^
  13. Schu

    Car 'fix-it' question...(Camry)

    It's an 05... your computer has been rest by disconnection and the ecu needs to relearn the system/sensors. You probably have a sensor that is marginal and the ecu isn't compensating correctly. Give it 50'ish miles then reevaluate. Could be a map/maf that is dirty, or an o2 that is clogged. Do you buy top tier fuel or the cheap stuff that costs less?
  14. Schu

    Klipsch anniversary poster- NW Chicago

    five huned?