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  1. from 2018 CES... before you ask, $4000pr
  2. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    You will love it... it's a great screen print. I love mine :
  3. Everything matters.. including keeping your speaker wires elevated
  4. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    I know 75 would not work because I offered 80 for my second print of this art work. He countered with 100.
  5. Looking for a 5 channel amp...

    For now... I am not considering a digital amp. Class d or hypex (which is still class d). To be honest, I hadn't considerd a SS Mac unit.
  6. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    He'll take $100 for it... make an offer.
  7. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    That's not good... I just ran to PP and pulled all my money off. Maybe she did some shopping you don't know about.
  8. I am looking for recommendations on a 5 channel amp for Home Theater duty... my preference is for a class D or Hypex based unit. I have seen the ATI and the NAD m27 hypex based units, but both are well over $2000 and closing in on $3000... that's eating into a budget for another purchase. I could probably get away with a 3 channel or separates, looking for solutions I haven't thought of... or good places to buy the units mentioned above.
  9. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    The re-master of Spielberg Jaws is quite good... the colors are quite naturalistic but the sound isn't action oriented.
  10. I was never happy with my Onkyo. It had the power, but it didn't deliver good clean sound. It seemed to me that distortion and harshness was ever present in my 806 when mixed with my Heritage. I don't have any experience with anthem, but I do think there are gains to be had by switching from Onkyo multi-channel receivers.
  11. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    Klipsch poster... this is the original screen printed version of this poster. Worth every penny for an AP https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Audio-Speakers-60th-Anniversary-Poster-Artist-Proof-Print-by-Jeff-Wood/202114439810?hash=item2f0ef59a82:g:PdEAAOSwPAxZ~8zy
  12. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    I like the score a lot... very enjoyable for a mediocre movie.
  13. A considerable investment... BY THE PERSON THAT BROUGHT THESE DRIVERS TO MARKET.