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  1. SW115 - help needed

    I am wondering if this could have been used with an external amp?
  2. Jubs gets top hats

    Justin... why have you not used a digital cross over?
  3. I have no idea why those graphs are attached to my post... I can not delete them
  4. What would change in that if one were to use a 691k? Also... that doesn't look like it's big-amp friendly.
  5. I am left wondering where "difficult" came from?
  6. it can't be easier than using a factory/built passive crossover (none exists) even though it may be easy and second nature to yourself and others.
  7. we274b/5ar4

    just an FYI... dont add we274b's to the VRD amplifier.
  8. Do it... Future proof your amplification when you decide to step up the heritage line.
  9. New Sony OLED

    :thumbs up: Still biding my time... November is right around the corner. C7 pricey my seems to have firmed up lately with no drastic reductions recently. 2600-2700 shipped seems to be the norm... Sharp re-enters the picture with an 8k set very soon also.
  10. Equifax

    Is there an accepted procedure for total protection?
  11. Lol... I see what you did there
  12. Cornwall I

    Upgrade... CW1's rule the roost.
  13. What I Got Today!

    Access content... usually proprietary. Whoever has the biggest library usually wins. These units can be jail broken so you can access internet based repositories, but for me it's a struggle to keep up with the ever changing landscape of free repositories. I tried with a nVidia shield, the best system there is, but my preference is for an ease of use and vast library as part of a monthly fee. nVidia doesn't have a subscription library so it wasn't my cup of tea. Apple tv, Amazon Fire are the best two besides Sony.