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  1. I've seen it for sale for a little while now. It looks like a good choice for some.
  2. Indeed... these preamps are quite nice in terms of assembly technique and quality.
  3. Mono is awesome... I don't down mix stereo recordings, but original recordings in mono sound extremely clean in my system and I truly enjoy them. In many ways mono recordings sound more resolved than stereo.
  4. First Orange flower of the year from my 'Henry' cactus... soon there will be dozens.
  5. I have a fuchsia flower that is easily a year old, probably a bit longer.
  6. Schu

    sold st15

    Folks always like to see photos of the guts justin...
  7. First mate... captain is always good, and right
  8. Yes joseph... I file separate, and my taxes are in my account in a week... my wife has to accept a mailed check and it can take more than a month. It's been like this for decades
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