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  1. That is awesome... I wonder how many parts are left
  2. Just the driver or driver lens? I might have interest.
  3. Wow... that's awesome. What was the situation and how did the interaction take place?
  4. has anything even been confirmed about the consumer based Jubilee besides there intent to be produced?
  5. Factory fresh... Not so factory...
  6. Schu


    are you trying to solve a particular issue?
  7. Schu


    parallel or series... you have to be careful. edit, I see you are using preouts with an external amp and want to add another set of speakers and let the receiver power them... I would think it would work since the signal is 'pre'.
  8. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Ive done the Tube Pre with SS power and it never fails to impress... of course, all fire bottle fits my taste the best
  9. No... each LS is like two Cornwalls placed together face to face. They are the same height though. All the drivers are the same as your CW, but the LS mid range has a much longer and larger horn profile/lens. Where the LS really shines is in the low frequency performance, there is no direct radiating woofer that can match the sound that comes from a folded horn design.
  10. I can't tell what topology those amplifiers are...
  11. I have great hope for specialty and niche theaters, but large chains are going to be challenged going forward imho... in the same manner as malls are being challenged.
  12. offer 1200 and be prepared to move to 1500
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