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  1. simple is better for folks like me that want a turn key unit and am struggling now with learning two new software packages with the PRO unit... xilica and REW. it will just take some time to get it down.
  2. I see... that's what I had thought but I have not seen the back of the unit. That means a software package must be present. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am wondering... I can see the 'domed' design of the plug, but do the cylinders also flare, or are they parallel?
  3. and is it adjustable or fixed from the factory? I can see gain controls, but that is all.
  4. are the ports between the two drivers or below the two drivers? just curious.
  5. Hey Deno... you are blind? 😛 throwing the old jubilees under the bus already...
  6. Schu

    Tube amp

    A discussion about Economics in a tube amplifier inquiry thread seems problematic and inappropriate. Your post actually makes the argument for the beauty of hand made boutique items... If I wanted furniture that functions, I might shop at Ikea... If I wanted a piece of furniture that is unique that also functions, I certainly would not go to Ikea. If there is NO DECLARABLE difference in your personal tests, why not use boutique items... economics. I have to roll my eyes every time someone makes your exact observations...
  7. What a great looking set up... congratulations and enjoy.
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