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  1. WTB or Trade Telefunken 12AT7

    let me check my stash...
  2. Looking for a Pio SC-85

    I'm keeping my 85 for now... going to try more outboard amplification soon.
  3. I think I am going to get into this... that last sample you did for me was a it eye opening. When it comes to source material.
  4. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

  5. SOLD - Walnut Klipschorns in Mass

    Right price... wrong distance, Damn it.
  6. Klipsch Type A Crossovers

    OP... I wanted to ask, are those squawker circuits modified? It seems as though there is a splice in the squawker
  7. Othorn...

    In all my research of tapped horns, that is the first time I have heard the "ringing" resonant comment associated with them. I have always heard accurate, tight, extended... but not ringing. I hate ringing and beaming as a characteristic, now I'm scared.
  8. Othorn...

    Can you further expound on the "ringing" phenomenon you experience with tapped designs?
  9. Klipsch Type A Crossovers

    Proper! Very nice. May I ask what configuration did you use these?
  10. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

    If the speakers do make their way to ebay, be sure and link the auction. I have a definite idea of where I feel market value lies.
  11. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    How would one even contemplate shipping these?
  12. He was just looking at the plans... he hasnt gad the chance to see any of the build threads. I think I will link him one of those based on the thtlp.
  13. Class-D amps with Klipsch?

    Prepare yourself for extremely clear crystal like sound with a very black background. Some people don't like it, I think it's just different is all. With high dampening factor and low distortion, expect the amp/speaker combination to expose any bad recordings with extreme prejudice.
  14. WTB: Pair of La Scala IIs

    Are those your Scott? The reason I asked is because nib units can be had for slightly better pricing .