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  1. Signal... raw data... Noise... the news media...
  2. Get a picture of the network and label please...
  3. there are a lot of assumptions in that original post that I have some difficulty wrapping my head around because it's description was cryptic. the idea of a 'reasonable' price is broad and generalized... if one was selling something that they had purchased or owned and felt a 'reasonable' price was one that reflected listed comparable in an open market I would have to say that there is an issue. the Issue being, as a reseller a unit or good is only as valuable as what someone is willing to pay regardless of what that unit is and how rare it's existence is... there is no tangible 'reasonable' value, even if a similar item had sold for a similar price. if you are a MANUFACTURER, its a different ball game... in that there are costs associated in the manufacture and production of said unit and selling for below that price is inconsistent with a successful business model.
  4. Think of the current financial and payment system as an old physical credit card purchase where the store takes you card, lays it in a machine and places a piece of carbon paper over it and makes an impression of that card as a promise to pay. Now if you think of the new digital currency and block chain technologies as the same financial and payment system as a super computer... and you'll begin to get an idea of what is happening.
  5. It changes the financial landscape considerably. There are several features of going to a fully digital asset, of those features is a decentralized aspect of the currency... the ability to 'bridge' payments between different asset classes and national currencies... blockchain technologies also add immunability to transactions... and I could go on. As a retail end user, you may or may not, notice the effects but at enterprise scale the effects are overwhelmingly advanced and positive.
  6. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    more TEZOS, EOS and XRP...
  7. Never have I heard a more incoherent interview than one WB did a week or two ago on CNN Business... I had to ask myself, this guy is a Genius? to be fair, I know he's surrounded himself with brain power, but to hear him speak was very disappointing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a side note, if you listen carefully to what the fed and the president have been saying over these last couple weeks, you will be keen to learn that there is a SIGNIFICANT shift towards Digital assets... Crypto has been quickly building up momentum and the Shyte is about to hit the fan, mark my words! China itself is releasing it's Digital YUAN this year and it will be a gold back crypto currency. The USA has been moving towards that also.
  8. Man... that case work is superb!
  9. Hence the passive suggestion.
  10. I have a real issue with where the OTHER couple TRILLION is going.
  11. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Bitcoin... ethereum... xrp... eos... teso... Not necessarily in that order.
  12. having perfect pitch doesn't make you more likely to hear nuance better than someone else... but it doesn't hurt.
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