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  1. Schu

    Too good to pass up?

    If they still perform, enjoy them.
  2. Schu

    Too good to pass up?

    I was going to originally say pass when you originally first posted ... now
  3. Schu

    ?Heritage Theater Bar?

    I thought width was supposed to be customizable?
  4. Schu

    Value of Lascalas / Belles?

    And a better speaker...
  5. Schu

    Awesome unreal guitar

    Did they scalop the bracing or use a "kit" assembly when they "forward shifted" the "X pattern" braced the top? Top must have been bulging a little prior... It's funny how much adding bone or fossilized ivory will bring an acoustic to life.
  6. Schu

    Awesome unreal guitar

    I know questions tell a bit about Martin... I don't know much about harmony. Is that a laminate?
  7. Schu

    Ever find satisfaction in the little things?

    Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige's wall, there was this one: "Matters of great concern should be treated lightly." Master Ittei commented, "Matters of small concern should be treated seriously."
  8. Schu

    Step in here smart guys

    Or... you could have a disconnect of the door and the ball. Your mechanism could be a simple piston and return spring (plunger system... like a ball point pen) that connects with the doors leading edge 27.5" after door travel begins. Personally I think an eccentric cam is the simplest system with the least moving parts. Mount it horizontally on the ceiling.
  9. Schu

    Step in here smart guys

    If the balls movement is tied to the doors movement (via a direct connection) how are you supposed to get a yield from the ball that is SHORTER than the yield of the door travel? The door can not move 85.5" and the ball move 58"... UNLESS you use some kind of "eccentric" adjustment, such as a pivoting cam. Otherwise the balls movement is linear.
  10. Schu


    That's a good first amp for someone looking to get in... glws
  11. A dedicated center channel of matching timber is always essential for my tastes... it's not necessarily the only way to fly, but it's definitely a preference for me. I have a spare set of LSii's... I have not completely decided to sell both as a set or one as a spare
  12. Schu

    Sit on it! (need office chair advice)

    The only suggestion I have is to action ally try it FIRST. I bought a highly recommended high-end ($1000+) leather office chair with multiple adjustabilities and after using for some time, I just do not feel comfortable in it for EXTENDED periods. As a matter of fact it may have contributed or cause back and leg issues I am having recently. Go somewhere where you can sit in a chair for long periods and see if it's correct for your body type. Everybody who is 200lbs doesn't have the same butt dimensions or leg length...