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  1. very sweet... time for him to start a business! how much?
  2. Panamax....
  3. ^Larger bit buckets won't change the original masters quality... it won't hurt it either.
  4. I finally got around to watching Kong (2017)... it really acquitted itself quite admirably and was a fantastic second movie in the Monarch universe. I loved the stylistic ques and respectful treatment it gave to the Toho Genre... The homage the movie gave to nostalgia as it relates to those of us that actually lived thru the good old days of Monster movies did not go unnoticed.I can't wait for the third installment.
  5. I like the idea of a boundary layer for the front speakers.
  6. Boat... Break out another thousand...
  7. His post made me buy one... it's been exactly what had been looking for. Around 40db and 3/4hp powerful! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- broke down and decided to upgrade to 4k HDR and UHD... region free. this will motivate me to purchase 4K OLED soon... prices are pretty low already.
  8. Anyone in NY or going from NY to the west, Nevada?
  9. I wear Merrells almost exclusively since discovering them more than a decade ago. I agree, versatile and extremely well made. I do wish they would update the line though, many of those design have been around since I began wearing the shoes.
  10. the likely suspect!
  11. Because 1800$ is a great price.
  12. I wish I could see the guts... any pictures even old pictures?