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  1. is Audio ESG compliant... I thinks not.
  2. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I've been eyeing the star wars At At...
  3. Whatever amplifier or topology you pick, you had better love it... because once hooked up, you're going to have it enveloping you.
  4. E is definitely a tinkerer... dude built his own house.
  5. if you really want to sell it... just keep it up and running and perhaps someday a buyer will find it.
  6. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    there is no way I am going to be able to make that thing... Just keep them in the boxes. MAYBE someday I will be bored enough to try and assemble them... but not today
  7. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I couldn't resist one more...
  8. Schu


    what does the 'R' on the label mean? someone hand wrote 'right'? I updated the original post with all pertinent information... I am not however going to sign into facebook for you.
  9. Schu


    These are effing fantastic... if I was closer, believe you me, I would have a 6 channel Jube/Khorn set up already. Klipschorn... $3000 Mckeesport, PA Pair of original sequential khorns. Been in storage. I don't have the proper room for these. Not perfect has some cosmetic blemishes (chipped veneer on bottom of speaker) but unmolested. Cheapest pair on the market. Can set up so you can listen. Obviously wouldn't be in a corner but you will be able to test them out. They are a fantastic sounding speaker. Never been stained or anything. Some stain or poly would make these look great. Will not deliver. Come listen pick them up. No negotiations over messenger. Come see them. Firm. Tags: mcintosh, mark levinson, accuphase, acoustic research, bowers and wilkins, nakamichi, sansui, onkyo, pioneer, jbl, yamaha
  10. only you can determine which of your choices are 'better'...
  11. when ever I am selling something and someone makes an offer that is below my expectations, I NEVER feel insulted or put out... I just move on. in essence, something is only as valuable as what someone is willing to pay... whether its a gold bar or a oak equipment rack.
  12. Tony TS McPhee 1973 Be careful how loud you turn up your system when you listen to this track... it will test its limits.
  13. One man, invented binary counting, worked on the hunt for the Neutron, fixed WW2 Radar Stations and build a part of the computer that 'CRACKED' the Enigma Code. a fantastic video on scale of two counting and binary...
  14. I use 303 on my car... it's wonderful. I am not sure about using it on Veneer, I tend to think not.
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