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  1. Near field is awesome...
  2. No... keep the price point right where its at! A home version all spiffed up would make a klipschorn seem cheap by comparison...
  3. Send those walnuts directly to Las vegas....
  4. Harley tool!
  5. How is the Echo unit integrated in your home theater...
  6. What's the effect on your home theater?
  7. Rebias it one more time... third times the charm.
  8. Dynamite would have done the trick.
  9. OP... are you willing to separate the horns/drivers from the crossovers?
  10. Some very fine Schmidt audio custom speaker wires... I'm not a big buffoon about high cost connectors, but these are very well made and relatively moderately priced. I got over 55' of wiring in four strands... terminated, wrapped and shipped for $250...
  11. What knucklehead doesn't know that we're flying thru the cosmos at breakneck speed... :facepalm:
  12. Those horn/lenses are martinelli's?
  13. sold... thanks for looking.