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  1. As interesting as it would be to know the precise frequency, how does knowing what the frequency directly translate to a cabinet repair or modification? I
  2. Of course... with a full Ruby needle Aida cartridge. Uni pivot was a bit of a nightmare. Hidden and suppressed musical spectrum, constant thinkering as the weather and humidity changed and inability to maintain a consistency to my liking... with and without oil in the cup. I'll never own another uni pivot.
  3. they're worth sixty bucks.
  4. Justin... I was in the Las Vegas Audio/Video Boutique last week... they have some of your amps that have been rebranded? its a great shop.
  5. I found that a much simpler design without as much adjustability was my sweet spot in turntable ownership. I didn't really feel like tinkering and pursuing sonic issues on an ongoing basis and a solid, well designed unit was rewarding... a uni-pivot vta VPI arm was not so much. in the VPI universe, I think their gimbal arm is a much better choice... the uni-pivot has issues IMHO
  6. did you do a search on this site or on google for veneering techniques?
  7. Howard shore is one of the best... Ive never watched any of the movies so I am unfamiliar with the score.
  8. you just made our point right there... thank you
  9. I think I should qualify my statement... the Cornwall is just different. not better or worse, but my personal preference is for UBER tight low register... the nature of the CW design cant deliver that... and my CW are significantly modified. I will probably never sell my Cornwalls.
  10. it's not... in comparison to a folded horn design. until you hear it for yourself, you may not know what you are missing. I still have both the CW and the LS... the CW will never be my main speakers ever again. the CW is an excellent performer for its price point, but it's no La Scala or Klipschorn. as others have stated, either get a folded horn subwoofer or use a direct radiating subwoofer set to a very low cross over point and control the output... this is how you can get it to blend well with the LS.
  11. only you can say whether or not something has worth, I don't think you're going to equate twice the performance with a doubling of cost. you might get another 10% gain in performance with the signature, but that is so difficult to justify that because there is so much that can influence to the sound beyond the 'adjustability' factor of the signature tone arm. In fact... if you dont know what you are doing, having a very sophisticated set up can lead to poorer performance because the set up possibilities are much more numerous.
  12. Its a dual... strap it to the roof racks
  13. Is that just thin veneer over metal on the horn? I don't see why no one wouldn't give this a try with a with a 402.
  14. Samsung has begun it's further shift to OLED by shutting down a major LCD facility... Oled is winning.
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