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  1. even my 2 watt handheld with burn your eyes out of your head and start fires...
  2. Schu


    is this a political statement?
  3. Schu


    Sports seem irrelevant...
  4. not bad... not bad at all even though they have been stained.
  5. Smallest piece Ive ever had was a double ought in the 28 trim... I did start collecting with overkill at the dreadnought size and owned a d28/d18/d28hd/d28lf but then realized after a couple years that the big banjo killers were not for me. I moved mainly to the triple oughts and orchestras which is the real sweet spot... om42/om28/om28v and especially my personal favorite piece the 00028vs... slothead deep body triple ought are where it's at!
  6. Ethereum nearly breaking the 400 barrier... Chain link to mid $8 and jumped nearly .50 in less than twenty minutes... XRP to .30...
  7. Schu


    Why didn't you link the sale
  8. I just bought a Shark Navigator and it's doing an excellent job. I had a Hoover elite for many many years and would still be using it if I could find parts (hinge on canister finalooy broke) but the shark is much more powerful and very maneuverable
  9. it was different... different finish.
  10. there was one... you missed it?
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