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  1. You need a quality DAY to begin with OP... preferably one with dual dac chips. Your system is a capable one fir sure.
  2. Very nice... congratulations.
  3. Stock or modified?
  4. I think you can find the z7 for around $500. The 70mm driver is the same that is in sony's flagship $2200 z1
  5. Best set up or to a price point? There is nothing wrong with cd's... Is 24 bit better than sacd? It's all about the source material not the file size or the medium.
  6. How different is the 69 and 691?
  7. Do a write on your quest and results please.
  8. I dont see a single thing wrong with those speakers... quite lovely. with those upgrades worth every penny
  9. Fugly... specially so for $1700 smackers.
  10. my sony's are good to 100k... ( 4-100,000Hz )
  11. Like to see those braces slightly contoured... just as a matter of "detail"
  12. I want that at that price
  13. where is the picture of the miata with the la scalas sitting off the back?
  14. leaves the thread empty handed...
  15. Is there anyone near portland that is coming to las vegas soon? I want this for 500+ gas $