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  1. Ive tried it both ways with several different system configurations... my preference is usually always wider over depth for large format speakers (mainly because smaller speakers are very useful in near field set ups), the main issue is reflection of the wall behind the main LP of the wider squatter set up. I'm also not a huge fan of boundary gain either... so away from the walls.
  2. Be careful what/where your search leads you... like others in here, I've heard and judge systems that were impressive, extremely focused and.... FLAT.
  3. Sell the belles... go back to the la scalas. Problem solved. I don't think it really a great idea to chase system customization if you're already very happy with a set up you own... sure you can probably get a custom belle to sound good, but why... unless you're a pure tinkerer enthusiast. I am not sure how time alignment is going to solve your dimension issue... though it would solve any smearing issues you have.
  4. A single LSii in that price isn't bad... for new, and local. I might call because I have been looking for a single
  5. I get scared to the 'pro' label... I see a lot of description and not a lot of substance. I am sure it would probably work for what you want it to do, but there are so many choices around.
  6. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes... but I agree, there is no comparrison even though they are related by series.
  7. I kept asking myself, I want those seventeens... but what I use them for. I guess I really don't want them anymore.
  8. I've said this many times before and I'll say this again... the speakers (within a series family) are more similar than they are different.
  9. Are you firm on your price and are you willing to separate the pair?
  10. photo (or model number) of the tone arm please... is it a rega RB?
  11. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    It's a Slaughter
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