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  1. Schu

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

    local news is saying there were 'significant' others also on board
  2. then you're better than most... most idiots just think it's noise. oopsidoodle
  3. Pot metal wont magnetize. is that a two step flare on the one lense?
  4. US pressing, so it's probably not even close to the first generation pressing. only way to tell what pressing generation it is is by opening it and having a look.
  5. IF YOU want a song that will absolutely test your speakers to the maximum, look no further. 11 minutes of torture, but its a beautiful piece. Get Out... by PITA. @1:38 all hell breaks loose. Turn it up IF YOU DARE
  6. Forced induction is a little different than N/A when talking bhp/L numbers... Ive seen more than a Thousand horsepower from 2 liters.
  7. They are cast metal? looking to sell a couple? are they a true 2" connection?
  8. Schu

    Oppo 203 v 103

    Significant... the ability to decode and display UHD and HDR (which you don't need if you don't need 4k resolution) and a better DAC are probably the two most notable that I can think of right now. for 1080, the 103 is plenty... you may even be able to get something cheaper from Panasonic or other brand. what are secondary market 203's going for these days? I am sure I am under utilizing mine because I barely play SACD's and I believe the Panasonic unit has out stripped the Oppo in terms of performance...
  9. am I the only one that considers Sibiliance NOT the same as to much terrible?
  10. Leakage is not good... Value for value replacement is a great way to go.
  11. I can't say I under the reasoning behind the phenomenon, but I do know it exists in my system/experiences. I'm not even sure why I need to know the reasons and probabilities... I am just enjoying my COMPLETE music collection now when before I could not. The synergy of components I have going in my personal listening space is quite magical and has been a journey to this point of nirvana... so much so, I have really put the idea of moving to Jubilees on semi-permanent hold for fear of making the balance, less rewarding. When I see the Jubilees, I see untapped potential in terms of outright performance... I don't think I need all that potential in a room that is probably less than 450sqft... if I had an auditorium, then yes I can see the need.
  12. Use dynamic range database to check for versions of your favorite releases.
  13. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Mine is still new in box... unused. One of the joys of an all analog post source set up.
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