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  1. Craig... out of left field. Welcome back sir, I hope all is well.
  2. La Scala over Belle because of the midhorn size and la scala over klipschorn because of timing issues... La Scala
  3. your using your ears to determine there is no 'mid-bass'... when was the last time you had your ears tested for hearing loss? true question.
  4. Is it rosewood or Brazilian rosewood? I can't remember my codes off hand.
  5. I'll give you five to one that he doesn't... if he ever did. these were listed, originally, on USAudio by some other party
  6. go to zero below 60hz... really? MORE output in those lower registers doesn't necessarily mean a better listening experience... but if you're used to distortion, I guess it could. get the la scala... you WILL NOT be disappointed. Quite the contrary, be prepared for some of the cleanest and tightest bass you have ever heard (if you've never heard a horn loaded bass bin). you WILL need a subwoofer to blend in the response below 50'ish hertz for the best experience.
  7. With rates at NEAR zero, that's how the establishment/commercial investors do it. Of course you could always leverage if you are knowledgeable, but lately there is a real battle between the longs and the shorts that is wrecking havoc on the longs even though BTC will go higher. if you do option for a line of credit or a loan, you NEED to be sure you can make the obligation on those payments before considering the idea because it's going to be a multi-year proposition for BTC at these levels.
  8. Looking for a five channel class D amp section for my HT if anyone has a recommendation. Ive been looking at a used NAD m27 or M28, but if there is money to be saved, I am all ears.
  9. larger is almost always better... who would have figured.
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