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  1. My were 1987 bar room speakers and were a real mess. The photo above is with new veneer on, the process is slow and takes a skilled person to do it cleanly. It took 3, 4x8 sheets of veneer to get all the grain going in the right directions. The V shaped area of the dog house is the real problem getting enough weight on the veneer during the drying process is the issue. Also dealing with the front leading edges can be tricky with grain flow and direction. Also finding and applying the right stain takes some time and experimentation all part of the wood working expertise I hired. we used scrap pieces of veneer for testing. Would I do it again yes, but I would also seriously consider building a pair as time and cost would likely be similar. If you build I would have the squaker mounted from the front versus your current setup and I would do the same for the tweeter. Why better signal dispersion with possibly a wider sound stage. See current La Scalla design. At a minimum get a new washer for you Squaker as it will be dried out by now, also open up the dog house from the bottom and check your driver, one of mine had a tear in the paper part of the driver. Before sealing up run a bead of glue in all the inside edges to make sure the space is air tight. Good Luck going forward
  2. That is good news as the Bosch dishwashers do a great job, we had the one with the silverware tray on top and it was a few years back
  3. Also some models require the use of Salt to soften water
  4. Great Brand, but there is an issue. Please take one of your plates and wine glasses and put them in the dish washer. Why, European dishes and glasses are smaller than US and it can be an issue for everyday use
  5. while you are in the woofer doghouse run a bead of glue along all seams and replace gasket material on the bottom piece of plywood, this insures a air tight seal of the doghouse
  6. Also tight all the screws on all the drivers they can get loose
  7. I have 1987 klipsch La Scalla's in a 17 X 17 room with high ceilings and have driven them by Crown XLS 1002 Two-channel, 350W @ 4Ω Power Amplifier and now by a Decware Zen Torii Jr V2 https://www.decware.com/newsite/TORIIJR.html 20 watts Sound out of my La Scalla's is great with both and I think you can enjoy your system with either tube or non tube. The Crown amp never went past 1/4 volume the the Decware less than half I think a good quiet Pre amp will make either sound better, I use a Schiit Audio Freya S ( no longer available ) and using a XLR connection between the two is recommended Enjoy the Music
  8. BTW I use a Schitt Freya S ( non tube ) preamp. I took the preamp out of the system and it made no difference so put it back in. I even tried turning the amp up and having the preamp at a lower level, and the reverse with no difference. Currently I have my amp at slightly less than half way and use the preamp for volume control which seldom get above half way.
  9. I have La Scala's with all new Crites drivers and the A4500 cross overs ( 105 db ). I waited 18 months for my Torii Jr V2 and yes I have a slight hum. I called Steve and and he suggested some different Tubes, which I got and it made no difference as to the hum issue. My hum is slightly noticeable but not annoying for me, so will keep my amp. Our music systems are for enjoyment, and I would agree that there are many great amps that do not seem to have the hum issue, so you have options to get back to enjoyment. The good news is Your Decware amps have a great resale due to waiting lists. Enjoy Your Music
  10. Generally there will be a positive difference, but I think you would loose your bluetooth connectivity and nned a wired connection
  11. "Could be" each of your amps have their own Dac and sound processing and that is the difference you are hearing
  12. Pre amps are about signal gain prior to your amp and are generally a positive enhancement, but truly depends your total system components . I have a Decware Torii Jr V2 and use a Schit Freya S ( non tube ) pre-amp which is fed by a Denafrips Pontus 2 12th-1 via XLR connectors Normal listening is pre-amp 50% and Decware at 50%, with the pre-amp use as volume control This combo in my system works extremely well, with enhanced sound stage and clarity. BTW I just added two sound absorbers behind my listening position and that also help over all enjoyment
  13. @Mycuff Buy the speakers, You memory of the sound never goes away and no matter what issues you have to solve, the smile on your face in the future is worth it. I had a similar story of desire for the La Scala's and bought a 1987 bar find that were really beat up and they had issues. My La Scala's are now my Last speakers. OEM replacement parts are readily available and are simple plug and play as long as the cabinet is solid. The only regret you will have is not moving forward Good Luck and Enjoy The Future Music
  14. Just yesterday I received these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002WLB0RW?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1 I have to agree it does make a positive sound difference, I also have heavy floor to 10 ft ceiling drapes behind my La Scala's I just leaned them up against the wall behind each shoulder - I am about 10 ft away from La Scala's
  15. Merry Christmas to All from Reno A Day for Family, Good Food and a Little Merriment 😀👍
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