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  1. Tony I agree that is the classic positioning related to the La Scala's. The one factor that is different for every person is the room that the speakers are placed in. In my case I have 10 foot walls and then another 4 feet of ½ pipe as a ceiling the entire 20 ft length of my room. I also have a pair of older KG4's which is where I first noticed the benefit of tilting the speakers back, in that room The La Scala's also benefited from a small amount of tilt . This tilting also rose the center stage sound which I also liked. It is what worked for me in my room, it may not be beneficial for most. but we all have to work with the room we have Bottom line it is all about enjoying the music
  2. Yes adding the butcher block makes the speakers much heavier. I solved this issue by putting carpet sliders under the 4 corners of the speaker. once again simple, cheap and easily undone if you do not like it. Please keep in mind when you make any change to the La Scala's you "should " try repositioning them even small adjustments can make a difference.. One problem with La Scala's is they can sound good just stuck in a room in any manner. But proper sounding of each speaker can enhance your enjoyment. Enjoy the Music
  3. Item #5 Freedom from cavities I used a 2 inch butcher block on the bottom of my La Scala's That did two things 1. raised the tweeter 2 inches 2. filled the voids With the void filled I was then able to tilt the boxes to get the tweeter where it needed to be. It works, it is cheap and reversible if you do not like it. BTW painted the butcher block flat black looks like right out of the factory You can buy a 24x48 piece of butcher block at home depot or lowes - just cut it in half, drill some pilot holes and screw it to the bottom
  4. I did what you are planing for the same reasons, onli I use ½ inch MDF then veneer, I even put MDF in the area containing the Squaker and tweeter, top of dog house. The results are a more refined sound, does nothing for base and I have found tilting the speakers up provides the best sound. Sound stage is slightly better and I have really enjoyed the difference FYI I also updated all three drivers and crossover using Crites products.
  5. I just completed mine, went with the 1/2 mdf on all sides including on the floor of the tweeter and squaker box area. Yes there is enough room. I also added 1/2 mdf to the bottom of the speaker. Be aware the Live Sound we all like from the La Scala's is changed as the cabinet no longer vibrates. But the new sound is much more refined, all the other characteristics of La Scala stay the same. I would imagine that if you had the latest version of La Scala's with 1 inch MDF and older La Scala's with 1/2 mdf added in the same room they would be very similar. the dog house is where you need to fine veneer talent. we used sand bags and other weights for the 24 hour glue time, it is a time consuming pain, BTW small hands help Behind the dog house is a open space I choose to paint it semi gloss black prior to the new veneer being applied made the process much easier and looks great. I also painted the back of the speaker semi gloss black no one generally see's this area. BTW the veneer process takes 3 sheets of 4X8 veneer my maple was $60.00 per sheet Hope this helps
  6. maple veneer was $60.00 per 4x* sheet and I used 3 sheets to re-veneer mine. The outsides are easy the inside areas around the dog house are a real pain. A good veneer job requires some form of pressure while the glue is setting up about 24 hours and that is very hard to do in the dog house area. look for a cabinet maker or furniture refinisher not cheap
  7. Monoprice is where I just got this https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=21684
  8. I have "Highly Modified" 1977 La Scala's and Love them. Purist have a point of view it is just not mine, and my point of view is just as valid as theirs. 😃
  9. all corners were banged in, bottoms were very thin and falling apart, two different tweeters, one woofer was needed a new paper cone, squakers seemed to be fine. While the boxes looked bad they were still firmly tight boxes If your considering a project, I would highly recommend considering a new build with a two box system, the two boxes setup would help in dealing with any room issues adding to placement locations.. Today with the availability of new horns for the squaker and tweeter building a custom top makes a lot of sense. FYI in my room 17 by 18 mine work best on the short wall facing straight forward about 8-9 feet apart. Initially I had them farther apart sound stage was not as good and sound was sub optimal. Once I started bringing them together everything got better. This may be my room ( most likely ) or the changes I made to the boxes not sure which
  10. These look a bit worse than mine ( mine 1977 model probably out of a bar room very rough) but this is what they can look like after a 1/2 MDF is applied to them and the second one is with a veneer and stained. Having done this already a few comments: Do not apply anything but veneer to dog house - why it affects the folded horn dynamics Project, is time consuming and requires wood working talent ( which I had to hire ) the dog house area is a ***** to do right I would seriously consider converting to the new La Scala style of two boxes Why - makes work a lot easier and I think you can better deal with your room dynamics with them separated I updated to all new Crites Drivers and cross overs, not required but felt 40+ year old electronics needed an update & used dynamat on all drivers and used a 1/4 foam gasket when mounting squaker and tweeter, new woofer had a gasket so did not use a foam gasket there Net changes in sound, the La Scala sound is still there, the sound stage is just a dynamic. Overall sound is less Dance Hall and more refined. Would I do it again absolutely
  11. Agree with ODS123 Your Speakers and Your Room are 95-99% of what you hear. Second a human's "perceptions" ( which does not require the truth, facts, good or bad ) dictate more human actions than anything else. So if I perceive a difference then their is a difference for ME, the rest of you not so sure. Another factor, once you have perceived to have heard a good system, you want your system to be as good if not better, therefore the constant look for some factor to make a difference to your system. I have just went from my Mission Argonauts with a Velodyne 15 inch sub, which I have enjoyed for 30 plus years, to a pair of 1977 La Scala's and Wow I found something better. What is the biggest difference, I went from listening to specific songs on an album to enjoying the whole albums with my wife by my side ,even the "B" songs. To all enjoy the music, let your system be in the background.
  12. flatgrass is right you need a external DAC. I have this same setup DigiOne Signature/ RPI4 Use the BNC out of the DigiOne has better sound capability. I use a SMSL SU8 https://apos.audio/products/smsl-su-8?variant=3760412262474&msclkid=38b44b0fd01a188ab0f92b663a937bcc&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=**LP - Shop - US - TM - Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC)&utm_term=4587918426151168&utm_content=APS-0017-1 | Smsl SU-8 DAC Digital to Analog Converter | %24249.99 This is currently an older design but the price is right and the sound is great. SMSL SU8 has both XLR and RCA out to your amp. I use XLR out to a Crown XLs 1500 to to my Klipsch speakers. I have also run this out to a set of La Scala's and it is a Wow There are many good dacs in this price range and a bit cheaper just make sure they have the preferred BNC input RCA works but BNC is better out of the DigiOne. A good idea is to confirm that the DigiOne knows the DAc you buy ( this is a setting in the DigiOne ) This is a great combo and many people have been surprised by my system when they hear it and then find out it comes from a RPI. The only problem is when you want to upgrade down the road, the cost will be in the $,000 In case you have not seen this https://darko.audio/2017/08/allos-digione-pulls-five-star-sound-quality-from-the-raspberry-pi/ https://darko.audio/2018/11/a-short-film-about-the-allo-digione-signature/
  13. I have a pair out of 1977 La Scala's , they are out of sequential serial number cabinets. I went the Crites new route for my updating project. they were never cleaned up but worked well when they were in the speakers I will email photos, they are to big for this post
  14. I Stand corrected as to my perceptions Sorry if I have created stress for some that feel only "original" is the only way. I totally understand and appreciate if you like it why " change it " perspective, it is just not mine. Would I make changes to the current La Scala's - Hell No but I have 42 year old speakers that are visually in need of attention and based on that condition it is my perception that they were probably abused more than once in that time frame. My perception was one of making these great speakers look better was a good idea, I also perceived that updating the electronics was also in order. I see that that perception is not shared, Ok I will go away and enjoy what choose to do.
  15. Trust me a lot of consideration was put into leaving them alone, especially on a logical standpoint. What made me move forward on the "changes" was that I was not changing the design of the speaker but merely updating the electronics which have had the last 42 years to be improved. When I looked at the current new La Scala's what I saw was the separation of the base bin and the tweeter box and updated electronics. BTW my wife said just by the new ones. I choose not to do surgery but did see that their were new electronic options and choose to go that way. For me I am not expecting a dramatic change from what I have now. But it is my understanding the tweeter in the 1978 build was sub optimal and impacted the crossover of the mid range horn. By updating the tweeter, with one which could operate at a lower starting frequency, the resulting blending of the two was enhanced overall.. There was also a mid range driver upgrade available which was along the same theme. This required a new crossover/network to reap these benefits.. The new sub drivers was strictly an "Oh what the hell" choice. We all have different perspectives but as long as we enjoy the music who really cares how we get there.
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