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  1. Here is something I do know...the K-43 have a much larger magnet than the K-33s. I have no idea what you mean by the term " direct radiator cabinet" or "polar response" ... these are technical terms that are out of my league. I just know simple stuff like does it sound better or not.
  2. I own a pair of 80s Cornwalls. I was wondering if it made any difference in sound if you changed the woofers from k-33s to K-43s? I mean, are the original crossovers designed for ONLY K-33s? Or does it not make any difference if you put K-43s in?
  3. I'm looking for opinions from folks that have actually heard Al's Supper AA crossover for La Scala. How they sound to their ears vs. stock crossovers for an article I am writing. Thanks, bob
  4. Just curious if anyone else found Al Klappenberger to be abusive when communicating with him via email?
  5. Also, regarding the woofer I’m getting recommendations to go with the Eminence Kappa 15c speaker which is a little bit more expensive but appears can deliver a bit more bass and robust performance. Thoughts vs. the K-33? Klipsch has been a colossal hassle with trying to order a K-33 speaker from them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I was considering the ALK Engineering AA rebuild option from r about $160. You send your x-overs in and he rebuilds a set for you that includes the following… (see photo) it seems to include more than just caps. Plus I don’t have to figure anything out or solder. What do you think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, If I can ever get them from Klipsch. It's been two weeks now. They have been dragging their feet passing off my info to the "Heritage Group". It's remarkable how inefficient this company is. It literally took 30 minutes waiting on the phone for the Klipsch dude to tell me "OK, yeah, we have that speaker" my response was "then sell it to me!" Next came, I'm going to pass it off to the "Heritage Dept" story and everything went dark... I'm still waiting for the "opportunity" to buy speakers from them...Geeze, Louise.
  8. I don't think I really need to add to the cost of having someone solder 6 capacitors for me...;) I'd like to save $'s and just do it myself. Besides, I mean someone has to put their college degree to use, right?
  9. OK. I'd also like to update my caps in the AA Crossover in these speakers. Does anyone know what type of caps (values and manufacturer) to use? I think there are only 3 caps per speaker on the LaScala. I think I did a re-cap years ago on my Cornwalls using Solen. Best, b
  10. Hello, I am looking to do a DYI project by replacing my old (original caps) on my 1980 Type AA Crossover LaScala Speakers. I was wondering if anyone has the list of what caps to buy. I realize there are only 3 caps per speaker to replace. I was curious if anyone had listed the correct caps (values) to buy and recommended Manufacturer i.e. Solen, etc....) Thanks, bob
  11. Yes, I never heard back from Dave, so I don't know... Does anyone know how to test the tolerances of my horns and crossover caps in these speakers? I'm not an electronic tech by any stretch but I have a multimeter and can follow instructions.
  12. The speaker is dead. It's actually a K33B speaker. See attached pic. I tried calling Klipsch this morning but the guy (David) could not answer my question which was what is the advantage or disadvantage to re-coning a speaker vs. buying a brand new one from Klipsch ($129). Can anyone on the forum please explain this to me? I mean, beyond the fact if you buy new from Klipsch they may have a warranty period vs. if you re-cone you may or may not have a warranty? I was just wondering if these older (original) K33B speakers sound any different/better than the new ones? Best, b
  13. Yep, the K-33 is dead. Does Klipsch re-cone these or fix the voice coil? I know nothing about speakers....
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