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  1. You should also consider a Fisher 500C, highly recommended......
  2. I would gently vacuum first with a brush attachment, then the cloth.
  3. Take a soft cloth, dampen with a white vinegar solution, and lightly wipe to see if they come off. Otherwise, put the grills on and forget about it. No need to replace the driver.
  4. I have not had the pleasure to hear the CWIV., and I'll bet they sound terrific. ........I hope to hear them one day when Roy invites me down to Hope, when he will send his private jet to my local airport, and ply me with wild women and champagne....End game? Have you had or heard properly updated vintage La Scalas? Just asking for a friend....Enjoy!
  5. I would absolutely go and listen to those speakers.
  6. They do look nice, but they are oak, not walnut as stated in the ad.
  7. Damn, I thought our resident psychic medium was 0T. I’m going to be heartbroken if that is not the case… @oldtimer
  8. Actually I think that you should take your arrogant superiority complex personality elsewhere. Really, yóu're just taking up server space......
  9. Good one Gary! Nice to hear from you, hope you are well.
  10. Hard to tell, but are they fully trimmed in aluminum? Thanks.
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