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  1. Who did the crossovers? Bring a soldering iron with you, etc.....
  2. This is interesting. I have two questions for you. 1. If Trey is finding that there is "nothing" wrong with the older networks that he is testing, why is he also offering to rework networks for people that he knows are "good"? 2. If you were offered two pairs of networks with the exact same circuitry, yet one had new capacitors that were of good quality and the same values as OEM, and the other pair was of the old oil can capacitors that were supposedly tested as good, which would you choose to install in your pair of (Belles)? I can think of literally dozens of people (including myself) who have experienced much improved sound from their older vintage Belles, La Scalas, Khorns, Cornwalls, etc, etc, etc. after installing new good quality capacitors in their networks. And, those who supposedly test their old oil cans and pronounce them "good" are likely only testing for their capacitance value, and not ESR, or at the correct frequencies, with a proper tester. My perspective on this now, and always will be, if you don't try something new, you won't know what you are missing.
  3. Except that ebay sales numbers are what drives the market. Don't understand how you can not take that into account.
  4. Dave, did you ever stop to consider that items posted in Alerts might be items by members here? (although not this one). Personally I think you should reserve your pricing comments until after the items sell, if that data is available. Are you also tracking ebay sold prices? There is not a single pair that has sold for under $1200, and there are at least 20 pairs sold.
  5. Ever heard of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter? Tens of millions of people follow musicians, actors, and ? Believe me, the general public does give a chit, although I don't.
  6. Yes, they are sold through eBay. I wouldn't call his account dormant, he only sells perhaps 2 or 3 units per month through the Bay, and I'm sure the rest he sells via custom orders, which he will do.
  7. Porterhouse for me....large filet side please.
  8. Another great Warren Zevon tune.
  9. Seconded, the motion is passed. Richie, get on it.
  10. I think since Richie lives in the heart of USDA Prime land, we should nominate him to bring enough beef to feed all of us at SWAG. Do I hear a second?
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