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  1. Is that pre-bong or post-bong?
  2. Yea, but they would go really cheap after the semi-final.
  3. Recommend you look at a service called Uship. Many members here on the forum have used them. https://www.uship.com/ And here are the specs for the Khorns for you to provide to Uship for a quote. Height: 50.75” (128.9.4cm) Width: 31.25” (79.38cm) Depth: 28.25” (71.75cm) Weight: 175lbs (79.5kg)
  4. I've said that about Carl for several years now......
  5. Oh, I thought it was going to be a mouse turd or maybe a hairball....
  6. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I've started to have incontinence issues.......
  7. Would love to see an LSU vs. Ohio championship game. And would also love to see Joe Burrow kick their azz.
  8. OK, perhaps we can figure this out.....It's not the woofer traveling to impact the grills, it's the air movement restriction due to the grills.
  9. It's not the magnets. It's the grill itself affecting the air movement and performance of the passive.
  10. They do look nice, but I have to wonder how something like that affects the performance?
  11. Via The Onion, one of the best news sources......Congress allocates $500 million for funkier bass lines..... https://www.theonion.com/congress-allocates-500-million-for-development-of-funk-1819579171?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1BbvpBQ_uExv2m8_TltHmXPMSTLnTGEFnPYAQHnCA-cUHs1AFx-eXnNMo
  12. There's no "e" in Klipsch...... Try a Mcintosh MC240. You will forget all about the Primaluna.
  13. I do think it has a lot to do with the state you live in. Since I also live in Indiana, I can tell you that the best price I could find was to get COBRA coverage through Anthem, whom I worked for.
  14. I shared a wine locker with my boss at the Morton's Steakhouse in Singapore. Didn't exactly pay wholesale, but prices were definitely better than ordering off their list.....I swear I ate/drank there at least once a week for three years....
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