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Community Answers

  1. https://www.tequipment.net/BK/880/LCR-Meters/#description
  2. It’s not exactly possible or correct for me to make a direct comparison between the two as they are located in two different rooms, with different lighting situation‘s, and on different televisions. Otherwise, I will say that they are both excellent and meet my needs perfectly.
  3. I bought it for a second system set up. My main system has the Oppo 105D.
  4. One not so great review? I read many reviews on the UB820 before I purchased mine. It has performed flawlessly for about 2 years now.
  5. You can. You don't "need" a DAC.
  6. Well, apparently they spun off their support to another company OT Services, which wasn't a part of their "exit" the last time I looked at the site. I have a feeling that they were inundated with comments and support requests when they made their announcement. Hey, I guess it's a good thing! https://www.oppodigital.com/farewell.aspx
  7. Honestly, I don't know what your requirements are for inputs/outputs and other functions. There are a number of models that may meet your needs, so I would recommend that you do some research to whittle down the list. They are all very reasonably priced, and personally I would buy new. JMHO
  8. In addition to my Oppo, I also have a Panasonic unit, and it is excellent. Btw, Oppo no longer supports their players, software or otherwise.
  9. "Ebonics"? Could you be just slightly more racist? And then those that thank you for that? Wow. @Travis In Austin
  10. Be patient and wait for a 105 or a 105D. Definite upgrade across-the-board.
  11. So, "Cornscala" is trademarked? Would like to hear from someone that actually knows.
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