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  1. this....
  2. I wouldn't touch those for anything more than about 650 bucks. "Only one is finished", "No Crites", etc, etc, totally puts me off.
  3. Well, there goes that effort down the tubes...
  4. I think @dwilawyer was looking into this, and possibly getting some help to figure out what the capabilities at Rodney's were...
  5. Take a few CD's with you, or let the person who is demoing know what type of music, and the artists you listen to. As I'm sure you know, the LS and Cornwall are two completely different animals, and will sound very different from one another. Don't judge either by the first few passages of music you hear.....let them play out for a bit, and get used to them before making a decision. Good luck, and have fun.
  6. Also, a new (to me) variety called Jalabenero....Cross between a jalapeno and habenero. Should be interesting.
  7. I'm growing Reaper's and Scorpions. Plenty to go around
  8. What model K33 are these? K33E, etc? Square or round magnet?
  9. Nice photo by the way....
  10. This is so remarkably absurd that it needs to be moved into the joke of the day section…
  11. Sadly, yes.
  12. You've got to be kidding
  13. What? Are you kidding?