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  1. jimjimbo

    UDP 203 4K

    Dang, that Google thingie is magical ain't it?
  2. No, that would be YUUUUUUGGGGGGEEE
  3. Downright spooky.....Those fronts remind me of the Shroud of Turin.....
  4. @Oicu812 what tweeter are you using? Be aware the K77 is not compatible with the Crites A4500.
  5. jimjimbo


    Would be very helpful if you told us what speakers and crossovers you have.
  6. Well said Skelt. If people from Ohio can learn to use the forum, hell, anyone can.
  7. jimjimbo

    College football 2018

    Sparty has a grand total of 93 yards on offense for the game. Michigan D. Go Blue!
  8. jimjimbo

    College football 2018

    Put the hammer down. Crush them. Go Blue
  9. No worries. Free bumps but getting off track.... Still for sale!
  10. jimjimbo

    Schiit Loki and Heresy?

    The NAD sounds good , dump the Sony.
  11. Are you able to experiment with speaker placement? This can make a huge difference particularly with speakers that have rear passives. Not interested in a tube amp? Why?