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  1. Those have been listed for several weeks, and I believe started out at around $2500.
  2. If Da Bonehead says it is so, then, well, draw your own conclusions.....
  3. Send@chad a message
  4. I asked about this quite some time ago for the same reason, and was told that it is a limitation of the software.
  5. It's just so much fun! Ignorance, boorish behaviour, I mean, wow. Otherwise, it's damn boring listening to a lecture.
  6. I have tried, and it does no good. More threats, accusations, ignorant, irrational comments.
  7. And my apologies to those on the forum who know me, and understand.
  8. Let's get this out into the open. This is never going to go away until the person who unjustly accused me of something I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH, apologizes and admits his mistake. However, he apparently doesn't have the ballz to do that. I have brought this out before, asked for evidence, etc, and it was never forthcoming. I do not tolerate unjust accusations about my character, or my family, and I will never tolerate threats or disrespectful comments about either as well. Sorry, but it's not in my nature to just lay down and take it.
  9. Ah, and ANOTHER threat.....want my address? Come and visit.
  10. Not exactly what I meant....
  11. You go dtel!!
  12. More threats, whining, and irrational unfounded accusations are what this forum really needs. Oh , wait, I think I must have missed a previous post in this thread. Sorry.
  13. I had hoped that Matt Kuchar could win it, but it was still fun to watch. Great speech by Jordan accepting the prize.
  14. Fabulous. Can't wait to file my trademark for Nincompoop.