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  1. You mean I could get rid of all of my Mcintosh preamps and just get a bunch of Schiit?
  2. Yea, but it’s all about the cable risers...
  3. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/speaker-amps/hypex-fusionamp-fa123/ Hypex-FA123 Chris, you might want to start another thread with this info. Pretty much off track from the OP...
  4. Understand....hope you are both well and safe.
  5. Yes they are. I will have to get some photos of the backs a little bit later.
  6. I'm very disappointed, I thought it was going to be Rush Limbaugh.....
  7. Probably a bit less than that, but you could always ask @grasshopper if his sister is going to be making a trip anytime soon to your neck of the woods.....
  8. As I mentioned in the ad, I would recommend Uship as a service to get these to you. I have used them several times with no issues at all, and reasonably priced. I would be happy to help with the logistics. PM me if you have any questions. https://www.uship.com/
  9. A bit of patience and some good research, along with a call to Audio Classics will be rewarded. https://www.audioclassics.com/
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