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  1. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Those are likely some sort of communication set for on board Navy use, although it's hard to tell. Except that, since USNRET has never set foot on a ship, I don't know why he would display that.... @USNRET
  2. jimjimbo

    DQ Tiger?

    No. The USGA has the obvious video that showed the ball still rolling. He would not have been DQ on the spot, but after his round, which is what I believe should have happened. I was a big fan of Phil before this.
  3. jimjimbo

    Marantz 2220

    If someone wants you to ship it, take it to Fedex and have them package and insure it. They are normally pretty reasonable, and it puts all the responsibility on them to be certain it arrives at the buyer in one piece.
  4. jimjimbo

    Today is my day!

    Hell, I'd watch Sandra Lee no matter what she was making......
  5. jimjimbo

    Today is my day!

    Carl, please stop posting selfies.....
  6. jimjimbo

    Will Fortes sound better if...?

    Glad you found your excellent solution! Have fun with it!
  7. jimjimbo

    FS - Another beautiful restored Pioneer SX-1250

    Have had some mild interest, but nothing serious as of yet. This is still available. Again, I will ship this if needed.
  8. jimjimbo

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    As the old saying goes....beauty is in the eye......
  9. jimjimbo

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    I don't know what you mean. Klipsch celebrates the company anniversary, not a specific speaker anniversary, as far as I know.
  10. jimjimbo

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    That would be Klipsch 70th.
  11. Since your issue was with BOTH speakers, it would make more sense that there might be a connection issue at the amp, or at the input to both speakers. Are you sure that they are connected in phase? Is the balance or volume pot on your amp/preamp dirty/noisy? Just some thoughts.
  12. jimjimbo

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Yea, well, my Mom made the noodles, made the breadcrumbs for the topping, churned the butter, AND caught and butchered the tuna.....so there.
  13. jimjimbo

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I love tuna noodle casserole! My Mom made the best.....