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  1. Schiit Multibit DAC for sale. Excellent condition. Great unit. Includes power cord. See photos. $375 SHIPPED to your door.
  2. These are posted on multiple sites including Facebook sites. I live fairly close to these so if anyone wants me to go and take a look at them I will be happy to do so. Simply send me a PM.
  3. So do non-medical gummies......
  4. Why has no one asked about your room? Reflective surfaces, floor, windows, whether you have furniture close to the speakers, etc. Very, very important to start.
  5. Sent PM if still avail
  6. Happy that you are experiencing some great listening time. I'm sure you know that there is a definite point of diminishing return with tubes, (well, and just about with anything else for that matter.......) Fractional improvements is exactly right. 5751's are interesting and worthwhile to try for sure, but you really have to be careful about placement. Phono stage =NO, but V1 in most amps is the place to be...... I really should be using more of them that are just sitting on a shelf.
  7. Yes, post factory stain and finish applied. Not a bad thing, but the lighting of the photo might have something to do with the pair not looking close, at least in the HF region. Lots more (good) photos of all surfaces will be needed, as well as a description of the drivers and crossovers. I think previously given estimates are premature at this point, but perhaps not all that far off....we'll see.
  8. Gary, I believe there are videos on the parts express website, or the Duratex website with tips and tricks on how to apply it. If you want a somewhat smoother finish but still a bit textured you can add a bit of water to the Duratex. Apply it in one direction, and make sure that you do it fairly quickly as it dries very quickly.
  9. This is the problem with TubeDepot. $99.95 for a single GE 12AX7A? No. https://tubedepot.com/products/ge-12ax7a?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplpNOS-12AX7-GE&sc_intid=NOS-12AX7-GE&gclid=Cj0KCQjw24qHBhCnARIsAPbdtlLjkpukiXm6vPAo-0ewGjhuCLCmDeJCPHC1U0Gx3MpeslNCws5OLyEaAlvBEALw_wcB
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