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  1. Ballistic Missile Threat

    The urge by whom? Hollywood? Because she makes a nice speech on the Golden Globes awards show? Not gonna happen....
  2. Ballistic Missile Threat

    You mean like the remainder of the administration?
  3. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Unless they are alternative facts.
  4. Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 set - Plainfield, IL 60585

    Very respectful Carl! Good job…
  5. I’d be happier if they shut down Twitter…
  6. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Crock pot? That's a crock! 12 hours in a smoker or nothing.....
  7. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    Seriously though.....I can't thank Jerry enough for his efforts, but most importantly that we've made new friends of each other. That is certainly more valuable than anything else. When I'm finally able to get these units into my very modest workspace, I'll assess their needs functionally, no doubt rehab the trim, and then take photos.....
  8. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    Wait, wait, wait....first of all, there are no nuts in my banana bread. Not allowed. Secondly, you were compensated in other ways for which it is impossible to calculate the value...
  9. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    I'm sorry you don't like them. I hate mine too.....
  10. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    What? Not the LSI’s?
  11. I use Bitcoin to elevate my wires
  12. Martinis

    This is so tempting......
  13. JBL is on the Vintage wagon now?

    $4K for L100's?? Trust me, they're not that good.
  14. laScala CDN$800 Montreal!

    Good for you! Welcome and have fun. Feel free to ask lots of questions, and post photos. Before and after project photos are always welcome.