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  1. Get em while you can....these and the RCA Cleartops are going fast.
  2. Both pairs K55M sold. Two pairs of excellent K33E, and one pair of K77M square mag still available.
  3. and here's one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy and hope you get well.
  4. It's what's those who are clueless to the vagaries of farming don't understand.....the potato tower is the crux of the whole operation, keeping it's many eyes on everyone, and everything. it's Big Daddy Tater doncha know. Other than the goats of course. They know everything.
  5. Just wait till the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking on your door, and says....."Remember that "free money" we gave you a while back? Well, guess what? Time to pay up".... Not to mention, if all of you think you are getting this "free money"....think again. If you made over a certain amount in 2018 or 2019, you aren't getting a dime whether you are working now or not. Do the research and figure it out.
  6. "Free money"? Ha. That is most certainly a joke.
  7. Yes, more bullshit excuses, exactly what I expected.
  8. Yep, and guess why....I'll leave it up to you to figure it out.
  9. I also have a pair of K77 square mag for sale, they are in the garage sale section.
  10. I've grown used to the drones.....
  11. I'd save those for a rainy day..... On second thought.....never mind, break out the goodies.....what are we saving it for?
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