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  1. What I Got Today!

    I just knew I made a mistake picking that damn VHS....
  2. HH Scott 299c

  3. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Sure is boring when everyone agrees with you.
  4. Forte II set up HELP!

    Hi Matt, welcome to the forum. Please tell us a little bit about what other components you have, such as a receiver, amplifier, CD player, etc. that will help us to understand what your current set up is and what you may need. It's really not all that complicated.
  5. HH Scott 299c

    Just a thought, but you may want to delete the word "receiver", because it is not in fact a receiver, it is an integrated amplifier.
  6. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    Another masterpiece by filmmaker Ken Burns.
  7. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Some people love them, some people do not…
  8. WTB LSI splits with Alum Trim

    Still looking, thanks.
  9. Forte II oak clear

    DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.
  10. NCAAF

    The Wolverines looked pretty sluggish on O again yesterday. Harbaugh needs to fix it, and soon. No way will they compete with Penn State or OSU playing just defense again.
  11. Forte II oak clear

    I would return them due to the dent at least. I would continue to pursue this issue with him, or ask for an escalation to his manager. Send an email every day if you have to.
  12. Forte II oak clear

    They came to you with that dent in front? No way I would have accepted that.
  13. NCAAF

    No Heisman for Lamar again this year....Clemson made him look ordinary.
  14. I don't know....the MX110 transformer and chassis don't look very good....