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  1. what do you have to offer?
  2. Not everyone
  3. Please PM me with info and asking price. Thanks. Jim
  4. Could someone enlighten me as to the purpose of the ping pong ball, or is it strictly for entertainment value?
  5. Oh my, beautiful
  6. Not gonna happen
  7. And the civilian version is supposed to do what? Straight transport? Joy riding? Weightlessness training? Scaring little kids?
  8. Please post photos and your asking price for each pair, or combination. Will definitely help with your sale.
  9. I'll take two.
  10. Hi, are you limiting your scope to only a 400? Other Fisher models including the 500's are outstanding as well. Just a thought....
  11. Carl, get out of the pool....
  12. BJC is nice cable, you should also look at Knu Konceptz. Those two brands in 12 gauge is about as expensive as I will ever go.
  13. Moving them into the corners, toeing them in a bit, and moving your listening position so that you have an equilateral triangle (or close to it), should help a lot.....
  14. 6 feet apart is much too close. Move them to the corners.