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Community Answers

  1. I’ll bet he’s popular with the ladies…
  2. I have lots of 6SN7 tubes available, I don’t use them. Let me know what you need or what you are looking for, all of them are USA and they are all tested. Please message me rather than responding through this thread.
  3. Try Jantzen Z Superior on the mid and tweeter.
  4. The 225 is terrific, but it's not MC30's. Very different sound signature. I have both, as well as an MC240, and they are all different animals......Of course, it also depends on which preamp you are pushing them with. It would take a seriously good offer to pry the MC30's away......
  5. Are you selling both the HF and the LF crossovers? They are only worth about $200 in my opinion.
  6. As stated above. Must be in good shape. I am located in South Bend, IN area. Please PM me with info. Thanks.
  7. I have pairs of each, but won't sell a single, sorry.
  8. Well, I vote for @Lemon stringplace again. Great family, good listening space, and a terrific kitchen......
  9. Yea, cryptic.....
  10. I honestly don't remember Beeker being there, but then, that was a while ago..... And, thanks for the compliment my friend....😜
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