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  1. Should be a very nice match between the two. I believe that Thebes has either an 8 or 8B that he runs with his speakers, so he could probably let you know what to expect. With a unit such as that, I would recommend installing the best NOS tubes you can afford. @thebes
  2. Yes Pete, I have used them quite a bit in the last year. The owner is a perfectionist and highly skilled. He's got a great shop. You are welcome to call him and talk, and be sure to tell him I referred you. They are only open on Friday and Saturday from noon to 8PM, the rest of the week he is working on units in the queue. He is a vintage JBL aficionado, and is also particularly fond of vintage Fisher and HH Scott units, but I'm sure he would work on your Sansui. Prices are very reasonable. https://stereorehab.wordpress.com/
  3. No, not Germany. A very fine gentleman here in the States.
  4. Thanks Emile. One of the nice things about this amp is the ability to switch in two sets of speakers simultaneously, along with it's excellent sound.
  5. A beautiful Marantz 1060 integrated amp with NEW custom walnut case. The amp has been fully restored by Stereo Rehab in Chicago, and has a 1 year full warranty. (I forgot to mention earlier that I will provide the full receipt and description of all work done during the restoration for those seriously interested) These are very highly sought after, it sounds great and performs flawlessly. Located in NW Indiana. $600 plus shipping. Please PM me with interest. Thanks. Specs from Hi Fi Engine: The Marantz 1060 is a stereo console amplifier featuring three line inputs, one phono input and a tape loop. The amplifier section is split into pre and power sections which can split for use with an external processor. The unit has two sets of switchable sockets for main/remote speakers. Specifications Power output: 30 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.5% Damping factor: 45 Input sensitivity: 1.8mV (MM) Dimensions: 14-11/64 x 4-23/32 x 11-1/32 inches Weight: 18lbs
  6. Beautiful work as always! But I have to ask, why not install more modern 5 way binding posts considering all of the other mods done to this pair?
  7. @CECAA850 That'll teach ya smart guy...... I'll take payment in the form of a wee dram of EH Taylor Single Barrel.....
  8. jimjimbo

    LSI pair in PA

    My wife and I will be driving right past there on our way to New Jersey for Thanksgiving weekend, maybe I can wave on my way by...
  9. jimjimbo

    LSI pair in PA

    Well, I thought that baron was possibly joking, but maybe not....
  10. https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/ele/d/maumee-klipsch-cornwall-speakers/6996337862.html
  11. That's like saying "Hmmmm. Hard boiled egg or ham and cheese omelet...."
  12. jimjimbo

    LSI pair in PA

    Not you Dave, the other Dave. But if you want to take the credit/blame, well then, so be it.....
  13. Most of the time, the people that conduct estate sales will not give prices over the phone prior to the sales, as they want as many people to show up as possible. Surprised these people did that. And, an estate sale is NOT an auction, it is a tag sale. I normally avoid them unless they are very local and have something I am very interested in.
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