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  1. First of all, congrats Jerry, I know how long you've been looking after seeing and hearing mine.... As to your question above, lots of other folks would love to see the answer to that as well.... I would highly doubt that covering the original logo with a tacked on badge is correct. Pretty certain that the K77 square is correct, but not so sure as to the K55 push. I had thought that K55M were the standard for these. As far as updating the crossovers, well, as you know, that's a matter of some debate around here. If you need anything at all Jerry, feel free to PM me.
  2. Big time thunderstorms here this morning.
  3. Especially when he's all liquored up and full of pickles and beans, he's a creative genius.....
  4. Would you mind clarifying what you consider the "splitter"? I have a pair of LSI splits and would like to look at this....I don't seem to have these same issues.
  5. I'd recommend listing them for sale in perhaps South Korea, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and maybe Greenland.....oh wait, they might be busy moving.
  6. Joe Cocker Woodstock is just simply Wow.
  7. A slight bit young for the 69 farm, but did attend the second largest "fest" about 5 years later in Charlotte, NC. August Jam was pretty epic as well, but, alas, no movie..... Watching the Woodstock Director's Cut right now.
  8. What's the current dealer price of a new pair of H3? Since they must now adhere to a universal price list? (which fixes pricing offered from any dealer)
  9. No, not bad questions at all. Several factors come into play, so it's hard to answer exactly. Not necessarily in order or all inclusive..... 1. Type of tube, ex. Power (6L6, 6550, etc.) small signal (12AX7, 12AU7, etc), rectifier (5U4, 5Y3, etc). 2. How hard they are driven 3. Number of on/off cycles 4. Type of circuit 5. Ambient temperature within and around the amp 6. Manufacturer and construction Perhaps @tube fanatic and/or others could add to this.
  10. I am almost out of the RCA cleartops offered earlier (3 pairs left at $29/pair shipped), however, I do have 15 pairs of Conn organ marked (Sylvania) green label 12AU7 tubes available. These were specially selected by the manufacturers for low noise and microphonics, and they sound great. They are a bit dusty and I have cleaned them up as best I can without trashing the labels. Long grey plates, copper rod supports, chrome top, and top getter. Pins are clean and straight. All have been tested on my calibrated TV-7 tester and I have put together very closely matched pairs. All pairs test at NOS levels. Only $19 per pair, shipped to your door in the US. I usually ship next day. Please PM me with interest.
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