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  1. OK, so just for clarity, you have replaced the diaphragms with the titanium, and not full, new tweeters. And the Audiodyne 68uf cap is not a standard Crites replacement as far as I know. Did Crites do the crossover work? Just trying to understand the scope of work. And BTW, they are beautiful.
  2. Fully tested and in excellent condition. Wires attached. Tweeter screws included too..... $140 shipped in CONUS.
  3. I would prefer that the seller answer the question. Thank you. @jdaudio
  4. Which of the Crites tweeters are installed, and what caps were used in the crossovers? Thanks. @jdaudio
  5. I would recommend calling customer service (again and again), and continue to email. I'd say if they can't give you a good answer this week, then cancel the order and look toward using a dealer such as Paducah Home Theater, owner is Cory. You likely will have to change to a different speaker if they are out of stock. https://paducahhometheater.com/
  6. In the right corner for the right speaker, the left for the left speaker.....
  7. You're right....don't. Do that first, and then see how you like them.
  8. No they do not. Use small/medium size furniture sliders and call it a day....
  9. Do you want them to look good, and you have no experience in veneering, so…? The question is what? Please, send them out to a professional. won’t be cheap, but will be worth it. Practice on something smaller and less expensive.
  10. First of all, put updated AA networks in place of the AL. Secondly, depending on your budget, you can find and install better capacitors than the Sonicaps. I am currently using either Jantzen, Audiocap PPT Theta, or ClarityCaps. The cap change is very straightforward. JMHO of course. Nice project, have fun.
  11. I’m sure you don’t bother to change the oil in your car either.
  12. The crossover thread is under the technical/modifications topic on this forum.
  13. You can certainly order a "set" for AA networks from Bob Crites if you want to go with Sonicaps. I personally use other caps, but that's up to you. You can also order the needed cap values from Parts Express, Sonicraft and other vendors, but they don't come as a "set". The network schematics are available on this forum.
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