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  1. Buy it, no question.
  2. How about curving some Crites components at the same time? See what all the fuss is about…
  3. As long as you have plenty of blankets, wrapping in plastic and cardboard is definitely not necessary.
  4. I would check all of the horn to cabinet screws and make sure that they are nicely hand tight.
  5. Yes sir. Certainly helps when you use good quality parts......
  6. I like the bright colors and big knobs....
  7. Oh come now… my grandson gave me a Fisher-Price radio, and it sounds great with the K horns…
  8. No, you are not misunderstanding at all. The recommendation above is way out of line.
  9. I have an HK A402 for sale that sounds great with all Heritage. Same as the HK730 receiver, without the tuner. Fully serviced and great shape. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  10. Do you have the tools and knowledge to solder? These are very simple circuits.
  11. Yes, there certainly are. Parts Express, Sonicraft, and many others.
  12. All of them are in beautiful shape. I have been collecting Klipsch parts for a long time..... K33 - $325 per pair, plus ship K43 - $425 per pair, plus ship (one pair is in original Klipsch boxes, never installed) I have appropriate boxes and material for shipping the woofers. Serious interest only please. Please PM for additional info. Located NW Indiana.
  13. Gotta disagree with you there my friend.
  14. They look just fine except for that one small spot.
  15. Yes I have, and I would still go with the K horns.
  16. In my experience, bi-wiring is a waste of time. Bi-amping on the other hand is worthwhile if you have the means to do so.
  17. Looks like the overwhelming opinion is to make the purchase. Enjoy.
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