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  1. Everything is inarguable to you. Excellent High quality receivers can be just as good as any other component.
  2. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Dr. Frankenstein would be proud......
  3. Need at least one pair of the above. Must test strong. Please PM me, thanks. I have lots of tubes to trade, or outright purchase.
  4. Glass tops would be a wise and modest investment. Not sure how deep the scratches are, but you could try a "Tibet Almond Stick". https://www.amazon.com/Tibet-Almond-Stick-Scratch-Products/dp/B0006ZN9OS
  5. This is none of your business, again, and you are thread crapping in the Garage Sale, again.
  6. Following as I just got a Node 2i.
  7. I guess my take is this....Based on what you've said, I don't think there's anything "wrong" with your Belles, I just think that you like the other ADS much better, and they suit your hearing, so it's a comparison issue, not a problem/technical issue. I would certainly sell the Belles, if you have any original drivers/crossovers I would put those back in and sell off the rest. JMHO
  8. What is the driver compliment, and what amps/sources are you using?
  9. No, you're not crazy. The post was manipulated, not a surprise. The post originally said something very close to "ALK recommends an Lpad for.......".
  10. Stop the presses! Did you hear that Chief? ALK! We’re saved!
  11. Or in the coronavirus thread on this forum…
  12. This forum has been there, done that, a zillion times, don't you think?
  13. Instead, why don't you prove (since you have all of that fabulous lab gear, and no handheld meters), that the wire isn't better? Please post your results.
  14. Perhaps "capable" was a poor choice of words. I feel the 2 "sounds better" at higher volumes, to me....maybe that's a better way of putting it. And yes, the 2 mid horn makes a difference for sure.
  15. So what you're saying is that you've never measured a cap in the lab that had excessive ESR? That's really hard to believe. I don't have a "lab", but I have very good test equipment, and I have tested dozens of the old caps and almost every one had high ESR. And I guess also what you are saying is that unless the caps are visibly leaking oil that there's no need to replace them, even if you don't test them?
  16. You are welcome. I'm sure you will be pleased with either model.
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