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  1. And would you mind sending me a PM and letting me know who did the restoration. Thank you.
  2. Where are you? And are you interested in a very nice pair of Chorus 1?
  3. That’s what all the girls say…
  4. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Kind of funny… I was cutting my lawn on my tractor and as I passed by a low slung long evergreen I saw him fully stretched out just sunning himself and he never moved. As I passed by a second time he was still there and I decided to grab him and get a couple of pictures for the grandkids and, of course you guys…
  5. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Yes, I’ve seen quite a few small ones here over the last four or five years but this guy is by far the biggest one yet. I’m glad to have him.
  6. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Of course I set it free, they are great to have in the garden.
  7. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Big guy. Largest one I've seen in the yard yet.
  8. If both speakers look that nice on all surfaces and are fully functional, I would say that's a fair price for the Belles. If you can find a pair of La Scala in that condition......Should be at least $1000 less, then.......Jackpot! As far as comparison, I found the Belles to be a bit more laid back, and not as upfront and dynamic as the La Scalas. I've had two pairs of Belles and sold both to good friends, and still have two sets of La Scalas (and always looking for another pair.....)
  9. One pair has been sold locally. One pair remaining, still at forum price.
  10. 12 hours has been my experience as well. Or, thereabouts.....
  11. I could not be happier with the work done on several units that I took to Stereo Rehab in Chicago after a recommendation from several friends on two different forums. Absolutely stellar work by a gentleman that really knows his stuff around audio gear, and particularly vintage Scott and Fisher gear, but that's not everything he works on. Casper did an awesome job on my Mcintosh MC240 as well. Very nice guy, reasonably priced and outstanding work. He is moving his shop to a larger location in Chicago in the next couple of weeks. Highly recommended. http://www.stereorehab.com/
  12. You have no idea how hard some of those shots he made are, unless you've been there. 17 was absolutely incredible. Of course when I played there in 1986, I had to try the Tom Watson chip on 17......for me, impossible.
  13. Happy for Gary Woodland. He deserved to win. Some great shots.
  14. These are now listed on other sites for a higher price.
  15. Hi, those are nice looking. Could you please let us know the price you are asking? Thanks.
  16. OK kids, going local tomorrow. Hate to do it....
  17. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Awwww.....it's Babe with a mustache.......you heathen......
  18. If only Fox Sports was NOT carrying this...Joe Buck and Curtis Strange are annoying as hell.
  19. Recently acquired a beautiful Scott LK-150 amp and would like to equip it with some great tubes. Looking for a good quality pair of 5AR4 and (preferably) a close quad of 6550. Please let me know what you might have. Thanks.
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