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  1. Bump for a nice pair of speakers.
  2. Even if you did attend, you may still have no clue.
  3. They do not need a sub, they need the right room, source, and amplification.
  4. So the woofers were installed? While they are open, you might want to take the time to rotate them 180 degrees, and also check them electrically. Don't forget to put down some new gasket material around the panel before installation. That chamber needs to be well sealed.
  5. There would be a large bonfire before that ever happened......
  6. Welcome to the forum. Agree that photos would be appreciated, and your location. And also agree that perhaps you can sell them and then purchase a pair of vintage La Scalas with updated components. Vintage (nice) pair can be had between $1200-$2000, LS II will run you $3500 and up, and AL5 much beyond that.
  7. Hello Rodolphe, hope you are well. I think your new Khorns will be fine in your room, and that they should be closed on the outside of the bass bin. Someone here can hopefully link you to a method that one of our members used very successfully with minimal attachment points. Good luck with your project.
  8. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Dang, from shrimp boat captain to banana farmer......
  9. jimjimbo

    Hey Klipsch ...

    I know, and I certainly appreciate that, but of course you realize that you are in the significant minority in that regard… But that’s OK.
  10. jimjimbo

    Hey Klipsch ...

    You consider that the “overall quality“ of this forum? I think you are sadly mistaken.
  11. Really nice pair of vintage Altec 886a speakers. One active and one passive per unit. Gorgeous walnut cabinets. There are some scratches via the previous owner, but only on one short side of each speaker. I refinished these with two coats of Watco walnut oil, and 3 coats of Watco Rejuvenating Oil, and they do look great. The cabinets are very tight and are very well constructed. Original drivers, new gaskets to the motorboards. Everything tested and excellent. Recapped the crossovers, only one 5uf cap in each, replaced with a Dayton Precision Audio 1% caps. Tweed brown grills which are damn near perfect. Original Altec badges present I was very happy with how great these sound after my refurb. Certainly could use a sub, but they sound terrific on their own. Suffice it to say that I don't "need" any more speakers..... Located in NW Indiana. Pickup only, no shipping. Happy to audition in my outdoor space. $295 Please PM me with questions and intent to purchase. Thanks.
  12. Look at the 50 Hz point and I believe that will answer your question.
  13. And just because a person is smart in one thing doesn't mean they are smart in ANYTHING else.
  14. Respect others, protect yourself, wear a mask.
  15. Who exactly do you propose to pay for it? The manufacturers? They didn't start or exacerbate this crisis.
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