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    Let's Go Colts!

    Kicking some Texans azz right now!
  2. List what you might be bringing to Hope, and/or what you might be looking for to add to your system/collection. Past sales have featured just about everything audio.....receivers, amp, preamps, speakers, cables, parts, vacuum tubes, etc, etc, etc. If you list here and subsequently sell or acquire prior to the Pilgrimage event, please edit your post to SOLD or delete the text.
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    I can only hope to have that much hair by then....
  4. jimjimbo

    Professional speaker for sale

    Aww, too bad they don’t cut it anymore...
  5. Ordered two of these yesterday from BH Photo. Would like to hear thoughts from those that are using them as far as perceived quality, types of cables used (toslink/coax), best practices, etc. Also use with external DACs. Read a ton of good reviews before I purchased, seemed like a nice toy to play with for only $15.....Thanks.
  6. jimjimbo

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (Coming Soon)

    Nope, I didn't skip a thing. And I'm not surprised that you seemingly took offense at an innocuous question.
  7. jimjimbo

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (Coming Soon)

    So, what would be your expert suggestion as to a better way to assemble? Just wondering....
  8. jimjimbo

    Eye Opener

    You are kidding right? Other than the shit show that is going on in DC right now, I would say that the "retirement crisis" is one of the top issues in the news/magazines/papers/blogs, etc, etc, every single day.
  9. jimjimbo

    Winter Storm Harper

    Just finished the first snow blow, 6 inches on the ground so far, more coming.
  10. jimjimbo

    Professional speaker for sale

    A lot depends on cosmetic and functional condition, drivers included, etc. Really need a bit more information and photos would also go a long way.
  11. Just want to make sure that for whoever is interested, please note that Hope is located in a DRY COUNTY. Meaning, there are no liquor stores, nor do the grocery stores sell beer or wine. If you are driving in, it is highly suggested that you bring in your own beverages to carry you through the weekend.
  12. I have been working on these projects for quite some time, and they are finally done. All of the speakers have been fully rehabbed, meaning cleaned and polished interiors/exteriors, updated crossovers and in a couple of cases, new drivers. All have been tested of course, and simply sound fantastic. All the work has been done, these are plug and play....These setups don't come around very often, and will last a lifetime. Terms: $3100 for the package. I would prefer to sell everything together at this time. If there is no significant movement, then I will consider individual sales, however, that might take a while... I am located in zip 46544. If you want this shipped, you will be completely responsible to arrange and pay for that service. I accept Paypal, USPS Money orders, bank drafts and gold bullion. PLEASE PM me with any questions, or about any options you might see below. These are all pictured on movers dollies, for ease of moving around, there are no casters or anything else attached to the bottoms. 1. Pair of one piece La Scala Industrial, model LS BG. Consecutive serial numbers, 1029 and 1030. Cleaned and polished fiberglass exterior. AA Crossovers updated with ClarityCaps New Crites CT-120 tweeters New Crites A-55G midrange K-43E woofers, consecutively numbered (which I have rarely seen), with PWK silver medallions 2. Pair of Heresy Industrial Ported, model HIP Consecutive serial numbers, 5066, 5067 Cleaned and polished fiberglass exterior K-42E woofers K-77M square mag tweeters K-55M midrange (option to upgrade to K-55V solder lug, dual phase plug driver) Additional cost HIE networks updated with Dayton 1% Precision audio capacitors 3. Single La Scala Industrial Split (I'm never going to find a match, so here you go....) Cleaned and polished fiberglass exterior LF Bin serial - 1307 HF serial - 2218 K-77M square magnet tweeters K-55V push terminal midrange (option to upgrade to K-55V solder lug, dual phase plug driver), or (option to upgrade to A-55G driver) Additional cost. K-43E woofers AA crossovers updated with Dayton 1% Precision audio capacitors
  13. Thanks Shane! It was great to meet you and Jim, enjoyed having you to my place.
  14. If this is your only pair, I would say no. Find another pair to turn into Supers. Update the crossovers on these, clean them up and call it good… Enjoy!
  15. Surprised at your impression of the MAC 4100, and the 2505 (which is the same amp as the MC250, but has meters....) Were the MAC 4100 and 2505 fully restored? Here's a relevant copied post from another forum to which I subscribe and agree....The reason I point this out is that the MAC 4100 has the same internal preamp and amp as the 6200, and is widely considered one of Mcintosh's superior products. The MA 6200 is a solid performer with a sterling reputation for delivering all the performance expected of McIntosh, with the proviso that it has been fully serviced and recapped as the newest is approaching 40 years of age. MA 6200 represents a number of significant engineering advancements over the earlier generation MA 5100/6100 line. Two of the most important are Power Guard which allows full power without the danger of clipping and precision tracking volume control and of course, the C Variable Loudness, which sadly, McIntosh has omitted from its more recent product offerings. I had always been mistakenly under the impression that the MA 6200 also used FET input switching but as it turns out this is not the case. Ironically the MAC 4100 receiver does have the feature, just like TOTL McIntosh components. In short, one would be hard pressed to find an owner who is/was disappointed with his MA 6200.
  16. What I was hoping to accomplish is to simplify my streaming setup, and get away from using a laptop to connect to my Oppo 105 (via USB), and also to get away from another laptop hooked to a Schiit Bifrost, to my Mac 4100 (via RCA). Since the Chromecast has Spotify Premium support, I'm eager to find out if perhaps the streaming quality might be better, but I don't know. Also thinking that the coax connector might be better than toslink, but again, I don't know....
  17. jimjimbo

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    I didn't know you lived close to Richieb ....
  18. Welcome to the forum.. I also have, among other things....an MC240 and MX110 pair. For the size of your room and your listening position, I think you should try to seek out and audition Forte III or Heresy III speakers. My opinion is that anything larger will overwhelm your room.
  19. jimjimbo

    KLIPSCH KG 1.5 & KV 2

    If you have never heard these small speakers, you would be shocked at how great they sound. I have a pair of them and have had several other pairs of them that friends of mine wanted very badly and I gave them away. They are terrific for their size.
  20. SOLD Classic pair of La Scala’s for sale - $1150 Serial numbers are 24U852/853, manufactured in 1980 LS BR Mahogany, factory applied finish Crossovers: ClarityCap CSA capacitors, AA mod, 13uf to 6.8uf, tap 4 to tap 3 on T2A autoformer, taming the midrange, and sounds great. Grills are factory installed black Heritage grill cloth with Jubilee Pie badge. Grills are in great shape. Drivers are K77 round Alnico tweeters, K55V spring terminal midrange, K33E square magnet woofers. New mid driver to horn o’rings. All drivers have been fully tested and are fully functional. Mid horns damped with Dynamat I wrapped both horns with blue painters tape prior to applying the Dynamat, so that it is very easy to remove should you want to do that, although I will say this application made quite a significant positive difference. This pair of La Scala’s sound fantastic. They are very solid, no sidewall resonance, and (to me) terrific bass, so personally I don’t feel a sub is needed, but that’s just me…. There are a few minor chips, and some scratches, but these speakers have a lot of great character. Located in zip 46544. Buyer must arrange all transportation or shipping. Obviously prefer local pickup. I will hold these for a buyer, but a deposit of $500 will be required. PayPal, bank draft and USPS Money Orders accepted. PLEASE PM with interest.
  21. It’s not really all that surprising, it just depends on what you can put in your living room versus what you want to put in your private music space…
  22. SOLD, thank you for all of the interest.
  23. jimjimbo

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    Fish and shoe leather?