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  1. Coytee

    NFL 2019

    Bengals: Again vying for the first or second pick..... meanwhile, some of the top choices are suddenly taking up sky diving, boat racing, knife throwing (where they are the target)... or various other dangerous hobbies in order to enjoy some of their life prior to getting lost in the abyss of Cincinnati.....
  2. As I was typing that yes, it dawned on me that there would probably be various people from various schools that would pay a premium to have it tagged like that. I suppose you'd have to get permission or pay some form of licensing fee in order to keep your nose clean??? We presume you like a clean nose?
  3. Did you see the fine engraving where he put "Go Ohio State!" on them?? You have to look but I'm sure it's there. Then again, maybe you got his prototype where instead of 'Go Ohio State!', it might be the one that says "Boo Michigan" might want to look.
  4. The cylinders are ....I don't know.... six maybe eight inches in diameter (never really looked at them) but being round, might be annoying. Isn't there a paint "POR" which is something like paint on rust?? I was once told that's the cats meow for oxidized items.
  5. I live in UT (University of TN) area... they're as nutso here as anywhere I've seen about their team. When I first moved here (out of Big 10 territory) I recall telling my wife with what was probably a rather smug attitude.... "I sure wish UT would play a blue blood team like Ohio State and find out what it's really all about......" (or some close paraphrase of that) Seems a handful of years later, it just so happened that UT and OSU did meet. In the Sugar Bowl as I recall AND Ohio State had big bad Eddie George at the time. UT simply kicked them up & down the field and made them look silly. I've toned down my rhetoric a bit since then. (perhaps a different way to say I've learned much about and gained greater respect for the SEC)
  6. Note that I'm not going to paint the machine.... I'm only going to be working on the rear stabilizers . Andy, you don't know how much you hit this on the head.... I do climb over it like a monkey when I'm trying to reach or fix something (or need a perch while doing something else) I still have some of that red paint I used on the K510 (for the sake of keeping it low cost)... hadn't thought about that.
  7. For anyone who wants a chuckle.... couple years ago, I had "Frozen Shoulder". Well, in addition to that, I had a "SLAP" tear and a torn rotator cuff.... all on the same shoulder. Then my swing cylinders decided their life was up and time for them to explode on me. I needed to get them off however, they are heavy as lead AND you have to hold them both up in midair while taking off the plate that holds them up (then duck lest they fall and crush you) Then, you have to put them up in reverse.....holding TWO 80/90 pound (? guess) cylinders while also using your mythic third & fourth hands to lift the 50 pound plate that goes under them to hold them. THEN, try that with one arm tied behind your back. That is what I was up against here so I got my floor jack and a plethora of straps. At the time of the picture, I don't recall if it was going up or coming down but got it done. Oh, and the bolts have to be torqued to something like 400 Ft Pounds (from memory, not sure if that's correct) So I also had to get a torque multiplier to aid with that. It was a challenge but I'm nothing if not persistent.
  8. May I ask what "DA" is?? Don't forget you're talking to a dummy here.
  9. It's my personal Rorschach test... just pick a spot and stare at it for 30 minutes. Some people tell me they can see Elvis....
  10. Here's a picture so you can see why I'm not terribly concerned about the paint however, if I'm doing the job, would like to do a decent job. (what better to use for improving my painting skills!!)
  11. I have an industrial backhoe (JCB). It's painted that proverbial "industrial yellow" and of course, is greatly faded from new. I don't really care so much about the shade.....as much as "what would be the best (durable) type of paint to put onto something like this? Scenario: One of my stabilizers has popped a leak so needs to be rebuilt. When I was inspecting it (as I was attaching new hoses to it) I noticed that the underside is nearly naked of paint so thought I'd pull it off, clean it, rebuild it and then repaint it. I'm guessing that an oil base would be the most durable (?) and same with a primer (?) Any brand specific that should be considerred first? When I painted the fenders of my tractor, I was told to go to PPG and use their stuff. I can do that again if their brand would work well. One reason I bother to ask about this is decades ago, I had my car painted. At the time, I was a teenager. Took it to the car wash (mistake #1) and used their pressure washer (mistake #2) and had a spot on the side of the car where the paint literally peeled off when the pressure hit it. So it wasn't sticking very well and this will get abused so want something sticky!!! (but not to the touch!)
  12. I've always been constrained with mine but I'd imagine that it would sound bigger'er.... and likely in a good way.
  13. The first step is to admit you have a problem.... (but, what fun would that be?)
  14. PWK's goal was to take his vaunted Klipschorn back to a 2-way speaker....and we have the Jubilee. Some prefer the 2-way version, some prefer the 3-way version...(although they're all either whack-a-doo or amateur photographers.... (both rule Claude out! , so he's safe)) Anyway, as for output requirements for residential use, the 2-way (if that is your cup of tea) is WELL more than enough to tuck your tail and run you out of the room if you get careless with the volume. So if the 2-way can run you out of the room, the 3-way could perhaps run you out of the entire house (again, if you got stupid with the volume) BOTH will play as quiet as a whisper if asked.... So I'd imagine in the end, it's a bit up to you and your preferences. When I compared the 3-way Khorn to the 2-way Jubilee, it was hands down, no contest. The Jubilee was much more coherent and "one voice". Not being too familiar with the 3-way version, I wonder how the extra crossover affects the intelligibility that I noticed by dropping it with the Khorn? If I'm you and you have all requisite parts, I say go ahead & set one up as 3-way on one side.....set the other up as 2-way on the other side and do some (mono) side by side comparisons to see what you think.
  15. Are you trying to tell me that my room isn't perfect??
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