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  1. I have absolutely ZERO memory of that name. If I ever knew of it, I don't recall.....but, I don't think I knew of it.
  2. https://www.cincydirect.com/Index.aspx/Worthmore-Brands-Store/
  3. I guess when you visit it will be roofing instead of rocks. One must plan their tasks carefully.
  4. DAMN, foiled again.... you were not supposed to see that parked behind the shed.
  5. Babadono is driving in the middle of the sticks in East TN, looking for Coytee's habitat....He's been dying to hear Jubilee's and find out what all the bluster is about. He arrives and discovers it's not so bad here....but, there's that Coytee jerk moving some heavy rocks and stuff around....panting... "Hey Coytee, I'm here.... where are the Jubilee's...." (grunting) Oh, hang on... I've got to move these few 1,000 pound boulders (uphill of course).... going to take me a WHOOPS........... and slips....rock falls back.... So, Babadono thinks to himself... man.... that poor guy....the only way I'm going to get in there quickly is to just lend him a hand. "Hey Coytee... mind if I help" "Nope"..... and Coytee chalks another point on his board of willing laborers without having to ask the first one.
  6. Damn you..... you're just trying to mooch in on the pizza and become part of the crowd pranking me on my beloved Chesters Pizza.... (though I must admit that would be beautifully poetic)
  7. Ahh Grasshopper who thinkest thou art pulling a shennegans on me.... Mike & I have been in talks about that very thing. (I think that would count as at least strike one??) Turns out he comes to this area every now & then to do some hiking. Don't know if he might fly down or drive. Now, if he DRIVES down.... I might need to be nice to him (at least initially) to see if I could sucker him to make a pit stop for me while in the Hamilton area and pick up a Chesters pizza for me and bring it down! (of which I'd more than happily pay so there are no freebies being attempted here) Funny/true story.... as a backstory, my college roommates & I grew up on this Chesters and loved to go there. We'd decide while starting to make dinner in Oxford (call it an hour away) "Man, I could go for a Chesters right now" and we'd yell out "Chesters tonight" and at the drop of a hat, we'd make a road trip for dinner. Fast forward 10/15 years and one of them was going to be driving through Knoxville and said he had a surprise for me (I was working so he was going to leave it on my porch). Now, this specific EX-roommate (notice emphasis) was a genuine prankster.... we had a joke about getting "faced" when you were pranked. "Faced" is illustrated by taking your hand and putting it about an inch in front of your victim's face while rubbing it in. "Palming" their face might be a good illustration. I get home that night and indeed, I see something on my porch. OMG, it's a Chesters pizza in their box!!! I scurry up to it, pick it up and carry it in. I immediately turn the oven on.... while it was warming up, putting a coke from the fridge into the freezer to make it extra cold.... I open the box. I swear on my life, I can HEAR him laughing at me.... That SOB took the pizza OUT and ate it. He took a section of a 2x4 piece of wood.... TAPED it to the box to give the closed box the heft the pizza might have AND, that little SOB, found a halloween plastic "hand" (life sized) and also taped the hand in there to "face" me as he KNEW how I'd react and that my mouth would be watering just anticipating my dinner and he KNEW he'd score a major point. He did and we still laugh hysterically about it to this day.... and this was now, about 30 years ago. Hmmm.... now that I reflect on what I've written.... "Mike" from Cleveland might come to hear the Jubilee's. My EX-roommate who faced me with the empty Chesters pizza box was also named MIKE.... now, I'm getting suspicious. Who, ME hold a grudge about an empty pizza box???
  8. (since I was born/raised in Hamilton I get to say the following without any grief) "Since you live in Cleveland...." (Supposed to sound derogatory, coming from someone from the other corner of the state) if you indeed acquire a pair of Jubilee's, you will be the appointed person for that neck of the woods to audition them for others. Nice thing is, most folks (100% in my experience) are a joy to host.... well.... unless they're from Cleveland... HA! I kill myself.
  9. Not to add any pressure (as I twist your arm behind your back!).... Without counting, I'm thinking maybe 40% or so of all owners bought without ever hearing them first. (which I think is cool as beans) I used to keep track of that because at the time it was near impossible to find them to hear them (as you are finding out) so many just jumped..... I think this is one reason why so many (virtually every one that I've spoken with however, I've not spoken with all of them) anyway, I think this is one reason why so many Jubilee owners have expressed an openness to make them available for audition as they were once in those same shoes. It's also pretty cool to see the wide eyes and mouth agape of the person who's hearing them for the first time. There was once a term, you were either a "Heard" or not.... what was most interesting at that time (over 10 years ago) were the "NON-Heards" that were giving commentary on how the speaker "must sound" for various reasons....rather than actually bothering to hear them and know how they DID sound and further understand the superlative accolades that were being given. What's really cool now days is the "Heard" base has grown.....and grown..... and today there are now many more converts.
  10. Too bad for the couple in the 30th row, huh?
  11. I'm in a fair amount of disagreement with this assessment. One thing I noticed after replacing my (3-way) Khorns with the 2-way Jubilee's is I was getting better more cohesive sound CLOSER and inside the room with the Jubilee's verses the Khorns. I actually had measured once and noticed that I had to be about 30' away from the Khorns and they sounded distinctly better than closer in. The Jubilee's "come together" maybe 7-10 feet from them so you can be much closer and still have that "one voice" Corners: They're intended to fit in a corner which in most places is typically dead space. They (both Khorns and Jubilee's when in corners) are probably the single most space efficient speaker made. They don't need to be pulled out in the room like a shoe box sized Pioneer HPM or CV or (insert just about any other brand). they ARE large.... but once they're tucked into the corners, their large size pretty much melts away .
  12. I was kinda thinking strung up just out of reach of the caldron.... oh so close, yet sooooooooooooo far....
  13. 45 times is for beginners.... takes a while to be the expert that I'm considered to be.
  14. Seems there's a lot of killing going on round these parts.
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