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  1. Coytee

    2018 Jubilee K-691 Drivers : For Sale

    I'm thinking Rigma might have one .....then there is Chris with his pesky MEH.... sort of an all in one!
  2. Coytee

    2018 Jubilee K-691 Drivers : For Sale

    Quite possibly the only person with a Jubilee for center channel. One of a very few if not.
  3. Coytee

    Forum member auditions my Jubilees

    I like your up high outlets. I did some myself, specifically in case I wanted to put a shelf above the 402. My brother in law gave me about 20 (orange) hospital grade outlets.... so I figured I'd use them on a separate circuit and instruct the wife, she's never to use anything orange. When she saw the orange outlets up high like that, she about slayed me. Not sure I'm allowed to say on a public forum what her exact words were.... I wonder if your room is a bit reflective though??
  4. Coytee

    Car 'fix-it' question...(Camry)

    So, I just did a search on Coytee Road (which happens to be the road I live on) but searched in Sevierville. Lemme tell you.... if what I found is where you were..... her sense of direction is reallyyyyyyyyyyy bad... On the other hand.... if you were stalking me down my road, you should have stopped by. Could have pushed some trees or dirt around... maybe a boulder or two...
  5. Coytee

    Car 'fix-it' question...(Camry)

    Tomorrow is the first real drive that I'll have given it since I did this (been home Friday through Monday) Heading to..... Sevierville! DTel, you could probably give me directions to my destination!! Anyway, I'll keep eyes/ears on it tomorrow. If it continues, I'll look around for the manual (which should be in the glove box) Otherwise, I've been too busy getting the transmission on the International 1066 that I recently bought, up & running like it should. There's a spring inside the housing that holds two arms snug to each other, as a roller clicks into a detent. Though I'm replacing a few parts....the biggest offender is, that darn spring is missing! (probably got chewed up by the transmission which is sitting directly under it) So far, my magnetic searches have yielded me nothing. Anyway, you could move the shifter, range selector almost anywhere you wanted....sometimes it would end up where you wanted....sometimes it wouldn't move at all....sometimes (at least once) it might bind a forward gear to reverse and really confuse the tractor (and kill the engine if you let clutch out). So in addition to a couple items in there, I'm replacing that pesky spring with a brand new one. It's amazing to me how a little spring can kill the whole party!!
  6. Coytee

    College football 2018

    I'm biased but feel OSU on a day to day basis is a top-10 team.....but after the twin egg they laid yesterday... I'm about ready to rate them on par with the Bengals...
  7. and stop hiding the front of the speaker with your LP crate!!! If you're going to have something worthy of showing off, show them off!! (much like your childs teeth after you've put thousands into them....what if the child never smiles??? )
  8. You didn't sell the speakers to cover the braces for your child AND you slapped them on? I think those speakers are beautiful and I love the grain.... I think you should sell them to cover the braces. I can be there within 48 hours and will bring the $500 in cash....mmmmmmkay?? As to your bona-fide questions, I haven't a clue....I'm still slobbering over the wood grain.
  9. Coytee

    Car 'fix-it' question...(Camry)

    I took the battery cable off yesterday night (it was tight) My intent was to remove it.... go eat lunch and put it back on. Then... yep... I forgot about it so it's still disconnected AND it's now raining outside. Not pouring but raining none the less (great). I went out to put cable back on battery, decided I didn't need it done enough to warrant getting wet so walked away...will (maybe) do it later if the rain slows down.
  10. I was just waiting for you all to make my pot bigger.... NOW when I win, I should surely have enough.
  11. Damn.... you got some serious bills... Maybe at least buy a new pair of shorts??
  12. Coytee

    Car 'fix-it' question...(Camry)

    Interesting. I live about 12 miles from where it was done. I don't recall if the AC was on or not. I don't recall it doing this for prior battery but that was long ago. Guess i'll go disconnect battery and make myself lunch!!
  13. Ok, so some general numbers. You win a billion 1,000,000,000 If the payout is 50% (since I have no idea) You then have $500,000,000 If you lose say, 25% to taxes you now have $375,00,000 If you have 6% state tax: $352,500,000 Put 10% into your checking account ($35,000,000 that's 35 million) to "blow" and have fun...get your family, neighbors US Klipsch-heads (snicker) off your back Leaves you with: $317,250,000 Put into (your state) tax free muni bonds... varying months at 2% (I've not looked to see where actual rates are but for the scale, it won't really matter) This gets you $6,345,000 per year....double tax free (no federal, no state tax) Or $528,750 per month tax free Or $17,625 per day tax free (and don't forget you already booked 35 MILLION into your checking account "for fun") Put that i your Jubilee's and smoke it!!
  14. Coytee

    Car 'fix-it' question...(Camry)

    I've got a Camry (2005) 4-cylinder. Knowing cold weather is coming and my battery is old... I decided on a whim to have it replaced. Drove to Autozone...was going to buy the battery when he gets his workbench rolling towards door... Oh?? You're going to do it for me? NIce! Now it will be done and I won't get dirty....can save that for getting the tractor working. Get in car and from that moment on, my idle is slow enough that the car now dies when stopped, but in gear. Stopped in park, it seems to low idle but put in gear and that's enough drag to kill the engine. It's never ever ever done this before and started immediately (as in at the traffic light) after the batter was replaced. I stood & watched him do it... nothing untoward happened....no surprises.... old battery out...new battery in. I DID lose my radio stations so that has me wondering if something electronic needs to be reset??