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  1. Have you fired up your K402's yet? Thoughts??
  2. I'm wondering if you could put it on its side, under the tv, behind the equipment? I like the covers on the LaScala bins... kind of reminds me of the cake that the scantily clad beach gals that jump out of... @Chris A
  3. Hmmm... doesn't work for me like that....simply types it out. That's what I did above. Ahhh... I think I have it... (was I typing too fast?) @Thaddeus Smith Bingo! Ok, you da man for the day! Feel free to kick back and listen to your favorite BR of Marie Osmond....
  4. Well, how does someone like me do that?
  5. They didn't have them here (this is from 2008)
  6. Ok Mr. Speedo... I think you've had your Jubilee's for a couple weeks now? You've had your LaScalas for sometime now?? So.... what say you with regard to them being side by side? @Speed ^^ did I do that correctly so he'd be notified?
  7. Maybe improve the LaScala.... set a K510 or K402 on top of your LaScalas You'd be surprised at what these will do for your sound (though nothing for the bass)
  8. It's 5:00 EST, when does the heated discussion begin?
  9. I agree....two posts and BOOM, he's down to business!
  10. I wonder how that subwoofer worked out for him?
  11. Nice writeup! Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I offer some extra commentary for you
  12. Take him some Greaters or maybe a Skyline...
  13. I had mine on top of my Khorns.... never noticed any issues... then again, my wife says I'm deaf (snicker)
  14. So, this infers you've ordered a pair of Jubilee's? Man, can Roy keep up with all the recent activity?? Are you in Memphis? Regardless, 32 posts and perhaps buying a pair of Jubilee's?... nice and congrats!
  15. Speakers are free but the one with the chewing gum on the underside has a $10 upcharge...