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  1. Not knowing too much about this stuff..... would Roy's PEQ at 148 Hz be of help? 148 Hz, Q:8, -7 db This is of course, for active settings
  2. Coytee

    KPT-904 vs Klipschorn

  3. Coytee

    WTB K2 Amplifier FOUND

    I agree. I have three of them (not bridged) and think they do a fine job....though they are perhaps a bit overkill in my situation. Kind of irked myself after my drywall was done and we installed the Danley sub. Had I known the Danley would get approved prior to the drywall, I would have doubled the wires to it so I could have run each driver in the Danley to a single channel on the Crown. As it is, I run them both on one channel. Tis still certainly sufficient. and I can always bridge it I suppose.
  4. Coytee

    Can we talk 2" midrange drivers?

    I don't know all the technical stuff.....but on the Jubilee's, (with the K402) the TAD's kick in at 400Hz LR/24. I think by going active, you are able to stop the signal to them soon enough where it wan't cause any damage. I WILL say that for residential use, you are not going to really be limited with volume (hmmmm.....) Looks like you're in Michigan?? Ever see yourself driving to TN? Though I have a TAD which is currently sitting unused in my closet, I'm not too keen on shipping it and risking a cracked diaphragm... But if you're close enough to pick it up, you are welcome to borrow it. BTW, once you get on I-75 south, I'm only "about" 4 turns away from you!!
  5. Coytee

    Art work or not

    Or how about some of the Moody Blues covers?!
  6. Coytee

    Factory quality control?

    (everyone exhale....) You know slk... "crap happens", right? We (and they) are only human. Roughly 12 years ago, I spent about $7,000 and bought a pair of their Jubilee's. Did the snoopy happy dance (and am still dancing that dance today) During that time frame, there were many unknowns about the speaker. Did it have stuffing inside? Did it not?? So, one day when I was tinkering around, I thought I'd go ahead & pull the top off to find out. (yes, it has stuffing) BUT....while I was in there I discovered that either the screws holding my woofers on had loosened or.... maybe someone at the factory didn't tighten them all the way. I don't know. I got a screwdriver and tightened them and (not sure) I THINK this is the first thing I've ever said publicly about the incident. (I did send an email to Roy so he'd be aware of it) So, "it happens, nothing is perfect and people make mistakes....." You have a great sounding speaker and now, sounds even better! time for you to do the Snoopy Happy Dance!
  7. Coytee

    Factory quality control?

    Must have been made the Monday after their Christmas party...
  8. Buried worked for me. Have mine in the closet under stairs where the water heater used to be. (moved it to Garage) I was suffering from some heath issues at the time so my wife ended up doing 100% of the trim work and created the covers from scratch. Shows the length someone will go to hide what she considers "ugly teenager speakers"
  9. Coytee

    Best Cornwall....?

    Don't you have some tweeter horns to grind on?
  10. Coytee

    Best Cornwall....?

    To try to answer your question with the preface that I'm not an engineer (though I did marry a retentive wife!) Anyways, I would put part of the reason like this. Look at the picture below. When you look at the cones of output you see different shapes. The lower image has similar cones for all levels. When you are listening to the Jubilee for example, it might be similar to the lower picture where you have constant coverage of the sound. If you listen to something different, it might have different patterns. So the larger speakers (2" throat horns) are going to give you better dynamics, larger scale of sound and better, more even coverage of output (meaning it will sound similar in more areas of the room instead of different flavors (the above photo) coming in more or less strong depending on where you are. Again, that's just my thoughts.
  11. Coytee

    Best Cornwall....?

    I don't pretend to put myself into any designers shoes, but the 396 has always struck me as the Cornwall on steroids. Take the Cornwall, make it 2-way, slap the 510 inside and give it a stout woofer.... whaddya got? Beats me but for my sensibility, it would seem to emulate the 396. You gain from the large format driver. You gain from the loss of a crossover point. Now....for a new conversation, can we hijack this thread to actives verses passives & different brands of caps??
  12. Coytee

    College football 2018

    That game has to hurt for Michigan fans. There will however, be another day for them.
  13. Coytee

    Best Cornwall....?

    You're showing either your ignorance.....or bias? I once had a pair of Khorns. I presume we can both agree that those are "home" speakers, no?? I found a spot in my house (open floor plan) about 30 feet away (yes I measured) where they came into a singular voice and sounded distinctly better. Fast forward a number of years, I sell them and replace them with the Jubilee. The Jubilee is one of those cinema speakers that you might feel are designed for a banquet hall. I soon went to this 30' distance to hear how they improved.....only to be frustrated that their sound didn't change. Fast forward to the end of the story, what I discovered is since they were 2-way their sound came together much faster, therefore closer than the Khorns and now, I can be about 10 feet away from them to get that similar singular voice that the Khorns took 30 feet for me to achieve. So now, we have the cinema speaker sounding better in the home, than the home speaker.....and at a closer distance!!
  14. Coytee

    Best Cornwall....?

    Yeah, but what's he know? Doesn't he like to chase a lot of bass.... or did I mean to say bass? Great....now I"m confused!
  15. Coytee

    Best Cornwall....?

    I'm certainly not an expert....but having owned both.....and in agreement that the big stuff sounds better.... I think one reason ("the" reason perhaps??) is because they use larger format drivers & horns. If you hear what some of the 2" horns sound like, then compare them back to the 1" horns.... the scale of sound, the detail, the virtual non-existent distortion.... will quickly convince you that they indeed sound better. Note that volume has nothing to do with this.