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  1. To anyone (this isn't specifically directed to John... 1. I know nothing about the technical side of tube amps 2. I don't really care in that it won't change my day 3. I'm simply a very curious type which leads me to ask..... Does the above suggest that this transformer would be most compatible with an amp of say, 25 watts or less, as contrasted to an amp capable of say, 100 watts? Is that the correlation?
  2. Part of what I do gets me in touch with people from all corners of the State (of TN). I was talking with a gal fairly recently. As I recall, I think she lived in the North/Western corner or somewhere around there. She told me something interesting.....she said that the lake near where they live, is the only NATURAL lake in the entire state. She said all the other lakes are man-made via TVA. As a side note, TVA is a pizz poor neighbor to have. I'll probably leave it at that.
  3. Ok, so don't shoot me for a whacko idea.... it's related to what I once did. I had LaScalas and some Academy's. The Academy's were meant to be placed above the main speakers....how to do this? I put a 2x2 piece of plywood under the LaScala. It stuck out the back where I mounted a sconce to it and then 6'ish feet of pipe. At the top, I built a platform and the Academy's sat on the platform (which had edges so they couldn't slide around) What if you built this but instead of putting them inside (maybe you WANT them hidden??) instead, built in some vertical supports and place them above the cabinet yet, all the hardware is attached to the cabinet so it moves as a unit. Roll them in, roll them out. Because they're on risers, you now have added storage space for whatever you care to hide. They'll roll in/out with the cabinet. Know that when I did this, I only had the ONE vertical (3/4" pipe) holding them up. They would sway back/forth if you moved them. Was never an issue for me but if I re-did it under what I'm thinking here, I'd want them better braced so they'd stay in place while moving. Oh, and I painted the pipe/hardware some hunter green or something to match the decor. I really can't believe I did all that and never took a picture of it, but I didn't.
  4. Wife made an appointment with her (female) physician to have a physical. I'd probably not had a full physical since high school. Go to the doc... as a side comment, she had a strikingly attractive nurse assistant. Doc does her stuff.... I'm thinking we're done. She hands me a gown, tells me to disrobe and put it on. Hmmmm..... I'm getting a feeling that I'm not going to like where this is going. Change clothes, Doc comes back in..... strikingly attractive nurse comes in moments later. I'm instructed to assume the position. It's dawning on me that the Doc wants the (by the way, did I mention she was strikingly attractive?) nurse in there not so much to help but really, to be a 3rd person witness that the Doc didn't "violate" me.....ironically, AS she is preparing to violate me. I never have quite figured out that logic.... During the process I turned my head around and said something to the effect of "Do you have any wine and cheese??? When I take a gal out on a first date, I at least buy her dinner" Both the doc and the strikingly attractive nurse lost their composure a bit. I think I caught her a bit off guard with my comment. They tried to look and remain professional but I had done my damage to their psyche. Later, as I was in the process of (being diagnosed with) Crohns, I had a male Dr. I'm here to tell you that you really prefer a female, with or without a strikingly attractive nurse. It's not about male/female, it's about their hands. Figure it out.
  5. I think I said scantily clad women.....but hey, in a pinch.... You don't fool me. You're just egging me on to tell you about "MY" first Dr visit with the probing finger...
  6. Indeed...indeed!!!! I'm not sure that work would appreciate me driving in on top of my industrial backhoe/loader..... though it would guarantee I could always get any parking spot I wanted..... I could move them or lift them and roll them over. (not that this has EVER crossed my mind, I'm speaking for a friend who once mentioned it)
  7. Coytee


    Many condolences. Will keep you in my prayers.
  8. Oh, it's a "Viasat" browser if that helps
  9. Home PC. I use a satellite for my internet connection. Not sure of the details, but they have a browser (based on Google's Chrome I think) where they streamlined it a bit to not hog bandwidth. NONE of the above may be accurate, it's just what's in my head. None the less.... so I sit at desk, I turn some music on via my Promedia's.... (have home pc and work pc side by side) working on work pc, go to home pc adjacent to it to do something.... (like this perhaps??!! ) Go do a news check and maybe click on a story. Suddenly there is a small window relative to the news story automatically opening in a smaller window (inside the browser) and some snappy music starts to play which either: 1. Totally gets in the way of what I might be listening to already 2. If I am NOT listening to something, but perhaps actually working and on the phone, all the sudden the sound starts blaring I never ever want this and find it annoying in all cases. Anyone know how I can terminate it? There has to be a switch in there somewhere but thus far, I can't find it. I've learned to deal with it in general, but.....every now & then I slip up..... and blammo!!! it busts my chops.
  10. So.....was he cancelled? Is that what it (being cancelled) looks like? Maybe are moderators our actually under-cover big tech spies and our slowly controlling are thoughts & minds to think that honky horns sound better?? Only a speculation at this point..... it was however, fun interchanging are and our....
  11. lol, the first step to being cured is to recognize and admit you have a problem. Collecting 29 rare stamps? No problem.... how about 29 sets of rare antique china sets or watches.... But those 600's are huge lol. (of course I'm accusing you of having a problem because I'm jealous)
  12. Indeed, they are pretty..... if you like huge, dynamic, 'you are there' type of sound...
  13. I agree (about it being interesting) I don't recall if it was a test CD or what.... but I once had something on that went down to (no idea) let's just call it 1 hz. You could hear the woofer flop flop flopping. No sound per se, just the physical movement of the driver going back/forth. The flop flop flopping got a bit faster and sounded like faster flopping (the frequencies were slowly going up) This continued when all the sudden, the driver began to engage with the air and started actually PUSHING some air and now, having a 'sound' verses the mechanical sound of the driver flopping. As the frequency continued to rise, this very low thrum became "bass" then midbass and kind of dissipated as the sound got above the crossover point to hand the sound over to the midrange/tweeter section.
  14. What??? You still get out of bed for that?
  15. Rhetorical question (since a thread this old is free to crap on??) When does one change from an old fart to an old coot??
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