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  1. Just a side comment but there are probably better ways to say things if you are trying to sell something. I'm sure someone will buy them but you're not inspiring them to open their wallet as wide as they might otherwise.
  2. I'm starting an uncalled for and unreasonable rumor that he used them to carry his samples to his Urologist...
  3. Coytee

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    Too busy staring at "+" marks to notice ebay....
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    Side note for some here... I just looked around the website for the prison. Turns out they make some moonshine there https://brushymoonshine.com/ I don't know if they'll ship it (given I don't drink, I'm pretty ignorant to these things however, I'm guessing there are issues there) I don't even know if "I" could ship.... So, that said, if someone would like a bottle and we can figure out how to get it to you, I'm happy to go by there to pick it up.
  5. Yeah but they have a great personality
  6. Coytee

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    Couple weeks ago, I went to the Brushy Mountain State prison https://tourbrushy.com/ They are closed and have a new prison down the road (went there too.....but that was for work) Decided to have lunch at the old place as I heard you could do a (self guided) tour. Ended up doing so and in the dungeon of one of the buildings, was a table chock full of sheaths & stiletto's that the prisoners made and were confiscated. Your pictures remind me of an organized version of that. Side note: If anyone has the ability to see this place it's kind of interesting to hear some of the stories and see how we treated some prisoners at some locations. I understand this is where James Earl Ray (convicted of murdering Martin Luther King Jr.) stayed until he was moved to Memphis (?) where he died. I think the scantily clad Swedish bikini team is far more interesting.... unless of course, they are a bunch of DTEL's in a thong..... Then, I'll take the shiv to my eyes.
  7. What happens if they drive up with an OSU sticker on their car? Those by the way, are beautiful. Clearly been taken care of over their life.
  8. Stepping up! Hope you find a pair that works for you.
  9. realize that the K402 horn (if stood on end) is both taller AND wider than the entire LaScala box. Kind of interesting to say your "tweeter" is larger than your entire speaker.
  10. Let me throw some spaghetti onto your walls.... I have a pair of 1979 LaScalas. Bought them new and they are probably the single item that I've owned the longest in my life. So for sentimental reasons, I'll not touch them. That said, if they weren't that sentimental to me, I'd ditch the passive and slap either the K402 or K510 on top. Note that it's the K510 that is on top of the 396 so now you're bringing all those accolades from the top end of the 396 to the LaScala. If you have the space, budget and desire to really scoot your LaScalas up the food chain, get the K402 and go active. It's essentially a plug & play situation and Klipsch has engineered all the solutions for an active. The "JubeScala" (LaScala bottom with K402 on top) will in my book, easily surpass the stock LaScala because of the large (freaking huge) K402 on top AND it's two inch throat. For me, side by side, it's not a contest. Side benefit, you already own the LaScala. If you decide you don't like the 402, you can always sell it. Buy a used EV Dx38 (if you want to give it a try with fewest dollars) and if you decide you like it, you can upgrade the active for something that might be more capable. Note that the design was originally voiced WITH the EV-Dx-38. New they (the EV units) were about $1,250. They're discontinued and can be found for a fraction of that price. Disclosure: I'm a person that's "ok" with actives. There are some here that don't care for them
  11. Bah Humbug!! In an apartment.... never really let them 'breath'.... but given that AND given the acoustically superior space I had () they actually sounded quite fabulous. For scale, that's (if I recall) a 52/53 inch screen between them. Ya do what you have to do!!!
  12. Being horn loaded, I'd expect the bass on the LaScala to be more clean. The 396 though might dig a bit deeper and sound more "full". The top end of the 396 as I recall, uses the K510 horn which in my opinion, walks all over the stock top end in the LaScala. (I've owned LaScalas for quite a while and also own the 510 horn but, do not own the 396) I would expect the 510 to put out a much 'larger' sound than the LaScala's top end. Not necessarily more loud, just a bigger sound, thanks to its two inch throat.
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