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  1. p pup is thinking mmmmmmmm.....that tonearm sure would make an intetesting chew toy
  2. Are the (two I think?) K500 horns with the PWK logo still available? If so, I've not been able to find any asking prices nor location (if they've been moved). public or pm comment is fine, as deemed appropriate. @Woofers and Tweeters
  3. That rules out having Jimmy Hoffa buried in there.
  4. Gads, hate to hear this. He once put on some "seminars" to show some concert videos, might have discussed part of what was going on. Maybe the different styles of the conductors (he said something about one of the conductors but I don't recall what) I think I'll go put Dvorak "From the New World" I literally think of him every time I play that.
  5. Coytee

    What I Got Today!

    A bit of irony.... I attended that show when they brought it to Nashville ('94). It ALSO happened to be the answer to the question (when I first bought the Underground Jubilee's) "What will/should be the first thing I listen to" I didn't have these glasses then but had I, I'm sure they'd now be thinking "Gee, do these dudes EVER listen to ANYTHING else in life????" Glad they arrived unscathed.
  6. Looks like Bucky (play on the gas station) raised his hand first.
  7. You pay shipping! First to take them, gets them. Never used. Went to Hope...a group went to meet Ms. Valerie. She said she had "some stuff for you guys" or something similar.... raised these glasses, raised T-shirts... maybe other things, I don't recall. Various folks said "I'll take that!!!" When she was done, she went back around and said "ok, you got three T-shirts, those are $5.00 each, so $15 for you, you got two glasses, those are $10, so $20 for you".... and all the funds was supposed to go to a charity of some sort. It was kind of funny as you might say she finessed us. We were thinking she was getting rid of stuff, thinning out out when in fact, she was selling it and didn't tell us until the end! Side comment, I'm working out of town for the next two weeks so I'll have to rely on my wife to get them shipped out..... and she likes to do projects at home, not drive 15 miles to the post office. So if she does it, it might be quickly sent, if I have to do it, it might take me a couple weeks. (I leave 5:00 A.M. and usually get home around 8:0 so post office/Fedex/Other, isn't easy for me to get to. Oh, and these have never been used. I got them from Mrs. K, brought them home, wife put them in a corner cabinet and they've sat there for 15 yewars (or however long I've had the Underground Jubilee's'. \
  8. You found the Dufas of the Day. Look at the bright side, your luck can only go up from there!
  9. https://www.facebook.com/HamiltonMiniCircus/ I was part of this cadre of elementary school age criminals! Staying after school to practice routines, arriving BEFORE school to ride our unicycles.... The pictures obviously can't show the deep impact this had but it was such a special experience. We travelled across several states. Ohio (where we lived) Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana. I think one summer (while I exiled to a boys camp in Ely Minnesota) they went to Florida and performed with the Walenda's. Had two different appearances in the Indianapolis 500 parade..... I rode a 10' unicycle in one of them and a 'bedstead' bike in another (something akin to a iron pipe 'headboard' for a bed, converted into a bike that HAD to keep moving as I couldn't touch the ground lest I fall over) Memory says we had as young as 3rd graders and up to 6th graders...there were a couple guys who went on to Jr. High BUT came back as they were the anchors for the trapeze and were bigger/stronger than us punky 5/6 graders lol. Bunches of pictures and at least one maybe two videos. I was given a picture by Mr. Smith (director of the group). There were five of us in the picture. Decades later (10/15 years ago) all 5 of us were together at a class reunion and took another picture of us all side by side. Really a shame that other people and kids today can't experience what we went through. Attached pic is during actual Indy 500 parade. Pardon my appearance. I apparently self identified as a leopard?? (Thanks Mom!)
  10. Coytee

    Snowed In

    Yeah, today is Thursday and we're essentially still snowed in. I took most of the month of December off (I hit all my work goals in August/Sept). I DID work three days during the last week of December for some specific reasons.... went back Tusday after New Years. Running hard, having a bunch of meetings right out of the gate and have twice the number of meetings as my next colleague (nationwide I might add) Then, door slams shut..... stupid snowmageddon happens. Fortunately the guy filling my Propane came monday DURING the snow but got here early. Now I'm full of Propane, ready. Only issue is, I'm heading to schools this week and don't you know, they cancelled school for the entire week. Not only that, the big roads have been cleared. The side roads are still full of snow.....and I don't live on a side road. I live a level or two UNDER a side road. Snow on our road is still looking to be 8-9 inches deep. Fortunately, I'm now off for the rest of the week......sun is currently out so that will thaw some things and maybe warm up the pavement a little.....because on Monday, not only am I back at it but not going to a local school....Monday I have to drive 2-hours into another (further north) snowmageddon location. I'm So looking forward to spring and HAVE been since maybe last September!!
  11. Been years but if I were to hazard to guess, I plumbed the CD player into the active crossover (DX-38) but that is if I had the Jubilee's at the time. If it was Khorns, then it would have been into the amp but would have been less sensitive. If prior to Jubilee's, it would have been 15'ish years ago.... Irrespective of that clear as mud memory, it DID sound distinctly nicer with the CD player bypassing the preamp. Hard to put a finger on what the difference was..... so I'd just say it sounded more 'lush' (I hate descriptions like that!!!) One of the CD players had a variable output, that might have also been in the loop. shrugs shoulders
  12. Yep, was a Peach and had been to Mark for some updates (new front, gains...)
  13. I always thought the artist had to die before their work goes up in value.
  14. I might add.... I say I do this with reservations as he at times, gets frustrated and might decide he doesn't want to fool with something. (door to their storage is VERY difficult to open.... I mean VERY difficult) So he might say heck with it as maybe it's cold, raining or too hot or maybe he's thirsty. Consequently, your best situation would be to show up and he'd go through them AND you can see what's going on before you pick something and add it to your collection. I'm glad to assist if I can but, I work out of town most days of the week so I'm sort of limited to helping in the evenings and/or weekends.
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