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  1. Coytee

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

    Wow, just wow. So sad.
  2. Just wait til you upgrade to almonds!!!
  3. My opinion is it might only matter relative to how hard you listen. I personally think if you used a (horn loaded) sub, mated it with the LaScala bass bin with the K402 on top, you're just about there. However, I'm not too versed in the polar coverage conversations. For my beer & peanuts hearing, that would be awesome.
  4. Heh, I obtained four double bins from JWC....and two single bins from someone else. I sold the two singles (as I had expenses in them) and gave the two (pair) double MWM bins away as I had no cost in them and I simply forwarded the deal to the next person. You're right though, they don't come up exceedingly often.
  5. Screw the LaScala.....screw the Jubilee.... Get/make a pair of double MWM bins and forget about it! Pic might give you a reference as to various sizes (LaScala vs MWM doubles) Note that the K402 is HxW actually LARGER than the LaScala's HxW. Put that in your tweeter!
  6. I don't have .00000030948% of the technical expertise as most of these other guys here do..... so with that disclaimer, I've owned LaScalas for 41 years and Jubilee's now for roughly 13-14 years. The Jubilee's simply outperform the LaScala in any way you want to cut it except for size!!!. (and the Jubilee's get stomped by a double MWM cabinet!! so there is always a bigger dog around the corner!) When I got my LaScalas, I demoted my Electrovoice Interface D's. When I got my Jubilee's, I demoted the Khorns which I had bought between the LaScala & Jubilee purchase. If you have the space & funds, I'd contend it's better/more efficient use of your funds to simply get a Jubilee than to reconfigure a LaScala that still might not give you want you want.
  7. In case this helps... I bought this Olive Wood chess set back in 1984 when I was in Bethlehem. One side is carved out of dark Olive Wood and the other side is carved out of lighter Olive Wood. (you could instead have bought some that were noticeably stained to make the light/dark contrast) Anyway, so these are what, pushing 36 years old. They've been played with but you can still see (what I think would be) their stability. They even have pupils..... Me personally, I tend to fall into the camp of I don't care what something looks like. Many of these speakers, the drivers would likely be behind a grill.... so that makes this irrelevant. However, for those that show it, I think it is nice that they could have matching Walnut.... or, something exotic. Heck, for those who sit their tweeter on top (of their LaScala for example), you could make (in this case) an Olive Wood stand that would hold the matching exotic tweeter.... Not ganging up... but wanted to show some of the detail this has and how stable they've been for me during my ownership. Oh, and I paid an whopping $100 for the entire chess set (32 pieces) AND a matching Olive Wood roughly 20x20 inch board with again, matching light/dark pieces instead of stained.
  8. I have a chess set that I bought while in Bethlehem. Pieces are made from Olive wood. Looks like it has a nice tight grain AND will evidently hold detail work. No idea how easy it is to get but it's an idea for you.
  9. Or he might find going active with the K402 on top interesting..... So many choices!!
  10. No worries by me.... it's these ancillary conversations where I might pick something up or *gasp* learn something! So feel unencumbered and carry on as you please.
  11. Oops, I thought the EMAC thing was directed at me.... sorry for my confusion.
  12. and in all seriousness.... I am 100% clueless as to what this means so, the answer is a big juicy "nope" When you think simpleton, you are free to think of me... Now, I DID see that screen (above). What I found interesting is it was cycling through creating something like 30 devices. I'm not really sure WHAT it was doing, but it kept going through a process and enumerating something. I'll go look at that screen stuff again when I get time to dig into this. Found a piece of missing trim (or more likely, a piece of trim that was never installed when SOMEONE (ahem, me) trimmed out the inside of the closet where the LaScalas reside..... so I now have this urgent project to deal with (per wife) as I can't put speaker back under there until trim is fixed. Thing is.... we'll need to rip a small piece of wood which means going outside (30 degrees) and setup the table saw. Not something I really want to do right now however, the saw IS pretty easy to setup..... but still..... I really dislike the cold.
  13. With 85.472% seriousness.... I'm a DOS 5.1 kinda guy. Always preferred the black screen and what you could do with the various commands.
  14. I think I got my (LaScala) issues fixed so I don't believe I'll need a mono line anymore. That said....I miss the RACE (EV) program. Note that the (Xilica) owners manual doesn't tell you diddly on how to actually USE the software interface. When I use the front panel, I'm (my fat thumbs) always getting tripped up. I'm glad today's Monday.... even though it's a work holiday that we do observe, I get to go to work today to meet with someone. I'll need to poke around with this software when I have time to play and not when I feel a bit under the gun like I did as I was trying to get the LaScalas fixed up. Since I"m more a "plug & play" person than a tinkerer...... I fooled with this once, set it and forgot it! Which is one reason I don't quite understand those who say they aren't interested in an active as they don't want to keep fiddling with it...... keep fiddling with it is the LAST thing I've done!!.
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