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  1. I don't care what everyone else said about you.... I always thought you had a handsome face...
  2. Congrats to you all! Hope she's in good spirits. I'm presuming she's a girl from the extra's on the first post. (not the first time I might have missed a readily evident clue) Just met my Great-Nephew. He's about 4 weeks old and the first male in the family. Maybe we can introduce them to each other in about 24 years!!
  3. Back from Atlanta. Technically today is my Dad's 90th birthday.... celebrated it over prior two days. That said.... he still drives. He still drives a Lexus. He still drives a Lexus (SC300??) I'm not terribly familiar with their lineup. None the less.... it's a manual shift. You've not seen scary until......
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of “hmmmmm. Michigan or Ohio State....” 🤼‍♂️
  5. It’s been sitting out in the open in my basement and MUCH of the smell has subsided
  6. I came through Athens yesterday on my way home from Dayton where I spent two days sitting in the Mayors chair at his desk
  7. I called them yesterday on way to atlanta gal told me it wasn’t an auction yet everything had a tag price and what doesn’t sell will go to auction afterwards i didn’t ask about prices on anything (sounded like she wasn’t at the actual location)
  8. It's your call. If you're comfortable with it being shipped, I'll box it as many times as you instruct me to. However, I will be slow to getting it done. Heading to Atlanta tomorrow for the weekend and I travel during the week so it might be middle or late next week before I can get it gone. PM me your address, I'll get it going and when it's gone, I'll let you know what the shipping charges are/were. Hopefully you are able to go through it and service it?? or if not, have someone nearby?
  9. Piece of trivia that means nothing to anyone....but perhaps me. Mom was in her mid stages of alzheimers. I took her out to her favorite restaurant (Waffle House) They knew her there and they also all called her "Mom" (both my sisters are area managers so everyone knows them and consequently, Mom) Was paying for the bill when I was tapped on the shoulder. Turn around and there was a short gal behind me. She was a foreigner. She said "I wanted to THANK YOU!" I was perplexed..... must have shown on my face (thank me for WHAT??) "I have never seen anyone in this country treat their mother like I saw you treat yours and I wanted you to know I appreciated it" I was flabbergasted. I was simply taking her out to breakfast however, she was my sole focus. I'm still a bit perplexed by that but it was very unexpected and a very heartwarming thing to be told.
  10. I happen to be heading down to Atlanta on Friday.... It's close enough to where I'm going that a side trip would be easy..... I personally would be more interested in some of the tools. None the less, I'm going down for my dad's 90'th birthday so it has to have priority and doesn't look like it would work for me.
  11. There is a guy in Knoxville that stocks several thicknesses of BB (in case someone can't find it and is close enough) Dave....maybe it's my perspective but that is looking rather puny. What are those, 4" woofers?? You've gone bose on us?
  12. Coytee

    Lets see your pets

    You've seen most of mine...
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