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  1. I have a small voice in the back of my head that says Mr. Delgado uses RB-5's on his desk (or he might have said they'd work fine). I wouldn't wager more than lunch that my memory is correct but can't hurt to try.
  2. Who would have thought when you were teenagers, perhaps enamored with Panasonic Thrusters or Radio Shack Mach 1's..... that later in life you'd be enamored with not one, but multiple actives. Well done!
  3. I don't think Stem is in part, spelling, right? So there ya go!! Built in excuse! (I'm retirement guy for 12 counties of teachers so I enjoy picking on them from time to time)
  4. His earns? You want him to burn them and put their ashes in an urn? Or did you mean sell them and with the earnings, take his wife out to dinner?
  5. Program is "Switch Plus" by NCH Software (never heard of them) it does/did allow me to use the master folder as input and it would keep the structure so the output folder would have each artist seperated and within their folder, each CD or DVD that was ripped in its own folder. Makes for one click (sort of, still have couple issues)
  6. I think you need help lol
  7. Bought a thumb drive to copy lots of audio files to it and put into car. Playing something and, if you remember maybe old 8-tracks, you might get some bleeding through of the sound from a different track. During a song playing, you can make out some background noise, much like this bleed through. Figured the memory stick might have issues, then realized.....let's go to PC and double check what I copied. Background: I copied tons of files BUT, many of them are in various file formats and the car prefers MP3 so I need to convert from say, WMA to MP3. I play the file on my pc (MP3) and hear the noise, but it IS faint. I play the original rip, maybe WAV file (or AAC or other formats) and I do not hear the noise. I decide I'm going to convert the ripped files again. About halfway through, I decide to listen to a sample of the newly converted files.......that bleed through is still there. So far, I have to deduce the injection point of the noise is during conversion. I am RE-converting them and doing it this second time, still finding same issue. Presuming above makes sense, anyone ever experience this? Is there a good/better/best conversion program? I thought this would have been one/done but it's turning into a pain in the hiney. The background noise isn't blaring BUT it's annoying and starting to bug me..... I'm usually very tolerant of some things like this but this one isn't on my tolerated list. Any thoughts on what's going on and maybe how to fix?
  8. Glad to hear the good news. I'll be adding mine to the list.
  9. My father is an intrepid traveler... He's probably been to 5 of the 7 continents... some of them multiple times. He is also currently 94 years old.... Talked to him this morning and he asked if I'd consider (evidently driving) with him to see this Bay of Fundy. He's evidently enamored with the fact that the tide is extreme here and can go from full pool to an exposed mud bottom with each high/low tide. Implicit in his comment is.... I drive 7'ish hours from Knoxville to pick him up in Beaufort, Georgia.....and we hit the road from there. Although we've done things similar to this before, that entire trip might have been 6-8 hours.... not 7 hours of driving just to get started. Frankly, I don't have a huge desire to do this BUT, I am keenly aware that one has to do things like this as this is how you keep building memories and at 94 years old..... not many trips left in him (even if this one). Weighing the idea of maybe flying there and renting a car up there. Certainly more time efficient than driving up (and back) the entire eastern coast BUT, this might be part of what he wants to do. Interesting to me that his wife doesn't seem to be mentioned in this trip..... but, I digress. Anyone know anything about this bay and/or surrounding areas to know if there are certain destinations that might be worthy of seeing while there. I saw some pictures of St. Johns and frankly, it looks like a charming town. Part of me can't wait to do a trip like this....... part of me is mortified by doing a trip like this. He's liable to pull anything out of his hat..... example, 1994, I spent a near month in Europe. He called me prior to me leaving and said he was interested in taking a trip somewhere..... would I be up to leaving a week early, fly to Tel Aviv and spend a week in Israel with him? Two years prior, I was in college, planning a trip for spring break. My room mate, several buddies were all going to go down to West Palm Beach for spring break (my room mate had a sister who lived there..... she & I had dated for four years and were still close so I was all about making this trip) Literally, five DAYS before leaving, Dad calls and says "I've got two tickets for us to go to Lima, Peru..... how's your passport??? (passport had expired and this was on Monday, leaving Saturday. I put out a herculean effort to get different parts working and Friday night, the daughter of one of my dad's friends, lived in Washington DC and was willing to pick my passport up, and hand deliver it to the Dayton (OH) airport, if I could meet her there. Drove there on Friday night, got passport, next morning, back to Cincinnati Airport and flew off to Peru....) and now this... I have a picture of us swimming / floating in the Dead Sea...... can maybe add to it with swimming/floating in the Bay of Fundy...
  10. Question.... (first, a direct answer to your question..... "I don't know") That said, it looks like the driver might be attached to a square piece of plywood....as such, I'm wondering if you take the four wingnuts off, the whole assembly comes out. Pull out, take screws off to separate from the piece of wood.... do what you need to driver, reassemble in reverse order. Me being a bit OCD might mark the driver so I know how it came out and then depending on me fixing it or replacing it, maybe rotate it 180 degrees so the now top, becomes the new bottom. Reverse to put back.....attach to piece of wood in correct orientation, slide back in and put wingnuts back on. That's my story.
  11. I'm guessing you don't drink de-caffinated drinks?
  12. For the 2-cents it's worth.... First time I ever heard these in Hope (actually, ONLY time I've heard them!) I walked outside and Roy had some jam's playing. I might point out, it sounded fantastic. Looking off in the distance, I saw his new MWM replacements (Grande's??) and a mega subwoofer..... Alas, the closer I got I realized it was NOT the Monster stack playing but rather, the 396 playing (sitting on top right of sub) and the sub. It was astounding to me how good it sounded and still, how "big" it sounded. Roy punked us yet again by having the monster stack out there BUT secretly playing the smaller speaker.
  13. https://knoxville.craigslist.org/ele/d/midway-klipsch-la-scala-speaker/7749736635.html Not affiliated. I'll be in that area in a week or three.... if still there, could swing by to verify things, if you wish.
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