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  1. That said, I love your pictures.... keep up the good work and try to think ahead.
  2. I don't know if I applaud you guys....or feel for you. My wife designed our house...so, ostensibly, it is what she wants. (cough) Back story: I had 5/8th's drywall put in on all ceilings. "doorway" to kitchen, was an archway opening....kinda cool in my mind (especially since we did it outselves) When I was working in Florida, she decided she wanted to remodel the kitchen and make it more of what she "really" wanted in the beginning. Knocks out a wall to enlarge it, takes the arched doorway, creates a 1/2 wall (about 3' wide) and angled the doorway. I move back from my stint in Florida...she decides she doesn't like the ceiling. We commenced to rip down the 5/8 sheetrock (which I could literally HANG on it was up so well) We put T&G planks on the ceiling. Am I (she) done yet? pfffft Decides AFTER the ceiling is done, she wants to square off the room and get rid of the 1/2 wall angled opening. Had to rip 1/3'rd of the just finished ceiling down, rip a third of the floor up so we could square it off. Is she done? Now, she wants to get rid of our pantry....create a built in unit.... Is she done? Oh, and there is an open wall on one side of kitchen.... let's put more cabinets and a sink there. "honey, we don't have water nor drain but for bathroom (on other side of wall) Fine she says, you can cut into that wall to splice into each of them Rip most of drywall down to run some wires, plumbing... she orders the cabinets. Is she done? Since the wall is open to the bathroom... why not redo THAT wall..... she decides she wants to rip out the rest of the drywall and put T&G planks on that one wall in the bathroom. Is she done? Now that this wall is different, the entire rest of the bathroom will need refinished (except for our hand painted cherubs "Cisteen Chappel" on the ceiling) Is she done? With the bathroom being redone, we really need to look at her outdated bombay chest (that I converted into a vanity bass) and put a new top on it. Is she done? I don't know....she's gone to work today and I didn't get a chance to talk to her.
  3. Ya know....I got to thinking about it. I retract my comments. I think you might better appreciate something like a Mach 1 or some Bose cubes.... The cubes after all, have room filling sound (insert the trademark stamp)..... Even the Klipschorn isn't advertised as having room filling sound (insert the trademark stamp) so the cute cubes gotta be better, right?
  4. Coytee

    Got my first Zebrawood

    Teaser shots....The wood for the base is some form of dark wood. You can think of ebony but it's not ebony nor, is it likely THAT dark. I forget name. Still....these are the sexy boards. I was advised by a female (the gal selling the wood) that I might be better off getting each niece the SAME box rather than using different woods for each girl. She said if they were different, the girls might always feel the grass is greener on the other side and cause issues. I said no problem, that makes it easier on several fronts.
  5. Coytee

    XLR to Unbalanced RCA to Phoenix

    I'll tell ya.... you can tell Chris is an engineer....and I'm a broker. I use 54 words to his every 1
  6. Coytee

    XLR to Unbalanced RCA to Phoenix

    I'll probably butcher this... but what the heck, I've displayed my ignorance many times before....every now & then I get lucky and say something that is at least 'in the right direction'. If you lowered all your output channels (by the same amount for each channel), that would then require you have more INPUT power, to achieve the same volume at the speaker. Think of a teeter-totter, you are currently maxing (I'm guessing) your output channels and your inputs are loafing along). You want to flip the teeter-totter. So I'd personally, try to lower all the gains on each output channel which will force more input power. That will push you towards maximizing your S/N ratio on the input side. I have no clue how to do this on the Xilica, either on the front panel, or the software. Does your amp have a variable gain knob? If so, what I did was work backwards. If memory serves me, I turned everything to zero volume (preamp, power amps...I think the Dx38 was untouched) Turned my power amps on and turned the gains on them up, up up... until I heard some hiss. Once I knew where that was on the dial, I pulled them back so it was quiet as a tomb. Went up the food chain and put some music on. Turned the volume knob on my preamp to 100% BUT BUT BUT, had the gain controls on the preamp at zero. Rotated the gain knobs so I'd hit a volume that was pleasant to listen to....perhaps even a bit loud and was "done" I used that for general every day listening. If I wanted to step on the throttle a bit, then I could either push the gains up on the preamp or, push the gains up on the power amps. I learned that my Peach had low hiss at low gain and low hiss at high gain. It maximized the hiss right at 12:00...right smack dab in the middle. (this was verified by Deneen as a reality of the circuit design). So I switched things up a bit and maxed the gains on the Peach, keeping the Crown's dialed back. Zero hiss at zero volume. No discernible hiss anywhere. But, I only had "pleasant" listening volumes. Nothing to crank with. NO problem. If / when I want to crank things up, I just go to each amp and wick it up a couple clicks until I'm happy or stupid. Bottom line, I think you have a gain matching issue. I also think once you get it properly smoothed out, you'll like your sound even more.
  7. Coytee

    XLR to Unbalanced RCA to Phoenix

    I'm guessing they're mapped to the inputs. If you remapped them to inputs 3,4 then they might go dim. (just a stab at an answer)
  8. Coytee

    XLR to Unbalanced RCA to Phoenix

    My understanding (and I reserve the right to be totally wrong!) Anyway, my understanding is, it's the INPUT lights you want to max out (without clipping). By maxing the inputs, you will maximize your signal/noise ratio and give you the best sound. I'm totally scratching my head trying to figure out how you can have blazing output lights but totally dim inputs?? I don't think....no, I KNOW that I've never had my input panel NOR my output panel light up like yours....ever (and this is with the volume at times, quite..... punchy shall we say) If my outputs were lit like yours, you probably couldn't be in same room. In my case, I've got the Crown K2's on each speaker but, the gains on them are about 25% instead of cranked all the way up. This forces me to use more input voltage (and light up the input panel a bit more but it is STILL generally, "un-lit". I finally got my gains worked out with my old DX-38 where the inputs were nice & full without clipping but, I can't get my Xilica there. (might be worthy to note that I changed from a Peach preamp to a HT processor....I'm guessing the Peach had more output voltage ability)
  9. Coytee

    Got my first Zebrawood

    About 2 years ago, I talked to my wife's niece about making her a box. Kind of a momento/memories box but, since she's got some disabilities, my wife called it her hope box verses memories. Asked what color....she said purple. So, bought some purple heartwood and had at it. I think I posted a picture but here it is again. First time in my life I ever tried to make something like this and was pretty content with how it turned out. (a real woodworker would shame my attempt but, she'll never know and will be happy as a bug with it so all is good!!) Now, I'm thinking about doing something similar for my grand nieces. Yesterday, I was in Seiverville for work. Knew there was a wood supply nearby so went again. Walked out with some Zebra wood boards, some birds eye maple and some other, darker wood (forget name, not a common one) These are destined to be Christmas gifts or something along that line so I have a while to make them. Good thing because I'm slow as frozen molasses with this stuff....especially since I'm not well versed/educated in what to do and how. (I just stumble along from piece to piece, figuring it out as I go) Here's the old box I made, no pictures of the wood but man.... that zebrawood is lovely. Intent is to use the dark wood as the base, zebra as the vertical sides and the Birdseye will be the top. To be honest, I can hardly wait to start. But, had an idea today. My sister called today (their grandmother). She's coming to visit in about a week. I told her about this project. Dawned on me that if she cut a couple boards, then we could honestly say that it came from both of us, rather than just me. I still have two boxes my grandmother made me something like 45 years ago. Hopefully, something like this will last as long for the young ones.
  10. I have absolutely no clue. I just know that I walked out into the field (in Hope) and thought the Grande' stack was playing..... when in fact, it was the 396 system on top mated with the giant subwoofer. Impressive to say the least. The speaker is highlighted by the trailer on the right side of the picture. My eyes always get drawn to the nice stack on the left... but it was the stuff on the right side playing and sounded fantastic, especially so given that it was outside.
  11. Coytee

    1950s Klipschorns in Baltimore MD

    Probably bought them back when people traditionally bought a mono unit. (the one with the wooden horn) Later, he bought the second unit to make it stereo. That's my guess.
  12. Not knowing your budget....nor their costs.... if you look into something like the Forte, you might look into the KI-396 https://www.klipsch.com/products/ki-396 As I understand it, you can think of it as a Cornwall on steroids. The thing I like (love) about it, is it incorporates the K510 for the top horn and now you are in 2" throat neighborhood. The size/scale of sound will be a lot bigger than the smaller throated horns. Also, it's 2-way which will lose a crossover point for you and raise intelligibility across the system. (disclosure, I do not know what a Forte costs either)
  13. Coytee

    Expectations, where do your lie ?

    We're all deaf
  14. I agree with the above. If it made that much of an impact on you..... will you ever really be able to scratch that itch with something less, regardless of the name stamped on the front? We all have choices & compromises & limitations.... I get that. So if you are choosing to let something be between your goal.... if it's something you can overcome well.....then..... If it is something that is insurmountable, well.....then..... I personally drove 12 hours (1-way) to get mine. Point being a 100 mile radius might not be big enough area. What if someone had a pair 150 miles out? If you're buying used, you can find them (at what I feel to be) a reasonable cost. Yeah, a pair for $500 on the west coast isn't going to do you any good so you have to find/strike that balance. That said, I think I sold my pair for around $1,800 and they (like most) had a beautiful walnut pattern on the front. Others sell for more....and others for less. Only you know how bad that itch.....itches..... and what it will take to scratch it. Don't ask any of these guys on this forum though..... they're all freaking crazy nuts....every last one of them. Except of course, for me.