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  1. Quick answer is no. It's strictly carry out. 20-30 years ago, they DID have a number of sit in locations. I don't know the story but those closed down and they're back to their original location on Route 4. Side comment.... they are right at the intersection of Bobmeyer Road. This is the road down which sits the Greater Hamilton Airport. I suppose by now, it's grown large enough to maybe allow Cessna's to come/go (HA). Back in High School, it essentially closed at night. I'd be out with my girlfriend, go down Bobmeyer to the airport or near it, shut car down and we'd have dinner in the car. A number of years ago (like 20) I met some folks and we went to the lounge AT the airport and had our Pizza. Watched the two planes take off & land.....or was it only one? (small airport) Tis a bummer. Now when I go, I might take it to a friends house who's nearby....but if that doesn't work, I'll just drive down the road and pull into one of the parking lots of the shopping centers and have at it. It will be blistering hot if you get it right out of the oven AND, it will be VERY messy if you use your hands, so if you do that, get a plethora of napkins. (I hate getting my hands all sloppy when I eat that) It might not work out the most romantic for you and Lorrie but you can pretend you're 18 again.... (just remember when you are making goo-goo eyes and she asks why are you making goo-goo eyes at the pizza.... find some way to turn it back to give your attention to her because that next bite WILL be tempting) Another side comment, man, I'm full of them tonight. Think of Thanksgiving dinner..... you eat/gorge yourself until you might say "MAN, if I eat another bite of this or even SEE Turkey for a MONTH, I might throw up" Nothing against the food, but your body is saying ENOUGH. I swear this is true.... Chesters is the only place I know of where I can stuff myself unable to take another bite....and (back when they had the sit-in's) they'd bring out someone elses food and I'd just oogle over it saying OMG, I'd love to eat that....
  2. My understanding on the Jubilee is, if you want it to keep and maintain it's lowest output, it needs to be "within 10 inches" of a corner (if I recall correctly) I am not an expert, but I seem to recall that being Roy's comment. If you pull it out more, you will lose some bottom end extension. That wiggle room though, allows you to bring it out a bit from the corner to get better aiming if needed.
  3. Mmmm I can smell it by just looking at that....
  4. Roy makes sure they use a lot of gorilla glue
  5. You had plenty of time to finish your magazine.
  6. I agree with Frzninvt. I worked out of state for 3 years. Stayed in an apartment. You could hear and FEEL the neighbors walking in the units adjacent to me. (in Florida so whole building had crawl space under it) Had the Jubilee's in there with two Danley DTS-10's. Never had a complaint. I specifically talked to the neighbors and the complex manager (who happened to be one of my neighbors) He said not only had anyone ever complained, that he's never heard me. I find that a bit dubious.... but in the end, if you think you are being too loud for others, all you need to do is use some restraint on the volume control, irrespective of how large/capable your system might be.
  7. You ballooned your carbon footprint. As penalty, you are commanded to spend an hour listening to your honky speakers! Too bad you couldn't have taken all of us for a ride. HEY WAIT....you could have flown a Chesters Pizza down to Knoxville. Pfft.... I'm upset at you now. Make it TWO hours of music.
  8. Ohhhhhhhhh, youi're here.... Check your PM's, I sent you one a couple weeks ago asking if you still had some access to things.
  9. Long story short, the wife bought a TUB faucet and handheld (handheld sits on faucet like old style telephone) Anyway, she bought this for us to use in the mudroom we're working on over a lavatory. I have 1/2" copper pipe coming to the location and fortunately, I'm NOT yet done with the plumbing so I'm not painted into a corner ......yet. So this faucet she bought is an ON-WALL faucet. It looks like an old time faucet your grandparents might have had in the farm house where you have a hot AND a cold valve. They both go to a center spout for mixing (into the tub, but in our case, into a lavatory) ALL of this is external, if that makes any sense (it doesn't really matter though) So to shorten the story.... I need to find a: (if I'm pronouncing everything correctly) Drop eared, 3/4" STRAIGHT PIPE THREAD (and there's my problem, I do NOT need a TAPERED pipe thread fitting) with preferably a 1/2" copper pipe (solder) input although I can get an adapter if necessary. I just want to solder it in on the input side. So far all I can find are tapered fittings (granted, I've only gone to one local big box store). Anyone know where I can find this fitting with straight pipe threads OR, what it's called? For example, I've found: Libra Supply Lead Free 3/4 inch 90-Degree Female Drop Ear Elbow C x F, (click in for more size options)3/4'', 3/4-inch Brass Pipe Fitting Plumbing Supply https://www.amazon.com/Libra-Supply-90-Degree-options-Plumbing/dp/B018YPLZEM?th=1 I don't see any reference to this fitting being straight or tapered....and this is my problem.
  10. Touche' sir, well played.
  11. Dang dude, you must be old as dirt....
  12. The rear support in the corner of the tophat is a pretty piece of wood. I don't recall them using pretty wood like that. I think the work done on the bassbin (as viewed from trying to zoom in on the pictures) looks like someone did a nice job but I agree.... there's more here than is being said.
  13. I literally just saw/found these (so pardons if this is old hat) https://www.klipsch.com/products/promedia-heritage-2-1-multimedia-speaker-system I've said for years, Klipsch needs to make something like the Pro Media's in the image of mini LaScalas or mini Khorns (my personal desire) and now, viola, here they are in what look similar to Heresy's or Cornwalls... I love them. Kudos to Klipsch and it's about time!! I've got a pair of Pro Media's on my desk right now......I've got a backup set in a closet (from 2nd computer that's gone). When these all die, this next version is on my list.
  14. Congrats on your purchase. This (they sounded complete) might also be a reason they can charge what they do..... the speakers check many (correct) boxes.
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