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  1. Hate to hear that. Condolences to you & his family.
  2. #2 vs #3 Both 11-0 I was rooting for both teams to win last week as I hoped they'd both be undefeated for today. Game starts in while. Ought to be fun!
  3. Went to look at article....seems you have to be a subscriber to have access (or I did something wrong)
  4. Absolutely! I've even wondered if it would be worth doing the headphone thing..... with a subwoofer in the room to augment the visceral assault. Kind of best of both worlds...
  5. Reminded me of a story (I've told this before) I bought my EV Interface D's in 1978. Brought them into my bedroom. Had them attached to a Yamaha 100 watt receiver (forget model). Had some AKG headphones. Put the headphones on, turned some Aerosmith on and UP. It was loud (hey, I was 18) I was AMAZED at how those headphones vibrated my head, my feet....in fact, the entire ROOM was just pounding. I was utterly facenated at how they performed. I might have even turned it up louder to feel the room pound, via the AKG's. About then, my red-faced, fire spewing mother barged into my room yelling/screaming for me to TURNNNNNNNN it DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I was perplexed as I took the headphones off..... uh oh.... seems I had forgotten to turn the speakers off. So while I was listening to the headphones thinking I was being respectful, I was in fact pounding the britches out of the house with the EV's pumping away. Since I had the cans on, I was oblivious that the speakers were pounding (-3db point at 28 hz) No way could I even try to say it was an accident. How on earth do you have it at deafening volume and not know? Well, because I'm a teenage dumbazz who was amazed at how fantastic the headphones vibrated the entire room??? Oops. Love ya mom!
  6. Stunning. Maybe leave the pool table there..... it will be a nice base to climb upon when the dancing starts!
  7. Coytee

    Car Thread

    No (though Iridium may work fine for all I know) Found it....they're Ruthenium. I had never heard of that....looked it up and at least it's for real (on the periodic table as I recall) That's what's called for.....(hence the price I'm sure) I don't know if an Iridium version would be considered close enough. Getting 50 mpg's verses the 30+ in the old Toyota (non hybrid), I'll suck it up....but had to pause and at least try to find them for less. Dealer is generally more expensive BUT, so far, haven't found them (haven't done a serious look yet either)
  8. Coytee

    Car Thread

    I've got a little mundane Honda Accord (Hybrid/Touring). It's actually a fun car to drive. Bought it from a friend of mine who's son had tragically passed away (gun accident, kid was handing his new antique rifle to Pops who was sitting in the chair in living room, son said 'relax dad, I've removed the magazine'..... but it seems he didn't check the breech. Turned gun around to hand butt to father, (I don't know what happened next) gun goes off and is pointing at sons face. Father told me it blew his head off..... in their living room....) A year later, I bought the car and honestly, I feel like Rocky (the son) is still around. None the less.... Not knowing the state of condition (he bought it new in 2019, died in 2021 and I bought it a year later, last March or so and it only had 14,000 miles on it. Oil change, filter changes.... I'm going to get a set of spark plugs so i can have those handy..... Well.... a bunch of you old farts might remember back when spark plugs were 'essentially' $1.00 each, maybe $2.00..... Dealer wants $64. Not for a set but for EACH plug. WHA??? Seems they are not Iridium but some other newer fancy 'idium' name. Marketing? Theft? Sigh. I don't know but he said he'd have to order them so I said I'd look at other options. So far, can't find the special 'idium' (I'm omitting the first part since I don't recall) I still can't find them at what I'd feel to be, a more reasonable price. They're supposed to last 100,000 miles so if that's true, I've still got 70K to go. Guess I better start saving my pennies.
  9. I've gone one (somewhere) but, as I recall... mine only has the PWK stamped signature and if I recall Ms. Valerie signed under/beside it. If you don't get any concrete responses by the time I get back later on, I'll go find book and put eyes on the pages.
  10. For the last four YEARS, I get a text on my phone. It's on my WORK phone, not personal. Basically asking if 543 Mulberry is for sale because they're interested in buying it. I will also get actual calls about same address. I looked up the address I think it's in Memphis and I'm in Knoxville....hmmm... Oh, and it's not listed for sale. So I get they're phishing, scamming, something. I usually hang up as I don't have time for the nonsense BUT, every now & then they'll reach me when I DO have a few minutes and might be in a vindictive state of mind. So, I'll engage a bit... "What's your offer?" "uh.... well.....we need to see the house to evaluate..." "nope.....you called me wanting to buy so ostensibly, you have all you need to know....heck, you even found my phone number....what's your offer???" "uh.... well....uh....." "Tell you what.... why don't you just drive over and we'll go through the house and then you can make me an offer, how about that?" "ummmmmmmmmm...well......" This is where I usually just hang up on them and go about my day. I came home from work one day to find a "For Sale" sign here where I live. Ummm.... you think I'd know if my place is for sale. I presumed: 1. The realtor was trying to drum up people who might be interested in buying something and go from there 2. Some teenagers saw the sign somewhere, grabbed it and we got pranked. I called the realtor....told him I had his sign. He seemed genuinely horrified by what I told him (I've been told it's illegal for them to post like that, adding credibility that it was a prank job, ESPECIALLY once you know where I live and the effort it takes to get here, you do NOT get "casual passing by" traffic here as I'm the last house of a dead end road and the farm is maybe 1/2 mile along this road.
  11. Nice perk at work.... I've got a company card. Rules are, if I travel MORE than 10 miles from home, I can use it for one meal.....on them (daily if I'm on the road every day) Well.... for me to drive to town, cross the bridge to THEN decide "do I need to go south, west or north.... that bridge is 10 miles. So virtually any day I'm on the road, I can buy a meal on them. Boss said if it's under $50 he doesn't want to hear any concerns about it.... just do it. That gives me a wide latitude of places I can visit. Nice thing about that, if I go mexican, my wife wants the beans (which I pass on), she wants the glop they put on top of my food (I don't want that either) Long story short, she's eating the half of mine that I would otherwise simply tell them to keep so we both get some munchies from my day trips. Heck, how long can you last on a large pizza? I was getting diesel a couple weekends ago. Guy was filling his tank (I think 125 gallons) His combine was nearing empty and I think he said it takes 250 gallons to fill it. Got to gabbing and I made one of my remarks, telling him to please leave some behind so I could fill my 5-gallon jug (I try to stay topped off at the house AND my equipment) I went on to say that "you DO know (don't you dumbazz) that we're going to run out in 13 days?" He laughed.... said if we did.... it was over. I agree. Need that to plant the crops, to harvest the crops, to move the crops to market, to move to store blah blah blah.... HA I just thought of a silver lining..... When we're 100% out of power, we'll all start burning our wooden speakers for heat. Jubilee has more wood than a LaScala or Cornwall.... so I'll have more heat! The Underground Jubilee cost less than the Heritage Jubilee so it won't be as painful to burn. I suddenly feel very secure.
  12. Coytee

    Rats got Rythym

    Cool.... so now, we can have rats in the bleachers screaming out FREE-BIRDDDDDDDD!!! Though they may take editorial license and instead, squeal out FREE RATTTTTTTTT!
  13. At a minimum you want 2-channels in and 4 channels out. That will allow you to biamp the two speakers. This is what I did. What if however, down the road, you decide you want to add a subwoofer? You can better dial it in if you have an active... This is also what I did. This is when I realized I needed another active so got a second EV-DX38 since I had one and knew how to program it. Now I have two units, two plugs and decide after a couple years, I really want to simplify. ChrisA was reporting good things about a Xilica active crossover. So having blind faith in his opinions (which are usually good and safe bets to follow) I bought a 4-in, 8 out Xilica. Now with one unit, I can do what otherwise had taken me two units. Save some space, simplicity.... but the values that the DX38 uses do not purely change over so if I recall, I had to do some estimations on what the EV required and how it equated to the format of the Xilica. Roy, unless it's changed, used at the time (I presume he still uses) the DX-38. It would be nice if he'd "curve" some actives so they could be literally plug & play. If you get an EV unit, I've already posted the parameters that you'd use (with the K69a driver). Once you change drivers, then you're tweaking a bit. Some have that experience and/or tools handy, I don't so I rely more on plug & play.
  14. Looking at your picture (love it by the way).... I know the 402 might be better on top of those BUT, to set a 402 on top, you'd have to lay those flat and in some rooms that "might" create some space issues (HA!, did I say might?) I wonder how your setup would work with the MWM doubles sitting like they are.... put a shelf on the front cover at an appropriate angle so that on that shelf, you could set a K510 instead of the 402. Just wondering out loud before I leave for work. I'll let Roy figure out those details!
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