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  1. You could have easily mopped them up with a mop or wet rag.... they don't bite when they're laying about on the floor.
  2. Unless she's caucasian?? That might be misconstrued. One of my hobbies...
  3. Yeah, I actually told my brother in law about it over the weekend too. I'm kinda proud to have been the recipient. It was a classy move on his part.....sorta.
  4. Obviously we don't know your details, but condolences for the loss of someone that was evidently close to you. Now, if it were me personally....(I'm a sentimental old fool type) since they were inherited, keeping them as is would mean more to me than changing them to please the Mrs. Sort of like if @jimjimbo bequeathed me his speakers and they were painted in bold Michigan colors..... I'd be tempted to refinish them into Ohio State colors but.... would have to respect his memory..... so I'd probably paint them pink.
  5. Heh.... I won't step in front of boricua2480. That said, it would probably be interesting to mate it with my Promedia 2.1's.....
  6. Sell them to someone that can appreciate (or use) them as designed..... then, buy yourself a nice spanking new pair of LaScala II's and get a finish she would be proud of. Unfortunately, though there are differences, you are then paying cash to simply change aesthetics as the sound will be similar (the II's would likely sound a bit better though) Can't you just banish yourself to the basement or garage??!!
  7. I suppose that tells us what I'm not....
  8. At least, none of us that are married...
  9. So he's now playing the Golden Fiddle. RIP.
  10. Or.... walk into the Light and go active... The water is warm.
  11. Me thinks we need to hook Mr. Medwin up with Mr. JefDC. Imagine how much they could entertain each other.
  12. 'spose you're right. Heck, they might even like listening to some Marie....
  13. As long as the place was disinfected against the nudists....
  14. PS: Made mention to the wife about the golf course. She's been wanting to buy the back half of the farm and create a wedding reception place. The hill we're on is the highest in the county so when you're at the top, but for the trees, you have a commanding view up/down the lake. Would make for a nice reception hall (or 5 star restaurant)
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