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  1. Coytee

    400k on khorn upgrade

    I'm going to guess you do not live in the States... just a hunch. That said.... if you've got the access....desire....funds.... and understanding better half.... You might consider the upgrades that PWK himself pursued..... he ended up with an entirely different speaker. taking the Khorn back to his (originally intended) 2-way design and sort of replaced it with the Jubilee. Now you can have a speaker with the same footprint as your Khorn, 2" throat horn on top that sounds fabulous and the intelligibility of a 2-way verses the 3-way. Your pursuits, though perhaps sounding fantastic, are morphing your Klipschorn into a Frankin-Klipsch with the various add-on parts. Jubilee gets you most of those gains and keeps everything Klipsch. Oh, and once you start listening to 2" throat horns..... those with 1" are going to start sounding small.
  2. Coytee

    Your first?

    So your an old fart too!
  3. Coytee

    Your first?

    So if you were 22 in 72, then today you are (or will be) 68 So 46/68= 67.64% of your life! (my apologies if my presumptions are wrong)
  4. Coytee

    Your first?

    I once asked about someone's Klipsch Quotent.... What percent of your life have you owned your speakers? LaScalas bought in 1979 2018-1979= 39 years Currently 58 years old so have owned them 39/58 = 67% of my life. Indeed, there is hardly (if) anything that I currently own that I've owned as long.
  5. Coytee

    Poisened (?) dog question...

    Gotcha. The ticks we get (that we find) are generally small however, I've seen a new definition of small. Perhaps they were babies or perhaps I finally saw a (what I believe to be) a deer tick.... You can take a pencil....sharpen it as sharp as possible and put as small as possible dot on a piece of paper and you would approximate the size of those small ones. They brought a whole new meaning to the world of small to me. (I thought the earlier, more typical ticks were the "small" ones since we've found some larger, engorged ticks from time to time) Reason I know of these "dot" sized ticks is I had a couple on me and I swear.... it still itches today, 3-weeks later. All of our dogs have a decent coat of fur so it would be near impossible to visually find those. Chloe specifically, being an American Eskimo, has the undercoat of fur. I appreciate all the thoughts from everyone.
  6. Coytee

    Poisened (?) dog question...

    We had her to the vet for this. This is really, somewhat of a continuation of what she's had. The only difference being the ebb/flow of it. A year ago, it was on a Friday night and I was utterly convinced she was going to die that night. I can't describe how pitiful she was. Got her to the vet immediately in the morning and he came up with the Addison's diagnosis and gave her a variety of pills to take. We worked with her and over time, she got better. Working with her means putting her leash on, carrying her out to the flat field (verses side yard with a slope that would confuse/trip her) set her down to do her business, pick her up and bring her back....several times per day in sun, rain, night... Using that as a "10" on a scale of 1-10, she is today at a "3-4" so I'm not panicked enough to pay the emergency vets rate on the weekend since we've already been here before. It's just that now time has passed and we're seeing a possible pattern and that pattern would be the arrival of the carpenter bees.... spray them and (as it turns out) she's munching on some of them since we generally let them loose outdoors unsupervised. (lest that sound horrific to someone, we're on 250 acres at end of dead end road so we don't have "others" to worry about) My old work partners wife has Addisons and I've seen how it affects her.... I don't see any of those traits in Chloe (not that I know enough to know if it's 100% similar) so I've always been a bit doubtful about that diagnosis however, our Vet has saved more than one of our animals so I've got to respect his thoughts.
  7. Coytee

    Poisened (?) dog question...

    Thank you for the ideas... was this a tick? (we live in the woods and the ticks are terrible) My wife & I both (independent of each other) came to feel it's perhaps more neurolgical than anything... When I walk her outside, she'll walk around like her brain has short circuited (walk in circles, stumble, walk into a tree) I wondered if she had a stoke somewhere or perhaps a lesion on her brain.... Addison's didn't fit (my understanding of it) Tomorrow can't get here soon enough. She's not bad enough for emergency care... we're trying to nip it in the bud.
  8. Coytee

    Poisened (?) dog question...

    Our little Princess, Chloe (my avatar) is probably 13/14 years old. So, I get that she's becoming a senior citizen. That said, I am on the hunt for some info since our Vet won't be open until tomorrow to ask. We have a carpenter bee problem (they love log houses) and have sprayed some of their holes to kill them. It seems some of them have worked their way out of their holes, onto the ground where it also seems, little Miss Precious, loves to have crunchy snacks. We're just now putting (the potential of) 2+2 together that she's been eating the dead bugs and digesting some of what killed them. She's stumbling around like a drunken sailor almost literally tripping over her front feet. Last year, we had her to the vet who said she's suffering from Addison's disease and gave her some pills that she's taken ever since. She slowly got better..... not to 100% but not bad for her age. Now, she's sliding down that path again Last year, it turns out, she was also eating the bugs which..... went away after 8 weeks or so (then she slowly got them out of her system??) So we're wondering if it's the poison used to kill the bugs that she might be ingesting that might be causing this. If so.... anyone have any idea of something we can give her to help take it out of her system?
  9. Coytee

    Your first?

    I've told my story before but will share again. It was 1978 and a buddy & I went into Carlon Audio, Fairfield Ohio. Mosied around like teenager's might do... saw some speakers that totally befuddled me because I coudln't see how they worked...I just saw a panel of wood (Khorns). The salesman (Jeff) played them and I was totally awestruck. Given that I was 18 at the time and heading off to college.... I realized they were not the right fit for me....too expensive....too big... Went into the other room and saw another pair. Pointed at them and said can I hear those?? So he turned on a pair of Heresy's that were about chest height as they were sitting on top of a pair of LaScalas. Again, my buddy & I were awed on the scale of the sound. I did however, wonder why a speaker so large was so anemic with its bass?? You see.... I had pointed at the LaScalas and wanted to hear them. Jeff (the sneaky salesman) knew that but also knew if he played the Heresy's, I (or any sucker customer) would be impressed with them and then floored by the larger speaker) So, while the Heresy was playing but I was thinking it was the LaScala I was listening to.... my state of confusion must have registered on my face because as I turned to ask Jeff why those huge speakers had so little bass.... I noticed that he was getting a good belly laugh at my expense and his face was beet red. He commenced to switch over to the LaScalas and again, we were floored with the sound. We all had a good laugh at my friends and my expense. As my buddy & I were leaving the store, I patted a LaScala on the top and simply muttered "someday"... Within a year I went back and ordered a pair. So today, I have that pair that I ordered & received in 1979. I would have been 19 at the time. I already owned a pair of Electrovoice Interface D's that I bought in 1978 so the LaScalas were adding to my stable. Today, 39 years later, the EV's have been given to my wife's nephew and the LaScalas are buried in my rear wall.
  10. Coytee

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    Bruce, hate to hear that. My thoughts/prayers are with you.
  11. Coytee

    WTB- Volti Audio K-Horn upgrade

    Along with the others, I love your Khorns. My personal feeling is the more wild the front, the better.
  12. Coytee

    Juicy Music Peach

    Hope your visit to Watts Bar was nice. You were in my territory. As for the hiss conversation, my (early model) Peach has it. Interestingly (to me), it has the MOST hiss when the gains are anywhere other than full on or full off. I asked Mark about it, he agreed... said it had something to do (technical talk) about the two sides of the tube, circuit or something (it's been 10 years so pardon my memory) anyway, he agreed that the further away I got from the middle, the less noise I'd have. The noise would be very quiet....would grow & grow until knobs were essentially at 50% gain, then as you continued on...the noise would subside. Way over my head!!
  13. Coytee

    I-POD question (not pAd)

    Another question: On the top of my current Ipod, there is a lock switch that disallows the volume to be changed, tracks to be changed.... Since I put my unit in my pocket while I'm working, it gets bumped, hit, pressure from me leaning.... and my current one would change songs or volume on me until I learned about the locking switch. Does the new version have something similar where you can prevent a "pocket dial" while it's in use? What I end up doing is hook things up, put the Ipod inside the zip case that my ear buds came in. String the cable under my clothes and put the Ipod/zip container inside my pocket.
  14. Coytee

    I-POD question (not pAd)

    So I have an Ipod that I generally use when I'm cutting the field/yard or on the backhoe. Debating on buying another.... looks like the version I have (I think it's a 60 gig) has been totally replaced by an Ipod "Touch" or something like that. I've only put about 3 minutes searching into it but it looks like it's a touch screen format much like their phone. Anyone use both and have any opinions on differences? (I can get a discontinued version like mine if I want) I do NOT need the extra frills (internet stuff) that I infer it has. Just something to play some tunes. Oh, and it has to have a plug for my Custom 3's (which are still going strong after around 12 years of use....though the cable looks pretty beat!!) i like the scrolling ability of the Ipod. When I'm on the tractor/other, it's easy to just thumb through something while on the move. Is the touch version just as user friendly??
  15. Coytee

    KI-396 question / confusion

    Interesting.... I wonder if they have a passive (would make sense to me that if there are two Speakons for a 2-way system, each connector would have its own driver and no passive.