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  1. La Scala for PA use.

    oops.... might not be cost effective...
  2. La Scala for PA use.

    Where are you located? I have some MWM bass bins (no drivers) that I'm willing to give away...Note, they are the double bass bins so you'd need four drivers total for the bins.
  3. La Scala for PA use.

    I don't know your answer(s) but I once pulled a single LaScala outside to see what it would sound like as I walked around the field. What to play??? I put Ohio State Marching Band on Truth be told, it was a close rendition to what they sound like. As you walked around the field, the sound 'changed' a bit, just like as the band is marching and changing their direction. I hate to use the word "amazed" but... I was amazed at how well it carried and how darn good it sounded. Well... I can't find the specific pictures I'm after but here's the field. I wasn't walking around "the house" in the field, I was on the far, outer edge as well.
  4. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I live in Greenback (just outside Lenoir City). So I'm roughly 40 minutes from you. If there's anything I can do to be of some help, I'm more than willing to try. PM being sent.
  5. Resurrecting Macassar Ebony Fortes

    ^^ This ^^ I've always LOVED that wood and once warned the wife.... if I ever found a pair of Khorns like this in good cosmetic shape.... they might end up here in addition to the other goodies.

    My mistake. Won't happen again. Humble apologies.

    I think it depends... As I understand, Bob tries to build 'replacements' and Al tries to build 'upgrades' If you listen at lower levels, a more traditional passive might be fine. If however, you step into it fairly often, then the steeper slopes might give you an extra level of clarity, better driver protection (by being steeper cutoff's to said driver) BUT BUT BUT.... (at least in my experience) the steeper slopes might require some extra room space before the three drivers melt into a "single" sound that you hear. This was my experience with ALK's (ES) and Khorns. Took 30 feet before they sounded absolutely outstanding. My opinion.... you know what they say about those! (well, those and ankle bells)

    Not sure he'd want your ankle bells...
  9. If you do.... ask him to also run it on the K510 (what I'm intending to use for center if I can ever get the LaScala past the wife!)
  10. Review Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones & Photos

    I've not had/used headphones in probably 35 years (yikes) but those are very nice looking! Nice report (and congrats on what I'd consider to be a bit of a leap of faith??)
  11. Heh... he said Kliosch....
  12. 2way mwm's?

    I have four bins... (all doubles and none with drivers although I happen to have a number of K33 drivers that I was going to put into them but... I paid for those) I also have two "single" MWM bass bins, as in, each one using a single K43 driver (with K43 inside). Fiberglassed, aluminum trim and handles...those could go but wouldn't be free ($400 total for both or, less than the price of the pair of drivers in them) These are the ones we used for out outdoor movie.
  13. Chainsaw Question

    I agree 100%. I don't recall if it was a new chain that might have stretched a little or, more likely, I simply didn't check. Since then, I have kind of adopted a chainsaw cleaning ritual. Today, it doesn't get used as much as it did when we first moved in but the logic is still the same. Pull it out, slap it on the table and do a general disassemble of it to get the built up crud out of the nooks & crannys. (I don't break into the cylinder, just pull the chain cover off, pull start and remove the bar) I try to help my wife's cousin next door who's chain isn't loose.... it's down right scary loose (as in sagging with a gap) I got pretty lucky, given how lazy I was. Heh... perhaps I got a payback on that saw... I was in the field cutting & moving some stuff (using backhoe). Moved my saw "over there" to get it out of way while I used backhoe to do this & that. Suddenly, I felt as though I'd driven over a big rock.... and don't you know I backed up and rolled the huge rear tire over the little Stihl.... bent the bar in a near 90 degree fashion, smashed the side cases and put the nibs on the bar. The "center" of the saw was fine but it took me a bit of fixing up to get all the outer pieces replaced. Now, having learned that lesson, I put the saw in the cab with me.
  14. Chainsaw Question

    Not to be a safety nanny but I hope you are wearing appropriate safety items....helmet, hearing muffs, chaps... https://www.labonville.com/W850CKP-Chap-Competitive-Series_p_1288.html I try to always use my chaps. Wife once asked me if I'd cut her a wooden "step" from an already fallen cedar tree. Sure....all I need to do is grab it with back bucket, raise it off ground and make two cuts. First cut to cut rootball off and second cut to make the disk. How easy-peasy could this be? It will take more time to prepare than to make the actual cuts. Heck, this will be so quick, no sense in putting on any safety gear.... Got things ready, made the cuts and don't you know that as I was finishing the second cut (to make the round), the chain jumped the bar. It happened to get caught on the chain catcher underneith.... and the chain essentially "slapped" me right across the knee. Frayed up the jeans a bit and if memory serves me, might have left a bruise....but, because it wasn't rotating, I lucked out and didn't break the skin. Had it been rotating, it would have sliced my upper knee wide open. Kind of cemented in the need to be a bit OCD about safety issues. Much less expensive than a trip to the emergency room!!