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  1. Ummm....does this mean that @Deang would have a lot of crossovers to redo??
  2. Are we now saying we are concerned about the rotation of the wire inside its sheath?? (I am SO yesterday....) Today at work, I spent the day at the Knoxville School for the Deaf. (since my wife never listens to me, I felt right at home!!) Anyway, for about six of my individual meetings, they provided an interpreter (professional). She basically told me to forget she's there and just speak normal. It was pretty interesting being in that dynamic. I'd be speaking, the person I'm talking to is looking over my shoulder "reading" what I'm saying. Then THEY say (sign) something and "a voice from behind me" tells me what he/she is saying. There was very little lag in the conversation except for when I got into some of the technical stuff that the interpreter wasn't quite sure how to translate. They're impressive.
  3. Volunteer to get whacked over the head to let me know which one it is??
  4. Wife traditionally tries to find all her wood with zero knots on it. All of the trim around windows... doesn't have the first one. (she's a bit OCD about that) She doesn't like the knots that are in the (KNOTTY pine) floors.... when we first moved in, the June bugs were out.... They were so bad, I made a comment to her..."do you know how to tell if that is a knot on the floor or a June bug??..... "no"..... Well, the knots don't crunch!" (true story) Anyway, we're not (knot?!!) in a situation where a picket fence would work so that's out. It's a tree growing next to her cousin's house and he's worried about it hitting his house so wants it and a couple other trees taken down.....so it's free but for the work to prepare it. Don't know of any hickory trees that are in the way here that need to come down (we have a run of them along our driveway) So this is a bit about trying to use some local materials for her new room if possible. Heck, for all I know, she'll change her mind and slap some marble or tile down. She did that for our foyer.... we put a pinkish marble down, then a handful of years later, she decided she didn't like it and wanted tile so SOMEONE (ahem) had to rip the marble up. Do you know what mess is made when you use an air chisel to have to remove every square inch of (now breaking up) marble flooring!!! It didn't "pop up" off the floor in whole pieces. Was a mess.
  5. So the question there is, what is said 100 pound woman in stiletto heels.....doing with only one foot on the floor??!!
  6. Interesting. Not sure I want her to see this.... I don't need her to "slightly alter" the new room so it can double as a bowling alley...!! I didn't know it (Maple) was harder than Oak!!
  7. Title says it all.... I recently helped my brother in law knock down some Red Oak trees, (I did that part) section into logs (he did that part) then hoist said logs to trailer (I did that part) so they could go to mill & be cut into dimensional lengths.... We have a couple more oak trees (I think red), an Elm (if I read the leaves correctly) and a Maple. My wife wants to yet again.....add onto the house. What are we going to use for the floor?? Using one of these woods came to mind. They could perhaps be cut 3/4" thick.... or if it works, perhaps even a full 1" thick and could use for the new room. I know Oak is ok and often used for flooring. I don't know that I've ever seen Elm nor Maple. (are they good/bad? Or would they be more expensive and that's why I've never seen them OR..... maybe I've simply just never seen them!!) What are your thoughts on Elm or Maple for flooring? Heck, while I'm at it.... how about cedar?? We've got enough cedar where we could have planks made from that and have a REALLY fine smelling room!!!
  8. Coytee

    Super MWM

    I would have thought you would use the actives to compensate for the delay, not moving the horn??
  9. Not followed them much lately....good for them!! I had a chance to meet George Foster a couple years ago, eating breakfast at a Wafflehouse in Hamilton (just north of Cincy). Nice guy, had a very attractive gal with him and when I shook his hand, I was amazed at ..... how soft it was. I would have expected some hard hands from slinging the bats around for so long. He must use Pamolive dish soap...
  10. Looks like a door on the right. They can always be moved in the front of the door to keep the Zombies out...
  11. I like the sense of scale.."Honey, do these MWM's make my LaScalas look fat??"
  12. Psssssst, Don....Don....Don.... The issue there is, is your soldering iron 9.54038 inches long? It has to be 9.54038 inches long to maximize its performance perfectly. Side comment.... as I re-read the above, I'm getting a gut feeling it could be misconstrued differently than my intentions, but....I'm not going there.
  13. I hope you have a day job or, a rich wife!! (both would be nice too!!)
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