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  1. Seems you got finessed. I know how you roll. You only got my decoy order.... the 2nd book arrived just 20 minutes ago. Though I was expecting it to be signed by every employee in the company both past and present, I'll forgive that transgression. I did read a very nicely expressed and thought out intro in the front of the book. You must have also taken writing classes in addition to your Chief Bonehead classes! That is the most I've ever heard you have to say at one time AND didn't leave too many of your thoughts hanging in rhetorical wonderment..... except for the tissues......where are the tissues??!! Nicely done.
  2. I've never had the mildest desire to go see them..... yet, my (currently age 94) father has. He was probably pushing 70+ when he saw them. Still haven't figured that one out. (he was never EVER into any type of contemporary (HAHAHAHAHAHA) music.... his big deal is going to watch in person, Ohio State Marching Band) How we go from OSU marching band to the Stones, is beyond me. (he did sneak in maybe 20 Neil Diamond concerts in along the way, many of which I attended with him in various states)
  3. My wife bought a shelf of "stuff" (junk??!!!) at an estate sale. Maybe eight of these things were in a plastic box. I think the guy worked for Ma-Bell or one of the babies. Had TONS of electrical stuff, mostly phone related. My guess is it's used somewhere somehow to splice or otherwise hold some wires (?) Anyone know?
  4. crickets in Greenback TN however, even UPS "next day" takes two days.
  5. Same guy had these. The "tubes" (hollow copper items, almost look like couplings however I'm highly doubting that's their use) Got a dozen or so. Maybe use them as floor risers to keep the wire off the floor! Yeah that might be a ticket (unfortunately my wires go through the ceiling & walls) Oh, and a mega ground lug on the right! My middle finger will fit in that thing. If anyone has a clue what these are used for, I'd be intrigued to hear (they mean nothing to me, just more stuff that was at this estate sale in an all inclusive package my wife bought)
  6. Picture of tube for those like me who've never seen one. I do have a question... the upside down picture at the bottom of the glass is a black/dark piece of something floating around in there. Doesn't seem to rattle so I infer it's not a "hard" item.... What might that be or, could that be something inside that has detached itself? Or maybe, it's what is used as you roll the tube around in your hands, to clean the inside of the glass?!!! (pardon the pictures being out of whack, I thought I fixed them)
  7. Yep, I had seen that. Number of years ago, a friend of mine passed. I bought all the electronics stuff not knowing what all was in there. Ended up finding a matched quad of Western Electric 300B tubes. Took them to DeWick for testing. Though I don't recall the numbers, two of them were just a hair apart (and had been in an amp that used two of them) the other two had slightly higher (or was it lower?) values....and they were within a hair BUT had not been used. So the 4 of them weren't 'identical' at this point but it was 2+2. Slapped them on Ebay with DeWicks analysis sheet and they ended up being sent to Hawaii for $1,500. That was a nice surprise.
  8. Hmm....this tells me essentially nothing! https://frank.pocnet.net/sheets/080/2/287A.pdf
  9. Wife went to an online estate sale and for $25, bought contents of an entire double wide shelving unit. Guy must have been an electician or lineworker or something in the field that might zap- you! Pulled out a Western Electric Electron Tube, 355A with 6226 under it. It's one of those (huge) tubes that has a connector on the top of the dome. I'm guessing it's a transmitter tube or something that nobody in the world of sound might want (?) I'm just trying to figure out what it is. It's in the factory box with factory wrapping HOWEVER this dude kept everything (saw old plumbing items that were the old units) This appears to be pristing. Would someone like DeWick be able to put this on a tester? I'd want to think so but I realize he's retired so might not want to fool with it. (my logic is if he can validate its performance numbers, it might be worth more) In the end, means little to me and I'll slap it up on that other website to see if someone in the world wants it.
  10. Long time, welcome back and condolences on the loss of your wife. Yikes, which means I'm about 3-3 1/2..... I better go reinforce the doors and let the dogs out. Or, maybe in Spring we could have a group meet in the Chattanooga area, have lunch and yell & scream at each other?!!!
  11. I have Direct TV and had the NFL package. Contract ends (between those two) and now, the NFL package is found via You Tube TV and maybe some other locations. (I did the You Tube tv thing) Many times, I might work outside during day, record game and watch it later on. Seems I can do similar/same with You Tube. What I think I'm discovering and this is my question. I see some of the games being rebroadcast via the NFL channel on DTV. Might be at midnight, might be over the next day or two at different times. Just discovered this a day ago. This has me thinking. If I'm shifting the time ANYWAY, why not cancel (or not renew next year) the NFL package and simply record them and watch a day later. I can easily ignore the results so it would be new to me when I see it.....and I now save $50 by cancelling the NFL package. What I'm wondering is, are they going to do this for ALL NFL games througout the year? (show them via NFL channel AFTER the game is up) I think I can deal with that and save the funds. That said, maybe they're rotating what the NFL channel shows and ironically, the games I'm interested in are the ones they're showing. I would NOT want to cancel the NFL package if it meant missing an opportunity to watch what I want to see. Anyone know if the NFL channel is showing ALL games afterwards?
  12. There is now a 510 "with mumps" that Roy designed, updating these above. I've never heard it.
  13. That would be the K510, the "little horn that could" Here are several images of it. Interestingly, I don't have easily handy, a picture of the Jubilee with the 510 atop the 402. They cut a piece of plywood and put a "notch" in it that fit AROUND the K402 and it had maybe 10" above and maybe 4" exposed on the sides. The 510 fit above the 402 attached to the plywood, all painted black.
  14. As @PrestonTom has said...hard to help with no guidance. Someone travelling without a map will always reach their destination! There's a number of folks who are using the TAD 4002 mated with their 402's. Attached are the PEQ's that were created by Roy, when used on the Underground Jubilee bass bin. The crossover for the 402 is/was 400 hz. One of the reasons to create the Jubilee was to raise the crossover point of the bass bin so it could be a 2-way. Though I've got a voice in the back of my head telling me that someone put a tweeter atop the 402/Jubilee (I think) bass bin, I don't recall many comments about how it sounded. Also....with regard to the Jubilee in a 2-way format verses 3-way format, the 3-way was more about output ability to fill a room verses a need for 'tinkle' (a nod to Ralph who bought a pair in London England) I've never felt the need for any HF improvements but I'll leave that "to each his own". I DO think dropping a crossover point was a significant improvement in the coherency of the sound so if you can get by without it, I think it helps.) Me not being very technical, I do recall when in Hope, hearing that the HF on the TAD beams a bit. Looking at the mouth of the horn, I wondered could it be because it's somewhat restricted by the adapter walls??? If so, why not scoot the mouth of the driver closer to the horn so the sound would be able to splay out sooner? Mr. Rigma designed the adapter (also attached) that would replace the TAD adapter and make things work. My recollection of his trying this was no improvement in sound HOWEVER, I don't think he recurved the PEQ's and it would seem to me, (presuming it worked in theory), it seems to me if you now splay the HF sound, it would not be as focused therefore, you might need to adjust your PEQ's. As I further understand, he never sent it to Roy to analyze and put into the chamber so it remains an unknown as best I know. Disclosure: I've got a pair of TAD 4002's and a third one as a spare. I've heard them side by side (at the factory) with the other side being either the K69 or maybe K69-A (?) Been a while! Either way, both sounded fantastic HOWEVER, on a side by side, you could easily discern the TAD over the stock driver.....very easily. I never really knew what people meant when they said "It was like a veil was lifted from the sound". After I heard them side by side, that is the only way I can think to describe it! Using the TAD's was like lifting a veil. DX-38 settings for Jubilee with K402 & TAD 4002.pdf TAD+402+rev7.pdf
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