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  1. I've not looked yet, but I wonder if this is on a DVD? Gotta get to work first.
  2. If they're self powered speakers, then I think you nailed it here. You'd send them the line signal, not amplified signal.
  3. Coytee

    Happy Birthday Amy

    Suck up However, being a fellow suck up myself.... I'll bow to the Queen and follow suit! Happy Birthday!
  4. Pricing certainly might have changed.... but as I reflect, I thought the K510 with driver (K69) was "about" $750 and it was the K402 with driver (K69) that was "about" $1,200. In fairness, this was probably over 5 years ago so I could be wayyyyyyyyyy out of touch.
  5. I wasn't using the Mc's at the time, but I accidently wired my CD player directly into the back of my dbx BX-1 amp (input 1v) Turned things on, and was wow'ed at the difference (perceived improvement) of the sound. I loved it.... went to turn it up and nothing happened. ??? WHA??? Found out I bypassed the preamp and that was my first experience of learning how much it can impact the sound. I begrudgingly keep it in the system because of needing a selector and ability to change volume (be nice if the CD player had the output control on it but mine didn't) Changed that gear so today', not an issue but it was an eye/ear opening accident.
  6. I had a pair of MC-30's and a MC-2102. I thought they required 2.5v for full power. Then again, that might have been the XLR input (of the 2102)
  7. Always going after the low hanging fruit...
  8. All this time I thought it was my wife giving me NFB....
  9. Coytee


    I think he said he took the picture out in Utah or maybe Oregon.....somewhere out west.
  10. Coytee


    I wonder if the road crew giggled at the irony as they placed their sign... Picture was supposedly taken by someone I went to high school with.
  11. Power or more accurately, lack of. If they would have had say, 30 or more watts, I'd kept them forever. As it is/was, they just couldn't keep up with how I turned things up (especially while working in other parts of house when system was pounding..... this was on Khorns) Edited to add: I only had two amps, not four.
  12. 1982, and spring break was "next week". I had an ex-girlfriend who lived in Palm Beach. Her brother was my room-mate. We were going to drive down to PB and spend our spring break. I was cool with that because she & I were still on very good terms (still are today!) Anyway, the day was Monday. FRIDAY was the last day of school and off we go.... Monday morning my dad calls... "Richard, I've got two tickets for us to fly to Peru THIS SATURDAY...... how is your passport??" Uh.... expired. "Well... we (you) need to get cracking on it. So, I found a lady in Washington DC that told me if I could send it to her via overnight, she'd jump on it and send it back to me. GOT IT!! So, I skipped classes that day, drove into town (my home town) about 12 miles away to get the forms, pictures.... got it all done and rushed it to be overnighted to her. Well.... I now had a difficult time reaching her.... and the long story is she of course, failed to get my passport done such that it could be sent to me. I HAD to receive it on Friday because 7:00 / 8:00 Saturday morning was my flight to Miami to meet up with my dad. What to do? I'm screwed. Dad calls.... update him..... his wheels are turning. Well, as it turned out, a friend of his (who lived in Dayton, Ohio.... call it an hour away) had a daughter. Seems the daughter lived in Washington. She worked RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the Passport location. As luck would have it, she was going home on Friday to visit her family. She agreed to walk across the street and pick up my passport and hand deliver it to me, as long as I drove to the Dayton airport. (what are the chances of THAT happening in our society today??!!) She did so.....I did so.... and I got my passport. Next morning, jumped on the plane to Miami and off we were. My Mother just smiled and said "Son.... I'm a believer that things that go around, come around.... some of the nice things you've done over your life were recognized today because this shouldn't have happened but someone wanted you to go!" Had a great time but.... missed out on a Palm Beach vacation with an old girlfriend.....that I still got along with. Bitter sweet
  13. For $10, I'll not let your wife know of your attitude....
  14. I was there in 82 and that alone is a story. I'm working....will try to share it shortly.
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