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  1. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    Could you perhaps just buy some screen fabric and set it in front of the horn?
  2. R.I.P. Ray Thomas / Moody Blues

    Now he's outside with Timothy Leary....looking in....
  3. i already have a wife to speak at me for the rest of my life....
  4. As much as it would be over my head, it would still be preferred reading over some of their other offerings...
  5. Klipschorn's Near Seattle

    I was thinking same thing... my '79 LaScalas have AA's and I would have thought these would have had A's or AA crossovers in them, not the AK.
  6. New RP-280F or Used La Scala's?

    It's the Onkyo that states biamping... (I presume) Don't worry about it unless you ever decide to do TRUE biamping (splitting signal with active crossover) Just get them...plug them in....listen to them for while to get accustomed to them. Down the road, 6-12 or 24 months... if you want to improve them.... ask at that time. Just take it one step at a time for now.
  7. New RP-280F or Used La Scala's?

    Congrats on what appears to be a wonderful purchase (original buyer/boxes...)!!! I've had mine since 1979 and still love to hear them.
  8. Any interest in an Chigoland GTG

    I'm guessing you'd have to provide your own redhead or brunette...
  9. Harry Chapin & nice harmony's???

    I didn't notice it on that list... but, on his Greatest Stories Live CD, there is an extra track on the end "The Shortest Story". It's a bit of a somber song... he was deeply into trying to help world hunger. I have a little voice in the back of my head that he might have been one of the early people trying to start some form of world organization to help hungry people (??) None the less.... go find that song and give it a listen. Just make sure you're in a good emotional place. My wife would hate to hear the song.... it would depress her. I personally think we need to experience some things like that in life to help keep us sensitive to some realities that we might otherwise be a bit numb to. Don't know why but I find the bell rather somber and giving a feeling of being alone. Lyrics: I am born today The Sun burns a promise In my eye Mama strikes me And I draw a breath and cry Above me a cloud Slowly tumbles through the sky I am glad, to be alive It is my seventh day I taste the hunger And I cry My Brother and sister Cling to Mama's side She squeezes her breast But it has nothing to provide Someone weeps, I fall asleep It is twenty days today Mama does not hold me Anymore I open my mouth But I am to weak to cry Above me a bird slowly crawls across the sky Why is there nothing Now to do but die?
  10. Harry Chapin & nice harmony's???

    Just had to add this..... Preface: My (now deceased) father in law had an interesting habit of whistling a tune. one I've never heard before... consisted of four notes and he would whistle it over & over and over and overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the point you realize he's not even aware he's doing it. Seems the apple's didn't fall from the tree as my wife has a similar habit (though she'll at least change the tune or whistle something I've heard before) So, I just now left the kitchen. My brother in law is up there with my wife and his son, eating some breakfast. BOTH of them are whistling portions of this song. He a bit more than she.... but I've never in my life heard that happen before (both of them whistling at same time, same tune) Interestingly enough.... the tune (the gals harmony) is still stuck in my head so unbeknown to my brother in law and my wife.... all three of us were in the same music space at that moment. I don't know if that's cool or creepy!!
  11. Harry Chapin & nice harmony's???

    I only have one system... it's "ok" He's heard many things here over the last 11 years... so it was just another thing to hear. I do wonder though.... if he had it in his truck....asked the question because he might have wanted to hear it but wasn't sure how to simply ask? (speculation) @wvu80 If only I had my PC speakers hooked up... (wife doesn't like the clutter so ordered them banished and they're in the garage) Nice find though.
  12. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    I'm guessing you are wanting that bottom octave.... I'd imagine that if that's a true presumption, then indeed, the Jubilee's might need some assistance. I've never owned a pair of (non-sub) speakers that would shake the house as nicely as my old EV Interface D speakers (-3 db @ 28 Hz, max 106 db if I recall) Heck, I still listen to things today that I first heard on them and lament a bit that the same bottom end isn't there.... interestingly, Art Garfunkel is one that comes to my mind and in general, I don't think he's usually associated with room shaking bass songs.
  13. Harry Chapin & nice harmony's???

    Ok, so my brother in law is here for the Holiday. Lives about an hour south of New Orleans, lost everything in Katrina...never been known (by me) to be into anything music other than maybe listening to the radio. We were talking while a ballgame (or something) was on the TV, speakers were silent... he asks me if I've ever heard of Harry Chapin? (yes, have a couple CD's and saw him in concert about a year prior to his death)... "His brother has a nice CD out with some nice songs, including one with some great harmony's..." Went out to his truck, brought it in and I played it. (this was day before yesterday) Don't you know that most of yesterday, I was cursed with this song stuck in my head and I could hardly wait to get home to listen to the harmony's again... then this morning....again... I don't know if this can be downloaded, but if it can and you like a nice song that could be released today (in my opinion) Harry Chapin, A Celebration in Song, Volume I by, The Chapin Family, live in concert. Song is "Remember When the Music". It's done in 3 (4?) part harmony by the daughters/nieces in the family and they do a beautiful version of the song (which I happen to already think is a good song) The rest of the CD is nice enough... basically a replay of a Harry Chapin concert, being led by his brothers and using some/most (all?) of the original band including Big John Wallace whom was spotlighted in Mr. Tanner. I still can't get those girls out of my head.
  14. 4 Klipsch MCM-1900 Stacks - VT - Up For Grabs!

  15. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    (there's one now! he slithered in before I saw his post)