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  1. A little known fact... Claude actually had a cameo role in the Wizzard of Oz, as one of the Munchkins...
  2. Marie Osmond must have been really screaming...
  3. You're welcome to come by when you are able!
  4. 2way mwm's?

    I have a pair of MWM (double bins) that don't have drivers, that you could have for free... just have to pick them up here (cause I ain't boxing them up!)
  5. Oh,and deer aren't much higher than road hazards.... I wish they could disappear from around where I live. Heck, we have 15/20 in the field in front of the house nightly and my dogs (which we walk on leash at night) think their droppings are little grapes or something and go after them....
  6. I would but, my wife likes it when I keep quiet about my girlfriend...
  7. If you can get to Knoxville, TN area, I have two of them (dual drivers each) that do NOT have any drivers....that you could have for free. So, for the cost of the drivers alone, you could have a nice foundation.
  8. Well, they are something like 6 1/2 feet wide... so....mmmmmm....yeah, it did!
  9. As long as you don't hear something like the MWM's, I'd say you're at the bottom of the rabbit hole.
  10. They're just as practical (physically) as Khorns... The company doesn't seem to have a problem selling those to the radicals out there! The electronics doesn't have to be rocket science.... heck, I got them put together and I'm no rocket scientist! In fact, I could probably show you a rock or two with more brain power than me! (no snarky comeback's allowed!)
  11. Ya know... my interpretation of that is it's an honest heart-felt opinion.... (and frankly, true) That said, there was once a day when giving an honest felt opinion like that, would have brought on an attack by some others. Ironically, most of those doing the attacking back then did so without never having heard the Jubilee's. It's kind of nice seeing you be able to say that without a bunch of crap being thrown at you.
  12. Favorite pop rivet tool?

    As we do the c h i n k on the house, I'm going to need to remove the downspouts (again). They've already been pulled down once when we sand blasted the house...put back up.... and will pull down when we need to 'caulk' each respective area where they exist. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on brand A verses brand B?
  13. We all know folks in Pekin, Il are racist... I think I read it somewhere on the internet.
  14. Another off topic...but kind of related... (who do I complain to about crapping on my own thread?) My phone service is the ever lovely AT&T. They have those little 4x4 square "towers" that stick up every so often down the road. I'm guessing those are simply junction boxes so they can add a new house or repair a line. When it rains, I get constant static in my line. A number of years ago, one of those boxes was wide open and the guts of the wire were spilled out, laying in a water puddle. I called to let them know and they couldn't comprehend this "service" call for their junction box with no address... None the less, I finally got them out and they fixed it. So just the other day, someone (county) cut the grass on the shoulder of the road. There is one of these junction boxes that was evidently hit. Knocked the cover off and now it's totally exposed. I again, tried to call to get them to know about it and it was like I was talking to a girl from mars (one with a bad attitude I might add) Finally, in exasperation, told her I didn't really care if they fixed the box as it wasn't mine... I was trying to be a good neighbor and let them know there was some damage to their system. The last time they came out to do this stuff (yes, we have a lot of phone issues), the guy told me he thought he found the location of my static issue. It was between two of these junction boxes.... came back to tell me he's "temporarily fixed it" What he did was simply run an above ground wire from one to the other, bypassing the underground part. Draped the wire through a small gravel parking lot (just laying on the ground to be driven over) and right next to a walking trail (tripping hazard?) He said they'd be out a week later to fix it and I think it's been 1 1/2 years..... I sometimes think about pulling it myself just to get them back to visit the problem in hopes they'll either actually FIX it or maybe.... just freaking maybe..... they'll finish laying the fiber optic line that they mysteriously brought down my road.... turned into the first subdivision (only 1 home in existence there) and terminated it. They didn't hook a single person to it... just stopped it short of the single home and didn't bring it further down where there are 4 more homes, each willing to sign up...When you call them to ask about it, nobody knows anything about it.
  15. if you're asking me... I have no clue.