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  1. Not to wax too philosophic and don't know if this will help but, I've always felt that the reason we're here is to help others. (<--period) Look at it this way... what if you blinked your eyes and you were the only person on this earth? You would essentially own everything, all of Trump's golden towers, all the golf courses, have any Ferrari or Bugatti you want...all the food on the shelves... You're so wealthy...but alone....and what good does all the 'stuff' do for you? Likely to make you miserable because of the missing human interaction. Sounds like you are in an acceptable financial place, so go find someone/people that are less fortunate than you are and do something nice for them. Play your guitar and entertain them Read them some of your writings Take them some donuts... Make it about helping them in some way and I think you'd find some purpose again.
  2. Mike, that is also my understanding (for ease of construction) The functional update came when Roy added the little supports inside the horn. Seems every now & then (prior to any of us residential guys buying them) they'd have a bass bin that had a buzz on the back panel. Long story short, the plywood was spec'ed to be (something like) .75 inches +/- some variance. Turns out that those that resonated were .75 (less the variance) BUT, it was still in spec so the company had to keep the plywood. Roy's fix to it then was to add the supports inside and now, it killed the resonating for any cabinet. Cabinets that ended up with the full .75" back panels didn't resonate but, got the supports anyway. I'm guessing he reconfigured the design again to see if he could make it easier. A side benefit of that (my opinion since I don't know anything factual) is it also made it stronger and I think it looks a bit nicer (with the 'shelves' instead of wings)
  3. Wimp... I thought it was clever.
  4. Does this explain why everyone ignores me?
  5. Should have flown him out so he could save you from those scantily clad beach women that were harassing you...
  6. College roommate of mine did similar however, he had been drinking AND, when he hit the box, his front license plate broke off and remained at the scene of the 'crime'. Next day, the cops (someone, forget who) showed up and he got into some hot water. I think I was told the mailbox he destroyed is considered government property.. Hope nothing like that follows her (and that she rightfully fixes that which she broke)
  7. Agree 100% It's exciting and refreshing to see 'the next generation' pick up the ball and share the excitement.
  8. Count me in with those in the back yard (mine, not theirs)
  9. Wife has gone vegan so she won't eat the real stuff....that's for me. (nice side effect I might suppose?) As far as grease fire...nope.... she was there for the first event (plate actually 'blew up' while in her hand) and I was there for the second. In fact, was keeping an eye on things through the little window (actually reasonably large window in this case) No fires. Just a scalding of the center then....BOOM Duration? I don't recall but I want to say it was around 2 1/2 to maybe 3 minutes. It isn't like it was in there for 45 minutes. I spoke with their 'safety department' (or something like that) just yesterday. Found out I can email the picture to them. I think that will show them a lot more clearly what I'm talking about than me just trying to describe it over the phone (and them thinking someone is just getting hysterical, blowing it out of proportion) Not heard anything back yet but fingers are crossed for some kind of commentary from them. To repeat, the wife has been making her bacon like this for probably 9-10 years (don't recall exactly when she turned vegan) and simply followed the same process she's used every time. This is the new result.
  10. Ditto to things that have been said, especially treats for the dog(s) Good luck with what now lies before you.
  11. Schubert: Winterreise, Op.89 Hermann Prey 38C37-7240 1984 Denon Japanese CD in smooth side case - $6Offenbach Concerto Rondo & Orchestral Works MMG MCD 10022 1984 made in Japan - smooth side case $5INXS - Live Baby Live (BMG Edition) - NM/NM - $2Neil Diamond - Play Me: The Complete Uni Studio Recordsings ... Plus (3 CDs) - NM/NM - $11Natalie Merchant - Ophelia -(BMG Edition) VG+/NM - $1Pachelbel: Canon - Glory of the Baroque - (made in Japan) - NM/NM - $5 Wrap em up Send me a PM with total, I'll send PM with mailing address
  12. I had a difficult time finding someone to redo my 2040 (though I'll admit I didn't put much effort into it) I gave the unit to my wife's nephew who lives in New Orleans. I don't know if he's yet had it gone through. May I ask a 'ballpark' amount to take a never touched unit and bring it up to date, presuming nothing is blown up? I might offer to have it done for him. You can PM me if more appropriate. Nice job on the case!! Kind of makes me regret giving it away.
  13. Whew... almost feared you were going to say you preferred your neighbors bose cube's... Then again, I know my bose sound pretty fantastic...