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  1. Well, that was succinct!
  2. It's possible that a strategic question mark (?) placed at the end could have cleared that up, presuming it is a question and not a statement that you/he "got" Khorns. Now that I think about it......it's possible this was his wife asking. We all know that the ladies speak a different language lol (I know, I'm going to fry in he** for that comment lol)
  3. I'm confused. Perhaps you can clarify. You are looking for Khorns. "Got" Khorns, now looking. So, are you still looking for them or did you get them quickly as could be inferred by your second comment? I don't have any, I'm just trying to get you to clearly state your situation.
  4. Am I missing something or has this happened or is there a reason to avoid it?? Looking at screen creep as they get larger & larger.... I have often thought for YEARS, why not put on a pair of virtual reality headsets so now, your TOTAL visual presentation is controlled..... and then use your HT system as the audio playback? I'll admit I've never done a VR headset but it would seem to me that the experience SHOULD be capable of becoming more realistic on the visual side..... combine that with the high potential of a good sound system and it seems to me that should easily out perform having a giant screen. At the same time, I'd presume they can scale the visuals in the VR set to be however big/wide they'd want it to be. Am I missing something here? I would have expected a number of years ago, for this technology to replace big screens "for the experience" and maybe you keep the big screen for family viewing of Lassie or the news. Educate me, what are the downsides??
  5. So do you prefer yours on crackers verses bread? I mean, if you're going to go into anaphalatic shock, may as well throw some saltines into the mix, no?
  6. Perhaps....but years ago, I pulled one of my LaScalas outside to simply do it and jam while I walked around the field to hear the differences. What do I play??? Oh, I know.... across the lake is a retirement community. Possibly a lot of Yankess's (of which I'm also one) over there. Maybe even some MICHIGAN fans!!! So, why not pop in my OSU Marching Band CD and crank it to 11??? I did exactly that while walking to various places in the field. Don't you know that just like when you are at the stadium, the sound changes depending on where the band is facing or whatever else might factor in, you had similar "coloring" of the sound as you walked around the field. It really would have been pretty easy to make the jump that the band was there. I can only hope that the folks across the lake that were from Ohio were having happy dreams and the folks that were instead, from Michigan were screaming, pulling their hair out wondering how on earth the OSU band ended up doing a practice session directly across the lake from them????
  7. I was kind of impressed that he (as best I know) resigned near immediately. I view that as taking some ownership of his actions. I can list a L.O.N.G. list of names of people who we could only wish had that kind of integrity.
  8. C'mon man.... you keep starting these threads while holding back on the MEGA thread..... The one about Miss Jane Hathaway verses ????? The suspense is killing me.
  9. My dad (92 this month) would call me on a random day and ask what I'm doing on Saturday...(enter date). Long story short, he'd drive to Knoxville from Hilton Head, stay the night here OR, we'd join together here and drive on up to Columbus. Last time we did this, we first went to Findlay (his childhood hometown) to do something or another, then drove across to Columbus. Got to Hotel about 1:00 A.M. Went to bed. Got up in morning, ate breakfast, drove to stadium. Went to the PREgame band show and that specific year was Alumni day (for the band) and all old band members were invited. They essentially had THREE full (or nearly) full marching bands crammed into that building and then, they had the visiting team's band (Miami University where he & I both went) in there WITH them..... and they absolutely shredded that building to pieces. Preshow done, everyone walked to stadium.....Ohio State was pounding the daylights out of Miami (expected) in fact, I am wondering if it was 50-0 at halftime or was that the final....either way, it was a manly team against children. Halftime came.... we watched all the bands. They had if I recall four Script Ohio's going on. After the halftime show, we went home. To reword it...we drove all the way there to essentially watch the band warmup and halftime show, nothing more. Visually it was certainly as impressive as anything. Sound wise, it really was incredible. Simply tore the place up. I think the oldest member in the Alumni band was 80 or 90? Impressive is such an inadequate word for what it was. I'd highly recommend anyone go witness it if you're able (specifically the day the Alumni Bands return)
  10. Perhaps because anyone named Richard is a di**??
  11. I was preparing to post the OSU / Rush.... thought someone might beat me to it. Well done. You know..... I'd like to think even Michigan fans could appreciate it!
  12. Last time I heard that my wife swiped a $50....
  13. So, would these be viewed as 'Grateful Dead' speakers......or 'Hell's Angels' speakers? In either case, they are probably full of interesting stories..... but I never got into either group too much.... so for me, it's a "meh"
  14. You're right about a joke having to be explained.... Then again, maybe the humor is you having to circle back and having to explain it??
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