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  1. But it was at least, cyrogenically treated, no???? you know....for better oomph!
  2. Nice (didn't know that) Did all the II's have 2 sets? (mine only has one)
  3. I might be putting one of those things in. Question... did the depth of that, added to the depth of the plug not create any issues for your range? Pulled mine out the other day to see what I had behind it (new convection/induction is due to arrive this week) My wires come up through the floor like yours but, my stove is hard wired. Where your outlet is (was!) , I have a box and then that metal/flex pipe with the wires going to the stove. Evidently, it's supposed to have a plug (I personally think hard wired is better since these don't come out very often) If I remove the box, swap it for a plug it's going to make it a thicker object which then might prevent the stove from pushing all the way back. Supposedly the stove installer from Lowe's will do this but since I live 25 miles from his store, I want to make sure I have all the correct parts on hand so he can do it the first time he comes out to visit!
  4. What is the hierarchy of format choices relative to sound quality? (I don't even profess to know enough of them to write it down) I've seen DTS, Dolby, PCM... it seems I can select something as a default choice?
  5. sorta?
  6. I might add... This seems like another step in the direction of making a "home" version... You can now get them with the pretty face in front You can now get them with the wires moved out of sight All that's left is something to encase the 402 (though I don't mind it visible BUT, I wouldn't mind the backside painted to get rid of the lines where they sanded down the flash lines (or whatever it's called)) and last, have grills made then viola, you have a "residential" speaker Roy is slowly winning the battle!!!
  7. I'm glad they moved the wires. I never liked them on top. Makes me want to give my pair away & buy a new pair....
  8. RIP Saw them in concert pretty early on (after 1st album?) and it was pretty ho-hum. Became evident they were rushed out while the iron was hot... They might have sounded fine in a theater but they couldn't fill the sound of the larger venue. After show was over, my buddy & I went back to my house and replayed the concert (over the LaScalas) Sounded much better.
  9. We've been talking about toasting some hotdogs & marshmellow's on the fire. Some of the "pieces" on my burn pile are part of a (approximate) 30" diameter oak that fell....cut into roughly 10' sections. I currently have three of these logs on the pile with about three more to go (and the huge root ball which uprooted) before that tree is gone. (this is a large burn pile) Going to take a bit to light those off so I've also cut some slits into the length of them, about every two feet to allow some flames inside them. If these boards go on the fire, I guess that will kill the weenie roast. Not sure how appetizing a hot dog or marshmellow, smoked in acid would taste! I suppose I could cut them up and toss in the land fill...
  10. I've put up with mine for near 30 years.... my money is on her too...
  11. Nope, but I did yell at the cows to stay out of the road or I'd eat them...
  12. So this morning, I'm in my car around 6:00 A.M., heading out to Nashville to see the Doctor at Vanderbilt. Driving down my little road (about 1 1/2 lanes wide with trees on the side of road, making it look at times like you're driving down a tunnel through the trees) All the sudden, (and I mean this all happened in about 15 nano-seconds) This gigantic moose jumps out from the right side of the road (the side the lake is on) and starts to get in front of my car. I immediately react and hit the brakes. My first thought was "OMG, there's a deer....and where there is one deer dumb enough to jump in front of you, there's another" Suddenly, there was a second and third moose... My brain is looking at these animals saying look out for the deer however, those aren't deer....OMG, they're MOOSE!! (for plural, would it be Meese?) Then in another nano-second I realize "hey stupid....we don't have moose around here"... Then it dawned on me The neighbors cows had gotten out of the fence and evidently gone down to the lake (maybe they were midnight skinny-dipping for all I know) They were all black cows and you could hardly see them. So they all three get in front of my car "running" to the degree a cow can run...then they started to the left and started to climb up the embankment on the left side of the road (back up to their farm) Now I'm looking at them thinking "you can't do're COWS dummy's.....not goats!!" They each jumped up and climbed something that I would have never thought they'd be able to....or, if they did, they'd have to slowly and steadily work their way up. They actually got up there in rather impressive fashion. I was waiting for one of them to slip and fall back to the road, perhaps crushing me in the car... so I scurried past them once the road was clear. They weren't there when I got home but now, I have a good idea where the midnight skinny dipping party is.
  13. Panic is over. I've fed all available liquid (remainder of original container and all fluids in the cookie tin) into a batch of baking soda / water mix and watched it froth away. Added more baking soda until there was no more frothing. Sprayed same type solution all over boards and watched them bubble up a bit. I'm planning on digging deeper into it tomorrow but feel I'm probably at 80/90 percent of getting it up. All the loose liquid is gone... boards are really the only thing left and they've (hopefully) been neutralized. Tomorrow, I plan to disassemble most things along that wall to be sure. Didn't get a respirator or anything because to be honest, I had no idea we even had this. I don't think we've ever used it and think we only obtained it when her father passed. I tangled with this stuff once when I was a teenager and the guy I worked for cleaned some concrete. The instant I got a wiff of this, I I knew what it was. You don't forget that very easily! (and once that happened, got the gloves & goggles out...didn't have a respirator though I guess I could have stuffed some tissues into one of my wifes bra's and strapped it around my face?)
  14. Called UT (University of Tennessee) chemistry department.... the gal answering went to her boss to see who to transfer me to....boss lady said "tell him to call 911" Nice. Called Vanderbilt chemistry department while I was at Vanderbilt today.... no answer all day....just machine. Scenario: Had a one gallon jug of Muriatic acid. (20% strength if I recall) Came from my father in laws garage we cleaned things out from his passing. Long story short, it was near full, developed a pinhole leak at the bottom. About 80% of it dripped out (very slowly) I have some wooden shelves in garage and this of course, was on top shelf.... Now, for the stroke of luck... Wife had some form of "cookie tin" that had to be near 18" in diameter. MOST of the dripping, went into here (more on this shortly) So the Muriatic acid has soaked into three boards as it dripped and worked its way across. At least one of those boards, if not all three are near black from where it soaked in. (darkest board being the top board and as you go down, they're not as bad) Of course, I have a stainless steel refrigerator in the garage....that now looks like it's got a dull something on it....hate to call it rust as it's not yet that bad. Ok, so... a week ago, wife went into garage to get something, came out screaming that she can't breath and her hands are to bathroom & rinse eyes/face/hands. I go to garage and find a (highly rusted) can of battery acid CLEANER that I deduced must have rusted through and vented out... picked it up and a couple other (very rusted) cans next to it. Thought I got everything cleaned up when I then heard (in the silence of the room) what I'd describe as an Alka Selzer fizzing away in a glass of water. Knowing there was nothing like that around, I realized something was eating something.... kept looking and this is when a cloud of gas passed me by and grabbed at my breath too. Seems this 18" cookie can had collected almost all of the fluid. There was maybe 2" of acid in it. Of course, everything we had in there (hinges, screws, odds/ends) were literally soaked... Carried the near empty bottle of acid outside, carried cookie tin outside. Sunday, bought a very large box (several) of baking soda. Created a water solution and poured the acid in there & kept adding until the frothing went away. Poured fluid from cookie tin into there and repeated. Created some new solution & dumped into cookie tin to neutralize as much of that as i could. That's the back story. What I'm trying to find out is: 1. Will the fluid that was on the boards "dry up" and become a non-factor or should I get rid of them? 2. Can I BURN those boards or will that cause a nice caustic cloud of something nasty that will make my feet dissolve? (I have a very large pending burn pile) 3. I wiped the refrigerator down... (soda/water) is that "enough"? Will it keep reacting? 4. What about other things in the garage? Will the vapers blow away (doors are open) or will I need to empty garage out and do a much larger job of baking soda/water soaking? I noticed a couple weeks ago, my cordless Milwaukee drill had totally rusted the chuck. I was intriged on how that happened but, the battery died so it's not been used in 3-4 years...I presumed it was that. Now, I suspect it was the vapor cloud. (it was sitting on shelf under drips) After typing all that, I hope we have someone with a chemical background!!
  15. I might not be the brightest bulb in the pack but I sure am persistent...