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  1. Ahhh... the days of analog..... Wonder if they'd go back?
  2. I recall years ago, seeing a snippet from an interview with him regarding DSOTM..... Don't recall what he said but the point of it was "We never got to hear the LP for the first time" I thought that was interesting (given that I likely butchered his actual comment)
  3. https://www.britfloyd.com/ Saw them last night. They were very good. They essentially played the entire Wall album with some other pieces sprinkled in throughout. Did I say they were very good? They played some good tracks and they absolutely shredded some as well (shredded in a good way) Light show was also VERY good. Are they as good as the originals? No... but had you not known you were seeing a tribute band and thought you WERE seeing the originals, would you have left with a big S... Eating Grin on your face? Yes! One thing I noticed while sitting there.... they got applause after virtually every song they played. When I saw the originals, they got a standing ovation after virtually every song they played. They played the song from DSOTM, I think called Great Gig in the Sky, where the girl screams & moans.... There was a gal who stepped up to the mic and just screamed her guts out. Gal has an impressive voice. They're going to be in Chattanooga this Friday with other shows elsewhere. Very enjoyable, I'd not hesitate to see them again. I noticed later in their European tour, they're going to some 1,000 year old location on Sicaly (if I recall)..... looks like that would be a REALLY cool venue, especially with the light show. I saw them in the old Tennessee Theater which was probably a bit on the small size for what they were trying to do however, it allowed them to over-power the room whenever they wanted. If they're within your circle to see them and you like PF, then count me as one person standing behind you pushing you towards the ticket counter..... Just shut up & do it kind of thing!
  4. Coytee

    otis l

    Looks like Dave again, jumped in front of me! Must have been while I was babbling about Otis.....he was asking relevant questions!
  5. Coytee

    otis l

    Saw your title..... Pictures would help us know what you have. I don't think the factory used cloth on them but, it could have been added later. Your title made me think of "MY" Otis..... meet Otis both as a puppy and now.
  6. I should have been a divorce attorney.... you guys are clearly good for their business!
  7. Someone reached out to me about trying to hear a pair in Indy. I reached out to MC and he said he was currently not able. Anyone else here in the Indy area with a pair that you've been keeping quiet about and now want to come out of the closet?
  8. Probably too late....but you might contact your bank and ask them directly. Since your preparer messed up your address......maybe ask them to front you the refund and you'll sign the check over to them on arrival?!!!! If they have a problem taking the joint check into an individual account.... it's perhaps because the "other" person on the check is .....how to put it.... losing control of their money (as far as the bank might know). I've seen some banks play hardball and need a signature and I've seen some with a passe' attitude and take it. In the brokerage world, there are some things you simply can't do without the joint signature because once the transaction is complete, they are "losing" that asset and the firm wants their signature on file so if they ever came back against the firm on it.... they pull the signature out. (yeah, it happens)
  9. Trying to clarify your thoughts rather than trying to change them.... Once you have the active crossover set, it's done. I've not touched mine since the day it came in and I plugged it in. The idea of having to endlessly play with it is simply a misunderstanding (or you're an engineer!!!! HA, just had to get a Zing on on the local engineer population!) Anyway, it is set it and forget it. You have some benefits in that you can add some delay and refine the sound to the Nth degree. Actually, it's already been done for you via Roy. You just have to plug the numbers into your unit and then figure out how to get that big grin off your face. As I understand it, your Khorns have the EQ "built into the horn" with the "collapsing verticals" or that technical stuff.... bottom line, the horn itself has the EQ in it whereas the EQ is in the electronics with the Jubilee. All that said, the REAL reason to look at the Jubilee (my opinion) is the huge K402 horn on top. The scale of sound that gives you over the Khorn is not insignificant. I've used more blunt terms in the past but that only served to annoy some people so I now resist. Put somewhat blunt, the Khorn is a fine speaker.....basically built a great company. However, when PWK first designed the Khorn, he had how many years of experience??? I don't know the factual answer but I'd imagine it was zero. By the time he got to getting the Juiblee designed & built (and adding Roy to his goal) he had something like 50 years of experience designing these things. I'm willing to bet he learned a couple things or three in those 50 years and the Jubilee was a beneficiary of that knowledge.
  10. If you haven't ever used one of these, I seem to recall they get advertised as being "cool to the touch" or something like that... They are cool, relative to coiled heat....but, as your skillet/pot gets hot, that heat is still transferred to the glass top and it DOES get hot, just not as hot as the stove itself could get. I personally think if someone goes down this avenue, you really need to look into one/several cast iron skillets. My wife has some fancy non-stick skillet that is "induction ready" and in fact, it works. Her brother uses it from time to time when he's visiting. He was here once, needed another skillet so grabbed one of my iron skillets (she detests using them as "they're too heavy") anyways, after he was done, he said he had a "wow moment"..... said with her "induction ready" skillet, he had to have the "burner" on MUCH higher than with my iron skillet..... he went on to say that the iron skillet got hotter, did it faster and held it longer than her "induction ready" skillet. My guess is it was because you are dealing with 100% iron verses hers having something reactive encased in the bottom of the skillet. He said it was no contest on performance.
  11. I think you can get a "hot plate" (or something) that you would sit on your induction top and THAT gets hot.....then, you'd set your aluminum pot on the plate to make your popcorn. At least, that is what Alice told me.... I had to ask.
  12. Did you make your own XLR wires like I did? I went exactly by the diagram.... and (for example) had blue on left, red on right and white on the center... I didn't stop to think that when you do the opposite end, the colors would reverse and blue would for example, then go on the right .... I painstakingly cross-wired everything. Once discovered, had to check every wire I made and fix them. oops!
  13. Reworded, are you saying some speakers use box distortion to fatten up the sound?
  14. Yeah, evidently the big broad sides of the LaScala are its weak point... anything to stiffen them will improve things. I once heard the LaScala II's at the factory, was talking to Mr. Hunter about them and how (in my opinion) they (the II's) sounded like they had another level of bass added to them.... he said the original series had the same output it was just masked by the buzzing of the box.
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