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  1. Roger.... I've never really been a shooter. I did not know any of the above, that was interesting, thanks! Heck, when I was in high school, we had a class that spent the day with some cops (probably to try to scare us straight) We went to their shooting range.... turns out I was a decent shooter with his pistol.... I don't recall the specifics other than I might have had say, five bullets (or was it six?) and like your picture above, they were clustered. They weren't necessarily in the bulls eye, I think they were on the edge of it. (was my first time ever shooting a pistol) BUT they WERE in the inner-range of the target. Except.... I had say, six shots....BUT only FIVE were registered. He only gave me credit for five hits but, when you looked at the actual holes, one of them was torn up a bit like the lower cluster. The implication was I nearly put a shot through the previous hole.... and he was refusing to believe that. Or, the bullet went through sideways making a larger tear in the paper. I'm not saying I did it out of any skill.... I'm all for beginners luck.... but you don't cluster 5 shots (or how ever many it was) and they're all in a decent group.... and then have one totally miss the target. Especially when I knew I had the sights on the bullseye... I digress.... matters not that I got one "off the page" according to him.....I knew that if I ever needed to shoot that I can evidently repeat the same shot (or same mistake!!) with decent accuracy. (when I was younger, went to a boys camp which was the first time I'd ever shot a rifle....and I got the most improved award of the bunch) Probably meant I want from missing the target to finally clipping the outer edge of it by the time camp was done!! Heh.
  2. Can't you just make one? Get yourself some Mogami or Canare wire (I went with Mogami) and some connections and have at it. Quality parts.
  3. Doesn't / Didn't Stax call their EAR speakers??
  4. in general, I'd say it's fair to say that we're all after good sound. That might mean shaking the foundation for some.... and it might be angels singing for another. Got me thinking.... why not simply use headphones so you can get all the focus & dimension you might want.... and in ADDITION to the headphones, add in a subwoofer for the more visceral impact. Might sound loony while in the room with the boom boom boom..... but I recall once when I (quite by accident) accomplished this. It was pre-Klipsch, probably 1978....and I had my EV Interface D's in my bedroom connected to a 100 watt Yamaha receiver, subharmonic synthesizer and 3bx. I put my headphones on so I could crank it up a bit and not bother anyone.... turned it up and just LOVED how good the sound was and in addition, how it was actually vibrating the bed.... DANG, these are fantastic headphones..... Then of course, my mother barged in red faced, screaming as loud as she could to over come the Ev's which were blasting away (unknown to me) to TURN THAT DOWNNNNNN Oops.... It really was an honest mistake as that is exactly why I put the headphones on....to protect the sound from going out of my room. None the less.... I had the headphone experience while at the same time, the visceral impact of the EV's pounding away. It just struck me as maybe a nice combo for those who are IN the headphone listening zone. (I realize it won't sound very good to those only hearing the bass line) Thoughts?! (other than it's a loony idea)
  5. For us dummies.... what is a barrel tuner and what does it do? (no, I've not clicked on the link(s), getting ready for work....besides now that I have your attension, I love to pick on your spelling! HA!)
  6. I knew I'd have concessions living where I do.....so I'm living with DTV as much as I (cough) love them.... and Exede for internet. Both satellite...so I have two dishes on my roof. Couple years ago, maybe 4... noticed some heavy equipment on my dead end road. Long story short... it's fiber freaking optic!!! coming down my road. I was giddy. Watched them drill underground to run the fiber... Then....halfway down my road, they did an abrupt turn and went into the subdivision that has TWO ....well, I'll call it three homes. They cut off another FOUR existing homes with mine being the last one. Talked to the installer.....he said he thought the road was someone's driveway (no....my driveway is another 1/2 mile down the road) and he had no work order to go further. I got a letter just last week from ATT (whom I really detest) saying to the effect "now that you have fiber optic.... (we want to sell you something??)" So I called the number knowing I'd reach a black hole of knowledge.....tried to explain to the gal that they turned halfway down my road and I could sign them up three out of three homes for fiber if they just finished it... I get better answers talking to a brick......I finally hung up. So fiber is within taste/smell..... yet like that beautiful woman..... belongs to someone else. Probably won't get extended down here for another lifetime.
  7. Says the man from Tennessee.... (and he's right) The amps that are in the sub power your speakers. I'd imagine if you could take your jack to another amp then hook speakers to that amp you'd have SOMETHING but it still might sound a bit thin.
  8. I'm like 1,927.5937659475934732 % sure that you are not alone with that assessment. Note that I took some liberty in rounding the fraction UP to make it feel more inclusive.
  9. Wasn't there a movie once......'White men can't jump??"
  10. I cover that area for work (about 100 miles from my home). It was assigned to me because the prior person.....essentially never went there. Boss knows I'll make the road trip. When I was talking to the county HR, one thing I said was they are off the path and to get there, someone really has to WANT to get there. You don't just casually "swing by" that area. I really enjoy my time (pre-covid) when I could be in that area.
  11. Not to be too sentimental, but if it happens, it would be nice if we could get a picture of the individual and post it. Sorry @CECAA850 I can only imagine your shaken concoctions memorialized... Don't worry, I'll fight for a real one of you
  12. It is a nice gesture. Hopefully, I'll not be early to the party.
  13. Ahhh no. Going from 15 minutes to 30 minutes is a 100% increase in time. Going from 30 minutes to 15 minutes is a 50% decrease in time. I was going for the increase.
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