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  1. Never in my life have I seen that, kinda cool must mean I’m a spring chicken 🐓 as for cassettes today in my life...not gonna happen unless it’s dbx encoded Now, another open reel deck and you’d have my interest, again dbx encoded
  2. If you mean TP paper, I'm in for sending him a roll or two..... I'm not so sure the hospital has the best stuff...
  3. I can't speak to others.... But if directed at me.... yeah and it's killing me!!! I'm forced to work from home right now. I usually drive over 2,000 miles/month so I DO have extra time on my hands! Since this is what I 'do', I'm already doing things like this so it's not taking any extra of my time, just a slight detour from my daily routine. Still.... was a nice video!!
  4. Having horn speakers, my lyrics were always articulate 😜
  5. On more than one occasion, I've asked Mr. Medwin to go to the HIGH price of Coke (KO) prior to the market crash of 1929 since he seems enamored about the values of that time period. I've put slight effort into it today and can only find pricing going back to 1962 so I'm missing 33 years. I'm pretty darn comfortable contending that the price of Coke stock 33 years PRIOR to 1962 was probably below the price IN 1962....but I wasn't there so we'll deal with what we have. I contended that if someone bought KO at the high PRIOR to the crash of 1929, "why would they care" today that it's crashing down??? Their basis in the stock would be so small.... Here's a copy paste of what I found for 1962. What you see below is a 1962 price of essentially .27 cents per share. Now, this is a share adjusted price... it might have been "$15" back then but, because of splits, the price would have dropped.... So, with KO today at $47, who would be agasint having bought it during the worst decline in the market in 1929??? Note that TODAY, KO's annual dividend is $1.64 so had you bought it in 1962 at .27, you would be netting today, a 500% rate of return annually. How is that a bad thing if you bought it then and today, it drops 50% in value??? Date Open High Low Close Adj Close 1/2/1962 0.263021 0.270182 0.263021 0.263021 0.004238 1/3/1962 0.259115 0.259115 0.253255 0.257161 0.004143 1/4/1962 0.257813 0.261068 0.257813 0.259115 0.004175 1/5/1962 0.259115 0.26237 0.252604 0.253255 0.00408 1/8/1962 0.251302 0.251302 0.245768 0.250651 0.004038
  6. Coytee


    I remember Yul Brenner having a "Don't Smoke" ad on TV after he died.
  7. Some people have wood chops and some people have wood chops! Nice chops!!
  8. Do the chickens get to listen to Marie Osmond???
  9. I don't know that I'm comfortable about this.... Scenario: Roger: 1. On his buddy's 4,500 acre farm......stone alone 2. Driveway is .3 miles long 3. Lives in the country to begin with 4. Roger is a nurse 5. They say nurses will do anything 6. His buddy has chickens
  10. Anyone know the current market value of Marie Osmond CD's???? I have a friend that is asking...
  11. I wonder how big his eyes got when he viewed the shipping cartons...
  12. Coytee


    Most I want to come to inhaling something is the (rare) occasion I need a nebulizer.... (I think that's how its spelled)
  13. I didn't know.... I'll keep him in my prayers.
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